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  • Current Version: 1.4
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Optum Bank App

Make managing and paying for eligible health care expenses easier with the Optum Bank® app. Designed to provide users with access to their Optum Bank accounts, the app gives account holders the tools they need, from quick account snapshots to detailed account history.

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  • Hardly Functional As Is 2/5

    By Christopher.Sommer19
    When it works, it works fine and you can easily navigate the app. Usually, it fails to launch or load information and has become all but broken. I’ve checked for new updates and am on the current.
  • Bare minimum- no Face ID 2/5

    By Bradfld007
    Current version won’t accept Face ID, must use a password every time as it won’t even remember last used. When you finally log in, sometimes you can get options to work, other times it crashes or gives and error. Older versions worked fine, not sure what happened.
  • Can’t find the mobile deposit 2/5

    By bobbycutebear
    This bank almost seem great but to add receipts is being a problem and also finding the mobile deposit seems like a forever task for me. Do me a favor just show me how to find it.
  • The basics 1/5

    By gonnareview
    This app is terrible. Is easier to snail mail documents rather than use this app. This company should just shut down the app rather than force the misery on other people.
  • It works but it’s clunky 3/5

    By Jirdbo
    I’ve used the app a number of times to submit a reimbursement for a medical expense. It’s not straightforward or intuitive. Also the login process is terrible, requiring me to go through two rounds of login screens with healthsafe-id and then receive a 2FA text. TouchID would be so much better. In the end it works but it’s frustrating and cumbersome. Could use a lot of UI/UX help.
  • Pffft 1/5

    By nicknamedoesntworkeither
    Takes forever to open. Refuses Face ID Freezes and then dies not confirm if expenses were received. Deleted it.
  • Can’t see transactions 1/5

    By NefariousAryq
    Throws a 500 internal server error when trying to view transactions and or contributions. UPDATE: Ok this app is just straight up garbage. Throws 500 errors randomly just browsing around my account. Sometimes can load data, most the time won’t.
  • Excelente app 5/5

    By Aranza2008
    Toda la información a la mano fácil de manejar
  • Doesn’t work on my iPhone 8+ 1/5

    By DJ-Harry-1000
    Says it’s compatible with my phone, but got message saying it’s not supported.
  • Archaic technology, glitchy and very frustrating 1/5

    By LoveTheP
    I have used this app to manage my FSA funds and the experience has been super frustrating. This is unacceptable considering that I am relying on this company to access funds for medical necessities. I have had to submit receipts multiple times because the app and website continue to show claims as missing my receipts. The camera is difficult to use because it has an automatic crop function that crops out important information unless you disable it. Also, the information on the app does not match their website information. Very frustrating. There should be fines for this kind of incompetence on the part of app developers, especially considering that some people depend on these funds for timley medical care!
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By Egm4488
    I used this once before and I tried logging in today and every time my face recognition is accepted it just comes up with an error. It goes like this for as long as I let it. Face recognized, error, face recognized, error. Is there any update you can make to fix this?!
  • App doesn’t accept contributions 1/5

    By Cantwaittillchristmas
    Can’t believe this bank and its app does not accept mobile deposits. Have had multiple issues with mobile deposits. Sometimes it doesn’t accept them and sometimes it accepts them but they never show up in your account. Multiple service requests to technical support have resulted in no improvement. Only recourse is to make deposits like they were done last century and mail them in. FIX your app and get it into the 21st century.
  • Mobile deposit doesn’t work 2/5

    By Crewski4
    I had a Huntington bank hsa that became optum. The app is nice and visually pleasing. The problem is that the mobile deposit doesn’t work. I take pictures of my check and it says everything worked, but the check is never actually deposited.
  • We apologize for any inconvenience 1/5

    By bob_biet
    I hate this phrase. I’ve seen it too many times. Attaching a rcpt to a claim should be easy but there are no clear directions. I figured it out by doing it wrong 1st. I am finding this FSA account and app more frustrating than ever. In part that I now must submit rcpts for every transaction, which I didn’t know at the beginning. I didn’t have to with the plan we had the yr before but it was a different company. I mean really, it’s an imaging center & a Dentist office - is it that hard to figure that it is a medical claim & I’m not buying bubble gum with it. 🙄
  • Doesn't work 99.2% of the time 1/5

    By Eff CeeCee
    The app is always asking for your username and password and it's always incorrect. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't do the trick either. Once in a while though, it will with through facial recognition, that chance if just random and inconsistent to be able to predict when it will actually would. The features of the app are great but unavailable to you most of the time because you can't sign in🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Optum account 5/5

    By Skinny6977
    I love this app. One finger touch and I can see everything within my account ***** star rating
  • App can't transfer funds to invest, but neither can website 1/5

    By ehcnalava
    I have tried at least fifty times to transfer funds from HSA cash to investments. App radio buttons don't work. So I tried the website and they don't work there either. Support said to enable cookies. I guess their app is not an app, just a mobile website interface since a true app does not use cookies. I tried Chrome, Safari, etc. Cookies are enabled. No go. I finally gave up and rebalanced my portfolio to one fund so the other funds would quit losing money. Optum, this is a sad fail. Update: apparently Optum has fixed these issues but it was too late for me - I had already closed my account. I recommend the Lively app instead.
  • Does not work 99.9% of the time.. 1/5

    By SofMo
    Does not work 99.9% of the time from login. I’ve had this app and have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and that has not improved the errors. I did, however, a month or so ago receive a message on the app to uninstall and reinstall due to updates and it worked a few times after that but hasn’t since. “Error: there was a login error.” This error persistently is received upon login after spinning for several mins. Please review and fix. When it works, it works!!
  • Awful update 1/5

    By RallyIsLast
    They took a nearly capable app and have made it almost useless. They updated login requirements without warning and disabled the fingerprint login
  • Website and app always broken 1/5

    By Tired of Comcast
    Optum has the worst app and website I have ever seen! I haven’t been able to log into the app for weeks because of this healthsafe ID crap. It always says that there in an error. So I have submit my claims on the website instead of the app, that’s when the website is actually working!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Boss Hoss Ross
    I don’t recommend Optum at all. This app never even lets you log in. It always crashes and the website isn’t any better. Get an HSA with Lively instead.
  • Problems 1/5

    By angelcolumbia
    I have continually try to upload receipts into the system to support a claim and now I’m getting declined transactions on other things because they have now put my account on hold since they didn’t get the receipts. So frustrating!
  • Stay away if you have a choice 1/5

    By Oreste191
    My employer uses Optum to manage the health savings account and dependent care account. This is by far the worst administrator I’ve encountered. First off, you can’t access your account outside 9-5 work hours. They reject 98% of transactions including dental office visits. You can’t even use the card at a supermarket to buy medical supplies such as bandages or hydrogen peroxide. This administration is too strict.
  • Doesn’t load can’t validate 1/5

    By Printer Finally
    Does not update account balances and transactions real time. It takes a 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS to update. The app not requires the last four digits of the debit card number or account number as security feature. When I enter the account number and select update the app does nothing and stays on the same screen. When I enter the last 4 digits of the account number I get an error message. Worthless
  • impossible to log on 1/5

    By W. in Orlando
    Takes sixty seconds until login screen even appears, then - after correct password and another 30 seconds - always 'there was an error logging on'. Even delete and reinstall makes no difference. Logging in on the website works, so the password is correct.
  • Glitchy again 2/5

    By Qball25
    Tried to input my name as patient but there were no options for patients. Just a blank screen that said “done”. I had to cancel and go back two pages then do it all again. Finally let me select the family member who received treatment. This app has been clunky since the beginning. I stopped using it and only used the website for awhile. I started using the app again last year as it seemed that the bugs had been worked out. This update is a step backwards
  • Life changing 5/5

    By Smerch*
    This App is the easiest, most clear way to use my HSA. Reimbursement has never been so easy and I love it!
  • Downdate 1/5

    By IwishIhadanotherchoice
    The app worked great. Today I was forced to download an update and now I can’t login. Inefficient and frustrating...less of an update and more of a downdate. You shouldn’t make your app less reliable and more difficult to use.
  • Could be a great app 1/5

    By 1482 Harley Girl
    What a horrible app I have had nothing but problems!! My dashboard doesn’t update. When I call customer service they are extremely rude! If you have this app I hope you have better luck than what I have had.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ccpickle
    Love this app. Very easy and user friendly.
  • App requires frequent updates 2/5

    By Mrsbertha
    The app is requesting updates even when I have it set to automatically update. It states to use newer version when there is no update available. Would not use it I did not have to.
  • Can’t open 1/5

    By Cat Lady 1994
    I downloaded this app and it will not let not let me open it. It keeps telling me to download the newest version. There are no updates available for the app as this is the newest version. I deleted the app and downloaded it again thinking it might solve the problem and that did not work. Right now this app is useless for me!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By jbewest
    I get this message when I open the app: "We are continually improving your mobile experience, please download the newest version and update your mobile app today!" But when I go to the App Store, there is no update available....
  • Impossible to fund investments 1/5

    By backpackerx
    You can’t make the transfer from HSA to investments. Useless. Keeps getting hung up on “select one of these options”. All options selected and amount below threshold. Been this way for weeks if not longer.
  • Can’t invest money 1/5

    By BDK67
    Fix your App.... It won’t allow me to invest idle cash. It won’t allow me to select how I want to allocate. Crap for an app
  • Signing on 1/5

    By brittneybree
    Doesn’t ever let me used my saved information for log in.
  • App and desktop won’t transfer funds to investment acct 1/5

    By Watup Gee
    Ever since I set up my account, I click “transfer funds” to try to move funds from my HSA to the investment accounts Optum offers. Several radio buttons appear under “Transfer” with only the first button “use HSA to purchase funds” being highlighted. Neither the app or the desktop version allows me to choose any other radio button and get a confirmation color change, but there are changes that occur to the page with each attempt to click other radio buttons. I scroll down and enter the amount to transfer which is confirmed by the dollar amount turning green. However, when I click the transfer button, a red box appears stating I have to “select an option”. It will not allow any other radio buttons or anything to be clicked on. The other buttons don’t work so there are no options. Therefore no money can be transferred. I called customer support who sent me to IT support. IT support told me not to use the app bc it doesn’t work right. The desktop does the same thing....got no response. Called again and the recording stated “if you’re calling from a rotary phone...”. Maybe that’s the problem. Optum is worried about rotary phones when they need to worry about online banking web design. Seems like they’re way behind the times. Looking to get out of this ASAP. I heard there’s a music device called an 8-track player Optum. Maybe you’ll be the first one on your block?
  • Incredibly buggy 1/5

    By Giving up on this app
    Every action takes forever to load. Key features don’t work. Avoid this app and company if possible.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Miss Period Perfect
    This app is easy to use. Everything is easy to find on this app.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By Killerstumps
    Can’t submit payment requests in the app, what else would I use this crap for!?
  • Decimals 4/5

    By Ctoddh
    When I am reimbursing myself, there is no option for decimal points. If by receipt was for $10.76, through the app, I can only reimburse myself $10. Please fix. Thanks.
  • Unable To Transfer Money 1/5

    By jon#386
    I am unable to transfer money from HSA investments to my HSA account. When my money is stuck in my investments, I can’t pay medical expenses.
  • Almost worth it 2/5

    By Fly-guy-j
    I found I could do anything except what I needed to: pay a payee. Really? The mobile website is better.
  • Doesn’t work well with Safari or Apple App 2/5

    By Scabbled
    Funds transfer won’t allow you to select what you and to do. Optum Bank support says it is a compatibility problem with Apple products and they hope to release a fix soon, but it’s been over a month with no version update with a fix.
  • Uploads 2/5

    By 1jcc
    It does not allow a submission and is constantly giving a message to call them. What’s the purpose of the app if I can’t upload a receipt.
  • Review 2/5

    By M0M0f3
  • Investment Account Transfer Not Working 1/5

    By raven027
    I am unable to submit transfers of funds from my HSA account into my HSA investment account. The error is on the “Transfer Funds” page. I am not able to select any of the “Frequency” options. I click on one of them and it gives me the “Transfer Amount” box but I can not select “Continue” it gives me the error “Select one of these options”.... This same error happens on OSX Safari, and Google Chrome sometimes. The other times Chrome just doesn’t even load the account login pages. It’s 2019 please update compatibility to Google Chrome and Safari both desktop and mobile versions please. I just called customer support to submit this error and was told that Microsoft Edge browser was the only one that is supported 100%. This makes it tough to conduct business when I only have a PC at home and I’m out of town for work or not at the house.
  • Claim support 1/5

    By Bummed Bruce
    I received an email requesting documentation for a transaction. However it did not state which charge item documentation was needed. Neither did the app. Who knows what happened. Guess I will have to wait and see if a charge gets rejected for lack of documentation.
  • Crashes on login, unusable 1/5

    By MechE94

Optum Bank app comments

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