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  • Current Version: 4.79.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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Panera Bread App

With the Panera Bread app, it’s now even easier to enjoy all your Panera favorites. From Rapid Pick-Up and Contactless Dine-In to convenient and quick delivery, we bring the comfort and the comfort food right to you. Discover crave-worthy classics, find a new go-to meal, redeem your well-earned rewards or join the Unlimited Sip Club crew—it’s all happening on the Panera Bread App. Features: - Order Ahead - Order for Curbside, Rapid-Pick Up, or Delivery and get your food when and where you want it. - Try Contactless Dine-In, available at most Cafes. Place your order through your phone and pay from the comfort of your table. We’ll notify you when your food is ready to be picked up. - Earn Rewards - Join MyPanera and start earning rewards right away. - Customize your meal - We’ll make it just the way you like it — with this or without that. - Digital eGift Cards - Now available for purchase in the Panera Bread App.

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Panera Bread app reviews

  • The coffee is good but the staff is great! 4/5

    By SFChmotor
    Love the staff. They always treat my kids great and help us with anything. Lots of options, but wished they carried Diet Coke. (They have Pepsi in Georgia which I thought was illegal) 🤣
  • Order never arrived 1/5

    By AlijaY699
    First order on this app, and the map never loaded. So, I was standing in front of my door to make sure I get the order. After 15 minutes of waiting, the app said delivered but no one ever came. 35$ wasted. Next time, I’ll just order from DoorDash.
  • Great but 2/5

    By crisvvv3445677
    App would be excellent if it wasn’t for the payment glitch. Multiple times I’ve placed orders, paid, only to get to Panera for the app to say an error occurred and no order was placed.
  • Bad morning @ Panera’s 2/5

    By Par4golfed
    Today I ordered ahead & got a text that food was ready at designated time in the shelf. However when I got there 2 guys went outside to smoke, leaving a kid listening to something on his earbuds. He totally ignored two customers standing there. My order was Not on shelf. A cook finally got kid’s attention & pointed to us standing there. He waited on first customer & I finally got attention of a cook just standing there. I don’t think she spoke English as I attempted to tell her I saw my name on a bag behind the drink station. After review, I saw I was missing a bagel. Then I tried to get kid’s attention to check another bag. He said I was good but when I got to car the order wasn’t correct. The two guys were Still outside smoking so I just decided to give up then to go back in & deal with the same people.
  • Glitch 3/5

    By k in tampa
    I can not get the option for drive thru pick up to be available when ordering. I am ordering at a location that has drive & was told I could. Also today when I tried to add special instructions it would not save Am I doing something incorrectly
  • App is confusing 3/5

    By Tech in the car
    Too many elements on screen. Some instructions are not clear. Should be simple to use but is not.
  • It keeps not paying my orders 2/5

    By Willowhall89
    This is the second day in a row that I’ve placed and paid for an order and it has not processed. Not due to payment issues. It’s frustrating to be short on time and go to pick up my order only to find the app never actually placed it
  • bad customer support 1/5

    By Googleygirl
    only way to make a complaint about an order that is incorrect is by calling a customer support line. that’s ridiculous
  • Love the Panera app 5/5

    By Charles DeGaulle
    I like using the Panera app as it is very easy to use.
  • App was great 1/5

    By spycej
    The app use to give me no problem, but at least since December 2022 I have not been able to add a gift card. None of the links or clickable settings are actually clickable to change your credit card, manage credit cards or your profile even if I’ve updated it. Needs to be fixed ASAP!!!
  • Sip club is terrible 1/5

    By Fa we hvtehffg
    Don’t do it. It offers the worst value in subscriptions.
  • Sip club is terrible 1/5

    By TitoTAMT
    The sip club offers a terrible value for the cost.
  • “We’re sorry, something went wrong” 1/5

    By Tucson27
    Tried placing a pickup order from the app, when I tried to checkout using Apple Pay ir gave me a “We’re sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later” error that made me wonder if I had been charged or not (appears not). Tried again using a credit card - same error. I was hoping to be able to regularly count on this app when out running other errands to time things for lunch pickup. Oh well, I ended up going through another chain’s drive through instead.
  • Not all features work 2/5

    By Jamie252908
    When I go into my profile and settings, I can’t click on anything- where it says, check on past orders, gift cards, payments, anything like that. It has been like this ever since I have started issuing the app, which has been several years. If I need to update anything like add a gift card, I have to go online to do it. Would be nice if I could use the app because it’s more convenient.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Lee99634
    This app is a scam. I subscribed for membership which charges a fee. Wanted to log in to cancel the membership but it keeps saying system maintenance to hold my membership
  • Good Food, SLOW SERVICE! 3/5

    By poor selection of cards
    Food is great but always takes too long at drive up!
  • One issue! 4/5

    By Jefffhay
    A good app but Apple Pay being processed does NOT equate to app accepting payment. For some reason the app needs to keep running, making you think you submitted an order even if it didn’t complete!
  • Favorite Cafe 4/5

    By Sada64
    Can you please add a feature where is saves your favorite cafe, it’s annoying to have to select which cafe I’m using every time, otherwise the app works very well.
  • Says order is ready when it’s not 2/5

    By Dana H.
    I’ve had multiple problems using this app. I would reorder a past item and it let me do it even when the store was out of that item. So I switched to making a new order each time. I thought that was working as sometimes the item would show as sold out and not let me order. Today I placed a new order, and the Panera online ordering system sent me an email that my order was ready. When I went in to pick it up I was told they were out and they didn’t know why it let me order. My choices were a refund or a substitute item. This is a waste of my time and the Panera employees time. Please improve the app or make sure the store is keeping up with tracking what’s actually available if that’s where the problem is. Love your bread but this is making me not want to order.
  • Payment processing 1/5

    By zekez
    I don't use this app very often, but it seems like every time I do there's a payment problem... regardless, if I use Apple Pay, or just my regular credit card… Which works with every other app… checked all my contact information and it is correct. Weak!!!
  • No Refunds for Delivery 1/5

    By 64926542
    If you use their app to order delivery from them and they don’t deliver all of your items, your only option for a refund is to then drive to the store to give them your card to refund your money. Kind of defeats the entire point of ordering delivery. I assume the same logic applies for pickup, so make sure you check all your items before driving off.
  • Total Bummer 1/5

    By nunia bisniss
    The app seemed like a good idea. It said my order was ready to pick up. I got there, my order wasn’t on the shelf so I waited patiently. Eventually I asked, they dug for my order and told me they were out of that. Of course I had already paid through the app, so I picked a substitute (of lesser value) and waited. Next time I’ll just skip the app and do it the old fashioned way, or eat somewhere else. So glad I didn’t sign up for my panera.
  • Rewards have significantly changed 1/5

    By Shari2345
    I just received my reward for multiple visits and the options are minimal. They have really cut down on the benefit and I don’t see any reason to even use the app anymore.
  • Needs a better way to report order issues 3/5

    By CBSSV
    I placed a pickup order using my birthday reward. I ordered a cookie. The cookie was listed on receipt but was not part of the order. No problem just put the reward back on my account. There’s no easy way to report or to have customer support help. Not the first time something like this has happened.
  • First order missing items No way to use App for Refund or Complaint 2/5

    By LuvMyPod!!
    I downloaded App, placed a pick up order for the next morning before heading out and meeting up with others. I did not receive complete order, there is no place in App to report an issue, no contact information, even in search only company favorable answers and suggestions. I paid for items and did not receive items for each person, besides the fact the actual store could not pack up 9 items correctly, there should be a way to report the issue and get a refund or credit for missing items.
  • This new update sucksssss 1/5

    By yasuckkkkk
    I never had a problem before until now.! Can y’all please fix the profile and settings file when I click on anything tabs it doesn’t open !! I’m trying to go to my information or to view my Panera card # and it didn’t work !! Actually the only tab that works is drive thru detection…
  • timing never accurate 1/5

    By Maya diavello
    timing NEVER accurate. often says it’s ready when they haven’t even made order yet. half the time says it takes 30 minutes to make one sandwich and pour one soup into a bowl just to get there and realize it’s not busy and should’ve been ready in the system way earlier. Horrible! Not worth the price of the food.
  • failed to order food 2 times 1/5

    By akris0316
    I used the app 3 times and only the first was successful to order food and other 2 times are failed and the home page shows me the app is temporary not work and i have to go to store to order and waiast the waiting time about 20 min!
  • Useless 1/5

    By The Mighty 150
    Continuous problems with error messages when order is paid for using either a credit card or Apple Pay. On several occasions I have received error messages stating that a reset is required. There is no indication that the order went through successfully. Checking the order history finds nothing. I usually give up and go elsewhere to pick up food. Then, magically, several hours later, that particular order shows up in “order again.” That indicates my card was charged and the food went to waste because I was not there to pick it up. App also dropped my Super Sipper annual membership. What a PITA… Total aggravation and waste of money.
  • Limited menu on app 1/5

    By okokayokey
    The app does not show me all menu options when ordering for delivery or pickup. I cannot order anything that includes breakfast items, cafe/coffee drinks, bagels or cream cheese, or a wider selection of bakery items. Very disappointing that I cannot order what I truly want from Panera’s app
  • It mostly works okay 2/5

    By Kidvicious
    The app on the phone mostly works great. A few glitches but nothing that isn’t now resolved. I was happy to see the addition of the CarPlay app until I tried using it. I tried placing an order from the recents option (large iced coffee for in store pickup). When I went to checkout it adds a $1 curb fee. I planned on going int lo the store to grab and go. Is this a glitch or Panera trying to sneak in an extra $1 on each order? Hopefully it’s fixed soon so I can turn this into a 5 star review
  • Terrible 1/5

    By The Real BOSSVIC
    It won’t say you e exceeded your log in allotment. Please try again after a number of hours. Instead, it just says your username or password or login credentials are invalid. Please check your login credentials. No matter how many times you change your password it will keep saying login credentials invalid. ANNOYING!
  • Cannot delete old phone # 2/5

    By robinm95602
    The app returns an error message of please enter a valid phone number when trying to delete a phone no longer in use. The change will not save on my iPhone using the latest iOS 16.3.
  • Worst place ever 1/5

    By hdhdhdhdhdhhdhdh
    The app is really slow you have to do so much to do to set up the app the only thing good is the bread
  • Apparently overrides my delivery instructions 2/5

    By Ydnammandy
    Despite the fact that I put in the instructions that my delivery is no contact, I keep getting drivers telling me that on their end it says that they have to contact the customer. I don’t move fast because of past injuries. I also work from home and can’t just drop everything to answer the door. I don’t need to be in contact with every delivery person. I have done my best through the app settings to make my preferences known. There needs to be either a clearer interface on these matters or someone needs to figure out where these “must meet the customer” instructions are added.
  • Almost a Great App 3/5

    By Girlegdthger
    YOU NEED TO MAKE THE CURRENT ORDER VISIBLE OR ACCESSIBLE. Why can i only look up passed orders, not the current one. Since everything is behind the counter now how do i check my order is accurate if i cant pull it up? Especially if I order for multiple people. Love your food andthe convenience of the app but this simple feature would make a world of difference for customers and workers alike
  • Why can’t I look at past orders? 5/5

    By BigRobsicles
    I can’t select anything from the “Profile and Settings” page App is updated 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • App needs one quick fix 5/5

    By reviewpanera
    We love Panera, but here is a quick fix needed: As a customer, I always buy the breakfast sandwich feast (breakfast bundle for 4). When I select online and order the feast, the system does not allow me to select the combination of sandwiches I want (the app only lets me select one sandwich. When you go pick up, the restaurant has 4 different sandwiches ready). I want to be able to order 4 sandwiches that are the same (the one with avocado, egg, tomato and spinach), but I can’t
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    Watch is not discounting my unlimited club subscription and charging me full price for my drink. Only on Apple Watch.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By ACC2345!?
    App has crashed 6 times in 20 minutes.
  • Consistently dropped orders 1/5

    By Lindsey J.
    I’ve been using this app for about six weeks, and I find that at least twice a week the app and just drops an order and that the receiving café does not to get it. It causes a lot of confusion and, due to understaffing, at the cafes takes significant time to sort out. Developers, if you’re gonna design an app, please have it worked consistently.
  • Sign on issues despite resetting password 1/5

    By LuluBS
    I never order from Panera anymore due to sign on issues on both the app and website. No matter how many times I reset my password it will lock me out. I know I type out the correct password too.
  • Gift cards hard to add 1/5

    By Mcreedie
    I’ve been sent some Panera gift cards recently and presumed you could load them up and have them in the bank rather than printing 2 pages or screenshotting the info to then have to read out a 16 digit number at the drive through window. But I can’t add the gift cards to the app…maybe it’s user error BUT it should be blatantly obvious how to redeem these things compared to other apps. Now to go and print these gift cards out. No good 1 star for me.
  • I can’t log in! 2/5

    By Neasie27
    I keep changing my password and it keeps telling me it is incorrect right after I change it. I would like to be able to use the app.
  • Good app except 1/5

    By golfclasher2020
    The app does not give me credit towards my rewards. When you order in the app and your reward card is linked through the app, when you pickup your food at the store it doesn’t come with a receipt it only has a kitchen piece of paper on the bag. The app doesn’t give me reward credit for my order or my 5% cash back rewards I’m supposed to be receiving from my credit card company who’s partnered with Panera Bread. There is a way to get your missed rewards IF YOU HAVE A RECIEPT which PB DOES NOT provide when you order through the app. I’ve emailed customer service and they never responded. I’ve called and spoken to one customer service rep about a bad experience in the store. This is really ridiculous. The app is supposed to provide convenience but instead it’s just a major glitch. Now I have to stand in line and order to get my receipt so I don’t miss my rewards. I eat here atleast 4 times a week. Bad customer service. Management should be using the app and aware of these issues. This shouldn’t have to be brought to your attention through bad customer experiences. Bye bye Panera bread. Your customer service team needs supervision. I’m taking my business elsewhere. That’s a shame.
  • Removed birthday rewards 1/5

    By sk1llc4p
    Birthday rewards have been removed
  • Order while you drive to the cafe? 1/5

    By Drew Foreman
    Ridiculous and possibly dangerous update. Read the latest update notes. It's psychotic.
  • Sip club 🤡 4/5

    By Samzzz56
    Seems kinda dumb to subscribe 12 dollars monthly to get fountain drink and lemonade at some restaurant You guys should get subscribers w faster WiFi tier and build more private booths to get the people that want to hangout and work / study. Then maybe the sip club would be an add in situation at best.
  • Missing some features 3/5

    By whizkids
    It’s a solid app to order food. It needs a transaction history on the iPhone and to be able to apply sip club rewards on the Apple Watch.

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