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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals App

Join millions of parents and turn your Pampers baby products into useful and fun rewards. Download the Pampers Club app and scan the codes on the inside of your diaper packs to get reward points. Plus, win guaranteed Instant Rewards for every 3 scans! Redeem your points for hundreds of rewards like baby gear, home products, gift cards, electronics, and more! You can also top up your points with cash if you find a reward you just can’t wait to have! Get rewards for the cash you spend on diapers and wipes! There are tons of exciting rewards waiting for you: - Electronic items, and health and beauty products for you - Baby toys for fun times with your little one - Home and living products - Amazing gift cards Getting started: • Download the Pampers Club app and create your account. Already registered with Pampers? Great! Then all you’ll need to do is sign in. • Every time you buy Pampers diapers or baby wipes, add the product code with the app and get reward points. • Redeem points and choose rewards! Discover a wide selection of rewards including electronics, gift cards, baby gear, home and living items, and much more! Terms and conditions: Website:

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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app reviews

  • Disappointing Rewards 2/5

    By LCJNC
    I have been once disappointed with the new rewards platform. The items are over priced and unattainable. Under the old system, I was able to redeem rewards for items that my son could use and play with. Now, despite having almost 1,600 points, I am not able to get anything from the toy category without paying cash for more than the product is listed for on Amazon. I thought the new platform would offer more options, but it really just made it incredibly difficult to redeem rewards.
  • I’m enjoying Pampers Points 4/5

    By jalexander96
    I just wished you received more of a coupon discount for all of your points. I have 2k plus points and only receive $3 off coupon.
  • Disappointed in new rewards catalogue 5/5

    By nativechik72
    Before the app was awesome . You could actually rack up points and gain a prize. But now it’s impossible, not feasible nor attainable. You may have to wait years.
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By A.drae
    Love this app!
  • Great! 5/5

    By sancheze28
    Love pampers brand!
  • Dishonest 1/5

    By Nickiwicky
    I ordered a 5$ gift card with my points but NEVER received it. I reached out to customer service twice, no response. It’s been about 3 weeks now. I will be deleting the app.
  • app is great 3/5

    By saraaaaxo7
    I love the rewards program however it never lets me scan my code no matter how many times I try it just says error. So I always have to end up manually typing it in, which is kind of time consuming.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Swimeshark
    First off, they switch to an app and you can’t enter rewards in online anymore. I only have so much phone storage and I don’t want to use it on this. Now they are trying to force me to give my phone number to them. For what reason? They already have my email. What an invasion of privacy for stupid rewards for buying diapers. Ridiculous.
  • Lame 1/5

    By St8te48
    First of all this is a rewards app of which seems like every time I go to use it it requires an update. So today wasn’t any different, go to scan and it needs an update. Although now they need my phone number. They say they won’t use it for anything else but why would they need it then? To keep a diaper rewards program secure? Are there many people trying to infiltrate this system that we need a secure number to access? Then I try to access my rewards so I go to email them..yet again fine print of what they will or won’t do with my information. Where I have to agree to be able to email them. Keep in mind this is a rewards program and I would just like to use my rewards without giving cell phone or any extra personal information but I am locked cause I can’t even access my account without a cell phone number.
  • Bring back the old prizes! 3/5

    By dkp81
    I’ve collected points for a few years now. The old prizes before pampers revamped everything were better. There seemed like a lot more to choose from. I got a 6 month subscription to a magazine, multiple codes for free invitations from Shutterfly. All the new prizes are too expensive. We buy our diapers in bulk and the points are the same for 21 as they are for a sleeve of 60. I’ve got over 2000 points and have no idea what to use them on. Very disappointing.
  • So many issues 1/5

    By momod3
    I’ve had so many issues with this app. It won’t scan my codes so I’ve had to type them in an half the time they don’t go through. I can’t log in. It keeps requiring me to have a code send to my phone for security purposes but I’m not getting the codes. I’m beyond frustrated with this app!
  • Poor update 1/5

    By ccorl007
    Before the update, it worked beautifully! Now unfortunately because I had to update to the newer version, I can not add any codes and it has become extremely frustrating. Please fix this ASAP!!!
  • Frequent errors 4/5

    By Leonea5
    Good app. Awesome that they offer a reward system. Frequently get error messages like our server is napping. Slow to process scanned rewards code.
  • Now they want your phone number 1/5

    By Hotsand5
    To access the app and your points, they force you to submit your phone number now. No thank you, I’m not giving you my data in exchange for a $2 coupon. Deleting the app and all the points I had.
  • Useless 1/5

    By theRealHouseholdCEO
    The scanner never works, the whole app takes a long time to load anything, and I have never received my orders when redeeming points, and the points never were returned.
  • Not Anymore 1/5

    By CarlaKAS
    App works fine. Rewards offered are not worth the time and money you spend to get them. You used to have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get a coupon for a few bucks off their diapers. Now you can't even get that. And with their most recent update you HAVE to give them your cell number to "keep your account secure"?? HAHAHA!! No thank you. I'm done with Pampers products. Huggies has a rewards program as well. Time to switch!
  • Code photo never works 2/5

    By ABCBlanton
    I think the photo of the code works 1/10 for me. Quite annoying to insert in every time.
  • Used to be amazing, now deleting 1/5

    By Jmobes
    It used to be that if you used Pampers, you could pretty easily get coupons - toward Pampers. Now you have to scan soooooo many codes to get bare minimum items that aren’t even related to babies. I don’t want a restaurant gift card. I want more diapers for my baby. Deleting app and haven’t bought Pampers in months now because of this change. What a waste of time and money for people are typically short on both. Target has some nice diapers and wipes these days!
  • Whack since the update 1/5

    By Whas Hat'nin
    I’ve had this app for about 3 years since the app was called “pampers rewards”, You used to be able to use your points to get $3 or $5 off coupons (500-600pts) for diapers, they also had the option to get codes for $10 off $25 spent at children’s place for clothes or all kinds of stuff with Shutterfly. For the past 2 years I have used my pampers points to get Christmas cards or magnets of my baby from shutter fly but all of the rewards that I just mention are no longer available. Now that it’s called pampers club All the rewards are super crappy (cheap earbuds or whack gift cards), they are also cost more points now. Whack since the update.
  • I love pampers!!! 5/5

    By cheycheymcfry
    Need I say more?
  • Inferior to huggies 1/5

    By tvo826
    The Pampers app is not user friendly. Their rewards offerings are inferior to other diaper programs. It does no good to bring issues to customer service because they don’t reply.
  • In theory a good app, in practice, it is lacking 2/5

    By BDW from KS
    I have entered numerous codes—I have 5 kids—and rarely does the scanning of the code work. I consistently have to enter it manually which is tedious and frustrating... Spent about $1000 in diapers and got a $5 amazon gift card? Seems like a poor reimbursement of my time. Will not use this app if the scan doesn’t work.
  • Fix the wipes codes!!!! 3/5

    By CNW NYC
    There’s nothing more annoying as a mom who has little time to do much than to try and read the printed codes on the wipes packs since they are printed on the rib of the seal. Please start using the same stickers as on the diapers packs so we can simply scan and not want to pull hair out of our heads - thanks!
  • Points are awful now 1/5

    By Hoffnick
    I liked the old app where rewards were actually attainable. Points for rewards are too high now and nothing I am interested in other than gift cards. This is ridiculous. Change it back!! Also what happened to the Shutterfly items?? I liked those!
  • Feeling really let down... 1/5

    By Hrfbjfvjjchkfd
    I thought it was a cool thing for pampers to do this loyalty reward system. My little girl has had nothing on her bum except for pampers! She just turned two. I was diligent about entering codes for almost the first year, accumulating 1400 points! At a certain point, I decided I would just save them for a while and enter a bunch all at once. Working more than full-time, and being a mom, I just thought this would be more efficient. Unfortunately, as I excitedly sat down to finally enter all these codes this evening, knowing I finally have enough to get my daughter a fun toy or something! I am instead sitting here, extremely disappointed, finding that my 1400 points expired. I really don’t understand, and never would’ve thought, that pampers points would expire. Why?! So much for being a loyal customer. I’m feeling really let down by this.
  • Hate the new rewards 1/5

    By mdrsr
    Use to love this app and rewards system but now that they have removed coupons and diapers as a reward I don’t have much use for it. Bring back the coupons for a reward!
  • Lack of useful rewards 1/5

    By libmama19
    I heard great things about Pampers rewards when I was pregnant. When I signed up four months ago, I was excited. Now, millions of diapers later (lol) and 1200 points and the rewards have changed. They are now bamboo kitchen appliances and toys that cost too much in points. The $5 gift cards cost 1000 points! What happened to the Pampers diapers coupons? I’m so turned off by the change, I just may switch diaper brands.
  • Not that great👎🏻 1/5

    By Taken420
    The app and the concept is amazing! But the actual points you get for the products that you paid for is insanely little!! I’ve been adding ALL the products I could since my baby was born he’s now four months and I barely have 1000 points! 988 to be exact😒 Now for some of you you might think that’s a lot but you need 5000 just to get a $25 Amazon gift card🤦🏻‍♀️Cheap!! Now I’m buying the huge boxes of things so it’s not like I’m getting the little stuff. 70 points a box. For ONE baby rattle you need 2,800.. that’s something someone with twins can get but even then they’re being gipped out. They make it seem like you can get so much but in reality all you can really do is enter sweepstakes. Which in my opinion is lame. Because really who actually wins those things?🤷🏻‍♀️ The points need to be increased so people can actually get things before their kids are finished in pull-ups🤨
  • Love it! 4/5

    By JamDun85
    I love the Pampers rewards program! They make it easy now by allowing you to scan the diaper codes. You still have to enter the wipes codes by hand but it’s not too bad. I do wish sometimes they made the codes on the wipes easier to read or use the same stickers they use for the diapers, it would make it a lot easier. The rewards you get for the points now have a greatly improved! I have used my points to get the Christmas gifts birthday gifts, and now I am saving for a gift card to help us buy a new car seat. Thank you for making life a little easier!
  • Such scammers 1/5

    By abcdefgushebbwjwjjw
    Like most apps, this app constantly bothers you to rate it— so here’s your rating Pampers Then they force you to enter your phone number to “keep your account secure” but don’t worry because they “won’t use it for anything else” What people don’t realize is that they can update their Terms of Service and Agreement at any time to say that they have the right to sell your phone number, information, etc for “data market research” and “to better serve you”. It’s so freaking shady. Why does a rewards company need my phone number? “To keep your points safe!” My points that have no cash value? Forgive the pun, but that’s pointless. Super shady I’ll be eager to read the next “we’ve updated our terms of service” email they send out to see what allowances are permitted through acceptance. Should have stuck with Huggies which offers instant Fandango tickets 🙄
  • No more pampers for rewards? 5/5

    By CamilaFerni
    I love this app just wish you guys would’ve kept the diapers as one of your choices to redeem points 🙁
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By stickygreenhand
    It’s nice that pampers let you accumulate points and get something in return however the gift choices are not so great and they stopped offering coupons for their own product which is disappointing. The app on its own is just ok. It is annoying that you have to log in almost every time to get your points in as the app for some reason logs you off. The code scanner makes mistakes and codes on wipes must be entered manually which are not easy to read.
  • Better before update & can’t see sweepstake 2/5

    By lizg913
    New version requires even more points for rewards, but the amount of points you receive for putting in codes are tiny. Ridiculous amount of points required to get rewards(5000 points for a 25$ giftcard😑) and now I can’t view my sweepstakes. It keeps telling me I’m “not eligible to view” even though it was working last week & I have several sweepstake tickets purchased. This whole week it’s been doing this. Plus it froze several times on me. Idk about this new version, I’m kind of disappointed.

    By Babycakes62399
    This is a great to receive discounts and points towards a gift card of your choice! Idk why someone wouldn’t use this app! You basically get free money for buying pampers products!
  • Scanner doesn’t work 1/5

    By nickname is displayed
    The rewards need ridiculous amount of points and to top it off I need to enter the code manually because the scanner doesn’t scan at all. Waste of time.
  • Not Functioning properly 1/5

    By Fallon25
    Not working spent 20 mins to log in. With no success. New update app. Wants to send a security code but my number not registering with is upsetting because that is the number I used to set the account up!!
  • Great app 4/5

    By saleekam
    I love that i can get rewards for products that I buy. They could issue more points for products but the rewards are good.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By Shinyyyy89
    I love this app . Just wish you get more coins for refill wipes and diapers
  • Poor reward choices 1/5

    By Tv3567
    I feel the reward choices are disappointingly limited
  • Code 1/5

    By loubell.03
    Put my phone number in for security code and never got a code sent and I tried 6 times. I am allowed to get text from unknown numbers. Very disappointed.
  • The app works great, the points are ridiculous 3/5

    By Sarst
    I have twin, 6 month olds and I use pampers for wipes and diapers. I’ve entered everything since they were probably 2 months old and always look for when they have bonus points. In 4 months, with 2 babies, I’ve spent an insane amount of money and have enough points for a $10 gift card. It’s WAY too much time for such small rewards.
  • Useless 1/5

    By cmh033
    The app used to allow you to earn points for diapers. The rewards now are pointless and disappointing. The scanner rarely works
  • Great 5/5

    By TeddyBearPooh
    I love pampers reward program. There are a lot of rewards to choice from. It is better than huggies.
  • Love the Rewards 5/5

    By LittleRibbit
    So nice that Pampers offers rewards for purchases. Our kids love the books, toys and we’ve even received gift cards too! Thank you, Pampers for growing with us through the years!
  • We need Starbucks reward 4/5

    By TiredMamaof3*
    Love the app, wish the prizes were a little better. Also Panera needs to start putting the codes in a different area on the wipes. You can’t hardly see the number and letter when they are in the creases. Super aggravating. Have had to discard at least 5 this month that I couldn’t read .. the coupons do come pretty quickly in the mail though!
  • Seriously?!?! 1/5

    By jacwagb
    2 kids in diapers and using wipes and I now qualify for NOTHING from the new rewards program. I have gotten wonderful rewards in the past and now with 2500 points, nothing! I qualify for nothing. Thanks for changing the rewards to make them unattainable and not upping the point per product purchased. I am so disappointed. I have been a loyal customer for almost 3 years with 2 children....that’s a ton of diapers and wipes. Please adjust this.
  • Better then nothing 3/5

    By megalump
    I agree with all of the comments on here. The update made it almost impossible to get any of the rewards and many of them I wouldn’t want anyway. I also do not like the way they have the rewards organized. It is too difficult to find things. That being said I prefer pampers products to most of the other brands so this is just a little something extra. Oh well
  • Love this app!! 4/5

    By CourtneyJonesy
    I really do love this app but really don’t like that you have to add wipe codes manually. Honestly it’s the only bad part about the app!
  • Amazing rewards 5/5

    By Sweetkaos07
    Diapers and wipes are expensive! It’s great knowing Pamper’s gives you rewards by using this VERY user friendly app! Scan or type the reward number in. Saving has never been so simple.

Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app comments

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