PandaVPN Pro - Fastest Proxy

PandaVPN Pro - Fastest Proxy

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  • Current Version: 6.4.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Wildfire Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PandaVPN Pro - Fastest Proxy App

Get yourself an ultra-fast VPN connection and never stop for anything. Download PandaVPN and you’ll get a fast and encrypted internet connection wherever you go. ▶ 3000+ servers - high speed, with no data cap, no speed limits ▶ 0 log policy - no username, no email, no credit card info ▶ 100% security - browse the web anonymously ▶ 7-day free trial - see what makes PandaVPN worth it! ● 0-LOG POLICY Based on the full respect and protection of user privacy, PandaVPN doesn’t force the logging of your username, email address, and payment information. What’s more, we don’t collect your logs of connection and activity. That includes the incoming and outgoing IP addresses of VPN servers, the start and end time of every VPN connection, as well as your browsing history and downloaded files. ● PRIVACY FRIENDLY PandaVPN uses 256-bit ECC encryption technology to shield your privacy online. Hiding your IP address protects you from being tracked and enables you to browse the web anonymously. Your private information is encrypted and no one can track your online activities. ● SECURITY BASED PandaVPN supports multiple protocols, including Wireguard, OpenVPN and Shadowsocks. PandaVPN will automatically select the appropriate protocol for you and provide the best connection speed. ● LARGE VPN SERVER NETWORK PandaVPN supports over 3,000 servers (and counting) in 170 VPN server locations of 80 countries around the world. This ensures no matter where you are, you can always find a high-bandwidth and low-latency server nearby. ● BE ANONYMOUS ONLINE PandaVPN covers your actual IP address and makes you anonymous online. As a result, you can access social apps, browse websites, play games, and stream media from anywhere in the world. ● BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE More than 3000 VPN servers in different locations offer you a better gaming experience for PUBG, MLBB, Garena, Free Fire, etc. You’ll get a super stable connection and low latency. ● NO ADS Say goodbye to ads. PandaVPN has an ad blocker built in. We are trying our best to give you a no advertising application environment. ● EASY TO USE With just one click to connect, PandaVPN will automatically select the best server for you according to your location. You can also connect to any servers you want from our VPN server list. ● PROTECT MULTIPLE DEVICES PandaVPN supports all of your iOS devices. Except for iPhone, you can also enjoy our VPN service on your tablet, laptop, and desktop. ● 7 DAYS RISK-FREE TRIAL PandaVPN Pro offers a 7 days risk-free trial for all new users. Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth. ● GET HELP 24/7 Need help? Just feel free to contact our customer care agents directly or drop us a line below. We’re always ready to troubleshoot all your doubts and problems. ● BASED IN SEYCHELLES The Republic of Seychelles is free from the network intelligence sharing scope of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes Alliance. PandaVPN proves to be a reliable VPN proxy. Auto-Renewal Agreement: Terms of Service: Learn more about PandaVPN: Contact us: Email: [email protected]

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  • 更新后能连上却上不了网 4/5

    By danlirendan
  • 报错403 Json 1/5

    By 1988云龙
  • 总会在你想用的时候出问题。 1/5

    By 自行车太难受
    莫名其妙的会出问题,本来你用的好好的,结果来个更新就完全不能用了。在快到期的前两个月出问题,让人怀疑是不是要跑路,到期准备换其他app了。 因为版本更新不能使用,这个除了要跑路真的没有能让人接受的理由了。第一次遇到刚更新就不能用的app,不知道你们是咋想的。平时因为服务器问题,线路问题还能理解,你发布一个新版本,然后因为版本问题不能使用让人实在无法接受。 建议看到评论准备购买的人三思。
  • iOS 16不能用 4/5

    By intersun22
  • 最近特别慢… 3/5

    By 盛夏的环海路
  • apple tv 2/5

    By edwaekk
    when support apple tv
  • 我用这个在chrome下载视频,一会就没有网,需要在重新开启一次软件,但是express就可以直接下载完成, 3/5

    By jut来了
  • 但凡有一条线路能用我都不会评论 1/5

    By bbblacklotus
  • Vpn 1/5

    By анато_лий
    Bought vpn for a year. disappointed already 46382847 times. don't make my mistakes
  • 用不了啊 1/5

    By yyyaa*
  • It’s spam 1/5

    By jlin996
    Don’t use it
  • great! 5/5

    By Leejiahao
    so fast!
  • 中国大陆app访问不了 3/5

    By realmeding
  • suddenly charge my paypal every week $3 1/5

    By Sorlo
    can’t even see it charge in the app i have to stop it at paypal
  • 对于游戏来说是最差的 1/5

    By 讨厌pandavpn
    我是一个臭打游戏的,游戏是pubg2,若是不连接这vpn,正常游玩时会卡死,但是连上这vpn后,从你没进游戏就卡死啦(不信自己下载个游戏)!客服也没用,根本解决不了,说是这vpn不支持游戏加速,之后不了了之,没有着手去解决! 但大家知道吗?app store里有一个快喵vpn(免费的,但体验速度都一言难尽)都可以加速这款游戏!我真的不想说多!玩游戏的朋友们别买这vpn!谢谢
  • 突然取法使用 1/5

    By saitama_op
    白天还在推荐,结果晚上突然报错502 JSON,不知道什么情况
  • 好very good 5/5

    By 额hi这些就是
    好very good
  • 无法使用 1/5

    By hjzwq
    今天一直403 json serialization error
  • 平板的稳定性很差 1/5

    By 不太稳定的vpn
    平板里很多节点不能用 链接后无网络,联系人工客服只会告诉你 刷新 升级版本 重启应用
  • Говно 1/5

    Говно, просто ужасно
  • 无法卸载 1/5

    By MrJOAK
  • Need for Mac 5/5

    By bidensmokesc02
    Great vpn and aggressive price! However when I downloaded your vpn for MacBook the system blocked me to do so bc there’s malware… By any chance can you guys have the app in the App Store for mac ?
  • 从ExpressVPN转过来的,性价比超高! 5/5

    By 炸姬上校
    很难得在大陆还有这么好用的软件,找到了价格和体验的最佳平衡点,在我使用的那段时间里,客服虽然不会即时回复,但是第二天一定会看到的回复信息。 建议:能不能在软件里开放分流规则的自定义,有的软件不用代理可以用,但是要使用这个软件我就得把VPN关了,来回开关很烦。或者可以像ExpressVPN那样设置特定的软件不走代理。
  • 지불완료인데 기한만기? 1/5

    By 후니가족
    7일간의 이용후 계속 이용하려고 지불이 완료되었는데 회원자격이 만료되었다고 나오네요.
  • Great But 2/5

    By rebirth 01
    I’ll love to rate your app 5 star but my main reason for subscription was because of my MacBook Pro 2020. It’s not working or not supported can you work on this. I don’t actually need the vpn on my phone
  • 非常好用 5/5

    By 阿里巴巴于今天
  • 小心这个诈骗Vpn 1/5

    By 关于非公经济不到的
  • Panda 5/5

    By chase262002
  • ? 1/5

    By oo377
    what's the problem with you tonight??????????
  • Connect 3/5

    By cggfggf
    Connect nemishe ke
  • It charged me twice and never give me refund! 1/5

    By eddieyuen2019
    I originally subscribed from May 19, 2022 to the 19th of the second year, but I opened the automatic payment for one month payment before, and I was charged 9.99 again dozens of minutes after I paid the one-year fee of $59.99 USD, I went to customer service, but they couldn't help me at all. I went to the Apple page and couldn't find the order from May 19 to June. I directly canceled the one-year membership service, but my refund did not arrive. I The vip expires directly! It means that I lost 9.99 and 59.99 dollars directly. The customer service is completely unable to communicate and does not solve my problem at all. I feel that I have been defrauded of so much money, and I must give a bad review!
  • Ios no advertisement,but Android have .it's so disgusting. 1/5

    By 大多数呃呃呃呃
  • Panda.VPN 5/5

    By LSCNorman
  • 手机修改不了国内软件显示ip地址咋搞 4/5

    By 高贵的北京爷
  • We need the nodes at mainland china 2/5

    By neway123456
    It is totally useless when I came to us, since there is no nodes in mainland china, which was the reason I choose panda.
  • global VPN mode 4/5

    By Lucy May 126
    I found that the mobile terminal can't support the global VPN mode like the PC , so it doesn't work ideally.Because what I need is that both the mobile and the computer can use the VPN mode instead of just the proxy mode, so that my Internet transmission data can be more secure and avoid being attacked. Hope to add this mode function to the mobile terminal.Thanks.
  • Not working in China locations 1/5

    By red-ring
    I went google search for vpn which can be located in China. The PandaVPN came out on the top list. After I subscribe it. I found out that it can not be located in China. I tried canceling it right away but unfortunately I can not cancel on the app. I will call apple apps store to request money back and cancel the subscription. PandaVPN states “Bypass geo-blocking Unlimited access to video, music, social media, and more from anywhere in the world”
  • Phillipines Vpn pls 5/5

    By May Thi Thi Nyein
    No free
  • Does this even work? 3/5

    By FuyuKane
    Not sure if I did something wrong, but I subscribed to the one week subscription and when I try to connect it says that I should subscribe first. And when I click yes it takes me to the subscription page and I click one week again, but then it says that I’m already connected for a week, so I clicked manage, but that showed up as “cannot connect” every time. Guess vpn life is not for me.
  • 账号直接被官方删除了,也真是厉害 1/5

    By 昵称都是什么东西
  • 国内用户怎么续费 4/5

    By 哈哈哈哈哈我去睡会
  • 有官网吗能发个吗 5/5

    By Miss and we
  • 速度很快,性价比很棒,还有一些建议 5/5

    By ㅤㅤㅤq
    虽然不是最好的,但性价比和安全性很平衡,很推荐,YouTube看720p视频完全没有问题!墙裂推荐!因为它可以帮你“墙裂”! 希望iOS端也以像pc端那样支持自定义智能模式与全局模式的规则,自定义代理哪些域名这样的~希望panda越来越好,生意兴隆~
  • 无法退款!客户没人!不要买不要买! 1/5

    By the worst vpn Panda
    今天看着说7天无偿退款就尝试下载并使用了一下,没想到开全局代理或者全局 VPN 模式直接断网!!!后面联系客服根本没人,想要退款也没渠道,网速慢的什么网页都进不去!!!大家千万别买!!!
  • 挺好用的,邀请码39130404 5/5

    By baidu_laji
    💯邀请别人送时长,真心不错!🍇邀请码:39130404 🔥总体感觉不错,上网刷剧速度快!🙋出问题找客服,及时解决问题
  • 7天退款是骗人的 1/5

    By tuffy只评价垃圾
    网速跟乌龟一样 申请退款就玩失踪 典型的谁买谁傻子
  • Refund Request ASAP. 1/5

    By yshwang0510
    Hello I bought 365day subscription a few days ago. I want to get the full refund because it’s too slow. Please give me the refund and let me know ASAP.
  • 无法取消扣费 1/5

    By 对比体验
  • good App 5/5

    By Khalil Khled
    very good app but how can I get a 7 free trial?