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Utilize our mobile app to help manage your prescriptions and treatment of your condition. Request refills, schedule delivery dates and track your order status. Manage credit card information and make payments. View and update account information. Complete self-assessments connected to our clinical management program. Get live support through secure video consultations with a clinical care team member or pharmacist. We’re here to answer your questions and help you manage your condition.

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  • It won’t work so don’t bother 1/5

    By Old and in Shape
    Down loaded fine but i could not establish my account. Not a good way to encourage use. A good UX Designer is needed. Looks to me like engineers are in charge!! Somebody missed something. Willing to admit it might be me but I’m not new to establishing accounts. If average people have problems then something is wrong with the design.
  • USELESS 1/5

    By BWall35
    Don’t waste your time. I’m never been able order my prescription through the app, i always have to call.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Facebookappsucks113
    Get with the times. This is not an app. You just load the website and call it an app. Complete trash.
  • Does not work, I cannot refill my Rx, I can’t even log in 1/5

    By edgar_is
    The app is just a web wrapper. Logging in results in a message saying that I’m being logged out due to inactivity. Then a bunch of random errors show up.
  • Useless 1/5

    By snapi de kleine
    Absolutely nothing works in this app. Clearly coded by kindergarteners. Save yourself the time and open the page in your browser of choice.
  • Please Fix this app 1/5

    By TRaw7025
    Please fix this app! I would really like to be able to use it to order my medication. Please fix it!
  • Most worthless specialty Rx in all the land 1/5

    By jmoods55
    My 4th one (always my insurance making me switch, never my choice) and they are absolute trash. Order never processed timely, app doesn’t work, spoiled medications upon late arrival. If you can go somewhere else...YOU SHOULD
  • Pleasantly surprised 5/5

    By schott138
    After reading the reviews I was so disappointed to learn the app didn’t work. Since the phone calls every two weeks drive me insane, I thought I’d try it for myself. I’m so glad I did. Everything was perfect, my medication is ordered and on it’s way. There were no glitches and it took me 2 or 3 minutes to place my order.
  • Terrible App and Website 1/5

    By 17171717zzxxzzxx
    The app does not work!!!! I’m forced to select one star, but it does not deserve that. I voice my complaint every time I call in to order my prescription.
  • Totally Useless - Should be zero star! 1/5

    By Jake1349
    Zero difference from the browser version and same result - still cannot place the order even though all information is complete and all profile data is up to date. Place order button just turns from dark blue to light blue and nothing happens. The exact same behavior on the browser version. I end up calling anyway and the person on the line tells me that everything is complete and should work - until it doesn’t. Please spend more time doing QA on your product before you release it. This shouldn’t be this hard.
  • Terrible app fails frequently 1/5

    By Gman323
    Month after month I attempt to refill an existing prescription and the app fails at the point that all info is entered.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Triciaryanna
    Not happy with this app it has all my information but insists that I call the pharmacy because it needs my mailing address wth very disappointing
  • Get with the times 1/5

    By Frsrious
    This app is horrible! Never remembers who I am even though I check “remember me” when I sign in. Not TouchID enabled. Not ApplyPay enabled. Most recently, wouldn’t let me sign in at all and took me to a user I’d recovery screen and after I entered my information still couldn’t find me. In addition, the app loses track of my prescriptions eligible for refills. I’ve started with the app only to end up having to call in 50% of the time to order a refill. If you can get into the app, the app is not user friendly.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Medicmanjack
    Terrible pharmacy!! I’m an RN and I have so much trouble with OptumRx. Waiting forever to access my account. Asking same questions over and over!! I tried on-line and no better
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Jhopjsh
    Couldn’t order drug AND NEEDLES. one is useless without the other. Hate having to use this pharmacy. Insurance company forced me. They stink
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Jengaworld
    The app is useless. It takes forever to load, and switching from letters to numbers — required for the password — aborts the login process. There is, no exaggeration, the worst app on my phone. There is no excuse for this amateur hour tech from a company that makes millions from its bloated prescription prices. Lousy pharmacy; lousy app.
  • Terrible terrible app 1/5

    By BongoNYC
    Slow to load. Crashes every few keystrokes. Currently appears to have an invalid certificate. Criminal service.
  • Cant get in. 1/5

    By Claude99999
    My username and password works for the site fails for the app. Only way you can fix it is to call. I would rather not use the app than have to call a over the phone tech support number.
  • Takes long to load & froze when I placed order 1/5

    By lyn6282
    I agree with the other reviews. This app takes long to load and when i went to place my order the app froze. So now I have to call the pharmacy and see if my order was placed. I preferred the older app Briova Rx, i never had a problem with it.
  • It doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Zookeeper 4
    Whatever you’ve done to those app it no longer works!!! So frustrating
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By KStuckey21
    I wish I could give this app 0 stars. This app has lost my husband’s CHEMOTHERAPY order twice, saying the order wasn’t received when I have a confirmation that it was. So for the second time, my husband will miss a day of his dose. This app shouldn’t be allowed to operate. It’s literally messing with people’s lives.
  • Terrible app!! 1/5

    By bighatsam
    Takes forever and a day to load... and then when you think you’re in, it times you out and you have to start all over again. I’m having anxiety just thinking about it and I’ve never suffered from that! I’m out of meds, and still can’t get it. I guess I have no other choice but to tey calling, even though phone calls are generally worse than ordering online. So irritating and such an inconvenience! BriovaRx was so much better. Too bad it had to become this awful thing. SMH
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By woodythewonderdog
    It did, now it doesn’t, and it hasn’t worked for a long time. This is an app that’s supposed to allow people to get medicine. I just don’t understand why the developers would let something like this exist in this state. It’s harmful.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By DaitoPR
    Unitedhealthcare made $226.2 billion in revenues and can’t believe they cannot invest in this app...
  • Not a App Reviewing Person, But This One is Bad 1/5

    By Acska83
    Attempted login over the past 3 months and it doesn’t work at any given time. As the previous review states, I have the same issues. Even better, when you call to ask about it, they say it works just fine.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By nicknameErrorTryAgain
    BriovaRX was ok and then it becomes this epic fail! Loads so slowly and then sits on a white screen for forever and a day after signing in. Not only does this company not change your old address to the new one, so you get your much needed Rx, they can’t even get an app to load right. I guess I’m doomed unless my doctor can use a different pharmacy that actually drank a tall glass of “get right.”
  • Most frustrating experience everytime 1/5

    By lmnop097
    It’s so frustrating both using optum and using this app.
  • Can you rate it less? 1/5

    By just plain busted
    Useless app. You’d think a fortune 6 company could provide their patients with a functioning app to order their medications. Interface is often straight broken, the help on the app is nonexistent. Come on. Surely you can do better.
  • Doesn’t even frickin load 1/5

    By Nichole4FSU
    Doesn’t load. Pure crap.
  • BriovaRx 1/5

    By clr318
    I can’t even get in to website. It’s like stuck on the cover page. Forget this silliness I’m calling it in
  • The Worst 1/5

    By valleycatpants
    Every user experience with BriovaRx is terrible. This app is just a bad web browser opening their already terrible web page. Consider their mobile presence non-existent.
  • App will not open 1/5

    By Lakeman76
    App will not open on IPhone
  • All this pharmacy does is waste my time 1/5

    By MerJor
    If their were a way to leave zero stars, I would. The phone calls take too long (20 minutes, seriously??) and I don’t ever have that kind of time on my hands to call. The website is a joke and this app isn’t even an app, and it never works effectively. I’m constantly refilling my prescription late because it requires so many hoops to jump through that I have to set aside time I just don’t have. It took two calls this time after this “app” completely failed. I’m absolutely livid and exhausted and as if healthcare isn’t bad enough, now I have this headache to deal with. After almost a year with this prescription through BriovaRx (and now Optum, which I wasn’t aware of) it has gotten no easier. It’s almost harder now.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Amyclo
    I honestly don’t know why I even keep this app on my phone. It NEVER works. Just keeps spinning and spinning. I keep going back each month with the hope that OptumRx has finally got their act together, but I’m always disappointed.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By MaureenOOO
    Spinning, spinning, spinning. Truly non-functioning. You say to use the app because of high volume but cannot use either it turns out. Horrible, horrible, horrible app experience! Glad my company is switching insurance so will be going back to Walgreens!
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By bjulesf
    App doesn’t work
  • Calling is more reliable 1/5

    By jag162684
    I was only able to order my prescription twice using this app. Every single time it states my password or username is incorrect and I have to create a new one. When I do I try to use the old password and it tells me I can’t. So if that password was correct why can’t I use it. Other times it says I have a refill and to check the box to submit my order but there is no box to check and I have to call instead. Call times take between 10-40 minutes, just to order a script. Please fix this app, as other people have same complaints.
  • Briova is a negative 10 1/5

    By d7sa
    Briova is horrible... the app is always down and if you call you are on AT LEAST a 30min waiting list before some one picks up the phone...
  • Spawn of Satan in App Form 1/5

    By Justwantingtodothisreviewpls
    This is undeniably the worst healthcare app there is and deserves ZERO stars. The whole system is useless as I cannot access any information. The screen is stuck on loading and the people on the other end are somehow even less helpful. I haven’t received my medication for a week despite calling daily for over a week in an attempt to refill a simple prescription. And of course, the app won’t let me check to see what new story they made up today as to why they cannot provide me with the medication prescribed by my doctor to literally keep me alive. Website is garbage, app is garbage, the whole system is garbage. From the bottom of my heart, BriovaRx can go to hell.
  • Same crappy screen-scraper wrapper as before 1/5

    By Alejandro-San Ramon
    It’s 2019... please write a mobile app that takes advantage of local resources. I am a patient and (try to, unsuccessfully most of the time) use this app to place orders and track shipments - why do I need to tell you, every time, that I’m a patient (using the hamburger web menu)? Why do I need to sign in, then validate my identity every time? Why don’t you use Face ID like everyone else has been doing for years? Finally, the page with my prescriptions (if I even get to it) is very confusing, with multiple records for the same medication (2 of which I already called you to remove because they are not valid, yet they continue to show up...) The experience is absolutely terrible. It is painfully clear that this is no mobile app - but rather a poorly designed wrapper for web content (none of the information appears to be cached locally; none of my settings can be saved; no use of camera [“scan your prescription”]; etc.)
  • Useless waste of time. 1/5

    By Kemmiebaker
    I cannot use this app to get my drug. Why? Because it has a shipping address showing up that is 2 years out of date. And you cannot change the shipping address! I’ve been promised (lied to) by Briova phone staff 5 times that the old address has been removed from the system. If they don’t know how to do something, they just lie and tell you that it’s done. The phone just tells you that it’s “longer than usual” (ha) wait times. This monopoly should end. We shouldn’t be forced to rely on a company this bad to get our meds. Update: I finally got them to update my address, by waiting an hour on the phone. I ordered the drug, and received an email confirmation that my order was received and would be delivered. It never came. I called in AGAIN, and was told that the online ordering doesn’t really work! Don’t waste your time.
  • Pop up prevents use 1/5

    By Jf7432
    Once you sign in the app tries to launch the pop up that appears in the website version. It freezes the app and makes it completely unusable
  • No stars 1/5

    By carl who is waiting on phone
    This app has been useless for over a month. It never opens. I’ve tried reloading. I’ve tried waiting. Nothing works. Three months ago it worked fine. I could have easily given it a 4 then, but it’s only a waste of time now. Camping on the phone is the only choice now.
  • Help I’m sick and I can’t get my refill 1/5

    By 4165sherwood
    I use multiple software programs all day at my job. This is horrible. I just want to refill my chemo prescription. The phone system was wonderful. They sent me a text with the number, I called and my refill was confirmed within minutes by knowledgeable people. This app I can’t even find a link to a refill screen. All the info is about how great the app is. It isn’t. It really, really, isn’t.
  • The literal worst!!! 1/5

    By TurboPizzaTime
    This is the most frustrating horrible app. The password is not remembered by your keychain and the interface is populated with old style radio buttons from ye olden days of internet forms. So be prepared to click tiny little buttons until you hit the one you wanted. I can’t imagine anyone older than me actually being able to use this app successfully. My parents certainly could not. As bad as this app is the company is worse. BriovaRx is a nightmare to work with. I have had nothing but hassle and countless hours on the phone with these people. My insurance forces them on me. They are beyond infuriating.
  • App is as bad as phone customer service 1/5

    By AntonEgo2
    Tried to use app to reorder meds, because it takes over 25 minutes to get a rep to answer to reorder by phone. The app only allows two options for delivery: to self or care provider. No option to send to local pharmacy for pickup. Other reviews with low ratings are valid as well.
  • 1 star because 0 isn’t an option 1/5

    By siouxBdo
    Clunkiest, most ridiculous excuse for an app I’ve ever experienced. Might (?) work 1 out of every 6 tries. Always end up having to call, where the reps are nice but there’s too much repetition. Hold time before reaching a rep today: over 20 minutes. Glad I can get my script but sure wish there was a better way.
  • Wins the worst app award 1/5

    By zizys
    It crashes, and It takes a long time to load.
  • Worst APP Ever 1/5

    By brikeraj
    THE most confusing, non-friendly, incomplete App I’ve ever downloaded. Bottom line, it seldom works! God forbid you enter an incorrect password or mistype a password like I did just now. That’s it, I’m locked forever. It ONLY gives you one shot at it. Now, how idiotic is that?!? Until I go back In and recreate a new password I won’t get anywhere. Well I don’t want nor do I feel that it’s necessary to create a new password once again. This App was created by High School students. Boy do I ever miss going to CVS or Walgreens or any local retailer to get my pills. Those were the days when you could get your pills hassle-free, in your hands the same day or even same in-store visit and didn’t have any problems. I gave no clue how a mid-managed company with zero customer service and closed weekends even stays in business!