Ovulation Calculator Fertile Tracker & Calendar OC

Ovulation Calculator Fertile Tracker & Calendar OC

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Ovulation Calculator Fertile Tracker & Calendar OC App

Ovulation Calculator (OC) helps couples conceive up to 3x faster than the national average. When you're trying to get pregnant you need to know when you're most fertile and when to have sex! OC calculates your two most fertile days each cycle by analyzing your unique menstrual cycle, health and lifestyle data. Ovulation Calculator also provides a huge amount of fertility knowledge through our education portal. As well as access to an online-support network of thousands of other women trying to conceive. The Ovulation Calculator app is free to download and use. KEY FEATURES: - Cycle Data Analysis Driven Predictions - Ovulation Calculator - Ovulation Calendar - Cycle Overview At A Glance - Fertile Window and Conception Odds Viewer - Fertility & BBT Chart - Cycle Reports - Daily Insights - Fertility Knowledge - Fertility Tips, Alerts & Reminders - Easy Cycle Data Logging - Fast Period Logging SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT OC: • "This was the most helpful App. It has all the information you need plus it helps work for your personal needs when trying for a baby." by Drhbzgjxs • "So in depth and helpful, you can do as much or as little as you want to track your cycles and it will help you predict them. I also love the forums, women are so helpful and supportive!! Thank you for making this website and app!!!!" by Dontlikehardlyworkingverymuch • "Ive downloaded alot of ovulation tracking apps and am very picky with how I like to see the calendar days if my cycle and the data Ive logged--this app does that well, AND it provides alot of side information for free that really does seem personalized for me based in the info Ive entered. I used this tool from their website but am so glad they made it into an app finally! Thanks!!" by Ovulateismygame Read more reviews here: https://www.reviews.io/company-reviews/store/ovulation-calculator TRACK YOUR UNIQUE CYCLE: - Daily progress log to record your daily signals such as BBT, cervical mucus, cervix position, OPK results, symptoms, mood and more. - Period log to easily add your periods and flow type in one place. - Fertility charting providing clues and insights into your cycle and fertility. - Calendar view and cycle view of your phases, fertile window and ovulation. CONNECT: Web: https://www.ovulationcalculator.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovulationcalculatordotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/OvCalc Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Ovulationcalculatordotcom Ovulation Calculator - Because Accuracy Matters

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Ovulation Calculator Fertile Tracker & Calendar OC app reviews

  • Helpful 4/5

    By aadubose
    This app is helpful. I used this in conjunction with Apple Health and Clear Blue Ovulation kit. Took 4 months to get pregnant after IUD removal.
  • We got pregnant! 5/5

    By NiecyS83
    As the app became more accurate with my fertile window, I got pregnant. Ensure that you’re accurately logging your periods
  • Success 5/5

    By lylas1st
    After first month using the app we conceived.
  • Accuracy on point 5/5

    By eSAB828
    My monthly has always been consistent, but with the help of their tracking and ovulation calendar, it really helped us with family planning.
  • Pls upgrade 3/5

    By MzNana
    I like the app so far, however, trying to put and ACCURATE end date for my period is unacceptable. Not all women have periods for 5-7 days. Can the app be update and/or compatible for women with PCOS trying to conceive? Our periods do can go pass the 7 days. Pls update ASAP, thanks in advance
  • Knocked up 5/5

    By kkjhhgggg
    I only used the app for like 3 months got frustrated and then downloaded it again. I was pregnant in a month. It works. Thanks.
  • So accurate 5/5

    By kfdbhrhjdfjdhjc
    This app helped me understand my body so much! I have a stronger sense on intuition of what’s going on. Helped me get pregnant on our third month of trying!
  • It’s a girl!! 5/5

    By Danie4313
    There were so many reasons why getting pregnant was extra hard for me so I downloaded this app. 3 months later, I found out I was pregnant! Thank you OC for making the nearly impossible possible for me! Two of my coworkers also used this app after hearing about my situation. Both reported being pregnant around 3 months as well!
  • So far so good 3/5

    By Undeniable11393
    Been trying to conceive for a while now. Will update once I get Pregnant. I like the videos as well
  • Love the app 5/5

    By ashtowm
    It’s an awesome app I love it!!!!
  • I’m Pregnant !!!!!!! 5/5

    By SandR52
    This app really helped me get pregnant with inna month. Literally. I’m so excited about the end result of my journey of getting pregnant.😍
  • Best App when trying to conceive 5/5

    By TashaB87
    I downloaded this app after trying 2 others and I found this one to be more accurate. I waited until I had a period so I could accurately track my cycle. I done this for the month of May when I had a period and could track it. It estimated and told me when to have sex and when my highest levels of conception were. I done this and waited. It also informed me when to take my pregnancy test. I am happy to announce I am pregnant after following my charts. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that is trying or struggling to get pregnant. You have absolutely nothing to lose. I am very grateful for this app.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By kay n jay8980
    After 2 years of trying to get pregnant with negative after negative I decided to download this app after 2 months of use omg the app I got a positive today it’s a great app and without it I don’t think I’d ever seen a positive with the helpful reminds it made it so easy for my husband and I that had just about gave up all hope I recommend this app to anyone haveing issues seeing that double line
  • I’m pregnant 5/5

    By 38yr with a 1st born
    Tried everyday in fertile window and now pregnant. I also used an ovulation kit like app said.
  • Best App! 5/5

    By pro06302204
    This is one of the most amazing app I have come across! It changed my life!!! Its a must for everyone who wants to conceive!
  • Download the app 5/5

    By JJN10041988
    This app DEFINITELY works!! This is my 2nd pregnancy using this app. First time I used it, we got pregnant the 1st month after starting the app. Unfortunately, I miscarried. Months later, I started using the app again& we’re pregnant again! It definitely works🙂.
  • Pregnant 5/5

    By toigenius
    Conceived on the suggested date, and I’m already pregnant! Very accurate for me, right down to the missed period. It only works as good as the data you give it, so keep that in mind. Great app over all! Really helpful.
  • Good basic tracking 5/5

    By Ehamlyn
    Can be a little confusing to use but if you track correctly it is very accurate! Helped me with both my kids
  • Somewhat accurate 4/5

    By RachnAaron
    I used this app on my second kid and it was pretty accurate. Now I’m on my third pregnancy and it was off in accuracy by a week. I thought I wasn’t going to be pregnant but nope. I even recorded all my periods correctly. I just confirmed the fact that you most certainly can get pregnant past ovulation timeframe.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By lindzmiller
    We had been trying for a couple months after already having two beautiful, healthy girls. Nothing happening. We went on this app, I logged every day and after logging my first period...boom! Pregnant that next month because of the ovulation calendar! Thank you! Please don’t underestimate the science behind what they do and if you are that serious about getting pregnant how much it means to follow that calendar exactly!
  • Easy to use and accurate 5/5

    By ErinBMama
    I downloaded this app as soon I had my hormonal IUD removed. I knew it would take at least a few months to get pregnant because of my body is easily effected by the hormones in the IUD and it would take some time for my natural hormones to level out. This app was easy to use and calculated my fertile days very accurately, which isn’t easy to do since my cycles are irregular and usually longer then most. It’s been 5 months since I had my IUD removed and I am now pregnant with our third child. I highly recommend this app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By mich6578
    This was the first ovulation app I tried & I love it! It was so helpful & easy to use!
  • Shocked 5/5

    By Bizz0521
    Husband and I only tried for two months. Be as accurate as you possibly can. If you don’t know the information, don’t fill it in. Don’t ever ever give up! Keep reporting!
  • I’m Pregnant!! 5/5

    By NMSS1988
    This is I think the 2nd app I downloaded I downloaded like 5 apps but I love this one the most easy to read, more information very helpful. I downloaded it back in August 2019 but only kept it to track my cycle. My boyfriend and I said we wanted to have a baby and that we would try so we started in April 2020 and here it is May 2020 and I took a test yesterday May 6, 2020 a first response because I’ve been feeling strange and nauseous lately since I already have 2 kids I kinda know lol. Anyways my cycle is to be here Friday but I took a test and I’m preggo and I just took another at 12am and it’s still saying yes!! This app really is amazing thank you soooo much I’m Very happy for my new bundle of joy
  • Took five months 5/5

    Just like the sources said. It took us about six months to get pregnant, but we did it and we’re so happy.
  • I absolutely love this app 5/5

    By nayydott
    I love how Informative the app is and it has so many cool features. I have recommended it to my friends and I am currently using it for family planning.
  • Works surprisingly well 5/5

    By littleol'k
    I’m pregnant with my third child using the same app . I have a 6 year old and a two year old +1 in the oven
  • 🤰🏻 5/5

    By preettyyy girllll
    very helpful with telling me what days i’m fertile & periods would come the exact day even though i had an irregular period now i’m pregnant 🤗
  • ☺️☺️ 5/5

    By tyeisha91
    If you’re really trying to get pregnant I really think this is a great app cause with all 3 of my pregnancies the ovulation dates and everything else were accurate from this app I love it!
  • What happened?! 3/5

    By Prader5
    I really REALLY love this app and it’s been such a helpful tool; 10 out 10 would recommend! But I have a hard time now knowing what rating to give because it seems to have just shut down. I’ve deleted and tried to redownload but the app will no longer load. It says it’s due to my internet connection but every other app and website I have works perfectly. So, what gives?? Will it ever work again?
  • Positive test 5/5

    By B-Meridian
    So I have been using this app for 3 months, I never knew anything about my own body I realized! Like my cervix and mucus changes and what my body does during before and after ovulation periods etc! I’m excited to announce that I finally got a positive test today!
  • Pregnant 4/5

    By greatful123
    By far a great app love the fact it tells you the day you ovulate which was extremely helpful. Also it tells you your chances of a boy or girl if you happen to o conceive during that time.
  • Yes 5/5

    By KhloeSada
    Just follow the calculator. And go by it. I Believe I may have gotten pregnant the last day of my Period. Which was predicted to end.
  • Pregnant! 5/5

    By LaVieEnRose7
    I downloaded this app about 9 months ago. I didn’t do anything except type in the first day of my period each month. Didn’t enter how long each period lasted or type in any details. In the ninth month...I decided to try for the first time and do the deed on the last green bar day (on ovulation day.) I later realized I should have the day before and day of...but just did it on ovulation day. I can’t believe it. After the first month of trying, I was late. Test revealed a BFP. At 40 years old, this is amazing.
  • I am pregnant 5/5

    By Lucky scooter guy
    This app works, I cannot believe that this app helped me conceive I am supper excited.
  • Easy to operate 5/5

    By Candycanalwaywin
    I got pregnant the first month we followed the instructions of the app. Love it! I tell my family about my success with this app
  • Couldn’t have made it without this!! 5/5

    By Jacqulyne Duarte
    This app has helped us tremendously. We were able to find out when we were ovulating and we got pregnant the second try!!!
  • Works! 5/5

    By Cocolovesphotos
    I learned so much using that app. This is the 3rd app I downloaded and the only one that was free but also was super detailed. This app is amazing. It sounds crazy but I got pregnant the first month of downloading it! I’m so happy!
  • Infertility and this app worked for us 5/5

    By Mandy84bo
    We have been through 9 years collectively of infertility treatments to conceive our older two children and with this app we were able to track the dates and predictions with our doctors and show them the dates and we were able to use it for timed conception and were now expecting in October.
  • Pregnant! 5/5

    By Jcast94
    Super accurate calculator! I would get my menstrual cycle the same day it was called for and same thing for my ovulation! The week my hubby and I decided to start trying to conceive was actually the week I was ovulating according to my calculator and 2 weeks later..... pregnant!
  • Worked for me 5/5

    By jada080900
    Used for 6 months and now I’m pregnant just log data a lot try not to miss too many days
  • Great source but don’t use alone 4/5

    By GVKG0914
    Great source but I used it along w ovulation kits which definitely increased my chances of conceiving. You can’t solely depend on this app alone.
  • Loving the app 5/5

    By Jade_Renee
    This app doesn’t just track or predict your ovulation and fertility you get a community of women how are going through similar challenges. So glad I got this app! I have been recommending it to anyone that would listen.
  • This is such a awesome app 5/5

    By Netta Minaj
    It tracks everything! It gives you soooo much information!!!
  • PREGNANT 5/5

    By Dirtygirl22
    I downloaded this app a month ago. I’m pregnant this month! It works and couldn’t be happier
  • Pretty straight forward 5/5

    By Sisuttsjo
    I logged my periods and didn’t fill out much else but all the tips and facts they give are very helpful.
  • After two months we are expecting 5/5

    By Baby Davila
    It loved this app. My husband and I knew we were ready to try and conceive. I have some health issues myself and it was very important once I stopped the birth control that I get pregnant sooner rather than later. After just two months we’re are so excited to announce we are expecting a little bundle of joy. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to get pregnant .
  • Success 5/5

    By Aclws
    Didn’t try any other app. Used this and got pregnant in 2 months. Easy to use and give a great overview of the fertility cycle.
  • It works 5/5

    By plove1981
    After using this app religiously for 4 months we have become pregnant everything was spot on after the first 2 months after stopping birth control 😊😊 would highly recommend if your trying to conceive use this app just font over think it just relax and let it happen

Ovulation Calculator Fertile Tracker & Calendar OC app comments

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