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Discover Voodoo's new game: Your goal? To conquer as much territory as possible. It's initially very simple, and the game can be mastered immediately, but watch out: there's competition, and not everyone can win! Whether you're bold or more careful, you have to be more cunning than your adversaries by finding the best strategy to conquer the most space. But be careful! You have a weak spot: your tail. If an enemy touches it, that's the end for you. Try to stay ahead, because victory in is never certain until you possess all the territory. Stealing is allowed, and your enemies won't hesitate to do so. After the success of Quiz Run, 1 Pic 8 Words, and Bool, Voodoo now offers you a new gaming and graphics experience inspired by io type games (made popular by Enjoy the simplicity and strategy of an io game in a world with unique graphics. is for the whole family and doesn't require an Internet connection.

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  • Just to much adds 1/5

    By jamedtheswitchx
    They like add adds to like make money and it’s basically bots because a stopped the game left it for like 2 hours and everything was the same I would say it’s target is money not entertainment
  • Fun 5/5

    By 83579076433214673763
    Your game is amazing thanks for creating it
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Kjhatblog
    Glitchy and stupid. You shouldn't be able to kill yourself and when people kill me I can't even make it back to the starting screen. It makes me stay there and watch the other computers.
  • 4/5

    By fluffy_socks9
    Update this game
  • Good game, too many ads 3/5

    By Furfty 510
    I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s really enjoyable. The only problem is the creators have added way to many advertisements, and now they’re messing with gameplay and making the app crash. Sometimes I have to restart it just to play a new game, and sometimes I’ll be partway through one game and an ad will pop up, which automatically makes you lose. Also, the “watch video for extra life” doesn’t work. All in all, though, without the ads this game is super fun.
  • Bad Advertisement Rewards. 1/5

    By VIP1101
    I️ like the game but I’m going to delete the app because when I️ die and watch a video for another life I️ never the life. It just says game over. You all make your money with these ads. It’s not fair I️ watch a 30 min video over a stupid game just to not get the reward.
  • 5/5

    By TheBeast_42
    Everything is really good it’s just I lag a lot even though I have good internet and WiFi
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By razorblade74444444zz
    Every time I finish a game there is always a ad
  • Glitch 2/5

    By camielephant
    I played 3 days in a row and it said I unlocked the rose, yet I still can’t play with the rose. When I click on the ‘Unlock’ button for the rose, it says “play 3 consecutive days 3/3 “ and the bar is full. There is definitely a glitch with the rose because when I won it said I earned the rose, yet I can’t play with it.
  • Great game 3/5

    By Dat guy who reviews music
    Great game. not much depth, but addicting and crazy fun. Lousy ads. but I forked over the 3 dollars to get rid of them. worth it. super fun edit: realised you don't play other people, just robots. ruined experience :(
  • Paper i.o. 5/5

    By FranzOne&Only
    It’s r ally fun👍
  • Neat 5/5

    By Biggest Bibba
    This real neat. 👌
  • Love it! But there are minor glitches 5/5

    By Egg baby great
    I love this game! It’s so unique and fun. But sometimes when I click extra life, it shows me the video but doesn’t let get an extra life. This has happened many times. Also the controls are sometimes lagging. If i swipe any direction sometimes it just won’t work! And it’s not only on my device. I’ve tried it on my friends’ devices too and the same thing happens. But altogether this is a really fun game. And I still rated it 5 stars because those glitches are minor and can easily be fixed!
  • Good but need to make a few different things 4/5

    By mlp reactions
    Ok the game is pretty awesome but i keep doing the extra life and then I watch an add and I watched it and then I didn’t get the extra life then I had to watch a another add
  • Change back 3/5

    By Hadiebug
    I like the new version but I liked the old one better where you paid your coins for characters so can you make a thing where you can do it with coins again
  • Why 1/5

    By Evo kid
    They spa n in guys right. Ext to you who kill you just as you almost beat your old high score!
  • Hi 1/5

    By 😁😊😭
    Stupd addictive 🎮📍
  • kinda good 3/5

    By surly wombat13333333333
    so this game is very fun! BUT, it is not fun when you are doing your challenges cause there is a ad at the side and when you tap it the game is still going then you die by accidentally tapping something 🙄
  • So fun 5/5

    By coolcatsandpoo
    I like dis game dis is fun game me and my sis like dis game we do fun challenges in dis game I like to kill de bots because I am King Piggy and I like killing to win games but I can *not* win and it sad
  • Has bugs 3/5

    By Jameegwallace
    The new update requires you to accomplish goals in order to unlock a character. To get the donut, you have to crash with the cop car 15 times. To get the unicorn, you have to play 7 consecutive days. The bugs lie within this. It doesn’t correctly calculate the consecutive days. I play every day but every day it starts me back at 0. I’ve been trying to unlock the unicorn with no luck. The most I got it to was 5 days and then it put me back at 0....again, I’ve been playing daily so it shouldn’t have restarted the count. And I’ve crashed the cop car but it doesn’t calculate the number to unlock the donut. So I thought it meant you had to crash with another players cop car. I finally found one and crashed with it, died, checked the number and it still didn’t calculate it 🤦🏼‍♀️ these aren’t working. Can we go back to collecting diamonds for killing someone and then using the diamonds to unlock characters?
  • Ads 1/5

    By CarterMarkham
    This game should be called “Ads” because that’s all you’ll see.
  • 3/5

    By MPepper4
    It is a good game but I rated it 3 stars because it gets boring after awhile
  • I 5/5

    By jonnie.boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    like turtles
  • Ads still coming up after “Remove Ads” Purchase 1/5

    By GWA777
    Love the game. My kids play it all the time, but the ads are not for kids so I purchased the “Remove Ads” for $2.99 and they still come up. There is no settings function to stop them. There is no way to get my money back. Don’t waste your money. They will still come up. What a ripoff!
  • UGH!!!!!! 1/5

    By Bad game VooDoo.
    It's to hard, it moves and I am not even touching it, and! And, I died to early once!!!!!!!!!! Your game is so DUMB AND STUPID!
  • Cool 5/5

    By cuteariahb
    This game is awesome I love the squares you guys have to play with
  • Remove some ads 4/5

    By equestrain coconut
    This is my FAVORITE game ever! But there are Waaaayyyyyyy to much ads. I'm fine with one or two every now and then. But seriously every time I die BOOM there's an ad in my face. Just please please please take away some of the ads. PLEASE! Also i unlocked the cupcake but it says I havent. The requirements are play 100 games. I have played over 100 games and it said it gave it to me i just cant use it. Please fix that PLEASE!
  • It was OKAY 2/5

    By puppyluverabc123
    Really hard, you are playing computers, because you are paying computers they ONLY kill you, it was kind of fun but I would prefer over this.
  • is... read the review 4/5

    By Nightleaf of ForestClan
    The title isn’t going to state my opinion. Read this on your own to find out how I feel. I’m gonna format this review in an easy to understand and kind manner. Start with the good, then go to the not so good, suggestions then give my final thoughts. Ok? Ok. Good: 1. NO LAG! Even though you use just bots it’s honestly better! 2. It’s really fun! I could play it all day! 3. The challenges are a really good idea. My favorite challenges are the special map challenges! 4. The visuals are nice. Bad: 1. Ads. As I’m writing this an ad is continually playing on the side of my screen. One time while I was playing, and add showed up at the corner of my screen and it made things hard. If they only showed after you died adds would be no problem. 2. The bots for this game are incredibly stupid. Please make them smarter. Suggestions: 1. I’d kinda like an online mode and an offline mode. 2. Could you make the special map an actual level? Even one of the suggestions I made would be good. Final thought. Great, but still needs some work. I would give it a full five star rating if you fixed the issues I stated. My suggestions are just ideas, it’s your choice to add them, because you don’t have to. I won’t stop playing because you didn’t add this, I won’t stop playing if you don’t fix the problems with it, because it’s so much fun! 8/10! 4/5 Stars! Super fun! But still flawed.
  • Perpetuating a bad system 1/5

    By Tom hanks is amazing
    This game is retarded I want to see all the developers living in squalor, it says that it’s a game but it’s just a bunch of ads with small pieces of content in the middle of you watch an add to stay alive longer they have you watch it then they say that you died despite seeing the add and then boot you straight into another add. When I downloaded the game I knew it was a cash grab, but I didn’t know it was this shameless of a cash grab, any sane person would avoid this app, stop supporting this cycle of repeated ads. - Sincerely, Guest_1571
  • ❤️ 5/5

    By Avery Olivia
    I really love this game. It passes time when your bored and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Very addicting
  • Fun & Addictive, but lacking 4/5

    By Chase Rebecca
    Needs more incentives, challenges/rewards, and maps. Maybe even a mode with power ups
  • Ads 3/5

    By CREATIVE A 11941
    I love but you have so many ads cause on the side there’s an ad and it distracts me so I die. I also don’t like how when I use an extra life I watch the whole video but then it plays another video and I have to start all over again. And one time I used an extra life and it started over. Sometimes I go close to the wall and then I turn but it says I didn’t so I die. That is why I rated your game a 3.
  • To much adds 4/5

    By billynaciste
    You should not be offering adds at the end of each try that means extra lives
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By 1435yo mama
    I luv this game so much the only thing I want to know is if it’s an offline game because it has NO LAG at all wich is great! Also the ads are pretty annoying but other than that it’s a great game!
  • Avatars not unlocked 3/5

    By Nessa86912
    I’ll do exactly what it says to unlock an avatar and it doesn’t unlock or it’ll say it unlocked but when I go to look it’s not unlocked! That’s why I liked the game because of the challenges to unlock things but why try if it doesn’t work.
  • i need help 1/5

    By Joslinciprian
    i clicked on app purchase to remove adds and it went rihht through and now i lost $20 is there any way i can get a refund because i didn’t mean to click on the remove adds
  • Ads are to much!! 1/5

    By Rex343434
    I love this game!!! It is a five star game! However I have paid to get rid of the ads and you found a way to put them in! If I could leave no stars I would!
  • Esther 5/5

    By esther_animaljammer
    It’s the best game ever it stress less
  • Are you kidding me!? 3/5

    By Fancy fancy unicorn
    So you get characters for different reasons, right so one of the characters was a UNICORN 🦄🦄🦄 you would have to play for seven day strait. Right so I had played for SIX DAYS STRAIT and then ALL my days disappeared. And I usually LOVE his game but really?
  • 4/5

    By kimia.n
    My parents tell me not to play but I still play
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By the picollage lover
    I thunk is a amazing game bc it allows you to see like how much stuff you can do and that somethings you can’t or you will have to restart you really have to pay attention and I really like it ;)

    By OkayBaiBaiDumby
    Well first you can’t die when you touch yourself, Second we run into each other not kill the trails, THIRD YOU SHOULD MAKE SOME CHANGES
  • Pretty Rad 5/5

    By Awesome banana Anna
    This game is soooo cool! It’s not conplicated or irritating. It’s almost fun to die because you can go back and try to get the person back! Once you are the king you can build bigger and bigger and bigger till you take the whole space! Thanks to the AMAZING creators of the amazing game that I will always love! Pls respond to me and I’ll write another good review!!!!!
  • So tired of ads killing me 1/5

    By PnkestOne
    I purchased the “no ads” version, but to “continue” your game you have to watch a 30 second ad... recently many of those ads now kill you even though you watch the entire ad. Soooo tired and frustrated of having 74% and waiting through an ad only to be killed! I loved this game, but am growing really tired of this issue. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE
  • Bad moving mechanics 3/5

    By voodoo wizard 99
    This is a great game but it needs a joy stick mechanic cause the swipe is just a pain and you cannot react quickly to anything that might happen.
  • Adds 3/5

    By lol4738
    When I do the challenges, adds always come up and I die. It’s really frustrating. 😡
  • Howdy my dudes 5/5

    By MyGuy69
    It’s Gucci
  • G 5/5

    By bsbdvvd
    Good job
  • Ads 1/5

    By Tape Jeff Dun
    TOO MANY ADS TOO MANY OF THEM app comments


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