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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals

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  • Developer: Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards
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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals App

Join millions of parents and turn your Pampers baby products into useful and fun rewards. Download the Pampers Club app and scan the codes on the inside of your diaper packs to get reward points. Plus, win guaranteed Instant Rewards for every 3 scans! Redeem your points for hundreds of rewards like baby gear, home products, gift cards, electronics, and more! You can also top up your points with cash if you find a reward you just can’t wait to have! Get rewards for the cash you spend on diapers and wipes! There are tons of exciting rewards waiting for you: - Electronic items, and health and beauty products for you - Baby toys for fun times with your little one - Home and living products - Amazing gift cards Getting started: • Download the Pampers Club app and create your account. Already registered with Pampers? Great! Then all you’ll need to do is sign in. • Every time you buy Pampers diapers or baby wipes, add the product code with the app and get reward points. • Redeem points and choose rewards! Discover a wide selection of rewards including electronics, gift cards, baby gear, home and living items, and much more! Terms and conditions: Website:

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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app reviews

  • Can’t get into my account 1/5

    By 0627lynn
    After updating my app I got logged out of my account but it won’t let me log back in with out confirming my phone number and I don’t have that phone number anymore. I tryed to contact costumer support put I have to be longer into do that so all the points I have are just lost. I don’t know what else to do
  • What a scam no longer recognizes my account 1/5

    By Ghnvfdfjkjvdecvkk
    I’ve had this app for almost a year and then suddenly the app does not recognize my email and says user unknown. What a scam!! I’ve been scanning diapers for almost a year and now when I’ve finally earned a decent amount of points, my account mysteriously no longer exists?! No customer service to help with login issues either. And to top it off, I still get frequent notifications from the app?! I thought I was an unknown user?! Uninstalling and shame on you. What a waste of time.
  • Zero stars! 1/5

    By B_Sap
    I registered online and had the app for a week. Not once have I been able to get past the opening image. Of course app blames internet connection and that’s not the case. Horrible. Just a waste of my time.
  • Shame on this company 1/5

    By NewMommi8
    Based on the reviews I’m not even going to let them pimp me out of my money I’m cool same in you guys I’m glad I found this out before I invested in pamper
  • Can’t log in 3/5

    By Nay078907
    Trying to log in on the mobile number but it have my old number listed and there is no way to change that 🤔
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Alexasidorenko
    Can’t access my account after the latest update. It requires mobile phone number for sending some code, but when I try to enter it gives an error that the email has already been taken. (Which doesn’t make sense if I wanted phone number)
  • Not worth your time 2/5

    By McKenzie Lynne
    Always have issues scanning codes and even typing in by hand. Rewards are ridiculously high in points. Again, not worth the time out of your busy schedule with your baby.
  • Scam! 1/5

    By wesdfeignfkro
    I had over 3,300 points pushed them through for an e-gift card on 3/9, it never arrived and the company is a random 3rd party. 2nd time this happened with this point system app. Complete joke
  • Love it 5/5

    By emmamaof2
    For the most part I love Pampers Club, although I feel for the amount I spend on pampers we could earn a bit more in rewards, for example if I buy a big pack of wipes, I should get a reward for scanning 3 at a time, or something. I have a child who can't use anything but pampers diapers and wipes. I also liked the bonus rewards like the crusiers club, where scanning so many of the pampers cruisers earned me a extra 170 points. I think that's great and should happen more often with all the types of pampers products. I am just so happy to have some rewards come from my use of pampers only, and glad they are around since both my daughters were exclusive pampers users.
  • Scan codes 3/5

    By jah858
    Scanning feature often doesn’t work. Please fix!
  • App won’t open anymore. Deleted and reinstalled too 1/5

    By Mgooses
    Doesn’t work. And the website forces you to use the app.
  • Love it but one thing 4/5

    By Yggjbgvvhh
    I would be happy if the gift cards weren’t 3 dollars for this much points can they be either 25 or up to 500 for a decent amount of points thank you
  • From Newborn to Cruisers 5/5

    By its sexy sabrina
    Couldn’t be more satisfied with pampers. Number one choice for my son. Love the swaddler and Cruiser very comfy
  • Code not working 1/5

    By jameycas21
    Every time I type the code or take a picture it says it’s not the right code so app isn’t working at all !
  • Logging In 1/5

    By TrapPonzal
    I had gotten a new phone number. So now it won’t let me log into my account at all since I don’t have the old phone number. And there’s no way to access my account without getting a confirmation code sent to my old phone. But it won’t even give me the option to change my number or get it sent to a new number and I have over 2,000 points that I’ve been saving. Highly upset 😩
  • TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! Points lost at the update 😒😒😒 1/5

    By Rancho de amor
    I would give it 0 star but 1 is the lowest! So they updated their app and asked me to log in and do some authenticity steps and given a code, and to my surprise, all the points I’ve earned are GONE! GONE, GONE! I checked my points activity and all I see were the points I earned way back in 2017, nothing recent considering I’ve been using their wipes and diapers.😒 So I thought (since I had 2 email addresses) that I used the wrong email add and signed in with my second primary email address and it wasn’t there either, and third attempt I tried logging in thru Facebook account if it helps to find my points and it flagged my account and suspended it! I mean why would it matter if you have multiple accounts?! You can’t scan the same code twice anyway!!! Just when I had enough points to claim for a reward then they decided to do some update and lose my rewards point! It felt like a TOTAL SCAM to me! Never again would I buy Pampers products! I bought it in the first place because of their rewards and their product quality, but thinking about it now, I’ll switch to the Walmart diaper brand, Parents Choice. It’s the same quality but a lot cheaper! And for the wipes, I’ll definitely switch back to the Costco Kirkland brand!!! SHAME ON THIS PROGRAM! Total waste of time and effort!
  • Bad app & no rewards 1/5

    By COMtnDad
    First review of an app for me- but this entire concept seems a bit useless for two reasons: (1) Regardless of circumstance, the scan your code feature doesn’t work, all have to be manually entered. (2) Why go through all of the trouble to enter codes manually to essentially receive nothing except minuscule and pointless “rewards” in the end? Doesn’t really seem worth all of the hassle. Great idea overall, but horrendous execution all around - and yes, I’m using the most current version of the app 3/19/20.
  • Love it but frustrated 4/5

    By Marines daughter
    I love the app. You can get rewards and what not. But today I went to the app to put in a code for wipes and I had to RESTART from jus 100. I have had the app since 12-16-2019 and I’m dumbfounded. All that work for each code is GONE. I recommend the app I really do jus frustrated that I was working towards getting free diapers for my son and boom it’s all gone.
  • Update - Vast Improvement 5/5

    By IMaSmrtCookie
    When the reward system was changed, I was very upset since I thought the toy options did not have a great variety, and I know some parents were disappointed when their points couldn’t be redeemed for diapers anymore. The variety has changed dramatically and I finally purchased a toy for my son, and even though it said it would take up to 3 weeks to be delivered, it came less than a week. I’m glad to see improvements have been made! Thank you!
  • App works, rewards not so much 2/5

    By Fun stuff 22
    The app works fine but for the amount of time, effort and money spent on pampers, the rewards do not reflect the payoff. It takes almost 10 enormous packs (40$ each) to get a 3$ off coupon. It’s just not worth the effort at that point which is so disappointing.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jasy2314
    Great diapers like these better for my new born
  • Love pampers 5/5

    By Japanesecherryblossom
    Hi pampers I really love this app but my 3 year old remove the app and am trying to login my account and it keep saying that it have a safe code but I asked to send me one again I never got the code plz help
  • Phone number 5/5

    By ANON2397
    If you plan on getting a new phone just know you will have to use the live chat on the pampers website to have your number changed! Super easy and wonderful care from who I talked too!!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Kosteckia
    I like this app because it makes it very easy to enter codes.
  • Worst Rewards Program ever 1/5

    By SoonerMBA
    We absolutely love the Pampers products and have been exclusive users of Pampers diapers and wipes for our son since he was born, however this rewards program is the worst ever. Doing some basic math, each dollar you spend on a Pamper’s product gets you about 1.8 points and if you compare the redemption offers out there, just to give you an example spending over $530 gets you a $3.99 coupon and that too if you buy another item, you get to redeem that 3.99 coupon for a free item under that price. It’s a horrible waste of time and effort and definitely shows the company does not necessarily reward loyalty!
  • “User not found” 1/5

    By Willoflower
    Created a profile/signed up, but when I try to log on the app it says “user not found” yet I can use the same exact saved email and password on the website. Won’t be using the app if it’s proven to be useless.
  • Great App 5/5

    By ihabelamin
    Easy to navigate gave offers fun
  • my rewards are missing 1/5

    By roujitta
    Technical issues and rewards missing , lack of CS
  • Great 5/5

    By mookkint
    Every good application
  • It’s 2020, why am I still manually entering codes? 2/5

    By kunurse
    For the love of everything holy, please make the wipes codes scannable.
  • App issues 1/5

    By baby1!
    I had about 900 points on the reward program. Yesterday when I went in the app to scan another code, it says since I haven’t used it for over 90 days a had to logging again (I had scanned a code just 2-3 weeks ago). When I tried to logging it didn’t recognized my email/password. I tried to reset password and it said my email wasn’t registered! I lost all my points!! 😠
  • Horrible 1/5

    By asabrb
    I really don’t like this app. I spent hours inputting all the codes I had from the items I’ve bought and it all went to waste! The next time I opened my app, they were all gone! Not to mention, the scanning feature didn’t work for me, so all the diapers and wipes codes I entered manually! Ugh, I was so frustrated. There’s no point to the rewards if they are impossible to get!
  • Useless scanning 1/5

    By Paulski
    Pampers your app is one of the most frustrating applications I’ve used in my life! Not sure what community college computer “science” graduate you have coding this garbage “recognition” technology because it has a 5% success rate. Fix your code scanning! Also, the ability to move within the text when manually entering codes would be helpful. God forbid you enter one letter incorrectly and it is all the way at the beginning of the need to erase all of the letters and numbers just to retype it. You should fire your application product manager and development team and actually hire people with talent. Fix your app!
  • Nice app 4/5

    By paollafb
    Everyone who wants to redeem points for prints on Shutterfly DON’T do it. It’s a wast of points because Shutterfly gives you “free” prints and they “charge” them on delivery fee. I wasted more than 2k points for nothing and I didn’t get the promotional codes until now. But we don’t need codes anyway because it will be all on delivery fee (not covered by Pampers points).
  • Ugh 2/5

    By Hippieblossom
    I really liked this app at first and now it won’t let me log in on the app and says my account is suspended 😑but will let me log in on a browser, I just can’t do anything unless I go to the app. There’s always been some “bugs” but I didn’t really care as long as I can put my points in and now I can’t even log in and see or use my points.
  • Rewards and App aren’t great 3/5

    By Matt D 718
    The code scanner on the app never works for me, I always have to enter it manually (using iPhone XS). And the rewards are very expensive, it takes a lot of points to get anything decent. More free diapers would be nice.
  • Wipes codes never work 1/5

    By Zach drake
    This app is supposed to let you enter the rewards codes from the boxes of diapers and wipes. The diapers seem to work but the wipes (of which we buy in numerous amounts) do not work. They make you enter the code manually and it is not printed well on the package. It is a long code and it is not legible on top of that. Seems like a rip off to me.
  • Save the codes! 5/5

    By Heatherbrook52
    The codes get you actually money for your purchase of diapers for more diapers. I was lazy and have wasted so many codes. I don’t care about anything else on the app, just scan your codes don’t be lazy it is SOOOO worth it!
  • It’s good but 4/5

    By Ttsc80
    I do love the app cause of the rewards but it runs slow and boots me off quite often. I always wish there were different rewards!
  • Adding codes 4/5

    By perezboys
    I always have trouble when adding codes but other than that great rewards for buying pampers.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Gavii
    I loved the concept except when you try to take pictures of the codes they never work. Also they will delete your account and when you reach out to them they will not fix it. I emailed support they claimed it was an error and my fault for creating a new account. I check both my emails and they said there was no account tied to those emails. When they asked for more info to “find” the accounts they never got back to me nor did they restore my coins and money.
  • Excited ! 5/5

    By chattaway97
    Love pampers ! 😊😊😁
  • Patricia Walker 5/5

    By Trisha2017
    The is compatible with my iPhone but it’s froze and won’t download
  • Improve the scanner! 2/5

    By Chalene E
    I have had this app for a long time, and through all the updates they still haven’t fixed the scanner so that it reads the code every time. Over half of the time it doesn’t work and I have to type the super-long code in manually. The rewards aren’t good enough to justify the extra headache. At least it is one more thing motivating me to potty-train my twins!
  • Honestly not worth your time 2/5

    By ImSorryMrSamsa
    I’ve been diligently scanning diapers and thought I’d take a look to see what we could get. I was sorely disappointed to see we had not nearly enough points to get really anything. The lowest point toy reward is a sad little rattle for 2,800 points. Each pack of diapers I get is worth 27 points. That’s 103.7 packs each with 26 diapers. At about 6 diapers a day (once you’re out of newborn territory) that’s 450 days worth of diapers. Over a years worth of diapers only gets you a sad rattle, which the baby has outgrown. I understand it’s “free” but come on, that’s pathetic! It’s honestly not worth the frustration of the scanner never working to scan these diapers for pretty much nothing.
  • App Not Working! 1/5

    By sapphiregirlali
    I have been using this app for the last couple of years, but now the app has completely stopped working. I have two iPhones, both have the newest iOS update, yet this app STILL won’t work. Keeps saying “Oops, slow internet connection,” yet I have tried it in MULTIPLE locations, and it still won’t open. None of the internet connections I have tried are slow either, and it won’t even open whether I use the iPhone with AT&T or Verizon service. I’ve tried deleting it, and reinstalling it, hard resetting my phones, and still cannot get it to work. Very frustrating and disappointing!!!
  • Takes years to accumulate enough points to matter 1/5

    By Everynameistaken111116894
    I’m still trying to figure out the point of this rewards program. I have 3 kids - only ever used pampers for my 1st. She’s now 4 and out of diapers, and even adding the points from my twins, who are almost 2, I am just now able to get something worth while. The problem is that by the time you get enough points, the diapers you use may not even be available. My twins are in cruisers, which is not a product available for redemption. My other complaint is that you have to add in a code for each sleeve of diapers as opposed to have long one code for an entire box. And the scanner rarely works. I just bought 2 big boxes of diapers with 2 sleeves in each box. That meant I had to enter 4 different codes. The scanner only worked for one code so the rest had to be entered manually. The scanner doesn’t work at all for wipes so when I bought a huge box of 12 packages of wipes the other day, I had to manually enter long codes 12 times. It’s not worth the time for the 24 points you get from it. Pampers are fine products, but the rewards program and app are seriously lacking. Almost wish I never wasted my time in the first place.
  • I’d like to actually use the app 1/5

    By Hotcake911
    I’d love to use this app if it would actually work. I open the app and it basically stays at the loading screen until I get an error message about a bad internet connection. Problem is I have excellent internet connection. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times trying to fix the problem with no progress.
  • App is great, perks are cheap. 4/5

    By JCRex
    Love the app. It’s easy to scan when I open a new box of diapers - wish they could figure our a way for this to work on wipes, too! As a mom I appreciate a good rewards program - getting something in return for all of my purchases is great especially when I don’t have an option whether to buy the product or not! That being said, I feel I barely get anything from this program! My oldest is almost 3 now and Ive only cashed in one time so far. Also, I did the math...for my 5000 points I have to spend over $3700 on diapers...and I can get a $20 Amazon card. That’s .5% back. LAME. Thanks Pampers...don’t go too above and beyond for your customers...

Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app comments

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