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  • Current Version: 1.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Oticon A/S
  • Compatibility: Android
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Oticon ON App

The Oticon ON App works with all Oticon wireless hearing aids with TwinLink technology. The Oticon ON App enables you to control your hearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adjust the sound. The App offers a “find my hearing aid” search feature, links to user instructions and low battery notification. The Oticon ON App is also used to connect users to their Oticon IFTTT channel. Advice on coping with hearing loss Individual volume L&R Eventlog Control of Tinnitus relief sounds (if supported by hearing aid) HearingFitness™ tracker monitors your hearing progress (if supported by hearing aids). HearingFitness™ will - if consent is given - be able to access Apple HealthKit data. This data (together with data from the hearing aids) will - in a coming release - be used to provide relevant advise in the form of notifications to you, so that you may improve your use of the hearing aids further. We recommend to use the latest version of iOS

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Oticon ON app reviews

  • Garbage 1/5

    By Leicaslut
    Oticon’s last app was garbage, and so is this one. It’s much easier to adjust my new hearing aids using the settings in my iPhone vs. this worthless app. Shame on Oticon.
  • Options 3/5

    By Kmc663
    Recently got Opticon aides, Bluetooth. For the most part they are great! Wish the life of the batteries lasted longer but they are what they are given the size. My complaint with the app itself is the option for Instructions when I tap on it it says, “will download once connected to the internet? Which I am every time I try? 🤔🤨
  • App needs to be updated 2/5

    By Barry from Washington State
    The app is not kept up to date. My new iPhone (XR) does not work with the app. My iPhone 7 and iPad do work with the app. Supposedly, the last update addressed iPhone X models.
  • Oticon on B Wood 38104 5/5

    By B&K flying hot dog
    I’ve been wearing hearing aids most my adult life dealing with the problem of back ground noise while trying to hear general conversation This HA with this app is a miracle I live every waking moment 24/7 I can turn back ground noise completely off with a slide of my finger on my phone and listen phone calls clearly with no background noise or my Pandora station smooth jazz quietly in the nosiest circumstances and easily adjusts back to hearing conversation while still letting me listen to music and being able adjust the music up and down and or conversation up and down I also ride MC which has bad wind noise I can completely eliminate and listen to music perfectly clear no wind noise real real perfect hearing cannot do what this device does my favorite scenario is late night my wife stays up late watches tv so I shut all background noise off and put my smooth Jazz on low and drift off to a peaceful sleep
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Turista sc
    Bad app- not intuitive, almost impossible to figure out...It’s a great idea to have an app like this but why make so weird? All they have to do is lay out the options to allow the user to access the features. Instead they created something cute and virtually useless. Go back to the drawing board and rework this mess into something useful
  • Quit working changed review now working 5/5

    By Navyvetbb62
    This app worked wonderfully until the V A installed a firmware update on my mini rite hearing aids. Keeps searching and can’t fully connect. I really miss being able to control my hearing aids. I sent a email to the company seeing if there is a solution. haven’t heard back. Heard back from customer service. Lady had me uninstall app, turn off and restart iPad. Everything I had been trying on my own. When she couldn’t get it to work she moved me up to a higher level technician. He had me do a soft boot only(hold home button and on off button. Went to app and when it showed my hearing aids had me delete them(forget). Then had blue tooth find them again and it works fine. Customer service came through brilliantly. I have had these hearing aids for two years with no problem other than this. I am now 100% satisfied. Thank you Oticon customer support.
  • Doesn’t sync 1/5

    By raymi0603
    Once again, companies fixing what isn’t broken. I’ve been using the app for years and it worked great. Now, after the latest update it doesn’t sync the hearing aids. Totally useless!
  • Needs auto reconnect 3/5

    By my cat's name is Bernie
    I am using this app with Opn S miniRITE R. Every night when I charge the hearing aids, they turn off and disconnect from my phone and the app. Next morning when I turn them back on, they automatically reconnect to my phone's Bluetooth but remain disconnected from the app. This results in a long delay when starting up the app, as it reconnects to the hearing aids. The app should reconnect automatically. Oticon please fix this!
  • Should be better 1/5

    By DHH65
    Very disappointed in how this app works. It suggests that you can control program, teases that it’s possible but I could not get it to change programs for either aid. No way to get better instructions either. Delete it and just use the Apple accessibility feature to control them! Just tried the goal. It can only track usage for less than 2 hours - totally worthless!
  • Great Hearing Aids 5/5

    By Dr. AuD
    These Oticon OPN S 1 are amazing. Listening is less effortful and I can hear from all directions. Oticon knocked it out of the park with these instruments. The app does have limited adjustments compared to other MFI hearing aids I have tried, but the reality of it is this.... I find that with the OPN s 1, i don’t need to make adjustments, which is what a premium hearing aid should do.
  • Love Oticon 4/5

    By oldestchild59
    I have had no troubles with this app at all. Love being able to hear callers directly thru my aids. Although they don’t stay connected 100% of the time that has had no effect at all on the usefulness . It connects quickly when needed
  • Very disappointed! Customer service is very limited 1/5

    By Allhasbeenused1939
    I do not like
  • Data Hog!! 1/5

    By Sparkey 98
    Love the hearing aids but stay away from the app.The app will not enable the user any functions that weren’t already available through a smartphone and worse yet it will eat through your data like tic tacs!!
  • Recharge batteries dead, app does not track use 2/5

    By Army Sailor
    Going back to regular batteries as the recharge batteries are dead, Tracking day’s dead again. I can still use my iPhone to adjust my aids.
  • Needs iPad Version 4/5

    By Terri Schurter
    I have this installed on my iPhone and on my iPad. Because it is necessary to turn off Bluetooth on my phone in order to use my hearing aids with my iPad I need to use this app on my iPad. But it is really just the iPhone app though, not a universal app. Therefore it is stuck in portrait mode. Seriously? Seriously? Can't you design an app that will rotate between portrait and landscape mode for the iPad? Is that asking too much?
  • They are invisible! Hidden from their clients! 1/5

    By Gulfbreezey
    SORRY I CAN’T GIVE IT A MINUS 5 (OR WORSE). At the suggestion of my audiologist I downloaded and activated the ON program. She showed me how to change the volume with it. That’s what it does! Now I try to get help and App Support from the Apple App description just goes to their Oticon website, no help available there!! I see almost no use for the Oticon ON app. I can use it to change the volume on my hearing aids but that seems to be it. The rest of it is advertising or trying to get me to sign up for IFTTT. Out of desperation to see the “marvelous” things happen I did sign up for IFTTT and then find out it’s a data gatherer not a helper. I have looked everywhere I can to figure out how to get off their subscription list, unlink myself and get them to shed my info they have thus far. I WILL NOT give them access to my personal health information. This is a terrible cheat on their part. I certainly do no want Microsoft to have any of my information! My hearing aids are great but their software is essentially useless and worse than that it’s invasive. HOW DO I GET OFF OF IT, GET UNHOOKED TO IT????
  • Through the VA 4/5

    By jbram63
    Didn’t realize how poorly my ears worked at just 31 years. Received my Oticon hearing aids through the VA. The hearing aids’ bluetooth reliable has been a little spotty, but overall, I’ve had a great experience with the app so far in the 2 weeks I’ve used it. Pros: + Hearing aids synced with my phone easily and without issue + Easily and reliably mutes or adjusts volume on both or just one hearing aid + Seems to work well with IFTTT + Some great info on hearing + An interesting feature for tinnitus Cons: - Wish there was a way to access the mute / volume buttons in the widget menu for quicker access. - The time tracking feature seems to be spotty. Half a day I wore them wasn't tracked because I hadn’t used the app until the evening - 99% of the IFTTT recipes don’t work or aren’t useful for me specifically Overall: it’s a free app that works well. The hearing aids work great as hearing aids. They’re my first pair I’ve owned, and I can’t believe I’ve lived without them this long. I don’t really need this app to do much since the hearing aids do all the work. And what I do want it to do (basic functions of control) is done well and reliably with the app. The problems I have experienced have mostly been with the hearing aids and the phone outside of the app (caller on the other end can’t hear me, bluetooth sound cutting out or is just in one ear, or bluetooth volume doesn’t change), but nothing a quick reset or battery change doesn’t fix.
  • Battery 3/5

    By bigdog9586
    Going on my 4th day with these BT aids and left is still at 100% and right was 90% same as when the new batteries were out in my new aids. Find that hard to believe. On my 4th set of batteries and right side still only registers 90% Put in new batteries and they were 70% both sides brand new. Said that for two days and now 80 and 90%. Amazing hearing aids now charge the batteries or the app is a joke as far as battery reading is concerned.
  • Battery monitor 1/5

    By Scotch1957
    Doesn’t update right 2days with hearing aids on battery shows 90% just change batteries every 2days don’t have to worry about aids going dead
  • Not compatible with latest iPhone update 2/5

    By mizanne34
    Having trouble with this app ever since I installed the latest iPhone update. Please resolve this issue.
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By lsdoke
    I downloaded the app to keep track of how long my daughter is wearing her first ever pair of hearing aids while she’s getting used to them. She had them in for most of the day while with me, but when I checked the app it only showed her wearing them for 30 minutes. Now I only use the app to track the battery but who knows if that’s accurate either.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Hutchcj
    Doesn’t provide accurate battery information. Always st 100% until no poer left
  • Is this all it does? 1/5

    By HungryFriar
    This app tells you that your hearing aids are on and will allow you to adjust volume. As far as I have been able to figure out this is all the app can do reliably. Can’t even read the instruction manual. An update is long overdue.
  • Won’t connect 1/5

    By fredbull 258
    You updated the app and made it so I have to go to my audiologist to have my aids updated before they will connect via Bluetooth!?!?!? Really???!! What jackass thought this was a good idea????!!!!! I have less than a year left before I get new hearing aids and I have had it with Oticon!! Never again you bunch of overpaid imbeciles!!!
  • Love 5/5

    By Tinkertwentyfive
    I absolutely love this app. These are my first hearing aids and being able to hear has just been amazing, the fact that there is an app that allows me to change my settings as easy as a touch of the finger makes me very appreciative.
  • App or Device - both have issues 1/5

    By Swsawyer
    Not sure if it is App or the devices, but I continually have to “forget the device” then repair, in order to switch between iPad and iPhone. Or icon does not have a end user support contact, that I can find, on their website. Not sure that I would support this product if I were paying for it. There are too many other manufacturers of hearing aids to be stuck with an inferior product.
  • Not available on watch face 1/5

    By Chuck Kemp
    The new update removed the app from watch faces, the only way to use the app is from the dock or selecting from the apps this really is a poor way to have this app. I really want to have this app as a option on the watch faces where it makes it easy to use it as a remote for the aids. I am so disappointed with Oticon for not even choosing to respond or make an app effort to fix the issue!! I would give it no stars if I could. I contacted the Facebook page as asked and was told to see my Audi, what the hell is he going to do about a defective software app. I also have to add that the hearing fitness is a joke. It has been showing usage starting at midnight even when my aids are off. I know they are off because I take the batteries out of my aids when I put them in the dryer. I wish this app was updated as often as the others that I don’t use very often. It seems if I need to depend on it, it isn’t getting the needed fixes and updates.
  • No Apple Watch functionality 1/5

    By PhilPeeved
    Oticon ON app works fine on my iPhone but no longer on my Watch. Seemed to correlate with upgrade to Watch OS 5.2
  • Application won’t download Zero Stars 1/5

    By Bud Lite65
    I have tried downloading this application on multiple devices. It simply won’t function.. I would give it zero stars if it were available.
  • Love my oticons 5/5

    By Oticon gal
    I have had Oticon hearing aides for 9 years. I upgrade about every four years, and donate my old ones. I have never had a single problem with them. I am careful with them, storing them every night in the moisture extraction container. But I run with them, listening to music. They really are the best. Not the cheapest, but why would you skimp on your hearing?
  • Oticon complication not work on Apple Watch 4 4/5

    By hoganab
    Oticon complication was working on Apple Watch 4 but after the update it on longer works. It does not show up in any of the watch faces. please fix. 4/7/19 help I have gotten no response to this comment, please response so I will know that you have heard my complaint. 4/11 /19 help help Please respond as to what you intend to do to fix this problem. This is a good feature and deserves to be used by your customers.
  • Mostly Useless 2/5

    By Wnyvee
    Trialing OPN1S R and the the only features on this app are the sound booster switch and ability to adjust the tinnitus masker plus mute which you could do with a button previously. Otherwise Oticon wants to make all the environment selections except for my defaults. The software does not work as well for environmental choices as Phonak Marvel I just tried. The hearing tracker is useless it doesn’t stay connected and IFTTT is redundant technology cobbled in. I am not anti Oticon I have had Alta Pro for the last 5 years but I am disappointed for the price point.
  • More style than substance 2/5

    By GV-62
    The app is non-intuitive. Instead of simple functionality, I have to press icons to figure out what they do. Once I understood their use I could navigate the menus, until I received a message instead on the home screen. There is no way to turn off the message, and while it is displayed, the menu is VERY intermittent. This is frustrating for a simple utility to use my hearing aids. It is poor programming; fix this please.
  • Great 4/5

    By cheerleaderprincess
    I love how I can see my battery life and turn it up and down on the phone
  • Program change 1/5

    By oti oop
    Terrible change. I can’t get my aid to work at all. Why can’t you just leave things alone. Now, another trip to audiologist to see if they can help.
  • When Left is Right 1/5

    By Char0703
    No wonder I can’t increase the volume for my right ear! The app reads the right as left. I’ve restarted, reinstalled, and even emailed support a week ago. Received two automated responses but otherwise, nothing. The app drops connections regularly. Clearly needs some work. And “hearing fitness?” More data collection? I can’t see any other advantage. I want to like this app, but currently very disappointed.
  • Can’t hear!! 1/5

    By BeanoMom
    It connects, it disconnects. One side connects. Then disconnects while the other side connects. Ugh! After numerous attempts of this, I finally disconnected the whole app to get it reprogrammed and now nothing! Three hours later, still nothing. No connection, regardless of what I do. Then tried different WiFi. Nothing. Oh what a waste of time!!!!!!! how I hate not hearing in the first place, but now so I especially hate technology that fails too.
  • Oticon link to iPhone 1/5

    By animal-lover 🐾
    I would give this app a minus 0 impossible to understand extremely ridiculous instructions and stop cannot connect
  • HearingFitness frustration 3/5

    By tech savvy boomer
    I have used the app for a year and a half. I love having the ability to check battery levels and change programs easily. Since the recent update, a screen telling me I need new firmware to use HearingFitness comes up most times when I open the app. I can’t figure out how to move past it - just when I want to change the program and hear something that is challenging. Very frustrating. I appreciate the information but please don’t keep me from using the app quickly.
  • What did you do? 1/5

    By Drydenm51
    Great. Because of your update, I lost Bluetooth steaming sounds to my hearing aids.
  • Disappearing instructions 2/5

    By @$/!-?;
    Why did my program and instructions disappear after latest update.Is this goong to happen every time app is updated?
  • LeePfrogner 4/5

    By LeePfrogner
    I have lost the TV part of this app. What should I do ?
  • It really only offers volume changes IF it works at all. 3/5

    By Ronny 1950
    Not working at all. Tried all recommendations and nothing fixed it. 1.8 v much better- update made app worse. So now don’t have anything- Y’all should check out the Zounds and other companies apps - much better functionality! Also, agree that Opn doesn’t work in noisy environments as advertised- R Thomas Metairie, LA
  • Do not buy Oticon. Just forget it. 1/5

    By Bma4378
    I have these extremely expensive aids and now I am stuck with them forever. Oticon On does not deliver. When I move the volume adjustment to equally adjust volume left and right, the immediately step out of synch...the right one moves up one volume notch and the left one stays one notch less. Only way to get them back in psych is to close Oticon On, reboot both aids. No matter what I do I cannot connect to my iPad. Simply will not stream. I can connect to streaming from iPhone - like podcasts...but suddenly maybe not in both ears. Have to reset the iPhone and reboot the aids. The aids are crossed...the right one connects the left channel in Oticon On and vice versa. They were built that way...the left guts are in the right housing. Been told it is hard and expensive to fix...have to send to factory. One or the other will just suddenly reboot...randomly. Sometimes one will just shutdown with not a peep to notify you. They were sent off to the factory to fix it but although frequency of sudden failure is reduced its not fixed. When I answer a call on my iPhone it goes to the aids which is fine. Then I switch audio to the iPhone so my wife can get on the line, then suddenly and randomly it switches back to my aids and goes silent for my wife. Same if I put a call on speaker. I don't see any recognition from them that they have a problem nor any effort to improve. My Oticon provider always acts so very surprised at my problems as if no other customer has an issue. Well read all these reviews. Do yourself a favor...forget Oticon.
  • App won’t open. 1/5

    By Mr. C. 1948.
    The app will not open. I’ve deleted and reinstalled many times. What is the problem. Please fix it.
  • Not as good as it should be 2/5

    By HeartsGuard
    This app when it works is solid but far to often I have to re-login for the health tracking, and more often then not the time tracking for my hearing aids programs is either not correct or doesn’t work at all.
  • Live support??? 2/5

    By arcane54
    I’m having trouble with the Oticon app. Is there a live support number? Keep in mind that not all of your users want, enjoy, know how to text or email. Live person, PLEASE! My audiologist is booked two weeks out. The app is just spinning. I tried reinstall, turning off my phone, re-pairing, etc. HELP!
  • Minus 1 star 1/5

    By T Vernor
    $6000+ for excellent hearing aids except for software malfunction in ability (re)install the iPhone app.
  • Lots of problems 1/5

    By These R Junk
    I’ve been wearing Hearing Aids for 51 years. With the new technology you would think Oticon would be up on the newest and greatest. I’m very disappointed with my most recent purchase. The Bluetooth is the worst I’ve ever had in a hearing aid. As in the past I would use a regular Bluetooth device as I would remove one of my hearing aids to do so. I would think with the premium price that Oticon charges they would work flawlessly. As I’m connected and on a call one hearing aid cuts out and I miss half of what the other person is saying. I did as everyone else did as in delete the app and reinstall it, and so on. Someone needs to get with the program and fix these issues. Or try to be in our shoes and really see how us users are missing out on parts of a conversation.

Oticon ON app comments

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