Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Hindsight Labs LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
32,448 Ratings
$ 4.99

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 App

Organize your recipes. Create grocery lists. Plan your meals. Download recipes from your favorite websites. Seamlessly sync to all your devices. Features • Recipes - Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own. • Grocery Lists - Create smart grocery lists that automatically combine ingredients and sort them by aisle. • Pantry - Use the pantry to keep track of which ingredients you have and when they expire. • Meal Planner - Plan your meals using our daily, weekly, or monthly calendars. • Menus - Save your favorite meal plans as reusable menus. • Sync - Keep your recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans synced between all your devices. • Adjust - Scale ingredients to your desired serving size, and convert between measurements. • Cook - Keep the screen on while cooking, cross off ingredients, and highlight your current step. • Search - Organize your recipes into categories and subcategories. Search by name, ingredient, and more. • Timers - Cook times are automatically detected in your directions. Simply tap on one to start a timer. • Import - Import from existing apps such as MacGourmet, YummySoup!, MasterCook & Living Cookbook. • Export - Export your meal plans to Calendar and your grocery lists to Reminders. • Share - Share recipes via AirDrop or email. • Print - Print recipes, grocery lists, menus, and meal plans. Recipes support multiple print formats including index cards. • Extensions - Save recipes directly in Safari and view today's scheduled meals. • Bookmarklet - Download recipes from any browser straight into your Paprika Cloud Sync account. • Offline Access - All of your data is stored locally. No internet connection is required to view your recipes. What's New in 3.0 • iPhone X and iOS 11 support. • iOS app is now universal. • Multitasking support on iPad. • Add multiple, full-sized photos to each recipe. Embed photos in your directions. • Insert links to other recipes or websites in your ingredients or directions. • Format recipes using bold and italics. • Convert ingredient measurements between standard and metric. • Search for recipes across multiple categories. • Add custom aisles to your grocery list and re-arrange them in your preferred order. • Create multiple grocery lists. • Add custom ingredients to the pantry. Track quantities, purchase dates, and expiration dates. • Move items back and forth between the pantry and grocery list. • Add custom meal types to the meal planner. • Create reusable menus that span multiple days. Platforms Paprika is available on multiple platforms so you can access it on all of your devices. Please note that each version is sold separately.

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Paprika Recipe Manager 3 app reviews

  • Great app needs shortcuts support 5/5

    By Treezrppl2
    This app solved a problem for me I had been dreaming about for a long time. Love it. That said, I wish it had Shortcuts support. Being able to see what’s on the menu tonight or add to the grocery list from outside the app via Siri or Shortcut hotkey would really ease the workflow for getting non-ingredient from a website stuff into the app and making it a far more central piece of my planning process. Again, love the app tho.
  • Best App Investment I Have Made 5/5

    By TiHs2018
    Great application for categorizing recipes. Easy to scale recipes up or down. The exporting and importing function is a time saver as it is easy to share recipes with family and friends who use the application. My only disappointment is that when you change units to metric it converts dry ingredients to volumes in mL and not mass in grams. I am used to weighing ingredients in grams on scales. I am disappointed that I can not import pdf files. I have spent countless hours typing up family recipes and saving them as a pdf file to add to Apple Books. I would like to add them to Paprika and have one source for recipes but cannot without blocking, copying and pasting.
  • Best app I’ve ever had!!! 5/5

    By Watermelon1234567
    This is seriously the coolest app. Hands down the easiest way to keep and categorize all of my recipes. Love all the extra features too like turning the recipes into a comprehensive shopping list. Best $5 I’ve ever spent!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Propertwb
    I’ve owned a few recipe apps but this one is the best. The import feature is fantastic no matter the site. Great app!
  • I love this and use it daily 5/5

    By Citybluesgirl
    I use this app daily and love it. Not only do I store recipes but I make my grocery list w/ it and I keep my pantry/refrigerator/freezer inventory in it. Bravo on making an easy to use app w/ lots of functionality. I love that you can scale recipes automatically too.
  • Love the App but Customer Service Not So Much 4/5

    By Lynig
    Paprika is a great app for people who love to cook and love being organized. Unfortunately, I did something and lost all recipes in my categories and have received no response or support from their customer service, after multiple attempts asking for help. Thus the four stars.
  • Another money scam 1/5

    By Peabarter
    I bought this app for my phone and then checked my iMac App Store and they require you to pay another $30 to have it on both devices. Where is my discount after investing money in your software? You can't share recipes with friends that you talked into getting the app. The export should allow you to export one recipe to email and then your friend should be able to import it from his email. The only way I think you can share a recipe is using the iCloud. I'm not signing up for an iCloud subscription just to share recipes with my friend. This is a total money grab and a classic example of double dipping the customer. Total Fail!
  • Love it so much, been using it for years! 5/5

    By Lunatonks
    I'm so thankful for this app! I'm a picky eater, and it just doesn't make sense to buy lots of cookbooks and only make one or two recipes out of each one. Paprika basically lets you create your own cookbook with recipes you collect from blogs across the internet, as well as adding your own recipes to the app. After years of use, I have hundreds of recipes, and I advise you to get in the habit of categorizing recipes when you add them. This makes it easier to find what you're looking for later! The latest update that added scaling for alternate measurements was great, and I appreciate that the developers are continuing to update the app. I love the integrated timers and the ability to plan meals and automatically generate grocery lists. All in all, this is one of the most useful apps on my phone and SO worth the purchase price! I also REALLY appreciate that the app is an outright purchase and hasn't moved to the subscription model!
  • Suggestion!! 5/5

    By onken82
    Could you make a layout on devices so we can scroll through viewing just one saved recipe at a time? (Vs. Multiple thumbnails)
  • Love this app, has a bug though 4/5

    By ledeakin87
    App often crashes when you edit a recipe and cut from one section and try to paste in another.
  • Really good recipe organizer 4/5

    By meg8x
    I really like this app and think it’s worth the price. It downloads recipes pretty seamlessly, and I like being able to make weekly menus that have the recipe link imbedded. I would love it even more and would give it 5 stars if it could also scan paper recipes. I’m talking about cleanly printed and formatted recipes like the ones I get in the King Arthur catalogs. They frequently do not make these recipes available on their website, so I have a drawer full of catalogs with precious recipes and would like to add them to Paprika.
  • Great! 5/5

    By PAMc1414
    This app is Great! I use it all the time! You can download to it or add your own recipes. You can mark favorite, add to a grocery list, and it even has a timer! It is so easy to use! I highly recommend purchasing this app!!!
  • Recipe locker 5/5

    By Sunland again
    Easy to use and a great place to retain a multitude of various recipes.
  • Please make a widget 4/5

    By qwerty009162
    New to this app although highly rated I think a widget would make it easier to use more often. Thank you
  • Love the app, BUT 4/5

    By Nav Saint
    Introduce some WIDGETS!!! It would be great to have easier access to the grocery list!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Dotsie1
    Finally an easy way to grab and save recipes. And edit them. Fantastic.
  • Fantastic App, the very best ever! 5/5

    By FoodieSharonH
    I love this app! So nice to be able to download all the various recipes I find online and be able to organize them into different custom folders and sub folders that make sense to me. I make often use of the abilities of the app to convert and adjust the size of the recipe to suit my needs and the ability to edit, add, or delete ingredients and/or instructions. It is truly a customized cookbook. I have downloaded just over 3500 recipes and this App is my go to first for cooking inspiration. In the version, I would love to see the ability to search by website in my downloaded recipes in order to find recipes from my very favorites more quickly. Just a thought.
  • Best Cooking App Ever 5/5

    By Redbird9045
    This app is a powerhouse! Use it to find, curate, and organize your recipes. Add your recipes to the built-in calendar and shopping list. Then open it for a simple interface while cooking and baking. This has improved our diet and meal prep a hundredfold.
  • Love it , 5/5

    By Mgtgib
    I brag about this app all the time. It is everything you could hope for. It has paid for itself many times. Ive had it over 10 years. Thank you.
  • Amazing Recipe App 5/5

    By Ellen Allard
    I’ve use numerous methods for saving and accessing recipes. This is hands-down the best I’ve ever used. It is so easy to use, so easy to grab recipes from my phone and import them into the app, easy to make menus, easy to rate, I can’t say enough about it. And so much more. At first, I thought I would miss being able to use it on my laptop. But I soon realized that I can access it on both my iPhone and my iPad and that is sufficient for my use. If you’re not sure how to use it, there are lots of helpful online tutorials, just do a search.
  • Great Recipe App 5/5

    By brian.bowling
    This recipe application has a lot going for it. It organize your recipes well and does a great job of syncing them across your devices. I like that you can categorize your recipes however you want to and even create nested categories. Where I think it really excels however is its ability to download recipes from various web sites. I don’t think I’ve found a recipe online yet that paprika hasn’t been able to parse and add to the database. It’s like magic. The pantry feature feels a bit strange to me however. I’m not sure how many people have “aisles” in their home pantry. I also wish I could scan items into and out of the pantry by bar code.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By The Realz Max Powers
    The best way to save and track recipes ever!
  • BEST APP EVER! 5/5

    By Young Thinker
    I have had this app for years. My husband and I share a grocery list on his phone and mine. I can add things to it while he’s at the store that updates live. I have a whole list of all my regular items in the pantry section when it comes time to build my grocery list, I just walk around the kitchen and select all the things on the list that I need and in one tap, all those things are added to my grocery list! So easy! I also use the meal section to help communication between me and my husband. There’s no question what the plan is for dinner each night. He knows if it’s on the calendar in this app then I’ve got groceries for it. And if it’s a new recipe he can just tap on it right there in the meal calendar and the recipe pops up. My kids even join in with surprising me with dinner sometimes because it’s all right there so organized. I also love putting this up on split screen on my iPad next to my H-E-B grocery store online shopping app. So fast! I only have eight apps on my home screen of my iPhone. These are the ones that I use every single day and Paprika 3 is definitely one of them! This app has been the glue for our family’s nutrition!
  • Brilliantly executed 5/5

    By GoldfishBowl
    One of my favorite apps of all time. I use nearly every single day. Flawlessly syncs between iPhone, iPad and MacOS. Love everything about it.
  • It works 5/5

    By fotoshirl
    The only recipe app I’ve ever stuck with. Love that I can easily download recipes. I’ve used it for several years now. Convenient when I’m out shopping and can just lookup what ingredients I need.
  • The best!!! 5/5

    By Randysusan
    Been using this every day for years. All my friends and family use it as well. I have the Mac version as well for easily typing new recipes from my cook books.
  • Best App I have 5/5

    By almostasgoodasyou
    I invested in this app by purchasing it for three different devices: my laptop, my iPad, and my phone. It is, hands-down, my favorite app because I can download recipes so easily from online, adjust them, notate, share, put in my weekly recipe lineup, use to create my shopping list, and sit on my counter for my recipe book. I have passed on my love for this app to all of my children, many of my friends, and even acquaintances when the subject comes up, which happens since I do a lot of cooking and baking. I am sure that I have sold scores of people on this app. I am a fan!
  • Almost 5 stars 4/5

    By mellypreads
    Love this app. Best experience importing recipes. I wish meal planning and grocery list made it easy to meal prep. I have to manually add recipes from recipe list when I want to make extra to freeze. Also would be great to be able to combine items (ex. spiraled zucchini and chopped) on grocery list without loosing what the item is for. Would be great to be able to add notes to a week, not just day and specific meal
  • Good so far 4/5

    By Mr. Toe
    This is a great way to keep recipes, i haven’t messed with the other features yet.
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By pep1284746
    I love this app! I download all of my recipes or add ones I have already, manually. It’s so easy to use ~ everything is in one spot. I can create a menu calendar, update it easily, as needed and it always with me! I hight recommend this app to anyone who loves to cook and collect recipes.
  • Perfect Recipe Catalog App 5/5

    By a__d__m
    Very helpful and easy to use. Much better than copy pasting recipes, or saving in browser bookmarks, which disappear when links break or sites are deleted. Keep up the good work!
  • Excellent app but poor update scheme 4/5

    By plaintiger
    This is by far my favorite recipe-keeping app. It's not also a huge database of other people's recipes that I have to wade through or have pushed in my face when I'm not looking for other people's recipes, and the importing system is fantastic. I send a recipe to it from the web and it shows up perfectly and flawlessly, complete with a photo (provided there was one in the original recipe on the web, of course). The app is really pretty indispensable. The developers seem to know this, however, and charge for each successive update – plus they don't even seem to notify you of this in the old version you've already got on your phone, but let you just keep using it until you start to encounter bugs and decide to go looking to see if there's a new version on the App Store. There is, and it's gonna cost you. I have to admit though: the quality of the app justifies continually paying for it. I may not like paying for each version, especially when money is tight, but the developers do earn and deserve the price they ask.
  • Helpful and flexible 5/5

    By cse11
    I appreciate how intuitive the app is, and it’s functionality
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By heater226
    I absolutely love this app and use it every day for meal planning and recipes. I love that I can find a recipe I like on Pinterest, copy the link, open it in the browser section on paprika and download the recipe. I don’t have to scroll through all the blog stuff or try to find the recipe in all of the ads. The only issue I have is I wish there was a better way to organize the recipes. I haven’t been categorizing them as I download them so I have a ton of recipes all mixed up. I want to put them into the right category but I have to go through them individually, and that would take me forever! They need to have the edit button, (where you can select multiple recipes to delete) also give you the option to add multiple to a category. But other than that it’s amazing.
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Zibbiedawn
    And I use it on a daily basis. It’s especially helpful when planning for big gatherings or holidays. One request, if I go to download a recipe and I’ve already got it, I’d love a hint that I already have it.
  • Must pay for app for each device 1/5

    By 0ne_Love_69
    I’ve had this app for many years and loved it. When I began it was a one time purchase. Suddenly, I had to pay for the app again (or lose all my recipes) and on top of that I must separately purchase the app again to be able to access my recipes on my laptop !!! Unbelievable, very disappointed. If it weren’t for the years of building recipes in this app I wouldn’t continue to use it.
  • Best cooking app in a long time 5/5

    By Adair1029
    For years I’ve struggled to remember where I got my favorite recipes from on line. Now, I no Longer have long lost recipes and I can easily share them with friends.
  • Easy to use, full of features, responsive developers 5/5

    By Chris U
    I got this on my mother’s recommendation and use it for all my recipes now. It’s very easy to use and syncs across my devices. Best of all, it’s easy enough for my mother to use that she can share recipes with me without my having to walk her through the process. I also had a good experience reporting a bug to the developers. Highly recommend.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Hopetoquilt
    Easiest to use and most useful app I have ever purchased
  • Lost recipes 2/5

    By falts3tas
    This an upgrade from Paprika 2 to 3. I did everything to back up also on the server with my email address, unfortunately everything is gone even when the the up said that my back up is done Thank you Paprika
  • Completely worth the money! 5/5

    By Chrisdanb
    My son has been telling me about this app for a few years and I finally got around to using it. So disappointed it took me so long!! Keeps recipes with dietary info, allows for photos and notes. Create weekly menus, checks your pantry for ingredients, generates grocery lists based on the weekly menu. I’m just getting starter but already consider this an essential daily app.
  • The Best 5/5

    By jLoats
    I just love this app!
  • Use it every day!! 5/5

    By Ae1234
    I love this app and use it almost every day! It’s so simple to grab recipes from a website: copy the url and paste into the app, click download, choose a category and save. Done! Love it!
  • Original app was free and worked better😠 1/5

    By cdatlas
    It’s all in the title, the original paprika app was free and I have it on two of my devices; however I wanted to put it on my wife’s devices and discovered it’s no longer on the App Store. Instead, there’s now this $4.99 garbage. Why is it garbage do you ask? Well on the original app when I would load a web page to copy a recipe it never failed to download, worked 100% of the time. Paprika 3 fails to download about 75% of the time so far. Sure, it says you can use the clipboard, but that doesn’t always work either. Garbage and greed, give me back access to the free app that works ALL the time not this failing crap. Update: still fails to download recipes nearly every time; fail to load is now up from 75% to 100%. Your last update said it fixed bugs but this is arguably the biggest “bug” in the app!
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Apple Aficionado
    This app has everything you need to keep all your recipes organized.
  • You need this app! 5/5

    By Jennilinsharie
    Okay I know what you’re thinking, but yes the price is 100% with it! I have had this app for two years and have created my own little collection of recipes, and I can go back and find something a friend or family member really liked! I can also track what I have on hand so when I run out I go in and make a shopping list! This has very quickly become one of my favourite apps ever made!!
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By MelzieC
    Can’t believe I haven’t dropped a review for this yet. I’ve been using Paprika for a number of years now - and I looooooove it! I have 700+ recipes stored and all filed by categories. Being able to add an entire recipes’ worth of ingredients to a shopping list makes marketing a snap. I’d be lost without it.
  • Who Knew This Gem Was Lurking In the Back Of My Kitchen Pantry For So Long! 5/5

    By oatlandsdingo
    I added Paprika to my stable of apps many years ago when it was a free app: I have vague memories of not think too much of it at the time and quickly moved on to other culinary apps. Fast forward at least a decade and my favourite food app is no more. On his way out the door, that app’s designer recommended we migrate our recipe collections over to Paprika. Wailing “Woe is me!”, I did just that - and promptly discovered the perfect cooking app. Intuitive with just the right number of bells & whistles, the app is a pleasure to use. I just wish I’d listened to all my friends who’d been raving about this app for years!
  • Works great for adding new recipes from the internet 3/5

    By vs113
    I bought this primarily to manage my large recipe collection, some of which are printed and others saved to my computer. I don’t know where I got the impression I’d be able to scan recipes into the app, but you CANNOT. My mistake. The import feature seems to bring recipes over from other recipe manager websites and apps, not my existing files. There is apparently a way to import via iTunes file sharing which I have never used but will give it a try. The Apple website itself doesn’t seem to recommend iTunes file sharing. This app has some cool features like adding recipe ingredients to a shopping list. It did a great job importing some of my favorite recipes from Allrecipes. If you’re just learning to cook and starting to build your recipe collection you will probably love this, but I need more options for importing recipes.
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