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OptumRx App

The new OptumRx mobile app empowers you to become an informed advocate of your health. The completely redesigned user interface is easy to navigate and makes managing your pharmacy benefit and your health simple. OptumRx Members – take care of your home delivery prescriptions at any hour, from anywhere, using the new OptumRx App. This application makes it easier than ever to refill and renew existing home delivery pharmacy prescriptions, sign up new prescriptions for home delivery, compare medication prices and more. We heard your feedback and have redesigned our homepage with a simpler design and large buttons to order, price and track medications. Refill home delivery prescriptions Access your Medicine Cabinet to select the prescription you want to refill. Renew prescriptions for home delivery Send your doctor a request to renew a prescription. Transfer a prescription to home delivery Save a trip to the pharmacy by having your long-term prescriptions delivered to your front door. Compare medication prices and find lower-cost options Use the medication pricing tool to see how much your prescriptions cost at a retail pharmacy versus home delivery, and find out if you can save money with lower-cost options. Review order status for home delivery medication Check the status of your refills, renewal requests and more. Setup a medication reminder Stay on top of days and dosage times by setting up a reminder to take your medications Locate a pharmacy Simply enter a ZIP code to find in-network pharmacies closest to you. View claims history View claims history through the app, whether you use our home delivery pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. Simply go into Claims History to view up to 12 months of prescriptions, how much you’ve spent on medication, and how much pharmacy benefit you’ve used.

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OptumRx app reviews

  • Font Size 3/5

    By tjp0001
    Font size is so large I have to move screen around to see everything. Can’t see all of one screen because of font size.
  • Great home delivery service 5/5

    By podclair
    I prefer getting my medicine delivered to home. Convenient. One was missed this time, uncertain if issue was on MD side or Optum.
  • Richard 5/5

    By hawkeyerik
    Very easy to use??
  • Patient 5/5

    By ChugwaterMo
    Good service and great prices
  • App very Easy to Use 5/5

    By IndySharon925
    This app has gotten so much better over the last few years. Now so easy to use. Love the new auto refill feature.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Malcavet
    Easy, Slight learning curve. Try it for sure.
  • Easy, Peasy! 5/5

    By #therealbebbo
    I love the OptumRx App, it couldn’t be made any simpler. Hassle free, just like the company itself.
  • Works quickly 5/5

    By HughManateeinFl
    Ordered today and every step was quick and easy to follow.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Macmagaidh
    I’ve been trying for a couple of days to get into this app. It either tells me it can’t log in right now and try later, or nothing at all happens when I tap on sign in. The literature my insurance company gave me says I need to use the app for moving my maintenance prescriptions from another company, so I actually need to use this... too bad for me it doesn’t work.
  • Slow 2/5

    By yllowtul
    Very slow gets stuck takes forever to login
  • Appreciative 4/5

    By Cammarly
    I am so happy to have this app but it is very confusing to not know the last time the meds were filled and the app isn’t consistent with getting the renewal date correct or with sending messages. I use this for my parents meds and it’s very hard to keep up with what they have or don’t have because of this. Other than that, I think it’s great.
  • Fairly good service 1/5

    By Tippy215
    Service used to be so much better at OptumRx. Don’t know what happened. Whenever calling in, the representatives are always very nice, courteous and helpful; however, the meds ordered and received now are often miscounted, late being received, if received at all — unless a call is made. My physician has been alerted that I like the mail order med service but if you can’t get meds to me before my last ones run out, it’s not worth getting that far behind and I will notify the insurance company about the problems with OptumRx. If I have to call because I’m out of a med, then you goofed and I have to go without needed meds for a week or more waiting for OptumRx to send them. I don’t know if new, inexperienced employees are miscounting the pills or if a hateful, mean, or bad boss/manager/supervisor is stressing everyone out (which would cause these type of errors) but it should be quietly investigated and remove the problem from that area. Some people are just not cut out to be in charge of other individuals. Thank you for your attention to this breach of confidence. Should the issue be resolved within 3 months I will upgrade this message and number of stars awarded. Continued January 21, 2020 Unfortunately, the problems mentioned above have continued and more of my meds are being miscounted. I’m refuse to even use my meds when they finally arrive until I’ve had time to count them. One of these days I’m going to let my doctor know how badly you have cheated me and insist you send the total number of tablets to make up for those which insurance has paid and I have had to purchase at my local pharmacy. I am getting very frustrated at being short as many as 10 or more pills in bottles of 180 tablets and 5 short in bottles of 90 tablets. Don’t you have a method of counting so individuals don’t lose track of where they were or tell them to start over if they are interrupted. I am changing your star rating to one star until your methods improve.
  • Poor integration with website 2/5

    By KRDH
    When I wanted to see documents relating to an order, I was made to go to your website AND LOG IN AGAIN, even though I was securely logged in to the app. So I might as well just use the website and forget about the app so I only have to log in once. What is supposed to be the advantage of the app over the website?
  • Tired already. 1/5

    By derit fo siht
    This rates as one of the dumbest apps I have ever had to use. Almost non functional and when you call to get help the responding parties are not understandable or incapable of helping.
  • Feedback 4/5

    By Cassocks
    I like getting 90 day Rx. How do I let you know I’m no longer taking a script? Keep up the good work. Satisfied customer Pat Goulait [email protected]
  • Pain in the a#% 1/5

    By bento6s
    This is the worst process I can imagine. There are 2 meds that you won’t approve for shipment (??) that are prescribed by my MD and I’ve been taking and refilling no problem. Why not eliminate the MDs all together and just let the business side of OptumRx decide who gets what meds that save you the most money. It would be a more humane way for us patients to quickly die and at least save us the angst and cell phone bills of being on hold 2 hours a day.
  • Update card 3/5

    By bikeradical
    This function doesn’t work for me. Enter new card details, press save, goes back to old details
  • Double order? 2/5

    By UrKiding
    After speaking with TWO different reps I was told both drugs were ordered. Why did I have to ‘refill a prescription’ for the second drug?
  • Ease of use 5/5

    By Luna Gatto
    Because we take so many medications it can get confusing. The site is easy to navigate and the automatic refill option will help us stay ahead of the curve!
  • New user 5/5

    By Grammy2u2
    App is very user friendly! Thank you!
  • Prescription prices 1/5

    By coca cola driver
    I don’t understand why my advair is hundreds of dollars in my currant drug list but if I search prices it comes up what it should be $35 for 3 months supply
  • They take away meds you need 1/5

    By Fiesterbunny
    Not happy with this new situation at all you are taking away a medicine I have been depended on to keep me from getting blood clots for eleven years and it has been successful unlike warfarin which I got a blood clot while I was therapeutic I want my regular insurance back
  • My new rx. 5/5

    By paloma112480
    My experience was amazing he knew exactly what to do. Fixed 2 rx I was concerned about. Best representative ever. Paula Bowley.
  • Much easier to use than the desktop version 5/5

    By Diane B
    It took me less than 30 seconds on the app
  • Missing medication 2/5

    By jimecc
    The new app left off two of my daily medications. I don’t need this frustration.
  • Limited functionality 2/5

    By PP7789
    Cannot send messages through app like through standard interface. App glitches and doesn’t show orders.
  • Keen 2/5

    By Hoops555
    Can’t find my internist that I know is part of system . Keeps telling me that page is unavailable . Can’t put my prescriptions in to be ordered
  • Low quality app 1/5

    By loudnate
    This app is just a low-quality web app. Buttons don’t respond well. Swiping doesn’t work as expected. No respect for system accessibility.
  • No Price 1/5

    By Merica17194
    While ordering, there was no prices shown. Makes me nervous for what I’m paying. I will order online again!
  • Great app and easy to use and give reminders 5/5

    By Becky Chang Irvine
    Great app and easy to use
  • auto renew and/or refill don’t work 1/5

    By AbeBush
    I keep running out of my meds because i keep tapping to auto renew and auto refill AND home delivery and they never come. so once i get close to running out i have to manually reorder them and it ONLY gives me the USPS shipping method so it sometimes takes over a week for my BLOOD PRESSURE and diabetes meds to get here. I manually re ordered a lot of my meds over a week ago and it has taken over a week for them to be mailed. plus they don’t get here together over the last three days i’ve gotten them one medication at a time and i am STILL waiting on my Metropolol prescription which is my main BP med and my heart has been pounding hard for a week now and i had ordered auto refill and auto renew and home delivery on ALL my meds multiple times and apparently the app doesn’t give any error messages nor confirmation messages so i just assume it “took” but don’t find out it didn’t until i run out of my prescriptions. PLUS the app makes it hard to reach out to find the phone number to call and talk to a real person. You’d think that the user interface would be way more careful about people’s prescriptions!!!! plus i keep trying to order my Liebra sensors and again i keep trying to order them and it always adds to my cart but they NEVER COME. i haven’t had my diabetes sensors in MONTHS because they never come apparently because my insurance doesn’t cover them but i never get any notifications they just don’t come. the app is very confusing and so isn’t the website.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Glenn in Tennessee
    Thanks for making it easy. Love the simplicity of ordering my prescriptions. Would be nice if you would price match so I could transfer all prescriptions over.
  • new patient 4/5

    By coondoxie
    Great delivery timing. Easy app to navigate karen
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By Secure and Blessed
    Much better app than before. Makes ordering even easier. Thank you
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By hears many voices
    Once you get the hang of it, it’s a great resource for getting prescriptions.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Blmarkle
    This has turned into a big joke. Why do you have people going back and forth trying to order but at the same time trying to force scripts that you don’t want or need. This is a huge disappointment. Ordering used to be easy. Now it’s a HOT MESS.
  • Improved app; could still use a few tweaks!! 3/5

    By jdcongdon11
    It would be nice to know the price of the medication before and then when checking out!! I also would like to be able to select automatic refill on a couple of my medications- that option was not available!
  • Horrible app & company 1/5

    By JulesVern77
    App is just as bad as company and lack of customer service. United Healthcare (owns Optum RX) should be flat out ashamed! I hope our company goes back to Express Scripts where we had no trouble and their employees followed through with what they stated they would do. You have to call Optum RX 3 times per issue and they pass blame from one employee to the next. Pathetic company!
  • Five Stars 5/5

    By Jding9312
    Excellent App! It’s so convenient and effective way to order my medication. Highly recommend this App!

    By optumized
    The best service imaginable!
  • Missing items 3/5

    By popsbc
    It would be nice if you informed your customer with you remove an item. I have been getting levothyroxine .075 mg my Rx number for this was 224237666 last fill date 11/03/19
  • Great app EXCEPT...... 4/5

    By Money Bags Ford
    Cannot give it five stars until such time that a bank account is an acceptable means of payment. I don’t want to go to another site to make payment!
  • Big Change in serving the clients! 2/5

    By Haji94
    I am a customer of OptumRX since 2006 by being United Health Care registered patient. After the Introduction of Community Health Plan by UHC, OptumRx has gone down the drain.No attention is paid to remind a customer to fill his/her prescription like before. If you tell them about supplying the requisite medicines at an earliest promise is made but they take their own time. Medicines are something which could not be delayed as at times they have to be administered without any break. I am living with the hope that Optum will soon be back on track & as well caring like before. Arif Hussain 01/17/2020
  • Very useful application 5/5

    By Liruli Luri
    It became my health tool. Excellent service. Convenient and practical.
  • Care giver 1/5

    By bdhgys
    Hello - Yesterday my mother’s Assisted Living team (nurse practitioner) called to check on an order of Eloquis that was placed in 1/10/20. The service agent was very rude and not helpful saying he could not assist as the order was shipped. The order had not shipped. I hear now on your order hotline that that order has a Shipped Status: No answer. There was a second order placed that the order hotline says is Shipped Status. As I look at the web site this morning it says Eliquis is needed for renewal. I ordered this this morning. The information on the site, hotline, and tire service agent are all different and very confusing to me as care giver and to the Assisted Living care team. Your representative was rude to a very professional Nurse Practitioner. Her care facility is top rated in state, so there is no excuse for OptumRx to be rude. As for the Eliquis, this medication is needed ASAP per instructs from the Nutse Practitioner, her medical doctor and me her care giver (daughter). Please respond to me on how you will improve this customer experience going forward. Plus, by the way, your website is painfully slow and cumbersome to use. I’d be happy to demo this experience for you if helpful via webex.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By GeorgeM829
    Very disappointed in this app. Was with Humana for 10 years and this app is bad. Have been waiting 3 weeks to get a new prescription filled.
  • Straight-forward & Easy to Use 5/5

    By Travelin' Pete
    I order refills every 90 days, using the site that has become very user-friendly. Takes only 5 minutes to re-order, and meds arrive by mail within a week. Very pleased!
  • Cost? 4/5

    By Grandma White Hair
    Why would one medication (Bystolic) cost over $100. in my original list of meds, but less than $40. if my Dr. approves this prescription???
  • Clueless 1/5

    By acdmd
    One star because I cant give zero. This company had no idea how to run a pharmacy program, much less an App. Among many errors...allowing patients to request mail order delivery for C2 Controlled substances. The level of incompetance and lack of oversight boggles the mind. Error messages when entering addresses (with no remedy). Error messages when placing orders (with no remedy). When calling, they “recognized my number” as a provider and redirected me to the provider side.

OptumRx app comments

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