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OrderUp - Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 2.2.14
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: OrderUp, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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OrderUp - Food Delivery App

Delivering the best foods from your favorite local restaurants. Let’s be real, you just got home from being a super busy human out in the world and no way in heck are you cooking anything. Also, the last time you grocery shopped, a Bush was in office and you honestly can’t remember which one. You’ve come to the right app, friend! OrderUp is the premier way to get food delivered and get it fast. With OrderUp, you can choose from all of your favorite menus from local restaurants. Do you want your tried and true Chinese food hangover cure delivered? How about a fancy salad or pizza from that place where you struck out with the super good looking bartender? OrderUp’s got you covered. What makes OrderUp different, you ask? Top notch delivery and restaurants that are otherwise considered undeliverable (think drive-thru palaces and attractively staffed saloons), that’s what! So sit down, relax, and OrderUp. Do you love getting delicious eats delivered to your door using OrderUp? Please leave us a review on the App Store! Did something go wrong with your order? Find a problem with the app? Is a menu wrong? Contact support at [email protected] or tweet us @orderuphelp


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OrderUp - Food Delivery app reviews

  • Service has gone downhill 1/5

    By Juneax
    The last two times I have used this app, the service has been horrible. Hour+ waits, multiple driver changes after placing an order (my last one went through *four* drivers! How much time was wasted on driver musical chairs?) and other assorted fun. Given how much Orderup charges for delivery, that kind of experience isn’t worth it. Not recommended.
  • Service is great app is lacking 3/5

    By OU chick
    I’ve used OrderUp for several years now and typically ordered online. I’ve never had a bad experience with their drivers or any of the restaurants they partner with. I recently started using the app and I do feel like it’s lacking. A lot of buttons are missing. It may just be on the iPhone X but a big update is in order.
  • Great app and equally good service. 4/5

    By Hbomb7334
    Heard a promo code on radio and they delivered for a Hawaiian BBQ restaurant I’ve always wanted to try. So I ordered. Had my hot meal within one hour.
  • Slow slow slow 1/5

    By belvilleh
    Every time I order on this app it takes at least an hour and a half, without fail. Even when the quote says 15-30. Don’t use this unless you want to eat dinner at 9 PM.
  • Too Many Issues 1/5

    By Mwestrum
    We are constantly having issues with this app. Drivers taking ridiculous routes to our house, including long stops in residential areas, food arriving cold, orders being wrong, and now, to top it off, I’ve been waiting two hours for my dinner. I can’t be sure if it’s OrderUp or the restaurants, but I know I’m not a fan of paying an extra fee for food I could just call and order, when it doesn’t even show up right.
  • Getting worse by the day 1/5

    By Alex McMillen
    On average a driver will accept and then cancel picking up my food three or four times an order. When a driver finally does accept it, it takes a minimum of an hour and fifteen minutes regardless of the restaurant.
  • Don't even bother 1/5

    By Slt11
    I have tried to use this app so many times. You will wait an hour for them to say your order has been cancelled. And here's a $5 credit. Your $5 credit doesn't get me dinner to me. Especially after waiting an hour. I have tried using them so many times. Great when it works but I will never use this app again. Risk waiting an hour for them to tell you someone is delivering your and never getting it.
  • Driver forgot food 2/5

    By Leecm3
    Ordered Italian food. Driver shows up with salads but no entrees. Restaurant called OrderUp to get another driver, orderup would not send anybody to get rest of my order. I ended up driving there my self. Restaurants food was great, orderup service sucked.
  • Unprofessional and wonky 1/5

    By Mugen:3
    It’s been an hr and no one has came I emailed and they have not responded DO NOT GET THIS APP they take your money I repeat do not get this app or waste your money.
  • DO NOT USE!!!! 1/5

    By eXcitedfanofXalbum
    WARNING: I used their service twice, first time it took about an hour to get food. They gave me a 5.00 credit and me wanting to give them a chance used their service again. It took over an hour and half to get food at which point I didn’t want anymore. I contacted them after waiting an hour with their tracker to see where my food was and no one had even picked up my food despite it saying someone accepted the delivery. I contacted them and all they could tell me was they were willing to credit the free credit back. I informed them I no longer wanted the food due to wait and I was set to get off work; however they communicated they are unable to refund my money stating the food was already prepared and picked up in which case I reiterated that it was ALREADY prepared over an hour and half ago meaning it was cold and way past my lunch time at work. They waited until it was delivered to say we’ve contacted your diver and it was delivered so no refund. BE AWARE THAT AT TIME OF ORDER THE RESTAURANT WILL CHARGE YOU AND DESPITE ORDER UP FAILURE TO DELIVER IN TIMELY MANNER, THEY WOULD NOT REFUND.
  • Annoying that they’ve joined Grubhub 1/5

    By Cheshire cat128
    No, I don’t want to download GrubHub. No I don’t want to go to a different website, why even have the app if all you’re going to do is just redirect me to another company’s website? Also have limited gluten-free options. No thanks!
  • No Delivery Tracker 3/5

    By rollingzo
    App does not actually have a Delivery tracker, and customer help is not very fast. Lots of fees for various things.
  • "No restaurants in your area..."what?? 1/5

    By Can't give it away
    DELETED APP.. sucked.
  • Worse food delivery app 1/5

    By Hangry non-customer
    App refuses to take any of my payments entered. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my cards that I attempted to use the app repeatedly told me my card was declined. Other competing apps allow for cash to be used as payment and Order Up has no option of other payment methods. Horrible app. Deleted and will never attempt to use again.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By airwolfbell222
    I wanted to order pizza, but the restaurant didn’t deliver. I saw a sticker the restaurant placed on their window from an online review saying OrderUp, I downloaded the app and in less than 30 minutes hot and fresh pizza was delivered to my hotel! Flawless execution and easy to order, these guys nailed it! Thank you!
  • Grubhub is the worst! 5/5

    By madeleine12345678900000
    F u grubhub
  • Be careful! Not always a delivery service. 1/5

    By ClintJ21
    I ordered through OrderUp- they didn’t have the complete restaurant menu but for the delivery I was willing to substitute items on their version of the menu. 40 minutes later no delivery... on review of the bill emailed to me I see the delivery fee is listed as “zero.” The restaurant says the food has been sitting for awhile; they had a number for order up I called- their only reply was that they are not a delivery company they are a “facilitate” company and people use them to place takeout orders. So, I’m off to pick up my cold food. If the menu matched the full restaurant menu I use when I go get takeout I’d have listed this as a mid star review; since they’re apparently just a menu facilitator without the whole menu- seems a great way to not get exactly what food you want. Obviously they’ve delivered for others, not sure why this order wasn’t accepted...
  • Understandable issues 3/5

    By darcandra
    This service probably works a lot better in bigger markets like New York or LA; I work in OKC and the wait time for a driver to even accept my delivery was about 50 min. The app was great, the ordering experience was easy, and I thought the delivery fee was reasonable. I just wish they had more drivers available to pick up food, and maybe only send in orders once a driver has agreed to pick it up.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By cc22ccmccc
    The app no longer allows me to order food because “they haven’t made it to me yet” even though they delivered to my house up until the last time I went to use it. Better yet they won’t let me change my address for when I’m at a friends house, so basically their bug fixes just kind of destroyed the app for a good amount of people who use it. I don’t know who runs the show but that person and I are not friends.
  • It'll Do... 3/5

    By Patriot Princess
    Recommendations first: -why do we tip the drivers before they prove good service? i feel a little irked when i tip %20 then the driver calls me from their car and tells me to come get my food from them (few make any attempt to enter my apt bldg) 🙅🏻😑💆🏻 --i'd like the ability to rate each delivery driver similar to Uber/Lyft so maybe if someone's rating drops low enough they get investigated and if it's awesome then they get a bonus 👍🏻 otherwise the app is decent and works just fine. i took off a star for each of the above reasons.
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Bc sm DVD
    easy and affordable!!!
  • mad slow 1/5

    By ImaniBee
    In the confirmation email I received, there was sad to be an available tracker for the driver. I couldn't not find it and my driver came over an hour and a half after I ordered it. Not to mention that the driver called me to tell me where he was then promptly hung up before I could even get a word in.
  • Unacceptable delivery times, little support 1/5

    By W. Thomas
    Order Up is competing with many different delivery services. You pay a few bucks plus a tip to have someone deliver hot food from local restaurants that don't offer their own delivery service. When placing an order, you see no estimation of how long it may take. It may take 30 minutes, it could be an hour or more. There's no way to communicate with the driver. No number to call for support. Problem with your delivery? Send an email to support. It's clear by this policy they just want you to hand them money, no care for the customer experience. Don't waste your time or money.
  • Never again 1/5

    By monkeyjibbers
    My food was made and picked up in less than ten minutes. The driver then felt it necessary to stop and doing god knows what for 30 minutes while in possession of my food. When he arrived, was super rude and it looked like him and his buddy that was riding with him were on drugs. Oh, and to top it all off, I didn't even receive my whole order.
  • Can't track food 1/5

    By Onesmartttblonde
    They heavily market this app as being able to track your food delivery. This is untrue. Only once in the last 5 times of using this app have I been able to track my order.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By Serapheane
    I tried a handful of different ways to add an address, any address, in State College, PA and I just kept getting an error message. Terrible!
  • I don't get all the bad reviews 5/5

    By Tom g. Warrior
    Just used it for the first time and it was great. Food came quick, was piping hot, and the tracking was very accurate. I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about it. I'll use it again and update if that changes.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Matt_Barnickle
    Where did you outsource development to!?!? Mars? Don't bother with orderup online or via the app. Terrible all around
  • Just terrible! 1/5

    By The-rated-m
    Order takes forever to deliver & no tracking
  • Not good 1/5

    By Natty1984x
    Takes forever. No tracking
  • Needs some tweaking. 3/5

    By Andrew333333
    The good - generally quick. When mistakes have been made customer service has been quick to resolve issues. The not so good - Expensive. The bad - Search functionality should be way better IMO. You can only search for restaurant names. If you want to search to see which restaurants have a specific food item e.g. curly fries, fish n chips, etc. You can't. If your a tech company who's business is food delivery this should be a no brainer.
  • Won't let me pay cash 2/5

    By Mikki_Rae
    The app works fine until I try to select my payment method. As soon as I hit pay cash at door the app crashes. It does this on my boyfriends iPhone as well, but worked perfectly fine on my old android and works on my roommates android phones.
  • Always a disappointment 1/5

    By LindsayMM22585
    I have used this app at least twenty times now, and am almost always disappointed. The food comes cold half the time (they should invest in insulated bags), it takes over an hour every time before receiving my food, the real-time map never updates properly, and this last time my husband used the app we got a call 45 minutes after ordering to tell us our food wasn't coming at all due to technical difficulties. I keep giving them multiple second chances cause I like the idea of the app, but with the high delivery fees and constant issues, it's becoming not worth it anymore.
  • Do not order here 1/5

    Ordered through this multiple times only to be disappointed. No tracking and no service through it. Surprise it's 2:45 am and your food is here! Yay! Except you ordered it at 10 pm... app and employees need some reality check. This isn't the first time I've had over a 3 hour delivery delay.
  • Mediocre. 2/5

    By Amayhere1014
    Wait times are stupid long
  • Needs more places 1/5

    By PeanutButterSauced
    Only one restaurant delivers in my area. Pretty disappointed.
  • Love the company, the app isn't great 2/5

    By Kebinj
    I've had very few problems with the app until recently. I can no longer share a group order which is VERY frustrating. App can be buggy in other ways but this is the big one that sticks out. Otherwise very happy with the service and company!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By yhdnbx
    I would even give it any stars!!! I wanted to order Starbucks but it was to confusing.
  • Don't order from here 1/5

    By Lopezbae
    Don't order from here ... BAD BAD BAD SERVICE ....
  • Impossible 1/5

    By ColoiPad
    Kept telling me it couldn't place an order in the past, but would never let me change it, couldn't figure out where to change it. Shouldn't it default to deliver now. Also kept crashing.
  • App needs work 3/5

    By The design major
    Got the food in decent time but the app itself is pretty bad. Doesn't help they had a good coupon to order from it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Never order from here
    Takes an hour every order to get you're food. Drivers are always rude. Uber eats is a far better service!
  • There are clearly faster services out there 1/5

    By Tired of multiple downloads
    Have yet to order anything that took less than an hour to arrive. I've used OrderUp numerous times and initially they were very fast, the seem to have fallen off the pace. Way, way off the pace.
  • Limited choices 1/5

    By WeirdAl_isMyHero
    Probably in part due to my area but the choices are slim
  • wish there was a no star option 1/5

    By awilliams84
    ok so i ordered 6 meals from chick fil a. 6 OF THEM. then they come here with only 3 meals. 3 OF THEM. i tried to contact order up and chick fil a to get a refund but they won't respond. never order from this app ever.
  • Stop with the misleading emails 1/5

    By Lshaosbskabaisb
    Stop sending emails saying that I can get $15 off and then when I open the email it's actually something more like, "$5 off of 3 different orders." Stop lying.
  • Other apps have better customer service 1/5

    By <3 julia
    They do not issue refunds when they mess up, got a lame $5 credit for issues other apps would actually address and refund for. Much better experience with other ordering apps.
  • Great options 4/5

    By CincyRN
    I love using this app when I'm at work, I can't leave the building but my options are endless with this app of what I can eat for lunch! The only reason this didn't get 5 stars is because I can only use this at work, I'd love for them to expand their network so I could use it at home too!
  • Sad and Hungry 1/5

    By jaydejesus
    I wanted to order some chipotle. I downloaded this app & postmate EVEN UBER EATS!!! And sadly they don't deliver in NEW JERSEY 😭😭. All i ever wanted was a chicken burrito 🌯😞
  • Referral code crashes app 1/5

    By Jack_ANSI
    They give you a chance to share a referral code. Your friend gets a discount, you get a discount... Except you need to redeem it through a link that goes to this app. That link comes in an SMS. Click the link and it eventually opens this app which promptly crashes (convenient for order up) Nothing like suggesting something to a friend only to have the thing repeatedly crash on them!!!

OrderUp - Food Delivery app comments


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