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  • Current Version: 4.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Outback Steakhouse
  • Compatibility: Android
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Outback Steakhouse App

The NEW Outback App is now available across all participating Outback Steakhouse locations. The Outback App is the fastest, mobile way to enjoy the bold flavors of Outback Steakhouse. Ordering your Outback favorites is simple with our easy-to-use ordering and ability to save your order for future steak cravings. Sign up for our Dine Rewards loyalty program, track your rewards and easily apply them to your mobile order. You can also find your nearest location. -- The Outback App is a convenient way to order your Outback favorites from your phone. Dine Rewards is built into the app for easy sign-up, tracking, and rewards access. Here’s how: Mobile Order: Customize and place your to-go order through the phone for Curbside Takeaway to pick-up at the restaurant or Delivery straight to your door. Taste the Rewards: Join our Dine Rewards program, link your account to get rewarded for your purchases and apply your rewards directly in the app. Save Your Order: View your previous orders for quick easy re-ordering. -- The Outback App uses data encryption to protect your financial information and card data is never stored on Outback Steakhouse servers. The Outback App uses GPS to enhance the user experience by prompting you when searching for a restaurant. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Outback Steakhouse app reviews

  • Not the best app - the app doesn’t stay logged in, pwd reset is not working, needs Apple Pay, 2/5

    By cmmac
    The words were invisible for me so I wrote my review in the subject line I can’t see this to edit
  • Zero Star app. 1/5

    By TDC0430
    Dine rewards to include customer service is dismal failure. Dine rewards never sync—manually uploading all receipts. Read most recent reviews and you will see versus fabricated app store rating
  • No delete button 1/5

    By Drd
    If you add an item to the cart and then change your mind, you cannot delete an item from the cart. This must be fixed. This is using an iPhone 13 experience.
  • Almost Completely Useless 1/5

    By CowboyMarcus
    You can order but that's about it. Doesn't automatically give you your points in the so called loyalty program. When you try to gi back and put in your missing points, it can never find your purchases. What a waste of time...DELETED
  • Terrible app. Can’t even log in. 1/5

    By JK for real
    Never lets me log in.
  • Super!! 5/5

    By TTG33
    Order is always correct! Service is fast! Website is easy to navigate!!
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Duncan Hinds
    Can’t even make a reservation! And the reward program it’s gone!??!? Time to eat at home.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By %-+pat][<>
    Tried to join the waitlist at the local restaurant and app just sent me in circles. I only go to restaurants with online waitlists, so Outback just got taken of my list!
  • Can't join waitlist 1/5

    By SimonBelmnt
    Used to love this app for its ease of joining the waitlist and being able to go right in and get seated. Got on today to do so and it has been a nightmare trying to get it to work. Not sure what they've done to it, but definitely not happy with it. Looks like longhorn today.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Smallcandles
    The app is totally useless. It generally send you their website which also doesn’t work if you want to join the waitlist from your phone. The app has been like this for years
  • Can’t Pay In The App 1/5

    By JoshS34
    I can’t pay my bill in the app because when entering the payment code it says multiple checks are on the same payment code. We pay separately and should be able to use the app to pay and not have a problem. I go to other restaurants and this is not a issue. I can scan a QR with my phone and select my items from an itemize list. Outback is behind the times. I’d like to suggest it be made possible for people to pay their one meals on the app and not have to give a card to a server. Giving each check their own payment code would solve this problem. Separate checks separate payment codes
  • Outback Steakhouse 5/5

    By Likemike277
    Always hits the spot. We can even write who each meal is for, and can adjust sides and toppings to our liking! Thanks!
  • Can’t make a reservation on app 1/5

    By Bhmal
    Loyal outback customer and tried to make a reservation on app but could not. Arrive at restaurant and everyone else was able to make a reservation.
  • Excellent!!! 5/5

    By ordering ninja
    OUTBACK NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!!! I order often for delivery. The food is always HOT and delicious!!! Every order is correct right down to the utensils and straws!!! I’m never disappointed by you guys! Keep up the good work cause this house loves ALL the food and superb service!!!
  • Worst app 1/5

    By Jenny8660
    This app is worthless. You can use in restaurant because it doesn’t connect. Also can’t use at home with your receipt because it says they can’t find your transaction!
  • Useless 1/5

    By hjlva26
    It’s the most useless app. Texas Roadhouse is better even on that.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Debt free bound
    The last update has bugs. Won’t let me passed the accepting cookies info, but allows me to move the background with no results on joining the waitlist.
  • Apple Pay 3/5

    By ivvhggfdevnjugfddghgv
    Not available so I had to type in cc info
  • Useless app. 1/5

    By Alti2d
    Bartender told me to download this app so I could start getting rewards. I eaten and paid three times and now I just discovered I got to go onto another website to get rewards. It should be automatic. So zero rewards for almost $200 worth of food
  • Out back bad 1/5

    By Trinity223456
    Worst customer service ever never coming back bye my food took like 2hours the mac dont go no mac I’m so mad at them I'm very disappointed food was cold and everything and manager was mean.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Cracked11223344
    Horrible rewards program. They don’t apply visits. I think they have missed 3 of my last 5 visits. Not worth it if you have to keep following up to get your credits. Even after contacting their support, I don’t think I got my last reward either.
  • Rewards scam 2/5

    By Msbarron172
    I order off of the app at least once or twice a week I’m never able to put in the order even if it’s 24 hours after a Purchased. I got one reward for only five dollars and I got to use it once and the time I got to use it it didn’t count as points make that make that 🤷🏽‍♀️sense.
  • Cart will not allow to remove items 2/5

    By cocsmith
    Only gives me the edit and duplicate options. In edit, I can change the item in the cart but cannot delete the item.
  • So easy and delicious ! 5/5

    By JdD090302
    The app is so easy to order my favorites from Outback- love it !
  • Stubbornly not working 1/5

    By Zoran Markovich
  • Impossible to Login 1/5

    By exnun
    I can not login to my rewards. Will not allow a reset either. I guess this is how Outback no longer has to give you a break on their already highly overpriced food. And, I thought the new Rewards program was bad. Keeping you out of the program altogether is worse.
  • Lots of difficulty 1/5

    By Going broke in NYC
    Tried to sign in. Gave me a hard time, changed my password, still gave me a hard time. Couldn’t sign in. Will hash it out at the restaurant.
  • Our waitress 5/5

    By bus151
    Alexas was the best she was on the ball very sweet and polite I recommend her to be your waitress
  • Dinner on Command 😉 5/5

    By classiscountry
    Love having my Outback meal in the comfort of home. Alway a great meal 😉
  • Delivery Service Very Iffy 5/5

    Their online system is five star. Their delivery service is barely a one star. Outback serves good food. But when their delivery service leaves it at the front door 15-20 before the promised time and does not ring the doorbell, the food gets cold and that’s a problem. This has happened more than once although we watch closely. Outback doesn’t seem to take this problem seriously.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By 1nst1nct
    Switches the city upon check out even when location services are verified. Confusing interface on main page. Limited menu on app.
  • Call? Don’t bother. I was hung up on after waiting. Beyond rude. 2/5

    By Elalancito
    Extremely uninformative and rude both. Congrats. Since this incident, I’ve returned to receive fine service but beware.
  • Soup bowl 3/5

    By EC2/16
    I have tried to use your app to order a potato soup bowl, but your app does not allow you to select cup or boat option so I end up having to phone in my order missing out on any rewards.
  • *just now* updated and still not fixed 1/5

    By Kajunkitti
    I’m a regular. I like delivery. I have to use the stupid app because it’s the only way you will accept your own gift cards as payment and still deliver. I’ve now been attempting to order for over 2 weeks, unsuccessfully, because the option to select a temperature on meats of any kind, even a burger, has disappeared! I literally updated the app 5 minutes ago, thinking it surely was fixed but STILL CAN’T ORDER A FREAKING BURGER OR STEAK! Won’t let you add to cart until you select a temp, but there is NO OPTION FOR THAT! How hard is this?!?! It used to work!! GAHHH!!!!
  • Rewards only work if they actually work 2/5

    By Pimp69z
    Dine in rewards login summary: “Oops something went wrong. Oops something went wrong. Oops something went wrong. Your account has been blocked for too many attempts.” What kind of nonsense is this?
  • App error 3/5

    By mikeAmia
    unable to change temperature on steak
  • Overall Pretty OK 4/5

    By Tanks iPhone
    Overall, the App works as it is supposed to. It would be very nice to be able to order ranch, blue cheese, or any other sauce and dip. We do t mind paying for it, but it is not available on the App. Fix that, and it becomes a 5 star.
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By Pmadren
    I’ve tried on numerous occasions to add my info so I get credit for rewards. It NEVER works! App needs some serious updates to correct this issue. I should also be able to get credit for rewards that are missed at point of sale. Even the Chick-fila app allows for this. Even searching for items to order on the app is not very easy. Please make updates to correct these issues SOON!
  • Thanks 5/5

    By claypot
    Great job!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jones2317
    Excellent curbside service, food is good, and order is correct.
  • Nice Outback App 4/5

    By Beanlongwilson
    App is great but noticed when adding sides to the entree you cannot select Homestyle Mashed Potatoes, only the Loaded. You can only select homestyle as an individual side. The app doesn’t allow you to select toppings for the Loaded mashed potatoes. Looks like a glitch. Otherwise very easy to use.
  • Prices keep going up 1/5

    By Nonpoint1
    I have stopped ordering from this greedy place, use too love this restaurant, but you wanna keep raising prices when I can get the same thing at other restaurants for $9-$10 cheaper. Outback is going down hill and everybody needs to come together and quit ordering from here. They wanna raise prices we should show them we won’t put up with there greed
  • Frustrating app 2/5

    By why we t try u I pi red
    App repeatedly advises “please select a pick up time” but doesn’t allow me to get to the screen to enter this info. Once a repeat order is entered, there is no possibility of editing anything AND you can never remove those items from your cart. Most frustrating app I’ve used in the last 3 years.
  • Error checking out 2/5

    By High on lifeeee
    When completing order in the app it tells me there was an error, but I get an email confirmation that the order was received. Please fix this.
  • Ordering process 4/5

    By pimientagirl
    I always enjoy using the app to order. However, the way that some of the items are arranged at the bottom of the screen should not be. Could be just a little user friendly.
  • Good 3/5

    By SiWil259187
    The app overall works well but not all of the entrees have all of the side options which is frustrating
  • Earn rewards quick but can’t use them 1/5

    By Apple nicknames are stupid %{^
    Youl easily rack up $5 rewards if you order regularly and if you order large orders like my family and I do… Which I’m gonna spend about $100 or more… Which is 500 points and good for five dollar reward certificate and more than halfway to a second reward… On my last order I purposely didn’t use the five dollar certificate I had because it wasn’t a large order but I knew it was going to bring us to having at least one more if not two more rewards because I was only five points away from earning another reward… I ended up earning two rewards with that order… I know I have 35 dollar rewards so I have $15 to use right?… Wrong… They will only apply one to my order… So I told my wife to go crazy and get whatever she wanted… We placed a large order and when I went to use my coupons it would only let me use oneReward… I know it’s only 10 extra dollars that I’m paying… But it really rubbed me the wrong way and is definitely going to reduce how often I order outback… I find it difficult to frequent companies that show themselves to be cheap and or stingy. The policy shows a lack of loyalty to your loyal customers and well it did not stop me from ordering today because it is what my wife is in the mood for… Especially after spending 10 minutes putting an order together… It will definitely affect my business in the future.
  • Dislike app order 3/5

    By another pienny pincher
    App did not put $0 delivery on bill as advertised and didn’t allow use of e-gift card
  • Promo/rewards 2/5

    By NickVINO
    You should be able to combined promo codes and rewards