Online Portal by AppFolio

Online Portal by AppFolio

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  • Current Version: 0.9.37
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: AppFolio, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Online Portal by AppFolio App

The Online Portal is for residents whose management company uses AppFolio Property Manager. Stay connected to your property or association manager and enjoy instant, on-demand access to your one-stop shop for the information and tools you need. • Pay rent or dues and set up automatic payments • Submit and monitor the status of maintenance requests • Access important documents like inspection reports for tenants and meeting minutes for homeowners • View and download your lease agreement • Homeowners can submit architectural requests and view association-related events

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Online Portal by AppFolio app reviews

  • Hi 5/5

    By Alsalamah
    Dear evernest representative, Can you add faceID to the app?
  • Elder abusing liars 1/5

    By yogajeff108
    These guys hacked my phone and computer and stole 320k in total then are just bent on throwing out on street with nothing. They are about the sickest bunch of people i have ever met.My question is if he so easily stole this much money from me how many other people has he done it from I know of at least one.They are trust fraud experts computer iPhone hacking monsters.Especially Giovanni Giammarco NRG realty now 807-800 Pacific llc. Don’t move into that house if you have a family trust or 46 or 50 Park Ave. in Venice California.
  • Taking features away doesn’t help you gain money 1/5

    By dndnmclona
    Took away multiple payments so now I have to hold on to money
  • BADLY needs fixed 1/5

    By Anonomous0000000000
    It is very difficult to navigate, half of the time it ends up sending you to their main website, which is never what you are looking for in that moment. Functionality badly needs fixed, but I guess tons of people have to put up with it because of their housing situations so PLEASE FIX
  • Not user friendly. 1/5

    By K. Kap
    Last month the app tried to triple charge me for my rent. I hit delete on all the payments it had added. This month I woke up and it double charged me rent. There is no way to make sure your auto pay is gone. They told me it was because I had two set up still but they should have been deleted. The app also double charged my gf who has a completely different property management company. Costumer service is trash so we have to wait three weeks to get our money back.
  • Charges you fees to pay 1/5

    By Emm.dee27
    Would be great if fees weren’t assessed for using a credit card to pay rent
  • App is Worthless 1/5

    By BBH1935
    I signed up to receive documents from my HOA electronically. The are uploaded to AppFolio for viewing. If you use this App & open one document, there is no way within the App to close that document and open a second document. You cannot even get out of the document to close the App. All I found to do was force close the App and reopen it every time I changed documents. How stupid is this? What a waste of time! I am deleting App & I will just use regular browser. BTW - I am using IOS version on iPad & iPhone. Whoever developed this App must have been asleep at the wheel! Yikes!
  • Used for 2 years, same issues keep coming up 1/5

    By Jordan134
    Used with the same management company for 2 out of 3 years in University. Great idea and convenient design, but had login issues or app would crash frequently. I wanted to pay rent easily from my phone. Web version is a little better, but still need to fix some bugs. Deleted the app. Ended up having to collect roommates rents by Venmo or Zelle. Then try web version, and sometimes with the dreaded check and physical drop off. Moving to a new city soon and many companies there use AppFolio to pay online. PLEASE fix/maintain and it will be as GREAT as intended!
  • Needs Improvement 1/5

    By Joe123664
    The only things you can do is set up auto pay, make a payment with a VERY HIGH ADDITIONAL COST OF 3% or a minimum of $3.50 to pay your rent?! That's wild. How about accept my rent on time with no added cost?! That's if you use a credit card...if you use a debit card, even a lower cost to them yet that charges $10 per rent payment. Or allows you to request maintenance with just a plain old text box to describe the issue. I'd lile to see options to select an appointment time for the repair and maybe dialog boxes to select room or rooms involved in request. Could be 100% better app. I'm going to delete mine.
  • Tenants pay when the app crashes 1/5

    By Jakeelsnake
    We had automatic payment set up. It was working for a while. One month we noticed it didn’t go through, so we did a one time payment option. Saw the pending charge in our account and everything. The next day the charges disappears (like it was rejected by the app) and property management blames us and charges a 200$ late fee. If at all possible don’t use this app and just mail your check in
  • Not the best 1/5

    By ceh070
    The charges in the payment screen are definitely not time stamped correctly. I can login and have no charges and then the next day have a charge that was dated two weeks ago. This happened and caused a late fee even with automatic payments setup. I don’t trust this app and am always paranoid mysterious charge will appear on the payment ledger
  • Login problems 2/5

    By bugzzzz211
    I’m using the correct information to log in, but it says my information is incorrect. I’ve triple checked and I AM entering the information that lets me log in on the website.
  • Needs space for note 3/5

    By Yoli627
    Please add a space where we can put what the payment is for or what Month it is for .
  • Needs to Send notifications for one time payments 2/5

    By laurenmcc27
    Luckily I haven’t had any issues for recurring charges. But when my water bill is posted I don’t receive notification until after the fact when my payment is late. There should be an autopay option on all charges with a notice before one time payments go out for the tenant to review.
  • Wont let me set up an account 1/5

    By Jackiesuckaaaaahhh
    Just downloaded the app and it does not give me a selection to set up an account. So basically it’s useless.
  • Bad App 2/5

    By sickandtiredoftech
    Every first of the month the app takes forever to load. It’s impossible to pay your rent. It only works after the first of month. It’s frustrating.
  • Horrible app need a MINUS star rating. 1/5

    I mistakenly had this app pay my rent through a credit card. DON’T do this. The charge is OUTRAGIOUS and trying to switch to a debit card is almost impossible. Now the app tells me that I will be charged through both accounts. Trying to deal with the local management company is no help. Been told I have to go through my portal account which does not let me do this. Will dispute payment through credit card company and hope for the best. My advise-send your own payment by check to local management company.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By Peghello
    I use the app to pay my rent and other options right fem my phone which is very convenient. It works great and a user friendly.
  • Pretty useless App IMO 1/5

    By ITriskman
    Why doesn’t this app give us full community based capabilities. Where neighbors can chat connect. Share info like restaurants, shopping, etc. Also we need an electronic community board where we can sell unwanted furniture, get recommendations for dog and baby sitters and even cleaning services. I have to say I moved here from NYC and I feel like I also moved backwards in time. Like to 1980. We have amazing technology capabilities and we are NOT using any of it.
  • Super expensive and overpriced service 1/5

    By Mickeydee9698
    Crazy fee to use this service $80!! And now they are increasing it from 2.99% to 3.49% for the “convenience” of using it. Never again, I’m sending checks by snail mail.
  • The worst 1/5

    By Mustafa kamel
    Simply it's the worst.. delete it
  • Good 3/5

    By allbse
    The android version is better. It stays logged-in and you dont have to log-out. Apple's version hangs up if you dont log-out then youll have to delete and download again.
  • Trash. 1/5

    By b free meejendbf ehsndbdu
    Updated and then deleted my account. Trash app.
  • Separate payments 1/5

    By lala005053
    They took away the function where multiple people can make payments towards the rent. So now my roommates and I have to Venmo one person the rent and they have to make a payment of 1400 dollars… this is not user friendly anymore and puts us in a bind. I liked the app better when I could make a 350 payment and so could my 3 other roommates.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Nice bidder
    I have had nothing but problems with this app. When I download documents from my property manager, there’s no way to close out, or print, or send the document. The only solution is to DELETE the app from my iPad, and reinstall it. BUT, this is IMPOSSIBLE because when I go to the AppStore it knows I have used this app and it only allows me to OPEN it. BUTTT, when I click on open, it DOESNT OPEN AND THE WHEEL JUST KEEPS SPINNING. WORST YET. WHEN I TRIED TO INSTALL THE APP ON my MacBook laptop, the App Store doesn’t even have this app. I think it’s very poorly designed with very little developer support.
  • Worthless if Mgmt service provider doesn’t utilize it properly 1/5

    By Sprintless
    The owners/builders hired ProX, property Mgmt provider to deal with paperwork since 2018. Apparently the software isn’t working for them OR they are not utilizing it properly. Not much to offer for the renter. I can’t even send message to them from the site. I can only make maintenance requests, and so far that’s not worked out either?
  • Annoying 2/5

    By hoogie03
    Can’t set up two accounts under the same email for separate property managers. Setting up my portal for my new apartment kicked me out of my current portal and had to change emails just to get access. Very annoying process and support did not help.
  • Do not support 1/5

    By mad tenant
    This app is trash and the customer support is even worse! 0 stars
  • Why won’t you let me pay 1/5

    By porgeirr
    I’ve been using this app for well over a year now but just recently it has been refusing to take my card and insists I have the wrong banking info. Even when I reset the card multiple times the answer would always be the same. That you address information doesn’t match my bank records, yet when I called my bank they said the app withdrew my money?.?? I’m so confused and tired of my rent being late because of it 😐😐😐
  • No option to setup account. 1/5

    By j tribe
    Kind of pointless if you can’t use it
  • simple enough 3/5

    By MnKK1
    its simple enough to use instead of through a web browser. Likes to try and coerce buying insurance by saying you're only "partly set up" which is a bit manipulative. Also, when you update it likes to sign you out making you not want to bother updating! Needs more functionality to be more regularly added rather than what is done with most updates, and as mentioned to not have you automatically signed out simply by updating. It is useful for paying rent, and submitting maintenance reports. More for landlords than tenants tho, as example with contesting things. But otherwise it gets the basics done, simply so.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By YabadabbaYOLO
    Attempts to provide feedback for maintenance requests don’t go through. It just says, “Please Wait”… and 5-10 minutes go by with nothing happening. Really great app.
  • The app is not working, fix it 1/5

    By zabole
    I keep trying to use the app but it is not working, it seams a change have been made in ur website and now it doesn’t work. I tried to call ur company and left a voicemail but no body replied!!
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Anchorage Resident
    I have yet to be able to just pay my rent without any problems. During setup they tried to charge me rent twice and then hit me with a late fee before fixing their issue and this month I get a message that says “you cannot currently make payments online. Please contact us” I’ve contacted and 3days later it’s still not taking payments. They also like to push renters insurance. Zero stars.
  • Problem with viewing documents 2/5

    By Rocketman5519
    When I open PDF and other documents in the app it works ok, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to close the document to get back to the app menus and interface. The only option is to close the app and restart it. Most apps will show a “done” or “X” to close an open document. I tried all types of gestures too, but nothing works. Is there anyway to do this? Very unintuitive.
  • Confusing UX 1/5

    By Matt_34234
    Payments in the app are confusing & it’s hard to navigate.
  • Webview 1/5

    By skottles
    This is nothing more than a mobile web view in an app package.
  • Desertives to be sued 1/5

    By Africanminneapolis
    Wish I could sue this company.
  • The Worst App 1/5

    By FelicityWJ
    I always making late payments due to the inconsistent due date shown on the app. So I tried to set up auto pay but it automatically uses echeck instead of using banking account, which means it deducts an extra $10 transaction fee each time. Wish I could have alternatives.
  • Bunch of crooks 1/5

    By carlover202121
    This company and app are bunch of crooks. They enable landlords to steal from their tenants. Horrible. Please pay directly to landlord instead of through this app.
  • Clunky, poor UI, other login issues 1/5

    By Ptrick213
    Prepare to give your tenants plenty of excuse why they can’t pay you or interact with management! When it logs you out after you told it to remember you and forgets your login, then you can do a pw reset and it’ll send you an e-mail where you can hit a link to a page, and that page will purportedly allow you to enter your e-mail again and THAT e-mail will have a link or something to actually reset your password. But alas even the redundant e-mail that would allow you to reset your password never comes. Laughably stupid, slow, and unworkable. Guess the landlord’s not getting rent this month lolololololol.
  • No place to remove bank. Horrible support 1/5

    By REDSK8Z
    First of all, I pride myself on making on time payments and having an impeccable credit score. That being said, before my rent was due I added my new bank account ( for I had closed the old bank account ) and I was able to easily add it through this app. Then, come September 1st, I was charged twice. Once to the active account that I added to my auto pay and second to an account that no longer existed. Then, my property management company charged me a no-payment fee and an additional hundred dollars for not receiving payment. After much back-and-forth I was able to prove they did in fact receive payment and this sorry excuse for an app has no place whatsoever to remove the old bank account. You might think that when adding a new account for auto pay a message might pop up that says “would you like to remove the old bank account?” or that it would automatically replace it with the new one… but, no. Since September 7th I have been calling AppFolio, emailing AppFolio, chatting into AppFolio all with zero response other than a generic “contact your property management company”. I’m not sure how my property management company is supposed to fix your app but hopefully this review helps or at the very least offers some insight. I’d say this is a pretty important feature you might consider fixing or adding in the future. Now, I owe an additional hundred dollars for something that isn’t my fault and I can’t get a hold of anyone to resolve this issue. Worst customer support I’ve ever encountered.
  • Basic Features Missing 3/5

    By Rnrockssocks
    This app allows you to view PDF documents from your organization, however, once you’re finished reading, there’s no way to close the document and go back to the app. The PDF viewer has no close option, so you are forced to close the app and go back in to read the next document
  • Blank screen 1/5

    By Stephnk
    Something is wrong with the app. No update available at this time.
  • Really good for nothing 1/5

    By Sigifredoherrera
    It does very low things is a bad app
  • Great Idea, Bad Execution 1/5

    By Ledge.le
    App would be great if it was interactive, but it is not. Clients can “check on” a status, which means whatever the management decides to enter, but can’t respond or do anything to such status. The ability to be useful is lacking.
  • Shows incorrect information 1/5

    By Samarcot
    Rent Information does not update. I called the owner and he confirmed he received the rent but the information does not clear on the app for more than a month.
  • Unable to download 1/5

    By CJ3287
    Just as it sounds. I’m not able to download this app at all.
  • Cant see entire screen 1/5

    By ThicknessBeauty
    I cant see the entire screen. It cuts off so cant even see the total amount. I tried flipping my screen on rotate and it still did nothing. It’s useless if I cant see the screen. I’ll just stick to the website