OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks

OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks

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  • Current Version: 3.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: OverDrive, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks App

Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. More than 30,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today! Having problems with font size in some books on iOS 10? See http://help.overdrive.com/customer/portal/articles/2574801 for help. • Available 24/7, now the library comes to you. • No more late fees. Titles are automatically returned. • Place holds, create wish lists, and return titles easily. • Sync libraries, bookmarks, and recent positions across mobile devices. • A valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution is required. • Each library builds its own collection of titles. Contact them directly to let them know that you’re using OverDrive and to share any suggestions for books you would like to see them carry.

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OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks app reviews

  • Ebooks and Audiobooks 5/5

    By wdderffd
    This app is one of the best apps out there for both Ebooks and Audiobooks. I love it.
  • The very best way to listen to audiobooks! 5/5

    By 7SlotFever
    I’ve been using this app for a few years now. It’s bone simple to use and access to the library is just a tap away. I use it exclusively for listening to audiobooks. It’s SO much simpler than trying to upload them via iTunes and fight all their hitches and glitches. User friendly, clean user interface and reliable performance. You can check out audiobooks at your local library (you’ll need a library card, of course) or place unavailable titles on hold and they will be automatically checked out to you when available. No ads, no muss, no fuss. Just a darn good app that does what it’s supposed to do.
  • Overdrive for iPhone 1/5

    By RAObrycki
    The app was unable to start up successfully. Retry This message I got on my phone. This app works great on iPad. Please send instructions. Thanks
  • Heck yes!!!!!! 5/5

    By kdmsmse
    Is the best. That’s all I have to say
  • Beware extremely addicting lol! Love it 5/5

    By Ryder auf demsturm
    Beware extremely addicting lol! Love it
  • Need an update!! 3/5

    By SA Adams46
    I am an avid reader and love my overdrive app that works with my local library. With the latest iOS update (13.1.3) however, there is a serious glitch!! The app is losing my place in the book when I go to another app and then come back. It has done this before with an iOS update, but you fixed it. Please fix this!!! Also, give users a place to leave app-specific feedback on your website. These types of issues are not controlled by the library and it would be nice to have a way to leave feedback without writing a review. Your website directs us back to the library, which can do nothing about an app glitch.
  • What happened? 4/5

    By MyGirlz#1Mom
    Suddenly this app won't work with my iOS devices, both tablet and phone. Have used it successfully on both, as well as my old Nook. Now, only works on Nook, which is on its last legs. I have loved this app for years. We are full time RVers and can't carry books, so I really like this.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By Katy Moore
    Love that I always have my books with me. Really easy to use and fast downloads.
  • Best App Ever 5/5

    By Ixmu
    I love the app, it allows to read and listen books from different libraries, if the person has own library card/s. Another feature is the facility to find books in different languages and formats.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By carlyle71
    Don’t get me wrong, I love this service. The idea of borrowing audiobooks from the library for free is fabulous! I live in a rural area with one library in the whole county. Being able to download books is very convenient. The Overdrive app itself is very cumbersome and not user friendly. When searching for a title it must be entered exactly or it can’t be found. Once you’ve downloaded a book you can’t easily get to it. There is an account area, loans area plus a bookshelf. It’s just too busy. Loans and bookshelf should be one and the same. Also, this may not be true, but I am convinced Overdrive does something to the Bluetooth connection in my car. Whenever I listen to a book I can’t then listen to music in iTunes. My car can no longer detect my phone.
  • A library at my fingertips 5/5

    By Mamaw2ENMN
    I love this library app!! It allows me to check out eBooks and audiobooks for up to 14 days and renew the book if needed. It’s like going to the library anytime I want to see what’s available. Great idea!!!
  • Holy Crap, These People Are Incompetent 1/5

    By Highrisemama
    They’ve known for a year that audiobooks and books were not going to be able to download into Overdrive after the Apple update in September. So now, we can only download into our browser or Kindle. However, not all library books have the kindle feature. Before, you could download books and read them offline. Now with reading only in browser, you can’t walk away from your WiFi or you start racking up usage on your telephone or your internet service. They didn't’ realize how popular downloading audiobooks into overdrive were? Were they asleep at the wheel?? Those numbers couldn’t be found. Someone quick, start up a new website and put these people out of our miseries.
  • 64-Bit 1/5

    By 55pammie
    With the latest MacOS Catalina, I’m no longer able to transfer audiobooks to my iPod nano. That is my preferred listening device. Please update Overdrive to be compatible with the 64-bit Catalina OS.
  • 2007 Technology in 2019 1/5

    By customer z
    Overdrive has decided I don’t have an account but I can’t create a new one with my email address because it’s already linked to an account. I have a library book that I spent two hours fighting the app to download a month ago and now I cannot return it because I can’t sign in. Libraries really need to push for a better ebook lending system because Overdrive is clunky at best and totally nonfunctional at worst.
  • Update 1/5

    By canionkara
    After the last iOS update. My iPad goes to the beginning of a chapter anytime I close the app or shut my iPad off.
  • I'm in love 5/5

    By Tlc academy
    This is a wonderful app! My daughter and I love listening to audiobooks in the car. Even with an old glitchy phone and a bent up aux cord it has worked great! I haven't used it for ebooks yet but use it daily for audiobooks.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By dragon city foa life
    We love listening to audiobooks and this is the perfect app. It makes it easy to borrow books. So glad we found it.
  • Line Spacing 3/5

    By X5367rz4
    The line spacing option in settings varies minutely among the 3 options. It needs to be more pronounced.
  • Great book reading app 5/5

    By Springfield rider
    Love this App The company offers another APP, a newer app, but this one provides better ways to change the font and screen lighting. So after using both, I’ve returned to Overdrive I use a Overdrive to access several libraries that I’m a member of. Very easy to use and switch between libraries. 5 Thumbs Up
  • Doesn’t work with Microsoft’s library 1/5

    By Optimus Q Prime
    Trying to sign in using Microsoft company credentials and it always fails with network error
  • Overdrive 4/5

    By Joy Har
    Much better than Libby. Straight foreword and easy to use.
  • Not compatible with OS 13.1.2 1/5

    By Rehabptamom
    Unable to download audiobooks now once I installed the latest OS for my iPhone. The only option is to “listen in browser” which has major issues and not a decent option.
  • Why ever buy a book? 5/5

    By ShaganQ1
    When this app exists. Big shouts to public libraries.
  • Only one thing wrong 4/5

    By greenbeancar
    Great application. However, if the developer can find a way to boost the volume it would be perfect.
  • Best App 5/5

    By photobug1000
    This app is amazing. Very user friendly and easy.
  • Love it but wish it was better 3/5

    By Patnpatty
    The app is difficult to search in. The navigation is awkward, difficult to find lists of books by author, and when found don’t see where it downloads to. When a book is found, why doesn’t it list all the options, such as ebook and audiobook! I agree, the site has improved but has a few more bugs to work out.
  • App is not loading in phone - tech support absurd to navigate 1/5

    By bummed547
    simple question about why app isn’t loading properly despite having all current updates - crazy tech support requires so many steps to get through that it’s harder than the original problem. Very disappointing.
  • So good 5/5

    By janelly godinez
    It needs more books on here but omg if you have a library card.. get one rn because you can read popular books or listen to them on audio book. I hope this app doesn’t start charging. I started using it today and I love it
  • Love this app except the iPhone update messed it up 4/5

    By StaceyOldt
    I love listening to audiobooks on my commute and when I exercise and this app has been great until I downloaded the iPhone update yesterday and now books won’t download. Please fix this!
  • This app changed my life 5/5

    By ftcmama
    This app quickly and easily exposed me to a way to acquire so much valuable knowledge for zero dollars and capitalize on my wasted commute time to learn an entirely new way of thinking and living. I am so grateful to this app for helping me change my life, the way I view the world, and helping me get unstuck and grow in happiness. Many thanks to its creators, the authors of the countless books I have read here and my wonderful friends who introduced me to it!
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By Stilts57
    I can download an audiobook but cannot figure out how to play it. If you go to Files, you can see it has downloaded. If you go to bookshelf, it does not appear. The app could be made more intuitive.
  • Great but needs Alexa Compatability 4/5

    By MeTapMe
    Love it. Only needs Alexa integration.
  • Great source for books! 5/5

    By West Texas Momma
    I am not happy if I don’t have a book to read. OverDrive makes it easy for me to have an ever ready “bookshelf” plus a few waiting in the wings on hold. Love it!
  • Use with library card! 5/5

    By Klovur
    So awesome! 1: go to your local library. 2: get a free library card. 3: make an account on overdrive and enjoy all the books you want for free! And audio books too! The app also allows you to put books on hold if they aren't currently available and notifies you when they are!
  • VERY Difficult to Use 1/5

    By Don$108
    This app has a very awkward, non-intuitive user experience. Difficult to find where to download. Difficult to navigate. Not a fan. Wish my public library would kick this app to the curb.
  • Very easy to use 4/5

    By Fenton04
    Using this app is a breeze.
  • Never Disappointed 5/5

    By Favortismsucks
    Not a bookworm, but I’ve always found something worth reading, plus I love the format on my IPad.
  • I wish there was triple speed. 5/5

    By Ann6758
    I love the app. It’s perfect in almost every way. I love how I can do ebooks or audiobooks. However when I listen to audiobooks, I listen at double speed so that I can read as much as I can in my limited time. Even so, I wish I could listen at triple speed.
  • Best Reading app 5/5

    By Brianna💓
    Super easy to use, really enjoy using it.
  • JCH 5/5

    By johnsuzy
    Works fine. Syncs across all my devices.
  • What Happened 3/5

    By Mrs piggie pie
    I love this app. I read a few hours every day. I have never had any problem. Today, while I was reading a book, the app went black. I checked all my apps. Everything else was ok. The only thing new was that I got the iOS update yesterday. I have tried everything and have had no luck bringing it back. Help.
  • Longtime user- don’t like recent update 3/5

    By kyobooks
    I’ve been using Overdrive for many years. The best thing I like about it is setting the capability of stopping the audiobook after 15 minutes. I have trouble sleeping at night and listening for just a few minutes will put me back to sleep. The only thing I don’t like is that recently an update was made so the app doesn’t remember my library number which is 13 digits. It used to have a function I could check to remember it.
  • LOVE it!! 5/5

    By KcKz
    I love being able to access library books from my phone! I use this app all the time, and it always works - serving up great books and audio books for FREE! This is a great country, and our libraries are a miraculous resource.
  • FAVORITE APP!!’ 5/5

    By Moosa72
    Overdrive is my absolute favorite App!! I love to be able to connect with my library and upload the books so easily. It is so easy to use. My 8 year old uses it too. She has to do reading time every night for homework and with Overdrive she has a huge selection of books to read. I LOVE IT!!!
  • awesome app 5/5

    By cupcake#2
    totally recommend this app!! deserves 10 out of 5 stars!!
  • Great App 5/5

    By craigmk
    I use Overdrive all the time, prefer it to Libby. Wish the ratings would show number of ratings however. Reviews with only a few ratings are not all that interesting and I'd like to know what it is based on. Other than that, great library resource!
  • Very difficult to use. 1/5

    By VictoriaMoira
    Cannot get to audiobook content after download. Pointless
  • Does not work well with new Apple update 1/5

    By whizkidcat
    Used to work great with accessibility text to voice using two finger swipe which would read a chapter at a time to you without timing out and stopping if you leave the app or manually turn the page. Now it only works if you leave the app open and don’t change the page. For visually impaired it is a pain to have the voice stop reading to you if you want to multitask while listening to an EPUB ebook.
  • Overdrive app 4/5

    By Lady 21
    Best app to get books thru the local library. Easy way to get great books for free. Love it.

OverDrive: eBooks & audiobooks app comments

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