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  • Compatibility: Android
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Oppa App

Welcome to Oppa money messenger - over $2,000,000 shared. Claim your username now before it's gone, and get $2 for every friend you add to Oppa! Think of Oppa as a search engine for new friends, and a new way to chat with anyone you want. To see who's nearby, use Oppa. Looking to chat with that neighborhood cutie, use Oppa. Use Oppa to network about a job, get a psychic reading, or talk to a Doc about that suspicious mole hiding where the sun don't shine, yes - we have them on Oppa too. So welcome to Oppa - our community is over 100,000 money wallets strong, and growing fast! Be merry, have fun, and follow your own path.


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  • Great app but a big problem right now! 5/5

    By Jmoney600
    Its a great app I love it, most apps like these you can’t get money but this one you can all by posting photos like you do everyday on regular social media’s. Only problem with the app and it just started today is every time i go to post on WiFi and off WiFi i pops up error and won’t let me post
  • Forget oppa!! They are insulting now 1/5

    By Dumbdoomboom
    So I looked on again and it read share you link with you friends and get 2 dollars. Oppa has made thousands of dollars! Okay what the hell you call that!! Oppa scam!!!! I have been asked for money by weird people on the app! You guys are no help either! Fabricate a lie to all of us!! Don’t download until they fix what is supposed to be a awesome idea! I wish I can give you guys no stars
  • This good app 5/5

    By Artem1cat
    This good app.
  • Never got my cash through PayPal. 2/5

    By Jono❤️
    Never got my cash through PayPal. I had over $35 and now all I have is $8 something. On my Oppa. Can someone explain to me why that is??
  • Verry good 5/5

    By vietsonavs
    Tôi rất thích ứng dụng này
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By kaksjsjaajq
    Im in love
  • Fake 1/5

    By Ab2314
    It’s just worst some how I complete my $25 but later when I want to redeem to my pay pal they are saying pooling from different accounts are against our term.. this is really fake please don’t waist your time on such apps so bad experience you waist my all time... disgusting
  • Has potential 3/5

    By Ubitchesalwaystakemynamewtf
    But my Facebook was not under my real name when I first signed up, now it is because I changed it but the fake name is still on Oppa and I can’t esit it, that makes no sense I understand y’all want real people but at least update the app to where we can put our real names if we had our Facebook under a different name. Honestly it doesn’t make sense y everyone else gotta kno our real names, other more ESTABLISHED sites been figure out that we should at least have a display name to protect our identity & our real names is under personal information this is NOTHING like ig at least they allow u to change your name smh...I don’t even want the account no more I’m super irritated by this, how do I delete this & unlink it from my Fb since it’s obviously not really linked anyway otherwise my info would have updated to my correct name when I changed it. And I keep havin to delete the same 100 & something ppl from my likes that didn’t like me back this app is too glitchy & u can’t really personalize the way u can with Instagram I’ll just be sticking wit ig I give up on these new apps it’s always something that doesn’t even make sense wit them.
  • I Like 5/5

    By Yruman
    Me gusta. Hasta donde la he manejado. Me gusta mucho. Recomiendo. Muy amena
  • I guess it’s a good concept 1/5

    By KiKi Jah Dore
    I was making money on this app. It was good but I went to log in today and my account said “user canceled”. Not sure why as I only really post unique original quotes and cute baby pics. You guys can at least warn people... Don’t really think I’d download this again.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By auscribner
    Been waiting on a withdrawal for over a month. Can't get any response from the team.
  • Cant send to redeem money...??? 3/5

    By needMymoney21
    I am currently trying to refer my friends and its not loading... i dont know why but i just want my $2 ☹️
  • Was loving it 3/5

    By Frizzy it
    It’s a great app! But now when I upload a picture it won’t show on my profile 🤷🏼‍♀️ that’s getting annoying least to say.
  • little glitchy 3/5

    By jinxyourlife
    affecting the rest of my apps and phones functioning speed, not sure why. other than that a pretty cool app, gonna suggest friends join- could be a very cool community !!
  • I can’t create my account 4/5

    By Cherrypielulz
    I can’t create my account because it doesn’t accept my city, what should i do? I’ve already reinstalled the app
  • Requires Facebook 1/5

    By Hannahislost
    The only way to join is through Facebook and I’m not interested in the app having all my personal information.
  • Nice 5/5

    By tranvu1511042
    Nice app
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Tylalaflamme1728
    Great and easy way to earn money for free basically !! Great for college kids!!
  • The best 5/5

    By vanefit
    I like 🤑🤑
  • Get money for people liking pictures 5/5

    By Fanny 112434
    Great app but takes a while to cash out . No way to speed up getting money . You just have to wait Til people like your pictures .
  • Mr 5/5

    By Dark in jark
    As a beta version it’s awesome We still need a lot of improvements Honestly great job developer
  • Do not download 1/5

    By WayneGGu7ewWq708
    This app is fake & sending out fake news. You don’t get anything when you share it the referral code. Do not download. FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE! already reported
  • 20% fee to withdraw 1/5

    By Wife.Mom.Boss
    They charge a 20% fee to withdraw LOL #GreedyDevelopers *Update* YouTube is a totally different playing field with paid commercial advertising, product Endorsements and potential for mass viewed YouTubers to be discovered and signed to labels. It is a legitimate platform worth the pay fee.... Also it’s Video uploads not pictures. So tell me again where your company thinks they are on the same playing level as YouTube to compare itself to YouTube? Your more on the PayPal side where you can add items or services for sale (actual physical products or set) that people can pay for. And let’s review what PayPals fee is...? 2.9%? So if say someone wanted to withdraw your $25 minimum you’d make .72cents as PayPal. But your not PayPal or YouTube. You’re a new social media outlet that allows users to share money, FOR LOOKING AT CONTENT. No share, like, subscribe links. No Endorsements. No actual products for sale. No real (legal) services for sale. Just looking at stuff for 20%... #SimplyGreedy ... PayPal is known for being expensive for their service at 2.9% lol but at 20% 😂 that’s .... greedy
  • Won’t let “new” Facebook accounts join 1/5

    By NotHereToCheat
    But a year is not new. My Facebook page clearly says joined January 2017. Not new! You should have your requirements detailed more clearly then so people don’t waste their time.
  • Bonus missing 3/5

    By Khaaaaaaaaannnnn
    I referred it to my friends and they installed it too but i didn’t receive the bonus
  • Don’t receive money 2/5

    By Seansandy
    I share the app with my link but I didn’t receive the 2 dollar that they said .
  • Legit virtual bar with real money, but has it's drawbacks 3/5

    By Reathh
    The app is legit, has a wide variety of customers making it interesting, and the part that you can receive real money makes it truly unlike any other. Congratulations to the developers, but the thing I don't like is that your withdrawals are send manually and could take up to 7 days, I understand that at this point you don't want it (or can't due to some reasons) automated, BUT WHY DO WE HAVE TO MAKE REQUESTS AT BATCHES FROM $25 AND WAIT FOR THE LAST ONE TO BE SEND BEFORE SENDING ANOTHER BATCH FROM $25. This is very frustrating. Another complain I have is with the user experience, it could be improved a lot. Some basic features like go to the user's profile from inside the chat session are missing (you have to click on his avatar in your chat history with all people.
  • I don’t want to be harsh 1/5

    By khawasli
    I really don’t like being harsh but first of all the minimum you have to pay is 10$ to stay in your wallet and when you pay someone to talk to you they don’t respond so you basically pay for nothing. Also when people pay you to talk to you the conversation ends at “hi” which makes me question if they’re real users to begin with. I’m not sure how different this is than other apps except for the fact that you blow away your money... seems the selling point is that since you’re paying then other users will respond but that’s not the case as you don’t get your money back if someone doesn’t reply to you
  • Fake 1/5

    By Excellentboy1337
    Unfortunately, this program doesn’t provide any financial benefits like it‘s written in description. When I earned in Oppa 25$ and I could transfer it to Pay Pal, they wrote me: “Pooling multiple accounts to one is against our Terms of Use”. So, I think you should think of downloading this fake program, they only try to reach a big number of people and downloads. Screw it
  • Support and cash out 1/5

    By anaf83
    You work your way to build up the money. When you try to cash out it you log in to your PayPal account and then it says it takes 7 days to process... the money was earn in their app... the PayPal credentials is yours... what type of process??? You try to get some answers... nothing no support not even a automatic standard answer... no were in the app ad or app or therms say that you have to wait to cash out. You loose your time to build up because you need the extra cash and then you just wait... it’s ridiculous. I’m still waiting to someone to talk to me
  • Referring doesn’t work 3/5

    By catmarie121
    Refered friends and got no money at all from it like the app claims I’m supposed to.
  • Can’t even change birthday 1/5

    By Acornm1
    Can’t change birthday when signing up. What a joke.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By JoeM1990
    Love this app, ever since FriendLife died, I had been searching for a suitable replacement. I found it.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Perfect app to make money
    Put this code- CARLOLUI9 to get first $2 dollars.
  • Can't change my birth date to create an account 5/5

    By codyskyler
    Very interested in using the app, especially since I just applied for an internship with Oppa and was looking to familiarize myself with the company and product and wanted to put #Intern as a label in my profile description because I know Oppa will reach out to candidates through the app. However, I am unable to change my birth date which it has automatically set as February 18, 2018. Could I get some help?
  • Forces you to connect Facebook. 1/5

    By alberto brambila
    Why do I need to connect my Facebook. And why do I have to connect my contacts. There is no way around not connecting your social media’s and contacts to the app. Doesn’t make any sense on why you can’t just make an oppa account rather than connecting all your stuff including your contacts. Please fix the issue I would love to check out this new social platform :). Until then I’m not looking to making an account.
  • There is a glitch 1/5

    By Yarbyzbot!!!
    I’m trying to add my friends but it keeps on freezing!!!
  • It’s ard 4/5

    By Lexiethecreator
    Lol it’s legit
  • Super cool! 4/5

    By 907_valley_cutie🐷
    Heard about it through a friend and didn’t believe I could actually make money, but here I am, making money!
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By sasssssyk
    So I heard a lot of good things about this app but unfortunately I can’t pass the whole signing in process. I log in using my Facebook but when I go to try to change my age because it puts feb 16 2018 I can’t. Therefore I can’t continue na use it says I’m under age.
  • Love it! Use referral code FVSHIONKILLV 5/5

    By _tatted_princess
    Great app I’m already getting messages and money 😍😊
  • Good app, needs easier access to funds and easier way to transfer 4/5

    By Spades_523
    App is good, but being scammed by plenty of people, need a better screening process. The app is having an issue where the notification for messages states there is one there but there isn’t and it won’t go away. There’s no easy way to contact the developer either . Being able to only transfer funds at 25, isn’t all that great. Sadly I never reach that.
  • Jackie Moody 5/5

    By Purple Maniac
    I’m just not sure how this really works but it’s cool so far and I love to meet new folks plus them loving and paying for my pics.
  • Show me the money 🍹 4/5

    By Angry app customer 😡
    Love the app but it’s obviously still working out the kinks I have friends adding me through my link however I’m not receiving the money for it 😔 I really want to share drinks with my friends lol help
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Sai Hasegawa
    Best app ever what more can I say
  • Different An fun 5/5

    By Blantonize
    Check it out for yourself.
  • Can’t even start 1/5

    By Boutiques from NJ
    I tried to sign up today but it won’t let me change the birthday. It just automatically says I was born today and I can’t use the app because I’m not at least 16 years of age. Excuse me I’m about to be 35. Tried updating my birthday but there is no option to do so. This app needs work.
  • Instructions? 3/5

    By disneycaitiw
    There is literally no clear instruction on how to use this app. I have no idea how to friend request people, search for people, join a community. I’m extremely confused.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By kayloo1295
    Not bad. Easy way to get some extra money. Use my referral!!!! kayloo1295
  • Confusing 4/5

    By piratesinlove
    Would love to know more about how to make money on this app - i am very active but with no luck

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