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  • Current Version: 2.3.5
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Overwatch League App

Overwatch League – The Official Mobile App Follow the action in the world’s premier esports league with the Overwatch League mobile app. Includes match schedules and alerts, standings, live streams, videos, news, and team profiles! Stay Up to Date Quickly check the standings or catch the latest stories and videos from the Overwatch League, including interviews, team profiles, breaking news, and in-game analysis. Track Your Teams Follow your favorite teams to receive automatic match alerts and easy access to their upcoming schedule, roster details and team-specific news and videos. Never Miss a Match Set match alerts to receive push notifications when specific matches begin. Watch live or dive into the action later with on-demand videos. Airtime or Wi-Fi connection required for use. For more information on the Overwatch League, visit http://overwatchleague.com Languages Supported: * English * Français * Deutsch * Español (Latinoamérica) * Español (Europa) * Português * Italiano * Polski * Русский * 한국어 (Korean) * 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) * 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) ©2018 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All right reserved. iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.

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Overwatch League app reviews

  • Something is wrong! 3/5

    By Skylerlina
    So I downloaded this app to get league tokens for the new zen skin. I watched 2 New York Excelsior games, and 1 London Spitfire game. But before that, I created an account, and linked it to my PS4 account. I go into Overwatch and see that it has 0 tokens. That’s 9 tokens right there! Please Help!
  • Great app but the Quality is terrible 3/5

    By Summerbabe36
    I love the App. but I’m watching a live match when the quality of the video went terrible, this is my very first time using the app. I would recommend this app but quality is awful.
  • OWL Tokens 2/5

    By slimsalamander
    I downloaded this app so that I could earn OWL tokens while I played, since I play on console. I’ve watched streams here for over 6 hours so far, everything is linked up together etc., and I’ve yet to get a SINGLE token.
  • Hide results 3/5

    By dont spoil the score please
    Overall like the app. But would recommend that the “hide results” feature actually hide the results of each map in a series too. It’s pretty easy to see instantly who won a match when you got to select the map vods and it has a score in bold next to the map name. Just say “map 1: busan” or “map 3: kings row” and don’t show the giant numbers indicating the score. It’s nice that you cover it up at the top but if you don’t cover it up below you’re still spoiling it folks
  • Spoiler free isn’t really that 5/5

    By Coolzor
    App works great, small suggestion: If you have spoilers off, don’t show how many maps are in a match or maybe just create a dummy map 7 video as a placeholder. If a best of 7 only has 6 maps I know the winner a map early whether or not I know the final score
  • App not working 1/5

    By Valkeur13
    The app keeps having me log into my blizzard acct and then freezes at the login , very annoying
  • Good App Runs SLOW 3/5

    By Codename Arc
    Honestly I enjoy having this kind of an addition to the esport and love being able to keep up with the current status of each team but man does it run so slow! I have to wait 2 minutes for it to pull up everything and stop showing me a white screen.
  • unusable...closed captioning ruined it 1/5

    By Voodoosixtynine
    Cannot turn off closed captioning. The scroll of words is 4-5 seconds behind (which i understand) but the viewer is covered with the captioning so you cannot watch the action. Happens in both portrait and landscape. No support either.
  • Great game. Poor app 2/5

    By Leigh621
    I love watching matches of the OWL. This app seems to crash or refuse to load for long periods of time anytime I try to watch any video or live matches. I end up just going over to twitch. I would hope that an eSport as big as OWL would have better app development.
  • Spoiler central 1/5

    By Simplynader
    The app is terrible, it has an options to cover scores to eliminate spoilers, it doesn’t work, also on the player there is an option to goto the next video which is there for no reason. It app could be good if you do fantasy Ow but just to watch the matches I would suggest goto twitch VODs it YouTube to eliminate spoilers.
  • Good to check score 3/5

    By Bade Walker
    I can bet accurately check scores view match time and live scoring it’s just when I click to watch a match it exits me out of the app need help??.
  • Hide scores.... 4/5

    By TCal85
    Great app, all the updating over the last year has made it run a lot smoother. ONE BIG COMPLAINT!!! I don’t always get to see the matches live so I tried to do hide scores so I can watch later and not know who won. Problem is..... you hit watch video and it pulls up the map list WITH THE SCORES!!! Fix that. Hide scores means hide the overall score AND map scores....thanks. Edit: Apparently after updating you have to take the setting off then put it back on to make it work correctly. Leaving this up Incase someone else needs that info. Edit 2: okay I was wrong... if you click “watch” on the right you get map scores. If you click the team names on the left you don’t. Still needs to be fixed if you have hide scores selected...
  • Bugs 3/5

    By HunterSD
    Fairly buggy, the most common one from me is getting logged out periodically. I'll miss games because notifications don't go out because of being logged out.
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By DosP0910
    The app is ok... I only use it to check the schedules because it never keeps me logged in and when I do watch it live it always freezes... this app definitely needs improvements. It’d also be nice to be more interactive like having player hero stats for heros they’ve played or maybe even like overall stats for heros played, like click brig and see the stats of like top 10 brig players
  • Nice 4/5

    By notelon shipro
    Could be better. But overall I like it
  • buggy app? 1/5

    By Nana ✨
    for some reason it won’t let me log into my blizzard account and just either won’t load or says an error and I tried redownloading it too and it did nothing. I’ll change my review if I get some help :(
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By &:$(($2!;&;&-!;
    It works great with all the stats and stuff, but when I try to sign in to my blizzard account in won’t let me and it will just take forever to load and then come up with an Error 504 page
  • Bug 2/5

    By cuser11
    Keeps logging me out and doesn’t let me log in because there is “no WiFi” got logged out at least 10 times
  • This is an excellent app 5/5

    By Cheatwood5
    This is a really nice app. I don’t have many complaints about it. The only large complaint I do have is that I’m not able to see the pre-game show. A minor complaint is whenever I leave the app to do something else, I have to stop watching the game and then reload/refresh it. Other times I have to close the app entirely. Other then these two things it’s a really good app and much easier for me to log into my Battle.net account and get my tokens. I’m not able to log into my account through Twitch. So if you guys can get the pre-game show on this as well as smooth the viewing that would be lovely!! Thanks for making this app in the first place!!!! And thanks for reading this far if you have.
  • Excellent App. Couple issues. 4/5

    By Conward96
    It’s clean, it works, it’s for everyone. I currently live in Japan and often miss the live games because I’m working or it’s too early. This app is great because I can find the recording for games without the score being spoiled for me. I love it! The app should have easier access to players and their stats, similar to the website.. It also should provide links or methods to open up videos of past games directly in an external app... I hate trying to find games and potentially spoiling the score because I want to watch on a bigger screen instead of my phone. The iPad version also needs a rework. It’s literally the phone app with a zoom button...
  • Subtitles 2/5

    By Tony 17co
    Please put a feature to turn off subtitles they are way to delayed and get very annoying
  • Buggy and Slow! 2/5

    By HavocPigeon
    This app has froze on me more times than it has worked. I want to watch my team live but the amount of issues I have with this app forces me to just watch highlights on YouTube the next day. Blizzard please fix your app and make it work fluid!
  • Please add 3/5

    By MrMaxxPower
    Please add the ability to stream to chrome cast and other devices
  • Refresh Problems 1/5

    By YourAntFarm
    This app doesn’t refresh after going back onto my home screen. So I have to kill the app then reopen it. The official app is the worst way to watch OWL
  • Still a mess 2/5

    By BenT423
    Believe it or not, it seems like this app has become more bug-ridden since season 1, it constantly logs me out, if you leave the app and come back to it, usually it won’t start playing again without manually resetting it.
  • works well but 4/5

    By Kekoablees
    the app could definitely use an iOS widget, showing when teams are live. would be incredibly convenient.
  • Too many bugs.... 1/5

    By bbaeraek
    Too many bugs....
  • Subtitles 2/5

    By l0new00f
    Please put in an option to turn off subtitles in the settings, they are really delayed and annoying on the screen
  • Few Key Issues 3/5

    By Cojomojo42
    For the most parts, this app functions well. However, some information, specifically the end scores of each map, are not updated quickly enough. Some scores remain incorrect for days afterwards.
  • Okay but bad 2/5

    By bts main
    I takes forever to load and it always has an issue.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Wendell Guuuu
    Very slow and often break down
  • It was great on Android... 2/5

    By USMCyrus
    I had no problems on the Android version. Very well designed app. But now that I have an iPhone, it won't load ANY of the matches.
  • Matches failed to load 1/5

    By YoThisBling
    Can't see scores on opening day
  • Does not work 2/5

    By bshdjehshfnsowbdidb
    Do not get this in version 2.1.0. Its really buggy and says it cant load matches while connected to wifi, and shows every score as 0-0
  • Needs some help 3/5

    By sillyniecy
    As I recall, you used to be able to use this app to look at players on teams. Now I can’t seem to find that information anywhere. This was a huge part of the functionality for this app for me. It should be easier to get to each teams ‘splash page’ which should have the players listed. I would also really like this app to be able to have player profiles- so their names are clickable and we could see personal stats. With the newest update it seems to crash a lot, and has trouble loading pages. I’m having these issues on both WiFi and off. Last, notifications don’t seem to be working reliably so that’s kind of a bummer as well.
  • Would Love to See Widget Support 4/5

    By hijere
    Overall I love the OWL app. Fairly clean and simple UI, easy app navigation, and supports links to various outlets such as the Fanatics shop, arena tickets, and more. What I would absolutely love to see is widget support for live and current games and the scores, somewhat like the ESPN widget. It would provide a quality-of-life functionality for quick and easy access to scores without the hassle of loading into the application every single time. Definitely would make the app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!
  • Why this app does not work 4/5

    By nicohaszombas
    Overall I love this app I had it a while ago but I recently reinstalled it and it won’t work when I watch a pre recorded game which is disappointing because i live overwatch anyone else have this problem?
  • Login 2/5

    By ryNkim211
    Won’t let you log in with Blizzard. I press the button and the thing tries to load, but then just goes away.
  • May as well just follow their social media 1/5

    By DMillzilla
    I LOVE Overwatch League, but this app doesn’t offer much. You get a schedule of games (which differs depending on where you access the team in the app). The stories associated with each team are misaligned. It’s hard to navigate between teams. And you get absolutely ZERO stats. Hoping for a reliable Overwatch API soon so that some of us can work toward making a great solution for OWL fans.
  • Used to be good 3/5

    By iKevin88Gamez
    The only reason I downloaded this is because I wanted to watch previous matches that was aired and I also couldn't find anything that was a full match on YouTube not highlights. Overall though, it's a decent app if you're big on statistics
  • Ow 5/5

    By Ojaiethan
  • pretty good but needs a little improvement 4/5

    By omarl!ttle
    add to meet the team the coaching staff and the players information like their (age/signature hero/previous teams/social media), and please make a similar app for contenders :)
  • Wonderful! 4/5

    By TheOrangeMouse
    This is a great app that neatly organizes everything I love about Overwatch league. This is a wonderfully helpful app and please still get it when I say this but sometimes I open the app and my phone immediately shuts down and my touch screen won’t work. It’s and easy fix to reset my phone but it’s just annoying. Assuming the developers could get that fixed this app would be perfect. Other than that I love the app. Go Outlaws!!
  • Great app! 4/5

    By LucKy_Accidental
    It’s a great app but there is one thing i would like. I would like to be able to follow just a player. Like just Pine or just Carpe not the whole team just to know what that player is doing. But other than that its a great app!
  • Great for overwatch fans like myself 5/5

    By Brainlessjay
    This is a pretty good app so far, I love being able to scroll through different videos while keeping up with the scores of your favorite teams, the only that that could make this app better(and I hope the developers are listening) is a way to save videos or a continue watching feature like YouTube, so that way if you exit off the app and go back on you can continue where you left off or save videos for later on
  • Where is everything else 3/5

    By sudzybop
    Is the California cup, world cup, and anything else other than regular league games associated with this app? Why not? This app needs alot more content and more consistent updates.
  • Solid so far 3/5

    By moogiethecow
    Solid so far but for some reason the app crashes whenever i try to open it, it worked fine before so idk why it’s happening
  • Where’s the Stickers at? 3/5

    By Morning Anime
    I love watching live feed, but let’s be honest. Most people who wants overwatch stickers is in this app, but just the leagues. Blizzard please give rights for stickers.
  • iPad version needed 3/5

    By Mike Matts
    This app would honestly be more useful if there was an iPad version. I’d use it to watch the streams of matches then. Right now I use the Twitch app instead since there isn’t this functionality. Also I wish there was a way to check my league tokens in the app. If there already is a way to do this, it needs to be easier to check because I haven’t found it.

Overwatch League app comments

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