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Discover great dining experiences and make free restaurant reservations at more than 43,000 restaurants around the world. The perfect travel app to dine like a local, find restaurants by location, cuisine and more plus get personalized recommendations based on your preferences. View photos, menus and reviews to guide your picks. Every time you book and dine, you’ll earn rewards for future meals. Easy restaurant reservations: - Book tables, update reservations, cancel or re-book anytime, anywhere - Invite guests to RSVP to your reservations right from your app Find restaurants: - Near me Now, New & Hot, Recommended for You, Dinner Tonight – find the right spot with custom lists - Use search filters like location, cuisine, date and time - See restaurant pics, reviews, menus, and more Earn rewards: - Earn points to redeem for dining rewards with OpenTable restaurants Travel with us: - Discover and reserve restaurants in the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and more! What folks are saying about us: ・OpenTable Is Secretly the Best Thing on the Internet (Gizmodo) ・World's Greatest Apps (Business Insider) ・100 Best iPhone Apps of All Time All Time (Mashable) ・12 Travel Apps Worth Keeping (The New York Times) ・Best Restaurant Dining Apps (People Magazine) Have suggestions for us? We want to hear from you, send us a message.


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  • A downgrade 1/5

    By HonorsGoldGuy
    I’ve been using this app since it first came out about 10 years ago. The most recent set of changes have made it less useful and, frankly, unfriendly to the user base. It’s harder and less intuitive now to search for a specific restaurant. It seems to constantly ask me for a specific part of town for my search — my city isn’t big enough for that to make sense. And, most recently I now have remember to tell them I want dining points. Disgraceful. Small wonder that many restaurants are heading off to other apps.
  • Points - have to confirm or no pints 1/5

    By jimpf2280
    For some reason now you have to confirm that you want to get points in order to get points. I think this is a rip off because why wouldn’t you want points?
  • Failed to make the reservation 1/5

    By Jackbomb
    We are traveling to San Francisco and I made a reservation to Franciscan Crab Restaurant. It is successfully booked but we arrive, they couldn’t find the reservation even I showed reservation page in the app. They made us wait for 20 minutes! Bummer!
  • Cafe escadrille 1/5

    By Laura F Chandler
    We visited Cafe Escadrille for dinner on Fathers Day. Our family has been dining there for special occasions for many years. We have always requested the Gourmet room. It is a little more upscale and usually quiet. We were seated in the room with a party of 17 people. Among the 17 people were 5 children. As we were eating our meal the children were screaming and running around the restaurant. We complained to the manager and we were told that there is nothing they can do about people bringing their children to the restaurant on Father’s Day. Then I was served the caprese salad that I ordered for dinner and there were several pieces of sharp plastic in it. I swallowed one piece and showed it to the manager. We were told that it was probably from the packaging that the lettuce came in. We continued with our meal and the children continued running around the large table in the middle of the room. We were offered free dessert for the plastic in my salad and the children disrupting our meal. When we were done paying our check we mentioned once again that it was not appropriate for a fine dining establishment such as Cafe Escadrille to allow such behavior to go on. We had just paid a $450.00 bill and we would have liked to have been able to enjoy our meal peacefully. She then told us that they were a very nice family and we had no right to speak about them like that. We explained that it nothing to do with them being a nice family, it was simply about proper etiquette. The dining room manager should not be in charge of that restaurant! Throughout the entire incident, our waiter, Wilson was professional and understanding. He should have been managing instead of her! I am sad to say that we will never return! She also cancelled our reservation on Open Table after we left so that we would not be prompted by Opentable to write a review!
  • First Impressions 3/5

    By YahooWii
    Upon arriving we were greeted (we use the term loosely) by the host Vincent. Sadly Vincent did not deliver a positive first impression. He came across as arrogant and condescending. Following that poor greeting, Bobby our bartender was quite the opposite. He greeted us with a smile and an attitude that he actually appreciated our patronage. Our waiter Devin was a tad off putting at first but came around fairly quickly. We ordered the crab stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. They were outstanding. For our entree’s we ordered the scallops and also the cedar plank salmon. Both were very good as were the vegetables that accompanied them. Everything was nicely prepared and the presentation was fine but the delivery was a tad odd. Our waiter however DID NOT check on us during our meal to ask “how is everything?” Overall we would rate our experience here today on a scale of 1 to 5 we would give it a strong 4. It would have been a 5 but it took the entire evening to compensate for the poor first impression offered by Vincent the arrogant host.
  • Takeout ok but this place will be shut down 1/5

    By apartment movie critic
    They don’t have air conditioning or fans so if it’s hot, it’s hot. That’s ok but then the service is also terrible. They have 1 waiter and several other people but none of them can help you except the waiter. It’s the sort of place you should NEVER eat at but the take out is ok. It could be a nice place but basically this place is gonna go under quick.
  • Lovely Fathers Day 5/5

    By clt family
    We started off with wonderful wedge salads and then had excellent entrees of fettuccine Alfredo, schnitzel, and steak. We finished with melt in your mouth lemon cake and incredible blueberry cobbler (including a generous amount of ice cream). We had such a great time and we also had attentive, friendly, and professional service! We would recommend this restaurant to anyone!
  • Delicious! 5/5

    By Booklinx
    Service was great and food was excellent! Came out fast and hot. Very nice bar area and also has outdoor seating. Everything is a la cart.
  • Worse experience! 1/5

    By jnayg
    Did a reservation on Father’s Day and they had us waiting while others were being seated. As we were waiting I was expecting like 10-15 mins the most 30 mins. So I went up asked the lady how long it would take, she said for how many(not knowing we had just talked to her and she knew we were sitting down waiting) I said 3 she said it’ll be an hour and 15 mins. Why didn’t she just tell me the first time! What’s the point of a reservation if you get booted out!
  • Reliable 5/5

    By winnwynn
    You can always depend on this app to have all the information about the restaurant you are wanting to reserve. I use it at a search to find ideas for friends and family all the time.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Trudy G.
    I truly like OpenTable it’s quick, easy and get points for using it.
  • On Point 5/5

    By Divette
    Great way to make a reservation. And get points as well. No need to call and wait for someone to answer or hear all the noise in the background.
  • Near worthless now 1/5

    By logicg8
    The app used to show all restaurants in my area. Now, it only show a promo restaurant and the nearest restaurant. Why put development effort in to such a downgrade?
  • Underwhelming 3/5

    By MissyB 312
    For a marketed “Father’s Day brunch” it was rushed given there were barely any people there on one of the hottest days to date. Nothing special for Father’s Day—AT ALL. Disappointed. Extremely.
  • If you use it, be sure to call the restaurant and get the details too 1/5

    By leeraloo
    I’ve been burned too many times by this app. Going to a restaurant for a special event and only relying on Open Table reservations is not a good idea. For Mother’s Day one year, they advertised a pre-fixe menu at a specific price range. I get there and everything is double price. Why? Because it’s Mother’s Day. For Father’s Day I make reservations for a nice restaurant advertising a certain price for their Father’s Day buffet. We get there and the buffet - which is the only thing they’re serving - is double the price advertised. Turns out the price listed on Open Table was the children’s price. Not only that, but when we get there, we’re told that a reservation doesn’t guarantee us a seat inside. Nobody in their right mind wants to sit in sweltering 90 degree humidity in the Ohio River Valley. This is exactly why people make reservations. I should’ve known better at this point but if you’re someone on a fixed income who’s just trying to plan something nice for a loved one, don’t rely on Open Table to list the whole truth. Don’t use it for planning. Call ahead. It’s a nice concept but if you can’t be sure what you’re walking into, I’m sure it’s not serving 100% of its purpose.
  • Awesome food & service 5/5

    By michelkee
    This is our 1st visit to Diprinzios Kitchen in Clayton. I have to say from the start our server Olivia presented the specials to us with such passion that you would want to eat them all. We started with an amazing Bloody Mary that was a meal in itself. Our meals were totally amazing. The acoustic guitar musician was enjoyable to hear. I give this place 10 stars because it’s that good! Thank you Olivia for an amazing experience! We will be back!
  • Unethical. Sneaky. Really sneaky !! 1/5

    By Cpscps
    Did you know in the latest release that unless you select to receive points when dining you won’t? Yup!! Even worse, if you do remember to check receive points on a reservation and you modify that reservation, you have to select to receive points again. Yup !!!!! And when I wrote to customer service about points I did not receive, I got a form reply note that didn’t even address the issue or the question. OpenTable, you should be ashamed of yourselves !! Ethical behavior shouldn’t be hard to do. Just imagine how you would want to be treated.
  • I love this app!! 5/5

    By mmalatte
    I used this for California Pizza Kitchen and it was very handy and quick to make the reservation and get seated! I recommend you use this app! :)
  • I love the smooth process to make a reservation and also be able to make requests. ❤️ 5/5

    By Fine Dining77
    Thank you.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jaies Baptiste
    Every time i try to book a reservation, the app states that I should try later and doesn’t allow me to book anything, I’ve updated it, deleted it, downloaded it, etc multiple times and it still won’t work
  • Shocked & Disappointed 1/5

    By AntPets1
    I find it pretty shocking/unfortunate that you have a on/off button for points now. I’ve been using your application for years and years. I use your application 12 months out of the year. Almost 5-10 times a month and you added this button that seems like a huge SCAM to me. Why would I ever want to use your application and not receive points? Out of convenience? I have redeemed hundreds of dollars in OpenTable points in the past years and now you’re saying if I forget to tap receive points I will not get them? This is a scam. It’s foolish and you’re tricking people into not receiving points if they don’t pay attention or read carefully. Just ridiculous. You should really think about removing that feature (or at least disable it) before it starts to really aggravate your best customers. I am not happy with this change and I think it’s going to really ruin the future and how others use OpenTable. I am NOT a pleased fan or customer. I will be letting my family and friends know about this drastic change and hoping they do not get tricked into not gaining points out of some foolish update. Don’t fix things that were not broken, don’t add features that are not necessary. We all know countless of apps that do things that do not satisfy or help the users and plummet right away.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By defined2
    Map search is poor and it keeps resetting my reservation filter which makes it challenging to use. Also the Collect Points toggle defaults to off making it easy to forget to collect points. Feels like purposeful dark pattern ux
  • Review 3/5

    By Trockitship
    The appetizers were not good. I sent back the spanakopita. Flat, tasteless. I never send back food. The salad was very bland. The filet and chicken were excellent. Service was great. Don’t sit outside. Lots of homeless. And bad smells.
  • Awful 1/5

    By the doctor953
    Who designed this application, obviously someone who has never used it. Go back and fix tour searching and filtering it is awful. Streamline it and make the search options friendly to the user. No one should have to struggle to find the restaurant down the street.
  • Point system stinks 2/5

    By ChiGirl606##
    They use a third party to manage their rewards points. It’s very difficult to redeem points and customer service is an email hell loop. I had over 15,000 points I tried redeeming that got lost in cyberspace. I emailed customer service without resolve. They send a bunch of canned responses that don’t address the real problem.
  • Have to press a button to collect 100 points??? 2/5

    By capnjack8
    App works fine but now you have to click a button when you reserve to collect opentable points or else you don’t get them? That’s super stingy and not very customer focused.
  • Points are now optional?! 1/5

    By ATLMediaGuy
    Who in their right mind would take a program that people have been using for years so they could make reservations and also get points and then set it to default at no points received? Honestly I keep thinking that the new owners of this company are just trying to run customers off. It’s beginning to make sense now to use Yelp or Resy also both available on the App Store. If you were going to continue with this tomfoolery I suggest you at least default it to members getting the 100 points rather than putting the onus on members.
  • Open Table 5/5

    By Laa63
    Never fails to have the latest and reservations are easy!! You all are great!!
  • CW 5/5

    By TSIGUSA. com Investigations
    Great pasta!
  • Boutique. Beautiful. Blissful. 5/5

    I am a vegetarian, and very picky one too. Any place that boasts to be ‘contemporary American’ can be worrying as it implies anything but vegetarian. I went for it anyway. To my amazement, they had many vegetarian options. Better yet, every single one of the four dishes I tried was uniquely prepared with excellent ingredients and flavors. At the end of the course, I was stuffed full and happy. Kudos to creative chef, and amazing wait staff. They make this place well worth the visit.
  • Fancy Night Out-No Reservation 1/5

    By Nimbus 5000
    For a company that specializes in dinner reservations, it better work or what is the point? Right? I made a reservation for a restaurant on 2/16 for Saturday 6/9 just to be sure we could get into this nice place. 2 days before I got a confirmation reminding me about the reservation. Our party of 4 showed up, only to find a sign on the door that said the restaurant had closed on 5/27. All decked out we stumbled around town to find the only upscale place that would take us. Turns out there was a party of 12 in there who had the same experience. Imagine a party of 12 scrambling around to find a table in a small wine town? Easily Open Table should be on this, and send a note. The restaurant could as well, however if they’re closing/ closed who would do this. While I would normally not give any place just one star, this is the 2nd time I have had this happen with an Open Table reservation. The first time was on New Year’s Eve. There have been no communications from this app regarding this unfortunate experience. I would recommend that all restaurants who take Open Table reservations start working the front desk themselves and stop paying their fees. I would recommend all diners to trust the telephone more. You may be the next. Do not trust this app to be 100% reliable.
  • Shady 1/5

    By Rezalder
    When did it change to not give you power by credit for the reservation unless you remember to click the button for: “yes I want points”? Who wouldn’t want points that can be used as currency at the restaurant?
  • Dinner 5/5

    By Maria OB
    A friend recommended this restaurant and were they right! The food was fantastic! Had the special pan seared salmon with pistachios and pesto. Delicious! My husband and son had the strip steak which they both raved about. Will definitely go back again. Thanks Cliff!
  • One Star for notification spam. 1/5

    By jcao
    Yet another one star review for opentable’s notification spam. I’ve begun receiving notification spam from the OpenTable app. If I wanted to receive spam from OpenTable, i’d sign up for their newsletter. Notification spam makes the app less useful to me as I end up having to turn off notifications, to avoid being distracted by irrelevant/annoying/intrusive marketing messages, which ultimately makes the opentable app less useful to me. Notifications should be limited to actual useful notices about upcoming reservations, not cries for attention or marketing junk.
  • User friendly 5/5

    By Jennesspd
    Open table is a great app. I’m an “old guy” and find open table very intuitive and easy to navigate. And I never have a problem when we get to the restaurant, they always have my reservation recorded. It’s easier than calling and getting no answer or waiting on it!
  • Less than it was 1/5

    By Diggety E
    Rewards have been greatly diluted and are more difficult to use. Boo.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By holimukei
    Easy to use, checks for time we want, if not avail, suggests other class times. Like the email reminders which save me double checking the reservation. Works whether I'm on my computer, iPad or android. Very Nice!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By ceneecrossranch
    Open table is an amazing service. It is so accurate and responsive that it takes the hassle of making a reservation and throws it out the window. I highly recommend anyone to use this service.
  • 1st time amazing! 5/5

    By MeganMio
    Our first time was absolutely amazing!!!! Gene and Daisy were the best. Thank you guys for helping my girl celebrate her 22nd bday! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Good iPhone app, could easily be better 4/5

    By Lake Shore Dude
    Not all website functionality is accessible. Looking for a hotspot? good luck sorting through reviews because the app will not tell you.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Poppy & Glo
    We just finished our first visit and what a delightful and delicious visit it was. The food and service was outstanding! We are visitors to the area so luckily I made a reservation for tonight and for next week as well. I can hardly wait to have dinner there again. This is truly a favorite in our book! The Coleman’s Hannibal, Missouri
  • Frequently used Ap 5/5

    By Jep/Frp
    We have had great experiences using this ap in various location at home and when traveling.
  • Love it 5/5

    By julia-Goulia.
    Best restaurants when and where I want to dine!
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Autumndawn1
    This new update is terrible. It’s extremely hard to use. The search function is absolutely awful. Not to mention that they’ve taken away points for lunch!!!! I assume this happened with the latest update also??? Why bother with it anymore.
  • Love it 5/5

    By GaidaCabral
    Used it the USA and Mexico
  • Awful. Just awful. 1/5

    By Jughead_1965
    Nice environment. Mediocre food and a manager who thinks it’s better to be argumentative then accommodating in the hospitality business. Crazy.
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By Starving in Asheville
    The atmosphere is fun, the food was yummy but the service is terrible. Reservations were for 7:15. Seated at 7:30. Took another 10 minutes to get drinks ordered. Yet another 10 minutes for someone to come back to order apps and salads. Dinner didn’t come until 9:00. This was on a Tuesday with only a few other patrons!!!
  • Should be able to change party size any time 4/5

    By K-kat l
    You should change functionality to enable user to edit party size later than first step. As it is now, you have to start over if you missed that drop down on the first screen.
  • Don’t try this 2/5

    By Roc diesel
    Service poor at best. Food average. Drinks weren’t drinkable. I live in Wilmington..... first and last time to this restaurant.
  • Unfortunate experience 1/5

    By Abachus1
    Came in at 5:00 planning to go to the show at 6:30. Ordered at 5:10. At 6:08 we were told the food was another 10 minutes away. They offered to to go but not possible for the theatre. We left at 6:15. We had reserved prior to arriving so they should have known people were coming in and been ready. Were were just a group of 4. Another group next to us was there when we arrived and were complaining of the timing. There was one server/bartender who was running as fast as he could. Not sure what happened to cause such a delay.

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