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  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: HI Technology Corp
  • Compatibility: Android
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OTC Network App

The OTC Network® app is a fast and convenient way to check your OTC Network card balance and discover eligible items and discount when shopping in-store at participating retailers. • View card balance • Easily check item eligibility and discounts by the scan of the barcode To learn more, visit www.otcnetwork.com.

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OTC Network app reviews

  • Horrible. Awful. The worst of the worst. 1/5

    By minatran8888
    Activated my card using the app and the very next day the card expired and all the funds were wiped out!? Called customer service repeatedly and they have no idea why it’s like that. Completely unhelpful. A gigantic waste of time truly!!
  • Useless. Don’t bother to download 1/5

    By tlariviere
    Thought this app might be helpful but despite choosing multiple stores, not one pulled up any info under “view offers”. Deleting :(
  • App unreliable 😡🙄 1/5

    By LMT LE
    App says something is covered but then is not at check out, AND app says balance is $0 but my receipts & phone call balance check both tell me there is a balance.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By visualia
    The app worked OK in 2021. It wouldn't accept my new 2022 account number. After trying many things I finally called customer support. They stated that they no longer accept new accounts (required annually). Furthermore they no longer support in-store scanning. They had no alternative app to recommend. The new website they provided returns a 404.
  • Bug after new card 1/5

    By Janet8277
    Won’t let me add my new card. Stays on the screen saying invalid card number even tho I’m using the card successfully. Just can’t see the balance. Then can’t close out the app. Frozen on invalid card number.
  • No problems!!! 5/5

    By weezybug2095
    Read the reviews before I set up my cards and was expecting to have some problems with the items I needed to purchase. I had no problems setting it up or using it at the store. I have 2 cards and it was easy to access the second card just by swiping left. I was excited to receive this card since my husband and I have just retired and every little bit helps.
  • Ok For Last Year-Not For 2022 1/5

    By Jimt29
    Got a new card for 2022 and this time wasting app won’t accept it. Last years card no longer works. A waste of time.
  • Not working with new card? 1/5

    By EPLC45
    I was issued a new OTC debit card from my provider but the app won’t accept the new number. I called the OTC helpline but they haven’t a clue. Very frustrating.
  • No Funds 1/5

    By 12,46
    I had a card before and I had used it quite a bit. Then I had around $35 or so. When I checked my money was gone. I went to get a mammogram 2 months ago and it’s still not showing on my card
  • Not really app review just a question 3/5

    By braelyncota
    I have 6 on Medicaid, myself and 5 kids. Does the rewards load to one card or does each person get a separate card? I’ve gotten this before but never used it because I couldn’t figure the log in info. It’d always say wrong no matter what I typed. I just today got a text for my account,but not for my kids which I’ve done their wellness visits for 4 of them. Just trying to figure this all out. And so far app seems fine
  • I can't even get past the first screen 1/5

    By jmrkva
    The "add card" button disappears as soon as I start typing my card number.
  • Needs a tweak 2/5

    By GrandMoffJames
    Add the barcodes to the cards so we can just use them in the app
  • Money gone 1/5

    By Freebird22401
    I just had 50$disappear and never knew it was there. We get no notice and it shows no expiration date then it just disappears how helpful are you really?
  • Add card 1/5

    By @juan318
    Tried to put the card numbers and it doesn't let me add the card so I can find out what I have in the account😡

    By Allycat880's review
    It asks me to enter my card number but after I do it gives me no option to be able to continue or submit it... Like there is no enter
  • Not working 1/5

    By please stopthenonsense
    Scan items just stop working completely what the sense in having this app if it don’t scan

    By DLWilliams919
    I've downloaded the app twice now - the 2nd times after deleting the app altogether. Both times, the app loads up, open it, it goes through four to five screens of quick introduction, I get the ADD CARD screen. Nowhere on that screen can I enter any alphanumeric text. Clicking the ADD CARD (blue) button generates a pop-up informing me that I haven't entered any information. No kidding!! From the other reviews, it doesn't appear that I'm missing much.
  • Can't get started with it. 1/5

    By Gaijin1956
    Can't add my card to the app. The "Add Card" button is there at first but when I finish typing in my card number the keypad stays up. The only way to close it is to touch in an area away from it. The keypad goes away and my card number is still there but the "Add Card" button doesn't come back. Have tried many different tactics but the button never comes back. Would have given zero stars if I could.
  • Don't work 1/5

    By nikiati
    I downloaded the app entered my card number and the Add Card button disappears so I can't leave any stars due to I can't even add my card had to leave 1 star to leave a review
  • Not working 1/5

    By l.c.b.54
    I was in CVS and then Walgreens. I show money on my cards and nothing shows eligible that should have been. Does the stores internet connection affect the ability of this app? Very frustrating as I was trying to spend a $50 wellness credit and $30 in OTC money. The scanning ability wasn’t working either.
  • Crash and crash 1/5

    By Sickpuffy
    The app have not been updated and it keep on crashing every time you refresh. Balance are not updated. Horrible.
  • Can't enter card number 1/5

    By Alw5149
    There's no way to advance after entering my card number.
  • Doesn't work at all 1/5

    By Ian Rose 25
    I'm only giving this one star because zero isn't an option. When I start typing in the card number, the "add card" button disappears and that's as far as you get. A waste of time.
  • Won't let me add my card 1/5

    By F_Roebling
    The very first page asks me to enter my card number but the blue "add card" button never appears.
  • Trying to get it to work 1/5

    By luckiedog1
    Trying to get it to work I should be getting this every month Thought I’d have 150.00 on buy now
  • Eligible items aren’t?!? 2/5

    By StacyHin
    While the app set up is easy and nice to see what you still have left on your card, something really needs to be done about Eligible items that scan as Eligible, but ring up as Ineligible!!! In 2020 when I received the card I had no problem buying products, everything that scanned as eligible was covered. Now that it’s 2021, the same items that I purchased last year, that still scan in the app as Eligible, are no longer covered once at the register and my OTC card is swiped. Really frustrating trying to buy my needed items that scan as covered only to be told 1 or 2 are actually covered. Wal-Mart and Walgreens are the stores this has happened at. So frustrating!!!
  • Super buggy 1/5

    By MizzNizz
    I tried to enter my card number multiple times. No Enter Card button appears after I type it in. Deleted and reloaded app twice. Still doesn't work. Sorting products is a nightmare. You gave to go to each store location and reinput everything. Nothing is cross referenced. Online shopping doesn't come close to carrying all the products. 3 strike outs out of 3 in trying to order the things I wanted for delivery. This otc benefit idea is great, but all the limits, changing product eligibility, and worthless app make it more trouble than it's worth. I'll need blood pressure meds after dealing with this!
  • OTC wellness reward 1/5

    By mindymaxine
    What a joke. They give you $150.00 on my OTC card,but they never tell you what you can use it for. I have e-mail after e-mail trying to get an answer and they are ignored. Better business bureau should find out what is going on.
  • App review 1/5

    By Aurorra70
    So I've downloaded the app 3x and tried to put my card number in, but for some reason there isn't a button to submit my card number. So how am I supposed to use this? I cannot even see my balance let alone order my OTC meds. This is useless, and I wish Humana would have never switched to this company. I will let it be known to them. And if they stay with this company I will leave Humana.
  • Lousy App 2/5

    By mundo01
    All the negative reviews about this app in regards to its primary functionality are accurate. I’ve been using for over three weeks, its accuracy in determining what products the card will allow at checkout is probably 30%. I can’t believe this is such a lousy product with such a simple solution — all they need to do is connect the app to the same database that the retail stores use, its not rocket science. Hurry up and fix this problem, it’s extremely annoying to stand in line to pay and the clerk at the register informs you that the item is not covered after the app indicated it was. This is computing 101!
  • Nothing qualifies for this card 2/5

    By TRW1953
    I have scanned items the letter said you can purchase. After scanning countless items saying ineligible ( food , vitamins, etc ). Even water ?????? Only one thing I found was hand sanitizer. They have to make improvements on this. Inconvenient in wasting to scan items that are ineligible and they should be eligible.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Anti-(fill in the blank)
    Entered my numbers. App sits there. Nowhere to click. The intro just shows a bunch of line drawings. No idea what any of them mean. No way to add other person in household (no phone of his own).
  • App won't add card 1/5

    By RPHavener
    Button to add card vanishes when I type card number into field.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By tiff_any
    This app will says something is approved then you go to pay and it’s not. Has happened on a ton of products at different retailers.
  • Unable to enter new card 1/5

    By tcwillard
    After downloading the App and entering the account number you're unable to hit "enter". The only option is backspace, which removes the last # of account #. Unable to setup app
  • App having issues 1/5

    By bayparkman
    Was working mostly fine last year then started having glitches where I couldn’t log on to view balances or scan items. Ended up deleting the app and trying to reload my card but now I can’t even get past that screen as it says error when I know my card number is current and that I have a balance. No one can seem to help
  • Can't Even Add My Card 1/5

    By Beth-Useless
    I received a card from my insurance company. but the app won't let me add it. I type in the card number but the add card button disappears and there is no way to add it in so I can use it. It just stays on that page.
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Poppophair
    Difficult to use.
  • Problem. 4/5

    By Ricarmduf
    I delete it and return it then put all numbers on it and there is no blue bar there it is stuck so I tried removed again still not work. Please help
  • Card number 1/5

    By NC Iger
    I can't get enter my card number on this app. So...it's useless to me. Once I type in my number, there's no "enter" button or continue or anything.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By mbumb
    Can't add my card, therefore can't get past the first screen. Please fix it. 👎
  • App won't work 1/5

    By Lovablesteven
    Everytime I open the app and click to add my cwrd number in...the button disappears to go to the next page. I've tried redownloading the app several times with the same issue.
  • Worked perfectly, not sure why the complaints 5/5

    By Synthetak
    These other raters must be doing it wrong. I just went to Walmart and got 360$ worth of food, vitamins, a $50 electric toothbrush, cases of drinks, the only things it didn’t cover were beer and dog treats. No weird issues at checkout, easy peasy.
  • Invasive. Demands access to Camera. 1/5

    By MisterFox
    Offers an option to scan or enter upc but forces camera access whether you want it or not. Data collection is out of control. Please update this app to allow those of us who don’t want to surrender every last shred of our privacy to keep you out of parts of our devices. Pretty soon I’ll have a smart phone that can’t do anything at all. When it does have access it will often report something is covered isn’t. And it sometimes gets the scan wrong.
  • Using App 1/5

    By clwagner
    There is absolutely no support for how to use this app other than some nameless photos presumably that are instructions w/o words. Also no info on the website. Therefore unuseable.
  • Issues at Cash Register 2/5

    By jpeace05
    In an OTC cardholder... I am so very frustrated!! This happens most always!! Items are marked OTC approved on shelf or in store scanner... I bring to register at Walgreens today, to check out and they don’t go thru 🤯. I’ve spent hours on the phone with my insurance and they are now checking into it **(I hope)** shopping is so difficult because I have to bring many items to register since I have no idea which will be approved!! Yesterday 11/29/20 at CVS had the same issue.. scanner says ok, but doesn’t accept card... In addition, they/CVS told me there was no balance in my card.!! I had just spoken to rep and they confirmed my $60 was still available!!!! This is so unfair,I am grateful for the benefit, however my head is aching from the problems... maybe I need to go in for pain reliever, but not sure if they are covered today!!!!!!!!🥺 Your help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  • This app need lots of work 1/5

    By Bignbadun503
    Can't enter card number. I put the number in, and the Save Card button goes away, so you can't get past this screen. Looking at the reviews, the app developers could care less.
  • Card Number 1/5

    By katykatsv
    It is not allowing me to enter my card number.
  • Can't enter the card number 1/5

    By maharford
    I downloaded the app and got to the screen to enter the number. I typed in the number and there was no prompt to continue. So, at this time the app is worthless!!