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The Our Daily Bread devotional is read by millions of people around the world and encourages people to spend time with God every day. Join the Our Daily Bread community in growing closer to Christ. Daily readings are available in many languages, including English, Afrikaans, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Malay, Myanmar, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. With the Our Daily Bread app, it’s easy to: * Download a month of daily readings at a time for offline access. * Listen as you read with the built-in audio player. * Set a daily reminder to help you stay in God’s Word. * Share daily readings with your friends by email and social media. * Bookmark your favorite daily readings and capture your thoughts in your private journal. * Discuss daily readings with other Our Daily Bread readers in the public comments.


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Our Daily Bread app reviews

  • Couldn't get it to work. 1/5

    By AardvarkSagus
    I loaded the app and tried using it, but none of the sections would populate with anything at all. It was nothing but blank unusable headings. The"Today" button would flash as I tapped it, with no effect, and the monthly archives would open a new page that interminably loaded nothing. Reboot didn't help.
  • There’s just one thing... 4/5

    By breezy56
    I enjoy listening to the daily readings, and appreciate learning how to pronounce certain names in the Bible, but the one downfall is that lately, he’s been starting over, at the beginning, even after I’ve closed out the app after he’s finished. I don’t know if others have had the same problem or not, but I thought you would want to be aware of it. That’s the only thing that is keeping me from giving it 5 stars. I had hoped it would have been resolved with the last upgrade, but perhaps it hadn’t been a problem for other app users.
  • Reading Plan 4/5

    By gr8ful4Jesus
    Love this app! Is it possible to offer a daily reading plan also?
  • No funciona bien 1/5

    By Namari1
    Hola podrían arreglar la falla de que abro la App y se cierra no puedo leer nada
  • Update is Unusable 1/5

    By Suuxdjsoic
    The latest update needs to be fixed. The app crashes almost immediately after I open it and I’m not able to use it anymore. I got it to stay open for about 2 minutes tops total before it crashes again. Help, I miss my morning reading!
  • So so so so so so good 5/5

    By Daydot
    Easy access. So good. So clear. Audio and reading. Good for anyone. I’ve been so inspired and touched by the devotionals. Been reading them for years
  • Broke application 5/5

    By Magpot75
    They need fix application
  • An excellent devotional 5/5

    By jlapus
    Thank you for sharing God’s Word. I continue to declare blessings upon your ministry. In JESUS’ name. :)
  • Too Big 2/5

    By Thisismytenthnicknameattempt
    I like the app but there's no reason for it to be 177MB. It's the 5th largest app on my phone, and I have tons off apps, including multiple social media apps. Gotta uninstall for more space.
  • Authors 4/5

    By Kenaprile
    The Our Daily Bread app is great! Easy to use and well laid out format. I’d like to make one suggestion: please add to your menu a link to a page that includes the pictures and bios of all of your authors. You occasionally offer this link at the end of one of your daily messages. It would be nice to have regular access to that information.
  • God is Good 5/5

    By KillerInk707
    Love this app. Awesome.
  • Please update for iPhone X 4/5

    By Ksharp0516
    Daily Bread is a great ministry in which I’ve read since I was a teenager. The messages are practical and realistic. They have touch my heart daily. Only bad thing is the that they haven’t updated to fit the specs of the iPhone X
  • Looks great! 5/5

    By bazookamoan
    This is a great looking app. I look forward to the continued growth of this product.
  • Old became New 5/5

    By gazerofheaven
    As a child, I would see Our Daily Bread devotionals all over my church in small book form. Every book that I got my hands on was both inspirational and intriguing. Now that it is in a convenient app that not only inspires you to read your devotional on a daily basis, it also has a new devotional every day that is written by a diverse group of individuals with an assortment of racial backgrounds. From individuals who grew up in Asia to those who grew up here in the Americas, this devotional has a bit for everyone to be inspired and hear the message of God.
  • AM support 5/5

    By ChampPilot
    As a new Christian I needed these little booklets for encouragement. Sam In Solvang
  • Great, but... 3/5

    By Rudjcbdicdj
    I would give it a five but the huge problem I have with this app is the split screen compatibility in the iPad. It’s not smooth at all and it’s very irritating at times.
  • Mom’s Favorite 5/5

    By ScottieBum
    I can remember as a kid seeing my mom every morning sitting. At the kitchen table with her Bible and Daily Bread devotional. She would sit and read and pray. She has been gone for 30 years now and I find myself daily using my ODB app to sit and read and pray. This is so meaningful. Every day I open it I think of mom and look forward to the day that I’ll see her again.
  • Corrected 5/5

    By pem_70
    10/12/2017 update: Someone finally listened and now I can keep both bible gateway and this app separate. The Bible reading now loads within the app without forcing the gateway app to open. This is a much smoother experience and I hope it would continue. I was thinking about taking of a star as the daily reminders have now become buggy.. but that’s very minor. I’m keeping the bulk of the previous review I did months ago in case they try to “ fix” the app again and ruin it. I partner with ODB because of the long and fruitful time they have helped me in my university years 20 years ago. I moved from paper to electronic several years ago even though the booklet version was still "free". I believed that some other person who cannot afford to pay (as I was years ago) could benefit from a free booklet. What has generally been useful tool I use to help with my spiritual walk with God, has now become a horrible chore. This year, the app was completely updated with a fresh & new look. This was initially mildly problematic, but as with anything new, they worked them out and offered some benefits. I especially enjoyed looking at the artwork. Things have gone steadily worse since that. I am unsure if this is licensing issues, or if this is a way to help those who do not have Internet access all of the time to be able to be off-line completely and do their devotions. However, by linking one app to another ( bible gateway) which they cannot control, is a fiasco where reading the most simple verse is met with 5 to 10 crashes in the iPad version. I try not to be petty and pray and look up the verses manually.. but in a moment where the time carved out for devotions ( I often work 100+ hours a week) become constrained due to a child that needs consoling or other event, you end up skipping part of your devotions which is another tool our adversary can use against us.. I'm starting to realize that this is becoming a stumbling block to me. I'm sure I'm not alone with this and the main damage by having a good app gone bad is not physical user frustration, but spiritually enabling the adversary to claim victory in a Christian's walk- opposite of what this app was intended to do. That's why I'm giving this app a 1+ rating.. Hopefully, the makers of this app and Bible gateway's app would come together in unity to make the new format work and I'll look forward to the updates. Also, ODB can simply build in an option to either open bible verses in the ODB app ( a cleaner and more intuitive look) as was done previously, or send the link online ( as was before this latest update ) while working out the kinks in the iPad app issues. In the meantime, I can no longer recommend this app to new Christians on others out of fear it becomes a stumbling block to others, and I'm having to look for another App to use for devotions. I will keep checking back when updates are released- if only because of the wonderful work the ODB organization has done (& continue to do) in spreading the word.
  • I love it 4/5

    By amw6166
    I love reading our daily bread but it won't let me download October and it crashes
  • Add 3/5

    By $assi
    Add Instagram to options please
  • Found a fix 4/5

    By MCee7
    I was unable to open links to Scriptures from the app until I deleted my Bible Gateway app from my iPad. Now ODB works just fine. Can’t imagine why the two apps would conflict with each other or why there seems to be no interest in resolving the issue.
  • A few recommendations 4/5

    By Shera D Girl
    I love the ODB app; however, it would be nice of the Reading Plans changed each month. Once you’ve read them all, that’s it.
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By 9215
    I download the app create my account...but it keep saying unable to log in....I have tried many times and still I am unable to read daily devotional.....if you are not fixing the app you need to remove it
  • It crashes, cannot open the app 1/5

    By ccbythec
    I've been using the app for quite some time, now it crashes, I cannot even open the it. Please fix, it's part of my daily devotional.
  • Love Our Daily Bread but the app is terrible 1/5

    By ChristianOtaku
    App keeps crashing every time I open it
  • Crashes when you try to open it 1/5

    By HollyTarquinio
    Not sure what happened. This app worked fine for a while but now doesn't stay open to use. I've tried deleting and reinstalling several times. No dice. Disappointing.
  • App is worthless 1/5

    By rehseh
    I loved this app and used it daily in my devotions but now it crashes every time I try to open it. I finally deleted it off my iPhone. If it continues to crash, I'm going to delete from my iPad as well. Too bad - used to be a great devotional tool. I finally just started going to the odb website for the devotional.
  • Love the devotion but...... 3/5

    By ToneTone21
    As soon as I open it, it suddenly closes. The app needs help!
  • From a 5 to a 1 1/5

    By HERKENG1964
    This is/was a 5 star app. Right now it performs like a 1 star app. I have used this app for the last 5 years. Its a wonderful & spiritual way to start your day. I really like the ODB app but, it started messing up. The problem: something in the latest updates has made the app crash. I cannot get the app to stay open. I reset my phone and the results were the same. I deleted the app, reloaded it & got the same results. As of today, the app is unusable. Please fix the issue.
  • KEEPS CRASHING!!!! 1/5

    By JuanitaDWest
    Have installed and installed and installed and it still crashes! Please fix! Thank you!
  • Crashes as soon as you open it 3/5

    By Temple king champ
    Love the app but for the last week it has been crashing as soon as you open it
  • Horrible update! 1/5

    By 2LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't login, doesn't open to current date, doesn't send daily notifications, can't change password. I used to love this app but not after this "update" (or should be down-grade). 9/5/17 update....still not working! I like ODB but I don't know what they're doing to make it NOT WORK! Change my rating to one-half star!
  • Please fix 1/5

    By Ms. OhsoFine
    For the past 3-4 days the app closes immediately after opening I have not be able to read the daily bread. I've tried power cycling my device and uninstalling/reinstalling the app only find that doesn't resolve the issue. I am on the verge of deleting the app for good if not fixed soon
  • App Crashes on Startup 1/5

    By RunningOverTheHill
    The App is now crashing when you open it and is completely nonfunctional.
  • I love this app ... but it now it won't open 3/5

    By SmartBarbie
    Very disappointed that app now crashes every time I try to open it. So many people depend on this for their daily reading. Please hurry and fix this problem. And thank you for the good work you do in sharing God's Word.
  • Crash! 1/5

    By Beancounteroc
    I love the content of the app but this version crashes 9 out of 10 time. Help!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By ohbaldy
    I can't even get this app to open on my iPad or iPhone. Used to work great and loved the devotionals with my morning coffee. Update please
  • Use to be great!!!!! 1/5

    Don't what they did in the last update, now it will not open! "If it's not broken, don't fix it'"
  • A little disappointed 3/5

    By Freddiesgirl05
    I love our daily bread and love the app too. That is until a few days ago when the app stopped opening for me. I uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail and the support link takes forever to load and then finally says Bad Gateway. Please fix this bug I really miss reading it.
  • Please please fix this app 1/5

    By PinkieCupcake
    I depend on getting my God fix daily and the app keeps crashing. I will change star count once app is fixed.
  • App crashes every time I try to open it 1/5

    By Dflan28167777
    What happened? I used to use this app every day and haven't been able to open it for a week! I hope they are working on fixing it!! How about some feedback to users on what the problem is?
  • Please fix from crashing 1/5

    By Duderipsit69
    I'm trying to access older info and the app keeps crashing. Can you please fix it?
  • Issues with the app 2/5

    By joe hos
    I love the app but recently there has been an issue trying to open the app, it immediately shuts down. Before it was an issue listening to the Bible verses. Please fix soon, I miss my mornings listening🙏

    By Shanda G
    Love the daily devotionals, but lately the app crashes a lot. I'm having to constantly delete and download. I simply hate that. But overall, the content is absolutely amazing. Great food for the mind, heart, spirit, and soul.
  • Crashes way too often 3/5

    By Ngozis4th
    The App is awesome, Gods word at your fingertips and amazing devotional but it crashes regularly.
  • Can't use app due to crashing 2/5

    By megalcamo
    I loved the app the first week or two I had it and the last two weeks it keeps crashing. I prefer not to get on my emails right away so I like to go to the app and read a daily devo but the app won't even open.
  • Crashing 2/5

    By Helpwmv
    Love this app, but can't use it because it crashes. Won't let me review in the app. Had to go to app store to write this. What is solution?
  • App was working fine until it started crashing 1/5

    By YGOfanatic
    In the last few days, the Daily Bread has been working fine. But tonight is the first time this app started crashing. Not sure why this is happening but I hope this problem gets fixed asap.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Roxanne60
    Started crashing today. Please fix.
  • Can't open readings 1/5

    By Elkslayer16
    I loved this app but I haven't been able to open any readings. I deleted then reinstalled but I still cannot open anything. Please fix this problem I miss my morning devotion!

Our Daily Bread app comments


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