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  • Current Version: 1.4.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Ketchapp
  • Compatibility: Android
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Origame App

Fold your paper…Do it once again…and BOOM! You got a penguin! • Fold the paper with your fingers! • Continue folding until you get the required shape • Master the art of Origami and complete as many levels as possible!

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  • Yay 4/5

    By omgzejvzyjvzsjk :6$:
    I think this game is good it is so fun and you should get it. But I’m only giving this game four stars because it has adds that take to long to load and then i try to fold the paper and an ad pops up then i tap and get sent to the app store. I would love this game if the ads did not take as long to load
  • When I am stressed out 5/5

    By iokjfthdedt
    When I come home from a long day I love to play this game
  • I like that game but.. 5/5

    By mod2012mod1
    When I was playing that game on my iPhone, then the ad popped on my screen, when I skipped the ad, the black screen appears on the app, maybe I spotted a bug.
  • I don’t love it 3/5

    By 😁🌝😁
    I don’t really love the levels once I got into the 50s they got harder.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Troleador07
    You see I never ever write reviews but this app right here is the best. It relaxes me and I can play it at any time while I’m watching a tv show or playing video games, the ads you can skip after 5 seconds and overall the game is really fun. (P.S. I’m on level 2100)
  • I could tell you ran out of ideas 4/5

    By xxjxn
    I downloaded this game yesterday and already at level 166 at I could tell you ran out of ideas
  • Is there a game in the ads? 1/5

    By hffhjhgyuh56
    Highly recommend if you enjoy watching ads, because you will spend far more time doing that than playing the game. This is not the way to get someone to buy a game, I was driven away in frustration before getting a sense of whether the game would be enjoyable. Literally 4 seconds of gameplay followed by 30 seconds of advertising.
  • To many ads 2/5

    By Glendur
    If I’m being completely honest (which I am), this game is great. But......... there are soooooooooooo many ads! If you’re the kinda person who doesn’t mind ads every minute (I am not over exaggerating rn) than you’ll love this game. If you’re like me and can’t stand ads I definitely say don’t get this game. If you’re willing to pay $3 to remove ads on a game that you most likely won’t play (it’s kinda boring) then enjoy! Overall, it’s a good game. But there are definitely to many ads.
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By AlexH_11
    The ads get annoying after like two minutes. And they come before EVERY level. C’mon Ketchapp, you don’t have to ruin your games by putting an ad before every level. I’m just plain annoyed with this. There just needs to be less ads in games in general, but this is ridiculous. The levels last like 10 seconds at most. I was looking forward to playing an origami game, but it’s basically just constant ads. It’s really annoying
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By hahdhurnwkb
    Seems like a fun mindless game! An easy puzzle at the end of a long day. But I couldn’t really find out without watching dozens of ads. I played the game for less than five minutes and watched two minutes of just ads. No thanks!
  • I paid but there's still ads 1/5

    By c2b2
    I paid for the ad free version but I'm still getting ads. I'm upset about this; and either you should fix the issue or give me a refund. I actually enjoy the app enough to give more stars but not with this issue.
  • The best game ever 5/5

    By JR and Katie
    I have been Playing a lot and it is awesome love game Can the game have updateds plaese
  • Bruh moment 1/5

    By moments of the bruh
    I try to play it and it takes me out of the game
  • Ads keep coming 3/5

    By Emptyt
    I paid for no ads, but the ads keep coming🤔😭😡
  • It’s really fun! 4/5

    By Cybermarb
    This game is amazing. I do a lot of IRL origami too, and this is a cool way to do it without paper. The movement is a bit too responsive and frustrating, but I definitely recommend it!
  • Ads 2/5

    By my face is your face
    There’s too MANY “make a wish” ads, Ive gotten it 14 times in a row and it’s making me REALLY mad.😡😡
  • Please read 2/5

    By Tick tock master
    When ever I get to the bonus level I wish there was fold lines and have you ever tried it on paper/origami paper it gets super frustrating cus there are no fold marks
  • OK game 5/5

    By owenkaiyuetlee
    The game has many ads and I just ignore the ads. The game is fun so I rated it 3 stars. Are you kidding me haters? THE REMOVE ADS BUTTON IS IN THE LEFT CORNER AND I HATE YOU HATERS!
  • It’s really dumb but still fun to play 3/5

    By joey is soo funyyyy
    Like when a add pops up and after the add it would turn all black and so you have to wait but still it’s black so you have to ex out of the app and go back on it and it’ll keep doing that besides it’s doesn’t do it all the time after a add!😡 but it’s still fun to play I’m really interested in it to besides that part of the game
  • Needs more work 2/5

    By Candycane doodles
    This game need some work 1.needs less ads 2. Needs to be harder 3. On the bonus there Needs to be more lives So and I got it I was super excited but mine didn’t fold👎
  • Bad people 2/5

    By brayden zett
    This is bad because why do we have to pay for add to go away they just want r money when we should be helping people when they get sick because of covid 19 not spending on stupid games of looking this games stupid adds. We need to care for other people who don’t have homes and food they need our money more than this stupid this game should just stop because they don’t need money. Btw I am 5 years old Brayden Zettle
  • Way too easy 3/5

    By makeamericagreatagainnnn
    This game is way too easy and even though I paid for ads to be removed it still prompts me to watch a video for more gems every time. I just want to play the game i don’t care about gems.
  • This could be more easier to download 1/5

    By District1121
    When I first try to download this app it was just exiting out and Was very hard to download
  • Bogus and deceptive 1/5

    By barrylevy
    I paid $2.99 to remove ads and the ads just kept on coming. This is a total scam. I’m surprised Apple would allow this. Spend your money wisely, beware of cons.
  • So many ads 1/5

    By Pony_Kait
    I paid for the upgrade to not get ads but after almost every play I still get a 30 second ad. So annoying. What did I pay for???
  • Still getting ads even though paid to remove ads. 1/5

    By Dchiikjfrfgjj
    No disclosure saying I would still receive ads after paying the fee to remove ads.
  • It keeps kicking me out 2/5

    By tommyj317
    Every time I tap the app to play it it keeps on kicking me out and it’s really annoying and I agree with Paige it’s really annoying if you can fix those that would be great but for right now all you get from me is two stars From Benjamin.J
  • Rip-off 1/5

    By dobstar
    I was suckered into paying $2.99 to remove ads. 15 seconds later: Ads! Really? Just 15 seconds off ad free content?
  • Too. Many ads 3/5

    By kaitoome
    This game would be enjoyable if u didn’t get an add every time you complete a piece. You can’t even collect your coins without an add. And they are not 5 second ads. It’s 30 seconds and when you hit the X it takes you to the App Store. Very irritating. No choice but to delete it since it’s more frustrating than relaxing.
  • I’m clueless 1/5

    By hyugyjhhsijw
    I don’t understand that they make it look so easy in the ad but it’s not easy when you play it. But at the start it’s fine but when you get higher and you’re at the bonuses it gets harder and harder each time. So I don’t really understand why they make you really want to play it but after you really don’t. That is exactly why I’m clueless about this game.
  • Spelling 4/5

    By thickbigfatbanana
    I like the app but an ad I saw for it said “my family dont get this because their irrelevant” Please change it to my family does not get this because they are irrelevant. I still like the game but please fix the grammar.
  • It’s great but you have a problem you need to fix it 3/5

    By makunia
    It’s a great Game But you need fix it As soon as you reach to last page it turns black I know you will fix it Thank you
  • There are too many adds 2/5

    By hamie bakon
  • More shapes and skins 3/5

    By kitkat the very large rat
    I bought all the skins and seem to have seen all of the bonus levels. I would love if you guys could also add effects during when you finish a fold like when you fold during bonus levels. It would also be nice if you could change the background. I’m currently on level 230+ and I’m getting bored of the bonus levels and the skins. I will continue to play but less and less if there isn’t updates. That is all. Thanks!
  • Oof 1/5

    By I'm not putting my name creep
    I hate it
  • I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By kayla_jahzel_life
  • A rip payed $2.99 & still have ads! 😤 1/5

    By Jcleveland98
    A nice enough product but don’t expect it to be ad free if you pay for it. It should be as free, they claim it will be as free but, it won’t be as free. What a rip off!
  • it’s ok 3/5

    By uni emoji
    I love the app. Also I don’t know if it is supposed to do this but it isn’t giving me enough paper to finish the fold and I keep failing the level. I just don’t understand it. But it is an amazing game!
  • ADDS!!! 1/5

    By har z
    Ok there would be an add in the middle of the level and it would mess me up like, WHAT!!! Thank you for your time
  • This app is to easy but good 3/5

    By Panda Paws 4ever
    This app is way to easy and there need to be more challenges and obstacles in this game. It reminds me of jelly shift. Not challenging at all. Also the bonuses and regular Origame keep repeating I think I got the shoe bonus and square regular 5,000,000 already. It’s annoying. Please fix it. Also I love this game for when I’m bored don’t get rid of it. Thanks.
  • The ADDS 1/5

    By Danandamy
    Ok, explain this to me, how does having a person making purposely horrible moves for the add make people go “oh this looks stressful and frustrating! I’m gonna play it!” Nobody does that! AND every game I have ONLY HAS THESE ADDS!!! You really need to rethink your advertising choice. Seriously
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Tashachatty
    It is annoying that there is an ad before the game starts and then the screen goes black and i have to close out the app before going back into it
  • Dear Origame 1/5

    By Usalty2227
    This game is pretty good but once you get into the 15-20 range of levels you start to freeze right as you load in
  • Add keeps popping up. 2/5

    By SebbyAnne
    I have about 3 days playing this game and I enjoyed it despite the adds popping up every other level; however, today I keep trying to open the app and have an add popping up. Every Time I click on done to close it the add pops up again and isn’t letting me play. The add is black and doesn’t even show me anything. Until this problem is resolved I will maintain firm on a 2 star review.

    It’s a good game an all but I read the reviews and it’s says that there are to many ads I tried it for myself and people are right. If you press the redo button a ad pops up.If you are in the middle of a round 2 ads pop right in front of you!.I really did like the game where I was going to put a 5 star review but the ads lowered my rank of the expectation.Also other people are complaining about this.You may want to have 5 star reviews but the ads will bring you NOWHERE! Here is a thought can you please have at least one ad. What I mean is skipping some rounds like 1 round a ad the next no ad. Sincerely,Anonymous P.S Hope that wasn’t harsh and hope you have a nice day.😄😋
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By ߷߷߷߷߷߷𖣔𖣔𖣔𖣔𖣔𖣔
    So as I was playing this game the first few levels were fine .but when I really started playing it it wasn’t even letting me play the game it would just give ads Evers three seconds I believe they could do better Bri b.
  • Too Easy 1/5

    By suslord GS
    Difficulty curve is nonexistent after level 10 and levels start repeating after 50. Bonus levels are cool but super easy because it tells you all the steps. Game would be good and challenging if regular levels had the designs of bonus levels but you had to figure out how to do it, like an actual puzzle game.
  • To many ads repeated levels 1/5

    By katjhughes
    Way to many ads, I ended up deleting the game because I’d like to play a game and I can’t because there ADS AFTER EACH LEVEL. also the levels are constantly repeated..
  • Crooks 1/5

    By No---!
    I paid extra for no adds. I guess that means instead of an add every 15 seconds it makes you watch one every 30 seconds. The game itself is for children ...I thought it would get a little more interesting as you play but I’m on level 50 and it’s just as simple and basic as level 1. Garbage

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