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Overcast App

A powerful yet simple podcast player, with Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smart Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows, and completely control your experience. Overcast is a modern, fully featured audio podcast player with many useful features in a simple, intuitive interface: - Download podcasts for playing anytime, even when offline. - Search and browse for new podcasts, plus get recommendations from Twitter. - Create custom Playlists with smart filters and per-podcast priorities, and rearrange the list whenever you want. - Receive optional push notifications when new episodes arrive. - Subscribe to a podcast, or just add an episode: try new shows without committing. - Download podcasts over cellular, set a sleep timer, or use Voice Boost to enhance and normalize speech volume. - Adjust playback speed, and use Smart Speed to shrink silences and pick up extra speed without distorting the conversation. - 3D Touch support - Rich notifications - Apple Watch app with standalone podcast playback - CarPlay support Overcast is ad-supported. If you choose to purchase Overcast Premium to remove ads, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current price for Overcast Premium is $9.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country. Overcast's privacy policy: https://overcast.fm/privacy

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Overcast app reviews

  • Better than Apple Podcasts app 5/5

    By Zbznzm
  • Amazing Podcast App 5/5

    By Cammmm123
    Having variable speed, voice boost, and smart speed make listening to podcasts on my daily commute truly great
  • Fantastic Podcasting App 5/5

    By evan_ford
    By far the best podcasting app out there. I highly recommend. (Works well on Apple CarPlay too!)
  • Delete 4/5

    By FresnoMikey
    Can’t figure out how to delete episodes !!!
  • Got it with version 1.0, never looked back 5/5

    By Awashbu12
    I’ve had this app since it VERY FIRST came out. I love it. Everything works so smoothly and simply. The smart speed is not choppy like a lot of other apps, and it’s so simple to use, but has a ton of customization if you want.
  • Better than the Apple Podcast app. 5/5

    By scharlie18
    It has more features (like a voice-boosting option, a “Smart Speed” setting that I particularly like for specific podcasters I listen to who talk so. laboriously. slow.), more customization controls. You can have more than one playlist and listening to something not on the playlist doesn’t screw up the playlists you have. It’s easy and simple to look at the descriptions for the episodes. The only thing that the Apple Podcast app does that I wish Overcast did as well is have a “Previously Played” listing. But given how much this app does for you, I’ll take this over Apple any day.
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Yar1kD
    Such an amazing app, regret that I haven’t know about it before. Check “the knowledge project” with Shane Parrish. This is how I’ve experienced this app at first.
  • Best podcast app 5/5

    By fecklar
    In particular the ability to set l Play back speed’s for individual podcasts is a fantastic feature
  • No instructions for download to Apple Watch 2/5

    By Mistergizmo
    I got this for listening to podcasts on my Apple Watch while out walking. I did manage once or twice to download a couple of episodes to the watch by pressing lots of buttons and waiting an hour or two. But most of the time nothing happens. There’s no feedback, no instructions. Not intuitive. Extremely frustrating.
  • Great 5/5

    By wickx120
    Excellent app considering it’s free!
  • Podcast glory 5/5

    By Skifanski
    Easy to use, straightforward design, does what the apple podcast app does, but much better. The amount of customization within the app makes podcast listening more efficient and enjoyable. The Apple podcast app isn’t bad but once you try overcast you will never go back!
  • Switched from Apple podcasts 5/5

    By Internetsurfer
    Loving overcast so far. Asked for some features for Apple podcasts on Twitter and was surprised they exist on overcast.
  • Best iOS pod catcher. 5/5

    By DevHarryC
    Marco is the a great member of the iOS community, and he’s customer-obsessed. Great free app; I’m happy to be a premium member.
  • First Ethical Advertisement App I’ve owned 4/5

    By cpz12
    This outshines Apple podcasts by a far far stretch. The ability to customize the order of podcast episodes, the dark theme, the easy on the eyes banner ads, the voice boost and speed adjustment settings, and Siri compatibility are just some of the things you can do that you couldn’t do on Apple Podcasts. Overcast Premium costs are minimal, so long as you have decent financial and job security, $10 a year is nothing for the perks. I personally haven’t tried premium, however overcast doesn’t make premium feel like an essential upgrade so much as a small boost of perks in exchange for overcast services. Give this app a try, it’s maintained frequently, has a healthy support system, and minimal on ads.
  • The best podcast app 5/5

    By Andrew Gaug
    I used to use Apple Podcast and Stitcher. This destroys them. Great, simple UI. No intrusive ads or pleas for ratings. So good!
  • Nicely designed but terrible when it comes to actually playing episodes 2/5

    By Mschmidt121
    I’ve pretty much had it with this app. Yes, it’s good in that it’s easy to navigate all your saved podcasts, but 50% of the time I try to play an episode, the app gets stuck and won’t play. I’m constantly having to close the app and restart episodes. Episodes will also just cut out when you switch from WiFi to your phone’s data plan, again forcing you to restart the app. It’s a shame because I like how all the content is organized but the issues with actually playing that content are incredibly annoying.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By mishawhy
    Good app, easy to use. Seldom if ever crashes. Wish I could mass-delete downloaded episodes rather than having to delete them individually though.
  • Papa Bless 4/5

    By Dalopie
    Keeps me alive at work (Security ZZZZZ)
  • Live and Love this ap! 5/5

    By PaterM
    Love this ap: Variable speeds helped me get used to speeding up podcasts. Uploads (paid version) let me use smart speed for audiobooks. Now I can’t live without it! I used the free version for a year prior to subscription.... very, very happy customer.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By fhehegfgjsgsgdg
    Did not make it through 5 minutes of the first podcast before it quit and would not play anything at all.
  • SmartSpeed and VoiceBoost are what makes Overcast 5/5

    By Bump1928476
    Those two features alone are what keep me using Overcast. SmartSpeed works dynamically without sounding glitchy and VoiceBoost works excellent for podcasts that have guests calling in that would be muffled on other apps. Great job, Marco!
  • Overcast is a delight 5/5

    By UndeadWes
    It has so many features that bigger companies refuse to implement. Its interface isn’t quite the most intuitive, but you don’t have to play with it much to figure it out - although, I can’t for the life of me figure out where its podcast recommendations live. I like that it’s not front-and-center, or mixed in with the podcasts I listen to a la Netflix, but a button at the top or something would be nice.
  • The previous chapters controls were better 4/5

    By uokwuolisa
    I prefer the previous chapters controls because there was a button to go to the previous chapter. In this version, that button is removed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Yung Yeezi
    Makes listening to podcasts seems very much like you are doing exactly that. POD-CAST! Will recommend
  • Smart Speed is Amazing 5/5

    By smitty1118
    I have started listening to many podcasts from all different areas and the smart speed helps me keep up with all of the different podcasts that I listen too. Keep up the great work and love you on ATP!!!
  • Excellent but needs a tweak 5/5

    By VTMatt
    This app is way better that the apple app to download podcasts. It needs one tweak - in the list of podcasts can’t sort them. Just wish I could put my favorites high on the list so I see them first.
  • Bugs! Bugs! No support from developer 2/5

    By FDNY 9/11 never forget
    Whenever I try to refresh my podcasts on cellular the app tells me that there is no Internet connection. I have sent requests to update the app including screenshots. And it’s been a few months now and I still haven’t heard back, the problem is while I am traveling I am on able to download any new podcasts because the app things I don’t have an Internet connection, even while I am on five bars of LTE. Looks like I’ll be looking for another podcast app. And in case the app developer denies any of these claims I have the copies of the emails and screenshots that I sent him 7-10-19 Update. Still can’t download over cellular
  • Simply the Best Podcast Player 5/5

    By MWMiller
    Free. Speed controls. Really intelligent audio improvement technology. Highly customizable feed options. It’s everything I need and want in a podcast player! I’m forever grateful!
  • No Better Podcast App 5/5

    By Alexhunter27
    The changes keep this the best podcast app out there.
  • Best way to manage podcasts on your iphone and Apple Watch. 5/5

    By Long Live Maiden
    Best way to manage podcasts on your iphone and Apple Watch.
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By hgugbgh
    I’ve connected to WiFi but it still won’t log me on even though I clicked “Create New Account”.
  • Try it you’ll like it 5/5

    By original phillyfred
    Im 70 yrs old and not looking to complicate my life in any way It’s simply the best
  • It just works 5/5

    By Rubbersoul1966
    I am, admittedly, not a user of all the various podcast apps available. In fact, I like to go against the crowd and use apps that combine the functionality I need with a pleasant interface - where ease of use trumps complexity and Overcast just works. Simple - straight forward with a Easy to navigate interface. Motley Fool 13
  • This is the reason why I use an iPhone. 5/5

    By hexel drexel
    It is a great app!
  • Best podcast player 5/5

    By @$$hole
    There are settings to automatically adjust the speed of the podcast to skip silences. Also a setting to boost the volume of voices. It really makes a huge difference in the quality of the podcast. Last but not least there are never pop ups asking you to rate the app! So awesome.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Mikewlitt
    Really like how much time I save with SmartSpeed! Love they sync to my watch for running.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dani Dickie
    I tried so hard to get my podcasts to sing to my Apple Watch using the Apple app and it was frustrating. Downloaded Overcast and it was intuitive, downloads began immediately and I was out walking my dog listening to my podcasts faster than ever highly recommend!
  • Great great great 5/5

    By Nickel cane
    Great way to listen
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By LeeFam23185
    Love the app, use it hours a day. Life would be bleaker without it. I have favored this over Downcast because the Smart Speed function hastens playback with no discernible audio harm. Update March 2016: The 2.5 update offers bug fixes and and a dark mode for "patrons". The dark mode is fabulous, and though our patronage we can keep this great app going. Please support Marco! Update February 2017: the new 3.0 features, while controversial in some circles, trouble me not. Still a great app. The ad-supported subscription model is just fine, as long as it allows the developer Marco to continue innovating it is all great with me. Although a patron, I still view the ads because they seem podcast oriented and are thus highly relevant to my interests. Update July 2019: still my #1 used app. I continue to be a patron. I don’t use this with an Apple Watch so cannot offer any thoughts.
  • Beat app 5/5

    By SaltyCompadre
    Saved me so much time with smart adjust. Also best interface. 👌🏼
  • I just love it!!! 5/5

    By clpsj
    One of the best designed apps on the app store. Just look at minute details in the features they have on the app and it shows how they have poured their heart into making this. No doubt they have the best podcast app award from so many media outlets! Thank you Marco!!
  • The best podcast UI! 5/5

    By ViyanL
    By far the best podcast UI
  • The best 5/5

    By jwn137
    What a great developer. I'm happy to support his continued efforts.
  • The best podcast app (update: a year and a half later) 5/5

    By Snicketysnick
    That’s all there is to it. I could gush about all the great features by name (like smart speed and voice boost) and the settings you didn’t realize you needed (like changing the number of seconds skipped or rewound when using headphone buttons) and talk about details that you may not realize are important (like not interfering with creator download counts) but you won’t realize what a step up it is until you use it yourself. There isn’t a better podcast app and I don’t know if there even can be. I can’t name any kind of improvement that could be made in features, stability, or ease-of-use. Just try it for one show. You’ll never look back
  • Favorite podcast app 5/5

    By jules182_
    Overcast has been the best podcast app I’ve tried. I used stitcher for years, apple’s podcast app, the “podcast app” with the blue icon, and Himalaya, and they all were buggy and drove me nuts. This one is much more intuitive in regards to setting up your episodes lists and stuff. They have a lot more options in regards to how you want to download and play them too. I highly recommend, as I live on podcasts!!
  • Great podcast app 5/5

    By Nathan Walkowski
    This is the best app for listening to podcast hands down
  • Excellent upgrade from Podcasts app! 5/5

    By mememe2345
    This might be my first app review, so that says a lot right there. Well-designed, works great, nice features and ability to customize. With a little bit of personality too. Well done!
  • The UI is Confusing 3/5

    By Ancillas
    This app is a solid podcast player, but has an odd UI. I have two problems with Overcast. One, the sync to watch settings are global and not per podcast. What I want to do is set specific podcasts to sync there last X number of unplayed episodes to my watch. Instead, Overcast lets me pick which podcasts to sync, and how many total episodes (across all podcasts) to sync. This results in weird behavior where it refuses to sync the podcast I want and syncs more episodes than I need from another podcast. Two, the filtering of episodes is really confusing. When I’m looking at a list of podcast episodes, there are two views: unplayed and all. Currently the “unplayed” tab on one of my podcasts shows a bunch of episodes that are marked as “played”. What? Also, the term “keep”, and “delete” seem to be used to refer to a podcast’s episode in my list of episodes, but that makes no sense. You’re showing me “all” or “unplayed”. A “delete” from the unplayed is actually a “mark as played”. Instead, “delete” should be reserved for that status of an episode with regards to whether or not it is downloaded to my device or not. The UI could use some serious thought and streamlining as I often run into usability issues like this. But at the same time the playback options are great and the core of the app works well, so YMMV.
  • Watch Crash 5/5

    By Trying to learn Spanish
    07/07/19 slow to transfer to the watch but glad it does once again. I can listen to podcasts while i run. 5/23/17 Continues to crash when attempting to load podcasts to Apple Watch 5/22/17 App crashes when transferring certain podcasts. Overall a good app but still has some bugs.

Overcast app comments

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