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The Our Daily Bread devotional is read by millions of people around the world and encourages people to spend time with God every day. Join the Our Daily Bread community in growing closer to Christ. Daily readings are available in many languages, including English, Afrikaans, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Malay, Myanmar, Polish, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. With the Our Daily Bread app, it’s easy to: * Download a month of daily readings at a time for offline access. * Listen as you read with the built-in audio player. * Set a daily reminder to help you stay in God’s Word. * Share daily readings with your friends by email and social media. * Bookmark your favorite daily readings and capture your thoughts in your private journal. * Discuss daily readings with other Our Daily Bread readers in the public comments.

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Our Daily Bread app reviews

  • App Freezes 1/5

    By WsTNMimi
    This app has been freezing up every time I open it
  • Help 1/5

    By Zzzoie
    I downloaded this app but it won’t let me create an account...every name I’ve used won’t take so I also used numbers & still won’t let me create an account...it’s hard to give stars without knowing if app is good or not so I give 5 for the mail books but so far 1 bc I can’t get in to app
  • Read ODB every day 5/5

    By Slowdown65
    Wrote a bad review yesterday because I read 1 John 4:15 instead of 1 John 4:16 and thought Monica Brands La Rose left Jesus out of the verse. My Bad!!! 🤦‍♀️
  • Bible link not working 5/5

    By Gma Geese
    Since the 9-20-2019 update ODB will not open on my iPad. Please help. 5 years ago- I love this app but the Bible link does not work. Please fix. Thank you.
  • Music???? 1/5

    By Timothy Cof-fin
    I used to be able to play music as I read my devotional. Anytime you opened the app it would pause anything that was playing but then I could go back and push play and I'd be fine. Can you please add the availability back to play music??
  • App Freezes 3/5

    By mals641
    The app still freezes after the update. Would appreciate it’ll be fix.
  • Encouraging App! 5/5

    By Amaka_Estelle
    I’ve loved using this app as a way to center myself for the day. I would love to see an iPhone Widget added so that I can check the app at a glance for a quick boost when needed throughout the day.
  • Deleting certain stuff 4/5

    By brisket 3465
    Our Daily Bread app is a really good app for Christians who love having a close relationship with God. It doesn’t only give you verses but an understanding of the verses with real life scenarios. When I started using Our Daily Bread as a guest it was very easy to use. I could do my quiet time no problems. Then I made an account so that all my notes could be saved, but when I logged in everything I had done as a guest had been deleted. Also, after I acquired an account the journal would let me type, but not let me save, so I would have to copy and paste it or type it again.
  • Terrible Upgrade 1/5

    By Big - DG
    I should have learned my lesson, the last update won't even load on my computer, I have iOS 10.3. Don't update unless you have the latest and greatest machine. I love ODB, but please get a programmer who knows what they are doing. How do I get the old version back? You cannot get back to to the daily calendar if you select something else on the menu, you have to exit and restart. I had ODB writings going back to 2012--- ALL GONE. You can only go back to 2015 and have to download each month again, one by one, all 28 months. Please bring the old version back, or at least warn us before you totally change everything. My quiet time this morning turned into a morning of fustration.
  • Old version 4/5

    By Lousy version
    When I downloaded the ODB from the App store, it’s quite different from the previous version I had. Ho can I go back to ky previous version. I like it better than the new version.
  • Continuous play or loop play? 5/5

    By lotus jasw
    Can it play the same episode in a loop? Also, can it play a month’s episodes continuously?
  • Great, but a little thing 4/5

    By Chicken Girl 2002
    I’ve been using this app for years. I like to have a habit of doing devotions, and this app motivates me to do so, and I get to read a new story each day. However, the app crashes when I try to open it. Can you fix it? But other than that, great app:) God bless!
  • Now useless 1/5

    By Dr. Strobes
    App crashes immediately, even after deleting and reinstalling. Haven’t been able to use it in weeks.
  • App keeps crashing on my iPad. 1/5

    By Chivericky
    Like many tech items, seem to want to make improvements but often wind up breaking something that was working fine. I've used this app for years, now I can't get it open on my iPad.
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Docthecat
    Wish it would work it it won't . Tried over and over. Hope they fix it. App has completely stopped working , sorry it has , it is a great daily reading.
  • Trouble accessing. 1/5

    By Bally 624
    I can no longer pull it up on my I pad after the app was updated. Have the latest version on my I pad and should be able to get it. I have deleted it and reloaded it several times but when I click on it it comes up then disappears, truly depressing.
  • Great devotions - some bugs in app 4/5

    By jkaz23
    I've used the Our Daily Bread devotions for many years now and enjoy them a lot! I will frequently bookmark the ones that speak to me and share them at the beginning of church meetings. I do have one issue and one request. The app will freeze if I try opening it at certain times of the day - I'm not sure if that's when it has the heaviest load and thus has trouble downloading the devotion or what. The second is that I find the "You read x days in a row!" counter very demoralizing. I only use the app as part of my weekday routine so every week I'm starting over and feeling like a failure since I can never get over 5. I would love to see an option added to be able to turn that off. Some people may appreciate that extra bit of motivation, but for others, it's very guilt producing - not what you want from a devotion app that is supposed to build your faith up. Thanks for listening!
  • Our Daily Bread Issue not opening 4/5

    By CCE teacher
    I deleted the app and reloaded it and still it flashes immediately when I tried to open it. I have system 10.3 as required. It also frequently freezes. So sad because it is one of the resources I use for my daily meditations and I share it my daughter who lives in another state.
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By insainlewey
    I read this daily.
  • No longer works with VoiceOver 1/5

    By bwatson1122
    The previous version of this app worked wonderfully with the VoiceOver Screen reader and with my braille display. Now, with the updated version and the advent of iPad Os 13.1.1 text no longer displays, only the word “image is spoken. Some buttons aren’t labeled and the audio player button results in complete silence. I downloaded the app in February and got it to work quite well so am very disappointed that it now no longer works. Looking forward to it working again and to recommending it to blind friends. Keep up the good work.
  • Latest update (3.2.5) will not allow app to open. 1/5

    By Upndair767
    The app no longer opens with your latest Sept 3.2.5 update. Cannot open on my older iPad 4 running 10.3.4. (14G61). This is the highest update allowed on this iPad. Touching the app flashes for an instant, then closes back down. Yeah I know the iPad is old but everything else still works. Not ready to slap down good money for a new iPad just yet. Miss reading my Daily Bread this way. Will go back to the booklets for now. God Bless you for an otherwise great piece of software that makes devotionals convenient to use. It is great having numerous resources all in one place for further in depth study. (When it works) Take another look at the recent update to fix the conflict please.
  • Blank pages 1/5

    By renay55
    What is wrong with this app....ugh! I have been using this app for at least three years with no problems. For the last month all I get are blank pages and nothing loads, can’t scroll and everything freezes. Sooooooo annoying. I can see I’m not the only one having these issues. And I have deleted and reinstalled several times to no avail. I really hope you fix this problem soon!!!!!!!!
  • Couldn’t ever open it 1/5

    By rubybudda95
    I was really looking forward to using this app, but I could never get it to open. That’s too bad, I love ODB
  • Our Daily Bread app 5/5

    By imr4895
    I got notice to update app yesterday and after I updated the app does not work now, when I click on app it flashes and goes off. Any help on this problem. Love reading ODB but will miss it if I can’t get back into the app.
  • Newest update constantly crashes 4/5

    By Shoey100
    I love the daily Red but I can no longer access it. The newest update constantly crashes as soon as I turn it on. I am using an iPhone 5.
  • Disappointed and . . . . 3/5

    By Julie080329
    I have read this app many times but today’s post really bothered me. Today is Sept 22. You watered Philippians 4:13 down. The kjv version says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” The version you used says, “I can do all this through him who strengthens me.” Anyone reading this may wonder who him is. This to them sounds like things in present only but kjv is more explicit. Therefore I’m deleting your app because I share readings with others and I don’t want anyone led astray.
  • Love the app! 5/5

    By pims81
    ODB gives you all the tools you need to delve not only into the reading of the day, but also God’s Word on a daily or regular basis, and offers wonderful resources for further, in depth study, and personal journaling. I love this app, it makes my quality of life, and walk with the Lord better.
  • Audio Player N/G Version 3.2.4 3/5

    By Johnee249
    Since updating to v.3.2.4 when trying to play current day’s article after touching play button, player will pinwheel and app will freeze, e.g. can’t close player, can’t change page! If I wait several minutes before touching play button, streaming audio will play ok. IPad 6 w/OS 12.4.1
  • App freezes 1/5

    By Temec38
    For several days the app is not accessible. I miss not being able to begin my day with reading the devotional.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Bilsul
    After trying to open this app repeatedly, deleting it and downloading it again, and restarting my phone several times over the course of 45 minutes, I finally just deleted this app. Freezes over and over again. The message is kind of lost when I’m getting mad because this app doesn’t work. Also after reading several other reviews about the same problem, don’t ask me to email for support or clear my cache. Don’t you think most people would know to clear the cache for a problem like this?
  • Ms Lin 4/5

    By MrsLinda 3/24/2013
    It's crashing but I do love the app
  • App keeps freezing 4/5

    By ColtonsMom90210
    I love this app, but lately It freezes all the time. If I open the app, it loads but once I click on today’s devotion, it completely freezes on my iPhone X. I can’t scroll down or swipe to see the rest of the devotion. It’s very disappointing, because I did enjoy this app so much. Please fix. The developer reached out and asked me to clear the app cache and remove and reinstall the app. Unfortunately, that did nothing. The app still freezes on my iPhone X and I still can’t scroll or swipe up or down to see the devotion.
  • Volume does not work, can read daily meditation, but cannot hear. Please fix. 2/5

    By No Longer good app.
  • App freezes 2/5

    By dleighw
    The app keeps freezing up! It does this on my husbands phone as well.
  • Help 2/5

    By tchrshea
    Won’t open anymore. Just kicks me out.
  • App freezes and crashes 2/5

    By DivaDoll77
    I can’t access enough content to give more than 2 stars. I get an error message whenever I try to log in with my email even though my credentials are correct. If I try to log in with Facebook the app crashes. I have the same problem on multiple devices.
  • Positive Start to the Day 5/5

    By uglyfruit34!
    I love Our Daily Bread. It always start my day out right and is so relatable to my life. I listen to it on my way into work in the car through my Bluetooth. It reminds me of my purpose and to always put God first and to pray. Thank you so much for creating this app, it truly is a gift!
  • Love Daily Bread in App form 5/5

    By PaulaDiane
    I’ve always read Daily Bread. I started as a child when my Grandma always had them and read them. Now I’m a Grandma! I love the feature telling me how many days in a row I’ve read. It encourages me to keep going. Who doesn’t love a challenge with oneself?! Thank you for your faithfulness.
  • Freezes up 2/5

    By asoonerfan
    When I can read it, I love it but it freezes up on me. I’m unable to scroll down the page. I deleted the app and then reloaded it and still the same issues. I thought it might be my phone. When I got my new phone, I downloaded the app and it continues to freeze up.
  • I love Our Daily Bread 5/5

    By D. Costanzo
    I’ve been reading the Daily Bread for I’m guessing 30-35 years. I’ve always found it beneficial, encouraging and always perfect for what I needed for each day. The writers have always shared Gods word in a loving beautiful and accurate way. I have always been incredibly thankful for those who put the time and effort into making Our Daily Bread such a great daily devotional. It is such a huge blessing!!
  • Insane 1/5

    By shxjdksklajxjskejfkvg
    I made the appointment unfortunate decision of updating this app. Now it's constantly freezing and I can't use it. And the developer is responding to similar reviews by saying a new device would resolve the issue and to email them? Are you out of your mind? Insane.
  • App keeps locking up... 2/5

    By JHJR
    First off, I love this app, I’ve been using it for years now and it’s my favorite devotional. But here lately every morning when I open the app, the devotion for the day locks up and can’t scroll through to read. Also, when I swipe to read the Insights, sometimes it works other times it doesn’t.
  • Ayuda! 1/5

    By ari_009
    Quiero registrarme y no me deja acceder la página, lo he intentado hasta con Facebook y nada!!!
  • Language 4/5

    By fam de 7
    I love this our daily bread app But it doesn’t let me switch to the language that I want to
  • Bug fix 1/5

    By KiethTaunton
    I can’t scroll through devotions after opening my app. Help please
  • App keeps freezing 3/5

    By cerritosboy562
    App keeps freezing
  • Review 5/5

    By BRMarks
    Just wanted to say I have been reading this for years and really enjoy it. Got a new iPad and am downloading it now. I like that I get old and New Testament. And love the stories in the beginning. Would recommend this to anyone. Thank you for giving us this app.
  • Freezes 2/5

    By Gepayne
    This app freezes every time I try to use it.
  • Broken again 1/5

    By iwishitworked
    This time around the updates have broken the June download. Once May ends, I can’t use the app anymore. Seems like we keep getting major bugs every couple of updates. Really would like to go back to the app used in iOS 11. It was so much better. I don’t use social media and wish all of that junk could not even be there. Simple barebones offline devotional is all I want or need.

Our Daily Bread app comments

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