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  • Current Version: 1910.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Pandora Media, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pandora Music App

Create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres, search or browse to find recommended stations for your mood or activity, and discover podcasts that speak to you. Download today and get instant access to your favorite artists and podcasts, while staying up to date on the most recent singles and releases. From rap and pop to rock and country, play your favorite artists and stay up to date on today’s top hits and releases. Start streaming all of the current global hits and enjoy your own personalized music experience. Take Pandora with you wherever you go with CarPlay for your daily commute or your next road trip. Enjoy your own personalized music or podcast experience from anywhere on the world’s most powerful music discovery platform. The new voice mode lets you search, play, pause, skip adjust volume & thumb up music with a simple voice command. Start streaming your favorite artist, song, genre, or podcast instantly today for free in your car. With Podcasts on Pandora, find your favorites and listen to personalized recommendations that actually make sense. Just search on your mobile phone or tablet and play to start listening, then tap + to add to your collection. Find something new by simply browse and tap recommended podcasts to find over 1,400 podcasts, including SiriusXM shows, on-demand whether you're on Pandora Premium, Plus or Radio. Looking for more? Meet Pandora Modes - The new way to customize your station experience. Choose from six different modes to switch up the kind of music you're hearing: My Station: The station experience you know and love. Crowd Faves: Hear the most thumbed-up songs by other listeners. Deep Cuts: Hear less familiar songs from station artists. Discovery: Hear more artists who don't usually play on this station. Newly Released: Hear the newest releases from station artists. Artist Only: Hear songs from the station artist. Pandora Premium™ Subscribe to enjoy personalized on-demand music and podcasts Search and play your favorite songs, podcasts, albums and playlists on-demand Create playlists, not worklists – on your own or powered by Pandora Download the music you want for offline listening Unlimited skips and replays Higher quality audio Listen with ad-free music Pandora Plus™ Subscribe to enjoy personalized radio with ad-free music Unlimited personalized stations and podcasts Up to four stations for offline listening Unlimited skips and replays Higher quality audio Listen with ad-free music Pandora Plus subscriptions are $4.99 per month. Pandora Premium subscriptions are $9.99 per month. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your App Store account. Pending trial eligibility, charges for Plus ($4.99/month) or Premium ($9.99/month) begin at the end of a free trial unless you cancel 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription month. Any unused portion of a free Pandora Plus trial period will be forfeited if you upgrade to Pandora Premium. You can manage your subscription, cancel or turn off auto-renewal through account settings in your App Store account. Pandora is available to US customers only. Some advertising exclusions apply. Skips, replays and offline features may be limited by certain licensing restrictions. Pandora may use large amounts of data, and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted Wi-Fi networks when available. Terms and conditions:

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Pandora Music app reviews

  • Offline 5/5

    By Keyoutae
    Offline should be available thru out the whole app FREE
  • Good app doesn’t stream to watch 4/5

    By Death Jag
    Wanted streaming to Apple Watch right now only supports 3 top stations that are downloaded.
  • Love it!!!!! 5/5

    By mom3orozco
    Don’t know what I would do without pandora! Love it!!!!!!!!
  • Pandora is awesome but... 4/5

    By 123bichonfrise
    I love Pandora! It’s an amazing music app! I just don’t like that it makes you watch an add when you search a song. The other day l searched thank u, next (by Ari) and it made me watch some annoying add! I would rate this app a 5 star if it didn’t have adds. Here’s why l love Pandora. It has so many amazing songs! Pretty much just like any other music app but l still love it. I don’t know really how to explain why l like this app but all l know is YOU SHOULD GET IT! If you hate watching ads l recommend not to get it.😊🎵
  • Advertising 3/5

    By Tgurgy
    Advertising has increased so dramatically. I’ve opted just to down load faves. Cheaper than even paying the 5-6$ a month. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I still use but find myself switching back to my playlist after so long.
  • Escape 5/5

    By Rainbow Kippah
    Recently loaded Pandora to my iPhone. With my Bose headphones plugged in, I escape to a soothing place. The music options are fabulous. I love having Pandora running in the background while I go about my online affairs. And when I need a meditative solace, Pandora is my companion.
  • Less adds pls 5/5

    Pretty cool Except for them adds asking you to pay whenever you’re trying to change a station
  • Pandora music 5/5

    By GloriaMendonca
    I love Pandora they play whatever I want and a large variety of songs that I love! You can personalize your channels and they show
  • Excellent Jazz! 5/5

    By Border Life
    I love Pandora! The music is excellent on all my radio choices! I have even purchased some of the music that Pandora has introduced me to and I have several CDs of the music I’ve heard on Pandora!! The ads are great! I actually like them! Thank you Pandora, I now take you everywhere I go!!
  • Great option. Superior stations 5/5

    By CabMo
    Fun to discover new music that closely matched your fav songs. Low cost options available too. All around good competitive option. Cheers!
  • Best pandora ever 5/5

    By danceqween427
    Pandora helps me calm me down
  • Love pandora- commercials are annoying 4/5

    By CPAN1788
    I use pandora daily and appreciate the service- and free service.
  • Tunesmith18 5/5

    By Tunesmith18
    Listening to Pandora radio streaming services is didactic, Friendly and easy to navigate. I like to make it apart of my routine. I hope that beyond the device and it’s use the people that operate the modulars behind the tunes are safe and watch over themselves and also Care about others well being and Stay Tuned Up For A better world and a brighter people: Peace thanks for the TUNES
  • Great app, horrible interface 1/5

    By Disillusioned pandora user
    I’ve used Pandora for 10 years now, and I can honestly say that they have one of the worst UIs I have ever seen. Every time that I get comfortable with their organization they change it. First stations were organized by when they were created, then by alphabetical order, and now by most recently played. Everything is way too complicated for an app solely dedicated to playing music. I don’t care about playlists, or podcasts, or current hits. There are other platforms for that I just want to listen to music and relax. I love that I can discover new music on the app but figuring out how the app works each month is tiring. Love the app hate the developers.
  • Playlists 5/5

    By Pastea
    Hello, I love this app very much and use it pretty much every day. I listen to it before school, after school, before games, or just doing things around the house. It’s a wonderful app and have enjoyed this app very much. The only complaint I would have is I can’t set up a personalized playlist for the songs saved to my collection. If I’m just being dumb please tell me how to make a playlist. It would make it very easy to navigate the app and in my opinion make it an even better platform. Thank you.
  • Unlimited Free Premium 5/5

    By 21jrmusic
    Just click on any song, watch a 15 second video ad, then BOOM! Not just 30 minutes of ad free music, but every premium feature minus offline listening. Even better, you can do this as many times as you'd like! Can't complain as long as Pandora can continue to afford it.
  • Hannah. 1/5

    By haney18163581?/;8
    All my songs are clean and I absolutely hate it! Fix it!
  • I have a question 1/5

    By hfbffnnfcjcjdkdk
    So I used to be able to listen to it offline now it wants me to make an account but I already have one and nooooow it wants me to pay for it to listen offline😢
  • Pandora 5/5

    By Dolphincheetalover10
    I always play the same radio station but the variety of song is amazingly satisfying. I enjoy it tremendously 💖while doing my art work 💖
  • The Best 5/5

    By JBug0513
    Way Better Tran Apple Music
  • Far too many adds 1/5

    By zzzzzzzzzzstop
    Even real radio stations are better about adds
  • Best music streaming app!!! 5/5

    By Chrisbadass27
    If you are in to discovering new music similar to what you like, this is the app for you. Minimal commercials and of course If you get the paid options no commercials.
  • I think I’m high or something 4/5

    By ffghhjnvfbbnkcfbpp
    I love pandora but I think it needs to improve on less ads🤦‍♂️
  • Review 5/5

    By hixhecvo
    I think that pandora has so many options and so many good songs and genres. I really like how I can mix my music up.
  • Review 1/5

    By ?!()$&&
    Very very bad
  • Help! 3/5

    By mhauth
    Pandora keep shutting off 2 minutes after opening. IOS 13.1.2 The only way it stays on is if the screen stays on Pandora. Update: this only happens when my phone is on Wifi, I have tested it on numerous different WiFi’s and the app just shuts off. Thanks!
  • Great Services 5/5

    By Pearl Roxy
    I love it!
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By hottie fireman
    Love this app!!
  • Hi 5/5

    By AndyJCurry1aW1973
    Thank you Jesus Amen I was just lost until I was found in Jesus arms and he carried me back to my peace And I am blessed to be able to breathe in my own home to Christ Almighty God Amen
  • Pandora rules 5/5

    By lacuca87
    I love it always on point and it makes my day easy!!!!
  • Unintuitive 3/5

    By Legal!
    I like the music aspect of the app, but it needs an overhaul in the user/ control aspect. The controls are not user friendly. For instance, the repeat button is next to the thumbs down button; it’s too easy to accidentally bump the thumbs down. Chances are if you want to hear a song again it should be next to the thumbs up button so that if you accidentally bump it it’s all good. The thumbs down button should be on its own to prevent unintentional dislikes. Also, many of us are too poor or stingy to buy and Apple Watch and still run with our phones. The controls are so little that it makes liking, disliking, or repeating a song difficult while running. Perhaps they could include a “running mode” with big buttons instead of the tiny ones they have at the bottom of the screen. None of these things would be that hard to implement but would be a big improvement on the user experience.
  • Midle 4/5

    By Nicolas 1986
    A little bit good than the others plataform
  • User review 5/5

    By luvUlontiNe
    One of my favorite apps. Thank you Pandora.
  • Review 5/5

    By Dozerboy5757
    I like it I use Pandora all the time
  • Terrible Updates 1/5

    By pandemoniumwarden
    Broken app after the last updates. Stream hours each day and now offline mode is broken. I will be asking for a refund. Don’t waste your time. Spotify is now better until Pandora fixes the offline issue.
  • Stop trying to upsell me 1/5

    By FL32
    I already pay for plus, stop trying to get me to pay more. Makes me want to delete the app. Update - now deleted.
  • M 5/5

    By craw71804
    It is great to listen music on
  • Pandora!!! 1/5

    By GG&GG
    Be aware!!! Pandora never help you!!! They always still my account because I pay for not advertising and they don’t answer to you and never helps!!! TOO BAD
  • The app crashes all the time 3/5

    By Carter0127
    I’m the last few months I’ve not been able to play pandora much because it always crashes. Whether I’m listening on my phone or through Sonos. It’s very frustrating
  • Chuy 5/5

    By chuythor
  • Bug/glitch 5/5

    By gold lofe 8384
    There is a glitch with the queue and I got the pandora premium but when I clear the queue the last queue just pops back up
  • Pandora 5/5

    By ace503206
    Pandora is the best idea, yet. Is there anything better?
  • More Skips 4/5

    By bai_cook
    Love the fact that you can personalize a radio, but I feel like renew needs to be more skips for the free account especially when you thumbs down a track, not just skip it.
  • Pandora Is Awesome!!! 5/5

    By OgDanniBlast
    I have been using Pandora for YEARS!! Pandora over Apple music and you get all the songs that’s not on Apple Music for the SAME EXACT PRICE!!! Never leaving Pandora alone.. PERIOD!!
  • I love Pandora 5/5

    By Ccorlette
    I love Pandora. Yes, they have a lot of commercials, but my son and I both have stations we love. When you can jam out with your toddler it’s awesome.
  • Update seems to have fixed issues 5/5

    By TP GC in SC
    Pandora seems to be back to normal after a software update. Thank goodness. My life would be less enjoyable if I didn’t have my music, thanks to Pandora. Tony P
  • Pandora knows nothing about music 1/5

    By LoganF182
    I looked up indie rock radio and they played malena Martinez. That’s not indie rock. Indie rock has real instruments in it. Malena Martinez is closer to edm than indie. Delete pandora from the App Store. It’s trash
  • Too many ads!! 2/5

    By ebcrewguy
    I have been a user for years and have noticed that every time I update the app, I am exposed to more and more ads and less stability of the app overall. The number of ads that play now is ridiculous and the frequency that the app stops playing or crashes altogether is rapidly increasing. I am an Amazon Prime member (for shopping) and recently discovered Amazon music (free) on my Alexa devices and on my iPhone. I now find myself frequently shouting at Alexa to stop playing Pandora (after numerous ads) and to play Amazon music instead. Pandora is no longer my go-to music app unfortunately.
  • Lo mejor 5/5

    By 🇭🇳🖤
    Lo mejor

Pandora Music app comments

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