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Discover great dining experiences and make free restaurant reservations at more than 43,000 restaurants around the world. The perfect travel app to dine like a local, find restaurants by location, cuisine and more plus get personalized recommendations based on your preferences. View photos, menus and reviews to guide your picks. Every time you book and dine, you’ll earn rewards for future meals. Easy restaurant reservations: - Book tables, update reservations, cancel or re-book anytime, anywhere - Invite guests to RSVP to your reservations right from your app Find restaurants: - Near me Now, New & Hot, Recommended for You, Dinner Tonight – find the right spot with custom lists - Use search filters like location, cuisine, date and time - See restaurant pics, reviews, menus, and more Earn rewards: - Earn points to redeem for dining rewards with OpenTable restaurants Travel with us: - Discover and reserve restaurants in the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands and more! What folks are saying about us: ・OpenTable Is Secretly the Best Thing on the Internet (Gizmodo) ・World's Greatest Apps (Business Insider) ・100 Best iPhone Apps of All Time All Time (Mashable) ・12 Travel Apps Worth Keeping (The New York Times) ・Best Restaurant Dining Apps (People Magazine) Have suggestions for us? We want to hear from you, send us a message.


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OpenTable app reviews

  • Works for me 5/5

    By A.B. of NYC
    Very easy app to navigate. I prefer this app than anything else.
  • Why why why doesn’t OT work? 1/5

    By RichLew52
    On my pad. Crash, crash, crash, goodbye.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Tavi Alvarez
    This is a great app to make reservations
  • Businessfoodie 4/5

    By businessfoodie
    Restaurant choices robust. Good recommendations of venues Reviews helpful BUT the latest version of the app is much less user friendly and the navigation process is not as intuitive.
  • Latest version broken! 2/5

    By Jo D.
    I search for restaurants near me and I am shown a very small list. Setting a large distance radius of 25 miles doesn’t change anything and doesn’t include many places I know are available. The app used to show a large list by increasing distance away. App is almost unusable like this. Please fix!!
  • First Time 5/5

    By dickpilot
    Very nice place. Live entertainment (singer/guitarist) in the bar area. Food and service were both very good.
  • Poorly designed 1/5

    By lskinpsca
    There is nothing intuitive about this app. I spent way too much time figuring out how to navigate. Once I was finally able to book a reservation I opened the reservation to look at it there was no way to go back to the home page! WTH!
  • Ugh 2/5

    By BouncerChicSoundCloud
    It keeps saying I need to be in WiFi mode or to take me off airplane mode. When I have sufficient data already and it is turned on in my settings.
  • Another crap update 1/5

    By Suvo1
    It seems like each time Open Table does an update they screw up their sort abilities. With the current update you can’t sort by distance. You get the very few restaurants right around you. I tried to enter “San Francisco” as a location but it won’t let me do the whole city, it wants what neighborhood you want to see. First, what if you don’t know the bloody neighborhood? Second, it’s not like SF is so big you need to break it up. Fix it, test it, test it again, have someone else test it. Quality control is lacking.
  • Terrible search feature 1/5

    By Dan_Austin_1973
    Huge downgrades have made the search feature nearly useless. Can’t expand the search to a wider area. Find another app to use.
  • Love the app but hasn’t been working very well lately. 4/5

    By susiedejong
    Use the app often, love it. Lately there have been a lot of issues where the site is unavailable.
  • Old version was better 4/5

    By lstubbs
    The older version of the app was way better. The upgrade doesn’t alway allow you to filter your search - when you select to place the list in alphabetical order, it won’t place the list in this order. It simply leaves in the order based on location. And for some locations, it will list restaurants first that are miles and miles away and the closer restaurants further down the list. Is it possible to fix what used to work well?
  • Quick easy intuitive 5/5

    By sauceysteele
    I travel for work, all over the US: this app is quick, easy and intuitive.
  • What good apps do 5/5

    By Andypayday
    There are a handful of companies (apps) that make what was a tedious or time consuming chore a proverbial “one click” from wherever I am transaction. Open Table is in that category. I can see most restaurants within the geographic area I want, menus, reviews, and available reservation times. One click and I have a table. This beats googling, phone calls, looking for reservations links on multiple individual restaurant websites, etc. A no brainer to use Open Table instead.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By mdvasta
    This app cuts through the time it takes to find a phone number and place the call. I really appreciate the written confirmation.
  • Can’t change number of guests 2/5

    By this app idiotic
  • Canceling reservations 1/5

    By bavbasvsv
    It’s ridiculous I can’t cancel a reservation and rebook elsewhere. My hubby made a reservation at the wrong restaurant. W called and canceled. We have been trying for an hour to rebook at the correct place and we can’t do It. Oh need to rethink how this process works. Ridiculous.
  • Last update destroyed its search 2/5

    By Leland12400
    I will no longer use Open Table. Recently, I’ve tried searching for restaurants locally (I’m in Milwaukee) and it shows restaurants all over the country, including both the east and west coasts. I know I’m entering the correct name of the restaurant. If Open Table doesn’t have an agreement with them to take reservations, it used to say that. Tonight, it showed me restaurants in Mississauga, Ontario! Ridiculous! Be relevant!
  • PT 3/5

    By Pickles06
    OpenTable did NOT inform me that the restaurant I dined at was NOT a rewards place till after I went
  • The servers are down too often for this app to be useful. 2/5

    By Murderizer9000
    Every time I’m actually interested in getting a reservation (Saturdays, holidays, etc), the servers are down. This leads to what looks like open time slots when you first look at the restaurant page, but they’re false positives and the actual restaurant might not have anything open at all. This app is borderline useless when its servers are down so often. When are they going to fix this?
  • Open Table is great but App is Not 5/5

    By Spence in VA
    I love using open table but I have noticed that the app for iPad and iPhone do not return accurate or complete results. Today I looked for a restaurant in Richmond VA. The app said there were 42 options available but omitted some I knew would be open. So I looked at the website. It returned 92 options! This is unacceptable! Needs to be fixed.
  • Best Restaurant App Ever 5/5

    By Deep C Doc
    Tons of great eateries for every occasion with extremely simple reservation process
  • So easy and helpful!!!! 5/5

    By suesuelynn
    I love that you can plug in a location and area restaurants pop up with lots of detail!
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By Lolagarfield
    Love this app!!! Never fails me!
  • Limited Selection 4/5

    By DAGGER51
    I don’t see any of Isaac Becker’s restaurants on open table. Would like to see more local options.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Bandizzle
    Easy to use, nice to be able to RSVP to a restaurant early in the day👍🏼
  • Comment 3/5

    By Vince365
    For whatever reason I often think I have made a confirmed reservation but have not.
  • They have ruined this app 1/5

    By gmrose
    The alphabetical filter doesn’t work. Also, looking for a reservation in one town brings up open reservations for that town. There are other nearby towns listed with the number of restaurants with reservations..however if you press on the nearby town, it says no restaurants found, and no restaurants are shown. You have to enter the location one town at a time.
  • New updates are not good. 3/5

    By G.oT43
    I loved using Open Table and use the app frequently. However the new updates make it harder to find places to eat. It is not as easy as it was before. I like seeing lots of options all at once not having to select my cuisine or area.
  • Great App 5/5

    By JMM Texas
    I’ve never had a problem
  • Decent; Bad Support 3/5

    By JumpCrisscross
    Decent app. Good rewards. Terrible support—no way to e-mail or call anyone from the app. As a result, been switching to Yelp and Resy.
  • Open Table is Awesome! 5/5

    By Foodalicious1
    Love the time it saves me and seeing all the choices!
  • Doesn’t Offer All Reservation Options! 3/5

    By Virginia Beach Carl
    I like the convenience this app offers for making reservations though I have found multiple restaurants offering of available tables are not accurately reported. If I want a table near opening time, I have have learned I need to telephone directly.
  • Get perks and points 5/5

    By extremely deplorable
    Always best way to: reserve a table Avoid the wait And earn points that save $ Never a problem ever! Todd and Angie Denver, Col.
  • Where convenience trumps table quality 3/5

    By sirakh
    This app is incredibly convenient to use, and on that level it’s fantastic. But booking via OpenTable pretty much guarantees that you’ll be given the worst available table in the restaurant. Next to the bathroom, by the wait station, etc. So if you value convenience over table quality, this app gets five stars. If you care where in a restaurant you are seated, it gets one star.
  • Great Application 5/5

    By Mayfourteen
    It is a great application. Easy to navigate. I like that the menu can be viewed.
  • Worse place 1/5

    By Omghhhhhnjgrvh
    Simply awful
  • Upgrades are Downgrades. 3/5

    By Diner8
    I have been a member of Opentable since 2000. Yes 18 years of Opentable. I love Opentable and always have. The issue is every single time the app is upgraded it becomes less intuitive and user friendly. This new iteration is darn near impossible to navigate. My advice is to keep the interface as simple as possible. All the bells and whistles are pretty much in the way of a good fluid experience. At least that’s my opinion and I have more experience with open table than at least 96% of the users.
  • Worst experirence 1/5

    By Hangry Soul
    Confirmed reservation, drove from SF. Arrived 10 mins early. Told that they no longer honor Open Table reservation. Wait time= an hour and a half.
  • Best restaurant app 5/5

    By Crossroadsdoc
    We use OT regularly before going to any restaurant including when we travel out of state. Indispensable!
  • Hungry Guy 5/5

    By Alcimiguel33
    This app is great very accurate and easy to use I recommend it !
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By D Diver
    Wow what happened. Fired the old devs and hired new ones? Let the UI team drink on the job? This app used to be great and worked everytime and now it’s so difficult to use. Undo undo undo! Launch the repository and submit a binary 3 versions old!
  • Servers are down 2/5

    By Buckthefump
    Dear Opentable, I’ve mostly had a good experience with your service. Please fix your servers that allow login via Facebook. This seems to be a common issue so I would highly recommend finding a way to prevent this in the future. Sincerely, Trying to book for Father’s Day dinner before everything is booked
  • Was great, now worthless 1/5

    By ByeByeAndroid
    Not sure why people have to mess with success. This used to be a great app. Now, unless you know exactly the establishment you want to go to, the app is completely worthless. Thanks for the downgrade.
  • No way to redeem rewards in app 3/5

    By Brianggggggg
    No way to redeem rewards in app.
  • Honoring open table reservations 1/5

    By docja213
    Very disappointing that The Standard didn’t honor our open table reservation on Mother’s Day despite receiving a confirmation. Poor customer service!
  • Terrible new experience 1/5

    By Sam2788917
    I am not one to proactively leave a review but I HATE the new version of the app. It isn’t easy to search, it has funky quirks (like dragging to share) that disrupt my ability to scroll, and you can’t easily select the neighborhoods you want to see. This will make me stop using open table and start using something like RESY. :(
  • Format Update? 3/5

    By Prosthodontist777
    I have used Open Table for years and it has always been an incredible app. It has saved my butt on a number of date night and vacation occasions. It seems, however, like they have changed the format of the app recently, and I hate it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but now when I search for reservations at specific time it no longer lists the times available for a restaurant under the restaurant name in the list of restaurants in the area. So I assumed that meant all the restaurants listed must have the time I requested available since they were included in the list and didn’t say otherwise. Wrong. When I clicked through the list some restaurants had no availability at all but were still included on the list in the search. I had to click through each restaurant individually to find if they actually had a reservation at the time I wanted. This is ridiculous. Go back to the old format!!!
  • The latest upgrade has made it impossible to search the correct part of town 1/5

    By Cwccwc
    Your latest upgrade has bugs! Fix please
  • Never able to make a reservation. Constant “error” messages & bugs. 1/5

    By Omgwtfbbq1992
    You can never even get to the point of MAKING the reservation because all you get is a “Hmm, we seem to be having trouble blah blah blah...” When I messaged them on Twitter the first time, they told me I had some “no-shows” 3 YEARS AGO IN 2015!!! I highly doubt I had no-shows, but even if I did, 3 years ago??? Get real. Then they reactivated my account. Now I’m having more difficulties just logging in! I reset my password and now I get another error message! Riddled with bugs every which way. Unworkable, useless app.

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