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  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Oticon A/S
  • Compatibility: Android
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Oticon ON App

The Oticon ON App works with all Oticon wireless hearing aids with TwinLink technology. The Oticon ON App enables you to control your hearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adjust the sound. The App offers a “find my hearing aid” search feature, links to user instructions and low battery notification. The Oticon ON App is also used to connect users to their Oticon IFTTT channel. Advice on coping with hearing loss Individual volume L&R Eventlog Control of Tinnitus relief sounds (if supported by hearing aid) We recommend to use the latest version of iOS


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Oticon ON app reviews

  • Bluetooth 2/5

    By crmat0311
    I really wish that out wouldn't automatically turn on Bluetooth whenever I put my hearing aids in!
  • Severely limited functionality 1/5

    By Colorado weathernut
    No way to rename my programs, set levels, etc. Even the event logging is limited - for example, my left HA reset itself and the event log didn’t capture that. Additionally, even though I have my Phone set to never stream to HAs because the BT is so unreliable, my iPhone still sends audio to my HAs. Apple and Oticon need to get their sh*t together. Not all of us are technology illiterate. For those of us that use more than one device (more than one phone, or phone plus Mac, and an iPad, switching between devices is cumbersome if not impossible.
  • Poor Reception 1/5

    By Jungfr
    My audiologist connected my new hearing aids to this app. When a call comes in it automatically goes to my hearing aids. However, because of the poor quality (popping and snapping) I have to attempt to go and change my source to my IPhone. Sometimes people hang up on me because it takes too long to switch over to my IPhone. Called the company and they are aware but can’t fix it.
  • Adequate but no frills 4/5

    By fredbull 258
    I am disappointed that when connected to the hearing aids there’s fine tuning for playing my pandora over the aids. And perhaps even more important you have written in to the app the ability to know when I get within range so why not a warning when you’re leaving range? Would save me trying to find my phone
  • Difficult website 1/5

    By Arlrosn
    My new Bluetooth oticon aids are not connecting to bt, I use the app to adjust the volume. My Bluetooth is working just fine, it is a holiday weekend! No online customer support that answers. There should be a 24 hour helpline for those of us who are not tech savvy!
  • Going to take these hearing aids back! 1/5

    By C. A. D.
    They do not work as they say they do in the documentation. The Oticon phone app offers you nothing that you can’t do with the standard Apple phone software. If you have an Apple Watch you will need to keep it in Airplane mode if you want to use the Bluetooth call feature or you will get clicking in your hearing aids. I think water torture would be more pleasing! I contacted the Oticon support and they were useless. Just told me it was an Apple problem and that all support had to come form my audiologist. They just keep making tweaks and sending me out for more frustration. They do not work well in groups of multiple people speaking or places with background noise. The sales literature says otherwise, but this is what I have experienced. I’m sure Oticon will say it’s my audiologist fault but they offer no solutions. The bottom line is to not put yourself thru this frustration and buy another brand!
  • What happened to Advanced options? 2/5

    By jdmorris415
    This app seems to change frequently and users loose functionality without any warning. The current version doesn't have the Advanced options, ability to name programs and who knows what else is lost! The documentation and tutorials produced by Orion show you how to do these things, but the functions no longer exist. Very frustrating! Pleease enter revert back to the earlier version.
  • Streaming audio is a joke 1/5

    By 357 MAG
    Regarding the Developer Response, I’m not on Facebook and can’t contact you that way. I do have an appointment with my audiologist in the next couple of weeks. I’ll check with her regarding software/firmware upgrades and see what she can offer. After 20 to 25 min of streaming audio, the audio becomes very distorted. Pausing the audio will correct the issue for about 5 min before the distortion returns. Bought these hearing aids to use streaming audio on my daily run. Having to constantly stop and start every 5 min defeats the reason for the run. I don’t know if it is a buffering issue, an Apple IOS issue, or a hearing aid hardware/software/firmware issue. All I know is for what I paid, they should work. I have had to revert back to my ear buds for my run and leave my $4400.00 hearing aids at home. To say I am very disappointed is an under statement.
  • Poor app and customer service 1/5

    By one of many ticked off
    App was great until thy updated version that was released in the fall of 2017. One could name your different 4 programs with OUT going to the audiologist. I have talked with my audiologist about yhe issues and she now get daily complaints on you substandard app.
  • Can’t switch to speaker 2/5

    By justsomeguy
    Oticon’s iphone bluetooth functionality is great most of the time, but there is no fast, easy way to switch an ongoing call from bluetooth to speaker, when for example you answer a call and find out you need to switch it to iphone speaker so people around you can listen in to the conversation. Turning bluetooth off in mid-call switches the iphone to speaker, but the speaker is stuck on a very low volume that is almost impossible to hear, even with speaker volume set to max. Oticon ought to release a simple widget control that allows the user to toggle seamlessly between bluetooth and speaker without speaker volume problems.
  • Oticon App 4/5

    By Mano460
    Changed rating from 2 to 4. Initial battery reading problem was apparently caused by new hearing aids. Had to send back to Oticon and once got new set from company battery readings right on. Link with IPhone works great.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Griffggd
    I am a Veteran and received a new pair of hearing aides from Oticon. They worked for a while. I started having problems with connecting to the TV box. Next I kept loosing connection with my iPhone. I have an iPhone X. I went back to my VA audiologist. He finally had to remove the app from my phone, reinstall the app, pair the hearing aides and the TV box to my phone get them work. Apple updated the operating system There were problems again. I tried what the audiologist did but got a message the app needed an update. I have been waiting for over a month but no update. The TV box doesn’t want to connect. Very Disappointed.
  • General setting 1/5

    By WO Bentley
    I agree with Kriska. I switched from another manufacturer to Oticon because I was told I could change the settings. Your advertising one thing and providing another. Sounds like bait and switch to me. THUMBS DOWN
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By RoseVillager
    This program does not work consistently. Frequently it just stops working for not reason and it’s difficult and next to impossible to reconnect. It’s been disconnected for 3days with intermittent reconnects. I never know what to expect from this app. Very disappointing.
  • Clicking noise on phone calls 1/5

    By jjoldie
    I’m using demos. I’m not sure I want to invest in Oticon if this persists. They say Apple is going to fix this app ???? Hmm
  • Inconsistent with its functions 2/5

    By FamBamCase
    While the ability to connect quickly and easily by Bluetooth has been nice, the lack of ability afforded is frustrating. Even base functions, such as having the Oticon Opn 3 buttons function, has to be programmed by an audiologist. The app for the aid has worked for the most part, but it does drop its functionality randomly, and at inconvenient times. For example, when I woke up this morning and tried to open the app, it suddenly won’t recognize my hearing aid, even though Apple’s MFi hearing settings show my hearing aid is connected (and I can still use their interface to control the hearing aid). My recommendation for the app and Oticon Opn in general would be to put more control of the aid in the users hands, and not leave so much of the device that formerly came standard in the hands of audiologists, especially when they don’t know this is happening. Please update the app to be able to appropriately interface with the Apple iOS platform.
  • Get another hearing aid brand if you want an app that works. 1/5

    By ChristRockFan
    Don’t waste your time with this app or $ on the hearing aid brand. This app used to work well, could name different programs, set levels for different conditions and everything. That suddenly changed and now it’s useless. And don’t tell me “you’ll just have to visit your audiologist”. Oticon, it’s your app, your hearing aids. If your gonna let the audiologists be responsible for the success of your business, they’ll be happy to sell us a different brand of hearing aids.
  • Needs a lot of work. 2/5

    By dhjimmyjam
    Based on the limited functionality of this app, it's obvious that Oticon wants to force its customers to regularly visit their hearing care professional, presumably as a way to guarantee an income stream. It also doesn't play particularly well with the iOS accessibility shortcuts (blame for that is probably shared with Apple). And why is it impossible to find a link to the Oticon On user guide anywhere on the Oticon website? And why is my hearing care professional the only one who can change the names of the programs on MY hearing aids? News flash, Oticon - your customers aren't all idiots.
  • Update? Not seemingly so! 4/5

    By erparf
    “New iPhone operating system 11.2.6 seems to be incompatible with Oticon app.” Removed and reinstalled the APP. Problem solved. Quick fix.
  • My Oticon 5/5

    By Happy hearer
    I love mine I don’t know how I even functioned before I got my new hearing aids !!!!!!thank you keep up the great work I’m a very happy customer! Lisa Blackwell Henderson NC
  • Clicking and crackling 1/5

    By Herd den
    Oticon blames Apple and says it will get better with next iOS but with latest update it got worse. Apple says it is Oticon. I am still in my trial period and thinking of switching to a different brand! First they said my devices must be defective and switched them out. No difference! Can’t comfortably use hearing aids for phone calls or audio streaming so why spend so much for hearing aids? Intermittent annoying clicking and crackling. Frustrating!
  • I don’t quite understand the inconsistency of this program 3/5

    By marcikaplan
    I have had this program for almost a year now and it has worked part of the time. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it can’t connect my aides at all and that makes it useless. I don’t know what to do at this point.
  • Apple Watch connectivity 2/5

    By Foxtrot65
    Works ok but the oticon website's is very misinforming on its connectivity feature with apple watch (2 stars for that). If you are thinking on getting an apple watch to use it as a remote mic for your hearing aid, DON'T! The only thing the watch can do is to control the volume and that's it. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HEAR NOR SPEAK-TO THRU YOUR APPLE WATCH. I bought an Apple Watch Series 3(non LTE) yesterday for that sole purpose and I am returning it today because it is useless for that need. At least it streams audio from my iphone. But still have to use the phone's mic during phone call. I spent $2500 on my minirite and It cannot even transmit audio from my minirite's mic to my phone. The Oticon minirite costs twice as much as the most sophisticated consumer drone and 10 times more than a decent high end bluetooth stereo earbud. Unable to see that much technology packed in Oticon's products for that price makes me feel ripped off. Are you taking advantage of our disabilities Oticon?
  • Very Poor Watch App 1/5

    By Karengj
    Does’t transmit Apple 3 Cellular Watch phone calls to my hearing Aids (Oticon OPN 1), even tho the Apple MFi Hearing Aid-Audio Routing-Call Audio setting is set to ALWAYS use hearing aids. iPhone streaming to hearing aid audio only works when the iPhone and Apple Watch are within Bluetooth range. However, no audio transfers from the Watch to the hearing aids when leaving the iPhone at home, and receiving phone calls on the cellular Apple Watch. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a Cellular Watch, if we can’t hear incoming phone calls!
  • Needs work 2/5

    By TC123go
    I’ve been using OPN’s for almost 2 years. Had the app & it constantly froze. Deleted it and reinstalled several times. With the aids being paired with my iPhone 6 and the TV, I can do everything in the settings of the phone. Great concept. Just needs a little work and attention from the techs when IOS updates.
  • This app does okay 3/5

    By CBK3
    The app is pretty basic. It does the functions okay with the exception of battery level. I’m not sure if the problem is the app or the hearing aids, but it is not very accurate. The biggest problem is you can check the battery level in the morning and have 60% and then the battery is dead by late afternoon. Once this problem is solved, the UI is improved and there the ability to permanently change the units programs, I would rate it a 5.
  • 3D Touch change? Additional information. 1/5

    By Kiska's Mom
    I have dropped my review to 1 Star and would give a zero star if I could. Your reply to my last comment was, "Thank you for your comment! Nothing has changed with this functionality. We recommend to remove the application completely from the iPhone and install it again from the App Store. Best Regards, Laura, Oticon" Laura, you are wrong! It has changed and you even state that to another person's review. I didn’t have 3D Touch until I purchased my newest iPhone in November. The 3D Touch worked with all my programs... they were all named in my app as General, P2 (sound in noise?), T-coil, and TV. THERE WERE 4 TOTAL. And it worked perfect on my new phone for a few weeks! Then the app updated and poof... gone! All those programs disappeared on my 3D Touch options! The named programs affected the 3D Touch options. Now, only one program has a name; and that is one program I don’t use! It is iPhone mic. I want all my program names back! You tell another person that WE don’t have the ability to name them anymore... why did you change that? Now I am going to have to go out of my way for a 45 minute drive and hope my audiologist will be able to help me out. This is such an inconvenience and bad customer service. Signed... A Dissatisfied Customer!
  • No sound on iPhone 8plus/ios11 2/5

    By Caleurogal
    Since I got my new phone and am on ios11, when I am wearing my hearing aids, I get no sounds from my phone, so I miss phone calls and texts. I have rest the app nothing changes. When I am not wearing the aids, the phone sounds are fine.
  • No support for android phones?? 1/5

    By Don&Diane
    My husband loved this app with his iPhone 6, but he recently changed to a Google Android phone. Now he cannot connect his phone to his hearing aides! So frustrating! When will Oticon develop an app compatible with android? Further, I do not have Facebook to contact the developers, nor will I get it simply to discuss this issue. Please reach out to me with a response NOT via Facebook.
  • Recent update 2/5

    By Sfk0615
    After the latest update the names of my 3 programs changed. Two of them are now called General 1 and the third is General 1 / General 2. I did not make this change. Nor am I able to use the app to change them back to the names I gave them before - using the app. How can I make this change?
  • Issue 4/5

    By SMS3232
    Could not access the App this morning. It would open to page that lets you try app without your aids but the spinning wheel would not stop turning. Deleted and tried to reopen app with same result ????
  • So disappointed in app 4/5

    By moonriver13
    After spending a small fortune for hearing aids; I was so excited about the app to talk hands free and play music. But it is all static, cracklings sounds. I called Oticon. They said it’s Apple. Called Apple they said it’s oticon. Called and emailed oticon again. No information on when the app will be updated with Apple.
  • Unable to Setup on iPhoneX 1/5

    By Jrhino
    Worked fine on my iPhone 6+ but I can’t setup the app on my new iPhoneX. Oticon On app won’t go into setup mode.
  • Working again 5/5

    By Salgud
    After some initial problems getting the hearing aids to work with the software, I haven’t had a problem since. Though I don’t often use the app, it’s nice to have if I need it. And the Oticon Opns work great.
  • Awful aids! 1/5

    By jacygem
    They keep turning themselves off. Not worth the $6500 I paid. Very disappointed!
  • Cannot pair device 1/5

    By Pointreview
    Just came from dr office. She used my phone to try and pair. Couldn’t and realized it may be the WiFi in the building. Now trying at home and still cannot connect. This is certainly going to sway my decision as to wether or not I keep them. Still deciding.
  • Won’t work with Apple Watch 1/5

    By 11dalya
    I just can't get it to work with the Watch which means I have to fumble with the phone. The literature says it works with Watch, but I haven’t found that to be true. I finally was able to (after 4 days) download the phone app for the iPad, but it'll only work with with one device at a time and it's a burden to pair and unpair. Now the app won’t even show the battery power left in the devices, and one of mine is losing battery power much faster than the other. I’ve sent an email asking for support, and despite its report that answers are done within 1-2 business days, I’m still waiting for response. I should have time to return these hearing aids through my audiologist, I hope.
  • This app needs work 1/5

    By Mozuela
    I am not happy with this app. It basically works for volume control and not very well at that. When switching from General to TV Box 1, the volume resets and needs to be adjusted again. Very disappointed in this.
  • Worked at first 1/5

    By Claires5274
    I was quite pleased with the functionality of the app and the device itself.... until all of a sudden my hearing aid will not pair with my phone. Everything shows appropriate pairing in my iPhone, such as Bluetooth on, connected to the hearing aid streaming to device is green so I think all is well with the world. Well I can’t get the app to pair with my hearing aid nor can I route the audio from my phone to my hearing aid like before. Ready to just uninstall and deal with it as it is.
  • Program quit working a day ago. 1/5

    By REW10
    I purchased an iPhone 8 Plus after making sure Oticon would work on that model. It worked perfectly for about 5 days.. Then the App disappeared from my 8 Plus and although the app still appears on my phone it will not pair, nor will my phone show hearing aids battery left Available or when my batteries are depleated. I am very disappointed because I have just a couple weeks ago purchased the new oticon 1. I have used oticon for about 9 or more years.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Foofoolarue
    I use it all the time and love it. Simple interface and very responsive. Still trying to figure out how to hear Netflix through my iPad. I can hear Music, but for some reason Netflix, Hulu and Amazon won’t send sound into the earphones. Other than that, awesome!
  • Frustrating experience 2/5

    By b azza
    Won’t stay paired. False battery readings. Inconsistent performance.
  • Nearly Useless 1/5

    By Books Bagshaw
    At least 50% of the time the app can't connect to my hearing aids so I have to delete them in settings, recycle my phone & then connect.
  • Why is this so inconsistent? 2/5

    By BeauJes
    I've had my hearing aids for 3 weeks now and I've enjoyed using Oticon ON app. However, although my hearing aids are connected to my iPad, I cant get the app to actually accept my hearing aids so I can use it. I've deleted and reloaded the app. I've open and closed my hearing aids, but nothing works. Your hearing aids are very expensive, partly because of it's ability to be used through and iPad, and yet getting it to function correctly or consistently has been very frustrating. If I could, I would now consider a different brand of hearing aids. These are not what they are advertised to be. Are you planning on upgrading this app?
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By Chantalgm
    Devices and app worked well for about 7 months. Bluetooth in my car👍🏽. Devices👍🏽. All was good. In the last 2 months the hearing devices have disconnected from iPhone, iPad, car, left then right now left again. Nothing has changed in the last 2 months. There's no reason for this consistent disconnection. App is pretty useless. Yes, I've reloaded app..blah, blah, blah. Had this happened at the start, I would have returned this product. When it works, it's awesome. It has become an undependable product. 😕
  • Works on ipad but why no android app? 2/5

    By andoidman
    I just got my hearing aids and have installed program on my ipad air and it works fine. But I do not have an iphone and see ho reason to spend hundreds of dollars to change phones (and carrier since iphones don't work with tracfone) just to remotely control the hearing aids. Why is there no app for android phones? Do you have a deal with Apple? Jim McLain
  • R U F K M 5/5

    By Jimmall
    Very excited by the potential of this product. I just spent $6000 because of the iPhone interconnectivity. Unfortunately my left ear device no longer pairs with my iPhone. My right device pairs well but I continually get a 5 tone 8 beep noise every time I put this device in my ear. It's not the low battery sound but something very different. What am I supposed to do about that? Oticon? Thanks
  • Works great for me. 5/5

    By Patrick_mqt
    My audiologist spent about 15 minutes walking me through the app when I got my new hearing aids this month. It works great. I love being able to discreetly adjust my aids at work in my phone without having to press any buttons on the aids themselves.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By joeytwohats
    Been trying to pair the ear pieces to the app for hrs. Waste of time
  • Useless 1/5

    By DermMan
    I consider myself tech savvy but this app has virtually no functionality. Battery levels give false readings. whatever mode one is in there are glitches that in my opinion are inexcusable in view the app is supposed to support a health condition. One has to wonder if the app was designed to provide entertainment as opposed to a toll for those that suffer from hearing loss. Finally the activity log is ridiculous and laughable. To have lines upon lines info telling me the time when device is connected or disconnected without providing any useful info is ludicrous.

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