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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals

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  • Current Version: 3.6.10
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  • Developer: Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards
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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals App

Welcome to Pampers Rewards, the app that enables you to get something back for every Pampers product you purchase. There are tons of exciting rewards waiting for you: • Pampers coupons and discount codes for popular baby care brands • Personalized gifts like wall calendars, photobooks, and photo prints by Shutterfly • Health, parenting, and baby magazine subscriptions including to magazines like Parents Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Rachael Ray Every Day • Baby toys, puzzles, books, and accessories • Donations to various children’s charities including Every Child Succeeds, Feeding America, and March of Dimes • More great gifts for moms, dads, and the whole family! Ready to get started? It’s easy: 1. Download the app and create your account. Already registered with Pampers? Great – then all you need to do is sign in. 2. Every time you buy Pampers diapers or wipes, submit the product code via the app. 3. Each code you submit earns you points, instantly added to your balance. Plus, to get you off to a great start, we welcome you with 100 points upon first sign-in, and another 50 bonus points after you add your first code. 4. You can redeem your points for the reward of your choice. New to submitting product codes? Here’s how: Find Pampers Rewards codes consisting of 10 to 15 characters and/or digits - on stickers on the inside lining of diaper packs - etched on or underneath the lid of wipes tubs - printed along the back seam of wipes refill packs. Take a photo of diaper codes using the scanning function of the app in order to submit them. Enter wipes codes manually, using the app’s built-in keyboard. You can earn points by shopping Pampers products at Amazon, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Kroger, Target, Costco,, and other retailers, both in-store and online. What’s in the app? The Pampers Rewards app guides you along every step of earning rewards from finding the various product codes through submitting them to browsing the gift catalog. It keeps you updated about the latest offers, helps you keep track of your points transactions, and enables you to order rewards and have them delivered to your home. The latest release of the app, version 3.6.10 comes with sleek new visual elements and animations to make your user experience even more rewarding. Terms and conditions: Website:

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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app reviews

  • Great idea in theory... 1/5

    By cakie0
    I buy diapers and wipes by the case. It takes so long to manually enter in the rewards for the wipes. And I haven’t seen anything I want for the rewards... I keep entering the points in because someday I hope this program Improves and I’ll have thousands of points... it would be nice to see coupons for rewards members, even $1 off... just something to reward the time and energy, seriously a cAse of wipes takes 30mins to enter.
  • Not worth the time and effort 1/5

    By normalmom2
    I’ve been scanning all the diapers and wipes I have used for the past 16 months and I finally have enough points to redeem a reward, but the highest reward you can get is worth about $5. Not worth all the time and effort to get such little of a reward. You are supposed to be able to scan your diapers to redeem the rewards, but 90% of the time the scan fails and you have to type in the ridiculously long code. For spending thousands of dollars on pampers products they should have better rewards for their loyal costumers.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By nealeyrenee
    A nice way to use the rewards! Can get multiple things! Awesome!
  • Great rewards ! 4/5

    By Gswggwwq,z
    Love the app!
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Taygall24
    The rewards are pointless. Instead of getting a diaper discount or a pack for free they are rewards like an entry into a sweepstakes. No thanks pampers. I loyally give you hundreds of dollars every year!
  • Rewards? 1/5

    What happened to the rewards? All that is on there is chances to win something or shutterfly. I have been using this app since my son was born, now 19 months old and have all these “points” that are worthless.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By TinaKamin
    Go to walmart and get all the rewards Pampers is trying to give you. This is how pampers “Rewards” system works, buy diapers that can range between $50-100 a month and get about 120 points per box if that go to the app to redeem oh but wait the item that you want is 7000 points a toy that you can find at walmart for $10 just cost you $2000 its ridiculous. Waist of time.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Emilyab144
    Awesome program and the best diapers ever. My little babe has never gotten a rash and I strictly use only pamper diapers and wipes! Thank you!
  • Server is always “napping” 1/5

    By so over this alp
    Every time I go to enter points I get an error message saying the server is napping. Try back in a couple hours...well it is always napping. I can’t load my codes. Missing out on the triple points this week I guess.
  • Could be great 2/5

    By Sh718
    Papers rewards program is great, however their app needs work. Most of the time I try to use it, it is not working and tells me to try again later. So far it has only properly loaded for me one time.
  • This app just stinks... 1/5

    By snappy_chick
    I hate this app! I just want some diaper coupons and Pampers “forced” me into this app to sign up. Well... the app NEVER works and now won’t let me sign in. It keeps telling me my sign in information is invalid. I have news for you Pampers, I’ve always like Luvs best anyway.
  • “Rewards” that aren’t 1/5

    By anon1871
    Where did the good rewards go? There’s nothing to buy but sweepstakes entries and discount codes? There used to be Amazon gift cards, Shutterfly, etc. So disappointing.
  • Needs updated- both scan function and rewards 2/5

    By NotAHousewife111
    I have to manually type in 15 digit codes on the wipes to only get 10 points. It’s terrible. Waste of my time.
  • Scan for wipes 4/5

    By cotton1200
    Really like the diapers scanning capability but wish there was one for the wipes too. Or a QR code that was points to automatically scan.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Wannabake4you
    I would give zero stars if it would allow. I used to like the app when I first started using it over a year and a half ago. When I had my baby girl there was rewards cheap enough to get coupons to help with diapers. Then the rewards for the coupons kept going up. Then the company raised the prices on their diapers. Again the reward points for coupons went up more. Now there are absolutely no rewards for coupons. So not happy that I will be switching companies and I’m due in August with our second girl.... do not use this company or app total rip off
  • Spend money on diapers for months before getting a crappy reward 1/5

    By amykelly22
    I have two kids and solely buy pampers. Two kids in diapers and I spend over $100 a month and I’m still not able to get a $10 star bucks gift card. Think about that
  • The rewards kind of a joke 3/5

    By oo'smom
    Takes about 7 months to get a small bag of diaper. Or you can use your point for coupons that you can get anywhere else.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Ashlee211993
    I love this app defiantly recommend to any mom it makes putting points on your account so much easier
  • Rewards program 1/5

    By Hlkiel22
    The rewards program is nice but been waiting on an updated catalog for a long time and still not out yet. The gifts are not great
  • Pampers Family! 5/5

    By Keffany
    I worse Pampers as a baby and my mom swear by them. I used them for my now 7 year old and now I use them on my newborn. I swear by them as well. I've tried other diapers but they always leak or get over full. But I can always trust Pampers! Always! My kids have never had a leak! I am using Pampers pure as of now for my newborn and I have a complete piece of mind of knowing she won't get a rash or anything.
  • Super easy app! 5/5

    By sccb21
    I love using this app! It’s so easy to scan or enter codes. Super easy to redeem points.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By cupcake.8924
    What happened to the wipes and diapers as part of the rewards?? What they have as rewards doesn’t help me with anything as a mother. I don’t find this app useful anymore
  • Cool app 4/5

    By MAW momma
    I enjoy putting in my codes and earning points. I just wish they had different prizes you could win more often. But it is a neat reward program. ❤️
  • App stinks!!! 2/5

    By ElleB45
    Although the diapers are good, using the app is horrible! At least once a month, my codes come up error and I’ve entered them correctly, and there’s no option besides to lose the points. My child is 2.5 and since birth, this has been an ongoing issue. Now, the rewards, are nice only because they are a reward and free.
  • Easy and fun to use! 5/5

    By Kleo91315
    I do wish we had some better options for lower points as far as rewards go, but I can’t complain too much! My first son was able to get a set of magnetic boats that he loves to use in the bath. He is almost out of diapers now and so I have a few extra points to begin with for my next son. Hopefully I’ll be able to build up enough to get something better! But other than that the app is super easy to use and I like it!
  • Better Scanning System! 1/5

    By Srev!
    To scan the diapers is super easy! Why can’t it Be Like That With The Wipes? I have a child it’s so hard to keep Up With a 7 month old and have to put in 12 individual packs of wipes codes one by one! Should be able to just scan!
  • Pampers rewards 3/5

    By nlapham
    Not a huge fan. Half of their codes never work. Their Ds look like 0 and I’ll end up with invalid code. Never mind you can’t scan the wipes. Inconvenient for me. Iv had to email customer service about my codes and instead of applying my points just told me what they think the code appears to be in my picture I sent them yet it’s the same code I tried and didn’t work.
  • Ok rewards program 5/5

    By debnictho
    Wish I could just scan wipes code like diapers😊
  • Pampers Rewards 4/5

    By aptgdc
    Great way to save up for baby & children’s toys. Hoping for something new soon.
  • Rewards 4/5

    By Kris J 527
    Love this rewards program! Have earned so much stuff over the 5 years that we have been participating. Got my kids some cool toys and diapers even which is nice because we accumulate points so much because we are a Pampers family it’s all we buy we love their products and mine as well get some free stuff by entering the codes!!
  • Vast improvements but is program ending? 4/5

    By RachaelHime
    UPDATE: Just read terms and conditions. Rewards program is set to end December 31, 2019. Seems contradictory to their new product catalog they’ll be releasing this month. I’ve been using this app since 2016 and it has come a long way. Visually it looks much more appealing. But the real star is the inputting of codes. It used to be a pain to manually input them since you had to make sure the letters were capitalized (which translated to long data entry times). Now they’ve changed it so it always stay capitalized. The scanning is nice too - please add ability to scan wipes, P&G. Otherwise it is much easier to use now.
  • Needs improvements 3/5

    By Xplainjane
    Always have issues scanning in my codes. End up having to typing in the code
  • Hard to do 1/5

    By Marakaki
    Diaper codes don’t always scan first or second or even third time. Every wipe code you have to manually enter a very long code. If you have a typo you cannot just press and hold to get the curser to go where you want, so you have to start all over again. I literally bought only pampers diapers and wipes for my babies first year and honestly don’t think it’s worth the time to enter the codes for the prizes you get. I love the idea of a rewards system, but I think it’s too time consumptive for what you get in return. I wish you could scan every code and that the scanner was a little better at “reading” what you are scanning. I also think the prizes cost too many points in my opinion.
  • Frustrating app 1/5

    By sumampr
    Every time you scan a box it doesn’t work. So then I have to type it in... to get a whole 40 points. It’s a waste of time!
  • Muy buena app 4/5

    By CarmenMunguia
    Me gusta mucho que de vez en cuando ponen puntos triples!!!
  • Reward 5/5

    By meowmiw
    Use the app all the time great rewards and coupons to save on wipes and
  • Hellooo 5/5

    By Maylinda81
    Pampers reward looks great,, i didnt win nothing yet,, but i hope soon... something for my baby boy💙
  • Stop asking for reviews 1/5

    By JMaH86
    Every time I get asked to review I will give one star. I am tired of the constant review requests.
  • Worst rewards program and wipes code entry 1/5

    By CNW NYC
    After 5+ years of painstakingly entering codes, I have 10,000+ points with no good options to redeem the rewards points. While the diaper code scan is fantastic, the manual entry of the wipes codes is annoying... but almost stupid because they print the codes on the ribbed part of the seam of the package. Terrible. My OCD is the only reason I still enter the codes... praying a good hi-point prize will be available shortly.
  • Great except wipes 2/5

    By lillybilly45
    Love the app and the rewards. Best part is scanning the code for diapers... but not an option for the wipes... other than than it would get full stars.
  • Great 5/5

    By liztheshit
    Love it
  • Love the app 5/5

    By hnd122317
    Super easy to use. I love saving up the points. Just wish the camera scanner worked better.
  • Make redeeming wipes codes easy! 1/5

    By stancelnation
    This rewards program is great but why make the wipes codes so difficult to redeem??????????????1 star :(
  • What happened to the rewards 1/5

    By Mataucam
    Theirs not any rewards anymore? Just Shutterfly offers I can get anywhere. You used to have bikes and things for the kids but those are gone now. Then you at least had a Starbucks gift card, but I just saw that’s gone too. Bring the actual rewards back!
  • Loving it so far 5/5

    By epicchila
    I was able to redeem points for a coupon for my son’s radio flyer. I can’t wait to see the new catalog!
  • Great!!! 5/5

    By Ienve
    Great App!!
  • Good Rewards disappear 1/5

    By mickeymoritz
    I like pampers but all of the good rewards just disappeared as soon and I racked up enough points for them. Took me about a year to get to 3,000 points and I’ve been looking forward to getting a cool prize. Such a bummer. Going to change to generic cheaper diapers now.
  • Not satisfied 1/5

    By Leslie MD
    I redeemed points once to receive a coupon to apply towards the purchase of more diapers. My account was debited the points but the coupon never came! Trying to reach someone in customer service is a joke
  • Love pampers but not so much the app 3/5

    By Bug4783
    We’ve used pampers now for 2 kids and they have been great. The app-not so much. Super glitchy, end up having to type the ridiculously long code in 75% of the time, scanning does not work

Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app comments

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