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Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker

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  • Current Version: 1.6.6
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Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker App

The must-have app for parents everywhere! From expert articles to daily tracking, Ovia Parenting has everything a new parent needs. KEY FEATURES ◆ Health tracking! Track diapers, feedings (breast or bottle), sleep, milestones, and more ◆ Share your family's special moments with easy picture and video sharing ◆ Learn about child development and parenting tips with 1,000+ expert articles ◆ Easily add multiple children and receive personalized updates based on their age ◆ Invite friends & family to follow your children and view updates, photos, videos, and more ◆ Customize each child's name, gender, and skin tone ◆ View all of your saved memories in one family calendar ◆ Ask and answer questions anonymously in a community of parents and caregivers ◆ Unlock more content, tips, and tools by taking the health assessment TRACK EVERYTHING BABY ◆ Breastfeeding ◆ Bottle Feeding ◆ Diaper Changes ◆ Sleep ◆ Photos & Videos ◆ Milestones LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR LITTLE ONE *Track Milestones & Monitor Progress* Track your child’s development with illustrated milestones, and even create your own! With Ovia Parenting’s milestone checklists, you can see what to expect from postpartum through baby’s first year and beyond. *Read Daily Personalized Content* Receive articles, tips, and updates on your little ones as they grow. We’ll deliver content to you each day in sync with your child’s development. Categories include Motor Skills, Communication, Parenting Styles, and more! MAKE IT YOURS *Share Your Family's Precious Moments* Ovia Parenting gives you a home for all the big milestones, plus the spontaneous moments you’ll treasure for years to come. Share photos securely and privately with friends and family. *Enjoy a Customizable and Inclusive App Experience* Ovia Parenting is designed for all families. We know every caregiver and child is different, so we made it easy for you to read about a variety of parenting styles. *Add Family, Followers & Admins* Invite your partner and fellow caregivers to share full access to your family’s timeline. Admins can also invite friends and family to watch baby grow. *OVIA HEALTH* In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer Ovia Health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work. Do you have Ovia Health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download Ovia Parenting and enter your employer and health plan information to access to an expanded set of tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as postpartum health, pediatric health, breastfeeding support, allergy education and management, and more. ABOUT US Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. STAY IN TOUCH Blog: http://blog.oviahealth.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oviahealth Instagram: @oviahealth Twitter: @oviahealth CUSTOMER SERVICE We're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at [email protected]

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Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker app reviews

  • Hard to use on Apple Watch. 3/5

    By sarahbear98
    Love this app for tracking my babies eating and sleeping patterns. But I’m more than annoyed that I paid $5 for the full app so I could use it on my Apple Watch, only to not be able to use it if the app is running on my phone as well. Seems like a huge flaw.
  • Need to be able to track medication 4/5

    By Starryice2
    I love the app. I just wish there was a place to track medication and temperature. Now I have to find another tracker app.
  • Good... but could be better 4/5

    By Milton's red stapler
    Just started using this after having used the Ovia Ovulation and pregnancy trackers. Both excellent apps. I found this one really lacking inspiration. It’s all useful items, but could be better. Is there a way you can add in pumping time if for mother’s. Like a kind of tracker? Also can we rate best amounts of fluids to get for babies per age? Just some ideas. Thanks!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Kiy Nor
    I love ovia! The daily updates about babies growth and development is helpful. It's easy to use. The community part is great too! (I used the Ovia Pregnancy App when I was pregnant)!
  • Perfect! But I wish I could log tummy time! 4/5

    By Marissa-B
    This is easy to use AND able to sync with my spouse so we can both track. I just wish that I could also track tummy time, and I wish I could log feedings without being forced to enter the duration or amount.
  • Three cheers for Ovia Apps! 5/5

    By Jennypickle
    All the apps I’ve used have been a huge blessing in a new, exciting yet uncertain time being a first time parent. I’ve used 3- fertility, pregnancy and now parenting and absolutely loved all 3. Thank you Ovia for helping me through these phases, highly recommend their use to anyone!
  • Always a problem 2/5

    By 0921esma
    Every single time I open the app it always says “oops” or “there’s a problem”. CONSTANTLY. Very annoying. Sometimes it does not record the times I put what time she went to bed. I easily forget so then I don’t get all the recordings of how much she’s slept. Looking for a new app now
  • Need better monitoring 1/5

    By Bettyboo1392
    Since in the chat part your identity is anonymous some people become real ignorant and there is no way to block them. I have someone telling me to get out of America and I have no way to report them or block them off of my page.
  • Love it ‼️ 5/5

    By Asiahbahja
    I love Ovia I used Ovia Pregnancy during my entire pregnancy and so I was very excited to use Ovia Parenting to keep up with my little one’s milestones.
  • I’m in love. 5/5

    By Party roc
    I’d be lost if this app crashed. It makes it so easy for me and hubby to keep up with little mans eating and output. I know we don’t NEED it, but I’m so grateful for it.
  • Okay 4/5

    By Delphinakim
    The app most of the time doesn’t update the time last fed, it will say last fed 30 minutes ago when it was 4 hours... and this is the only reason I use the app (to log times fed) so it’s fairly annoying
  • Great for mother’s who are doing it for the first time 4/5

    By Sananaina
    Love the app, wish it had few more options like shower, medicine, like mother of bliss probiotics, gripe water, mood of baby and mother. Something blank where a mother can write notes. Overall a great app, with few additions it will be 5 stars for me :)
  • Mommy’s sanity all in one app 5/5

    By faithnrainbows
    A lifesaver on sleepless nights when you can’t remember last feeding. Wonderful for tracking breastfeeding and bottle feeding - whether formula or breast milk...especially helpful with keeping baby on track with weight gain.
  • Loading issue 1/5

    By kshelton06
    Takes forever to load. I use it for quick glance at feedings as well as pumping- I use the breastfeeding part to keep up with them I pump last. It literally takes for ever to load. Very annoying. Great app when it works.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Lindi2018
    I started out using the pregnancy app (along with various others) and it was by far my favorite, so I decided to give the parenting app a shot (as a new and first time parent). I love being able to keep track of feedings and soiled diapers, especially at the beginning. The articles are very informative and the app helps with keeping track of milestones! You can do as little as you want with the app or you can do as much as you want! I definitely recommend this to any new parent.
  • The Users 3/5

    By kannfijsnamohab
    Other people that use the app are super judgement. Not all moms or parents for that matter are perfect& everyone has their own options on stiff& just about majority of the comments there’s at least 1 or 2 people judging🤦🏽‍♀️
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By amandagrray
    it makes it so easy to keep track of when baby eats, pees or poops. also has a lot of articles that explain what’s going on with your baby that week! i love this app it helps me to keep track of when he ate last too which is a relief!
  • Ok 3/5

    By em.normandin
    Was working perfectly until yesterday. It did an update and now when you input a bottle feed it doesn’t display the tin since last feed. Disappointed.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By Kdw14
    (EDIT: the original issues I experienced are fixed but now the app constantly says he last ate on the left side. This is super annoying because I usually just quick glance at the main screen to determine which side to feed him on if I’ve forgotten. So this is really frustrating and needs to be fixed.) I used the pregnancy app almost my entire pregnancy (once I found it I used it the rest of my pregnancy), and loved it, I kept track of appointments, my blood pressure readings and I loved seeing my babies development within the womb. But this app has not met my expectations from the amazing pregnancy app. I expected to be able to easily track doctors appointments and vaccinations height and weight etc. Right now I just make a note on the app calendar of what his height and weight were, vaccines and a photo from the day. I’d love to see some work done on those issues and maybe an addition of appointments to the calendar or a doctors section where you can track appointments and vaccinations etc.
  • Great App Overall — Want to Take Notes & Track Food 4/5

    By AJG Howard
    I love all of the Ovia App. I do wish this one had more features like the Pregnancy App where you could track moods, illness, etc. It would be a game changer to track when baby gets a cold, how they’re feeling that day, and food when baby starts eating purées and solids!
  • Ovia Parenting 5/5

    By Momma Estilette
    Love love love this app! It’s so useful for keeping everything organized and as a first time mom, I love that it keeps track of everything so you don’t have to even think about it! Our daughter spits up quite often though and the pediatrician is monitoring it so it would be nice to have a way to keep track of that on the app too
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By sdffedfytdgutdgurs
    You can ask each other questions, track everything your baby does, and more! I am so glad I got it. 1 con though is that you have to create an account and you’re anonymous when you ask people questions.
  • Very informative app 4/5

    By KevinUC
    The one missing star is because once you open an article you have to use the x on top right corner to close it. Pain on the phone, please make it swipe back.
  • Good app 3/5

    By KaelaIAm
    I really like the app but I feel like other things should be added like health for the baby. Like temperature or if they have a rash and have it where you can put the location so when the baby has a doctors appointment you can mention it to the doctor.
  • Greatest app for pregnancy and parenting 5/5

    By chaxji
    we’ve tried many apps paid and unpaid. So far, Ovia provides the most accurate and reliable information about pregnancy and parenting an infant. Almost all articles are based on research. Provides excellent tips when you are feel lost in this baby making and raising journey. One suggestion: it would be helpful if there is a time track for all logs. For instance, time stamp for breast feeding, poops and peeps. Thank you! Ovia team. Excellent job. Keep it up.
  • App Constantly Crashes 2/5

    By kchuravy
    I wanted to love this app after using Ovia Pregnancy. However, it takes forever to load. Once I start navigating the app, it force closes every time I use it. I tried to give it a few months to see if updates would help, but it continues to have the same issues. I wish I could use it, because I find the articles helpful.
  • Great app tracker for first time parents 5/5

    By Mariohdz18
    I tried other apps but to me this was far the best one. Being a first time father this app is helping a lot other apps you have to pay to get the full version. I like the way that not you can keep track of the baby you can invite other family members or friends. Love the app thanks Ovia Parenting
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Allie Schuman
    Ovia Pregnancy helped me so much through my first pregnancy, so I downloaded Ovia Parenting, and I’ve loved this too!! Great platform, tips, information, articles, and community!
  • About the app 5/5

    By Bruh all the names taken
    I love this app . I just had my first baby and this app is teaching me as she grows it’s amazing. It lets me know what my baby should be doing every months and if there normal.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By 🌹❣️🤱🏻
    Highly recommended!! Also, I definitely recommend Ovia Fertility to track everything related to your period. Definitely, recommend Ovia Pregnancy!! A lot of articles that had updated information regarding every process...
  • Amazing app! But a tummy timer would make it even better 5/5

    By Uhmanda5
    This app is amazing and it helps you keep track of everything for your baby. I also love the community page where you can ask other mommas questions anonymously. It would be an even better app if they had a timer to record tummy time on.
  • Great App 5/5

    By jrosemaples
    I love this app and highly recommend. It keeps track of breastfeeding time, bottle, diapers, etc. my husband and I each have it on our phone under the same login. When I’m at work I can easily see how many bottles she has gotten. It’s free and easy to use.
  • Promoting corporate interests :-( 1/5

    By XtinaFroglicker
    I wish every other article wasn’t about, “Feed your kid more dairy and meat!” Or what toys you can buy them. Or if you (mom) are on mood stabilizer drugs yet. It’s unfortunate but I think they’ve been bought out by big pharma and the dairy council and I’m over it!
  • No pumping tracker 3/5

    By RS.18
    Great - except I have to use another app to track pumping.
  • Tracking sleep 4/5

    By Ridwazie
    Not sure how to track the sleeping part. Everything else is good. As the other person suggested would like to see a ml option.
  • It’s great!! 5/5

    By tiredhappymom
    For a first time mom this app is amazing!!! Makes keeping track of everything threw all the sleepless nights super easy! My only thing is the update won’t allow me to open the app :(
  • Helped us in the beginning. 5/5

    By Captn B.Luck
    We heavily used this app when my wife was pregnant all the way until our baby was 6 months. This app really helped us with making a schedule for our daughter and I love all the information it gives as they grow. Great app and I recommend it to anyone.
  • Great tracking tool 4/5

    By jsperigo09
    I’ve used Ovia to track my periods and ovulation, my pregnancy and now parenting. Love them all. I just wish that the parenting had a tracking for pumping!
  • A few minor tweaks 4/5

    By Megh P
    I depend on this app right now with my 1mo baby, but I wish the sleep tracker were better. For one thing, it’s not a timer, so you have to remember when baby started sleep in order to record it at the end of her nap—you can’t save the start time beforehand. Secondly, it’s hard to tell how much sleep the baby gets in a literal 24hr period unless you manually split up her sleep sessions at midnight. Otherwise, this is a well constructed app.
  • Changing times 1/5

    By shikaboo31
    Everytime I log my LO feeding and sleeping time and save it, then when its time for another feeding and wake up the app completely changes my times and throws everything!
  • Slow app 1/5

    By roromanifests
    Even with the update, the app is so slow which makes for a frustrating experience especially for a new mother using 2020 technology. Unreal.
  • My favorite 5/5

    By PonyRider457857
    By far the best app I’ve found to help keep up with feedings! Prefect for every first time momma! The only thing I would change is I hate that I can’t just type in the time he ate and have to find it on the roll timer. So if you have to go back and fill in a feeding if you don’t have time to put it in, it is just more annoying. But other than that I really can’t complain!
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By BeeMamaBear
    I wish I had switch to another app when my baby was just a few days old, it I figured I already had a few days logged so I’d keep it and now I regret it. The app is often slow to load, but that’s not the worst part for me. First of all I don’t understand why the summary of feeds is accessed by taping on diapers, not feedings, I don’t like that there’s no time mark for the diapers, I often can’t remember if I logged one, if the time was logged I could look back and figure it out. I also don’t like some of the milestones, they just aren’t appropriate in my opinion. “First babysitter” isn’t a milestone and it came up way to early in my opinion. Also some of the articles come up at inappropriate times, like way after the info would have been helpful. But I think the thing that app lacks most is a place to log weight and length. Also the AAP and WHO recommend breastfeeding exclusively for at least the first 6 months for most babies.... the breastfeeding log should be first, not bottles, with formula listed before breast milk! I wish I had paid $5 for the app I used when I had my older child. Please make some changes Ovia, this could be a great app but now it’s majorly lacking!
  • Love the App 4/5

    By Gracied3
    I love this app however, I wish I could put in my child’s doctor’s appointments on the calendar like I could on the pregnancy app. I would also like if it had some of the other features like note to baby, good and bad advice, etc.
  • Helpful for this mama! 5/5

    By Gfam mom
    I’m so glad the ovia pregnancy directed me to this app so I can learn more about my toddler and help me to feel not alone as a mom! It is also helpful for my husband to see the stages of our little one and help him to learn things to entertain the little one as well! Wish they had one for the teenagers! Lol
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By lillaaayvvv
    Very easy to keep track of feeding times, diapers, and a very easy way to communicate w other moms with any questions you may have about your little one! Would give 5 stars if Ovia fixed the fact that some of the questions you post don’t get any interaction due to the fact that they don’t post sometimes for over a week! If it always posted as soon as you click post like the Ovia pregnancy app does this would be the perfect app!
  • Hopeful? 2/5

    By MommaBeagley
    I used to love this app. It became a type of Journal for my kids, but it will no longer let me copy and paste wording into the milestones or special moments notes. Are you going to bring that feature back? It’s important to me, so I can copy text message journal entries.
  • Good, several things could make it better 4/5

    By MrsPeke
    Things I like: -Daily articles and tips (well written, relatable, informative) -convenient breast feed timer/log -can input multiple babies Things that would make it better: -more convenient sleep timer (like the breast feeding timer) -being able to input solid foods when baby starts them around 4-6 months along with any reactions they have -record height/weight/head circ. from doctors appointment and track percentiles -timer/record pumping
  • Favorite app by far! 5/5

    By Kennaelyse
    Used the pregnancy app first and switched over to this one when my son was born! Love it so much! Helps me with my mom brain 🤪

Ovia Parenting & Baby Tracker app comments

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