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Padlet App

Padlet is a digital canvas to create beautiful projects that are easy to share and collaborate on. It works like a piece of paper. We give you an empty page - a padlet - and you can put whatever you like on it. Drag in a video, record an interview, snap a selfie, write your own text posts or upload some documents, and voilà! A padlet is born. Make it even more beautiful by choosing custom wallpapers and themes. Padlet is different from other blogging tools and inspiration boards because it’s flexible. Create a grocery list, a Venn diagram, a discussion board, a group greeting card, a portfolio, or a business plan, all in one app. Used by teachers, students, professionals, and individuals of all ages, all around the world, padlets can be selectively shared and edited among multiple contributors. Padlet for iPhone takes the Padlet you know and love, and makes it portable. With views tailored for smaller devices and easy-to-use editor buttons, you can change how your padlet looks with a quick tap. Personalize it with selfies. Use our new menu to invite others to view and edit your padlets. Share across social platforms. ClassKit integration makes it easier for teachers to share and track their students when working on padlets. Teachers can create handouts that include a padlet and then share the assignment to their respective classes. The students are then able to open the padlet from the SchoolWork app and start work on their assignment right away. Teachers will be able to see who has opened the assignment, how long they have worked on the assignment, and whether or not they have completed their work. Millions of people are already using Padlet for: Portfolios Opinion forums Lesson plans Bios Real estate listings Timelines Blogs Q+A To-Do list Inspiration board Writing prompts Collecting feedback Collaborative note-taking Photo collages Solo or group presentations Group greeting cards RSVPs Pen Pal messages Professional Development Here’s what happy users around the world have to say about Padlet: “Your app is fantastic. Congrats for being intuitive!” "Padlet is the best god damn thing anyone has invented." "Whether you're a newbie or an EdTech whizz, Padlet is an app you absolutely have to use!" - James Gibbons (@ThatEdTechGuy) Easy to use for both me and my students. Takes to minutes to make a customized feedback forum that is secure and interactive. ""The best tool I've used to create true interaction sharing and provide powerful choice and agency for students (and teachers)." UPGRADE TO PRO WITHIN THE APP You can upgrade to Padlet Pro for $99.99 a year or $12.99 a month. With Pro you get: - unlimited padlets - 10x bigger uploads - custom domains for your padlets - folders - priority support Note: payment will be charged to your iTunes account once you confirm the upgrade. Padlet Pro automatically renews unless it is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. To turn off auto-renewal, go to Account > Billing > Manage in App Store. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. TERMS OF USE: Read our privacy policy at You can also email us at [email protected] for support.

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Padlet app reviews

  • Amazing app for school 5/5

    By Mac Drė
    Since school has been been doing this learning from home work based on the Covid virus, this amazing tool has made it seamless to collaborate, create and keep up with all my classmates and teachers! Highly recommend, would give 6 stars if possible!!!
  • I can’t delete my account 1/5

    By 000bear0001
    I needed this for school but not anymore and I want to delete my account but the apps so slow I CANT DELETE IT. like really? Let alone cancel your crappy subscription. Like I don’t want it I don’t need it and really I don’t like I had to get it for school at that, in my opinion and circumstances it’s a wast of space, that I can’t delete
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    This app makes you PAY PAY PAY! I tried to post a video on the app. BUT the video was “ TO LONG” And I was like WHAT THE HECK! I AM A STUDENT. IF I COULD RATE THIS 0 STARS I WOULD.
  • Great app 5/5

    By kellyhentze
    Using this app with my third graders for their African Animals project. It is a great resource to keep your information in organized sections, all in one place.
  • Romance please 5/5

    By iiamkjakoja
  • Love it 5/5

    By Grampy47
    I have been using padlet for our online church service with success. However a couple of people can’t access it. One has a 9 year iPad. Would that make a difference?
  • Bad 1/5

    By corona virus by himself🦠
    Die corona virus this app is killing us.😐
  • Pandemic 1/5

    By bmvb92584
    Hello, I was wondering if you would allow this to be free for educators during the time of remote learning?
  • It’s not Too good 1/5

    By bob jk idk lol
    It won’t let me join a class with a code
  • Distant Learning please help 4/5

    By Evillain97
    I sent the referral code to three friends and they all downloaded it and it says I have no successful referrals! Help?
  • Trash 1/5

    By jeodifjrnmskzpao
    This never works for me on my iPhone or my iPad. DONT GET
  • Don’t waist your time 1/5

    By shon191
    Constantly going between browser and app. Will not connect to our company’s page even though I am copy and pasting the link in to try and link or using the Bluetooth. Total garbage

    By i actually give it one star
  • It's so baad 1/5

    By 11811811811
    It's very bad and useless
  • Great for educational uses 4/5

    By *at
    Padlet allows me to create safe spaces for my students to talk. It feels like social media to them, so they like using it. It can be glitchy at times, and it doesn’t allow the moderator to approve or delete comments on posts before they are on the sites. Overall a great app. I liked it enough to buy a subscription (I rarely do that) so I could keep multiple rooms going at once.
  • My keyboard doesn’t work on my iPad? 4/5

    By uptownitpro
    I love padlet and it works wonderfully. However, when I press the comment button or a “slide” button my keyboard doesn’t work. I’ve tried reloading it many times but it still won’t work?
  • AWESOME 5/5

    I can’t do text so me and my friend can communicate on this
  • Payment issues 1/5

    By MsYTeach
    I paid for the year through Apple and can not get access to more than three Padlets. Customer service was no help.
  • Would be a great app 2/5

    By Clima air
    Most of the time I upload picture and never have good upload 50% of The time screen shows grey
  • Great simple way to share 4/5

    By Jwiffleball
    Padlet is great for simple collaborative sharing of information. It is quite two-dimensional, so don’t expect to be able to set links or content within content when that content is opened. What you see on the screen is as deep as it goes. Also, there are limitations on file sizes that can be loaded. Don’t expect to upload a large PowerPoint into your narrative. Despite those limitations, Padlet is a fun way to create lesson or discussion material.
  • ممتاز ببساطته 5/5

    By bn_adil
  • Trash 1/5

    By this book is trash
    Trash, this app is literal trash
  • Responsive developers 5/5

    By Ryan1567
    Responsive developers
  • Pretty good, few things need fixing 3/5

    By unknown person 2.0
    This is very good for collaborating with other people on projects. The only problem is that it is Kind of hard to get to the main page where all of the padlets are and start working on it. It’s just not the most convenient. I like the website better. Oh and something else, sometimes the posts of other people will show up 3 times.
  • adding new posts 2/5

    By gracie clemons
    i use this app all the time for school but now it won’t let me add new posts to a back channel format. it’s been like this for almost a week and i need this fixed so i can complete school assignments. it won’t let me add posts on my iphone xr but it will on my chromebook.
  • Fix. Your. App. 1/5

    By Screw your pvp
    This app is absolutely useless, when using the little plus sign at the bottom, it is completely unclear where the box will show up, if at all. The editing is extremely clunky, and many times you have to click the edit button multiple times for it to work or it just won’t work at all! Who knows! Guess it wants to work when it wants to. Some app, very very very helpful! (That was sarcasm if you couldn’t sense it). And on top of that, I have to pay MORE if I want more non-functionally working Padlets. Better stick to Google. At least THEY know what they’re doing.
  • Works better but it still restarts⌨️ 3/5

    By jl6000q
    I still am experiencing a problem with the keyboard restarting. I see that you are trying to make this a great experience for us and keep up the good work! 😉
  • Fine but glitchy 4/5

    By yumyumcookies33
    Is this app really supposed to be fr school? I don’t understand the format at all, to start off. I had just got the app and like after seven gabillion try’s they finally let me in as a “signed up padlet user” and then after that I was like sooooo confused. Someone I know told me about it, so I was sooo confused when I first opened it. It is sooooo fun to communicate on! This is probably if not the best thing about it. You can do gifs, take vids, or post photos you love. I only really like this feature. In conclusion, this app is semi fine
  • Best app for education and authors ever! 5/5

    By @heystryker
    As an author I use this to brainstorm and to gather info and rough drafts for books. In education I have students create their own boards for presentations.
  • Padlet Dashboards 5/5

    By JCBullion
    Padlet has enabled me to create digital Dashboards that accelerate state resources for educators in Texas. Love this product!
  • Drag, Drop, Go!!! 5/5

    By laura_mccarthy
    Uber user friendly platform! Surprising number of controls and features for the awesome price!!
  • Wonderful Application 5/5

    By fanfanwe
    Very useful and one can be very creative using it: A blog, list to do, and other stuff too all in one place. For a class room active writing too.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By GR1255
    Super glitchy, doesn’t work at all. Tried uploading a photo to test and nada.
  • Padlet Perks 5/5

    By pomp5
    I am a middle school teacher who uses Padlet all day everyday. It’s uses have surpassed those of old age technology but enhanced my google uses as well as information management in this new learning environment! Thank u Padlet. I’m ready to join your team whenever you need passionate, educated individuals who can help spread the word in sharing all the varied ways Padlet enhances learning and modern curricula. Sincerely, Tracy Pompei
  • This Padlet is good, Ahhh 5/5

    By Cut u uvuvyvu
  • Never worked—-FIXED! 5/5

    By Eytschayim
    ORIGINAL REVIEW: “Always got a blank screen after signing in with google account.” I guess the Padlet folks fixed my problem on the back end. I am using the app as a teacher and will update after I check it out.
  • Constantly redirecting between browser and app? 1/5

    By an actual paying customer
    I downloaded Padlet on my iPad to try it out for personal use. Upon opening the app, you’re given the “option” to continue as a guest without signing up, but then you have to have a URL or QRcode of a known Padlet to access I guess? I’m not using it for school purposes, but I don’t like to sign up without even knowing what it is, so I looked for a FAQ to see if it was even going to work for personal use and if it would cost. When I clicked on the FAQ link, it opened in my browser. Ok, fine, whatever. But when I clicked on the individual questions on the browser, it redirected me BACK to the app to answer the question?? Honestly I’m willing to give almost anything a shot, but this is pretty bad formatting (and I’m not even that tech savvy for a millennial.) Pretty big turnoff for an app user even though the app is probably still functional. You lost me in this one guys.
  • Padlet is garbage 1/5

    By Mattew.rob
    As a student, I can tell you by first hand experience that this app makes a students life harder when it doesn’t need to be. Padlet constantly fails to upload photos or videos, and when it does load the picture may not even appear. The organization system for Padlet is also such a pain, for it is so buggy and almost impossible to do on the phone. I implore to all teachers thinking about using this app daily think about how the students like will be negatively affected by it .
  • I really would like to give more stars but..... 1/5

    By Susiepie499
    I was so excited to find this app and downloaded it without any hesitation based on the favorable ratings. Unfortunately, after I sign in, I’m greeted with a white page and absolutely nothing else. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance and happy Thanksgiving.
  • Great! 4/5

    By ❤️PADLET❤️
    I love Padlet! It is a great way to express your thought ps and ideas, with the option to do so publicly or privately. I just did this to tell you that there seems to be a quirk. I logged in today, and it would not load, the screen jus turned white. When I tapped it it takes me back to the home page. The same happens to me when a I try to get on the website. I’m sure this is just a bug but just wanted to let you guys know. Thank you for Padlet!
  • Was working but now keeps crashing 3/5

    By jenniepennies8100
    I downloaded this app a few days ago for my daughter’s homework and I initially had some issues with the YouTube videos not responding, but now the app freezes every time I try to open it. It o-end the main screen and then nothing works
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Teleport man
    The concept is good but the moving feature works about 5% of the time and is so glitchy. It either puts the thing at the top or it wont move and its so annoying. Please fix this
  • Padlet is Terrific 5/5

    By Armando559
    Padlet is the absolute best education app for creatively sharing content. Honestly don’t know what I do without it!
  • Hard to set up 2/5

    By Chief_bignut
    I had to download this for school and once I did, I had a hard time, my classmates had a hard time, even the teacher had a hard time. I recommend Edmodo over this it’s much easier to use
  • I’m trying to give this a chance 2/5

    By tg8035
    (8/14/18)-Ability to load own image for background theme does not work, gives error message and app freezes into a whiteout screen (Update 8/10/18)-Share extension is back and even improved in functionality but unfortunately not able to share things like YouTube videos from within app, also not able to share selected text from websites or within other apps. (Prior)even subscribed to Pro membership, but about a week after I subscribed the iOS share function stopped working correctly. Sent messages to support. Now it doesn’t work at all, even with this latest update and messages informing support.
  • Fabulous app 5/5

    By mom of three daughters
    This program is amazing. Highly recommend
  • Love the app 2/5

    By Naghmoushy
    I love this app and use for work all the time. However, I am not able to save anything onto the app through action extension on my iPad. Why is there an option to do so if this capability isn’t available?
  • BuddyDraino 5/5

    By Buddydraino
    Very engaging
  • Students don’t have to sign up!!! 5/5

    By LunaFalo
    Finally, an online board where students can post without signing in. And it just keeps getting better...

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