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Panda Express

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Panda Express
  • Compatibility: Android
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Panda Express App

Looking to satisfy your Orange Chicken craving? Order your favorite Panda dish on the fly for dine-in, take out or delivery! Order your food at your own pace and we’ll scoop it hot and fresh in the store. Easily find a location, create your meal and order in minutes. Not ready to pick it up yet? Just let us know through the app and your order will be hot when you’re ready for it. Create an account to save your favorite meals, then reorder with the tap of a finger. Having a party? Our catering options are second to none. Just pick your sides and entrees and we’ve got your covered!

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Panda Express app reviews

  • Completely screwed up app 1/5

    By yellowcayman
    Text showing up on top of other text. Charged my CC but reported that the card was declined.
  • Not Functional 1/5

    By jmmendez9
    Completely useless. I cannot place an order using the app. When you try to start an order, the app begins on “step 2” and will not let you advance. Instead, you see an error message requiring you to complete step 1, which doesn’t exist. The first page that appears when you start an order is step 2.
  • Terrible portion control 1/5

    By priceconscience
    We used to go to the Panda Express in Buckeye Az twice a week.. Then my wife’s orange chicken started getting real spicy like the Kung Pau chicken.. We finally went back tonight for dinner.,,My wife got the orange chicken and beef and broccoli.. The orange chicken was good but the beef and broccoli had about 3 pieces of beef.. I got the spicy chicken breast and spicy angus beef.. The chicken was a little skimpy and the angus beef was non existent.. VERY DISAPPOINTED.. Just beware of that when you go thru the drive thru.. I don’t know about the rest of the locations, But this has happened more the once at this location
  • Shoddy app, often unusable 2/5

    By Monstermash54321
    I don’t usually review apps but this one is pretty bad. Most of it is just a web view, so you might as well just use their website. On top of that, login barely works and the app will randomly crash. I don’t know why they even made an app if they were just gonna shove a barely functional wrapper around a webpage in there.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mchavz484
    Stupid app, does not work
  • Worst food ever‼️ 1/5

    By Superjogirl
    If I could chose 0 stars I would have. I placed an order on the App. They had no egg rolls listed to add to order. Ordered spring rolls, they were cold and mushy on the inside. We ordered Kung Pao chicken and Chicken with green beans. All the veggies were hard! Chicken was horrible quality meat, stringy and fatty, yuck!🤢The fried rice was tasteless. Very disappointed. 😕
  • Fix the app!! 1/5

    By VoxyBlog1
    Can you please fix your app and website I am I suppose to order food if I don’t see my option
  • 0 Stars 1/5

    By hxishsbxjxkcowksnxjxjdkdk
    Every time I try to log in or sign up the app resets and I can’t order anything
  • Unusable! 1/5

    By Rashard L.
    Location services are broken. Couldn’t even start an order. Needs a serious update.
  • Doesnt allow drink size 3/5

    By JonnyJive1993
    Trying to choose a drink but no sizes are listed.
  • Sign up is broken. 2/5

    By Chief eng guy
    When signing in with Apple ID it doesn’t save anything or allow use of Apple Pay. The whole point of creating an account is to be able to save payments and custom orders but it’s not possible even with the new update. Please fix this or don’t allow signing up with Apple ID. It’s the same as not signing in and using “guest”.
  • Stupid waiting times 1/5

    By Ditto3D
    It seems like it’s always loading and I just can’t place an order... one of the slowest fast food apps.... i love panda but not this cheap app
  • Never have white rice on the menu 1/5

    By Ymcmb505
    Never have white rice on their menu, nor do they have the options for more sauce. What good is the app if I can’t even order what I want! I’ll shop local and go to teriyaki chicken in foil
  • App never lets me order honey walnut shrimp 1/5

    By TTTTDawG
    App never lets me order honey walnut shrimp, even though I can order it in the drive thru without issue.
  • My experience 1/5

    By Player Maniax
    So I placed a delivery order on the 23, never got my order. I waited at least 1 hour since it just started snowing on that day and thought that it would take them a while to delivery my food. 1 hour passes and I still don’t have my food, I gave them a call twice and they didn’t answer. After that, I went online to see how to get customer support, and sent them a message, saying that I didn’t want the food anymore and would like a refund instead. After waiting for one week, I never got a reply back nor did I get a refund. So here I am giving them a bad review. If you ever order, just place an order for pickup so you don’t end up like me, no food and no refund
  • Missing Food 3/5

    By Chilimac77
    The app is okay, but it’s missing some food options. Every time I have tried to order, the Cream Cheese Rangoons are not listed.
  • Please add Apple Pay support! 4/5

    By rbfastring
    The app is well designed and responsive, and I really like that you can place an order with a specific pickup time (as opposed to “tap this button when you get here” on other apps). The ONLY thing that bothers me is that I had to put in my card info manually, an Apple Pay option would get this app to 5 stars!
  • Orders not received by restaurant on time 1/5

    By Jonafunnn
    I have used the app to order a few times over the past few months. Every time I get to the restaurant to pick up (5 minutes or more after the order receipt says it will be ready), the attendee says they haven’t received the order. Once they never got it and had to ask me what I ordered after 15 minutes of waiting in the parking lot.
  • Awful account creation experience 1/5

    By fnewberg
    You have a reasonable password policy, which is great. You don’t allow pasting of passwords into the password fields. This is terrible for people who use password management apps. You don’t display a reasonable keyboard for the email field. iOS gives you good options for this. It’d be great if you used them.
  • Payment Options 4/5

    By QueenSquint
    All it was missing was flexibility in payment options with apple pay or paypal.
  • Time management needed 4/5

    By Awsh109
    Placed my order 45 minutes before pickup, and showed up a little later than that. I still had to wait another 25 minutes to actually get my food. They ran out of something I had ordered but the last of it ( baby scoop sized that it was) found its way into my plate. They gave me a free fountain drink and upgraded my side so I’m happy and will love on. Their food will forever taste good so I will continue my ventures there.
  • Account and Credit Card Compromised 1/5

    By 🍺Tits
    Somebody used my credit card to make 2 purchases on the same day in a different state. Make sure to delete your CC info after you’re done ordering. Also, the customer service for Panda Express seems nonexistent.
  • Completely Unusable 1/5

    By ReltivlyObjectv
    It just says [Object object] when attempting to add a credit card. To troubleshoot i tried to sign in (since I was signing out as guest) and add a payment method to an account, and it will not let you sign in either. I signed in with Apple, and it confirmed I signed in, then started a loop of prompting me to sign in.
  • Idiotic 2/5

    By misterIboy
    The App will not let me sign in or find a store near me. I have my permissions for locations on while using the app. I tried to contact their support but they asked me for my address and said it was required to submit a problem. I understand they also asked for the store address but you should have no reason to need my home address for just asking for help.
  • Absolute waste of time (and my money) 1/5

    By annoyed in mansfield
    Multiple failures to sign up and log in. Then when it finally let me, it took my order, took my payment, confirmed the order. No email, no text, nothing. And funnily enough, no food at the restaurant either. Blank looks from the staff, no order received. Managed to take the money though. All I got from the store manager was ‘do you want to order again’ ‘take it up with corporate’
  • App needs one more button. 1/5

    By one more button.
    This app needs a submit order now button separate from the submit payment button.
  • Waited longer using it! 1/5

    By Ilikehersomuchidkwatimsayin
    Shouldve went inside and ordered. Deleting app for next time.
  • Missing options 5/5

    By moduke
    The app works well and looks good, however some options are missing in the app even though they are present on the website. For example, white steamed rice was missing from all of the side options.
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Dcdolittle
    Log in using Apple ID does not work. Location service does not work in spite of allowing location access. Gave up and ordered from Chipotle using their app while not having to move from my couch.
  • Less Then 1 Star 1/5

    By Sdiggs22
    The app needs serious work. Tirelessly too slow and will not allow you to add certain things to your order when you can. During a time where it’s most likely used the most, makes me want choose a different place. Needs updated bad!
  • Won’t Sign In 1/5

    By XHMaster
    I got this app to make ordering easier for pickup and delivery, but the app won’t even let me sign in or sign up with Apple ID. Every time I try to sign in, it stills asks me to sign in after checkout and continues. I have to always order through “Guest,” which is always inconvenient,
  • No reason to use this 1/5

    By TTrayKJ
    App seems like the bare-minimum, thrown together. Missing a lot of basic functionality and doesn’t seem like there’s a real system established on the in-house end. Ex: I’d ordered through the app but it would have been faster just going through either the line or drive-thru. It took maybe 10 min for me to drive down after placing my order, not quite 5 min standing in line to tell them I was there for a mobile order, told it would be about 3 minutes but then waited for at least 10 while 4 sets of in-person orders & the drive thru were kept moving. So, using their app offers no advantages in time, there are no offers/deals/coupons/rewards so you’re not saving any money, doesn’t allow you to see/order from their full menu, and doesn’t seem to make anything any easier for the staff. I can’t think of a single reason you’d want to use this app. ...other than you lost your CreditCard and wanna pay using the app...
  • Issues 2/5

    By darish
    Apple sign in doesn’t work; you’re still required to sign up and you can’t place your order using Apple sign in. You need to manually enter your entire credit card information and there is no support for Apple Pay. The list goes on
  • Needs better payment options 4/5

    By Böhme417
    The app is fine and much better than it used to be, but it needs more/better payment options. It should have Apple Pay support at the very least. Adding others like PayPal, Google, etc. would also be nice.
  • Yum Delicious 5/5

    By G Shady Liz
    Food amazing I had a problem with app and the company was quick to rectify the situation and I loves the app functionality for many reasons.
  • Login & checkout broken in latest update 1/5

    By CooterMcGee
    The login process has become a absolute circus - hit or miss whether it works on a given day. I’ve just stopped trying. Also, no longer able to login with Apple ID, which means I’d have to provide my email and CC info to place an order. This is the opposite of helpful when trying to protect personal info. I’m just choosing to not patronize companies that make the online ordering process complicated and/or less secure. They may really want my info for marketing purposes, but I bet they’ll miss my money more when I stop buying from them.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Cyber Review 2
    Better off just going and ordering. Ordered ahead and waited 30 minutes when I went to pick it up.
  • Catering online not working 1/5

    By svsamsv
    Hey Panda Express team, I can’t add party side tray ( noodle or rice) via your app. Please fix it!!
  • Need benefits with app 3/5

    By zizzlizz
    App works fine, I just wish there were more deals or points if you order by app. I just don’t see the benefit of using the app if I can just order there. Also for some reason if I have to call the store after placing an order on the app the store will not answer the phone. I don’t know if that’s more so the stores problem or if it has to do with the app but it’s kind of a bummer.
  • Broken login function 1/5

    By Volkai
    “Sign up/Login with Apple” does not work, unable to place order without filling out information that function should provide.
  • App broken 1/5

    By Mrconqueso
    Current app does not work at all
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Joshesc
    I can’t save my debit card info on my account. I have to manually insert my digits every time I order and on top of that there’s not even a loyalty program. I’d rather go to Pick Up Stix where I’ll be rewarded for ordering food.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Thistleheart
    Seems like a nice app yet, you can not order any appetizers or drinks because the order button is greyed out.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Aderight
    The website and app consistently malfunction and will not show the items available to select for an order, meaning it is a toss up on whether you will get to order online at all. I have used them on multiple devices when the issues arises; same result.
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By lwaren
    Does not work will not show menu worthless app for online use
  • They never have Rangoons on the menu! 3/5

    By 72918826281
    Every time I order on the app, they never have all the appetizers available. They only have Spring rolls. Where are the Rangoons?!?! They have them in store, so why are they not on the app???
  • 3 stars 3/5

    By Pelicano05
    The app is pretty simple to use and gets the job done of ordering except it takes you to the browser to finish the order and that implies that you have to log in again and it’s pretty annoying to not be able to do everything directly from the app. Other than that it’s pretty good.
  • Missing items 1/5

    By dee1369
    I got missing items and there is no option to get a refund
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Haballz64
    This app use to work fine with no problems. Now you there is no way to order. I’ve updated the app, deleted it and re downloaded it, signed in and out of it and nothing works. It’s been down for at least 3 months now