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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals

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  • Current Version: 3.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Pampers by P&G - Nappies, Baby Products, & Rewards
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals App

Welcome to Pampers Rewards, the app that enables you to get something back for every Pampers product you purchase. Simply download the Pampers Rewards app, add your baby product purchase, and earn shopping rewards from coupons on diapers to gifts for the family. Join millions of parents now and enjoy 100 points upon first sign-in, and another 50 bonus points after you add your first code. There are tons of exciting diaper deals & gift rewards waiting for you: • Pampers rewards coupons and discount codes for popular baby care brands, Pampers baby diapers, baby wipes, and more! • Personalized gifts like wall calendars, photobooks, and photo prints by Shutterfly • Health, parenting, and baby magazine subscriptions including Parents Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Rachael Ray Every Day • Baby toys, puzzles, books, and accessories • Donations to various children’s charities including Every Child Succeeds, Feeding America, and March of Dimes • More great gifts for moms, dads, and the whole family! Ready to get started? It’s easy: 1. Download the Pampers Rewards app and create your account. Already registered with Pampers? Great – all you need to do is sign in. 2. Every time you buy Pampers baby diapers or baby wipes, submit the product code via the app. 3. Each code you submit earns you reward points, instantly added to your balance. Plus, to get you off to a great start, we welcome you with 100 reward points upon first sign-in, and another 50 bonus points after you add your first code. 4. You can redeem points for the reward of your choice. Choose from a wide selection of rewards including diaper coupons, discounts on baby products, baby toys, magazine subscription, and much more! New to submitting product codes? Here’s how: Find Pampers Rewards codes consisting of 10 to 15 characters and/or digits - on stickers on the inside lining of diaper packs - etched on or underneath the lid of wipes tubs - printed along the back seam of wipes refill packs. Take a photo of diaper codes using the scanning function in the app to submit them. Enter wipes codes manually, using the app’s built-in keyboard. You can earn points by shopping Pampers products at Amazon, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Kroger, Costco,, and other baby product retailers, both in-store and online. What’s in the app? The Pampers Rewards app guides you along every step from finding and scanning codes from your baby product purchases, to submitting them for rewards, through browsing the gift catalog to choose rewards. It keeps you updated on the latest Pampers offers, helps you keep track of your shopping points transactions, and enables you to order rewards and have them delivered to your home. The latest release of the app, version 3.6.1 comes with sleek new visual elements and animations to make your user experience even more rewarding. Terms and conditions: Website:

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Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app reviews

  • Convenient 5/5

    By Ingridjam
    Love it
  • So easy 4/5

    By Thin hippie
    I love pampers rewards! So easy to navigate!!
  • Good but obnoxious 2/5

    By Schwab6
    I have been entering codes for diapers on pampers website for many years. I’m annoyed they forced me to download an app by making the desktop version super inaccessible. My phone won’t let me scan the codes, so I still have to manually enter them which is more annoying on my phone than my desktop. And the rewards have really gone down the tubes in my opinion. With four kids we have accrued a lot of points, and I was happy to be able to get a large toy by saving them up. The last couple times I looked at cashing in, there were no large toys (like a scooter). I expect better of a company that’s been around so long and is so well used.
  • Love it 4/5

    By felixsmommy
    Best app ever I love it !! I just wish the scanner worked.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Amayas mk
    Love the pampers rewards!
  • Great rewards program 5/5

    By heyrod
    Great way to earn free diapers, gifts cards and other things.
  • Why force the app on us? 1/5

    By Jayde_bird
    It was be so much more easier to enter the useless codes on my computer.
  • Rewards 5/5

    By theeeee one
    Diapers always great, and the rewards are perfect
  • Great app but with few complaints... 3/5

    By greenpeacock
    I have been entering codes into this app for 3+ years now with the hopes of getting my child the Plasma car for his birthday as advertised on the rewards app a few months I saw it’s no longer available and was replaced by new rewards. I really wished that the Pampers Rewards would bring the older rewards back...I feel like I entered all this codes for nothing 😒😠😒
  • Prizes 5/5

    By ChefRudy90
    Give me my points!!!!
  • Super cool program 5/5

    By mama mlle
    I love getting points for buying things I buy ALL THE TIME! It gives me an extra excuse to spoil my little nugget
  • I love my Pampers :-) 5/5

    By Margie 888
    Awesome company awesome diapers ...I had a problem with a box of diapers they had a major glitch in the company gave me a $25 gift card they definitely stand behind their products.
  • App is not user friendly 2/5

    By UbiMama
    I have used Pampers app over the last three years. This latest version held the promise of being better than the first, unfortunately it does not live up to that promise. It simply will not allow me to redeem points. Although I am logged into the app it redirects me to the internet to redeem and then prompts me to login. When I attempt to login it encourages me to download the app and blocks my ability to complete the sign in. With no other options I choose to download app which App store correctly recognizes as downloaded and offers for me to Open. When I do so, then I have come full circle and I find myself right back where I started- in the app, logged in and no rewards in my shopping basket. Its an endless circular loop. Extremely frustrating.
  • App review 4/5

    By pswidecki
    Application is easy enough to navigate, auto scan feature for adding reward codes could be improved upon.
  • Pampers 5/5

    By tatarusergiu
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kttymari
    The papmers app is so easy to use! All you do is take a picture or manually input the codes from diapers and wipes (something every parent of a little one is getting anyway) and the rewards points can be used for gift cards, sweepstakes, charity, and much more. I recommend it to all of my patients (I work in a hospital that uses papmers diapers for our babies) and friends!
  • Earning Great Things 5/5

    By Ptreml
    A rewards program ACTUALLY worth it! Score great discounts and earn freebies! So worth it if you’re purchasing the products! EASY to use and redeem!
  • Like the program, hate the app 2/5

    By Cokail
    App never scans diaper codes accurately, all codes are a pain to type in manually. I have 2 in diapers & don’t have time to type in the codes all the time. I like the program & rewards though!
  • Loveee the app! 5/5

    By sf581108
    Why didn’t I find this sooner
  • READ 5/5

    By pampers app yo
    I like everything about this app. I really like the prizes and whenever I get done using this item or items it gives my daughter something to do.I really suggest this app and I like to fart.
  • Great App 5/5

    By JennyKauff
    Love this App and all the perks and rewards!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By 12sim
    This app was directed to me to “save money” using the codes on the diapers and wipes you purchase. I did it religiously and still can’t reach a high enough number to actually get anything in return. You can get $3 off coupons in the package itself. This app is a waste of my time and waste of space on my phone. Deleting!!! Not worth it!!!
  • Pampers Rewards Are Okay 3/5

    By Aytee Superwoman
    As much as we spend on Pampers we should get better discounts for downloading the App & taking the time to enter these codes. Every 100 pampers bought should at least be $2.50 off the next purchase.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Gladsier
    So sad that wipe codes still need to be manually entered.
  • Very easy to use and very nicely done. 5/5

    By IbelithLP
    I like how it was done and how it’s customer friendly.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Adornme
    As others have stated the rewards aren’t that great especially for the little points we receive. I’ve noticed they lowered the points you get after you submit code now.. must have changed with the new update.
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By Sillyimaginethat
    My son is 8 months old and i have utilized this app with the goal to save money and the only thing this rewards system has done for me is waste my time. Most of the time it doesn’t scan the code and I have to manually type it both for the wipes and diapers. The rewards are a joke!!! No real savings and no real rewards for customer loyalty. I don’t recommend it.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Alianie's Mom
    I love this app! I’m constantly adding points up! Can’t wait to start getting my lil one some awesome prizes.
  • Spend a lot and little to no ‘rewards’ 2/5

    By Ahdatorr
    As in the subject matter, i haven’t seen any rewards and I’ve been purchasing for a little over 2 years. I have had to use points to enter into drawings, “for a chance to win...” but that’s all. I don’t see the real benefits and putting the wipe codes are a nightmare!
  • Missed points 1/5

    By SarahD87191150
    Why do the points expire? I had boxes of diapers and some wipes I got at a diaper shower. People bought several different sizes, some of which the points expired by the time my son was big enough to fit those diapers and I opened the box for the codes. HUGE BUMMER.
  • Pampers 5/5

    By nickj0707
    Very good always enjoy using codes
  • Never loads 1/5

    By absh1
    After several months of working fine, for the past 3 months the app has been “snoozing” and never loads.
  • Codes 1/5

    By MyyaSophia624
    The fact that codes are printed so poorly on a surface where I have to spend much more time than I should be trying to figure out the correct letters is frustrating. Codes need to be printed somewhere other than the ridges on the packages so they’re legible. Why not make all codes scannable, instead of just diaper codes?
  • Sad rewards and app fails constantly 1/5

    By smh i dont have a nickname
    The app seems to work half the time. Currently, it won’t open because it wants to verify the account with a text message verification code but has a system failure every time it attempts to send the code. This is silly because I have already verified my account on the same device MULTIPLE times. You cannot enter codes on the website, so a reliable app would be nice! Not to mention the rewards aren’t that great anyway. 4K points needed to redeem a $10 building block set from the store... it’s a waste of time and energy.
  • Ok App - Bad Rewards 2/5

    By Loah12
    Here I am entering code after code because I might as well after spending literally thousands of dollars on diapers. After 2.5 years and newborn twins I have enough to redeem a $35 product. It’s a complete waste of time and the only reason to download the app, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By babyzzzzzzzz
    Doesn’t work, keeps saying to contact customer service but there is no number to call. What a waste of my time
  • Wipes are a pain 2/5

    By JB22304
    Scanning wipes is not a great experience. Wipes are the only thing that I will buy in another brand.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By mommabear0709
    Very easy to navigate and understand
  • Easy to use! 4/5

    By BelieveFitYou
    Love the app! It is super easy to use. Especially as a busy mom, it’s easy to snap a picture of the code and continue on to the next task. There are a lot of different rewards to choose from. The one thing I didn’t like is that your points expire if you don’t log in after so long. I was saving my points up and after having baby #2 and signing in again-all of my previous points were gone. So I’m back to saving up again. Still love the app!
  • Pampers rewards 5/5

    By Alisonrar
    5/5 stars.
  • Easy 5/5

    By jomara2326
    Really easy to use
  • You’ll never get enough points 1/5

    By audreybobadry
    Each reward that is something other than a coupon code requires thousands of points and you only get a few points (like 12) for each bag of diapers you buy. You’ll never get enough points to actually get a reward from them. I’ve bought thousands of diapers since I have 2 kids and we’re still not even close to getting a reward. If they made the reward items lesser points (like hundreds less points) then I’d see why this app would be of value. (Because then you’d actually get some type of reward) But when I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on diapers and I still don’t have enough points for a reward bag of 20 diapers, I just don’t see the point.
  • Easy and wonderful 5/5

    By Arshyb09
    It’s super easy to use. I have two wishes: 1. Make wipes code scannable 2. Add more treats for parents and kids
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By KelBel2385
    Easy to use app. Gifts are “ehhh” but if you use lots of pampers you get a decent gift eventually.
  • Limit on points 1/5

    By Kaylors1234
    First, there has a limit on the number of points you can enter (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). I spent my money on buying diapers and wipes so I should be able to enter all of those points and not have a limit 🙄 I think the rewards could be a really cool thing. However, the actual rewards offered are not that great. For the rewards that are somewhat decent take so many points that it’s not worth all of the money someone would have to spend on diapers and/or wipes.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By cove's mommy
    The rewards offered are a joke. I could use the empty boxes from my diaper and wipe purchases to pack an entire house if I were moving, yet somehow that is only enough points to earn a 32ct of diapers. A 32 pack of diapers, after coupons you already get in the mail, is around $7, hundreds of dollars to get the most minuscule discount is more than disappointing. After seeing the lack of value Pampers has for their customers, after multiple kids and thousands spent, we have switched diapers for our infant.
  • Rewards could be better 1/5

    By Bud79;-()7'oidey
    Rewards could be better and point system seems unfair
  • Did you give feedback yet??? 1/5

    By hatterz27
    Updating my review to drop another star because I hate being constantly prompted to rate apps. Especially after I already did.
  • Scanning 5/5

    By K. Ludington
    Love the scanning option!!!

Pampers Club - Rewards & Deals app comments

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