Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker App

*** Watch baby grow | Track your health *** Expecting? Watch your baby grow every day with Ovia Pregnancy! Ovia's personalized approach to tracking your baby's development gives you an app as unique as your pregnancy. KEY FEATURES ◆ Customizable baby name, gender, goals, and health tracking ◆ Dynamic timeline with articles and tips based on your data ◆ Weekly reports on your pregnancy progress ◆ Pregnancy milestone tracking for belly pics, ultrasounds, baby shower, and more ◆ Postpartum support: receive articles and tips in your 4th trimester ESSENTIAL TOOLS ◆ 2000+ pregnancy articles, tips, and tools to support you throughout your pregnancy ◆ Calendar to organize and track all things pregnancy, from baby bump photos to doctor appointment reminders ◆ Customizable health tracker: log the data that fits into your life! ◆ Apple Health: Integrated to share blood pressure and weight data ◆ A safe, supportive community of moms and moms-to-be ◆ Health assessment: unlock more content, tips, and tools! *Watch Baby Grow Week by Week!* See illustrations of your baby's current hand and foot size, and compare baby's size with fun themes: fruits & vegetables, animals, Parisian pastries, and fun & games. At week 17, baby is the size of a creme brulee! *Look Up Food Safety, Symptoms, and Medications* Stay safe through your pregnancy by using our three lookup tools: the Food Safety Lookup, the Symptoms Lookup, and the Medication Safety Lookup. *Connect With Other Moms-to-Be* Ask and answer questions in an anonymous community of moms and moms-to-be. You can even target your questions to reach just the right people, like moms who are the same weeks pregnant, have the same dietary restrictions, or live in the same area. *Follow Your Progress With Customizable Tracking* ◆ Weight — Track and chart your weight progress — Manage goals with clinical guidelines for your BMI ◆ Symptoms — Learn the common symptoms for each week of your pregnancy — Track 100+ possible symptoms — Get immediate alerts if your symptoms indicate a health risk ◆ Nutrition — Know what nutrients you need for your baby’s development — Record daily servings of protein, dairy, fruit, veggies, water — Find healthy recipes with essential vitamins and nutrients ◆ Medications & vitamins — Learn what medications are safe for pregnant moms — Track your medications and vitamins ◆ Sleep — Track and chart your sleep ◆ Moods — Record your moods day by day ◆ Exercise — Stay fit, track your workouts — Connect with fitness trackers *OVIA HEALTH* In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer Ovia Health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work. Do you have Ovia Health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download Ovia Pregnancy and enter your employer and health plan information to access to an expanded set of tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as breastfeeding preparation, gestational diabetes prevention, mental health education, and more. ABOUT US Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive up to 3x faster than the national average, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence. CUSTOMER SERVICE We're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at [email protected]

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Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app reviews

  • Love this app. 5/5

    By Harleynicole94
    I absolutely love this app. I’ve used it with both of my pregnancies. I also use ovia parenting for my toddler. Highly recommend!
  • Cute but asks intrusive questions. 4/5

    By themomofeight
    Cute app but you’ll notice they want you to report everything about you and your pregnancy. Even relationship status... I’m a happily married mother of 8 but even I wanted to smack them for asking
  • Ovia 5/5

    By Rainbow Mommy2019
    I really really love all the different information it gives on so many different aspects of my pregnancy. From my mental health to what size baby clothes to buy! It’s such a great help, by far my favorite pregnancy app! Thank you Ovia!
  • The Lemus Family 5/5

    By Spooky pack
    This is one of the best apps out here. I am so happy I found it. Highly recommend.
  • Perfect for the first-time mom! 5/5

    By Jess Becomes a Mom
    I’m into my second trimester & this app has been with me every step of the way. My husband and I look forward to the weekly progress reports that are well informative and fun to read! It’s hard to imagine what is happening inside me and this app brings it to life & imagination. It answers almost all my questions about body changes, nutrition, safe practices & more! I highly recommend this app for first-time mom’s to be!
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By Glambert3464
    This app is seriously SO freaken cool!! I love keeping up with the progression of my baby! I’m really glad I live in a time where this kinda stiff exists!!☺️
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By michellecox
    This app will not work and I can’t get any app support on this. Everyday I can’t see it says error. I have deleted and reinstalled it and still won’t work now I can’t get back into my account.

    By jackiejjarrell
    I LOVE Ovia, I’ve used this pregnancy app for both of my pregnancy’s & loved it!! This is one of the best apps for pregnancy.. Definitely lets you know weekly bump and baby shouts. Love It
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By LeekNya
    This app helped me and my fiancé through her first pregnancy . Everything they said would happen literally happened. They would say you may feel a kick next thing you know kick . You may get sick next thing u know she’s sick so to this day we still use Ovia . She started using ovia 04/28/18 when she was (2months) had our son 12/17/18 and we still use app as he grows . Thanks ovia for all the heads up with this app it preps you and the videos they provide best pregnancy app by far .
  • Doesn’t take into account diseases 2/5

    By Reviewer7531
    Hyperemesis is a condition that affects about 1-2% of pregnant women. Common, but rare. And every day the app shames HGers by asking us if we are taking our prenatal. Trust us, we’d love to take a prenatal and do pregnancy yoga and love the life, but taking a prenatal generally makes us vomit our stomach contents. Brushing our teeth, walking through a grocery store, daily life is already hard enough. We feel bad we can’t take the prenatal vitamin (which isn’t as necessary to baby health as NUTRITIONAL FOOD is, says the American Pregnancy Association.) But even knowing that we have HG, because the app asks, it still shames us every time we open it, we can’t use it without it being like the nagging parent going “you really need to take a prenatal.” I would, if I could, if it didn’t make me vomit everywhere. Thanks, Ovia, for shaming pregnant women when you’re aware already of their disability during pregnancy.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By mrs.wallsmith
    It’s by far my favorite app but I would appreciate it if I could clear my inbox on the community part with one button instead of individually.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By lionelmom
    Ovia apps have been very helpful during my pregnancy. We used Ovia fertility app to see my fertility forecast. We got pregnant within a month. I then downloaded Ovia pregnancy during my pregnancy and it has been very useful. It has everything from the develop of the baby to kick counter and contraction counter. Very helpful. Love it! Thanks for this app!
  • So helpful 5/5

    By BrightlyDull
    This app is good, but the health coaches are amazing. They are so supportive and are always checking in on me. I truly appreciate them and this app.
  • Informative 4/5

    By Prime must have
    I found this app very I formative for my first child, but with my second it was just a replete. I wish it had more/any information on c section births. I was totally u prepared for my first emergency csection and knowing the second birth will be via csection it would helpfullbif there was a place to read more info on that.
  • Creepy questions 1/5

    By oreggues
    The number of personal questions this website asks is deeply troubling. Not clear what they’re doing with this info, or who they’re selling it to. But it certainly has nothing to do with being able to use the app. Proceed with caution. Update: please read the Washington Post article on this app. Please make sure to read the actual article, and not this company’s fictitious spin on it. Just google it. The WP alleges that this company aggregates data it collects from women and sells it to their EMPLOYERS! What?! Please do due diligence on company before sharing personal info. This is a troubling and dishonest company: the way they try to spin the WP piece in their blog post/response is a real indication of this fact. It makes it clear that honesty is no priority for this team.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Ana Maria_96
    I love the images
  • Pretty cool but wish it could be more personalized 3/5

    By Kkaczz
    I like the app compared to others that I used during my first pregnancy but I wish there was a way to either set some kind nutrition preferences or to hide content that has no value to the user. It’s gets annoying to have recipe after recipe pop up daily that I cannot eat whatsoever and no way to hide them! Feed overload.
  • Favorite! 5/5

    By Coral297
    I’ve used this pregnancy app through both my pregnancies. It is awesome! Very informative on how your baby is changing, growing and what is going on with your body week by week. It has great info on what foods and medicine to enjoy/avoid. I really like the fun and practical ways they show what size your baby is by week (I.e. a chihuahua) It has videos from expectant moms. Overall, I love this app!!!!
  • Invasive marketing questions 1/5

    By FireballPhoenix
    Although the app is great for tracking milestones and helping with appointments. The marketing team is habitually asking about income and medical information that is of privacy concern. The other issue is that the community forum is not moderated. Know it alls and women that think they’re doctors are giving information that can be misleading and detrimental to other expecting mothers.
  • 4/5 4/5

    By obrien_shan
    Love everything about this app! My only complaint is that we aren’t finding out the gender of our baby and even though I still chose “unknown” for the gender when I get updates/ tidbits it will randomly choose his/her, he/she, etc. and when I share those with my family it can get confusing. Other than that, I recommend it if you are pregnant or to use the Ovia fertility app if you are trying to conceive or just want to track your cycle.
  • Great app that does it all. 5/5

    By Kat.Nicole
    I used the Ovia fertility app first which was also great. This app can help you track a your appointments, health, baby development. It has great articles, recipes, tips, and weekly videos and updates. My friends and family love when I share the notifications about my baby’s growth from Ovia. I feel so supported from this app and I also got free samples of diapers, wipes, and baby clothes through Ovia. They also helped me get my registry started. Thanks Ovia.
  • Crystal 5/5

    By dshhe
    This is my second baby and again I am using Ovia I love it !
  • Zero content for second and third trimester 2/5

    By RoxiTries
    I loved this app during my first trimester. But now that I'm 25 weeks, I've noticed a major slowdown in the development updates and maternal updates. All they have are ads and sponsored posts. Not sure where all the 5 star reviews come from.. but it's not the best pregnancy app out there. By a mile.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Melibeli00
    Love this app, not too invasive. Interesting short reads when I want them. I love the theme of sizing your baby to unusual animals, instead of the traditional fruit/vegetable. It would be helpful to add a timeline checklist of things to do and when.
  • Loved this app in my 1st & 2nd Trimester 4/5

    By Meckaleckahimeckahinyho
    But now that I’m in my 3rd the updates are kind of the same everyday. It would be awesome to see like a daily update with evidence based facts about stuff we’ll need to know during birth (I.e. epidurals, dilation, early labor) or tips on how to cope with labor pains. Love this app though, it’s been so useful and my favorite one to use throughout my pregnancy!
  • Best App 5/5

    By mag.arellano
    I went around looking for apps during my first pregnancy and now for my second this was the best and first choice I made. This app is so easy to use and the best on giving you the information your looking for and the fun facts.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Love020419
  • First time mom must use 5/5

    By Amanda00000005
    I decided early on to stick to Ovia, and a book from Mayo Clinic for baby info. Staying off google has been instrumental in keeping me relaxed- there’s a lot of crazy bad information out there! Loved Ovias food safety lookup guide l, hand/foot size, and fruit of each week. Also loved following the weekly videos.
  • Almost 5 Stars 4/5

    By Girlystar9
    I just started using this app...I live that it tracks so much information! I became pregnant through IVF, so I wish that it had more features related to that. There should either be more medications added, or a way to free type in medications not on the list. Also, when searching for medications, many are long and get cut-off so you came read all the details. Overall I do love this app, but wish a few more things could be applicable to my situation.
  • Love Ovia 4/5

    By twoshoes31
    This app helps remind me to take my prenatal vitamin everyday. I love reading all the neat facts and things about me and baby as we go along this journey.
  • Ovia is the best 5/5

    By Tb4110
    I had downloaded a few pregnancy apps when I first found out I was pregnant, but this is the only one I use! I love the lay out and all the customization you can do! It’s easy to use, and the size comparisons are super adorable.
  • Best Pregnancy App 5/5

    By Evelyn&Ava
    Ovia pregnancy is by far my favorite pregnancy app to use for my baby I used it for my first child and I’m using it again for my second. It does wonders of amazing things to let you know how your baby is doing. Thank you ovia pregnancy.
  • Informative and fun! 5/5

    By tsoster
    I have used Ovia Pregnancy with both pregnancies so far. I love seeing/reading about my baby’s growth and symptoms each week. The weight tracker as well as the safe food and medication look ups are also go-to tools for me.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Joy_Danison
    This app is very helpful for new moms during their first pregnancy, it gives you information on what to expect or why you’re feeling the way you are at the time. Each week it gives you updates of what your baby is growing or what’s going on. You can also change settings where it compares your baby to things which is super cool.
  • Ovia Rating 5/5

    By Baby Bland's Mom
    Ovia is a great app. I been using it since day 1. I’ll be six months soon!
  • My favorite health tracker for pregnancy 5/5

    By Layna Lampkin
    I used Ovia as my period tracker, and the regular app helped me identify my fertile window when we were trying to conceive. Now I’m 37 weeks pregnant, and I love using the Ovia pregnancy app. I love tracking my symptoms daily and being able to add little notes everyday, and that my data syncs to my Apple health app. I also love that the app creates graphs of my weight gain and blood pressure over the weeks. I read the weekly updates in addition to the free BabyCenter and What to Expect apps’ updates. The anonymous community is also a major and unique plus of this app! I would recommend this app to all pregnant women!
  • Great app 5/5

    By sayso01
    perfect app to see baby grow
  • Ovia sells your information 1/5

    By KstarBird11
    Ovia sells your medical data and anything else you track or enter into the app. This also goes for Ovia fertility. There is an article about it in the Washington post. Ovia will sell your information to your employer if your employer chooses to pay and pursue it. The app is fine but don’t believe for a second that the people who work for Ovia care about your privacy or support mothers. We already have enough adversity in the workforce and, in the US, with unpaid leave. It’s unfortunate that Ovia perpetuates this by sharing private information.
  • Why no partner support? 3/5

    By world-shaker
    I’d like to keep up to date with my partner on where our baby is in their development, but there’s no option to tie them in.
  • Love this App 5/5

    By em.osburn
    I downloaded three baby apps when I found out I was pregnant and this one is my favorite. It’s informative and offers great information about your growing baby.
  • Great App to track baby 4/5

    By 👍🏼😊😬😱
    I have used this app with all of my babies, I just like the way it is set up and how it looks etc. Easy to use and make sense. I would give five stars other than the community part of it where people chat. They obviously can’t control people but pregnancy is so hard and emotionally and sooooo many negative people on there commenting, trolling, and picking fights for no real reason. Just get rid of the chat part because people can’t choose to be kind or have any kind of moral standards towards others.
  • So many tools 5/5

    By Taylor Kay Lee
    I love Ovia. It has many tools for your pregnancy. I like the medication safety lookup the most. I have to be on a lot of medications for my own health, but don’t want to risk my baby’s health. This app has a tool that ensures I know what safe for baby. There’s also a good safety lookup. The only 1 thing I would change, is if the app had two representations of baby. One cute cartoon, and one very realistic 3 D interactive model.
  • My go to pregnancy app! 5/5

    By Mestiza1976
    Very informative.
  • Awesome App for pregnancy! 5/5

    By Tina and Zeke
    This app work really great for me. So much information for me that is really helpful!!
  • Ovia Apps 5/5

    By NatSark
    I used the Ovia Fertility app to help track my cycles while going through infertility treatment. Now I am 28 weeks pregnant and have been using the Ovia Pregnancy app. It was a easy transition and has been so informative. Every day there is something new to read about your baby. I love to track my different symptoms and instantly be given a little blurb on what’s going on in my body. I also use the share button on articles and highlights of how my baby is growing to send to my family and husband.
  • Ok app 3/5

    By gamom1980
    It's a great app if you're having one baby but not so much if you're having twins. It asks if you are having twins but it doesn't change anything. Can't add both genders. Doesn't give you info unless you dig for it. Doesn't ask what kind of twins.
  • Great! 5/5

    By essentialoilsarelife
    I love Ovia, it tracks all of baby’s growing and gives great advice for mom’s food choices. It also gives great reminders for prenatals.
  • Best pregnancy app ever! 5/5

    By Sape16
    LOVE Ovia!! Makes my pregnancy more calming and fun! Recommend to everyone
  • Easy to use and very organized 5/5

    By stephaniebaldwin
    I’m not tech savvy at all and this allows me to find everything easily and quickly!

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app comments

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