Papa's Burgeria To Go!

Papa's Burgeria To Go!

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  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Flipline Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
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Papa's Burgeria To Go! App

Papa's Burgeria is now available to play on the go, with gameplay and controls reimagined for iPhone and iPod Touch. Grill, stack, and serve burgers in a brand-new way! You're left in charge of Papa Louie's famous Burgeria, where you'll learn to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve burgers to all of your crazy customers. You need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls that feel just right in the palm of your hand: Head to the Order Station to keep an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Grill Station to drag patties onto the grill and flip burgers to cook them evenly. Jump to the Build Station to carefully craft your sandwiches with toppings and sauces exactly how they ordered, and deliver the finished burger to earn points and tips! Each Station is a hands-on experience, where you'll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the burger-building process. With full multi-touch support, the process is more fun than ever before! Tap many burgers at once to flip them all on the grill, or keep one finger on the Build Station's bin slider for even better precision when building. Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As your level rises, you'll unlock new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Burgeria! Papa's Burgeria To Go also features unlockable toppings that aren't available in previous versions! **NEW FOR PAPA'S BURGERIA TO GO** Papa's Burgeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers won't get in the way of the action! CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS - You'll switch stations using buttons in the corners of the screen, perfect for your thumbs. Use buttons in the top corners to switch Order Tickets without having to drag them back and forth. You can also view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading. GRILL STATION - We've made keeping track of your burgers easier than ever, with Timers stuck in each burger patty that you can read at a glance, showing the cooking time and how each side is cooked. You can also buy Alarms in the Shop to add onto each Timer, so you'll get an alert when it's time to flip or remove a burger. With multi-touch support, you can quickly flip and remove burgers by using multiple fingers. Try a triple-tap to flip three patties in a row! BUILD STATION - With a traditional drag-and-drop system, your finger would block your view, so we've completely changed the Build Station to work on smaller screens. You'll swipe a carousel of Topping Bins across the top of the screen, and slide it carefully to line up toppings with the burger below. Simply tap on the bottom of the screen to drop a topping from the bin above! You can also tap a button to swap your Topping Bins with Burger Bins, which hold all of the patties you've cooked on the grill. And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the bottom of the screen, so stacking burgers is a breeze! **GAME FEATURES** - Hands-on burger shop game in the Papa Louie universe - All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens - Multi-task between grilling, stacking, and serving - Shop to buy upgrades using your in-game tips - Over 60 customers to unlock with unique orders - Challenging Closers and Food Critic - Over 50 in-game achievements to earn **NOTE FOR iPAD USERS** Papa's Burgeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens. If you're looking for large-screen gameplay, check out the original "Papa's Burgeria" for iPad!

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Papa's Burgeria To Go! app reviews

  • Burger 5/5

    By bad sad mad game
    Make burger make customer happy make money make me happy
  • It keeps breaking 1/5

    By Burger boss 69
    Every time I try to speed up the cooking of Burgers the game freezes and it’s really frustrating because I love making burgers. Please help by updating this app. Every time we try to speed up the cooking of the burgers the burger meter freezes and then if you keep clicking nothing works and it freezes and all the buttons disappear. I really don’t like it and I’m scared. Thank you.
  • Refund 2/5

    By annlvrr
    Okay so I bought this game thinking it would be as fun as the Freezeria but I didn’t like and I want a refund. !!
  • It won’t let me download it again 1/5

    By mdhdhsjs
    I bought it about a year ago and I play it on and off. But now it just wants me to buy it again. Not doing it.
  • Fun 5/5

    By LCO
    Overall a fun game
  • Update? 4/5

    By grizz_is_sad
    I love Flipline Studios and this game, but I wish this specific Papa Loui game was updated. Newer Flipline games have customizable characters, high quality animation and graphics, and so many more ways to play than this game has. I would be so, so happy if the Burgeria had a major update that included all of these fun factors. <3
  • It took money from me. 1/5

    By daisha603
    I really have no idea how that happened, i never even played that game. I just saw that a 0.99 dollars purchase was made at 5 p.m. today i never bought anything, i am requesting a refund even though i isn’t a lot of money.
  • Good game but a glitch 5/5

    By its terible and trash
    I love this game it’s so good but one thing is that when I’m in the grill station like at 5 or 4 customers in it freezes and it logs me out of the game can you please fix this
  • Great game but needs update? 4/5

    By Squido_
    This game is really fun and satisfying to play on the go, but it doesn’t have a lot compared to some of the other games. Maybe add an optional update that expands the game to where others are now? I also find glitches in the grill station where my game will crash.
  • Good… ish game 1/5

    By JT snoppdogg
    Love the game but 1 flaw that ticks me off. So I’m playing and I need to add a tomato on the burger and it glitches and I can’t move the bins anymore. That’s happened with other ingredients too. I don’t know why I used to play this a lot when I was younger with no glitch but now it does like “what”
  • Stuck on day 44 3/5

    By nanvni908
    Cooking station freezes and i can’t get back to the customers or orders :( all the buttons disappear. PLEASE FIX!
  • Chicken nuuget reia 5/5

    By bceuscnoiscb
    It sound good if all people love the food make it flipline I have all the games and there good even slider scouts also make more of the mini games to actually real games flipline if you read this I’m the biggest fan ever hop you do it do it
  • More things to do? 1/5

    By undeadbabydoll
    It’s be nice to have this game have a custom character feature or something to do with the money we earn from completing our shifts other than buying all the upgrades.
  • Great game but… 3/5

    By epic roblox922
    I love the Papa’s games but why is the screen so small?! And the sound sounds so weird.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    I lost my phone with the original game and all my progress and it seems I won’t be able to get any of it back.. I thought at least for having to pay for the game they would save the history to Game Center or something but unfortunately it doesn’t smh
  • Burger 5/5

    By Koopthetoop
    You can make a Mayo tower 10/10
  • Game update 5/5

    By natalinoos
    Hey! Love the games but when will you update the older games?? For example Burgeria, tacomia, pizzeria. The games are great but I think it’s time to upgrade the older ones so it’s more fun to play! Add some things to it and improve quality!
  • A fun game with too much limitation 4/5

    By the prison brake
    1 more toppings and patties 2 please make drink and side station 3 please get more coustomers Love y’all’s game
  • Fun but still has bugs 4/5

    By Stickmanlover1
    The first times I played it, it seemed there weren’t any bugs, but on day 60 the game lets me complete one day a day before the timers for the grills stopped and the building station disappeared after going back to the cooking station and when I tried to go back to the waiting station it vanished too. Can you please fix these bugs?
  • How is it not fixed 3/5

    By noodlord69
    I played this game a lot and stopped because there’s a bug that makes the burgers completely freeze and not cook anymore. That made me stop for like a year and I’ve started playing again yesterday and it’s still doing it I just want to know how it hasn’t been fixed
  • great game! Just one big glitch. 4/5

    By GoDianey
    The game is amazing and it’s a great way to pass time in the car or during something. But when I go to the grill station after a while everything will freeze and I can’t do anything. The only solution is to leave and come back when it does it all again. Pls fix this. But other than that it’s a great game!
  • It looks really blurry. 💦 1/5

    By Cophiie
    The quality of the game is so bad!!! Is really blurry it hurts my eyes so much. The game is general is pretty decent but that quality makes me not wanna even open the app!
  • <3 5/5

    By Dneifdeewt
    I love the papas games. I have a bunch on my phone, and let me just say, this one could use a slight graphical update lol. Super amazing though!!! Got so stoked just to be able to play it again
  • Worth the price!! 5/5

    By Courtney_Diane
    Let me start off by saying I am an OG player of this game. By this I mean that in grade school I played it everyday like many of us members of Gen Z. I played all of the Papa Louie games in fact. When I found out there was a mobile app I got happy, then sad that it wasn’t free. Years later, I got a gift card and thought to purchase it. It was a good decision. The app is wonderful and I love being able to play it on the go. I saw some other reviews of people complaining that it was hard to get a perfect score in the burger put together station. Let me say that I got my first perfect scores in the app. I think it’s really easy actually. The way it works is you slide the top row and drop it over the burger. It is different from the desktop version but just as good. I actually love all stations better because there isn’t all of that loud clicking when you flip burgers. Overall I definitely think it’s worth the money, and if I had more money, I definitely purchase the rest because they’re so great! 😅
  • . 5/5

    By xing ling bong
    Fiquei muito feliz porque pelo visto tinha ele baixado antes do celular ser meu um jogo muito bom
  • Bugs but whatever 5/5

    By imatierd
    It’s a great game and all, and I still enjoy it almost 10 years later. I don’t expect them to fix anything since they have not updated it in 2 years (as of today) so rip new phone users. Still great tho. Nice job flip line.
  • Welcome back Papa!!! 5/5

    By Rokiachan
    I’m so glad to play this game again! I was so bummed to find out that I couldn’t play on the computer anymore, but as I continued my search I ran into this! I haven’t stopped playing this and I never will lol. I can’t wait to purchase more of your games.
  • My game won’t stop freezing 4/5

    By tmng18
    I downloaded this for nostalgia reasons The game was going fine till I hit day 19 when I try to play it freezes when my character opens the shop I’ve tried everything nothing works
  • Love you Flipline! 5/5

    By FashionOnFleek04
    I’ve never written an app review before, but I felt I absolutely had to make one for a papa’s game. I’m 17 and these games have been my entire childhood. It was devastating for me to see flash go just because of how important these games have been to me. I have countless fond memories of being in elementary school and playing papa’s pancakeria every morning on my mom’s hot chunky laptop. I’m so thankful for Flipline being amazing and working so hard to get the papa’s games available as mobile apps. I’m hoping to see mobile pancakeria soon! Thanks guys :)
  • A problem here! 1/5

    By anonymus123-123
    They purchased twice this game. I want my money back.
  • Game is eh 3/5

    By bonnie51306
    I bought this game just today and from first looks it’s very blurry and I wish I could customize my character but unfortunately you cant. The game works amazing. It’s just poor quality and could use some updates. But overall if you have a dollar to spare and you’re bored and need to pass time this is definitely a good game for that :)
  • Ok 5/5

    By shittygamesreveiws
  • Bough this because flash died 5/5

    By presto pepper
    When flash died in December I was pretty bummed. So many amazing child hood game snow gone. My favorite games were the papas games that I played for hours mastering. So I got this. It’s cheaper than the 2.99 game but it’s still amazing.
  • RIP 5/5

  • Love the game, but major bugs 2/5

    By Auro_Z
    The Flipline games are great, and I would give this game 5 stars if it weren’t incredibly outdated and very glitchy. I replayed this game recently and found a very consistent bug where the grill causes the game to freeze up every now and then. The only way to fix this is to exit out of the day and load back into it, thus losing your entire progress for the day. And again, this is very consistent, so sometimes I’ll have it happen 3 times on the same day. If the folks at Flipline were to take some time out of their day to fix this, or completely remaster the game in a future project, then I’d rate it 5 stars for sure.
  • Best game 5/5

    By 2k_bleedkimg
    It’s the best game and I love it
  • bugs 3/5

    By hsidmdiejznsksos be
    needs more things to buy and it keeps glitching where the burgers will stop cooking and all the buttons will disappear
  • Topping Station Needs an Update 4/5

    By kpcp23812
    Like others who have reviewed, I LOVE all the Papa’s games and am so excited that they have all been converted to mobile versions. My one suggestion for this game, beyond others mentioned in the reviews, is to add a target when dropping toppings, similar to Pancakeria To Go. I have yet to get a perfect build score because I can’t tell exactly where I’m dropping toppings and if you are even a little bit off you get docked points.
  • -_- 5/5

    By xxthunder
    Couldn’t find this on cool math anymore guess I gotta waste a dollar to play it again hope is good lol
  • the money. hand it over. 3/5

    By the help the me
    Everyone else: not enough ingredients Me putting rat poisoning into the burgers: m o d e r n problems require m o d e r n solutions.
  • UPDATE 1/5

    By KrustyKrabPizza2.0
    the game would be so much better if it was updated like the newer games. the quality of the game is too old.
  • I like it but It needs a update 4/5

    By Coolkitten456
    I’ve loved this game in my childhood and i was so happy when i can play it on my phone but now I’ve bought almost everything in the shop and I feel like this game would be better if it had an update or something.
  • eHHhHHH 4/5

    By 😍🤯🤯🤤🥰🥰
    So i got this game thinking it would be great and etc. It was great and stuff but, the graphics is so so bad. please read this before buying the game. Dont buy this search up “Papas Burgeria” its 2.99 and it seems to have better graphics becausenof its reviews.Now, the graphics are disgusting but overall the game is great i never get bored
  • i’d like a refund 1/5

    By ehicks1126
    this one isn’t like the others it’s almost impossible to get the burger and fixings to line up and it’s the same old boring thing time after time... i played for 20 min and i’m bored to tears i have other papa games and really enjoy them... id like a refund so i can purchase another papa game
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By lattebliss
  • Why are there no refunds 1/5

    By get her in here
    Can you add refunds because we don’t have a lot of money and if I delete the app it is wasted money.We are not rich and I’m mad
  • This game 5/5

    By secret-C175
    This is the best game ever I really love it
  • Hi america 5/5

    By Owl is a great savage ❤️
    It’s a great game would recommend 10/10
  • Good until it glitches 3/5

    By Pinkiesoft
    The app was super fun until the middle of the game it just freezes and I can’t move anything. I’m really disappointed 😠😭