PA Driver’s Practice Test

PA Driver’s Practice Test

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  • Current Version: 3.5.1
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PA Driver’s Practice Test App

Use this PennDOT app for a realistic representation of the actual driver’s knowledge test. Download the app for practice questions that will help you prepare for your PennDOT driver’s knowledge test, or refresh your knowledge and become a better driver! The application will also host valuable information for licensed drivers to stay safe, informed and compliant on the roads. When you’re done, you can share your scores with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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PA Driver’s Practice Test app reviews

  • Pretty good but.... 3/5

    By okay, i guess....
    This app is awesome but the moment I took the test at the DMV, I failed. Most of the questions I got weren’t on the app! Idk if that’s just me but I would recommend reading the permit test driver’s manual in addition to this app to pass. It gives me the same questions in different orders but the DMV gave me completely different ones. Just study, you’ll be better off that way.
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By Matt P123
    Everything here was on the test I studied the day before and passed with a 18/18 great app.
  • Exactly the same as the test! 5/5

    By Cooliddjjrjf
    I took my test today, and passed in under 2 minutes with a 100! Questions are exactly the same as this app
  • Should other states study off of this? 5/5

    By kels1029384756
    Great app but I’m wondering if people living in other states should study off of this? I am concerned about the questions being different on the actual test if you don’t live in Pennsylvania.
  • Same questions! 5/5

    By Bunnylover from tinkatolli
    Took it last January and it had the exact same questions as the app! Fantastic app.
  • Perfect app ever 5/5

    By kuchukcha
    The questions are the same as u take for ur permit test This is the best app

    By Sherry3712
    As of today .. I can say this app is excellent to study from! I just left the DMV .. I PASSED my permit test. Once u study this app you will be fine ! It’s all you need to pass! But it is essential to read the manual for some more knowledge !! But like I said once u study/review from this app you will be fine. *BLESSINGS TO WHOEVER TAKE THE PERMIT TEST*! Don’t Be Nervous ! You Got This 🤟🏽
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By iphone katrina
    I studied this app for 3 days !!!! Took my test it took me exactly 30 seconds and I passed the first try. Same questions and all
  • Spanish Needed 3/5

    By 116342
    Really amazing app, should have the Spanish version as well though. It’d be really helpful for those who speak Spanish.
  • Great 5/5

    By Gage120000000000
    Amazing app, just like the test
  • Love it 5/5

    By kihvgyh
    I would recommend this app to anybody who wants to pass on the first try ... I think it’s much easier than using the manual ! I walked into the dmv super nervous to fail and soon as I started the test same questions same pictures I passed less then a minute ! I appreciate this app sooooo much
  • Aced it 5/5

    By Saint Harambe
    Just took my permit test, as of 2019, the questions, answers and even pictures are the same on this app as the test. As long as you know the signs (duh) and any number stats, you’re good. This app is better than the manual for the permit at least, I’ll update it in about 6 months.
  • Never picked up the book! 5/5

    By Jessi1997!!
    Didnt even read the actual book lol! Studied these questions for about a day and then the next morning i went for my permit test and passed every question! Kept answering the questions over and over again making sure to learn from any mistakes and to aim for a 100 on the next try. Def. recommend the app.
  • the best app 5/5

    By Rachelle matos
    the same exact Questions In The test I Passed Only in a few seconds !!! 5 stars
  • Passed on first attempt 5/5

    By 🤙🏽radical🤙🏽
    This app and the book go hand in hand, I was very skeptical at first so I studied the book as well and come to find out everything that’s in the book was on the app. If you don’t like reading this app is for you. I passed the test in 40 seconds.
  • Exactly like the exam 5/5

    By eniola7
    Took my exam today and finished in 1 minute and 42 seconds. Exactly like the exam
  • Helped me passed 5/5

    By Tyler Mogyoros
    All the questions were exactly like the test. This app is the reason why I passed.
  • USE THIS APP!! 5/5

    By Vincent Horne
    This app was EXACTLY like the actual permit test. Every question was the same! I didn’t even look at the manual I only used this app and I recommend you do too. This app is 100% like the real thing!
  • Amazing not bs at all 👍🙌 4/5

    By LJ🐐💪
    This is 100% the same questions on the test even with the pictures if you get 100 ever time or even one or two wrong you are going to pass. This app is perfect i would only use this app thats it. I wouldn't even use the book just this app. I would recommend for everyone who is going to take the permit test. This is exactly the same questions i got a 15 out of 15 no incorrect answers this app is perfect🙌🤟
  • literally the same as the test 5/5

    By Runny nose 12
    i turned 16 today and have been studying for my permit off this app, and got all questions correct on my test because the questions are the exact same thing on the app and on the actual test

    By Endfacts
    I literally just studied this for about a week and I passed my test first try without missing a question!!!
  • Passed the test with this 5/5

    By ~~~Mickey~~~
    This is super accurate. In other words exactly identical to the test. Really helpful
  • Should’ve known this earlier 5/5

    By coolrocks86
    Don’t take other tests online, this one is the most accurate.
  • You want to pass? use this app 5/5

    By renren949494
    Just passed my permit test and this app was super helpful. All the questions on the exam were pretty much the same ones from the app. As long as you read the manual and use this app, I’m 100% you’ll pass too! This is the one advertise from PA DMV themselves
  • This App should be illegal 5/5

    By Nnamdi Naija Guy
    If you fail your learners permit test after answering and going through the questions on this app please don’t reproduce. A 3 year old kid would literally pass the test after studying with this very app. The same questions, pictures and everything as the real permit test, this app should be illegal
  • Best way to pass no problem 5/5

    By Neverzombie
    Got this app, practiced for a few days took the test and passed perfectly! Highly recommend cause the questions are identical to what is on the test
  • Best way to pass no problem 5/5

    By Neverzombie
    Got this app, practiced for a few days took the test and passed perfectly! Highly recommend cause the questions are identical to what is on the test
  • I was very happy 5/5

    By nicknamegirk
    I took my test and passed by using this app highly recommend it!!
  • The same 5/5

    By Kyle Productions
    It is exactly the same as the real test
  • The Teaching App! 5/5

    By Fast12
    This app can teach you so much about driving that you could easily pass the test with a 100%. With the questions always randomizing so that you can learn everything you need to know without having to use another app. If the app isn’t the best, i don’t know what is!
  • This is key 5/5

    By josh neuscheler
    I think this is perfect I just got home from the dmv passing the permit test with 100% I did not even look at the manual once. Same questions on the permit test that are on this.
  • Recommended 5/5

    By AHosterler
    I used this app to study and it was exactly the same questions as the test!!😁
  • Passed my test first try 5/5

    By ZBScarce3492
    It works
  • GREAT APP 4/5

    By Hopeythepanda369
    I’m getting my permit in a few days, I love this app and can’t wait to get an A on it. The only thing I don’t like is when I first downloaded it was at normal size why is it now so much smaller, I don’t like that it’s smaller because I tend to accidentally hit the wrong answer from the edge of my figure.
  • Fraudulent 1/5

    By Janicd304
    Idk who wrote these reviews but they are 100% false. I just took my test and failed, they didn’t ask me any of the questions that are on this app! Waste of my time!
  • This app is amazing. 5/5

    By lizzleozzle
    In & out. Took me a minute to finish & pass the permit test. I recommend this app to whoever is taking their test. Best. App. Ever.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By latifah++
    It’s a good app to use
  • Passed Exam on 1st try 5/5

    By Aayn_______
    This app is a life saver, i practiced twice a day for a week and when it came time to take the test every question was just like this app. I finished the exam in 5 minutes and got my permit. I didn’t even need the exam book just this. So if you’re looking to get a permit on the first try download this app & practice.
  • Best App 5/5

    By lolaa3
    The questions are extremely similar to the ones on the actual permit test!
  • Extremely Helpful App 5/5

    By marshmallowsmoke
    I kept taking practice tests on and off for about 3 weeks and passed the actual permit test on my first try (without reading the manual in full, just the first page or two) thanks to this app, which asks the exact same questions. In the practice tests, there are some questions that get repeated so much you’ll get sick of them, but there are a couple that don’t show up as often, so keep taking the practice tests until you recognize most if not all the questions. If you keep getting 100% or 94% (1 wrong), you’re good to go!
  • Amazing App 5/5

    By Khalimah B.
    If your looking to take the permit test and you don’t want to read the book this is this app for you! The same questions on the app are the exact same questions on the test. I went yesterday 5/16 and I passed my text on the first try!!!! Keep taking the practice test until you memorized the questions and answers. The difference with the practice text the answers are always in the same spot on the test read all the questions carefully then answer! Good luck to anyone taking the permit
  • Highly Recommended 5/5

    By Rennhead35
    Exact same questions and answers
  • Great app 5/5

    By beech nut
    This app made getting my Drivers license so easy that im gonna use it now to practice for my cdl license.
  • USE THIS APP 5/5

    By A bored egg
    the actual test has the EXACT same questions, answers, pictures, everything. just keep practicing with the app until you get 17/18s or 18/18s. i passed at the place on my first try because of this app.
  • Helpp!!!! 5/5

    By Retro Complex
    I Failed Chapter One Who Do I Go Back And Do It Again
  • Exact Same 5/5

    By Pigman1235
    I passed all help to this app. Great app, same questions and pictures on the test
  • Great app 5/5

    By terrynewgen
    Had the exact same questions as the test answers and everything If you memorize all of them it’s impossible to fail
  • The same exact questions 5/5

    By Jackototheend
    Use this app
  • Amazing 5/5

    By KitKat1059
    If you take this test enough times to get all the questions they have you will do fine. I took 15 tests the day of getting my permit and I got a 100%. The test has the same exact questions and answers. You don't even have to read the manual if you just keep taking tests on here. Good luck!

PA Driver’s Practice Test app comments

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