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ParentSquare App

What is ParentSquare? ------------------------- ParentSquare is a safe and secure platform for all school-to-home communication. The two-way group messaging, private conversations, district-wide alerts and notices, and simple user interface keeps everyone connected, creating a vibrant school community. In today's ed-tech world, schools need a better communication system than relying on hard-to-track emails, lost flyers, missed robocalls, website updates that are never read, or piggybacking on SIS or LMS tools meant for student communication. ParentSquare brings the power of ed-tech revolution to the parents. It reverses the trend for disparate, one-way communication that keeps parents as 'spectators' to their child's education. Understanding the need for a whole-school adoption, we strive to keep an easy to use interface for ParentSquare, much like the social tools you are used to in today's online digital world. ParentSquare caters to every parent, including those who rarely use technology. ParentSquare for iOS ------------------------- With ParentSquare for iOS, parents can easily connect with teachers and staff at their children’s school from their iOS device. The app allows parents to: - View posts, appreciate and comment - Sign up for wish list items, volunteer, and RSVP and view your sign ups - Check dates for upcoming school and class events and add them to your device calendar - Send private messages (with attachments) to staff members (or other ParentSquare users*) in your school - Participate in group conversations - View posted pictures and files - View the directory of your child’s school* - View notices (attendance, cafeteria, library dues) - Respond to absences or tardies* - Purchase for goods and services offered for sale by the school * If allowed by your school's implementation

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ParentSquare app reviews

  • Great Tool 5/5

    By Jeyam Mani
    Great app to see once place all activities
  • Shouldn’t need an app or an account to communicate school information. 1/5

    By ValkyrieMT
    This should not even exist
  • Double Notifications 2/5

    By okayzimbabwe
    Y’all need to stop double sending notis. Fix this, y’all
  • Not working 3/5

    By AmandaLPruitt86
    App was working just fine till yesterdays update. Now I have to way to message teachers or read their messages
  • Good app but 3/5

    By StephySaiyuki
    It was good until they removed the messages on the bottom bar. I can’t access the messages between myself and the teacher anymore. All I get is a red icon on the side bar with the three lines and when I click it, it takes me to general posts by the school. No way to access messages.
  • Hate 1/5

    By Casi2622
    I hate this app I wish school wouldn’t use apps.
  • No 1/5

    By chuffer24
    Just another password to remember to help fragment all of the data. I’ll figure out how to use it just in time for the school to change it next year. Serves no functional purpose to improve communication.
  • Was fantastic, but suddenly stopped getting notifications and previous ones were deleted 1/5

    By Busyb13
    I love(d) ParentSquare, and I rely heavily on it for school news and events, emergency notifications, district news, PTO communications, etc. Last week, I suddenly stopped getting notifications, all my past notifications are gone, and the last post I can see is from 8 months ago. The messages appear unaffected. I have all of the notification settings set to “instant” online and on the mobile app. When I run the notification diagnostics for the mobile app, all systems are green, and I get a little pop-up that says this is a test notification. But, when I go to notifications or texts, the test notification is not there. I have searched the help topics and cannot find anything to address this. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. I have turned my phone off and on. I have even checked that my son’s school registration is still active. There is no way that I have found to contact anyone for this, and this presents a MAJOR problem, as the school communicates primarily via ParentSquare.
  • Filter relevant posts 3/5

    By HBirdie7
    Is there away to filter out unwanted communications? We are inundated with athletic program updates and it’s too much. Other than that, app is pretty good.
  • Great for elementary; not sure why I don’t get half the notifications for high school 3/5

    By #1luddite
    I have kids at both elementary and high schools in the same district; communications are timely from the elementary school, but sporadic from the high school. I’ve noticed that the child profiles at these two levels are structured a little differently, and the one for my high schooler is more limited; maybe that’s why? I’m not sure if this is the fault of the district or the app, but it is frustrating and has resulted in multiple missed deadlines with the high school. Our district has only been using Parent Square for a few months now so hopefully this will improve with time.
  • Dark Mode broke 3/5

    By designz
    Viewing Email Message under Student Notices no longer works while in Dark Mode. And it’s too many steps to view the different areas for three kids and three schools.
  • School app 5/5

    By Rockèt
    Yes this app is a good one indeed I hope every parent has this downloaded onto their phone.
  • I was ignored 1/5

    By CastroDetroit313
    I used the app to send a message about a situation involving a theft and was ignored
  • App Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By Biloxian
    The app only stays open for 3 seconds: when I try to get support it sends me to a website that requires me to log in which OPENS THE APP which then CRASHES. Sigh. Looks like a lot of functionality. Wish I could use it.
  • Useful and easy 5/5

    By kjuins
    Very easy and useful !
  • Payment? 1/5

    By 21st Century Parent
    We should not have to pay for this app. We already have to pay for so much during a school year and y’all want us to pay for an app to check on our children.
  • What happened?! 1/5

    By tlp1022
    I had no issues with this app until 5/11/22, when it started being connected 24/7 somehow. My battery has subsequently drained extremely fast each day. What is happening?
  • Good tool 4/5

    By CNYresident
    This app is not bad. It great for getting in touch with teachers and a good place to see what’s going on. The layout could use some work to make navigating easier.
  • Parent square 5/5

    By capt. crazy
    ParentSquare does a marvelous job of keeping everyone involved and aware of goings-on events at Oregon Trail.
  • Feature Request 4/5

    By scissor415
    Would be nice if messages could have titles - parents at our school use the messages section for ongoing discussions, so the ability to label with a subject would be great. Otherwise has been super useful
  • It’s always blank when I open. 1/5

    By Groomergrl75
    I don’t understand this whole app. every time I log onto it it doesn’t show me anything everything is blank. I don’t GET.
  • Great Tool for Parents! 5/5

    By Highest1
    Great tool to watch over your kids grades. Love how it allows you to reach out to teachers to find out what’s going on with your kids and their progress. Keeps you updated with programs, services and activities the school has going on and overall makes being involved in your kids education so much easier!
  • Great way to stay in touch 5/5

    By Chan's G
    I have enjoyed keeping current on the school activities and upcoming events. It’s so much better than hoping our children give us the messages in time to do whatever is needed. Chan’s A
  • Best form of communication this year 4/5

    By Twinsmatter67
    This is soo much better that DoJo.. And most it of the teachers respond quickly..
  • Great App 5/5

    I really like how this app allows us to be kept updated with everyday things/events from school; with out having to go on the school’s website or social media. My favorite part of this app definitely has to be the communication aspect of it. I feel like it makes things so much easier with messaging the teachers and getting a response back! Mostly since my kids go to different schools and they are all in one application!
  • Me gusta esta aplicación fácil y rápido de usar 5/5

    By heidyreyes
    Ya no tengo que llenar muchos papeles y llevarlos a la escuela ,todo lo hago a qui esta aplicación
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By spedkid
    This app is a waste of time. You can’t clear things, so you have to filter through messages. I’m not impressed
  • A Step Towards Saving The Environment 5/5

    By LyonHelios
    Love that we, parents, get notifications about upcoming events instantly. Easy to communicate with teacher. And of course less flyers to send home so we are saving paper, ink, electricity, man power, and so forth. Easy app to use.
  • Parent square is a good tool 3/5

    By iatgt
    Parent square seems to be a good tool for parents and teacher to communicate, however I still don’t know where or what I am suppose to do to see their report cards. Kids are in 3rd grade and still don’t know what their grades are. Not very user friendly if not familiar with any of the school software programs. Wouldn’t be all that difficult to print an example out on what to do etc. after all handbooks aren’t printed anymore they surely could give examples out during the first meet the teacher or when parents go a school function. The district wants parents to be more involved and they need to be but there should be support for the parents in order to learn what needs done. And back to report cards, this takes away from having something to look back on when one gets older. I still have some of mine. Seems like it means more to have something physical to see verses looking at a screen and think whatever.
  • Jocelyn‘s mom 5/5

    By fun-loving mom
    Absolutely love this app, very convenient for me and my family
  • John camacho 5/5

    By Smoth1984
    Love the School Best School!
  • No way to sign up 1/5

    By mrsbilla2021
    Can’t find my account because there isn’t a way to sign up
  • For the communication 5/5

    By 1c3je$
    This is an excellent app for staying in communication with teachers, school counselors, and other staff. It is so helpful for me to stay involved and be informed.
  • Needs more Work 3/5

    By Terry714Bear
    Love the app since we can work with teacher communication and school event plus more. Now what needs works: its so easy to add students and school to the app but you all make it hard to remove students once once they are no longer in ones house hold (it be foster home, divorce or ect) and thats when the other person who’s trying to log in get access and then try’s to changea specific students email verification it changes EVERYONES, and then the main person who opens the account no longer has access making it to the point that now I have to call the schools and find a way to fix or find a solution. And there is no way to contact the person who made this app to fix it (no email or phone number). You really have to go threw the schools. PLEASE FIX THIS SMALL FLAW TO WHERE WE CAN ADD AND REMIVE STUDENTS FROM THE APP.
  • Parent Square 5/5

    By AugustRush08
    I like it because I have a step kid that we have half of the time and I am able to keep with both schools and their work. Most definitely makes it easier for me.
  • Parent 5/5

    By fire victem
    I work 10-20 hour daze… great too to keep me in the know! Our Principal is on point with this app!
  • App crashing 3/5

    By EG Marian
    Have been using ParentSquare via app successfully for almost two years. A couple of days ago, the app began crashing at start up. Have closed the app and restarted, restarted phone, updated, removed and reinstalled and still no fix. Help desk via ParentSquare isn’t accessible on the website and schools can’t troubleshoot the app. iOS is compatible with the version. Help!
  • ParentSquare Review 5/5

    By Gee.Lo
    Great app developers should add a feature to submit absence excuse info, maybe a calendar the parent or guardian can click on the date(s) and have a menu drop down to select the reason, and then add an e-signature.
  • Great app but crashing 5/5

    By BornagainActs2:38
    I love parent square. Lately when I try to view messages it shuts down entire app. I removed app and reinstalled it and it is still happening. App is on current update. I couldn’t find an area to sim it a ticket about this.
  • Search function is garbage 1/5

    By party_central
    The search function is just about completely useless. To find notices about Kids Club a search for “kids club” comes up empty, yet a search for “kids” brings up many notices with the phrase “kids club” in the first sentence! Also I have noticed that posts come up in search that see not even shown in the feed. Very odd. I basically just search my email account for parentsquare notifications.
  • Awesome App if you homeschool 5/5

    By shay&7
    I give this app 10 stars honestly it very convenient and faster reply’s for the parent and the teachers
  • Utilize 3/5

    By Lilred68
    I am new to using this but I do not think it is being utilized correctly. I can not see what my child is doing or not doing in class. Plus I messaged two teachers and there was no reply from them, I do not know if this is an app issue or a teachers issue, but reading other reviews maybe it is not user friendly for teachers. Great idea but needs to be utilized better.
  • Not sure how this is useful 1/5

    By Shaow555
    Emails are sent daily with the same content. Too many platforms that fill up my memory bank. Not all schools are using this system to clear absences/tardies. Teachers don't respond to messages sent through parent square.
  • Easy communication 5/5

    By MEATBOY8$$$!
    My husband and I really like ParentSquare . The reasons are as follows: very informative onEvents going on at the school, Easy access to talk to teachers, also teachers reply quickly,I think it’s the best told the school ever came up with to inform parents on what’s going on.
  • Don't let the branding fool you. 2/5

    By School Communications
    Platform is decent. Calendar sync is unreliable and true tech support doesn't exist.
  • Worst Customer Services on the Planet 1/5

    By Scorpiontrip
    I have Elizabeth Dominguez helping me from their customer services through email and the help is laughable. Any question I ask is replied a day later with an answer that has nothing to do with my question. 1 year later i am finally able to resolve the issue on my own. Schools are not able to help you and it has to be Parent square to assist you. Unfortunately their customer services is the WORST so if you can’t get it to work you are on your own.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Raver12031
    Love this app. Easy to navigate and respond to posts and messages from teachers
  • It’s a great one! 5/5

    By katierowleyutah
    We love this app. Out of all of the communication channels we have used with the school, this one is the best. It’s super friendly to use and I love the format.
  • The Best! 5/5

    By Tag0053
    Great app to infirm the status of a child.