Online Portal by AppFolio

Online Portal by AppFolio

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  • Current Version: 0.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AppFolio, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Online Portal by AppFolio App

The Online Portal by AppFolio offers a simple way to stay connected, make payments, submit and monitor maintenance requests, and much more from the palm of your hand. If you have any questions regarding your account in the Online Portal, please contact your property manager. With feedback on the mobile app, please contact [email protected] – we would love to hear from you! Key Features Include: * Pay rent or dues instantly * Set up auto-payments * Save time writing and mailing checks * Submit maintenance requests, with the ability to add photos * Monitor the status of your maintenance requests * View or download your lease * Easily access shared documents

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Online Portal by AppFolio app reviews

  • Just Okay 3/5

    By Rob031782
    It’s an average app.
  • Can’t pay rent. 3/5

    By PhoenixYaBiz
    New update won’t allow me to pay rent. Please fix.
  • Looks 2/5

    By Daretiaa
    Please go back to the old look. The new look isn’t as clean as it used to be.
  • Rather eat dog crap 1/5

    By BloodySkittles
    Let me tell you something about this absolute monstrosity of an app. Worst design layout, even worse payment methods result in all parties getting screwed over. I’ve never felt more disappointed about something in all my years of life.
  • Newest update made it unusable for me 3/5

    By shuaaaaaaaaa
    I was just in here a few days ago and everything was fine. Today I got on to use it to make a payment and it’s a blank white page with text on the side similar to a half loaded website none of the hyperlinks work. Can you guys please fix. This is essential now with the covid outbreak as I cannot go to the office
  • Late fee disaster! 1/5

    By LuAnnRR
    Paid rent, account updated, then we were notified that we had a late fee, 4 days too early. Going back into the portal, it still says account paid in full??? Contacted landlord and tried to repay.. the amount came up with the late fee added on... long story short, this mess cost $75 in late fees even BEFORE the late fee date, and no one is taking any responsibility for this. Extremely unhappy.
  • Won’t let you adjust how much you want to pay 1/5

    By Goplerud
    I just started using this, and I already hate it. I have a $27 utility bill, but it’s trying to add on my rent for the following month that isn’t due for another few weeks. It’s not allowing me to adjust the amount I’d like to pay- even though it asks “How much of your balance do you want to pay?”.
  • Hate this app! 1/5

    By $hannsey
    Worst app ever. Constantly tells me I owe double my rent Payment. After I pay rent (on or before the 1st) I get emails that I haven’t paid my rent. If I could give it 0 stars I would.
  • Maintenance request 1/5

    By Boydston01
    Clicked “next” and it just got rid of my maintenance request. Everything I typed in was lost. What a simple problem that shouldn’t happen.
  • Many bugs - no way to submit issue reports 1/5

    By CoKie Kola
    There are a number of issues with the way this app and platform work and the “help” button and website only contains tutorials no place to communicate issue reports. This is a shady practice to avoid dealing with users. Many bugs are simple items that could have been resolved with simple user testing or allowing users to submit issues. Some Bugs include: - user interface makes it easy to inadvertently making double payments and company puts this burden on user and will not refund payments, only credit account - if credit is used to make new payment, payment does not appear in “past payments” - maintenance requests include a “next” button as the first option after completing a form that serves no purpose other than to delete the request - app does not request permission to access photos before accessing them, I didn’t think Apple even allowed that anymore
  • Garbage app 2/5

    By jnwssc
    So many bugs.
  • Does not work with VPN enabled 1/5

    By jmeridth
    I’ll change my rating once their website and mobile app works with VPN enabled. Otherwise utterly useless.
  • Convenient, but could use one thing 4/5

    By Thumper124
    Paying and sending in maintenance requests online is super convenient, but the login would be better if it utilized Face ID, or Touch ID. I’m so use to those login methods, that it’s annoying to have to type in user and password every time.
  • Would give 5 star if Apply Pay is accepted 1/5

    By Revivoge
    I have been using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay wherever I go but this app does not let me use any of those.
  • For a $46 convenience fee; Your app ain’t so convenient! 2/5

    By TheSouthsF1nest
    How can you charge people that much money for something a computer is doing? (Money transactions) Practically $50 more dollars on top of my rent every time I want to pay through this app. Lower your prices!
  • iOS 13.1 1/5

    By Ram2010
    UserID and Password works on the website, but entered into the app on an iPhone 8+ running iOS 13.1, user I’d and password are claimed to be invalid!
  • Does not work anymore 1/5

    By Thanh Tran 92683
    The app is not working anymore, why ?
  • Great Functionality, Fatal Flaw 1/5

    By kbeebout
    Works well when it loads. Unfortunately all AppFolio portal site/app pages do not load when using a VPN. The convenience of an app on my phone is far negated by having to stop all VPN softwares, conduct my business, then relaunch said VPNs. If it can be fixed I’ll give 4-4.5 stars but I’m sure it’s some KYC legal reason.
  • Unforgiving check errors 1/5

    By DivaSimmonds
    Doesn’t catch errors, if you enter any routing or number wrong it doesn’t alert you and tries to process the payments which results in a $25 fee. They need to update the app to recognize banking account and routing numbers for accuracy. It can be done because its used by thousand of processors.
  • You will lose hundreds of dollars 1/5

    By m d mcc
    Never sign a lease with a landlord that uses this service. They can’t process payments but don’t inform you until after costly fees have been incurred. The landlord blames the service and you are just left with fees
  • Unethical and annoying 1/5

    By Mikeblue13
    The app claims it will alert you of charges and due dates but it doesn’t. It does alert you after it is late and a late fee is due. Developers need to have some ethics and think about the consumers using this product. Swindling people out of extra money instead of notifying on time is really unethical.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By woahits__macie
    I never had a problem with it until recently. This most recent update took my option on paying online away completely. I have tried reaching out to both the website the app gives you if there was ever a problem and my landlord who recommended the app to me and have not heard back from either of them. I will never deal with this app again.
  • Easy to use 3/5

    By Sarailise
    It’s easy to use. Could use a few small tweaks. Like removing old accounts/rentals. Being able to store more than one set of payment options. It would really be helpful if the renter or the landlord were able to cancel payments. That there was a steady processing time on payment types. Like a check 2-3 processing days consistently.
  • System error and not fix it 1/5

    By jysing
    I started using this app few months before, I’d been suffering the payment and on Jun-1st-2019 until now, my statement show the payment due and no matter what I’d try to proof I’d paid my rent payment and call the appointment manager, they’re not solved the error, feel so helpless, try to write this review and hope this app can fix the problem, I’ll give this app more stars if they can solve my problem。
  • Solid app, could use a few improvements 4/5

    By tylerasmith
    Easy to navigate, pay rent, and request maintenance. A few suggestions for future versions: -There’s no option to cancel maintenance requests that no longer need attention. -It would be helpful if the automated surveys about completed maintenance requests included a description of the maintenance issue. (If you’ve made more than one request it’s impossible to know which one the survey is referring to.) -The advertisement/section for Roost Renters Insurance doesn’t go away even if you’ve already provided proof of your current insurance. Kinda annoying.
  • Still Useless 1/5

    By jennylove80
    Not sure why the ability to make separate payments has been taken away? I’m not going to pay my roommates rent but that seems to be the only option now. An issue that still hasn’t been fix: Without Touch ID this app is useless. It’s more convenient to use safari which safes space on my phone then to use this app.
  • Very slow website 1/5

    By Curried
    Took weeks to get an email to reset the password then once the link showed up it took FOREVER to load. I guess my crappy landlord sets what you are able to do on the website but I guess they get the messages leave - once it works.
  • Convenient but has an annoying bug 3/5

    By Kijrahi
    I love that I can use this app and not have to go to the website, however, it’s really annoying that it has a scrolling bug. Sometimes when I’m scrolling in the app, it just stops for a bit and I get stuck. The waiting time before it fixes itself is variable, too. I really hope you fix this as soon as possible.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Zeratulpl
    App keeps crashing on iPhone 8. Cannot make a payment. I would not trust my financial information.

    By HaraLuv
    So I’ve been using this app for almost a year now and 6 days ago, an update was applied. Now I can’t log into my account not create a new account to setup. I keep getting an error message that says sorry we can’t log you in right now. Sorry we can’t reset your password right now. Sorry we can’t sign you up right now. Clearly there’s something wrong with the app, which is disappointing considering the 1st is in two days. FIX IT PLEASE
  • Constantly crashes in the middle of payment 1/5

    By Jbry310
    Horrible app. Very frustrating.
  • Useless app–like the website, yet somehow worse 1/5

    By freediverx01
    This “app” provides zero benefits over using the corresponding website. It has exactly the same design and features—essentially a web view embedded within an app wrapper. In fact, it’s even worse than the website because it takes longer to load and loses any information you enter if you switch over to another app before saving/submitting, forcing you to restart the process. It’s apparent that minimal effort was put into “developing” this app and that its sole objective was to claim that they offer an app at all.
  • Maintenance page crashes 1/5

    By Shawnsingh786
    Sometimes when filling out the maintenance page, it will crash. I am using an iPhone XS.
  • App keeps crashing. 2/5

    By plojuytsh
    My landlord just started using this and told all tenants to start profiles. I cannot add my address or any information before it crashes. It’s crashed 3 times. 🤨
  • App crashes 2/5

    By danfratamico
    The app crashes every time all fields are populated for a maintenance request. As soon as the “To resolve the issue as quickly...” is checked, and Yes is selected, and “Is there anything maintenance...” is checked, once I tap into the text field, the app crashes.
  • Please respond 1/5

    By Bacssi
    I have requested numerous times to have an account open and have received no link in my email, to include the junk/spam. I would like to pay my bill. I called, I gave up after 20 minutes on hold.
  • Need Touch ID 2/5

    By Kalamazoo2714
    Would be great if you had Touch ID Login
  • Slow App! 1/5

    By P. Stark
    Poor performance! Deleted the app right away.
  • Unforgiving eCheck setup results in $25 fee 1/5

    By DarinQSullivan
    Unlike most payment setups that perform small transactions to confirm account authorization for a checking account, Appfolio attempts an all-or-nothing transaction. If your user enters one digit incorrectly they’ll be charged a $25 Non-sufficient funds fee. To make matters worse, neither the app or email alert sent to users makes the error clear. Instead it states only that insufficient funds were available. Since the app removes the erroneous account data, despite using the option to save it, there’s no way to verify that account or routing numbers were entered incorrectly.
  • Needs Touch-ID 5/5

    By runnerman24
    Great and easy to app. It need the ability to login with touch-id.
  • 514C 5/5

    By 514C
    I love you
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By TLC1560
    I love how convenient this app is!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Wtmaster
    Very easy to use!
  • So Convenient! 5/5

    By whiteengr
    Truly happy to see that our property management team decided to use this app. Talk about convenience and ease of knowing that I can take care of paying rent and submit/monitor maintenance requests from my phone. Great progressive move.
  • Essential App for Renter’s 5/5

    By RJEwing85
    This app has been wonderful allowing me as a tenant to pay rent, view documents, and initiate maintenance request!
  • Touch ID feature. 5/5

    By jjjjuicy
    It will be awesome if this app could have a Touch ID feature.
  • Open app 1/5

    By Aaaaasasssszzzzz
    I try to open app and all I get is a white screen

    By All about LOVING SERVICE
    I am so pleased with this app. Convenience and efficiency oh and professional !!!!!
  • No more browser logins! 5/5

    By SBM1235
    Good job east to west management. Excellent choice. 👍

Online Portal by AppFolio app comments

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