Papa Louie Pals

Papa Louie Pals

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  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Flipline Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Papa Louie Pals App

Let your creativity shine in Papa Louie Pals, where YOU create the characters and stories in Papa Louie's world! Design and save a collection of your own unique Pals, and use them to build scenes and stories to share. CREATE TONS OF PALS It's now easier than ever to design your own characters! Use sliders to adjust your Pal's body, choose from a wide range of skin tones and hair colors, and add extra details like freckles and makeup to your Pal. Find just the right hairstyle for that perfect look, and change the mouth and eye styles to give them some personality. Switch to the clothing section at any time to choose from hundreds of unique shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, hats, and accessories for your Pal, and change the colors of each item to create an amazing outfit. BUILD SCENES AND TELL STORIES Creating Pals is only the beginning! Combine your Pals with scenery, word bubbles, and props to arrange your own custom scenes. You can place Pals anywhere you like in a scene, and use gestures to rotate and resize them. Choose from a wild assortment of poses for each character, and change their facial expressions to match their mood. There are a variety of backgrounds you can use in your scenes to help tell your story, and dozens of props that your Pals can hold in their hands. If you Pals have something to say, you can also add word bubbles and captions to the scene! ADD PAPA LOUIE AND HIS FRIENDS Are your Pals looking for even more friends? You can also include Papa Louie and his famous customers from his many restaurants like Papa's Freezeria! Multiple Customer Packs are available that include a handful of customers, tons of new backgrounds and props for your scenes, as well as new clothing that any of your custom Pals can use. Customers can use all of the same poses and props as your Pals, and they even come with their own unique alternate outfits. SAVE AND SHARE Once you've created a scene, you can save an image to your device, or share it with your friends through messages or on social media! You can also go back and edit any of your saved scenes and Pals whenever you like. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Use the images of your scenes for all sorts of things like comic strips, memes, or visual fan fiction. Showcase your character designs, create crazy situations for your Pals, or tell a story across multiple scenes. GAME FEATURES - Creation tool based in the Papa Louie universe - Design custom characters with hundreds of clothing items, hairstyles, and more - Build scenes with the Pals you create - Choose from multiple backgrounds including patterns, outdoor areas, and indoor scenes - Give props to your Pals in your custom scenes - Add word bubbles and captions to tell a story - Get Customer Packs to add poseable customers, new backgrounds, and more themed props and clothing

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Papa Louie Pals app reviews

  • This game is the worst 1/5

    By Vincetta Jimenez
    I download this game cause I love cool math I got the game everything is fine until the second day I thought I can get a real cool math game with this So I bought one of the things I did it didn’t give me the game but it gave me characters and a set up I just think that you should actually clarify that you’re getting characters in a background and I do want a refund
  • 兔小蒽 5/5

    By 兔小蒽
  • NO CLUCKERIA 🫠 5/5

    By medhhdhigu
    I’m waiting mr Louie
  • Please make the packs free 5/5

    By madiizy20089
    You guys did a good job on the game and it’s fun but please make all the packs free and I’m saying that because I’m using my dad’s account and do a music pack which needs to be free as well keep up the good work
  • Hmm 5/5

    By the prison brake
    What if you can see other players scenes for inspiration. Witch reminds me, have you thought about Game Center or a new game like pspa chocolatiria with sue and hank or Apple Arcade ( currently a member)? Update: I just finished a girl “pal” and it said name him, I checked, woman. Update update: still waiting for Cluckeria update (new game!)
  • I would give it a 5 star but.. 3/5

    By jayjayaa
    To get the full access you need to waste money
  • Good game 4/5

    By mbnliljayy
    Add new clothes and hair from the chicken sandwich game😌
  • Bring back papa Louie games on iPhone 4/5

    By DillGamerStarWars
    Bring back Papa Louie 1, 2 and 3 on iPhone. This is a fun game tho
  • Hate crimes 1/5

    By KolRo57
    This game caused a rise in hate crimes

    By Susumu Hori
    This is a good game, but can you do something called “Free Fridays”? It’s when everything is free for a limited time only on Fridays! Also, can you do a robot themed skin pack?
  • $15 3/5

    By Thekaseyjackson
    They are $15 to buy all of them!!!!!
  • Felix 5/5

    By zsazsalikesgachagames
    pick up the beeping phone you stupid beep where the beep are my children WHERE ARE THEY
  • fun 5/5

    By It iz wut it iz didjdbbfjsbd
  • Why cant we change the characters in the freezeria I have it but I cant change the characters 2/5

    By Hadalu00

    By AngmarCat
    I’m so happy this is a thing! It’s so nice to make my character I’ve been remaking in every game since childhood and be able to put her with other characters!!! I’m so thankful the developers thought to make this app because I know it’s a little different than their usual games. I do wish there was a behind the counter scene but no complaints!
  • great but lacking 5/5

    By sweet bady h
    great game super fun but i just wish they had more hairstyles that fit the black hair type
  • J 1/5

    By aliana mcfarland
    Every time I try to go to it I’ll back off to my home screen
  • This game is amazing 5/5

    By JizzardWizzars69420
    I was bored of beating my meat so I tried looking for games to cure my depression, and this popped up and I downloaded this then all of a sudden I felt this feeling I never felt before I immediately got a boner and came all over my room this game made me pop a mean one and my depression was solved, thank you Papa louie

    By govenor plugginz the queen
  • Greatest Game In The World 🌎 but 1 flaw (No hate intended) 4/5

    By 日本、東京、京都が大好きです
    I love this game!!! I like that you can create your own stories and characters. It’s like a comic book. It’s better than the Barbie Game that I have which in that game you can do almost nothing. Now here is the part I’m having trouble with. I tried to purchase the Taco Mia and Bakeria customer packs but it wouldn’t let me! It just said, “ Sorry try again later.” If you have any tips on how you could help me with purchasing that PLEASE RESPOND. Please excuse any mistakes that I may have made. Otherwise great game😃😁😄 Sincerely former_akb48_N A K O_yabuki_75
  • Shamelessss is why im here 5/5

    By theylove17
    Ok so i seen this shameless edit if carl on tiktok so i tried it out.I have to admit it was hard to use this at first bit it gets easier so the lesson is dont give up on something till you try it
  • Uh ma zang 5/5

    By thatemogirl03
    This is gatcha life but 1000000 times better and it’s for cool ppl so if you play this then u cool and I fw you 😎
  • ayooo how y’all doing 5/5

    By ballsyitchy
  • Amazing game! Just two suggestion 5/5

    By bvxhfvdhxhcvhsx
    I do have to say this game is absolutely amazing and very fun. I enjoy that I can make my very own stories! And I’m also glad that this game has no limitations to your imagination, however I have two suggestions that might make the game easier to use 1. I think it would be easier than just going back and forth turning on and off the chat bubble to be able to have a hide button. I think the it might just be easier to use, what it’s supposed to do is that when you’re not in use of the chat bubble you have an option to make it visible and invisible 2. I also think categorizing the poses would make it easier too. You can categorize any off the waking motions, angry faces, happy faces, etc.
  • Good 4/5

    By Kakashi Hatake 360
    More backgrounds
  • I love this! 5/5

    By -apples-
    So I was interested in what this game was, 1st day I didn’t understand but once I played it more I got to understand more about how you play the game! It’s pretty fun to play but I was thinking if you could add sandles? 🩴 I recommend this game if your interested in roleplay games.
  • edits 5/5

    By tofu dahyun
    i saw people make edits of this game on tiktok LMAOO i wish i had more papa games but the cost money 😐🙁
  • This game the worst 1/5

    By unicorn queen67890
    I looked at it and thought it was fun while before I looked at it I got off of it because all you do is you can just customize you can’t even get in the game they should make changes to this game it’s the worst and it was so long to download it they should make updates
  • Hi :) 4/5

    By Mars - :D
    This game is great i really like it i used to play this when is was younger - Btw i found this app bc someone did something to with The Dream Smp with this app and I thought it was cool bc I used ti play this game in school - I really wish we could get the other games for free i got really excited when I saw them but kinda got disappointed when I saw they had to be bought
  • Hey 5/5

    By Studentofthefuture😜😜😜
    Pov: u cane from all the edits you saw
  • edits 5/5

    By videostar lover
    i love making L and light edits with this on tiktok 👩🏽‍🦲
  • PLE- 4/5

    By AshAintGotCash
  • dear papa, 5/5

    By nicknamesaretakenohno
    you never got the milk 🙁🙁🙁
  • Bussy 5/5

    By Nagitostoiletwater
  • YES. 5/5

    By kokichis bae
    I love making nagito with this app 😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • 🙊🙊 5/5

    By stargitl737373
    we all know why you downloaded this.😭😭
  • fun! 5/5

    By fruitasii
    more diversity then some picrews
  • amazing 5/5

    By lvl 1 crook lvl 99 boss
    I loved making gin reko and NAO and I loved making komahina story’s 100/10 game
  • Amongus 5/5

    By Curbycurb196
    I like it

    By y9kina
    guys please i just want my hair blond in the front i need it pslase
  • You know 5/5

    By anarob4
    You know you just got this game cause you probably don’t have your allowance
  • Suggestions🙏🏾please read☺️ 5/5

    By little Story book
    DIRE NEED: Please make sections, it’d be easier to organize our PALS, its really TEDIOUS to SCROLL through the characters just to find one can you add a pose where it looks like the Pals are drinking and eating, rather than just holding the food and drink. Edit: Can you add some hoop earrings and other varieties, as well as ear buds. Maybe even some muscles and more hair styles. I really enjoy this and I can’t wait for whatever else you add on😆
  • I need a new mod 5/5

    By blastbraydenfieldshd
    I need a new mod live a mouth and eyes and nose
  • To the creators of the game, 4/5

    By FloraDefrog
    This game is a great character creator and scene creator and I’ve been playing it since I was little. But, I think these would make the game better. 1. The option to make the bangs a different color than the rest of the hair or to make ombre hair with out owning the freezaria, sushi game etc. 2. More props or prop categories like every day object props ( like more objects for jobs that the characters might have if a story creator/ player was to give their characters jobs) 3. The option to give players pets for scene making. When I say that I mean adding an on off button for pets, poses that let you interact with that pet ( making it look like you are petting a dog of sum) and selecting a pet like a bunny or a cat that will appear next to the characters. Read someone else’s review if you want to know more about the game and I hope you have a good day!! To the creators *again* These “requests” are optional. You don’t have to add these to the game they would just make it better. *also no hate intended* thanks for reading, all the best, Flora-
  • No 1/5

    By Firechief44
    It is not fun unless you like making a scene
  • Great app! I have some new ideas... 4/5

    By Ari9159
    I have some new ideas that could make the game better. 1. Streaks: You should add an option to put streaks in the male, & female hairstyles. 2. Lip color: It would be sweet if you could add more colors for the lips for the female avatars. Other than that, great game overall!
  • We need free stuff 4/5

    By molly7777777👱‍♀️
    I love this game and I love all the Papa’s games. I wish different packs were free. And I wish that if you bought Papa’s Scooperia the actual game or any of them, then you would get the pack in Papa Louie Pals. I play a game called Toca World and if you buy one of the other individual games, than you get the stuff from that game on the big Toca. Or you can make an option where you can buy every pack at once, like buy the whole game. In other news, I love the game!!!!!!!!! Soooo much! Thank you!
  • Suggestions 3/5

    By 2cor418
    I love this app. But I would like it if there were more clothing items and body types to choose from. Like maybe a more muscular body type. And some more skin colors like blue and stuff. And just more items to clothe characters with. Like maybe superhero items. And maybe some animal stuff or whatever. I just wanted to suggest these things just in case you read this. And if you did. Thank you!
  • Good but needs updates 5/5

    By 621930
    I like using this app to make little stories I just want a update that you can make props that the characters can’t hold and more actions