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  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Panda Express
  • Compatibility: Android
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Panda Express App

Satisfying your Orange Chicken craving just got easier with the new Panda Express app. Order ahead, find your nearest location and set your preferences. Bonus: Running late? Just let us know through the app and your order will be hot when you’re ready for it.

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Panda Express app reviews

  • No drive thru 1/5

    By Sharky3333
    This app still requires you to go inside, unlike any other restaurant that has a drive thru. Waste of time.
  • You finally hired someone nice 5/5

    By carltweeg
    The new girl at the registers you should make her in charge of every food plater and cashier. Now. Today. Everyone else in the past is rude and incompetent. Do yourself a favor and let her train and supervise.
  • Order to go 5/5

    By lily49513
    Nice and clean staff was nice was quick in and out and food was fresh 👍
  • hello 3/5

    By i love animal crossing
    the application doubles the planned order like if you want 1 mango smoothies you are gonna get two mango smoothies
  • Why Do Mobile, if it’s not going to be ready?! 1/5

    By Spchllk
    Placed an order via mobile at the Longview, TX, store on Hwy 259 (3082 N. Eastman Road). It was obvious from the delay when I pulled up to the window at my pickup time that they had NOT even put my order together yet! My suspicions were confirmed when I was informed that two items in my order had to be cooked! The purpose of mobile ordering is to avoid unnecessary wait times. It is not the first time my mobile meal had not been prepared prior to my arrival! Wasted time!
  • I Love Our Panda Express 5/5

    By Booken
    I can’t say how much I love our Panda Express. The employees are always pleasant and kind. My only negative is not for our store but for the corporate office. Please expand our Panda Express they deserve more. Get them a Flag Store, same area but a flag store. This property generates a lot of business for you so you can do this. Also do not change the management there she’s ( sorry I don’t know her name at this time, just can’t think of it, apologies) always on top of everything in that store. So happy to have that store there please don’t lose the quality. Thank you for listening to my rant.
  • Wrong order 1/5

    By Yeetinhiemer
    I was given someone else’s order
  • Don’t bother using the app 1/5

    By TennesseeMomma9727
    After putting in our order for two plates it gave us a pick up time. When we got there they said they didn’t have an online order even though I had a confirmation and my card had been charged, we still had to wait 40 minutes inside the store to get our food.
  • Not ready when the time stated 3/5

    By Havocworld
    15 minutes past the time the app stated.
  • Not on time 1/5

    By jose S/O
    I asked for my food to be ready by 8:20. Currently waiting here and it’s 8:27 and my food has not been prepared. Why does the app ask me to pick a time to grab my food when I still have to wait? Might as well wait in line because it was quicker!
  • irritating 1/5

    By hungry employee
    whats the point of ordering ahead if its not ready by the time it says it’ll be ready. Twice i’ve ordered and had to wait as if I was in line anyway, I only have a thirty minute lunch at my work and its wasted waiting for the food that should have been ready.
  • Terrible policy 1/5

    By Tommy 2X's
    I had placed a order online for a specific pick up time due to having limited amount of time for lunch. When arriving at said time I noticed only one car ahead of me in the drive thru, so I decided to go thru it to grab my order to save time. When I pulled to the screen I was told I had to park my vehicle and come in instead of them just doing the right thing and handing me my food. This is a dumb policy and makes no sense
  • 404 1/5

    By Terminationshok
    Check out never completes.
  • order is never correct 1/5

    By Ferlynn
    i have used this app multiple times and they have never gotten everything correct.
  • Panda express 5/5

    By Ajreza
    Great food
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By Twinmom2613
    Got home all set to eat my chow mein and they gave me fried rice.
  • Update your menu items 2/5

    By fix your menu items
    Update menu items to include super greens and eggplant tofu. Point is to beat the line not join it.
  • Quick, easy, fantastic! 5/5

    By Lakehouselizard
    Love this app. Ordering is easy every time, and when I show up I get to breeze by the huge lunch line and pick up my order at the register right away. No fussing, no waiting. The whole experience is great.
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Good couponer
    Great suggestion introduce a rewards program for Panda Express earn points for every dollar spent in restaurant or online orders redeem points for free Panda Express food thank you Andrew Klimek
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Ash00191
    First time using the app and it just seems they get away with skimping you on ur food. What’s the point of putting the “add special directions” box when they don’t even bother to read it. I think the most annoying part is going all the way back for the side they decided to give me one piece of broccoli LOL didn’t even say sorry just had them rolling their eyes. The worst
  • Pick up order. 2/5

    By HP41297
    I made my order for a specific time and when I got there they haven’t even started making it yet. They had just started cooking my potstickers that I ordered and the plate I ordered wasn’t even put together.
  • Review 5/5

    By Ms Vee~
    Panda 🐼 Express is just the best!!! 👍🏽
  • Pay attention! 1/5

    By jw277361
    They can’t read. They always manage to leave something out.
  • No Apple Pay, has bugs and limited menu 1/5

    By Sklchlc
    Very excited for an app to skip lines and reduce Uber eats but it wouldn’t take my CC and gave a odd error message and didn’t have teriyaki chicken. Double whammy so it’s a no go for me.
  • Need more time to prep order? 3/5

    By i_Scott
    App restricts orders based on time. Apparently 25 minutes isn’t enough time to prep an order so I can’t place on the app??Doesn’t make sense for fast food.
  • Needs Apple Pay 4/5

    By Kurukai
    I’d love for Panda Express to get Apple Pay , would make a fast order for people very easy
  • Wrong order 1/5

    By madsmadster!! :)
    Used the app for the first time. Picked up my order, when I arrived home completely different order in the bag. Disappointed.
  • Quick and easy! 5/5

    By Steve_Kahler
    I wish more places had an app like this.
  • Use of Gift Cards Please! 3/5

    By flyfshr
    I love Panda Express, and use the app each week, but why can’t we add a gift card to the personal profile for payment options? And, updating to allow landscape view would be a great thing too.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ImHungryInTheBum
    There’s a 20 min lag between when I order and when it prints in the restaurant so I have to stand there like an idiot for 20 min staring at them until it prints. They looked at me like they didn’t know they were at work and kept asking me for my name over and over. Does Panda Express intentionally hire mentally retarded people? F this app
  • ASAP Is Not True 1/5

    By Mmoen726
    I placed an order for ASAP. The app made the order for 20 minutes later. I showed up at the restaurant, no one waiting for food, no one in drive thru, and they had not received my order yet. Timing and communication with the individual restaurants needs to be greatly improved.
  • App stinks 1/5

    By Can't order online
    I’ve had success only a couple of times ordering with the app. It glitches out after I’ve already picked my entire order and entered payment info. I’d just rather order when I get there than I have to go through this every time!
  • Works Well! 5/5

    By DubbyDuBose
    This app works as advertised. No glitches. I enjoy pre-paying and knowing what time to pick up my order. This saves time and aggravation!
  • Worst Service Ever 1/5

    By Lovebucketliz
    Restaurant never received my order, yet was charged for it. Employee “Julius” was completely rude and had an attitude like what was he supposed to do about it. My kids loved this place and will be sad cause we are NEVER coming back.
  • On Point 5/5

    By Tejano Boi
    Had problems in the beginning after opening this app. But it works great now.
  • Great except no Apple Pay 3/5

    By psturm1
    No issues with this App, except it does not accept Apple Pay.
  • Thought of a rewards program? 4/5

    By Shibby_Dude :D
    I love me some Panda Express and eat there a ton. This app is nice and convenient because it seems I either get a lot of complicated people in front of me or I have to wait forever for food to cook. With this app, it’s always ensured to be ready whenever I get there with no hassle. But have you guys ever thought of starting a rewards program? As much as I eat there, it would be nice to get free things here and there to know my loyalty is appreciated. Just a thought. That would make this a five-star app
  • Panda app 5/5

    By Rnevarez
    My only complaint is when you try to submit the redemption code for a free entree it won’t accept the code. I’ve tried it several times at different times
  • Avoid long lines 5/5

    By Hhill3rd
    Order online and avoid the inconvenience of long lines.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    I got there past the time it was supposed to be ready and no one even started my order so I sat down and waited for 15 minutes and the employees just took orders of the people inside and when they had time then they completely my order. My order had been put in 40min before anyone at the restaurant and I was last not even an apology.
  • Pick up time 1/5

    By fernandoConde
    You guys should allow pick up at the same time, like mc Donald’s or all other fast food stores. I ordered online, got to the store 3 minutes after and had to wait 15 minutes for my order show up to the staff and only after this be prepared.
  • Won’t process order 1/5

    By RogetHB
    I keep trying to place an order but it just reloads the checkout page whenever I to click “process payment”
  • The app fault 5/5

    By TONY22R
    Everything was fine until I pick up my order They gave me the wrong item it Wasn’t their fault it was that app
  • My online order 1/5

    By zahbe2010
    Placed my order online at 9:pm in the app app said pick up would be ready 9:15. I walk in at 9:13 and they haven’t started on it and only just call for the food to begin cooking..???? I ask why is it only being prepared once I’ve walk-in to pick it up, the young girl says I can’t tell you why?? That’s horrible customer service! No one offered to comp me or a rain check just a cup of water! What a joke! Now I’m waiting another 8–10 for it to be ready, defeats the purpose of online ordering......
  • Was waiting longer than being in lime 3/5

    By Beqx3
    I expected an on line order to be ready and waiting for me when I showed up 2 minutes later and my order was not ready. The place I would have been in line went faster. Order was supposed to be ready at 7:15 but did not receive it until 7:30...
  • Panda Express 2/5

    By Snoopy Goes Poopy
    App is easy to use, but as I attempted to pay/process my order just now, it lost connection to the server or whatever.. refused to process whether I was on wifi or LTE. If i cant pre-order, what’s the point. I also think the time estimates are BS.. there’s no way it takes 15-25 minutes to box pre-made food. And It isn’t worth waiting that long for not-fresh food.
  • Never ready! 1/5

    By wwndjrjbf
    We use the online app often but will probably choose somewhere else to go from now on. It has never been ready when I come to pick it up. Not once! I wait an additional 10 minutes every time. The point of ordering online is exactly what your sign says. “- SAVE TIME - ORDER ONLINE”
  • Disappointed 1/5

    This is second occasion where I’ve placed an online order, arrived at the store and the staff have zero record of my order. I certainly understand a delay in the order’s completion, but no record of my order upon arrival makes the app a bit useless and unacceptable. The food is already cooked, why the delay?
  • My order wasn't ready on time 1/5

    By Coldclay
    I had to wait 15 mins for my order! Unacceptable!!!

Panda Express app comments

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