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Outdoorsy - RV Rentals

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Outdoorsy - RV Rentals App

Outdoorsy is the best way to discover and book your next RV adventure vacation or roadtrip. Feel the freedom and fresh air of the open road, and unlock new experiences. Whether you’re looking for a quick staycation, cross country road-trip, tailgating or music-festival adventure, we’ve got you covered. Outdoorsy is the #1 fastest growing and most trusted peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace where you can rent the coolest RVs, camper vans, and adventure vehicles. Why book with us? RENT COOL RIGS & HIT THE ROAD * Browse thousands of RVs by location, amenities, or owners across the U.S., Canada, Australia and UK
 * Search by travel dates, vehicle type, sleeping capacity, cost, and location
 * Filer by dog friendly, kid friendly, or experience level
 * Save your favorites to book down the road
 * Read trusted reviews from real renters
 TRAVEL LIKE A PRO * Rent RVs personally cared for by their owners that suit a variety of tastes and needs
 * Rigs come with all the add-ons you need—bikes, kayaks, fishing poles, bedding, kitchen kits and even the coffee pot!
 * Access to city guides and RV usage education
 * View your itinerary for upcoming trips
 BOOK INSTANTLY & SAFELY * Message and connect with the owner before you book
 * Review travel plans and coordinate a key exchange
 * $1 million insurance coverage
 * 24/7 technical support & roadside assistance
 * Trusted community of 93% average 4+-star customer reviews
 * Secure online payments
 * Real people, live customer support team 
 * Trust and safety experts
 MAKE YOUR BEST MEMORIES * Explore all the places on your bucket list or unlock new experiences
 * Swap the four walls of a hotel for the fresh air of the open road or the blaring noise of a TV for the crackling sound of a campfire
 * Make memories with friends and family by renting more than one vehicle and caravan
 SAVE MONEY * RVing is a cost-effective way to see the country 

 SUPPORT Real people. Here to help. Email us at [email protected], call us at 1.877.723.7232 or visit www.outdoorsy.com SEE HOW FUN IT IS Follow us on Instagram @outdoorsy, Facebook, and Twitter: @outdoorsy

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Outdoorsy - RV Rentals app reviews

  • Does NOT uphold renters! Highway Robbery! 1/5

    By PB Jack
    Ruined our entire vacation. The RV was in terrible condition, and unsafe for driving. The owner renting it out refused to go through all the contract documents with us, and we only discovered how unsafe the RV was after taking the keys. We immediately drove it off the lot and back on it, never taking full possession. Outdoorsy REFUSES to uphold our claim that the RV was not road worthy. On top of keeping our money, they never got back to us on a timely manner, and I’ve had to escalate this to my credit card company. Avoid these guys, you would be way better off renting your RV from a dealership that stands behind their equipment rentals. This place is a scam and a complete ripoff. I’ll be following up with the BBB and small claims court.
  • Screwed 1/5

    By Ryan Boesen
    Our summer trip is screwed. Went to pick up our rv rental and the owner or rv wasn’t there. Finally reached him (via chat) and he said the other renters hadn’t returned it yet. Told me it was out of his control and I need to understand. Our trip is ruined. I strongly suggest not using this app or service and deal with a local dealer!
  • Pricing is absurd 2/5

    By Grymtyrant
    The app itself is really nicely laid out and functions well. The pricing is absolutely insane. Expensive, yes. If people are willing to pay these prices, fine. But when you show a price at $120 a night for a tow behind camper X2 nights and the total comes up to be $482 is simply bonkers. Double the price from what the nightly rental is?! Why not have the nightly prices reflect what the actual total will end up being. Whether that be the fees of the owner, the app. Sure leave taxes off til the end, that’s fine. Everyone expects taxes and has an idea of what that will be.
  • ‘App cannot connect to server’ 1/5

    By Worth one dollar
    Every time I try to contact or reserve RVs, I get an error saying the app can’t connect to the server. Restarted app, updated it, etc etc… only app on my phone that doesn’t work.
  • Good App 4/5

    By BearOverlander
    There are quite a few opportunities for traveling in campers this is a great app. One big annoyance that seems east to change is that in the search criteria I enter the location and details about the camper BUT I HAVE TO CLICK EACH CAMPER TO SEE IF IT IS AVAILABLE FOR MY DATES. HUGE WASTE OF TIME. it is better on the desktop website. Please change in app. I will continue to be a renter and soon be a offering my camper.
  • Disappointing Experience 1/5

    By horribleapp999
    I wish I can give zero star to this app. We booked an RV 2-3 weeks ago, they charged me the deposit and all of a sudden after weeks we received a cancellation and logged out from the app. Tried to log in and our attempts failed. Since we thought we booked an RV, already arranged flights and further plans accordingly. So I used my work email to create another account and book a new RV. Outdoorsy accused my account being fraud and rejected my attempt to have a booking. Safety and Thrust team was unfortunately had lack of knowledge to even write my name correct in their email response, so I am not sure about the depth of research they conducted to confirm my identity. Now we have everything planned but struggling to arrange an RV. Incredibly disappointing customer service and care, please do not even think about using this app.
  • Unable to search by dates 1/5

    By GxLx
    The app has been updated to remove the ability to filter a search by available dates, rendering it completely useless if you have a set vacation time planned.
  • Can’t search by date?! 3/5

    By mjj-88
    App is great accept for there appears to be no option to search by date. So you have to select each RV in your search results to check the calendar individually…
  • Great concept disappointing app 2/5

    By Skin ok
    Extremely difficult to use I gave up on it trying to use it. Hopefully they can continue to develop the app I will try some other time.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By cwarreninspire
    This app is absolutely horrendous. So many errors. Crashes all the time. Avoid it at all costs!
  • Communication Barrage 2/5

    By Lampous
    This app will send you many texts and notifications and emails that you do not want, making it sound like you initiated a request and that it was approved. “Such and such seller has approved your request! Time for an adventure!” 1) I didn’t ask for this spam. 2) Terribly confusing and misleading. 3) I was tricked into immediate engagement because I was scared I paid for something I didn’t want. Terrible phraseology with a tainted incentive. Do not install if you dislike misleading texts and emails and push notifications.
  • No Accountability for owners 1/5

    By Chibryan
    The owner stopped contacting us after he took payment. We can’t cancel because the owner gets a fee for that and most likely is hoping we do that. There’s no reprocussions so you can reserve for a big trip. The owner can cancel a day before and you’re out of luck. Very disappointed ALSO NOTE, ALTHOUGH THE COMPANY HAS 4.8 rating on here, SORT BY NEWEST REVIEWS AND YOU WILL SEE ALMOST ALL RECENT REVIEWS SHOW HOW THE SCAM
  • Crashes every timeI use it 1/5

    By Troy_yakimova
    Open, select a location, search….and crash, repeat
  • Cancellation Software is Wrong 1/5

    By Marklar3
    Cancelled 7 days early at 75% refund per Outdoorsy’s moderate policy but the software only refunded 50%. Help desk said the other 50% was sent to RV owner and to take it up with him. RV owner told me to pound sand and take it up with Outdoorsy. The Outdoorsy software is bugged. The help desk is no help at all. The help desk management has clearly trained to answer questions rather than provide help/solutions.
  • Can’t save search criteria 2/5

    By Beeblebrox
    App is largely useless if you want to enter any search criteria.
  • Good service, mediocre app 2/5

    By jsegal2
    Good app for browsing rental options but can't complete booking on the app, so you're forced to use the main site. the billing address field won't accept an address so you can't check out. Also, the app doesn't save recent search details so each time you exit and restart a search you need to re-enter all the search details and filters.
  • Great opportunity, weak features 3/5

    By Goofball #1
    No filter/option for finding tow vehicles. If a vehicle owner turns you down, ZERO notice. All that happens is your rental request vanishes.
  • Why is it showing 4.8 rating? 1/5

    By Smdh ...ridiculous
    I started looking into this service for a future trip…..after looking at reviews I will not be using this company. Every review is horrible for the service and company. I’ll look somewhere else.
  • Difficult to navigate for new users. 2/5

    By Shrek1833
    Felt it’s built for renters and not people seeking to list their rv. Downloaded the app, created an account and it automatically threw me into renter mode. Navigated my way to list my rv, got booted off halfway through building my listing and it lost everything. Tried again, completed my listing hit the final submit, and it crashed loosing my listing. I could not find it. I’m not the smart guy out there when it comes to apps but I’m not dumb about it either, and it was difficult for me. Going to RV share and trying my luck there. Other than that the app features were nice and the app looks good and it seemed very easy to use if your looking to rent.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Stubhub OUYKCUF
    Don’t waste your time looking to rent from this app to only have to wait for the owners to approve or they never get back to you on your request.
  • Deposit STOLEN 1/5

    My deposit was never returned A whole $1000 dollars
  • App is okay. Company protects scammers - beware 1/5

    By AppleFrost
    The app functions okay but it’s their service to watch out for. Not only do they take on unnecessary fees, they allow scammers to utilize the service and won’t help with refunds. There is no true vetting happening so beware of you decide to use the app/service. They protect the scammers with their contracts and you are out the money before you even get to see the unit you are renting.
  • Outdoorsy would not value you, the renter 1/5

    By sxhntj
    I rented a RV trailer, and only found out that there’s an issue with break light on my SUV when i picked up. I tried to fix the light while keeping the owner updated with my progress…but eventually, the next day it’s decided that it can not be fixed within a couple of days. I immediately let the owner and Outdoorsy know that i would have to cancel and i wont be able to pick up the trailer. What i was told was that the trip has started (on their app, since it’s past pick up time) and once trip started, there is no refund. I wish they had a botton to have you confirm the trip starts. Cause their current app assumes the trailer is picked up and the money goes to the RV owner. Who would cough out the money if it’s already in their pocket. After filing a complaint and the suggestion to add a ‘confirm pick up button’ with BBB, Outdoorsy decided to ignore my complaint and simply decided it’s not worth their effort to make their renter happy. So be careful, this company cares about something more than us renters.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Lelucantec
    This website and employees are complete scam artists. They charge $400.00 for their fee and unwilling to help at all. The camper we rented was a death trap and all problems were hidden until we almost died. Outdoorsy said they couldn’t help. If you decide not to heed my warning, make sure you take screenshots of the chats. Also, take pictures of every square inch of vehicles before and after.
  • Canceled trip with 3 days notice 1/5

    By Caitlyn1234567
    I flew across the country with the expectation of renting a van that I had scheduled for months. The owners canceled the trip unexpectedly 3 days before I was supposed to pick it up with nothing more than a ‘sorry for the inconvenience, hope you can find something else.’
  • Use another app 1/5

    By mattp309
    I tried to rent my brand new 2021 rv through this app when I wasn’t in it. After giving them 2 bank accounts and phone call after phone call I lost my first reservation and unable to link account . I use USAA and Wells Fargo. The issue was on there end and everytime I called the process started over . Really disappointed.
  • Would be great if it didn’t constantly log me off and lie about my password being wrong 3/5

    By Chocopodge
    As soon as I close the app it logs me out and tells me I’m entering the incorrect password when I try to get back. I fell for it the first few times and kept changing my password. The final time I had literally just changed my password - app told me it or my email was incorrect. Tried on my computer and got in just fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it still let me into my account. Skip the mobile app and just log in on the actual site.
  • Worst service I’ve ever used 1/5

    By Zerokool420
    Forget the problems finding something or the owners never respond and focus on the fact that they are okay letting your rental get canceled the day before your trip and happy to hold your money for another week or more. I’ve never been as disappointed by anything in life other than my dad and outdoorsy.
  • Horrible Business Tactics 1/5

    By cvick_01
    RV was listed at $125 a night. Total price at booking nearly $900 for 3nights. I can stay in a luxury 5 star hotel or a luxury Air B and B for that. Thanks but no thanks not going to pay more to rent a camper than I pay to live in my own house! Outdoorsy simply wanted to point the finger at the owners. Citing taxes, insurance, and other fees associated. To the tune of $275 a night! Yeah I’m not buying that even on double coupon day!
  • Missing Pet Friendly Filter 3/5

    By Ljdeshayes
    App would be a great alternative to the web version except someone forgot to include the Pet Friendly filter under Owner Policies. Arg
  • 2 apps required?! 1/5

    By SKAT on the Hudson
    Apparently you need one outdoorsy app to be a renter and a second if you want to list your RV. The RV community would prefer to rent to experienced folks. Why 2 apps? Why not one profile? Disappointed :/
  • App ok 4/5

    By Ferrisl
    The app works ok. Only significant screwup this time is the list view and map view button is foolishly placed and you constantly hit it while you’re trying to scroll through the list of available units. As with most apps: fix it and then stop updating it - this is not rocket science- we just need to be able to find what we want and book it. Coders seem to always want to put their mark on apps by adding features no one needs or wants and end up screwing things up.
  • A very bad app. 5/5

    By yendbrhf
    This app is a disaster. The reservation process is a nightmare due to people not replying. There is HUGE potential to double book due to the way the app works. Alot of times rv owners will not refund even if the request is within the hour. BE VERY CAREFUL USING THIS APP.
  • If it gets damaged… 1/5

    By gina the gini
    Rented a small camper. It was 20+ years old, brittle and dry. A storm blew in and branches fell on us. Put a tiny hole in plastic roof. Charging me 1000 for insurance to replace the roof on this old camper. This is service is not worth that kind of liability and I wish I’d never done this. There is no protection it anything happens to the unit. I will never do this again.
  • Terrible service/never processed refund took $800 1/5

    By beoblob
    This app told me they were refunding a charge of $800 which was only supposed to be $500 but they slyly added $300 for insurance. They said they were gonna cancel the charge and now there’s a full $800 charge 1 week later. No refund. They just took my money.
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By Allen is allen
    Owner have 24H reply message. But how many hours in a holiday? And customers support just can give you one answer: we should let owner agree. Maybe this is owner app
  • Very bad experience 1/5

    By Belikenick82
    This has been one of the worst app experiences I had with a booking software. One day before my trip my booking was cancelled. My money was not refunded and a credit was given instead which I didn’t want. My next three bookings which were instant did not book instantly and my last one the day of didnt respond until the last hour before pick and cancelled the booking. For anyone looking for stability in their vacation and financial peace of mind I absolutely do not recommend this service.
  • High fees 3/5

    By Zachwilliams99
    The fees are outlandish. The app functions well and is clean and quick. Availability of rigs is good as well. Just those darn fees and insurance are crazy high!
  • App doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Should have my head examined
    Doesn’t allow me to filter by class of drivable vehicle. Gives me towable every time I try to select drivable. Doesn’t allow me to select Class A vs Class C etc. deleted and reloaded with same results.
  • Wasted so much time 1/5

    By Jocoolluke
    It’s not the apps fault but I messaged 5 people and tried to book but only one person responded and told me they were having issues. I understand the app connects people and it’s not on them, but there should be something kicking off people who don’t respond or actually rent out their vehicle. Wasted a week trying to book on here. Deleting this app and using a dealer who is much easier to get answers from.
  • Zero star! Nothing more than scam! 1/5

    By 不愤不粉
    Their peace of mind protection package started $500 deductible on website. But became $700 when we filed a claim. Then the final charge is $1000 for the deductible! Totally a scam business! Stay clear from them!
  • Renter: Beware of camper specs 1/5

    By MikeLMA
    Nice idea, bit no auditing of information for camper accuracy. Outdoorsy lets the camper supplier put in anything. Example is my limiting travel trailers to 2,000 pounds (so it should find tiny teardrops, 13 foot Scamps, etc). However it resulted in only (2) small campers. The rest were huge - some as big as 32 foot and over 9,000 pounds. Same inaccuracy has been true for truck campers and class C. I keep trying to use it, because it sounds like a good idea, but no joy. Uninstalled app. Outdoorsy app is just as obtuse and inaccurate as the web version. I’ll still try the web once in awhile. *** update: the actual search was “Towable. Travel Trailers. 2000 pound limit”. Simple. It was done in (3) areas: a zip in Michigan, Oregon, and Massachusetts (all where I spend time) with the same results of campers listed that were way over the 2000 pound limit, so this is not a problem limited to area - it is a systemic Outdoorsy problem. A simple test can be done in less than 60 seconds by anyone interested in seeing or fixing the issue.
  • BEWARE No policy for “normal wear and tear” 1/5

    By PHunk88
    This business straight forward puts the power with the owner not the renter. Every single car agency in the world has a policy for “normal wear and tear” ex. Small dents and chips under the size of a quarter. This business will allow an owner to claim money and charge you even with insufficient evidence. Their dispute process is convoluted and not transparent. Expect to get the run around and spend too much time trying to get money back that was fraudulently charged.
  • Scam Alert 1/5

    By brandonn_
    So a few months ago I booked a rental for and RV for an event in Vegas, when I booked the RV it asked for a deposit which I paid and the rest was to be paid when I picked up the vehicle. The coronavirus made it so that the event was postponed, so naturally I canceled my reservation but I did that with the page saying it would refund 75% of my deposit. Come to find out I wouldn’t be getting any of my deposit black because it’s outdoorsy policy to only give it back if the amount was paid I full. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT ANYWHERE IN THE RENTAL AGREEMENT! It says that in there base policy but not the agreement with the renter. They are scam artist here and have awful customer service and now I’m out 800$ for a product I never used. I would not recommend them at all. I wish I could give them 0 stars. Beware of these scam artist.
  • Very frustrating to verify driver 1/5

    By Dg259
    I want to love Outdoorsy, but my first experience renting a camper van has been incredibly frustrating. The van owner has been wonderful and responsive! HOWEVER I have spent hours by app, phone & email — before and during my vacation — trying to verify my partner as a driver to no avail. Until Outdoorsy resolves this situation, so that my partner can drive the van and be covered by the insurance that we already paid for, I cannot rate this app higher than 1 star. Outdoorsy, please help ASAP!!!
  • Good app with lots of desired improvements 2/5

    By AbTao
    The app hangs frequently - specifically when I have explored an RV and trying to hit the “x” icon on the upper left. Total for the booking is not clear when comparing to daily booking rate - no details provided for the breakdown of the total booking amount.
  • Canceling 1/5

    By MzKitten
    If you cancel within one hour after booking the cancellation fee applies to you. This is not made clear. They are not telling you this when you speak to someone on the phone and walking you through the app and not explaining it to you. I booked an one hour later needed to cancel. The woman never told me because I was booking within 14 days of the booking that I would be charged a cancellation fee because I am within 14 days. There will be a cancellation fee regardless. This needs to be said I told her I was having trouble with the interface of the app and she did not help me in anyway. This is trickery. If I'm needing help then I'm not understanding things. It's her responsibility to explain to me any hidden fees
  • If something happens, good luck!! 1/5

    By B the music chica
    We had a popped tire on the trip in the middle of nowhere. We got the tire replaced with the correct size. We are waiting for our money back still. We brought our children and there were some scratches and the owners wanted the whole upholstery replaced. We had to go to a mediator to talk about this. Kind of ridiculous. Outdoorsy has been silent throughout this whole process. If something happens during the trip, Outdoorsy will be completely silent and have their outsourced lawyers take care of things. They distance themselves as much as they can. I won’t recommend outdoorsy to anyone because their processes feel like I am part of a scam.
  • App Function 1/5

    By Mitch85741
    App doesn’t work. While searching you can’t X out of the listing. You must close the app, re enter your search criteria, and repeat until you find what you’re looking for.