Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

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  • Current Version: 4.1.12
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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

*** Watch baby grow | Track your health *** Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia's personalized approach to tracking your baby's development gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. KEY FEATURES ◆ Customizable baby name, gender, goals, and health tracking ◆ Dynamic timeline with articles and tips based on your data ◆ Weekly reports on your pregnancy progress ◆ Pregnancy milestone tracking for belly pics, ultrasounds, baby shower, and more ◆ Postpartum support: receive articles and tips in your 4th trimester ESSENTIAL TOOLS ◆ 2000+ pregnancy articles, tips, and tools to support you throughout your pregnancy ◆ Calendar to organize and track all things pregnancy, from baby bump photos to doctor appointment reminders ◆ Customizable health tracker: log the data that fits into your life! ◆ Apple Health: Fully integrated to share blood pressure and weight data ◆ A safe, supportive community of moms and moms-to-be ◆ Health assessment: unlock more content, tips, and tools! *Watch Baby Grow Week by Week!* See illustrations of your baby's current hand and foot size, and compare baby's size with fun themes: fruits & vegetables, animals, Parisian pastries, and fun & games. At week 17, baby is the size of a creme brulee! *Look Up Food Safety, Symptoms, and Medications* Stay safe through your pregnancy by using our three lookup tools: the Food Safety Lookup, the Symptoms Lookup, and the Medication Safety Lookup. *Connect With Other Moms-to-Be* Ask and answer questions in an anonymous community of moms and moms-to-be. You can even target your questions to reach just the right people, like moms who are the same weeks pregnant, have the same dietary restrictions, or live in the same area. *Follow Your Progress With Customizable Tracking* ◆ Weight — Track and chart your weight progress — Manage goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI ◆ Symptoms — Learn the common symptoms for each week of your pregnancy — Track 100+ possible symptoms — Get immediate alerts if your symptoms indicate a health risk ◆ Nutrition — Know what nutrients you need for your baby’s development — Record daily servings of protein, dairy, fruit, veggies, water — Find healthy recipes with essential vitamins and nutrients ◆ Medications & vitamins — Learn what medications are safe for pregnant moms — Track your medications and vitamins ◆ Sleep — Track and chart your sleep ◆ Moods — Record your moods day by day ◆ Exercise — Stay fit, track your workouts — Connect with fitness trackers *OVIA HEALTH* In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer Ovia Health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work. Do you have Ovia Health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download Ovia Pregnancy and enter your employer and health plan information to access to an expanded set of tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as breastfeeding preparation, gestational diabetes prevention, mental health education, and more. ABOUT US Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. CUSTOMER SERVICE We're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at [email protected]

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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app reviews

  • Needs improvement to be more helpful 2/5

    By 907manda
    The daily information is great! But the community part needs work. Either other users aren’t seeing the posts or they don’t comment. In the dozen of posts I’ve made personally only get a couple replies each post. Nothing overly helpful for the questions being asked. Also maybe monitor for when comments are being down right rude or attacking the OP or commenters . Come on we all are there for the same thing, support from other moms, moms to be or those TTC. Wish baby bump app was still active!
  • Repetitive 3/5

    By Ashley Rose :)
    App says the same thing during the week just in different ways....
  • More features 5/5

    By kaja9584
    This is not my favorite pregnancy app. It IS the only one I use however because it is the easiest to navigate and the most accurate! It would be super neat if some more features were added, like being able to take baby bump pictures to keep track of “belly progress”, and more things for the community aspect. Make it to where we can add groups and such and feel more like a “community”. While keeping the anonymous if anyone wants to use it. Just think that would be cool- either way, it’s a super good app and I would recommend to everybody
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Vanessa21❤️
    I’ve been using this app since 6 weeks pregnant I’m now 32 weeks and I have to say it’s very easy and convenient to have it tracks every step of your pregnancy, gives you advise and shows you how baby is growing I love it I can say it’s almost accurate to what I have found online with my doctor and other apps very good app definitely recommend to those expecting moms!!
  • Best pregnancy app out there 5/5

    By JLAHowell
    I downloaded a ton of apps but this one is by far the best & my favorite :)
  • Crappy app 1/5

    By Thecyanbrick
    I’ve never been a big fan of the app. There is no message board (that I can find after searching the 3000 links) except a general board for everyone and their brother. On another app I’m on, I can select the December babies board and talk to people due around the same time as me! And now Ovia added this thing that literally asks you questions every time you sign onto the app and there is no way to opt out of them...you either have to waste time answering them or xing them out. I only go on 1-2 times a week but I may just delete the whole thing.
  • Functional, not the best. 3/5

    By cate0721
    This app is functional, but I like others better that have more realistic videos of what the baby looks like in the womb, instead of just a yellow cartoon baby like Ovia has. This app also has absolutely no support for home birth, if it’s mentioned, it’s basically an after thought like “oh, some people do this.” All in all, it’s okay. Gives you information.
  • Best app but overly inquisitive 3/5

    By Kad11111
    This is the best pregnancy app I’ve seen (way better than The Bump), however, I am not a fan of the overly personal medical questions that intrusively pop up each time I open the app. I don’t need to share any medical information with a pregnancy app, thanks. That’s why I have doctors. There are already plenty of ads littering the home screen (understandably), but these questions are too much.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Silvermino
    This app has been very helpful and informative during my second pregnancy. I’ve used the community feature to communicate with other mothers and it’s helped me feel so much more connected and gotten me through rough times.
  • First time mom, first time Ovia 5/5

    By dingdynasty
    I wouldn’t know what I was doing without this app
  • Great 5/5

    By BriJean1104
  • Least favorite pregnancy app 2/5

    By Amber Ran H
    I like “what to expect” a lot better. I did not like going to my email and seeing something I wanted to read about but then couldn’t read it until I went to open the app. Just wanted something fast and easy without the extra step. Plus I found more information about the baby on other apps.
  • Favorite pregnancy app 5/5

    By Mony Grace
    This is my third pregnancy app and it’s my favorite, even over the classic What To Expect. Lots of information, the lookup aspect has been so helpful, and I’ve dabbled in the recipes. Thankful someone recommended it.
  • What’s with those invasive questions in the blue box? 3/5

    By Betsalets
    Every time I open Ovia I now get a series of invasive questions at the top of my feed in the blue box. I can dismiss the box but it reappears every time I relaunch. I’ve stopped using the app because of this. Why are you asking and most importantly, why won’t you stop asking?? Such a bizarre interaction to force your user into on literally every open...
  • No cohesion 3/5

    By Kathryn F.
    This app causes a lot of disillusionment. The methods they use to describe the size, relative to the gestational period, is confusing, especially for first time moms. One week she’s a cauliflower: so when I’m in the market I’m looking to gauge my baby’s size, then the next week she’s a pineapple. That’s inconsistent and confusing. I stopped frequenting the app later in my 2nd trimester due to the confusion on baby’s size. I did/do however, continue to use it to read about baby’s should be development stage.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Delia.94
    It wish we could add pictures in community posts
  • First Time Mom 5/5

    By acc326
    I love how much you can track in this app: mood, meals, sleep, steps, exercise, appointments, you name it. I also love that based on your inputs, it updates your feed with articles that you can most likely relate to. The community aspect has been nice to. Getting to anonymous questions to other moms has been so helpful. I really can’t recommend this app enough.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Skitsnsnicks
    Excellent app. Great for tracking pregnancy symptoms. Easy to use.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Queenopop
    The best pregnancy app out there! Easiest app to maneuver through. If I’m questioning a food but I’m in a bad service area I can just open up the app and it’s always available it gives me piece at mind. And the fact I can talk to other women in the same boat as me and share experiences is just fantastic! I recommend this app to anyone that becomes pregnant! This is my second pregnancy and the app just gets better and better!
  • Love 5/5

    By Miki_Rob
    It’s super informative, you can look up foods and medication to see what is safe to ingest. As well as the fun stuff like baby’s size, & the size of its hand and foot in comparison to when it’s born. Hands down the best pregnancy app I’ve ever had and this is baby #2!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Mander_blanc
    I feel like I’m getting a look at what’s happening with my little one everyday.
  • Health Portion 4/5

    By ChelSeaUhsWorld
    It won’t allow me to look at anything in the health portion on the app. I put in my health insurance, my state, and my employer and it is still not working. I’m going to have to not use the app until it is completely fixed.
  • Love! 4/5

    By TVJ1986
    Best option for me!
  • Love, with feedback 4/5

    By ChelseaMiller89
    I am 40 weeks now and I have loved this app. I started using the fertility tracker to help get pregnant and I have used the pregnancy app religiously. I look forward to using the parenting app. My one recommendation is that it takes way too long to access the contraction timer feature. Even if I’m fast, I’m already 15-20 seconds into my contraction before I can get that feature to load. I would love to see that feature be more accessible since it’s such a matter of timing! I love everything else about the app, thank you Ovia!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Alexandra215
    Honestly I had a stressful pregnancy and this app gave me something to look forward to every week. I looked forward to the information they provided about the growth, I loved the pictures, I loved guessing and being surprised by what kind of “food” or “unique animal” his size was referenced to, the community of women asking each other questions and supporting each other. I had added a few apps but this one was the winner. Definitely recommend
  • Too invasive 3/5

    By JmBMe
    I like the information it provides, but really don’t like how it wants to know your personal info with each view and forces you to log your info in order to read new content. Preferred The Bump’s app by far.
  • My favorite pregnancy app! 5/5

    By @ndg
    When I found out I was pregnant , I wanted to know as much as I can. I tried various apps but this one was my favorite because you get new information everyday and every week your baby will be a different kind of fruit or whatever you choose for it to be. Needless to say I always recommend this app to new moms or even second time moms it will make you feel better each day with new fun information.
  • Doesn’t scare soon to be moms!!! 5/5

    By Lvnn987
    I’ve downloaded a few different pregnancy tracking apps since I found out I was pregnant for the first time. Some of them focused on the hundreds of no no’s and awful things that can happen in pregnancy. They really causes me to stress about things I have no control over. Ovia is totally positive and reassuring. The community on there is quick to respond to your concerns and offers support to us over thinkers out there. I love the app and deleted all others!
  • Good App 4/5

    By SherrieDick
    I like it very much for keeping track of my pregnancy. My only complaint is either I haven’t figured it out or there is no way to put two sexes for twins. It’s a very minor detail, but would be nice.
  • Love It... 5/5

    By Sunny Nor Cal
    When our daughter announced her 1st 👼🏼pregnancy she recommended this app for us to follow along... to see the baby developing. She is now on her 2nd pregnancy 👼🏼 We not only found this app to amazing, it helped us create a bond with our grandchild before she born !!! Thank you for your app. Our experience as grandparents made it FUN and informative along the way!!! Thank you, PROUD MAMA & PAPA ❤️
  • Great apps 5/5

    By unsuperwoman
    Great apps for pregnancy thank you.
  • Most Accessible Preg App 5/5

    By keneovkaoan77398;!
    I downloaded 6 preg apps on my phone when I found out I was pregnant and Ovia had the food and medications indexes which has been a quick and informative go to for week. I check the community quick answers daily and am loving all the extra info I have found daily to support my pregnancy as I go along.
  • Unable to Hide Ads I Dislike 3/5

    By 케이트케이트
    Unable to hide irrelevant and repetitive ads no matter how many times I request to hide them.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Jennabo321
    I’m almost 7 weeks pregnant with mine and my fiancée’s first child and I downloaded this app and it’s amazing, it lets me know all the symptoms I’m experiencing are completely normal and I can also talk to other first time parents! I highly recommend this app!!!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Daisy2001
    I love the daily little facts and all the wonderful informative articles! Also the hand/feet size feature melts my heart!
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Lindsayengineer
    Great app with helpful ways to track information. I love the weekly videos from Gina and the different options for baby size comparisons. I also like the calendar feature for tracking as much or as little info as you want. A few things I would change: I wish they had a better baby bump photo feature (like the BabyCenter app) and a way to download all the information easily to store for future reference (and to show your baby when they are older). It’s also not very convenient for finding specific notes you made on the calendar. But overall, I used this app my whole pregnancy and was happy with it!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By KimberlyRennn
    I found out I was pregnant and wanted an app to help keep track of things. This app helps track everything! I love how you can log all your symptoms everyday to better track how you’ve been feeling. The articles and community gives so much insight and helps me to know that what I’m feeling is completely normal. 10/10 recommend this app to help track pregnancy.
  • Best prego app 5/5

    By Shivanismom
    I used this app for both of my pregnancies. Wonderful app with great info! Highly recommend.
  • Great 5/5

    By withloveLEX
    Ovia in general is a great group of apps. I conceived on the first month using the app and now I’m loving the pregnancy app.
  • Great app to track any grow 5/5

    By Chapina19
    I never had a track app before , this was great , vitamins remained, bay growing and movements . They had a baby app too which is great .
  • Love it 5/5

    By leechaaa72
    Best outta all pregnancy apps I have tried
  • Great app 5/5

    By rao10040
    It has so much information for a first time mom and I love that you have multiple options for baby size comparisons. The cute but weird animal category is my favorite.
  • Best Pregnancy App 5/5

    By Bea Payne
    This is my favorite pregnancy app! The articles are timely, the information is good without being overwhelming, and I love all of the different options for baby size - game, Parisian bakery, animal, and fruit! Love it!
  • Best IVF pregnancy App 5/5

    By Laurah986
    When I found out I was pregnant, Ovia was the best app for me. It took into consideration my ivf dates and asks questions about it.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BlackDiamynd (storm8id)
    Ovia was recommended to me by a close friend of mine. It’s a great app! It puts your baby’s development and growth into perspective, it is a place where you can keep track of all of your feelings/thoughts, activity, weight, sleep, and symptoms. It gives information on each aspect of pregnancy (pre, during, and post).... it even allows you to share your recorded information with loved ones! It’s a great app all the way around!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By HSU2010
    So much good info, and the interface is cute and customizable (which isn’t important in the grand scheme of things, but I like it). It’s so great to have stuff like a week-by-week tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, symptom checker and log, and medicine safety list in one app.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By cgraha15
    It provides so much insightful information into how my baby is growing. I love to see the comparison of the size of my baby to the animals or fruit, it gives me a pretty good idea on how big she’s getting. I also love the progression notes on how my baby’s arteries is growing. This is an awesome site.
  • something everyday 5/5

    By heiendusk
    I like that I get some tiny information every day and a big overview every time I hit a new week, this way I can celebrate this pregnancy every day!
  • Informative & accurate- OVERALL LOVE!! 5/5

    By TAR54
    Love this app!! I love the daily updates with the current symptoms I have, or how I’m feeling. Each day I learn something knew with my pregnancy progress. When I have a question I can always find it here as well. It’s a must have if you’re pregnant!
  • A bunch of ads and nagging 1/5

    By A'Casey
    I removed this app from my phone. Lots of ads and nagging, condescending questions.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app comments

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