Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza

Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza

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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Papa Murphy's International LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza App

Get made-from-scratch pizza faster than ever with our new app! Find our best deals, the closest store, your perfect pizza, and place your order quickly with favorites and recent orders at US locations. We make it. You bake it.

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Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza app reviews

  • Not user friendly, very limited 1/5

    By Stacy OR
    The first order I placed was incorrect and the staff in the store didn’t know about the special on the app. So in addition to being a hassle to order online, I still had to wait in the store for the staff to make my order. It doesn’t allow you to pay cash in store, this is a huge drawback for me personally. If it wasn’t the only method to get most of the specials, I would delete this app permanently. For now, I’ll just keep having the poor staff correct the mistakes on the app when I get there.
  • App kept adding wrong location 1/5

    By Atlas303
    I chose correct location at beginning of order and when I check out, (w/cc info) it kept adding wrong location with no way to change it. Very frustrating
  • Can’t order sausage pizza 1/5

    By ade494
    Please update your app so people can order sausage pizza.
  • Not solving any problems 2/5

    By ledinks
    Wish you could specify no cheese versus just not selecting a cheese option, stores will still out cheese on the pizza! Please make there a way to specify “no cheese” or to be able to add in a note about the order, I have to call the store always after ordering on the app and they are so confused when I ask for no cheese
  • Apps needs more flexibility 1/5

    The great thing about Pappa Murphy’s is that the pizzas are completely customizable but this app doesn’t allow this. I wasn’t able to order a pizza with no cheese. The app isn’t all that user friendly because you can only add additional toppings and not remove any of them. I won’t be using the app until it is more user friendly or at least contains a notes section.
  • Better Than it Used to Be, But… 3/5

    By TheBazz
    I do like the new look of this app and I finally got my account credentials straightened out by starting over. (I had an online account at, but the app would not accept my ID and password. When I tried to reset the password it told me there was no such account with the email I gave it. Nonsense! I use a password manager so there was no way the data was incorrect.) So after creating a new account I proceeded to order a pizza for pick up after work. But when I got to the payment screen of checking out I did not have an option I liked. I do not want to give you my credit card info. For me to use this app for pre-ordering I would like the option to either 1) allow me to pay in store when I get there, or 2) use Apple Pay in the app. If Chipotle’s app can do it, then so could yours.
  • Custom pizza doesn’t work 2/5

    By naw0330
    Let’s me pick a crust and that’s as far as it goes, then throws me back to check out. Aren’t able to pick meats or cheese. I’m going to delete it. Nice design, but doesn’t work. Now I’ve tried 3 times to submit this review and the nickname is taken! Whatever, terrible app. Nathan
  • Unabl to add toppings. 2/5

    By Focorunner
    You seem to be able to order specific recipe pizzas from the menu, and select crust and size, but no way I could find to add or substitute toppings... Tried to build my own pizza and could only pick size crust and sauce (no toppings). If there is a way to do more, it should be more obvious. I can, however, manage to set up a basic order and pay for it fairly easily if I don’t want to add toppings.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By helgaran
    I placed an order for a custom pizza. It showed all the toppings on my end of it, but when I got to the store, all they had ready was a cheese pizza. The order didn’t go through. All they saw on their end was “lg custom” with nothing else. I’ll go back to calling my orders in.
  • Attitude of employees 1/5

    By GidgetK
    We ordered a pizza to be delivered and they sent the wrong pizza with the delivery person. When we called about receiving the wrong pizza they told us we would have to come get the correct pizza. We already paid for delivery! They messed up the order and don’t care enough about there customer to fix it ....
  • Doesn’t let you put promo codes 1/5

    By Afternoon Napping God
    I specifically download the app because I had a promo code that was online only. I was trying to find out where I input, but right after I put my credit card info it went straight to ordering it right after without letting me confirm. There is no way to cancel an order from the app. This ticked me off quite a bit. Just get dominos or something.
  • No option for no cheese 1/5

    By oolakat
    No option for no cheese was an inconvenience to staff.
  • Love the pizza. Hate the app 1/5

    By viewer3d
    After I want to throw the phone I give up and call the store. I am a senior customer. This site needs to be user friendly for all ages
  • Worthless 1/5

    By noaccountability
    Used today for first time. When I arrived to pick up order no one in store had any record of ever receiving it even though my credit card had been successfully charged. Had to wait. No explanation beyond them saying this has happened several times. I have zero confidence in it going forward and am deleting the app.
  • Weird app logic 1/5

    By Mob levy
    I went to order a customized deep dish Chicago style pizza. I went into the customization and like a normal person added the things I wanted on it. Went into the store and they created the pizza minus all the stuff that I added. I went back into the app and it says to select all the toppings you want, not the toppings you want to remove. It’s a pretty strange way to customize something with the things you don’t want, especially when it doesn’t explain anywhere that that’s what the app is looking for.
  • Why? 1/5

    By 1rancam
    Why is this even an app? It doesn’t work. You can’t customize a pizza. What a joke.
  • More Options Please 3/5

    By guest087475
    The app works fine, but would love the option to pay cash in store at time of pick-up.
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Mardam1183
    Worked well for me, user friendly I felt but what made it a 3 instead of 5 was not having capability to add a coupon code. I will change my stars if you mage this change
  • Not User Freindly 2/5

    By CDPT
    Attempting to place my first order and I’m desiring extra toppings. The app appears to be placing twice the amount of toppings on the pie. I took phone into the local store and showed the kids there. Instead of working through the they just have me a discount. So frustrating.
  • Need payment option of “pay in-store” 2/5

    By Go-g0
    I realize there’s a risk to allowing people to pay in store if they never show up and you make their pizza, but it would be hugely beneficial to the customer to be able to pay in store if they want to use coupons that don’t have a code, or they want to pay cash or use a gift card. There is also no mention on the app of the cheaper “faves” pizzas. And if I customize a pizza, removing one topping and adding another, I get charged for the extra topping, even though my total number of toppings is unchanged, whereas in-store they don’t charge me extra. All in all, there are several things about the app that need work before I’m willing to use it. In the meantime, if I want my pizza ready when I get there I have to call... which inconveniences the employees AND me.
  • Bring the pay in store option back. 2/5

    By Andrewfromthecouve
    Bring the pay in store option back.
  • Unusable for me 1/5

    By Ciaran253
    This app is worthless until you include some ability to add a custom message on items order for specific requests.
  • Not user friendly yet 2/5

    By CMsavvy
    Let's you enter credit card info for cards it doesn't accept.. how about a notice that reads "Visa and Mastercard only ". BEFORE we type info wasting our time. Let's you type an email and password that you think will be your ID when you press Create Account... Nope you have to enter it all over again. How about a notification BEFORE the email and password that reads... "Click here first if you need to create a new account" Lastly, there's a lonely slider that says " Rewards and Specials" after you enter account info, what is that? Are you asking us if we want rewards and specials in the app, or are you asking us to allow emails that contain rewards and special like spam? Not clear at all! I’m assuming this is an early version and these things will be corrected soon, other than that it’s a fairly clean app, but wow this was more frustrating that it needed to be, and a lot of my time wasted.
  • It’s a joke - even the employees agree! 1/5

    By Professor Steve
    Ordered online and tried to enter coupon information. It wouldn’t take. Like a fool, I ordered anyway and gave my credit card information - even though you didn’t need to in the past - STUPID IDEA. I figured that the store could sort it out - they said once you order online it’s out of their hands. To make it worse, the store didn’t even give store credit for the difference when I asked. PISS POOR APP AND STORE SERVICE!
  • Buyer beware! 2/5

    By AzeraLyn
    The app used to be great- when we had the option of paying online or when you picked it up. Now you can’t order unless you give them all your credit card info. I could see not allowing a customer the option if they hadn’t picked up an order in the past (you sign in)- might be an easy fix. But if they can’t figure out how to do that, wanna trust their security?
  • Terrible app, great pizza 1/5

    By Keithreg
    Trying to create a half and half pizza , gave up and called. Maybe they should beta test the app with some besides the developers.
  • Pay at store option gone! 1/5

    By Beltranfamily
    There use to be a pay at store option and now it’s gone. Not sure if it’s a system problem or they just did away with it.
  • Not all locations are available 1/5

    By Zachworm
    Saukville Wi location does appear in search. I had to go through the website to submit my order. Please fix this!
  • So terrible 1/5

    By Choice
    I could not comprehend how they managed to make the act of ordering a pizza so hard. After 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to do a half and half pizza I gave up and Called instead. Placed the phone order in 30 seconds.

    By XxTheMadTitanxX
    This app is complete trash. Don’t even waste you time. According to the app not a single location exists. I wanted to order a pizza ahead of time and pick it up but Papa Murphy’s would rather inconvenience there customers and mislead them. It’s 2019, learn to make an app morons.
  • Current Version Inoperable 1/5

    When you attempt to customize your order the application fails to respond properly
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By sridens
    Just tried to order a simple pizza but the app is so confusing ended up calling!!! App is terrible to make sense of!! Don’t use!!!
  • Works 3/5

    By tcv nickname
    I got my pizzas, but now I know why it is so hard for the employees in store to get orders in and correct. What a clunky interface.
  • Don’t use the app. Order online! 1/5

    By Co Streetboard
    The app didn't let me enter my discount code and now some young man behind the counter has no clue how to fix it and give me my discount. Because of this app, it is taking way more effort than necessary for a pizza, now I have to call back in and follow up. Thanks guys.
  • You can’t pay on store. 3/5

    By Lenora M
    Pretty good app. Easy browsing but unfortunately you can’t pay on store, useful when you have a paper coupon or club card. You have to submit a credit card.
  • Can’t figure it out 1/5

    By mp4mcd
    I chose a crust but can’t figure out how to do anything else. I feel stupid using this app.
  • Nice work 4/5

    By GT5 please come soon
    I have to admit you have come along way with your app. When I first downloaded it it was one of the most disappointing apps I have ever used it was very buggy glitchy and did not work at all. But it seems like you have worked very hard to satisfy your customers and I will definitely start using this app and purchasing your pizzas more often. Thank you
  • Looks great! 5/5

    By MNSlammer
    Love Papa Murphy’s Pizza and using this app! No problem reading it on my iphone SE. So much better than the website. Even the XLNY specials are available in the menu! Great job! Love at 425!
  • Love the pizza, hate the app 1/5

    By SeanEricHorn
    I love Papa Murphy’s pizza. However, the UI in this app is rage inducing and almost makes me want to abandon my quest for pizza entirely. Almost. Please re-imagine and redesign this app. K, thanks.
  • App login 1/5

    By Jzsafnbqw
    App will not let you login using your email address and password. Continues to ask you to input your email address. Fix this so people can use it.
  • Can’t Customize 1/5

    By DJ56lhy
    In the store they can make just about any kind of custom that you need. The app doesn’t allow this at all. You must pick their stock choices what NO CUSTOMIZATION allowed. Still love the pizza, just won’t use the app.
  • Ingredients Adjustment needed 3/5

    By Funkitkat
    Need to be able to remove an ingredient, not just add. Either as a selection or need to be able to add a comment to the order so the staff can see any changes to be made. I called local store and they said they will adjust (hopefully). Store also said they have lots of issues with app so may want to call to be sure order went through. First time I used the app and order experience was good. We will see if it works.
  • Needs help 1/5

    By KDanielK
    This app desperately needs a makeover. I could make my own pizza from scratch faster than I could figure out how to navigate. By the time I handed over the task of ordering to my daughter, I had created six pizzas. She did not do much better. The pizza she created did not have cheese on half - by accident. I only used the app to get the 25 percent discount with the promo code. I will be calling in the order next time.
  • Eazzeee 5/5

    By basic customer
    Super simple app. Easy to locate specials. Easy to find nearby locations. My store is always on with the estimated time.
  • App is hard to use 1/5

    By chaoticmotion
    The flows to create pizzas are so bad and confusing if you would like to see how an app can be useful check out the dominos pizza ordering app
  • Bad design 1/5

    By Pizzaboy75
    The app works fine. The design for custom orders though makes no sense. Make sure to pay close attention because it is unintuitive. The topping options all work the same EXCEPT for the cheese. If you click it like all the others it completely removes the cheese from the pizza. It would also be useful to be able to see a running total for the item you are ordering before you complete it.
  • Crashes ever time. 1/5

    By garejsc
    Cmon your a national chain you can do better. Crashes ever time I select a topping. Useless.
  • Not Very Intuitive 1/5

    By Sbpmp
    This app is not very intuitive. I can’t figure out how to add individual toppings to a pizza. After choosing the sauce type it asks for your cheese. Is this for extra cheese? Is this for the cheese that’s included? Until this app is easier to use. I will not be using it. Disappointed!
  • Great Pizza, Terrible App 1/5

    By bekabug
    We eat Papa Murphys several times a month and love their pizza. The UI needs work in this app. On my iPhone 8 Plus everything is tiny. I eventually gave up on it and called the store to order.

Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza app comments

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