Opal: Screen Time for Focus

Opal: Screen Time for Focus

By Opal OS

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Better than screen time, Opal helps you focus so you can make the most out of every day. 4 hours. That’s the average time you’ll spend looking at your phone today. With a combination of app restrictions, real time feedback and rewards, you can begin to focus better and accomplish your dreams, just like Opal’s members. Many of the world's top teams and companies companies trust Opal to help protect their focus. You can too. **Opal cut my screen time by 2 hours per day – Marketing at Google ** **Opal cuts off your apps’ internet access to help you stop doomscrolling – The Next Web ** **I’ve been managing my social media time for months and couldn’t recommend it more - Strategy at Twitter ** **Opal Helped Me Quit My Nightly TikTok Habit – Bustle ** BENEFITS 94% of Opal members are less distracted 93% are more productive thanks to the app 90% experience improved mental health 79% save at least 1 hour *daily* thanks to the app Added benefits: - Better screen time management - Improve productivity at work - Reduce stress, be more mindful - Better manage ADHD - Set daily working hours, sleep, and routines - Unplug with family and friends - Stay in focus when you need it most - You're happy and in control of your screen time FEATURES - Focus Report: Diagnose your Focus and measure your progress with clear metrics, important context and compare with your peers. - Focus Score: check your focus level at any point throughout the day. - #1 Blocker: Instantly block apps and websites you choose. It’s safe, precise, and doesn’t affect internet speed. - Sessions: Block apps from your phone while you’re focusing, and you can always take a break to unblock them temporarily. - Calendar: Set daily working hours, sleep and routines, block apps automatically, so you don’t have to remember. - Precious Rewards: Get rewarded on your journey towards better Focus with unique MileStones you can unlock and share with friends. - Leaderboard: Get inspired by others from the community with our daily leaderboard, highlighting the most focused of us directly in the app. - Breaks: Use apps without mindless scrolling. Choose the app you want to use, write your intention, and set a timer. - Focus Mode Integration: Sync your Opal Focus Sessions with iPhone Focus Mode. - Shortcut Integration: Connect iPhone shortcut automations to start/stop Focus Sessions based on app opens, time, location and more! - Focus Reminders: Get timely reminder notifications when you get distracted or reach a time limit. - Focus Mode and Filters: Connect Opal to your Focus to block apps automatically - Deep Focus: Maximum protection, you can’t cancel or bypass the timer you set. - More Fun: Opal is guilt-free and fun. Pick your background and app icon to one that suits your mood. - Widget: Have Opal on your home screen! CREATE A PERSONALIZED APP LIST You can add or remove any App and Website that are distracting to you directly from Opal's settings in the app. You can customize your Opal experience and block all apps and sites on your phone, including: - Facebook - Instagram - Snapchat - TikTok - Youtube - Netflix - Tinder - Hinge - Bumble - Many more: News, Messaging, Dating, Adult/Porn, Money apps etc. PRIVATE & SAFE We use Apple's Screen Time API in order to monitor and block apps you use. Installation is easy and takes a few seconds on your iPhone. Unlike most apps, Opal works entirely on your phone and personal browsing data never leaves your device. HEAR IT FROM THE COMMUNITY "Never in a bazillion years did I think I would be below 3 hours of screen time a day. My mood is SO much better." - Kristi "Weird to think that an app would make me use my phone less but Opal is the only thing helping me focus on deep work days" - Zach "Thanks Opal for being the only way my monkey brain can do homework for more than like 20 minutes" - Daniel TERMS, PRIVACY & CONDITIONS Read on https://opal.so/terms & https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/