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  • Current Version: 2.28.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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OptumRx App

The new OptumRx mobile app empowers you to become an informed advocate of your health. The completely redesigned user interface is easy to navigate and makes managing your pharmacy benefit and your health simple. OptumRx Members – take care of your home delivery prescriptions at any hour, from anywhere, using the new OptumRx App. This application makes it easier than ever to refill and renew existing home delivery pharmacy prescriptions, sign up new prescriptions for home delivery, compare medication prices and more. We heard your feedback and have redesigned our homepage with a simpler design and large buttons to order, price and track medications. Refill home delivery prescriptions Access your Medicine Cabinet to select the prescription you want to refill. Renew prescriptions for home delivery Send your doctor a request to renew a prescription. Transfer a prescription to home delivery Save a trip to the pharmacy by having your long-term prescriptions delivered to your front door. Compare medication prices and find lower-cost options Use the medication pricing tool to see how much your prescriptions cost at a retail pharmacy versus home delivery, and find out if you can save money with lower-cost options. Review order status for home delivery medication Check the status of your refills, renewal requests and more. Setup a medication reminder Stay on top of days and dosage times by setting up a reminder to take your medications Locate a pharmacy Simply enter a ZIP code to find in-network pharmacies closest to you. View claims history View claims history through the app, whether you use our home delivery pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. Simply go into Claims History to view up to 12 months of prescriptions, how much you’ve spent on medication, and how much pharmacy benefit you’ve used.

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OptumRx app reviews

  • Optum Rx Mail Order Pharmacy 5/5

    By scan perfect
    Is a great way to avoid trips to drop off and pick up prescriptions and maintain authorize refills that my Doctors prescribe. They will also attempt to reach out to my Doctor when it's time to refill a prescription that doesn't have any refills left. The pharmacist can not fill a prescription without a doctor's order. And sometimes they need us to call our doctors to order more refills. And if our doctors don't supply the order then they are not able to fill it. But Optum Rx pharmacy keeps up with the time a refill is needed so that we don't run out of our maintenance medications, and that's a good thing. Local pharmacies don't. Most times they don't notify you when your prescriptions are ready for pick up. At least my doesn't. I have to call them to see if they have received an order from my doctors and when it will be ready for pick up. And even if the drug is an antibiotic or server pain medication I don't receive a call or text message to let me know that my prescription is ready. But using the mail order pharmacy is not a good choice for any prescriptions less than 3 months or 90 days. And my doctors usually will add 2 refills. So there you have it. Optum Rx is a very good choice for home delivery medications.
  • Doesn’t work. Can’t sign in. Has never been very good. 1/5

    By BBBoomR
    Doesn’t work. Can’t sign in. Has very seldom worked well.
  • App does not log off 2/5

    By wont log off
    I used the app to order refills, logged off and tried to log back on using another user name and the original log on returned. Had to wait until I had access to a computer to log on using another user name. No matter how many times I logged the first account off, it did not.
  • Once setup, it’s easy. 1/5

    By DavidElmo
    There are features like ordering new refill prescriptions, that are not listed in standard icon options. Read instructions and stay calm; it’s all there, but could be more intuitive.
  • Change 2/5

    By Wick nicked
    Previously ordered prescription missing without notification
  • User Friendly 5/5

    By Laurenmurabito
    Very user friendly and reminds you when to refill necessary medications!
  • Trying to get my prescriptions filled is a nightmare. 1/5

    By i can't get to ok a nickname 4
    I even made an appointment with my primary care to change most of my scripts. I have been going crazy with this since November 16.
  • Satisfied customer 5/5

    By hfurxv467
    Very easy to order online and fast shipping.
  • OptumRx App 4/5

    By "New" 2018 Ordo buyer
    Good App! Convenient!
  • discontinued meds 2/5

    By knit 1210
    there are several discontinued meds on my list—how do i remove them?
  • Blocks credit card/address paste 3/5

    By Ronlap
    I needed to add a new credit card because my last one expired. I use an app on my iPhone which keeps track of my credit card numbers. The optum app would not let me paste my credit card number or my address to add a new one. I had to type it in digit by digit. Seriously?
  • Worse than worse! 4/5

    By Tiny weenie tot
  • Great app 5/5

    By kernh4
    Shows me what I need to know about my medications. That being when to order, when they get shipped, and when they should arrive.
  • App Works Well for Most Meds 4/5

    By Messages4cath
    The Optum RX app works well for most maintenance meds but falls short in one area. The patient cannot identify meds they are not taking or decline to take due to cost, necessity or other reasons.
  • Think this is short sighted 1/5

    By rez105
    Missed all of the users who have older phones that worked fine. Very disappointing.
  • Great New Look 5/5

    By Badger608
    Very user friendly upgrade. This should be the new standard.
  • Cannot contact pharmacy except by phone call. 1/5

    By 426046728
    Not given option to renew Rx on the day it says it’s supposed to be able to be renewed. Prescription drug listed as OTC.
  • Excellent system 5/5

    By ES in OC
    Great system for reorder.
  • So far so good. 4/5

    By MrBillyincomo
    Just ordered some meds through the app. Very easy to use. Would like to see prices compliant with the customer’s insurance policy.
  • New user 5/5

    By Grammy2u2
    App is very user friendly! Thank you!
  • Cancel prescriptions 5/5

    By f lowe child
    Cancel lamotrigene and nortrytiline prescriptions
  • Grateful on Thanksgiving 5/5

    By IdyGal
    I want to take a minute to thank Optum and it’s team members for always being so open and pleasant. I’ve had some challenging health issues over the last several years but I can’t remember a time when I came away from a phone call without resolution. These are trying times and some people are having complicated issues when it comes to their healthcare and the cost of maintenance medications. I’ve never experienced any level of indifference in all the years I’ve been with OptumRx. There’s always a pleasant voice on the the phone when I’ve needed to call. There’s always a resolution and I’ve enjoyed the “off topic” conversations while my issue is being addressed. Thank you on Thanksgiving and always. Stay safe. Stay well.
  • No longer works with I phone 7 1/5

    By kipneedshelp
    I really depended on this app. Guess they don’t care about people with older phones
  • OptumRx App a plus 5/5

    By pdzabe
    Extremely easy to use for refills
  • To many bugs- poor quality 1/5

    By BadTripMud.com
    First the email us link for emailing feedback does not work because the feature is unavailable in this application??!! The call us feature does not work and has not worked in months!!! Poor data integrity prescriptions just disappear from the app and from Optumrx’s actual physical systems on site. The pill identification feature is useless as it is never able to identify the pill. I just use freaking google for it. Medications randomly disappear or the status of them drops and I have to call OptumRX. Hiding medication that is no longer in use is hit or miss, typically miss. One unused medication I can never hide for some reason. I would prefer being able to delete an unused med so there is not a laundry list of them. The application is frustrating to use and down right inconvenient at times. It has not improved for months and I find it hard to believe customers have not been telling you the application has bugs all this time!
  • Out of luck without IOS 13.0 1/5

    By earlybear
    I’ve been using this app for years and now it has been disabled due to the upgrade, but my iPhone’s too old to upgrade to 13.0 - so now I don’t have access - doesn’t feel right or responsible. Thanks for nothing.
  • Nice app (so far) 5/5

    By efstop
    Just downloaded and renewed Rx’s for first time. Seems like a easy to use app. Much better than using Web only ordering
  • No cyber payment options :( 1/5

    By Wordsmith422
    I prefer PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle none of which are available.
  • Nurse 5/5

    By regular grandma 2
    You all do a really professional job of pharmacy management. Thanks got bring there for those of us who need you.
  • I like it 5/5

    By PeanuttSDKid
    Simple and user friendly
  • Ordering is not easy 1/5

    By Fleeta123
    My dr. Called in both of my prescriptions and the sight cancelled one of them and want me to contact my dr again. Super irritating
  • Home Delivery 1/5

    By exgloworm
    I have had to order this same prescription THREE times!! I have gone for TWO weeks without my medication!! This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!
  • I do not like Optum RX 1/5

    By ck deposit jmd
    I am forced to use this mail order. It took a month before one showed up. I had to have an emergency BP prescription sent to a local pharmacy. Now I’m being forced to go back to them or pay the full cost. Worst pharmacy I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve had dozens of problems getting medication since I started with them. The app also continues forcing me to verify my self. Even though I selected “remember me”. And they have constant updates. For what, I don’t know. Still having the same problems. If you have a choice in mail order pharmacy, don’t pick this one.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Cooldudem
    I love this app!!! Keeps me informed about all my meds!!!!
  • Bad, Bad app! 1/5

    By you lye
    Not very user friendly!
  • Order 1/5

    By crazylady0522
    I would like to be able to order a couple days early
  • Nurskat 5/5

    By Nurskat
  • Cost 3/5

    By drivnivin
    A price before you ship items with no price.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By godddddes
    It forces me to change my password Every. Single. Time. And I can’t use any previous passwords, but it’s difficult to remember which I’ve used since there HAVE BEEN SO MANY!!!! F*kn ANNOYING!!!!
  • No way to stop an order made by accident that I don’t want on auto refill 2/5

    By katwitz
    I accidentally sent one to auto refill no way to stop it
  • Phone app 4/5

    By Quateous
    It took a little time to learn how to use it but, now I thing it is really convenient I recommend everyone use it
  • Website hard to follow 1/5

    By hollah!!!
  • Great rx app! 4/5

    Sometimes the refill doesn’t go thru automatically.
  • Med quantities not correct 3/5

    By Jerry in Texas
    OptumRx keeps refilling my insulin for 30 days instead of ninety. Don’t know what I have to do to fix this. Same issue keeps popping up.
  • RX refill 5/5

    By i gy17
    Clear directions, easy to use.
  • The one you are emailing me about is not listed 2/5

    By what is the problem there
    You e mailed that you need a new prescription for Prometrium. My doctor has an escribe confirmation that you received a new one on 9/4/20 with 4 refills. What is the problem there, all of my doctors are complaining about my pharmacy asking them to redo what they have already done. I am embarrassed to have to use you.
  • Very, very good 1/5

    By Richard1252
    Functional and well thought out. There is a great deal of depth, so one must think about new operations, but I have found little that I need to do which is not included. One star omitted for: •Requiring a payment method for free products and services before allowing me to place an order; •Rejecting a change of address for said payment method for unknown reasons. The change has been made at my bank and is the primary shipping address, but OptumRx will not allow me to change it in the app. 11/20/2010: Rating dropped to 1 star for requiring an update that will not run on my phone, and disabling the installed version that WOULD. I’d give ZERO stars if possible, because NOW I CAN’T USE IT. Better still, the email link on this page is invalid. This means I am reduced to manually tracking my supplies and reordering by phone. Perfect 19th-century use of technology! Never mind the app. It may be time to look for another provider entirely.
  • Running out of meds 1/5

    By Floarabelle
    This is the second time this year that I’ve had to have one of my orders of atenolol 100mg be put on hold because this company runs out of atenolol 100mg.
  • No information 2/5

    By Jenn Zn.
    The app is not clear to follow and the communication is poor. I had to follow up multiple times for something I should have been called for.