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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Oticon A/S
  • Compatibility: Android
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Oticon ON App

The Oticon ON App provides discreet remote control of your hearing aids, letting you adjust the volume of your hearing aids independently, switch between listening programs, keep an eye on your battery level or even help you find your hearing aids if you lose them. If enabled by your hearing care professional during the fitting session, the Oticon ON App can also let you access specific programs designed to help you move your attention away from your tinnitus. The Oticon ON App is also an easy way to handle wireless accessories paired with your hearing aids. Use it to control your Oticon TV Adapter, or devices such as Oticon EduMic or ConnectClip which can be used both for streaming and as remote microphones. With the Oticon ON App, you can set personal listening goals and follow your daily hearing aid use through HearingFitness™. The Internet of Things feature lets you connect to a wide variety of Internet-connected solutions through the IFTTT service. The Oticon ON App is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids. We recommend using the latest version of iOS.

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Oticon ON app reviews

  • Won’t connect to new hearing aid 1/5

    By emandell
    I lost my right hearing aid and had it replaced. I cannot get the Oticon app to see the new hearing aid. It lists the previous (lost) hearing aid serial # and find no way of changing that. I cannot use any of the controls and features for the new hearing aid.
  • Upgrade worse 1/5

    By debfluter
    I was able to play radio and other music from my iPhone into the hearing aids before the latest update. Now it just doesn’t work at all even after doing the two-step pairing process. Trash.
  • Often this App goes down 1/5

    By obscenegame
    Seems complicated
  • More difficult to connect to iPhone 3/5

    By You Silly Man
    For some reason, either with the latest version of this app, or the latest IOS, it is now much harder to get a connection to the iPhone. Not referring to this app on the iPhone, but connecting to other apps like YouTube, Music, Facebook, etc. The HA’s have to be reset a few times to get a connection, then sometimes again if you switch apps. Very annoying. Worked perfectly before, in that they would stay connected all day long.
  • Where is the frequency adjustment? 2/5

    By Trooper#55
    The App Store clearly shows the Oticon On app can adjust/balance the bass-midrange-treble frequencies. But, once downloaded to my iPhone, this function is completely absent. Why? If this function is not available, why list it in the app review. This gives one a false indication of the capabilities of Opticon On.
  • Fix it😢can't hear notification 1/5

    By weetghihf
    Do you employee 1st graders ? Idiotic that the app gets worse with each down grade........ Never again for this worthless cra.p. Gets worse....I used to hear notifications...since this genius update..gone.... Give back 1.1 that works!!!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid paid professional development people bothered to check... you have received a ton of hateful, derogatory messages....none favorable, Pat yourself on the back...but you have now changed Android version for the worst also.... I swear I want my money refunded for the hearing aids, iPhone and time wasted on trying...... Idiots...this is a medical device...and now I pray that you all rely on quality control equivalent to your own in the future.... Medical device app...so it is vitally important that it works. Slow, disconnects, sporadic. Drops call and streaming connection at the worst possible times. I bought an iPhone specifically for the integration with these opns minirite hearing aids. The Android apps is light years ahead!!! When? Anders , please do not reply with a useless placating form response. When can we expect a fix? Or the previous working version?
  • One star 1/5

    By cheerleaderprincess
    It never stays sync takes forever
  • Pairing 1/5

    By gm glxgkxtkxti
    I had a repair done requiring new pairing Took me 2 days to learn I had to delete this App before a repair is possible My hearing specialist did not know this Oticon Nothing ON WEBSITE Crap support
  • Volume 3/5

    By Nmrose
    Since the latest iOS update, three clicks on the side no longer brings up the volume controls for my hearing aid. Please bring this back.
  • Basic only. 2/5

    By dogolaca
    Where are the bass/treble adjustments? Update: The rote response from the developer is an insult. I paid >$6K for the hearing aids in part based on marketing materials that touted the internet and phone capabilities. The app should have more than basic functionality. The “speak text” feature in IFTTT is inconsistent. This app needs bass/treble sliders like the ReSound app has had for years. The Watch app needs separate left/right volume controls. Pluses: Apple Watch app convenient, if limited. Battery level indicator useful Minuses: Sometimes need to turn off iPhone WiFi to reconnect. No bass/treble controls. Programs should be listed by names not just numbers. IFTTT barely works. Watch complication provides no info just a link to the app.
  • Poorly executed App 2/5

    By Stevan2020
    Considering how expensive these hearing aids are, this App could not be more disappointing. Disconnects from the hearing aids quite frequently. When I want to disconnect, it Shows as disconnected. This means you have to wait until it connects again before you can turn it off. Extremely frustrating!!!!!!
  • Unacceptable 1/5

    By Naples%%%
    We installed this app on my IPhone 11 so my husband could adjust his hearing aids, etc. however it did not work as we had expected so I deleted the app from my IPhone. However whenever I use my IPhone and he is within 50 feet, the audio goes to his hearing aids instead of my IPhone. He can hear the conversation but I cannot hear my party nor can they hear me. I’ve spoken to Apple and they had me reset my phone but that did not rectify the situation. Please give me some guidance. I’ve gone to my Bluetooth settings but the hearing aids do not show up.
  • Hearing Aids Rebooting 4/5

    By 2Jesse
    I have been using this app for almost two years, but since the last update of the app on my iPhone XS my hearing aids often shut down on there own and then reboot or come back on by them selves. This doesn’t happen to both hearing aids at the same time but independent off each other. This seems to happen when ever the phone is connected to a WiFi signal. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app but that doesn’t help. Also when I get n incoming phone call many times only one hearing aid will connect to the call. Anyone have a fix for this?
  • You can do much better 1/5

    By bocaknitter
    I switched from Starkey to Oticon 2 months ago. With respect to hearing aid functionality I agree with an earlier reviewer that blue tooth performance is erratic. Not having this problem with any other bluetooth device. I feel the clarity and programability (thank you for my excellent audiologist) are much better than my 5 year old Starkeys. However your app need a major upgrade. Connectivity takes way too long. Often on hearing aid says it is not connected even when the app shows the battery level for both. Opening and closing the battery case one or more times is required even after unpairing and re-pairing. Also the battery strength remaining as shown in the app appears to be completely wrong. For such a great company it’s a shame you cannot create a more functional app. Update: 4/30/2020 - Just received a response from Oticon today. Very thorough instructions on the operation of my iPhone 8 + and how to properly insert the hearing aid batteries. For context of this update: I retired last year at age 68. I have degrees in nursing, chemistry and law. I have worked in the health care field, insurance industry, higher education, large and small business (including running my own law practice for 20 years). I well understand how mechanical and electronic things work and I always read instruction manuals and follow with online research. The response I received did not address my concerns at all. I also note a worsening problem since my first post. While streaming music and other audio through my hearing aides the sound in my right hearing aid periodically develops static and then cuts out altogether. Sometimes it is self correcting and sometimes I go through the steps of resetting my iPhone and my bluetooth setting and my wifi connection and my hearing aids. Note that when this happens I have not changed my physical position or location. My internet connection does not vary as my laptop has no connectivity problems at all during that time. The oticon app is still extremely slow to respond and continues to give erroneous readings on hearing aid battery charge and connectivity. Because of IMO the useless response from Oticon and the time I have taken to modify my review I have deducted one star from my original opinion. Please note that this opinion relates solely to the Oticon iPhone app and not to the physical hearing aids which I still like a lot. I will contact my audiologist about the aggravating bluetooth connectivity issue but overall the quality of the hearing aids is very good.
  • App is junk 1/5

    By sadlyfearless
    Don’t waste your phone memory on this junk. The iPhone will connect straight to your hearing aids and does all the controls that the app should do but better, as in changing the volume of either one or both aids, changing the program, battery life, and using your phone as a live listen device so you don’t need that laggy connect clip either. The Hearing Health portion of the app is a joke, supposed to tell you how many hours a day you are wearing the aids but is not even close to being accurate. After spending $8k on hearing aids from a company I would expect much better products. Major disappointment.
  • Hearing Fitness 2/5

    By Skooter94
    I’m totally frustrated with the hearing fitness portion of this app not functioning. It will go days without recording the length of time I wear the aids...just says “no data available “. Can’t this be fixed and stay fixed?!
  • Needs Major Overhall 1/5

    By Timeless 25
    The Oticon hearing aids are terrific and work fine. The app is a disappointment. The Hearing Fitness area worked for a few days and now it states No Data Available all the time. I use the aids 10 to 15 hours daily. The concept of the app is great and hopefully you can make it more reliable. The longer I use the app the worse it responds. The app stopped working 2 days ago. Just fix it or trash it. Just Frustrated
  • Huge expense for very low value 1/5

    By Semplj
    4 grand for a very mediocre hearing aid and the app to control it even lower value.
  • Recent update breaks a connection 5/5

    By Mikado58
    The app works fine. The hearing aids are great. I had to re-pair the instruments after downloading the update, in order to have the quick access to settings and battery life via triple click to work again.
  • What happened to hearingfittness 3/5

    By Chuck Kemp
    Hearing fitness is hit and miss. It keeps logging me out and it stops keeps the time of use and what programs being used. The app is working okay. The other issue is with the Apple Watch app it stops working at times. Some times disabling the Bluetooth on the iPhone gets the connection back but other times I have to restart both the iPhone and watch. To be honest I do wonder if this could be an issue with the iPhone or watch Bluetooth going to sleep.
  • Not able to pair with my 6S running 13.3 1/5

    By pauliefixit
    Been fighting this for 5 days. Not very user friendly. Read the review, connected to my phone, then opened the app, still nothing. Wont spend the big bucks on these ever again. Guess I will put these away and go back to my old low tech pair. They always worked.
  • Daily log 3/5

    By rocs72
    I have noticed that the app closes and I have to restart it to make any adjustments or see how much battery life I still have. I don’t understand why it is doing that I am connected to my wifi connection.
  • All it does is adjust volume 2/5

    By WSUcougarFan
    I can’t get any other part of the app to work. I only have access to P1 general, no other portions to help adjust for tinnitus or other sounds. That is what I need the most. With everything shutting down for COVID right now, I can’t find any support... frustrated with these new hearing aids/app!
  • App Works poorly and intermittently with TV Adapter 1/5

    By j.b.f.
    When using the TV Adapter and using the iOS device for email or web, the audio from the TV will drop out as will the general listening as well. These conditions happen intermittently and sometimes the app with begin to toggle between general mode and TV mode, sounding tones in each ear. To correct the confusion, a reboot of each ear is necessary which sometimes helps, but only temporarily. There is very little bang for the buck when using the TV app unless you just listen and not use the iOS. In short, it appears that data movement between the iOS device and he router interfears with the signals into the app...Not even worth one star when using the TV Adapter.
  • Problem with Apple Watch 5/5

    By EugeneU
    The new version works ok on my iPhone but it won’t connect with my Watch. I’ve restarted both, reinstalled the app but still no luck. Any suggestions? The new version works on my Apple Watch. Yeah!
  • Improved! 5/5

    By gkaufman
    Much better since the March upgrade. Connection is quicker and more stable. Best of all, the watch OS app finally works and allows you to mute/unmute and change programs on the watch! Which is useful when you’re on the go or in the middle of a class. A+
  • Bad hearing aids. 1/5

    By Great ole space traveler
    I have had hearing aids since 1983. I consider myself some what of an expert via the generations of aids I have had. This aid is of May be good for one year after purchase but do not expect much after that. I will be going back to have this aid inspected by the people I purchased it from. Oh and bet I will be back in her to write a review. Something changed recent because the Bluetooth hook up to my iPhone and iPad both stop working within the past week or so. I was very dependent on this function. Of course I am retired and on SS so I used the one year payment option and now I see a year and 3 months later that these will last about 15 months. I am deaf in the other ear so I can only wear one. No I read and I tried every way possible to Bluetooth this aid and NO cannot connect even after following other reviews suggestions. I am devastated and now with an extreamly I’ll wife I do not want to go have them looked at and bring back anything that will kill her. What a great situation you and your company have me in a bind. Your not responsible fir Coronavirus but you are responsible fir testing the aids and ensure they work past 15 months. Sad day in my life now with very limited hearing. By the way batteries are expensive when replacing every other day. They lasted longer when aid was new but now it is terrible. Hope you can find my name in your records wonder if this points to me without me leaving my name. Binghamton any bought this aid on hooper rd, Endwell, Ny
  • This app is worthless 1/5

    By Dugout57
    Again today it has disconnected from my Opn 1’s I have had them in since 5:25 am. It is now 9:04 pm and it gave me 40 minutes of time wearing them. Really? This is the 4th time this month. I guess you really don’t care about your customers once you get your money. This app stinks. No Apple Watch connection, spotty actual hearing fitness. I am now probably never going to purchase Oticon hearing aids again. I was promised real time connectivity thru my iPhone & Apple Watch and was lied to.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Rancryst
    I downloaded this app when I got my Bluetooth enabled hearing aids about a year ago and it worked great. I never had any problems at all with connecting or pairing. I recently got a new iPhone and downloaded this and nothing but problems. I have to keep restarting my right hearing aid to keep it connected. I don’t think there is anything else to replace this piece of crap right now so I’m stuck with it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but still get the same problems.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Jazzpost
    Hearing Fitness does not work. I disabled it because it was useless. The battery useage is all over the place. I just put in new batteries and it shows them at 80%. Oticon has got to be able to do better than this.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By ARNP study gal
    Like other reviewers have mentioned, I paid much $$$ for my devices. The app is a great disappointment. Takes forever to connect. The Hearing Fitness feature is a joke: it either records that I’ve worn the device for only an hour ( when I have worn them for 12+ hours) or records nothing at all when it does work, records only in General mode and no data for other modes I have used. Not being able to adjust high, medium, and low tines is inexcusable. Why is the Sound Boost available only in the General setting? Since the recent date, the functionality of the app is even worse. I could go on but I suspect, based upon the past pandering replies from Oticon, the company has no desire to improve the product.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By stan246
    I had the Philip's hearing aid app to go with my Philips Hearlink gearing aids and it was great. Worked flawlessly. This one does not work. Keep having to re - pair multilple times a day. Then one falls off. The other is paired but tge app still will not work. Crazy how this should be the same as the Philips.. same company but this app is useless. May beceeturning my hearing aids because without the app you miss functionality.
  • Now my HAs disconnect 2/5

    By Texan in the snow
    Continually disconnect during the day. I have to relogin several times. Watch app complication when pressed only show incorrect battery life. App shows 54% and 53% the watch shows 50% and 0%.
  • Misreading battery life 3/5

    By Oblivion2500
    I notice that the battery level reading is incorrect. I put in brand new batteries and it will still say 10% or a random number and give me notifications that my battery is low. Also, not sure if the volume adjustment bug is fixed where it would change and not sync with both sides.
  • No love for 2.0 interface 1/5

    By Frolic67
    Since the update I no longer use this app. It’s loaded up with stuff I don’t want or use and the adjustments I once used daily are hard to find and pared down. I rely on the iOS settings available by swiping up on my screen almost exclusively. If there was a way to revert I would do so.
  • Glitchy as heck 2/5

    By san of VA
    Paired with both iPhone and iPad and having a heck of a time with app controls on both devices. The controls go wacky and flipping between usual program and tinnitus program and the volumes are going up and down on their own. Aids have been shutting restarting on their own. Have it on video so I’ll show my local doctor at the office next week. Strange almost possessed
  • Looking for help. 2/5

    By Bear 0714
    Only had hearing aids for two weeks. They seem fine. The app (1) seems to not be able to consistently capture battery usage; (b) cannot control aids separately. It says turn on an IOS13 switch which I did, but no luck; and, (3) only shows P1 and none of the other programs.
  • app 2/5

    By we 12345
    i love my hearing aids but at times your app will crash or freeze. I might add that it also will send a signal that it is turning one off or restart? When it's working it's great! Very annoying. thank you Ron
  • Newer Isn’t Always Better 1/5

    By Coldbeer
    The update has taken a relatively simple, very functional app and made it slow, clumsy and irritable. Slow to connect and unsolicited switching between programs causing irritating in-ear beeping until I restart app. Please bring back the functional version and leave off the high quality graphics.
  • Good, needs improvements 3/5

    By Nashville writer
    I’m a professional musician, and my Oticon OPN-3’s (my fourth pair of full-time hearing aids) are a Godsend. I can wear them onstage and even in the studio (even under phones). HOWEVER, I have 2 large needs I’d love to see Oticon address: 1) Since moving to an iPhone 11 Pro (with current iOS, 13.3.1) I’m no longer able to adjust right/left volume independently. That’s a big drag. (Yes I’ve made proper selection under Settings/Accessibilty etc.) 2) It’s maddening that I can’t make EQ adjustments to my own Oticon ON programs without revisiting my audiologist. I mean, I can adjust EQ with Spotify and Apple Music etc. and with myriad other devices. So why in the heck can’t I have access through some kind of “advanced” setting through the app?
  • Awful. Don’t buy Oticon. Terrible Bluetooth 1/5

    By Towelie
    I’ve reached out to the company and they offered a call with customer service and then never heard from them to confirm a time. My hearing aides just turn themselves off frequently or start making beeps and swinging volume up and down. The app that updated in fall has been a compete failure. I will never buy these again. I feel as though I threw away $6k. Unacceptable and saddening on every level.
  • Buggy app 2/5

    By davesleeth
    I started with hearing aids 10 months ago. At that time I was using your version 2 app. It worked great, independence volume control interfaced with my iwatch. The sound booster worked. Then you updated . The iwatch quit sinking. Booster went away as did the independent volume control. I have dumped and reloaded the app. Changed the pairing all to no avail. The streaming does work fine. Can you all help??? Thanks
  • Do Not Like The Hearing Fitness 2/5

    By Lacybird
    The previous version of the app was WAY better than this new upgrade. The usage is one of the most important feature of the app for me, but the upgrade on it is not worth a penny.
  • Oticon App 4/5

    By Kanes4
    Everything works great on the app except one issue. TV app starts out at +16 on volume. It’s very loud when toggling to this part of the app. Needs to be turned down right away. Would be nice if it started at 0 and turn up to the gain required for your personal needs rather than being uncomfortably loud to start with.
  • Great 👍 App but sketchy with IWatch 5/5

    By Javier rover
    I love ❤️ this app and I especially like the iWatch connectivity capability. Nevertheless, it needs work there’s generally a significant lag between the iPhone App connectivity and the iWatch app. Fix that it’s important to more users than you think and when it works it’s better than the iPhone app as far as adjustability, functionality, and especially convenience. Please get this fixed 😊.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By DCHampton
    Easy to use. Loved how the app located my misplaced hearing aids.
  • New app is not an upgrade for me. 1/5

    By RDJ poor golfer
    I am frustrated with this new app. For the most part it doesn’t add anything that the previous version didn’t have. At the same time I have lost functionality with my aids. Previously I could conveniently access programs as needed. Granted I really only used the everyday and the loop. Maybe it is there but I haven’t been able to find the loop program with the new app. If it is there and I haven’t found it, that is a problem too.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Yakker0117
    This app no longer works on Apple Watch.
  • What I would like added 3/5

    By Megan Foxxx
    I don’t like resetting the volume on each setting that I’m comfortable with. It would be nice if my settings were saved. I would like listen to my music on my phone with the phone volume off. I would like to be able to have my hearing stay connected to my TV when I open certain apps on my phone that have sound.

Oticon ON app comments

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