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Paramount Network App

Enjoy Yellowstone, Bar Rescue, Ink Master, Lip Sync Battle and more, available right in the palm of your hand with the Paramount Network app. The latest episodes, behind-the-scenes clips, and blockbuster movies are just a tap away. Watch full episodes from your favorite series the day after they air. Sign in with your TV or cable provider to unlock even more episodes and exclusive content, including: • Yellowstone • Bar Rescue • Ink Master • Lip Sync Battle • CMT's The Last Cowboy • TV Land’s Younger Signing in with your TV provider is simple: Just tap on Settings, select your provider, and log in with your provider user name and password. For more details about signing in with your TV provider, contact [email protected] APP FEATURES: • We save your spot, so that you never miss a scene. Can't finish an episode? Continue watching right where you left off. Just tap on the series you were watching, and our video player does the rest. • Stream Live TV. That's right -- you can even watch Paramount Network in real time when you sign in with your TV provider. • Chromecast support lets you cast your favorite shows to your TV. Just hook up your TV and your Chromecast device. The Paramount Network app requires iOS 11.2 or later. Full episode streaming is available within the U.S. only. For help, contact [email protected] For more information about this app and online behavioral advertising, check out The Terms of Use for this app include arbitration for disputes -- see Privacy Policy: Cookies Policy: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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Paramount Network app reviews

  • Make up your mind 1/5

    By Mljohnson1123
    What a way to confuse the older generation with the variety of apps all showing the same content. CBS, Paramount (wo the plus) paramount (with the plus), all show the same content. Paramount wo the plus, is for you to log in with your TV provider. Paramount with the plus is your paid monthly subscription and CBS, well I’m not sure. But whatever it is has completely confused the boomer generation or the children of the boomer generation that is trying to help them navigate this world of tv streaming. It’s maddening!! “No it’s paramount + you pay for and watch your shows on.” “No it was paramount wo the plus, before that it was CBS.” Good lord!! Just make an app that people can log in. If you’re a paying subscriber then have content unlocked. If you’re not a paying subscriber then lock most recent content. Why the need for all the various apps and changing their names to this and that? One app, make it easier to navigate. It’s ridiculous! CBS entity is probably the most confusing of all the major network apps. Is that about corporate not agreeing on a system so let’s make everyone happy? Has nothing to do with the paying customers. Very annoying.
  • Paying the monthly bill for many months 1/5

    By sharky-doo-doo
    I’m 77 years old and sometimes have a problem down stuff on my TV. It’s a Samsung. I go to channel 743 and it says I don’t have the program but yet I’m been paying for it. Please help me
  • Want to watch commercials, well then Paramount is the app for you 1/5

    By Tski012
    My time is not respected by Paramount due to its commercials every few minutes. It’s worse than watching over the air tv. As soon as I’m done watching Yellowstone, I’ll be done with this horrible, waste of my time app. Nobody at Paramount obviously watches the app they developed.
  • Sub par features 1/5

    By katiek07
    App doesn’t resume shows where you left off so you have to watch a ton of commercials just to skip to where you left off. It also doesn’t offer the little window where you can see the scene you’re forwarding to so it’s Russian roulette to find your place. Casting feature is also spotty. In an age where these things largely aren’t an issue with other streaming apps it’s super frustrating.
  • Paramount + 1/5

    By Alex J Nabours
    I guess if I can’t watch it then I’ll be getting my money back plus interest. FIX IT!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Bri_262
    I’m paying for this stupid service that I can’t ever use because the app NEVER works and is so glitchy. It constantly crashes or won’t even work at all. Such a disappointment. I will be canceling my subscription
  • Complete Rubbish 1/5

    By rwtheone77
    Wanted to subscribe to watch Yellowstone. Apparently need a “live” television subscription with a “live” tv carrier. Good grief!
  • Paramount network 4/5

    By sonic2341
    Bug fixes
  • Yellowstone 1/5

    By 9ty2nothyn
    Tried to watch Yellowstone which I’ve never seen before. The only season available was 5. What happened to 1-4? Makes no sense whatsoever to start with season 5, I’m sure it has something to do with money but it’s a Ad supported service so now I’m just confused.
  • Way too many ads 2/5

    By HaydenGraham1325
    If I’m subscribed to paramount+ already I should be able to opt out of ads for paramount network
  • Super frustrating 1/5

    By rickdwaters
    Trying to watch Yellowstone. Absolutely ridiculous that it’s split between this service and Peacock, for one. But, I digress. Sit through a forever amount of commercials to then be hit by a “video unavailable.” It even does the last season recap. Also, why is this app in portrait mode on an iPad? I think this app takes first place, beating out HBO Max as my least favorite way to watch anything.

    By Someone else1230
    Probably the worst streaming app I’ve ever used. Always freezing, way to many ads and so many hoops to jump through to get it to work. The Apple box app doesn’t work 90% of the time so we use the iPhone version and screen share. And that freezes about half the time. The only reason I have it one star is because you have to give it something.
  • Casting 1/5

    By Ernesto64
    Worst streaming app out there, same with paramount +
  • Never works 1/5

    By freveiws
    Everytime I go to use it it will load Home Screen then it flips off and goes back to main Home Screen. I’ve looked but there appears to be zero support for the app. No faq no place to email or chat etc. looks like the just want the money
  • A Pirates Life For Me 1/5

    By bheathcastle
    Just stream the content elsewhere. The biggest crime is this pathetic app. It’ll make me watch 6 ads, then the last one will get caught in a loop and skip, causing me to have to restart the app. Then I have to watch 6 ads again. They have stolen more time from me by making me watch duplicate ad cycles than I care to admit. Put Yellowstone on Paramount+ or give it back to Peacock because this is pathetic. It’s 2023. It shouldn’t be impossible to legally stream content.
  • You will feel taken 1/5

    By SallyMaria
    You won’t be able to see Yellowstone, and the other great series they have will have ads every five minutes. Taylor Sheridan has done some great work, but I wish he had his own network. I’m paying for Paramount Plus, but I really feel taken by This network.
  • Still garbage 1/5

    By J-Flow1
    Wrote a review already but the dev seemed to need to give me pointers on what to do on my end. Nope, it’s your app. It’s trash.
  • ADS with occasional break for show 1/5

    By Feddie TheLegend
    You spend more time watching bad commercials than watching the show. They played a 45 second commercial, showed the production company briefly then played an over 2 1/2 minute commercial. Such a poor experience I convinced my wife to cancel our subscription. We will buy the digital version of the show. I’m also cancelling Paramount+ simply because having 2 apps is ridiculous anyway, and this company cares more about commercials than entertainment. Thanks for helping us reduce our monthly bills!
  • Get ONE app that works not 3! 1/5

    By love2garden
    It’s ridiculous that I have to figure out how to watch different seasons of a show on different apps. Yellowstone for example. Put it all on one app! And the volume on Paramount + is always low. I have to turn up my tv for every show I watch on it and then turn it back down for other apps. Picture is always blurry to begin with, words and lips aren’t in sync. And screen goes black during every commercial break. I have to exit and get back in to see it again.
  • Terrible terrible 1/5

    By rafaelacalvao
    I’m pretty tech savvy and boy does this app and website give me stress. Nothing works. There’s glitch’s and nothing connects with eachother. Resetting my tv provider password over and over for it to not even work. I tried countless different methods to get it working. Hours wasted and still nothing. What a waste. I’d give it zero stars if possible
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Whazu
    Going back 10 seconds causes you to watch 3 minutes of ads, even if you just watched ads. Incredibly frustrating app
  • Never works! Videos are never available 1/5

    By JoanieWB
    This APP is the worse! The videos are never available. Just the commercials. No customer service. Total waste of time.
  • The. Worst. 1/5

    By Okie woodsman
    Worst app in the history of streaming.
  • Worst of all streaming services. 1/5

    By Aflduluth
    The app is terrible. Always bugs out and makes me go back to the beginning of the episode and I have to sit through 5 minutes of commercials. Also, Paramount+ doesn’t come with paramount network? Terrible app.
  • More Ads than content 1/5

    By Bonnie blue belle
    I subscribe to this app to watch Yellowstone. It’s all ads all the time. As an example, I’m in minute six trying to watch an episode and it’s all ads. It’s giving me plenty of time to write this review. I will avoid this network going forward. It comes in my cable package. I’ll just carefully record all my shows and delete this app.
  • Commercials… thought we were done with this 1/5

    By b.lock
    Unbelievable amount of commercials. Thought we ditched this with cable. SMH
  • Paramount 2/5

    By gypsysbox
    It’s a bad app can’t get it to play then it doesn’t stay on buffers
  • Trying to sign in. 2/5

    By Feedsack
    I have tried several times to sign in and keeps going back and asking for my password. I have never had a password in this app but nowhere does it allow me to put in a new password. VERY FRUSTATING. I have given you every thing else you have asked for. Why do you make this not user friendly.
  • Terrible! 2/5

    By TheSameOldG
    This app is terrible! Why is it so hard to watch Yellowstone! Why can you not watch on Paramount +???
  • Terrible App Quality 1/5

    By AlexHatesThisApp
    I love Paramount shows, but this app is terrible. Shows buffer just about every 5 minutes, picture goes in and out of focus, & streaming fails at least once per episode I watch. I have tried on different TVs, iPhone, iPad- all with similar result. My newest Samsung tv doesn’t even have the Paramount Network App, only Paramount+… if you think I’d pay for such piss poor quality, you’re sorely mistaken. Likely, Paramount become too popular without first developing the infrastructure necessary to sustain heavy traffic.

    By Commander colt
    The menu overlay does not go away when watching live tv on an Apple TV. It is really annoying please fix it. It has been an issue for months now.
  • Stop trying to make us buy paramount plus 2/5

    By RegalRaven
    Shows stop playing while watching live. Just spinning and shuddering. Has great shows but forcing us to buy plus to watch these shows is ridiculous
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By D. Madge
    App always crashes and has constant issues with playing and connection yet other apps work fine with no issues! The worst part about the app is the developers can give two craps about fixing it as long as they’re making money, they don’t care!
  • Taking customers money 1/5

    By Darkqueenz365
    I downloaded the paramount network app and started a trip so that I could begin paying for my subscription like any other of the apps I use ie:HBO max,stars,etc. All I wanted to do was watch Yellowstone season 5 I have paramount+ from my cable provider, and my accounts is connected to my internet service login so why am I being charged for paramount +…If support staff can’t help with billing issues than what are they there for.. push contact us and it take you to automated texting the support staff… you gotta be kidding me. All I need to know is how to cancel the subscription very unsatisfied customer.
  • Getting annoyed 1/5

    By Jtry2001
    I was waiting to get this finally did I signed up and I signed into the app but after I sign it takes me back to the sign in again and that’s all it does can’t watch anything so canceling this
  • Quite possibly the worst app ever 1/5

    By HBO No Go12345
    Wow, seriously this is the worst app. Like it’s 2014 in terms of stability and functionality. No wonder Netflix own the content race. This dumb app is pixelated all the time, commercials are blacked out and then you have to restart the app to bring the picture back… I can go on and on. What a miserable waste.
  • Way too many commercials 1/5

    By dani101234
    It’s ridiculous to have to pay for a subscription and spend three minutes to every ten minutes of a show watching commercials…
  • Frustrating Apps 1/5

    By mama0631
    I got paramount+ to watch my shows since every platform has to be separate now a days and the cable companies want you to add every add on to watch one simple show. I cancelled my cable and only stream. I get it y’all want the extra money by inconveniencing customers. So to get Paramount you have to use your cable provider’s login. And if you do not have it you cannot use it because those shows are locked. What sense does that make? And do not come back and say they’re two different apps blah blah blah, just put the shows on the app. Very frustrating, I wish 0 stars was an option.
  • Are you for real right now 1/5

    By Ronan42069PPAP
    Why does paramount have 2 different services? I’m just trying to watch Yellowstone and downloaded two apps. And the app freezes if I try to back out of my Verizon subscription (that doesn’t exist). Nothing good about this. Bad design, bad application.
  • Commercials are ridiculous 1/5

    By becster9000
    Trying to watch a show and they play 3 minutes of commercials per break. You can’t fast forward or rewind at all anytime in the episode without going through a 3 minute commercial break. This is ridiculous. There’s some originals that actually look decent but I’ll be damned if I sit through a 3 minute commercial break 6 times in a episode and can’t rewind or fast forward. HORRIBLE
  • App not working 1/5

    By veg gikl
    App is not working stays loading on the blue paramount screen!
  • In and out 1/5

    By PhishyKris
    And I ain’t talking about burgers. This app is constantly troublesome. Not connected to the internet!? Fix yer app
  • connect to internet 1/5

    By NiceyGurl
    Can’t get app to work. get a screen that says “connect to internet”. It is connected! All the other apps work. Internet connection is strong and tested fast. Removed and reinstalled app, rebooted, went to airplane mode and off airplane mode. Still doesn’t work.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By DevonEllis
    keeps saying my internet is offline even after I’ve verified my internet is working great.
  • App Indicates No Internet Connection 1/5

    By ajdgeiwns d
    I just downloaded the app. Now it says “No Internet”. Useless app!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Smokesum07
    Horrible user inter face glitchy and laggy. Also it crashes all the time. As well as won’t let me even on the app it says I have no internet and I do.
  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By jlafoy
    I downloaded this app for season 5 of Yellowstone. Unfortunately all I've ever gotten from this app is an error message that I'm not connected to the internet, which is false, or I get a progress wheel that spins below the Paramount Network logo for all of eternity and nothing else happens. Based on the reviews I've read, it's nothing new, so I would like to know if it's ever gonna be fixed.
  • App will not open 1/5

    By Lane7
    Far too often the app will not open. It says I’m not connected to the internet.
  • Terrible UX and UI 1/5

    By TradeMarks1
    I despise that I have to use this App to watch Yellowstone
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