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Paramount+ App

Live Sports. Breaking News. And a Mountain of Entertainment. Stream more than 30,000 full episodes--including favorites from CBS, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Comedy Central, BET, MTV and Smithsonian Channel--plus exclusive shows, brand-new originals, and live sporting events like UEFA Champions League and the NFL on CBS, when you subscribe to Paramount+. •Watch 30,000+ episodes on demand from hit series like Survivor, NCIS, SpongeBob SquarePants, The Challenge and more! (Plus, it’s all ad-free with the Premium plan.*) •Obsess over originals. Watch subscriber-only original series like iCarly, Evil season 2, RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars and The Good Fight. •Make every night a movie night with blockbuster hits and fan-favorite films from Paramount Pictures, MGM and more. •Access 24/7 live streams with around-the-clock news coverage on CBSN, scores + highlights on CBS Sports HQ and entertainment news on ET Live. •Create up to 6 individual profiles for each member of your household. Have kids? Use our Kids Mode profile feature. •Watch live sports: NFL on CBS & UEFA Champions League. •Save your faves with our new watchlist feature, My List. •Stream your local, live CBS station (Premium plan only). •Catch the best in live events, like the Emmys®, SEC football, The Masters Tournament and more (Premium plan only). •Download and watch offline* (Premium plan only). Try Paramount+ free now. After your trial, it’s only $4.99/month or $49.99/year for the Essential plan, or $9.99/month or $99.99/year for the ad-free Premium plan.* Download the app now to get started. *Live TV includes commercials and select shows have promotional interruptions. Downloaded content is accessible for earlier of 30 days from date of download or 48 hours from start of playback. Content availability subject to change. Please note use of the Paramount+ app is limited to the United States. Paramount+ promotional offers for new subscribers only. Live TV subject to availability. Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Other restrictions apply. Your subscription will automatically renew after any applicable promotional period and your Apple ID account will be charged the subscription price on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your Apple ID account settings. If you cancel your subscription, the cancellation will go into effect at the end of your current subscription period, as applicable. You will have continued access to the Paramount+ Service for the remainder of your paid subscription period. Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please visit for more information. Paramount+ Subscription Terms: ViacomCBS Privacy Policy: Cookie Policy: Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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Paramount+ app reviews

  • Crash, Crash, Crash 1/5

    By prezli
    I would love to watch paramount plus and purchased it for 1 month but I have not been able to watch more than 5 minutes of anything before the app crashes. Not one thing! The worst part? Then it restarts the program from the beginning instead of where I left off. It’s not like I’m watching from an older device either. I’ve got a newer iPad Pro. I canceled. I can’t tell you about the content. I can’t watch it.
  • You guys need to do better. 2/5

    By Baylee.M
    I’ve had this app for 4 days now. I have upgraded during my 7 day trial to the no ads because they were worse than hulus ads the second day. And lost my seven day trial Because I upgraded so I had to pay ahead of time. Whatever. But then when I try to rewind it doesn’t work. After I watch a couple episodes and go back to it, it doesn’t hold my place. It won’t load certain shows. I have Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, and now this and so far it’s the absolute worst. Not to mention when you try to fast forward (because it doesn’t keep you at your spot) it takes so long. Please do better I am very disappointed there are so many bad things about it for $10 a month.
  • Live Tv and BB feeds don't work with chromecast 1/5

    By Winters272
    I can't stream any of the live TV to my Chromecasts and as far as Big Brother live feeds go, only the first camera will cast. None of the others work.
  • Worst app… 1/5

    By Jkouto5
    Doesn’t work at all…
  • 4 stars 4/5

    By Live Rooney
    You don’t have all of the episodes of Henry danger the TV show! For season five, you only have 14 episodes when there should be 41 episodes in season five! Needs the the TV show Danger force from Nickelodeon!
  • Buena app 3/5

    By Molovt
    El volumen no es el mejor. El volumen en los shows en las pelis no se escucha tienes que subir el volumen muy alto para Escuchar algo decente en comparación de otras plataformas. Por si fuera poco cuando entra en comerciales el volumen es súper altera demasiado, necesita más antemano más volumen!! En shows y movies.
  • Poor customer service responses 1/5

    By fjoufczghjucn4795/$
    Don’t get the title or rating wrong, when everything works good this service is good. But my issues with it are when it’s not! We’ve been members for about 2 months now. The first problem we had was before season 2 of Evil started and it wouldn’t play Evil season 1 at all. All other shows were fine, but we are really only here for the show Evil. Then Sunday (July 18th) they (Paramount) had an issue with the episode of Evil where it had the audio description going. So I put a ticket in explaining all I had did trying to fix it on my end. All I received was another automated response with things I had already tried; not to mention almost every other person had the same issue! Please do better with customer service support. Actually try to understand our problems? That too much to ask? TLDR: Good until it breaks. Then things get bad.
  • Please add search 5/5

    By Girlydoc
    You should add a search to the app
  • Spyware 1/5

    By shpakOO
    There are not that many shows that I want to watch on paramount+. In fact if it wasn’t for that one show that paramount+ removed from the air to stream exclusively on their platform, I wouldn’t even sign up. You got me there, paramount+. But I did sign up. And for the “ad free” version. And … it doesn’t work. Turns out the “ad free” tier @ $9.99/month still demands that the paramount+ overlords snoop on me in the background. So, unless I disable the ad and malware blocking on my router, paramount+ will not allow me to stream what I’m paying for- an episode of a show, with no ads. Every other service somehow works for me- Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, … but not Paramount+. And not on any device in my household, unless paramount+ gets to spy on me. So let me make this clear, paramount+ in case you need any clarifications on that still: Every Saturday morning around 11am, for one hour, once a week, in my living room, on the first floor, in my house, in the woods of Massachussets, I’m catching up on RuPauls drag race. That’s it. Now that you know all my disclosures, which hopefully match your file on me, can you please stop snooping on me and let me watch an episode in private peace? Is there any other information you require to permit me to stream through your service in addition to charging me money? The list of servers the paramount+ needs to contact before allowing me to see the show is a sight to behold- so extensive it won’t fit in this humble review. (It’s available upon request.) There is also a story of paramount+ tech support, which essentially excels at two things: 1) hanging up on me mid trouble shooting; and 2) not keeping any notes so that each troubleshoot session, painfully re-starts from scratch… Nice app though, that’s what the one, whole ⭐️ is for (otherwise it would be a clean “0” rating).
  • Only commercial free shows are Paramount Plus shows 2/5

    By Jen-Shot
    I purchased the premium package specifically to watch The Challenge with no commercials and it still has commercials. I watched Rupaul’s Drag Race and there weren’t any so I assume if it has a Paramount Plus logo on it there are no commercials. I will be canceling but thankful for the free trial to have figured this out. Otherwise the app is clear and easy to use. Fun profile pictures and a great selection of kid show….if you don’t mind the commercials.
  • Decent 3/5

    By mbodaya
    This app isn’t bad, but it doesn’t keep your place if you watch on different devices, so when you switch from iPhone to laptop, for instance, you have to manually search for the right episode. And you can’t navigate to series info/landing pages from the Continue Watching links, which is pretty annoying too. Plus, the latest update seems to have taken away support for Chromecast, which completely reduces the usability for me.
  • I made my decision based off of the reviews. 1/5

    By MyanMan0735
    So I’m looking for a new streaming service and up until a month ago I had NetFlix which is pretty standard I’d say. But the selection never changes so I moved to HBOMAX. It worked great the first 2 weeks then started glitching and giving me error codes every time I would open the app. Needless to say I cancelled it as well. Now onto Paramount+. Before I wasted my money I read a bunch of reviews and saw tons of negative while only reading a few positive and even those weren’t very enthusiastic. So based on others reviews I’ll not be subscribing to Paramount+. Furthermore, the ones at Paramount+ who respond. To these reviews are probably not even human and huge a very standard robotic response and seen to not care about fixing any issue that the person describes. That had a lot to do with my decision as well. To the folks at Paramount+, I know you don’t care about your customers and why would you. But you do need to atleast act like you care about the quality of your product. It seems like you just pacify your subscribers by giving an empty apology. It’s not rocket science. Put out a product that justifies asking for a subscription and you’ll attract more subscribers. Hence you’ll make more money and control the vast majority of consumers when it comes to Streaming TV.
  • ads 3/5

    By Nona3207
    great app. too many ads.
  • The best!! 5/5

    By kaysax1
    All of my favorite shows in one place. You can’t beat it!!
  • Too many commercials when I’m paying for premium access 2/5

    By Cougarcub04
    I understand having commercials about the network but I don’t understand why I have to watch commercials about products when I’m paying for premium service
  • Spinning loader of death on WiFi 2/5

    By Mikhey
    All I get is to watch roughly 3 minutes the the loader of death shows up. I have to close the app completely, come back in just to watch maybe another 3-5 minutes worth of video. I’m paying for this? I’m glad there’s a watch list but seriously please get some adaptive streaming for this app. It’s horrible!
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By S74D0w
    I don’t know why so many companies are trying to make separate streaming apps. No one is going to want a million subscriptions to watch the same 5 shows they always watch. This app is nice and all and has some decent shows to choose from, but the issue is how phones and TVs/Computers work differently. If you’re trying to watch from a computer there’s no auto play. You have to repeatedly press to start an episode then press play to watch it. From a phone it works just fine; nobody wants to watch a marathon from a tiny screen for adequate service. I constantly just switch it off and watch from a different streaming service because I really watch most of my entertainment from my laptop and having to stop what I’m doing to start the next episode of something is annoying. I’m considering cancelling my subscription but I’ll be patient and pray and better update comes out sooner—way sooner—rather than later.
  • Not wanting this 1/5

    By Bakerterri
    Not worth the money. I want to be canceled
  • So I’m good What’s C d a 5/5

    By Djcircuitboy
    L zzz As a Dec xaaaa aaaa v Hey sasss
  • The best season ever. 5/5

    By pcola Terri
    I am enjoying this season so much this year. I’m watching each episode at least twice I adore Cash she is so awesome. Cash needs her own show hint hint CBS it would be a hit. I really like everyone and wish this season would never end. !!!
  • volume 2/5

    By guy that got screwed over
    no volume control on adds it’s like the adds are 300% increase on volume and the actual show is quite
  • Commercial free!!! 5/5

    By SuperSuperClare
    So worth the subscription!!! 🏆🏆🏆
  • App needs a lot of work 3/5

    By Boydston01
    From keep watching, no way to get to episodes. Fast forward and rewind needs work. Stop asking about push notifications.
  • Fatal error 1/5

    By Ethan4him
    I literally cannot watch anything without it saying fatal error. Idk why I even have a subscription. Smh
  • Such a good streaming app 5/5

    By shanemonstr
    Rupaul’s Drag Race has made me stick around. And I’m so happy I did. They produce the show so much better then VH1. It’s so good.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Nevertardy
    I have high speed internet. Every other streaming service I have from, Netflix to Disney plus to hulu, prime video never gives me the problems that paramount plus has. It keeps stopping and buffering and I know this isn’t an issue on my end but the developers. They. Need to fix this app. Sick and tired of it either not loading or when it does load it wont play the shows without buffering.
  • Great selection, app needs work 4/5

    By RLaRogue
    I am amazed by the selection - thrilled all my childhood shows are on here. But the app is buggy. It crashes, buffers, and needs a lot of rebooting. I’d also like to see skip intro and play next features at some point.
  • Constructive criticism 4/5

    By Robert J. Freeman
    Need more adult animation shows like family guy.
  • Worst interface 1/5

    By Right Side
    Paramount inherited from CBS the worst interface of any streaming service I’ve used. A revision isn’t needed. Repeal and replace.
  • Casting to tv 1/5

    By jamesf408foolio
    I like the app but when casting to tv sometimes it connects right away and sometimes it doesn’t. The app needs some improvement here.
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By LoouAhmed
    The app needs a lot of improvements. It doesnt resume from where you stopped, It logs you out a lot, it takes a long time to start working and showing content and you need go through loads of steps to start watching.
  • Buggy and Poorly Built 1/5

    By Jay Joram
    For all the money this company has, this app is absolutely garbage. Both the iOS app and the smart TV one. Scrolling is erratic, video skips and accessibility just turns itself on. You can’t even see which episode you’re on. Can’t delete history to rewatch.
  • It’s good but… 4/5

    By arcangelfell
    I love the variety of shows and the nostalgia of the 90’s Nickelodeon shows! There’s a frequent crashing issue and it randomly stops air playing after a few episodes so you have to reset the device you’re watching on. Good content though!
  • All the shows I watched on Netflix and it ends there is more episodes on this app 5/5

    By kitties cat
    Really it’s a good app like I can are my favorite shows in the new episodes except for the Thundermans I really like that show but I also do like iCarly and Henry danger so good job💓💗💖🙂 Reminded everybody in the state and country should download this app I’m serious
  • Very clunky and annoying 5/5

    By xClefton
    Nowhere near as efficient as Netflix. You can’t even rewind by tapping the left hand side of the screen. You have to press the 10 second rewind button directly. Netflix makes it much more intuitive that way. Also, it keeps asking for me to rate the app or if I’m enjoying the app. Well here’s my rating then. The optimization on the app is very bad too. It reacts late whereas Netflix is much more responsive. The only real benefit to possibly getting this app is if you like it’s selection of movies and shows, but most of these movies and shows are rated awfully. Even now I went back to the app after writing this review and I’m clicking the movie and it won’t play. So I’m back and deleting the app now with my subscription.
  • This is a great app for taking a long break from Emily’s wonder lab on Netflix! 5/5

    By Vihvuycyvhic chvugcut gjctu
    I really love this app! And it is cool and a right app for taking a long break from Emily’s wonder lab! I have to watch all 44 Nick jr shows to get back on to it!
  • Doesn’t have ability to chromecast 1/5

    By MonsterInvisible
    It has Apple air play but doesn’t have a Google chromcast option. Would be a five if it wasn’t for that.
  • Great content, app constantly crashes. 1/5

    By JustJazzieBabe
    I love the content, the app has many many bugs. I thought it was just the app on my fire tv, but it also crashes on my iPhone and Apple TV. I have to restart the app and restart the TVs (both apple and fire). It happens often, especially after I pick up watching content where I left off, the video freezes and I’m forced to restart the entire app/tv/phone to get it to work again.
  • I love this app but there is a issue 5/5

    By _mxlia_
    On random devices (I don’t think I’m the only one) it says there is an error during playback and I can’t watch it. This is also happening to some of my family members as well. Please let us know how to stop that from happening.
  • bro 3/5

    By Sammysonjohn
    this app would be so much better if i was able to watch it on a little screen in the corner of my phone or ipad but i can't because they ain't added that feature so some odd reason come on bruv
  • Half baked app 2/5

    By bmahmud88
    So many things wrong with this app. No PiP for iphones on a video app in 2021 seems like a huge miss IMO. Also the constant reminder of which show you’re watching after you exit the app and goes back in slows down the viewing experience.
  • Really struggling 1/5

    By JheregBoo
    I’m really quite surprised by just how bad this app is. It’s disappointing because I’m excited about the content but its the first TV app that I’ve had so much loading issues that I’ve actually given up trying to watch something and if you leave the app in the middle and come right back it doesnt play. I get the little paramount jingle then it just freezes on a blank screen yesterday I tried for a good half an hour before giving up. I’ve be unable to download successfully. I have good cell service and WiFi so it’s really disappointing - how am I going to watch All stars now :( I’m afraid to go past my 7 day trial because the app just doesn’t work well at all.
  • A lot to be desired 4/5

    By AndrewC802
    I never really tend to write reviews, especially to write something negative, unless it’s deserved. Over one year since their launch, Paramount+ still has little quirks that have yet to be worked out. I only watch it on my fire stick, and rewinding and fast forwarding can be very difficult at times. I’ve never had this kind of issue with any other streaming service, so it’s only on this platform with the way it’s constructed. The addition of the list that people have been begging for is a nice touch, albeit late since I don’t know how you don’t have a list option from day one. Also playing an advertisement at the very beginning, even just a quick one, when I pay for no commercials at all is rather insulting for them to sneak it in. I still find I get my money’s worth out of the app with the content I watch, hence the four stars. But there’s still much to work on that the developers seem to be in no rush to fix up.
  • Crash - BB Live Feeds 1/5

    By Don't waste ur time on fb app
    The app works on my tv and tablet, but always crashes on my iPhone. It only happens when trying to watch live TV or the BB live feeds. It happens 4-5 minutes after I try to watch, and the app closes entirely. When I go back into the app, I’m taken to the home page. It there an iPhone glitch? Is this a known issue? I wrote that a few years ago, now I have a newer iPhone and it’s paramount+ instead of CBS, and I have the same issues. SO annoying!!!!!
  • Horrendous Streaming Service 1/5

    By Tatyana1359
    I didn’t even make it through the free trial, I even downgraded my subscription after realizing I had no use for the live tv it’s like five channels of nothing, and the ads oh my goodness the ads, which is honestly one of the biggest reasons I’m canceling. I thought the point of a premium account eliminates that inconvenience. I do understand a preview of a show or a couple ads just before the show starts, but it’s just too much. Like everyone else says the show starts over if you don’t watch the episode fully, and if you come back to the episode it makes you watch all those ads all over again. The streaming itself is awful, it takes forever to load and will just randomly quit on you. If you want to watch it on your tv forget about it. It will never play. Absolutely not worth it. Why would I pay $10 for something that regular Hulu could do for me with less ads!! Ugh.
  • Canceling My Subscription 1/5

    By Jesus Take The Wheel!! 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Freezes constantly. Plays sound and no video. Will not work with my Air Play device. Waste of money.
  • Paramount+ BB23 Live Feeds —— HORRIBLE 1/5

    By BIGT5271
    If, you are buying this to watch the Big Brother Live Feeds, DO NOT DO IT! CBS just can not get the technology to work. The live feeds cut out every couple of minutes. Trying to watch this is sheer psychological torture. I am not a newbie to TV Apps. I have HBO/MAX, U TUBETV, NETFLIX and AMAZON. This CBS App is a real disappointment. I gotta say, CBS is hands down my favorite network, but they need to hire some folks that know what they are doing.
  • Disappointed 3/5

    By tinksboo
    I loved the app until the late update. It was said I could keep the live tv if I kept my plan. Well my local live channel is no longer working, instead of watching my local CBS channel, I get the CBS news channel, and no offense but, the news channel is not worth it. I just don’t understand, why it’s gone, I didn’t cancel, it’s the same 5.99 plan, I’ve had for months
  • Login problems 1/5

    By Zfalero
    It doesn’t let me login, my boyfriend has an account and when I try to log in, on my phone or safari, it says error or when in safari, the only thing that appears is the fill up your email so you can stay up to date on Paramount+ news….please help