Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Flipline Studios
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
160 Ratings
$ 2.99

Papa's Burgeria App

Grab your spatula and get ready for the biggest burger-flipping adventure on the iPad! In this brand-new edition of Papa's Burgeria, you are unwillingly left in charge of Papa Louie's famous Burgeria. You'll need to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve the burgers to all of your wacky customers. This hands-on time-management game gives you control at each step of the burger-building process. You'll need to multi-task and juggle between each area of the restaurant: Keep an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby, drag and flip burger patties on the grill to cook them just right, and add toppings and sauces to the sandwiches before serving them to your customers! Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up! As your level rises, you'll unlock new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Burgeria! ** NEW FEATURES ** This updated and remastered version of Papa's Burgeria features a variety of new unlockable toppings and sauces, and many new customers not found in previous editions of the game. At the end of each day, you'll also be faced with Closer customers who are very picky about their burgers, and each week you'll be visited by the Food Critic with a chance to earn a tip-boosting Blue Ribbon! Use your hard-earned tips to buy restaurant upgrades and hats to wear, and you can also decorate your lobby with furniture and posters from the Furniture Shop. You'll even earn a Pay Day each week, which you can spend on upgrading your Burgeria! You'll also be able to earn 70 different achievements for various tasks in the Burgeria, including reaching certain ranks, earning Customer Awards on your customers, playing mini-games, and serving burgers with certain toppings. The game also supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards! ** MINI GAMES ** As your serve sandwiches to your customers, you'll be rewarded with Game Tickets. At the end of each day, the Great Foodini will arrive with his Traveling Mini-Game Show, where you can use your Game Tickets to play a variety of food-themed Mini Games, and win posters and furniture that you can place in your lobby! ** GAME FEATURES ** - Hands-on burger shop game in the Papa Louie universe - Updated and remastered for iPad - Multi-tasking between grilling, stacking, and serving - Over 60 customers to unlock with unique orders - Over 100 furniture items to buy in the Shop and earn through Mini-Games - 70 Achievements with Game Center support - Various upgrades and hats to purchase with your earned tips - Challenging Closers and Food Critic

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Papa's Burgeria app reviews

  • BUy BUY Buy FAN 5/5

    By gebgs
    IT FUN BUY Nooooooow
  • A glitch 4/5

    By 26Ahuiilh
    I like this game but there is something bothering me every time I pause the game and play another game or turn off my iPad then I back into papa’s Burgeria hd and I pressed back to game, the game crashes and I can’t do nothing and when pause the game again it won’t go to the menu, then I have to start all over again, and that’s a glitch so please fix this glitch please I don’t like that glitch and it has been bothering a bunch of time’s so please please fix this glitch please.
  • Hat descriptions 4/5

    By NJ1205Knight
    Is nice but what is the deal with some of the hat descriptions they seem to be reverencing the pancakeria Hats like the sombrero the crown and the pirate hat have these out of place descriptions. It’s not that big of a deal as it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all and you rarely see it I just thought it was a bit weird
  • Needs to be updated like the rest 4/5

    By sydney_sma
    I love all the papas games however this one needs sum updates. Like the graphics and animations could be updated to look like the newer games and i wish i could customise my worker like most of the other games. I also think you should add a drink to this like sods and even add fries or tater tots too rather than just burgers. I feel like adding and tweaking the things I said and more could definitely improve the game and make it less boring.
  • Great, but keeps glitching 3/5

    By GraceBieber136
    I love this game so much but this keeps glitching! I saw Jojo’s favorites not say ”Different Every Time,” Saw Peggy march in place, (Walk was animated but she wasn’t moving) and, while ordering, both Kahuna and Alberto’s mouths still move but the item in the speech bubble doesn’t change. And when I hit the Quit button, it didn’t take me to the title screen! This is very annoying and it makes the game so hard! Can you fix these?😡😡
  • Ok 3/5

    By You Greedy Dirtbag!
    This game needs holidays.
  • Papas blah eria 1/5

    By ioncannons
    I’ve played a my fair share of of pappas games and I can safely say this is the WORST one in the entire series the gameplay is AWFUL the costumers are beyond picky they don’t like anything I give them I only get paid cents literally I get y’all made this in 2010 but really NO stars here guys wasn’t worth a buck either
  • Glitch 🤬😡 5/5

    By JochiDeru
    When I came back after I closed my IPad last time to the store the screen froze completely and when I tried to fix it again nothing happens! Fix it Please!
  • Gordon Ramsay worthy :) 5/5

    By JenC9982
    I really, really love this!! Sometimes it even makes me hungry
  • PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!! 5/5

    By bghjhjbhbbhjbjh
    All your games are great I really want the studio to make more papa game like maybe spaghetti or stuff like it. I got every game type accept the burger one but please make more though😻😻😻😻
  • Hack? 4/5

    By cute baby 101
    So I was playing Blender Ball and when I received my prize there was a bunch of stuff piling on top of each other like the picture of the ticket the prize the coin jar and the money amount was a bunch of nines in a dark green color
  • Awesome game and I have a idea for a update 5/5

    By thefishman77
    This is a fantastic game I am collecting all of the papas games and making it into a folder. Right now I have Donuteria, Freezeria, Wingeria, Burgeria, Cupcakeria, Taco Mia, and Pancakeria. Still got a couple to go, am I right. Ok we are getting off subject, I got a good update that you could use. You know on the Taco Mia you have the chips and dip. Do that but with fries and sauces. How do you like it, you can comment down here right here. | V
  • Adding French Fries and Drinks! 5/5

    By PolancoEmi123
    Can you update the new version of Papa’s Burgeria with French Fries and Drinks and add new employees, and Specials, please?
  • Great game! 5/5

    By 🍭🍽👍😘B
    This must be one of the original flip line games because it doesn’t have all the same features as the other flip line games do. But it is still a great game! If you want to be a chef 👨‍🍳 try this! Make sure you eat a snack before you play this. You might get hungry 😋!
  • The best game🍔 5/5

    By Fantasy4000
    I love this game! All of papas games are the best! So fun to make foods and deserts foe people and then earn tips to buy posters and hats. But I also think you should get like a waiter like in Papas Cupcakeria. I love this game though!!! 🍔
  • Great! But one thing... 3/5

    By unicornMF
    it’s a GREAT game and is great to spend my time doing when I’m board,I absouloutly never get bored with this game at all. BUT...I have one MAJOR issue. I have no idea how to save the game and I would love to learn how to,because I have to always redo the game sadly and it makes me frustrated. So if you could tell me how to I’d love a reply with a notification telling me that you replied, great game!
  • Great game! 5/5

    By #mer❤️gaming/running Razey
    Gets hard, really fun, was addicted! Love this game! 🤩❤️
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By 1 llammamall 1
    I love this game so much, it never gets boring because there’s a lot of things to do, but I would like it if you added papas cheesaria (idk if I spelled that right) that’s my all time favorite papas game and would appreciate it if you added it 😊. Papa’s Burgeria is my second favorite!
  • Only English enables 3/5

    By schpunk
    You said this game provides multiple languages. I chose to buy it because I believed it would be some help for me to start Papa’s game series. But, unfortunately, it seems to provides only English. Hey. I want to know the truth.
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By bluejake509
    Best items and cool hats
  • It's Grate 5/5

    By Valt boy
    The game is grate now just add the other games to the App Store and my life is complete
  • Love all papa games! 5/5

    By 🐺Canis Dirus Lover🐺
    I absolutely love all of your amazing games! They are SO addicting and I never get bored. Are you still bored while watching television or have nothing to do? Well, this is the game you should get! I love your game and I still play it everyday!
  • Consider adding holidays to every game 5/5

    By HannahSpots iiiii
    Hi! These games are fantastic, but, you know what would make them even more fantastic? Holidays in every game you come out with and games that have already come out! And, maybe add all the games on desktop on to mobile too, if you're not working on that.
  • Just WOW!!!!! 5/5

    By Rainflowersun
    This is amazing!!! I have this app and I lovvvvve it!!!! 💚💜❤️💚💜❤️💚💜❤️💚💜❤️💚💜❤️💚💜 Please make more foods!!!! Thanks!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😄😄😄😄😄❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Cat lover Girl😸
    I love how you put the games that are on the computers, on to devices! I love your games and I just like everything you've done so far with the Papa's games. It's amazing!😺
  • Dis game 4/5

    By IceGaming
    So. Dis game. It's... Umghh.. Fun. Yeah it's fun. Gets hard. One thing. When I leave the game after a round it restarts what I just did. Please fix that.
  • Great game 5/5

    By AbeBabe2
    I really love this game.Theres nolags at all. It's super fun which is why you should download it today🙂
  • Awesome and improvements! 5/5

    By DerpyLeopard1664
    Ok, this game got a five star alone cuz it is super FUN!! If you play it on the computer it doesn't have Minigames like the app, and it is more glitchy on the computer. Another way to get more money is to put more games like taco Rica or donut ria, something like that. The 1 and only thing that should be in the update is MAKE YOUR OWN PEOPLE!! -DerpyLeopard THX
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By jazzzzzzzzie
    I used to always play this as a kid online, and it's great that there's anapp now, I play it all of the time. Could you please add Papa's Taco Mia, that was my second favorite next to this one. It would be amazing and I would totally buy it!!
  • Pay for it?! 2/5

    By NEWMOON
    Why do you have to play $2.99 for this when you can play it for free online? It makes no sense.
  • It's amazing 3/5

    By Maille Ianniruberto
    I like it a lot! It's a good game, they should have it after a while you get timed!
  • Tacoria? 5/5

    By Mockingjay175😍😘
    I love all papas games but my favorite is tacoria you should put tacoria on the App Store and all the other ones so u you can make more money and us kids can have more fun with these games😀🌮🌮🌮
  • 🍔burgers!!!!!!🍔 5/5

    By Potatoes 4 Life
    there are two ways you can play this game: 1. To have fun and get the orders perfect or 2. Have fun and mess up the orders😜
  • Love the app it's so cool 4/5

    By Sadhu gamecock
    Epic app I love the game play
  • When??? 5/5

    By Star Trek 2
    So, everyone, including me, wants to know when you guys will come out with the rest of the papa games. The faster you put them out, the more money you'll make, it seems. Anyone care to answer?
  • Its so fun and amazing 👌🏻🙌🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By Ellen the minecraft player
    I play it almost every day for like a good 15 minutes it is worth the money I recommend this game but not on phone because I think it would be hard to move the stuff and etc.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By CharlotteA2003
    I love this game, the fact that you can place the steak or cheese anywhere on the bread is amazing! Plus i would love it even more if there is an update where there would be tables for the costumes to sit down and eat, so that you could have waiters and stuff. Something like that😝
  • GREAT App, just like the online game! 5/5

    By BurgeriaGirl
    I think it is an awesome app and I want to get all of them! I wish there were more apps, like Papa's Cheeseria and Papa's Donuteria and Papa's Pasteria!! The only thing about the game is you can't create your own character, but it is totally amazing otherwise.
  • PLZ 5/5

    By Jazzheaden1243
    CAN U PLZ create all of the flipline studios games like the pancake,dounts,pasta,taco....etc.. Just like all of them plz I would really don't care buying those games because I love them and we I reach the end of all the apps u have right now I won't have nothing else to play so plz hurry and make it I will buy if it's 2.99 or less".................thx FAN PLAYER
  • Needs fixing 5/5

    By Ilovegamee
    This game is great but i have a huge glitch that always annoyed me sometimes when i put the ticket on the "put ticket here" board the game stays in the same screen and wont let me send the burger which makes me have to restart the whole level and reastart the game. please update your games more you havent done it since nov 4 2014

    By Mark V in Larned

    By Hfthbb
    U CANT CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER!!!!!!! I know I know in the pictures it didn't say u could but still it thought u could but that's the only problem the game is fun
  • Make more games! 5/5

    By Stuffy1012
    I love all your games I was playing them since I was little but please put more on the iPad or iPhone please!
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️ whatever. 3/5

    It's cool to play somtimes but its not as good as wingeria and freezeria 3$ for a good cooking stragety game is ok but you can't create your own character i think this is 1 of the older 1s so I would check out the others 👍
  • Apps 5/5

    By GiaTeresaMai
    Please make the other games apps, and launch new games. How bout a sushireia
  • Great way to procrastinate 5/5

    By Jellybean 3009
    I love Papa's Arcade Games. I started playing on the PC when it was just Papa's Pizzeria. Great fun. I love they variety that Flipline has come out with. I would love to see the other Papa's Arcade Games come to iPad and iPhone. I love the pancakeria, I wish it was on mobile. I also thing a Barista version, where we make different coffee drinks would be a great addition to the arcade.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Grueler
    I love this! Making HD games was a great idea! Good luck on the next gameria (hopefully Pieyaria!) Also, I vote for Hacky Zak and Scarlett for PNC winners! I wish you guys the best of luck! ~ Blue.Velvet of the Flipline Forum
  • Make more! 5/5

    By 1bama girl: )
    I play all these games on a computer! I like them so much more on the iPad! Please please please make the rest of these games for the iPad!!!! I want donuts,cupcakes,hot dogs, pasta, pancakes, pizza, and tacos!!!!!! Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BEST GAME EVER!!! 5/5

    By Brantley lane
    Dear Flipline Studios, I think all of the papa's games are so fun to play, and I also think y'all should make more of these games. Like if y'all do make more one of them could be called papa's icecreameria. I also wish that y'all would put all of the papa games in the App Store, and if y'all do make more of these games I wish that y'all would put them in the App Store too. I know that all of these other people are saying that their game crashes and it has a lot of bugs, but mine has never crashed or ever had a bug. It'll be okay if y'all don't make anymore of these games because I'll be satisfied with the games that y'all have already made. And I'm just going to say good job on making the games, and I also love the characters that is on papa's burgeria.