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PAKO 2 App

*** RECOMMENDED DEVICE: iPhone SE/iPhone6 OR BETTER *** PAKO 2 is an arcade driving game where you work as a getaway driver. Pick up your crew from heist spot, escort them to safety in dramatic chase against the cops, repeat and compete in the leaderboards! Every run gains you money which can be used to buy new rides and locations. Get in, get out, get paid! FEATURES - Absolutely NO in-app purchases or ads - Easy controls! - Pick up crew members and escort them to safety - Vast handcrafted levels full of detail - Drive-by shooting action - Huge arsenal of cars to buy - Various guns and special perk items - Electro soundtrack by DKSTR - Leaderboards to compete - Achievements

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  • Reward not worth effort 2/5

    By Big-Bruizzer
    OMG! Will make you want to rage quit the longer you play. The cops are so aggressive it’s not even funny. There’s no car in the 20+ cars that will outrun or keep you a contender in the gameplay. It’s infuriating. The distance from one location to another is asinine and on some runs will cause you to lose every dime you just picked up from the previous destination. I don’t even want to get started on the suicidal kamikaze cops that rage toward you and hit you head on every 2 seconds. Don’t walk, run from this rage inducing nightmare of a game. Absolutely hated it.

    By boe_dye
    Needs more Offspring and perhaps a Yellow Cab, but otherwise fun game!
  • Fun! 5/5

    By Wfighter707
    I’ve only been playing for two hours and I have concluded that this game is awesome! I like how there are tons of maps and vehicles. It has lots of action and and and overall fun concept of delivering dudes from place-to-place. Since this game is so great, I only have 3 suggestions. My first suggestion is make more police cars. I have only seen two types of police cars when I play. You could make harder vehicles the farther you go. There could be armored cars (invulnerable to bullets and you can juke them to crash which means they have bad steering), fast police car (maybe different design and are fast but have less health), sherif cars, (overall have small buffs at everything and driver has shotgun) Etc. My second suggestion is to make characters. You could buy a driver and they give you a buff each time you upgrade. There could be a second currency that lets you upgrade and buy characters. When the driver is upgraded, you could upgrade the vehicles speed or health. Of course, this would be expensive. You could also upgrade the gunner and buy them the same way as drivers too. You could upgrade the gun by making it do more damage or fire rate (if pistol or shotgun). My third suggestion is evolving cars. Every car in this game is beat up (which I guess is kinda the vibe) so maybe you could spend lots of money to freshen it up (freshen up by maybe a new paint job, got an oil change so now it’s faster, etc). When you “Freshen up” it might take like a day or two (in real life) because the car has to go into the shop. I hope you found my suggestions useful! This game is already great so feel free to not change anything (if you want to- I wouldn’t). 10/10! (Duh)
  • Lots of potential. One fatal flaw 3/5

    By Javier Chavers
    The screen is too zoomed in when you’re driving to allow enough time to maneuver the vehicle to avoid a crash. I tend to use the vertical playing position to give me more visible area. If this was corrected. This game would be extremely addictive.
  • Super Laggy 2/5

    By SmilerPro2354
    I got this game and the first 2 rounds were ok but after it is just super laggy
  • Hate it 1/5

    By kdkhdcj
    It was a waste of my Christmas money and I only had 15$ and bought this game and that was a mistake it always gets on my nerves when I press boost and it always turns left and I get stuck and can never play because of this
  • Cool driving game.. 4/5

    By RolyPoly74
    Would love it if you put a mode so you can just drive until you get missions, just drive..
  • Great game 4/5

    By Jfkfndnd
    In my previous review I requested a chase cam be added into the game, and It evidently was added and this game just got that much better. But I feel this game needs some serious rebalancing. The turbo up power up is suicide if you use it, also some of these power ups straight up do nothing. There’s also just kill zones around the map like that one jump on devils planes by the secret cave, also at random you straight up just die making it borderline impossible to hit 22/22 jobs on the firs level. Or im just terrible. Either way this game is a great time killer but I fear it needs major rebalancing
  • Love this game 4/5

    By ctdrost
    Please add customization. Be able to pick my vehicle along with my weapon. The 1ups after dropping a package off are cool. Would like to see the ability to add a permanent 1up during my play. Would also like the ability to be a cop and pursue another, perhaps in an online format against other people. This game is also stupid hard, which is fine. I cannot get past 9 drops out of 22. I love this game but would like to see some different options added.
  • Don’t buy 1/5

    By ZombieZane237
    Waste of money no content very tedious and boring would rate 0 star if could
  • It won’t let me change the language 3/5

    By ajsakgotyou
    Why can’t I change the language I accidentally selected the wrong one and it won’t let me change it
  • Love this game, but... 4/5

    By fatmanswimsatmidnight
    I wish it would sync across devices. Right now I have four separate games going... iPhone, iPad and two Apple TVs.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Mikemike0221
    Cool concept but annoying. The game never lasts more than a minute. As soon as you pick up someone to take them to the getaway, you get swarmed by cops to the point you can’t even steer the vehicle and then you blow up. The turbo button is hard to press and pressing it causes the vehicle to skid sideways. Well I can’t hit turbo and steer at the same time so..... Way too difficult.
  • Great little game. Ever going to update? 4/5

    By chicaqo
    It would be nice to know if this project is totally over or if you’ll someday add more updates. I’ve amassed a great wealth and all the cars, but if I delete the app, I will lose it all. 1st world problems.
  • Crime pays!!! 5/5

    By Doubtful dog
    I’m a huge fan of Pako 1... and when I saw this version, I was thrilled. It takes a little getting used to, at first I thought it was “too crazy’... but as soon as you start getting the lay of the land it becomes not only fun, but thrilling. It turns out getting a feeling for the landscape is the biggest most unique aspect of the game. You can’t race around a strange environment full speed and last very long, you need to know where the secret turns are, you need to know where the water traps are. I plan on completing all the levels... but I still need to case out Magpie Island! I miss the little rickshaw from the square! But I really don’t have any other criticisms. My favorite racing game! —— I wrote this review a few months ago, and I’ll add: Replay this game daily. It might be my favorite go to anytime game of all time.
  • Such fun games!! 5/5

    By modul8tr
    All of the PAKO games are so much fun. I’m constantly turning friends on to them. Please, please, PLEASE add Apple TV support!!
  • PAKO games are the best 5/5

    By phillips.mitch
    I’ve played every PAKO game, and each one has been an extremely good purchase. This one is possibly my favorite (it’s hard to choose between PAKO 2 and Forever), and I still have yet to get every objective on any map. Play PAKO. You won’t regret it.
  • BEST GAME!! 5/5

    By WUUUUT just happend
    I play this every day and I feel like this game is really balanced. I love the game soooo much! I just started playing today and I was immediately hooked. I like this game because its simple and fun.🏎
  • Ok 4/5

    By ur_girl_smd
    It was fun for 5 minutes then I stopped playing. It’s only 2 dollars so who cares
  • Nope 1/5

    By Duhmize
    I bought this game by mistake, I definitely wish I could get my money back, I gave it a couple of tries and I can’t imagine this being enjoyable
  • Replay value declines quickly 4/5

    By ,gvgbn ,vhgkcgv .lhfcyf hlfyco
    The money in this game is not too hard to get, but once you get the most expensive car in the game, it starts to get a little boring. Same thing over and over again tends to get a little old. But I would recommend buying it just for the joy of pulling off that first heist.
  • Impossible to play on an iPhone X series 2/5

    By Jeff Jelenchick
    Shame that Apple’s home bas triggered when using turbo causing the game to pause. Really ruins what could be a pristine game.
  • One thing though 3/5

    By BoRo2000
    The chopper defense power up fails to defend me me from choppers every time
  • Fun and all, but... 3/5

    By Jay Villan
    It’s a really cool game, I love the graphics which give it an old feel but it doesn’t lag and you have a large variety of places and vehicles. However, when you’re using “Chase Camera Mode” it’s impossible to see where you are going at times or really anything else than an orange or black screen because of the graphic effects. It takes away the players ability to actually do anything besides hope you don’t get stuck or lose. Please fix that, because besides that it is an awesome game.
  • Please fix 5/5

    By Aidenxxxxxxxxxx
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! But when I am being chased and almost fall down a cliff or hole i die by the hole... what I try to do is put my car on the cliff wall that I fell down in before I hit the bottom and use my boost to climb back up but I die without hitting the ground! Pls do not try to fix the climbing walls thing I like that I can climb walls it makes the game more fun for me but PLEASE FIX THE CLIFF DEATH THING THAT KEEPS HAPPENING! Maybe you could make it so if you hit the ground or bottom of the cliff then you die.
  • Just not that fun. 1/5

    By Jayson Elliot
    Gimmicky, but the actual gameplay is weak.
  • Great Game! Some other things would be nice. 5/5

    I have played the Original Pako and Fell in love with it. I loved all the maps, cars, customization, and my favorite level, Airport. When This game first came out, my old phone, an Iphone 5, couldn’t run it. When I got a better phone, One of the first things I did was download this game. Its a Great Pay Once And Play Game! I was NOT disappointed when I played Pako 2. The controls were fluid, the various vehicles and maps looks great, the OST is amazing, and The gameplay is addicting, far more than 1-2 Days. However, I would like to see more stuff. It Would be Interesting to see a Level Like The OG Pako’s “Airport” To Be Implemented. Where you started as a Polygonal Character (Who You Could Customize) And Walked around the airport until you found a vehicle. I would also like to see more customization. One of my Favorite cars is whale, but the color is a bit bland for my tastes. I would like to have some sort of Paint Job On it. Every white surface could be a canvas! This Customization could also be used to upgrade your cars. Limits would be in place so you won’t make your Van a Roadking. I would also like to see more levels, Preferably in places that don’t speak “North America”. Let’s try Russia, Japan, England, And many other exotic places! I love what you did with Pako 2 so far and can’t wait for future updates!
  • Just a few things 5/5

    By abandon ship
    This game is fun. However when I fall off of a cliff/height the game crashes. Can you add a few more game modes too. A multiplayer game mode would be great along with race, duel and of course the PAKOpacolyps. One thing that annoys me though is the fact of how the cops simply run into you. Please fix that. As usual new cars and maps would be cool. P.S. could you make a tank, swat van and more enemy’s. This game is great and completely worth the price. P.P.S. Can you make it so you can switch weapons in the car lot.
  • Sooo... disappointing. 1/5

    By pHghost
    I wanted to like this game. It looks so much fun. And the first maybe 30 minutes or an hour was like that. But then, suddenly, there are three times as many cops from the start of the game, the cops visibly spawn just in front of your car, causing you to crash, some crashes randomly do a lot more damage. The game stopped being fun and is more frustrating than anything. The design and colour scheme of some of the later levels (which you save up a lot of money to unlock) is so confusing that it makes it even more frustrating. Reading through the reviews, I’m clearly not the only one with these issues. Seriously thinking about getting a refund. :(
  • Super fun cross of Crazy Taxi and GTA 5/5

    By tytwin
    If you like the idea of ferry passengers from point a to point b while being chased by cops and copters shooting at you, then this is the game for you. Totally fun and addicting. There are a variety of cars with different stats to choose from. There seem to be many that have the same stats, but I do not know if they drive differently as I do not own them all yet. Devs: Please have an option to turn off the how to play screens every run you make. I promise I have not forgotten how to control the car after every run! 😉
  • Lag heaven 3/5

    By Oldschoolcrate
    Very laggy on a iPhone X after 6-10+ picks ups etc or it would be a more enjoyable game if that didn’t happen.
  • Rogue-like driving game 1/5

    By MrGoodbye
    TLDR: don’t get it I don’t think there’s an end to this game. It looks like a grind fest to buy more cars. This game is frustrating; not fun. Also, the stylized graphics makes it hard to navigate the map. So there’s a lot of trial and error to learn the map. Only the checkpoints change each game, which makes this feel like a rouge-like game. Also, this game is not playable on an iPhone 6+ as the frame rate will drop to 0 and it’ll look like you are teleporting.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By danyboy1999
    The games is constantly crashing for me
  • Too limited 3/5

    By Ajooba1982
    Pako 2 review — no way to aim and shoot, should be dual stick. — need more than just 2 views which are top down view and chase camera. Something like gta Chinatown wars would be great — camera should zoom out when speeding through, so more of map can be viewed. — played for 2 hours on the iPad Pro 12.9”, will wait for improvements, if any.
  • Cops are suicidal 2/5

    By kitteh pantses
    This game would be a lot more fun if you didn't have that one cop that was tired of living.
  • Flawless! 5/5

    By Omnithomas
    Great soundtrack and effects with a retro vibe.
  • Not optimized or is it just me 1/5

    By AmirhosseinKorlou
    The game constantly crashes I don't know what's s the problem Pako forever didn't have any problems and I don't think there's a problem with my cpu because I have the iphone 7plus and i have 100gb of free storage and I don't have any background apps open so please fix these issues.
  • Fix it 1/5

    By MSteezy420
    Love getting high scores when the game won’t crash...
  • Fix the driving 3/5

    By JobraKai
    The car/van pulls so far to the direction you steer it’s very difficult to steer compared to pako forever. Tap left to barely move left and it pulls way more than is tapped on the screen. Please fix bc this game has potential to be great!
  • Just ok. Frustrating 2/5

    By Axominster
    I like the new Pako free game. So I get that you can’t touch anything or you lose health. But the most frustrating thing about this game is definitely the stupid helicopter. It’s complete BS. Once you play for a few minutes it comes and rains down bullets, each of which will take away 1 of your few health points. Another frustrating point is that when you’re hit there’s no pause moment where you can’t get hit. This means if a cop comes from off the screen (you’re driving blind, it’s an overhead game) and hits you, you come to a complete stop. And all it takes is a couple of the 4 cops behind you to hit you right in a row and your 3 health points are gonna and it’s game over. The first person view is a joke. You barely tap the screen to steer and the car goes like 45 degrees in that direction. The controls are worse than grand theft auto 3. I wanna like this game. I really do. But the health loss makes it too frustrating.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Sir.ALi
    I bought it and dead regretful . My phone is iphone x and it crashes and freeze all the time. (I mean ALL the time)
  • Pretty good 5/5

    By soccermom777777
    If you enjoy open world games then this will definitely tick your box. There were a few bugs, but they were pretty minor. For instance, there’s one that if you boost off a high cliff the game will crash and the helicopters can shoot you under bridges. (I wouldn’t call the last one a bug really) The shotgun is very overpowered, so id suggest saving up for the car “isoville” if you like that I m B e t t e r T h a n E v e r y o n e feeling, however that feeling will go away after 9 jobs, when the cops start shooting back at you. Also this game gets really hard really quickly. So just letting you know. Overall, this is a pretty good game, definitely worth my 2 bucks
  • Better destruction quality 5/5

    By qualitymemes9867
    I would like to see an update where the crashes are more realistic love the game but I would really like when you hit things like buildings parts fall off of both the car and building and a little bit of an warp effect and more bending when the car hits things
  • Suggestions 5/5

    By 08richard
    1.I think this is a really great game but I think I have suggestions that will maybe make it even better now I know that the game is more on the realistic side but can you somehow bring back apakocalypse mode back with the meteors and zombies and tanks you can make the tanks like the helicopter and tower that shoots you with missiles and moves a bit. 2.can you make a mode called on foot mode it’s a mode that you start off as person and you can hijack cars now I know it would defeat the purpose of buying a car but it would be really cool so you can shoot as a person for the person controls just add 2 joysticks 1 for moving 1 for shooting and you can go inside buildings that you are robbing and even if you don’t tap the mode you still have the ability to get out of the car and hijack other cars. 3.can you add the ability to switch weapons in the used car lot that will be great. That’s it for now keep up the good work!
  • Poor framerate even on XS Max 3/5

    By Amiantos
    First off, want to say I was a big fan of PAKO, bought it both on my phone and Apple TV. PAKO 2 seems like a really smart reimagining of that game, adding a bit more of a goal around the proceedings that’s a refreshing take. Basically the scope is way bigger and that makes the game more interesting. The bigger locations and variety seem really cool. In short, I think this is a fantastic sequel from a conceptual standpoint. However the execution isn’t quite there. My complaints boil down to two things. 1) I am playing on an XS Max, and it doesn’t make any sense to me that PAKO 2 lags and has an inconsistent / low framerate. It stutters, which makes the game harder because you often need to make small moves at just the right time to pull off dodges, and when the framerate stutters or becomes inconsistent everything becomes harder and frustrating. This is a game where you have to play the same levels over and over and over again, for that to remain fun the experience of playing the game can’t be frustrating because of bad performance. 2) The graphics are cool and I love the new detailing and world building, but there are a lot of poorly applied textures and really bad areas in the graphics of every level. Playing in the new chase cam mode makes this way more apparent. The first level should not have any stretched textures or poor joins between textures, but it has many. I wonder if the developers bit off more than they could chew, because PAKO was very simple and small in comparison to PAKO 2, and it’s too bad what looks like a really stylish game ends up being hampered by a lack of polish. The chase cam mode is a nice addition that helps it match the features of the first game, but it makes this game too easy and the flaws in the visuals too obvious. I wish they had spent more time fixing polishing the environments, fixing bad textures and the like, and getting the framerate to remain consistent. Sorry guys, it’s still a cool game, but it’s not going to win any design awards in this state.
  • Great game even better 5/5

    By PhilW45
    One of my favorite games ever. It always reminded me if Rockstar’s Smuggler’s Run. Now with the new camera it’s even more like it. New cars and game play area. Freakbus now works as well (it kicked me out before when chosen). Splendid update!
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By TRAP OR DIE 420
    New chase cam is amazing. Makes the car so much easier to control
  • Good... But needs more 4/5

    By Coop1!
    This game PAKO 2 is a GREAT game with all the cars and maps it is totally awesome. But the thing is, is that we need more guns, cars, and maybe a new map. I think that because after you get all the good cars and maps what’s the purpose? Just keep doing the same thing over and over again for nothing? PAKO 2 great game just needs more stuff!
  • Fix it fix it fix it. 1/5

    By AstroBoy626
    This game was cool untill I bought the freakbus. Now every time I try to play the game crashes 😑😑😑

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