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Otto - Audiobooks & Podcasts App

There's always time for a great story, right? Listen to the best-selling audiobooks, from all your favorite authors. Or enjoy your favorite podcasts. Listening is the new reading. Whether you're into thrillers and mysteries, romances, fantastic worlds or just love learning about something or someone new, we've got you covered. Turn any everyday task into the experience it should be. With more than 55,000 audio books from all the best-selling authors. from over 30 categories. Create your own library and always have the best audio content with you on the go. Subscribe to your favorite podcasts and never miss an episode. ENJOY PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS WITH A HUMAN TOUCH Our expert editors create handcrafted collections of books, podcasts and short stories to help you navigate through the world of audiobooks and podcasts to discover amazing new content. KEY FEATURES: Unlimited access to more than 25,000 audiobooks with Otto Select Listen offline or stream online Chapter navigation Handpicked collections Create your own library Sleep mode Adjustable narration speed Follow your favorite podcasts and never miss an episode Stay up to date with breaking news Adjust your interests to improve your recommendations Listen to all the best-sellers like: - The Girl on the Train - Ready Player One - Game of Thrones - The Power of Habit - A Wrinkle in Time - Origin - Fire and Fury - The Book of Joy - Elon Musk and so many more... With a giant range of categories like: - Mystery & thrillers - True crime - Science fiction - Fantasy - Romance - Personal growth - Self-help - Business - Productivity - Horror - Classics - Children's books and so much more... Enjoy the best podcasts like: - Serial - The Joe Rogan Experience - Masters of Scale - WTF with Marc Maron - The Daily - This American Life - Stuff you should know and so many more... OUR PLANS: With Otto Select you get UNLIMITED access to more than 25,000 books in our catalog. Subscribing to the Otto Premium plan gives you not only access to all of the audiobooks in our Select library, but you also get one premium audiobook title per month! The best part is, any premium book you don't listen to, carries over to the next month so there's no wasted credits. Terms of our subscription: Your Otto subscription will automatically renew within a 24-hour period of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. - Otto Select is $9.99 a month for unlimited access to 20,000+ Audio books. - Otto Premium is $14.99 a month for everything included in the Select plan, plus one premium audio book per month. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on your country of residence. Any unused portion of a free trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication. - Terms & Conditions: - Privacy policy:


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Otto - Audiobooks & Podcasts app reviews

  • “The Netflix for audiobooks” is bad marketing 2/5

    By sad audiophile
    I jumped at the chance to be able to have a service where I could get multiple, newer audiobooks in the month for a little fee. I did not realize that many of those audiobooks are free books available on multiple platforms. I also did not realize that there are levels of access. Of course after I subscribed to the $9.99 per month, the book I wanted to listen to was a “premium” title. The reason why Netflix is successful is because they curate their titles and rotate each month to give people access to even more (new/newish) titles throughout the year. I don’t know if that is the plan with this service, but it is more expensive with less quality titles choose from than I realized when I first signed up. Wishful thinking on my part, unfortunately the value and catalog is not really here.
  • **Please Fix*** Unable to share podcast 1/5

    By Saleen SC281
    I want to share the podcast episodes with friends, but when I click on the share button nothing happens.
  • App forced rating 2/5

    By 636292639473829
    Glitchy audio. Would still give it 3-4 stars but the app keeps trying to either force a rating or force me to email them. It’s a disruptive pain that interrupts an otherwise ok listening experience.
  • The books here are fantastic 5/5

    By Abram Stonefist
    I love this but I can’t figure out how to get more credits.
  • Looking 4 , 4 a long time 5/5

    By Gilly in Da U.P. eh!
    Great app for campers that do not get or want TV
  • Great 5/5

    By Tyler Petterson
    Excellent! I have had this membership for 2 weeks now... it’s being great! Recently I went to Barnes and Noble and picked 5 books and searched them on Otto Radio and BOOM, I found them!
  • Wow! You are my best friend OTTO 5/5

    By Pappu Mangal
    The reason of my evening walk is you... the reason of my good health is you — I eat good—-I think good—I have a friend who is always there for me in good times and bad is you—the reason I am never lonely is you—OTTO I love you Noj...
  • What customer service? 1/5

    By Bendshark
    I have tried to subscribe, but after I paid for the subscription via iTunes I can’t access the content. They don’t make finding a way to reach them easy, and don’t respond when contacted for help.
  • What’s the issue 1/5

    By mjohn65
    For 14.99 a month you would think they could work out the bugs . This app is not consistent, stops starts without warning . Fix the problem , will you !!
  • Shat 1/5

    By Lootmaster06
  • For podcasts? 3/5

    By uenwbcj dnncke
    Seems like maybe more of a podcast app, which I have never really gotten into. I’m more into audiobooks and most of the titles/authors I looked up were a no go. And when I did finally find one, it’s Librivox, which is all in the public domaine and stuff. Nothing wrong with that, I just don’t see why I’d want to pay for stuff I can find online for free.
  • APP freezes 3/5

    I love the app and it’s content , but if I leave it and come back the next day , it takes a really long time for it to pick up where I left off. It just runs like it’s trying to download the content and it plays music at the same time. I have found myself giving up and listening to something else. I like to listen to it for 10 minutes sometimes while in the car , but I often can’t get it to come up in that amount of time.
  • Ehhh I like Scribd better 3/5

    By LaceeeInocence
    I used this app for a month and wanted to love it. My only problem is that most books are premium and you only get the one credit. With scribd you can listen to anything for $8.99. (Well all the thrillers I want to listen to) I ended up canceling just for the limitations and price point.
  • Charged for both subscriptions 1/5

    By Svacast
    Enjoy the app but I upgraded to premium and was charged for the regular subscription the same day
  • The best podcast app 5/5

    By PursuitCompleted
    After having tried several different apps, I settled on Otto Radio around a year ago. The user experience is simply phenomenal - it’s very easy to discover new podcasts based on my interests, the recommendations are mostly spot on and the listen later feature helps me prioritise my listening. It’s become my go-to app for learning via podcasts and I look forward to switching it on multiple times a day even just to listen to their theme music :D
  • Might possible be a virus 1/5

    By Bookert34
    Avoid this application at all costs. Signed up for the free trial because I like the idea and realized there is no way for me to unsubscribe I’ve spent the last 45 minutes both on iTunes and Otto radio trying to reset and cancel subscription. It says my password is incorrect I’ve had them resend a password reset four times and every time I click on it it says that the link has expired even though it was sent to me less than five seconds previous to me clicking the button. Again avoid this at all costs do not sign up for Otto radio.
  • Not enough titles 3/5

    By Odiesodie
    I wanted so badly to like this app. It has some books from select series but not complete series. And less known authors aren’t there at all. I might pay 5 bucks for this. But not 10. If you want me to move away from audible, get a bigger selections. I’d pay 30 a month or more for audibles selection on demand in a Netflix style.
  • How do I stop paying $9.99? 2/5

    By Rebecca_1234
    And, the answer is? Delete the app? Rebecca
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By t3600
    This is the best app for audiobooks I ever used, they give you free awesome audiobooks.!!!
  • Not good 1/5

    By NRRH1201
    Charged me without notice. Never responded to multiple attempts to cancel. Frustrating.
  • Download options could be better ... or more apparent 4/5

    By Ducksta
    I would like to download audiobooks for offline listening, but I’ve only found it for individual chapters. 5 ⭐️ if it were available/easily found.
  • Excellent App! 5/5

    By SAJD2017
    Enjoying it so far! I can’t believe I can listen to almost all of the books I’m interested in for free! 👍😊
  • A scam 1/5

    By JaiGi
    I got this to listen to audiobooks because I already use LibriVox and Podcasts and wanted to simplify this. I looked up the LibriVox book I had been listening to and it immediately started asking for a recurring $10 monthly subscription. For a FREE BOOK.
  • It’s good but have to wait too long for a credit 5/5

    By BabeGurl16
    I like this app, but it just takes too long to get credits. I mean I’m paying $14 to have premium access but the books I want to listen to are locked. Doesn’t seem fair to be paying so much and still be limited. Might as well just use Audible. At least I can just buy a book when I have no credits.
  • Review 5/5

    By Fun bucket 86
    Loving it
  • Confusing and Confused 1/5

    By Wish the would let
    At first I thought this app was great, I paid $9.99. Then I wanted to listen to a 2nd book that’s a part of a series and it said it was premium.( the first was not) That was $14.99, I figured that was fine and I could listen to the next two books in the month... wrong. It now says I don’t have ‘credits’. There isn’t a place to get more ‘credits’ and after paying $25 I don’t think I should have to buy credits anyway. So if you do get the app make sure to double check that you don’t want a book that’s a part of a series or you will buy A credit and then have to wait or cancel the subscription which is what I will be doing.
  • Great but one issue 4/5

    By Bsbzidsisndisodbdgisnsvsu
    Pumped about this app. I am an avid reader and have spent a lot of money on books. But having access to all these books in one place with unlimited access is amazing. Only Issue is some of the books I really want to read soon, I cannot find on Otto. I hope they continue to add a bigger library of books.
  • I live this app! 5/5

    By Sir McLaugh
    It’s way better than Audible. I can find Greek classics and books I need for my college classes. Super helpful.
  • Airplay Doesn't work 2/5

    By MorsesCode
    Attempting to airplay an audiobook to my fourth generation Apple TV results in each file skipping to the next repeatedly until the end of the audiobook. This is definitely a bug in this application as no other application on my phone has this problem. Fix it.
  • Cool man 5/5

    By Monkey2345
    It is very great it Amazing
  • Nice idea but shuts down 2/5

    By Alecporte
    I have tried this app and every time I am listening to a book it randomly shuts down and you have to reopen the app and start again. I can't even make it through one book. Unless the developer fixes this problem it is not worth my time and certainly not worth 9.99/month
  • Extremely disappointed 2/5

    By Sheabook
    Just downloaded the app for the trial and the app keeps closing within a few seconds of the very first chapter. Glad I am not in the paid version! 😩
  • Free Trial 1/5

    By booreviews
    I tried this software and didn’t like it, the next thing I know they’ve locked me out of my account so I couldn’t back out of the free trial. Warning
  • Where’s the streaming news “button”? 2/5

    By Code86
    I was really hoping that the streaming news button would return, but I don’t see it. Very disappointed. I guess I’ll keep using the web version, which is cumbersome. I may have to get my news elsewhere.
  • Worst app! 1/5

    By wrSlover
    This is my first time writing a review. I was so exited for this app, as I listen to 3-4 audiobooks a month and was exited to listen to lots of books. I paid the subscription fee and- it just doesn’t work. I download books and every 5 minutes, or end of every chapter, it quits and then plays some music until I re-open the app and manually move to the chapter i was in the middle of and have to re-locate. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded. I cancelled the subscription and then add it again. I’m not doing anything wrong, this app is just a junk app that doesn’t work even if you pay the $10-15. Sooooo incredibly disappointed!
  • NEVER remembers when I stopped in my audiobook 1/5

    By Andre Hebra
    Guess it’s off to audible, sad cause I liked This service better
  • Converted me to an Audiobook Lover 5/5

    By GiantsChick2121
    This app is better than Audible! Made me an audiobook lover easily. It truly is the Netflix of audiobooks.
  • Came for the audiobooks 1/5

    By Dominike7
    Left for the ridiculous prices...
  • Just another podcast app now 2/5

    By mdave
    With the team that created Umano app it started out great but otto has made it basically evolved into just another audio book podcatcher. I know content is expensive but I wish they would have figured out how to make it work. Hey Dev team, check into aws polly to translate text into audio and bring back the old umano type of content. Till then I’m uninstalling the app. Good luck guys but I’m out.
  • Not even close 1/5

    By Dreamy68
    It’s a shame these days that apps Say “free” until u sign up then asks u to join for a few months trial 🙄 Then way down the description it mentions the “premium” just wish it would mention this first. Would be nice.
  • audiobook selection falls short 3/5

    By rachface1210
    I enjoy Otto for its selection of podcasts but when I signed up to listen to audiobooks for $9.99/month I was greatly disappointed with the titles available. There just aren’t that many beyond the classics and the multitude of L. Ron Hubbard novels it keeps suggesting to me. I was hoping it would be more like Audible, with lists such as NYT Best Sellers so that I can select from a very general type of book rather than specific genres like “romance” or “biography.” I’m going to cancel my subscription, and I’m annoyed at myself for not doing so while I was still in the 3-day free trial period.
  • I’m out. Deleting the app. 2/5

    By MontiTiki
    It doesn’t do anything other apps don’t do as well and their recommendations could not be any worse of a match for me if they had set out to infuriate me. I tried it.
  • Good app tough to get any tech support 5/5

    By gorillababyface
    Mostly listen to audiobooks which they have a fantastic collection. However getting a response from email or phone has been nonexistent not sure what’s up with that. Overall definitely recommend if interested in audiobooks. Would like a review feature though so we could see what others thought of the titles
  • Otto Radio has changed for the worse 1/5

    By siggle_piggle04
    I adored Otto Radio when I first discovered it. It was great. Really great. I loved that I could customize my news reports around the subjects I was interested in, and I could get a new broadcast - refreshed with entirely new content - every time I listened. A customized news report was what I thought was the heart of Otto Radio. That’s what made it unique and special. Now it’s completely different. That feature appears to have been completely removed. It’s gone. And now Otto Radio is just like dozens of other apps that play audiobooks and podcasts. What makes this app different than all the others? On top of all of that, it’s become much more difficult to use and navigate through. It’s so disappointing and so sad. What was once a really great app feels like it’s sold out. It’s become so bloated and generic. You had something great. I wish you’d bring it back.
  • Unsubscribing not made easy 3/5

    By Melrose1972
    Please let me know how to cancel my subscription. Thank you!
  • UPDATED Review 4/5

    By spatch22
    This fits my needs for podcast listening. I think the design of the app is great and functions very well for me. Overcast is my primary app and has set the precedent in my opinion. Otto Radio is worthy competition, rightfully so. I'm giving this app serious consideration to be my primary, free podcast app. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this app and the developers. I was having issues with downloads and accessing them offline. It turned out to be a user error; I had suspicions and detailed that in my original feedback. — Original Review below— Great design and excellent user interface. But, how am I supposed to listen to downloads if they won't play when I'm in Airplane mode or no cellular data? What else could could downloaded mean? Something isn't quite right with that. I'm fearful there's something going on behind the scenes that still needs a data connection-- did I miss some fine print somewhere?
  • So disappointed with the update 2/5

    By Kell-c515
    Otto radio was my morning commute. It would play a few news announcements about what was going on in the US and the world and then the Daily would play. Then, when I was on my way home from work, it would play the afternoon news and some podcasts. Now, I can listen to news, or yesterday’s The Daily but I have to search for it and it doesn’t flow together. I can’t search and drive... Why? Why, did you change it??
  • Good 5/5

    By AnyGit
  • Reviews 3/5

    By OL Nick
    We’re are they?
  • Addicted 5/5

    By Blumk73
    Love this!! Makes my commute not just tolerable but enjoyable and I am actually stimulating my brain! Thanks Otto!!

Otto - Audiobooks & Podcasts app comments


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