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hibooks is the bookshop in your pocket. Explore our expertly-curated collections. Stream or download to listen anywhere, anytime. With hibooks you can: - Listen to an extensive audiobook library - Discover your next favorite with our curated catalog - Stream or download to listen anytime NOT SURE WHAT TO LISTEN TO NEXT? Check out our expertly-curated catalog or our ‘book of the day’, and discover your new favorite audiobook. Recent collections include: - Fantasy - Mindful Meditation - Untold Family Stories - Classics - Time Travel - Horror Terms & Conditions: https://www.hibooks.com/terms Privacy policy: https://www.hibooks.com/terms

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  • Lies 1/5

    By Camjug
    Horrible app. I signed up for all you can listen streaming. This lasted for a while but now am limited on listening. Also their selection got severely cut down. All of this happened with no prior notice. I cancelled and went back to Audible.
  • Don’t fall for their “unlimited” lies 2/5

    By Crispycb
    Unlimited turns out to be VERY LIMITED. You are restricted to a tiny few of “available”- most books are on a 30 day wait.. 🙄. At least with Audible, once I select it, it’s there. Not bait and switch. Disappointed 😞
  • Misleading 1/5

    By unhappy in Venus
    You can’t listen to unlimited books as advertised.
  • Angry 3/5

    By Dylanfox2001
    I listen to all the previews but there is no way for me to purchase a book. It keeps telling me that there is no option for subscription for right now. Wondering when this is going to happen because there’s a whole lot of books that I would like to listen to and willing to pay for.
  • Awful selection 1/5

    By sdahl1113
    The selection is absolutely terrible! I literally couldn’t find a single book in there that I wanted to read. I guess I’ll be sticking with audible for now.
  • Hibooks 5/5

    By lalos nena
    I’m totally enjoying my time listening to the books that I love..,
  • What happened??? 1/5

    By SnowBabs
    My whole booklist is GONE!!! The first explanation was they recycle books. ALL my list????? But when I explained the books would be back in 30 days I was told they can’t divulge what’s coming in the future just yet. I originally gave this app 5 stars but until there’s a good explanation it will be a 1. I’m willing to wait for the “announcement” and then I’ll see if it’s worth my membership fee. The books available are really not any top sellers. They say elevation by Stephen King would be available but all King books are not there...at least on my list. Very disappointed. This app just keeps getting worse. Told to wait the 30 days. Got down to 6 and then this morning back up to 29 days. Everyone giving this app a good rating will see in a few weeks. Go somewhere else for books until they get this right. I am not even giving this app 1 star😡
  • Why can I only listen to samples 1/5

    By asaagsvc
    I had lots of books I could listen to but now it only lets me do samples
  • Nope. 5/5

    By SueBeeQ
    Basically, you can listen to 1 book a month.
  • Total trash, forced subscription! 1/5

    By sui789
    I downloaded this app about 1 month ago. And deleted it few days later. I didn’t subscribe anything or pay anything. But 1 month later it charged me 10.65 dollars on my bank account. It’s a total lie.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Papapy1st
    Simply Amazing, you can download your books and you can listen to as many books as you want every month. Sounds like a great deal.
  • Not unlimited. LIES 1/5

    By ktb224
    Stay away. They used to be good, but changed he structure of the app to screw customers. It is not unlimited. Look elsewhere. I’m disgusted. Subscription canceled.
  • I fell in love and then you left 2/5

    By Juneygal
    I’ve had this app for a several months and if I had rated it within the first few weeks it would definitely have received 5 stars from me. I was thrilled to find an alternative to the expensive Audible and having unlimited access to all the books I wanted was like heaven. I found almost every book on my Audible wishlist, many of them brand new publications. A couple of months ago all of that changed. Most of the books I search for now are not available, and definitely not anything recent. Ive had to start listening to books that are 10 or more years old. The most annoying thing is finding a book I’m interested in and seeing some weird countdown clock on it telling me I have 19, 21, or 27 more days before it’s available. That never happened until just recently. My understanding was that there were no restrictions on how many books you could listen to. I would be willing to pay a little more to have unlimited access and the books I really want. If you’re content to read older books written by C list authors this is a good deal because the price is great. I’m very disappointed that this isn’t what it once was and I’ve got to decide it I even want to continue my subscription.
  • Good concept! 2/5

    By Pro 60
    Another book app that says it’s unlimited but not. The concept is great but the actual app needs help. There is no way to find books in a series. Some authors can have very long series and you have to look up order of books elsewhere. It’s very frustrating. Selection is ok without Nora Roberts ok is as good as it gets. It will never replace audible but it does work to keep my audible cost down.
  • When is it be back? 3/5

    By RickyC92
    I just restarted my subscription through my subscriptions. When I go try play some books I Can't listen to anything? When is gone be back up?
  • scammed 1/5

    By shxyma
    i discovered this app through instagram and what made me subscribe is that they advertised it as “netflix for audiobooks” which meant unlimited books for an awesome price, but that changed quickly. i was so excited for the first two months and i thought it was money well spent, but then and without warning they put timers on the books and almost all the books i had saved in my library were gone. i emailed customer service and they replied with a really vague email about how they’re changing their plans and that “ rotation on books is a prelude to an enlarged selection of titles coming soon”. overall im really disappointed and i’d much rather go back to scribd or audible.
  • Something’s changed, but what? 1/5

    By Nana2HC
    A month ago you would have gotten 4 stars from me. But within the last month something changed so that I can no longer go from one book to another without having to wait 8 to 12 hours between books I have previously downloaded. When I first started using your app 2 months ago, I was able to download all the books in a series and go straight from the end of one book to the beginning of another without waiting, but now I have to wait between books and when immersed in a series this really frustrates me. I love that your service is unlimited for the monthly fee, but I am unhappy with the change I am seeing now that causes me to wait between books. Tonight I checked a book in my library and it showed I could read it in 29 days, but last night, I was able to download the book and it was available to read. Because it is the last book in the series I have been reading, I did not want to read it out of order and now that I am ready to read it, it’s not available, even though I was able to download it last night. That doesn’t make sense!
  • Don’t like the new changes 2/5

    By Shan r 1972
    I was raving about this app to everyone for the first month or two. Then a countdown clock showed up with no rhyme or reason on more than half of the books I wanted to listen to. I emailed hibooks about it and they said there are still many other books you can listen to without the countdown clocks. No reasonable answer was given on why so many books that I want to read have countdown clocks on them (most at 29 days!!) I am considering cancelling my subscription. It is most definitely NOT like Netflix with these limitations. A disappointment.
  • Leaves a lot to be desired 1/5

    By Dcf30
    I loved this app for months. Used it as my sole audio book app. Then books began to be “locked” and the app said I had to wait weeks for them to be available. I emailed customer support and they said “wait till January it’ll be so much better then”. Well I waited and resubscribed, paid my $9.99 and guess what, it’s no matter. In fact they’re not even taking new subscribers. How can I be charged for something that isn’t even actively accepting subscribers. I will not even bother to give this another try.
  • Not Unlimited 2/5

    By David #?
    Got through 5 books then the app told me (like many other subscribers) that I must wait. Other people’s timers were reported to say 7 days or 21 days. For me? 14 days. And the timer isn’t running. It was a good run while it lasted. Others have contacted support who have reported that customer support said it always worked this way. Well, it doesn’t spell this out anywhere so how could we know that. Just not cool.
  • Anywhere/Anytime- what a lie! 1/5

    By laurabethdsm1987
    Payed for the yearly subscription. Have had the App about a month and listened to perhaps 4 books. Now on a 4000 mile long road trip it’s telling me out of the blue I have to wait 14 days before I can listen to any more. I’ve only downloaded 1 book as well. What gives?? Don’t buy this scam!
  • I love this app but... 4/5

    By NinjaBookReader
    My husband turned off his subscription, which I was using so I downloaded it on my phone and all of the sudden, “we aren’t taking anymore memberships”. Like honestly, I really really want to pay you guys so I can listen to books. It’s how I pass my time. So hurry up and fix it pretty please.
  • Updated review 1/5

    By ChristinaHopeW
    Initially when I got the app you were allowed to listen to any amount of books but that’s no longer the case. In fact I can’t even listen to one new release a month and if I decide I don’t like it, I can’t try another. I’ve used Oyster and it’s the same thing. They shouldn’t advertise unlimited when it’s definitely not. At least with audible I get to keep my book and trade it in if I don’t like it. They also give great sales. This was just a wasted subscription that gave me nothing in return and it was disappointing. Especially when they advertise unlimited.
  • Great 5/5

    By Bettycrocker 51
    Finally all the books I can read in a month for a reasonable price. You have a great selection of authors and titles.
  • Good books but constantly locked out 1/5

    By Cdb13piggypo
    Promised unlimited books but constantly locked out. Hope that the new system in January is better but if not I will just cancel.
  • What the heck?! 1/5

    By A homeschool mom
    I’m paying for unlimited and I’m being told I have to wait 24 days?! My subscription still states “Unlimited”. People are being told that they are “rotating books” and that’s why they get a timer, because the book isn’t available. That’s cr*p...because it says it for each book I pick...from different genres. And this only started last month. Dang it...I really loved this app. People...report it everywhere you can. This was definitely bait and switch.

    This app is the best app for audio books.. unlike Amazon Audible which is a completely ripoff.. this app gives the absolute best audio books experience for just 10 bucks
  • Not Unlimited and Limited Catelog 1/5

    By Cbrittin
    If you are a heavy audiobook reader like me this app is not for you. Touted as a Netflix for audiobooks and an enormous catalog, I found that I had to wait 29 days until my next book. Now this wasn’t on every book but it was for the most popular titles. Look for 9.99 it is actually a pretty good deal but the bait and switch tactics didn’t sit well with me.
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes 1/5

    By meredith the great
    I LOVED this app when I first found it. You could listen to unlimited books for $10 a month, and I raved about it and told everyone I knew. Then glitches began happening. Then the glitches became ongoing issues. Then the ongoing issues became “exciting changes to come!” What it boils down to is that the deal that I agreed to and paid for was for unlimited audiobooks. I would be happy to pay more per month for a wider selection, but instead they are revamping the entire platform, charging less for the membership (eventually, I still paid full price to have limited books) with option to buy new books at a decreased price. It doesn’t sound like a bad plan, but it isn’t what was advertised. Also, the unlimited books? No. Apparently I listened to too many this month and now all the books I want to listen to have a countdown that began at 29 days. I’m very disappointed, and have unsubscribed from my membership.
  • Not what they advertise 1/5

    By Partypitstop
    They seem to have older and public domain titles. I’m okay with that as I wanted to enjoy some older titles. As previous reviews state they limit your titles. So far from unlimited. I could have purchased the books for what they were willing to let me listen to. My only positive about the app, my renewal was for the next day and I was able to cancel my subscription.

    By elonmosque
    total false advertisement.
  • It's a scam 1/5

    By Jannfann1
    Great for month, so excited. Now get a countdown clock when my next book will be available. 18 days????? Bye-bye
  • ! ... not so sure now 1/5

    By Goldie3033
    I have a Kindle and also my library app on my cell , this is a fantastic alternative! Lots of book options , quick down load and I dont have to wait for a book ! All for one small fee a month!! I love this ! - this was my initial it’s not unlimited books ... I have to wait 24 days now .., why is this ? UPDATE: 12/13/18 I was so happy to find an app with unlimited audio book options but I started my member ship 10/28/18 and I have been billed $9.99 three times !!!!! I just canceled today . It’s a shame
  • Great App, Great Customer Service 5/5

    By Maela Kay
    So. I never write reviews, but this app deserves one. I’ve had this app a while now, so I started off with a setup similar to Audible. $15 a month, a single premium book but with the option to listen to lots of free books. I had both subscriptions for a while, but when Otto became Hibooks and I could listen to literally everything I not longer wanted Audible. So, understandably they changed to having a timer on more premium books. A bummer, sure, but still a great deal. This week got down to three days (finally) and I checked back first thing this morning. My timer went up to six days (😱) so obviously I’ve been in series withdrawals for 20 days and was shocked! I sent a quick email to support, I was all “what’s up with that?!” And a sweet lady, Madeline, answered back immediately. She was all “I’m gonna get this fixed ASAP, and while you wait here’s some recommendations in the mean time.” So, obnoxiously long review I know, but my timer is fixed and I can start the book I’ve been waiting on!
  • best of the worst of audiobook apps...hint hint, possible competitors 3/5

    By warxhvinl
    They mostly let you listen to however much you want. Well, they used to. They’ve now switched to a “rotating” library system. Their website states that they are moving to a purchase-heavy system (150k+ books for sale). They will have 40k books (versus the current “over 50k” books) available for “unlimited” listening. No telling what those 40k books will be. Currently, books rapidly disappear off the app without warning, and most books have a timer for when you can access them....but somehow “13 days” is still “13 days” 13 days later. Regardless of their intent, the lack of communication with customers has made it so that the change blindsided everyone. And their refusals to give details about upcoming changes just feels like a scammy way to string you along and keep you subscribed. It just feels like they’re going from the netflix of audiobooks (which I was honestly willing to subscribe to for life) to an on-demand service with a few random books that you can listen to for no extra fee. It’s the best audiobook app I’ve found for the price. But all the changes are for the worse, as far as I can tell, and their tactics have made me so angry.... they are just so unbelievable...I currently have no plans to renew after this month. Other notes.... You can download titles, which is great for airplane rides, places with bad reception, etc. It also has a decent collection. No, not every book is there. But I’m often surprised by some of the titles I do find...they occasionally even get a recent release that I’ve been looking forward to. Unfortunately, “discoverability” remains an issue. There’s a basic attempt to make suggestions, group books by categories, alert you to other books by the same author, etc. But, it’s...not great. You basically need to craft your reading list somewhere else (goodreads anyone?) and then type in the titles one by one to check if they’re available. I would recommend checking via both author and title... Pretty much every customer service email from them comes with an offer to make a personalized list of suggestions. So, I took them up on their offer. I received a reply over two weeks later. That might just be me, though, because I sent them detailed information about what kind of books I was in the mood to read. The recommendations I got weren't bad....but half of them literally do not exist on the app anymore. Lol. More about customer service.... Usually they're pretty good at responding quickly. Emails are friendly and upbeat. Once, when service was disrupted for a few hours, they offered me an iTunes gift card so that I could get one month free. Pretty cool, especially since I didn't ask/expect that....Oh, the good ‘ole days. When books were actually “unlimited”, you didn’t feel like you were being scammed, and customer service went above and beyond.
  • Bait and Switch 1/5

    By BritNotBrit
    I loved this app for a few months when it was truly an unlimited audiobook service. I listen to four books a month normally. Now they have changed it to be throttled and limited us to selecting from a small subset of books that is just books hardly anyone wants to read. All bestseller books will be a charge of some kind that they won’t disclose yet. Avoid this app. They didn’t tell anyone they were even going to throttle and all of a sudden timers showed up. Very poor handling of this change.
  • Bookmark? 5/5

    By M00die Girl
    Please add a bookmark feature so I’ll stop losing my place when I doze off while listening.
  • A Not So Happy Tale 1/5

    By Cdljdl
    Hibooks was a 5 star app for me until November. That is when the change began to occur. Books began to have countdowns on them-and many books disappeared from the app completely. Hibooks was very vague with explanations and eventually we found out they were restructuring the format of the app. I held out in hopes that it would be for the best. Despite their customers asking for an explanation-none was given until yesterday when the CEO posted a blog entry explaining (somewhat) what would be happening in the next month or so. Unfortunately this app is moving away (even though they keep reminding us we can stream 40,000 books) from an audiobook Netflix type app to more of an Audible type app where you purchase the books that you can’t stream (which would be over 150,000). If you want to purchase books-this may be the app for you. Personally I would go with Audible since they at least have been forthright about their app! I would hate to purchase books and then an app close and lose all of my books-and since Audible is tied with Amazon I don’t foresee it going anywhere soon! I sadly find myself cancelling my Hibooks subscription-and I truly am sad about it! I used this app on a daily basis. However-I don’t want to purchase books. I read so much that I don’t often re-read-and those I do I have on Audible or my Kindle-or the physical copy of the book. I honestly don’t foresee this app making it. They are competing with Amazon lol. Also-they keep switching things around so much with little communication that they isolate their consumer base. I think if they truly cared they would have consulted their customer base just to get a reading on it all-a poll perhaps. I will unhappily move back to Scribd where at least I can listen to some of the books I want to-and if necessary pick back up my Audible subscription.
  • Quickly deleted free trial 1/5

    By eguzgonz
    My friend raved about how great the app used to be. I downloaded it and was unable to find any books she had on her download list. Apparently there are popular books but I have not found any. Not worth it!
  • Not unlimited as advertised 1/5

    By missstep13
    The service was advertised as unlimited audiobooks now anything interested is unavailable and shows a countdown timer. I have canceled my subscription and requested a refund.
  • Very disappointing!!!! 2/5

    By Gen286
    I started using this app over the summer I loved it at the beginning, about a month ago it started getting very difficult to download books almost every book I tried to download was unavailable. I got a message saying I would have to wait 19 day before it became available who has time for this. About to delete the app.
  • Not unlimited! 1/5

    By DeagleSaint
    Was able to download as many as I wanted! Then one day it tells me “Don’t worry you can download your next book in 14 days”! Not as advertised! Hi books can you explain this?
  • Useless now 1/5

    By JStamper
    At first, it was great. But then they pulled a MoviePass. Unlimited became limited, then all the popular titles disappeared leaving nothing worth reading.
  • Service isn’t what it claims 1/5

    By slmw2
    This service limits the number of books you can listen to. I have to wait a full month to download another book. So they expect me to pay for the month when I can’t utilize the program. Big RIPOFF!!!!
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kristofir Scott
    Takes your money and will not let you listen to any books. They respond to customer inquiries with vague and generic responses. Beware of this company!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By kmarokeo
    All of a sudden I have to wait 22 days to listen to a book? I'm canceling!
  • What a joke!!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 1/5

    By tami01
    Purchased this app since it said “UNLIMITED BOOKS” after listening to a few books as I work, I went to start my next book and it has a 28 day counter, tried another I had on my list and it had a 17 day count down and the same for the already download books in my library. What is that all about?? So obviously unlimited is only good for what they are willing to allow???? I am so annoyed with the change and how they decided to “Try something new!” The only good thing about this app is that they are paid through Apple so I don’t have to do a million things to not get charged again to listen to crap I don’t want to.🙁👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Big disappointment! 1/5

    By NikkiNack paddy wack
    I signed up for this believing I was really going to be able to listen to unlimited audiobooks. After listening to 2 books suddenly everything I try to listen to said it won’t be available for 22 days. Then after a few days I checked again and it was still 22 days! This morning ( several days later) it said 14 days to listen and a few minutes ago those same books won’t be available for 15 days. This is ridiculous!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Kal987124
    I used to really enjoy this app. I’m not sure what happened to the selection, but it is really lacking. It isn’t just new material, but older as well. I wish would have looked deeper in advance so I wouldn’t have subscribed for another month. :(

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