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  • Current Version: 4.70.0
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Panera Bread App

With the Panera Bread app, it’s now even easier to enjoy all your Panera favorites. From Rapid Pick-Up and Contactless Dine-In to convenient and quick delivery, we bring the comfort and the comfort food right to you. Discover crave-worthy classics, find a new go-to meal, redeem your well-earned rewards or join the Unlimited Sip Club crew—it’s all happening on the Panera Bread App. Features: - Order Ahead - Order for Curbside, Rapid-Pick Up, or Delivery and get your food when and where you want it. - Try Contactless Dine-In, available at most Cafes. Place your order through your phone and pay from the comfort of your table. We’ll notify you when your food is ready to be picked up. - Earn Rewards - Join MyPanera and start earning rewards right away. - Customize your meal - We’ll make it just the way you like it — with this or without that. - Digital eGift Cards - Now available for purchase in the Panera Bread App.

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Panera Bread app reviews

  • Severe lack of payment and account security 1/5

    By Kitchen246
    This morning I woke up to see someone had used my account to place a >$50 order at a location nowhere remotely close to where I live. Since I had PayPal set up, I was fraudulently charged for the order. After enabling two step verification and removing my payment method, someone tried AGAIN the same day to use my account. Not only did they BYPASS the two step verification, but it kicked me out while I was signed in to change my password. This is unacceptable. I expect security when I download an app that can keep track of my personal information. Will be deleting the app and recommend everyone STAY AWAY
  • Great deal 5/5

    By Starfishwishes
    I work right next to a Panera and am ready to capitalized the crab out of the coffee subscription.
  • App prices higher!!!!! 1/5

    By trask768
    App prices are higher than store prices, and there is no notification that this is the case. Example- Med Veggie is $6.99 in store and $7.89 in app. Really, really shady in my opinion.
  • Bug needs fixing 4/5

    By Will Isenberg
    If I switch the French baguette side option to apple, but change the size of soup from cup to bowl or bowl to cup, it automatically resets the apple side back to French baguette. Please fix this
  • Mandatory download? 1/5

    By Vegas_Lady
    Making a customer download the app is a bad customer service experience. Disappointing Panera.
  • Death spiral of a login experience 1/5

    By Cvbnmkjhg
    Horrible experience where I am unable to sign in with valid credentials. Trying to create a new account informs me that my email address is already in use. And trying to reset my password seems to work, but then that new password does not allow me to sign in to the app. Functionally, it’s utterly broken. The bare minimum requirement for an app like this is to be able to sign in and order food. This one is zero for two. Disappointed.
  • Spams you with notifications 1/5

    By StarWolf537
    After receiving crappy food (not the apps fault) about an hour later I start receiving notifications from the app. 6 notifications (and going) starting 15 minutes ago and about every 3-4 minutes I get another. All of them say the same message “You’re so close to all your faves! Order for delivery or pick-up now.” Fix your busted app and fix your crappy food!
  • No fixes on messed up orders 1/5

    By SeeDub0627
    They almost always mess up my order in some way through the app. There’s no way to rate the order, give feedback, or request a correction. So when they, say, don’t give me something I ordered, I have to call the restaurant, wait on hold, and maybe or maybe not get my order corrected. It’s terrible. I order food through apps (and pay the higher prices, by the way) so that I can press a few buttons and get food to my door. Also, if the delivery person gives poor service, there’s no way to give feedback or even change my tip amount. There are just too many other app options to bother with this one.
  • APP 1/5

    By Reader2511
    Worst app ever. Had to call to place order, took a long time.
  • Can’t count on inventory 1/5

    By Mulechat
    Rapid pickup inventory isn’t updated often by staff. Anymore, I only get my full order half the time & never reimbursed properly. Always end up over paying with the replacement items I’m offered. The rewards don’t even offset these consistent loses if you get Panera as often as me. No real way to leave feedback either.
  • Might delete 1/5

    By mashunna collection
    I just downloaded the app and tried to login and it won’t let me unfortunately. I’ll give it another try later. If it still doesn’t work I’m deleting it.
  • Log in 1/5

    By Felipecris
    Cannot log in, tried to reset password, and it still won’t let you log in, new iOS issue?
  • Worthless App and useless company 1/5

    By Mikecore32
    This app is worthless, I can not login to it, but I can login to the website with the same credentials. I tried resetting my password three times and still can’t login to the IOS app. Next you have a contact customer support chat option which says chat with an expert only it’s a bot with limited capabilities. In what realm of reality do think this is customer support. By the way if there was an option to speak with a human you wouldn’t be getting called out in this stupid review!
  • Worked great before, needs updated 1/5

    By unhappy customer #whoknows
    The app used to work great for me, but as of late I haven’t been able to log into my account in the app.
  • CarPlay review 2/5

    By alexbran1
    I was excited to use CarPlay. It it’s useless. I can order from my favorites only random items and no way to order specific items
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By Pecasbo
    Something is broken. It does not let me sign in (“we are unable to log you in”). My password is correct as I have no trouble logging in through the website
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By goopsy goops
    Routinely leaves items off your order, but they give you a coupon that expires after a month instead of getting you the items you wanted or a refund. Pretty terrible policy to deal with your screw ups
  • Most of Settings Unclickable 1/5

    By kcb732
    There are 8 sub-menus within the Profile & Settings menu. Of these, SEVEN are not able to be clicked on. I tried to use the app support feature instead of writing a review, but there is no way to report a bug that way.
  • The app does not work 1/5

    By Quickstybalinsky
    I have noticed the app is not working and the web version does not allow me to order either.
  • Features freeze 1/5

    Several times I’ve tried to access my gift card Every time it freezes up and it won’t open. Very frustrating
  • By far the best food app out there 5/5

    By tagger9
    This is the best food app I have ever used. The app is easy and intuitive to navigate, and saves favorites and recent orders. This make ordering easy when you have picky kids with lots of specialized tastes. We can order our food for a family of six in less than a minute, and it will be ready by the time we are at the store. It helps that they have good food in the first place, never been disappointed.
  • Baja bowl 2/5

    By Terry Olivieri
    Order this in Marlton it was 5 star couldn’t wait to order er again. Ordered in Turnersville it was horrible chicken was dry n so was the grain in it. To much cilantro couldn’t eat it. My husband has the mediterranean bowl it was loaded with yogurt more than anything what happened I spent good money on this not happy.
  • I love Pepsi 5/5

    By Brandon720
    I love Pepsi
  • buggy 2/5

    By LaurenStar_22
    Too many issues trying to place orders. Tracking info isn’t available, and if it says it is, it always opens to a blank doordash page…
  • Bad service, bad support, and Apple censors negative reviews on them 1/5

    By I1234566798
    Sept 2022 Panera support does nothing to fix their issues on the app or in the locations. Calling them is a huge enormous time wasting affair. Foreign call centers designed to hang up and not fix the issue. Babel. 💰💵 hours wasted nothing. Their locations are always out of all the basics with sorry excuses: - no bagels , Covid (every afternoon) - no Diet Pepsi , Covid (for months in the summer) - no brisk tea, supply chain issue Their employees are also middle schoolers who are obviously going to be rude and sarcastic. But at least not as bad as their phone support. Panera prices are robbery now a days💰🤡💵 … $13 salads and $10 sandwiches. $4 Pepsis. It’s disgusting. Apple also censors negative reviews and deleted them while you write them and after. The app crashes on negative reviews never on positive ones. 💰💵 this is why you see 4 stars and above on nearly all of them. I’ve called their support line and they hang up on you too. 💵💰. Apple support is almost like talking to a wall too. It’s happened 4 times today filing reviews on all these updated apps. All the negative ones crash so you have to start again. Sept 2022
  • Couldn’t pay with carplay 3/5

    By Blolz11
    Ordered fine, but when trying to pay it got an error
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By karlos21_21
    Was working fine for the longest time. Now I can’t log in. Went through the password change process and still can’t log in. Did you guys know that iOS is out? Did you update the app?
  • No tracking updates 2/5

    By Kellygirl573
    There is no way to track your order since the track button opens a blank door dash window Not an effective app
  • Can’t add items to selection. 2/5

    By Old Village Idiot
    My wife got excited about a Panera pizza with avocado. We could not find that in the app. She called the store, and was assured that we can get avocado on, for example a Chicken Chipotle and Bacon. She could not take our order over the phone. I would have to place it at the counter, or in the app. Into the app — can’t add avocado, or anything else, to the one pizza. Can’t add sausage or anything else to the Margherita. Gotta drive, so instead of driving 15 minutes and simply picking up my order, I have to wait for preparation before I can take it away. Contrast with Papa John’s, a true five-star app in my experience. You can start with a standard offering and add or subtract anything. In summary, the turnaround from interest to serve was 45 minutes, would have been 30 if the app allowed me to add things. In-store on the other hand, my experience was great. The clerk got my order details quickly and accurately, and saved me money by (downselling!) half salads. Those were the perfect size for us. For reference my receipt number is 201632 at store 204967.
  • App doesn’t always transmit order 3/5

    By Bil Lie
    Good way to order quick pick up, but I’ve arrived at times to learn my order was never received. Had to show them my email saying my order was ready and then the one showing what I ordered. Just cancelled my last one because I had no time to wait for them to make my order.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By grohiit
    App is buggy. I was charged twice for same order. When I asked the store they ask be to contact the bank. I don’t have hours in the day to call the bank which usually takes an hour. So had to take the loss.
  • Let me order to a closed store 1/5

    By Bobi wan kanobi
    As the title says, the app let me order my meal to a store that was closed. I didn’t get any notification and then showed up to the location to the doors being locked.
  • User authentication/login horribly broken 1/5

    By passasshbie xicudnldic
    After resetting my password and receiving an email that password has been changed. it still does not recognize you, always points to reset password . I have used Apple keychain to login with new password, still does not log you in.
  • Only works when connected to wifi 1/5

    By alien972
    When on cell and not on wifi it says “trouble connecting? It could be a problem with signal strength or congestion on the network. Try connecting to wifi for better service.” I have a strong signal and can connect in a browser. What kind of shady shenanigans is this?
  • No way to correct order 1/5

    By MacGuy12
    People make mistakes. Why in the **** is there no option to submit a wrong order?!? Im trying to do my part in preventing everyone in panera sick and the result is now I’m paying for food I can’t consume. That is completely unacceptable after 2 years of this crap.
  • Very good when working, under “maintenance” mostly 2/5

    By Jarockstar29
    I love the convenience of the app when it is actually working. Hence the second star. I am giving it such a low rating because I would say 70% of the time I log in I am greeted with “we apologize for the inconvenience but we are doing a mandatory maintenance. Please try again later”. At 9:30 am? I do not buy that. It seems to be on busy times the app crashes. Even not so busy times.
  • widget stopped working 3/5

    By cleverCode93
    Home Screen widget stopped working and app says I need to sign in. I’ve signed in several times but nothing seems to work.
  • Scummy Permissions Request 1/5

    By Matt Laverty
    Asking for always allow location access? That’s a 1/5 star rating. Also doesn’t offer the same meal bundles with bakery items as they do in store.
  • Removed THERMOS option from app 3/5

    By kx11
    Please, bring back the thermos option to avoid wasting plastic lids and cups.
  • Haven’t been able to sign in for months. 1/5

    By seymourin07
    I haven’t been able to sign in on the app for several months. Out of nowhere for no apparent reason
  • Love, Hate this App 1/5

    By tryJesusnotthisone
    I love this app when I have to order ahead of time and pick up my orders. It’s amazing for that, however, the one star is because EVERY SINGLE TIME I’VE ORDERED DELIVERY; the restaurant doesn’t check off my items like they do when I pick up. So I’m always missing about half of my order. And the response is to I want to come pick them up. No, if I wanted to pick them up I wouldn’t have ordered delivery. I’m no longer ordering delivery, but I feel as though you should take it off completely. So now I have to wait for the manager to refund my purchase for the 4 cookies I didn’t receive… out of 6. So inconvenient.
  • Takes forever to open everytime 1/5

    By David Giovatti
    Everytime I get back home and the app loading page is still there.
  • The Best Sandwich & Soup Restaurant. 5/5

    By Penghana
    You just can’t beat Panera for the best in sandwiches, soups, and breads! Absolutely first rate and exceptionally delicious.
  • Worthless rewards 3/5

    By jkgood56
    The app itself is good and has a nice UI. but the rewards system is mystifying and ultimately annoyingly worthless. It has gone from giving me a free breakfast sandwich (awesome!) to most recently it gave me a dollar off a drink. Wow. Thanks. I’m thrilled. Did I mention I have the SIP CLUB AND DONT PAY FOR DRINKS? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  • Never the updates you need 3/5

    By Dear-god-why
    App works fine most of the time. Randomly logs out or forgets what day it is when applying the unlimited sip program. But now the default on app is no utensils. I’m all for cutting back on waste, but when putting in a rush order and forget to request utensils it’s a pain. I work in a hospital so now I’m still getting a plastic fork but at the expense of my employer vs Panera. Give me a quarter off if you aren’t giving me utensils. Or at least switch the default back to utensils included
  • You loused up a good app. 1/5

    By bjpkroshay
    The app simply will not open since the last update. I have unloaded and reloaded the app several times to no avail. Disappointing and inconvenient. You tried to fix something that wasn’t broken and now you’re losing business.

    By mrsdeafbiker
    This app has been nothing but a problem since I downloaded it. To start you can never add your card for payment. Every time I have added rather it be me putting it in manually or using the photo option it never works. What is the point of having a app to place orders if I can’t save my payment information?
  • Only if it were true 2/5

    By Junito O.
    Form a technical point of view I don't have any problems with the app. However, when you place an order be ready to wait- waiting, ready times are a lie. Several occasioned had to wait an additional ten minutes for smoothies, orders. Their food is never ready on time.
  • Can’t submit order without tipping 1/5

    By metoolikes
    Well. This is obnoxious. I tip. I like to tip. I don’t like to be forced to tip. It is impossible to place an order without tipping

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