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  • Current Version: 10.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Edupoint Educational Systems
  • Compatibility: Android
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ParentVUE App

The ParentVUE Mobile application helps parents stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their child’s academic experience. ParentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch works with the Synergy™ student information system in much the same way as the ParentVUE web portal, allowing parents to access near real-time information on assignments and scores, attendance, and demographic information. ParentVUE offers parents a single sign-on to view all of their children’s information regardless of school. How to find District URL and Login Information:   The ParentVUE app uses the same user login as the web-based ParentVUE portal.  If you need help please contact your School District’s Administration office for access URL and ParentVUE login information.   Requirements: • Only school districts using the Synergy™ student information system version 6.5 and higher can support the ParentVUE for the iPhone application. • Requires wireless or 3G Internet connection. • The ParentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch app uses same user login as the web-based ParentVUE portal. Please contact your School District’s Administration office to verify Synergy™ version and ParentVUE login information.

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ParentVUE app reviews

  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By TeacherDreamer
    Worst app I’ve used in years. Quits unexpectedly. Composing emails automatically pushes your cursor out of view and impossible to type and see your curser at the same time. Can’t switch between kids to find my other child’s teachers to email. Total garbage.
  • Update is a fail 1/5

    By Swizzlestick84
    This app has never been great, but it has been better than it is now. I have to log in to the app, then when I want to look at something specific (i.e. grades) I have to log in again. It is a complete mess. There is no way an “update” should fail so miserably and there is no attempt to fix it after they have been notified of the many issues. I’m going to reach out to my district with issues and hopefully they will look for other software. I have no problem using an app for registering, payments, checking grades, contacting teachers, or to report absences if it is going to actually work… but this does not.
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By mdstblz
    I am getting a horrid stream of notifications of grades and notes for classes my child had last year. Nothing is being updated for this year so far and while it might be because teachers aren’t inputting grades, it could also be that the app has become useless.
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By KrisNord
    I have yet to find a single aspect of the last update that was an improvement. Now it runs much slower, takes more screens to get the same info, adds unnecessary charts, requires more scrolling. It used to be so simple and effective.
  • Not user friendly now 2/5

    By Kelli Starr
    Ever since the last major update this app has become so difficult to use. To view grades it takes you to a website and then you have to log in…again. It shouldn’t be so difficult to view your child’s grades to make sure they are staying on task!

    By KOlivera
    App is now horribly glitchy and a pain to use. Very different than 2021-2022.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Rich3-1-1976
    The app constantly doesn’t load or hangs. Only the school system would have an app created that doesn’t work.
  • Can it do the minimum? 1/5

    By Janette FED UP
    Our school requires that absences be reported on the app but it doesn’t allow for us to go back one day to submit for an absence much less a week. As a parent, if my kid isn’t feeling well the first thing I’m doing IS NOT going into the app to report an absence. On top of not being able to go back to submit an approved absence the school doesn’t actually use the info submitted. Is it a school problem or an system integration problem ???? This app is terrible especially since we are forced to use it.
  • Can’t log-in on the App 1/5

    By Igotztwins
    Absolutely detest this app. I am never able to log-in from my phone and I have the latest version. What’s the point of having an app that isn’t supported?
  • Can I rate 0 stars? 1/5

    By Kejdnwjf
    They make updates and improvements to the grade book which totally break it. Any responsible company would have tested before releasing and rolled back a release that broke one of the only functions of the app.
  • My child does not deserve the pain of school 1/5

    By hdjrgeheidhcjdirgr
  • Grade book error 4/5

    By BeachBreeze
    I generally love this app and the ability to keep up with my student. However in the grade book I am consistently getting an error after the last upgrade. I can tap the screen past the error but it is not clear to get past it that way.
  • Multiple schools 3/5

    By MsJoeCool
    There is no app support that I can find. This app is fine as long as children are in the same school. Now that I have another school, I can’t have both schools in the app. There has to be a way. Help
  • Take not working 1/5

    By ilovetennyshoes
    Under MY ACCOUNT, it momentarily brings up the choices in the NOTIFY tab but then they disappear. Can you fix that? I can’t turn any notifications.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Candy1984Queen
    Wont let me log into the app but will let me loginto the website 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Terrible 1/5

    By M8trx
    It continually boggles my mind that such an archaic and clunky app is adopted by our school district. It’s not intuitive or friendly at all. Messages disappear and it seems that I have to skip through the same 15 documents each time I login because it can’t remember that I’ve already viewed my kids report card from months ago.
  • I’m so sad 1/5

    By imelboso
    Parent vue is the worst bc it lets my parents see that I’m failing and won’t let me just forge my teachers signature to get an easy 100 on my tests. Because of parent vue I’m now being hit by the belt way more often than I was before. So thanks parent vue.
  • Picture 3/5

    By Geuzelina
    I accidentally clicked disallow picture and now I want to put the photo on my profile and I can't. How do I do ?
  • Screwed if 2 districts 1/5

    By Irritated in Afghanistan
    Lord help you if you have kids in two different districts. Just go get on a computer. Doesn’t matter how many times I change from one to the other, one district will always pop up a login screen after the native login screen and interrupt the login. Trash
  • Useless 1/5

    By ac431
    This app is useless for anything beyond checking attendance at this point. The grades are not even up to date and you can’t even view messages or create a new message to communicate with the teachers. If you have more than one child then your message to one child’s teacher will have the other child’s name which causes confusion and there is no way to fix it. Please use a new developer for this app because whoever created this it’s trash. Parents rely on this app to stay up to date and in the know with what is going on in school.
  • I mean… 1/5

    By Nickname000010
    Was this written by a Kindergartner in MS Basic on an Apple II? Can’t believe it wasn’t rejected by the App Store.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By btwdrop
    Shouldn’t be a app where your making your kids go crazy of grades
  • Buggy 2/5

    By jstewart30
    App is a hot mess of timeouts, connection errors, and glitches. When it works, it’s useful but most of the time I can’t access things because it either won’t log in, or errors out while trying to load something.
  • Horrible. Email terrible. 1/5

    By KidsEq4
    Horrible for the email portion. Will not allow you to change students. Will not allow you to Send the email If you tried to add another contact
  • Bad apps 1/5

    By Digitalpro2014
    This apps is terrible , it's useless. Keep loading and frozen
  • Awful 1/5

    By MrsBurninator
    I do not get messages unless I opened the app, close it, then reopen. I cannot access half of my child’s info or grades because the app won’t load them. It automatically marks “missing” items as 50% penalty, but when the teacher admits to making a mistake on the grade, it doesn’t fix it. This seems like a headache for teachers as well as parents. I doubt we are seeing an accurate reflection of our kids’ efforts with this system.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By Dwalker1235
    One of the worst apps and program I have ever encountered in my entire life. Unfortunately we are forced to use this garbage app to try to see what’s going on with our children’s grades.. you would think after several years it would get better but it just seems to get slower and crash more often. I pray for a competitor to develop and market ANYTHING better to the school districts!!!
  • 3 kids different school 1/5

    By KG091
    I have 3 boys - (2) of them go to elementary school and the other one to High School, every time that I try to login to the high school page it pops a window for me to log in to the other kids if I skip it, it takes me back to the log in. And apparently it disables the account as well. This is very overwhelming, and school never has an idea of what’s going on. This app it doesn’t work if you have multiple students in different schools.
  • Pls take this app down 1/5

    By joypatrisha9077
    This app is solely made to make problems with parents and there children. What happened to waiting til report cards for the child to pull up there grades. This app has caused a lot of meantal issues to me and cause issues between me and my parents and has pulled us apart. Especially bc of the pandemic my grades have dramatically slipped and my parents don’t care abt my meantal health so this app is a gateway to promblems. 💔
  • Don’t Use This App! 1/5

    By crjh1221
    I can’t believe my kid’s school is still using this app. It’s the WORST! There are so many glitches. I can’t easily communicate with the teachers because of the glitches. I don’t get notified when there’s a new email through the app. It’ll say I have “no messages” when I can clearly see that I have messages. I can’t update the email preferences. I can’t update anything actually. I’ve completely given up on the app and now email directly from my gmail account. I’m so glad my kid is switching schools next year and I’ll be done with this mess.
  • Public schools at its finest 1/5

    By nesti123abc
    any public schools that use this crappy system for kids education does not have my respect as a parent. But hey school districts always want to ask for more money but for what if they continue to use worthless operating systems like this. SMH
  • Works mostly but can’t print 3/5

    By TnB 99
    This app works mostly for checking grades and attendance, etc.. but it has NO option to print the transcript that it displays. I thought I must be missing something here, but after calling the school, they said it doesn’t print. I have to log into the web version on a computer (I found I can use the web from my iPhone too) but why leave out such a basic but very useful option??? C’mon you can do better. Please fix this issue.
  • Great app 4/5

    By ladybugs#1FAN
    I use this app for school and is great to see my grades and missing assignments. Also tells me my schedule in case I forget it.
  • Practically useless 1/5

    By superSteveT
    I keep getting message notifications yet the app won’t open, or when it does I’m not able to see any messages most of the time. Please fix!
  • The only reason I use it is because BoE makes me 1/5

    By TunaFish#5
    Clearly the developers don't test their code to make sure it works. I just replied to an in-app email. My reply kept scrolling up out of view, and I could only see a portion of the email I was replying to. Of course I couldn't see very much of that email, as the app added a large swath of white space in the middle of it. Or maybe the developers all died of COVID, and the accountants are trying their hands at a second career.
  • One of the worst apps ever 1/5

    By wejohns61
    Do not download this app. Constantly getting errors. Can’t even open it. I would give it negative stars if I could.
  • Can’t view messages 1/5

    By jcadimas
    I get notified I have messages and I can’t open them in the app. It shows I have a message and when I touch the messages tab it says I have no messages.
  • Poor quality 1/5

    By Annoyed Parent 1050
    App is not functional most of the time. Issues accessing emails and other account info. Needs some major fixes.
  • Useless 1/5

    By nutriphyte
    Couldn’t get past first screen where it says “swipe left to find district.” Nothing happened when I swiped left. Deleted and reinstalled app. No improvement. Oh, well, I will just continue using Parent Vue by logging into a browser on my desktop.
  • App locks up as soon as you open it 1/5

    By Surfh2o
    App locks up as soon as it opens... every single time.
  • Can’t login through app, 1/5

    By Carrot an
    but can login through website

    By 🚨⛓🦾😈
    FU€K U!!!!
  • Emails only 1/5

    By notaceatall
    Not teacher friendly? Teachers do not take the time to put in daily assignments. The only items you get from this app is emails and grades. Everything else you can just erase.
  • No good 1/5

    By Quebarbara
    This app is just horrible!! You can’t add teachers emails, and if you accidentally turn the screen it cuts everything off! There is no easy way to use this crappy app! Desktop version is just as bad!
  • very confusing 1/5

    By JUST MAD!!!!!!!
    i tried logging into my account but it showed up the same screen
  • Comically bad 1/5

    By Shafnitz
    It’s remarkable how bad this app is. Whoever is developing it should be fired and this should be started over completely. UI is confusing and doesn’t always display properly UX is somehow worse than the UI Got alerts? It says you do. But when you view them, there’s nothing. It’s too bad to spend any more time explaining the issue.
  • Horrible app!!!! Should be taken off App Store 1/5

    By MrFloofy
    I am a 50 year old parent trying to control my kid. And this does not let me. This is the worst app I’ve ever had, and I have had Tic toc. I request that you take it down immediately. My husband is a lawyer and will take you down and sue you. Is an disgusted with this app and all the anxiety it’s caused my daughter Emily has dyed her hair in protest f u
  • Useless on iPad 1/5

    By captive-to-developers
    Useless on iPad (at least with up-to-date iOS). The app won’t rotate to landscape, which means I need to remove my device from its keyboard case. And even in portrait, the app doesn’t responsively fill the live area. For instance, I can’t compose an email because the compose button isn’t visible; nor can I scroll to make it visible—it’s simply offscreen. The app works better on my phone, but I don’t want to compose an email from my phone. Dysfunctional apps are bad, but necessary dysfunctional apps centering on your child’s education are awful.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Seavb2
    I have the correct login info, an activated account and correct school system selected however every time I try to log on, I get an error saying “ unable to connect to school system server. Invalid URL entered.” Super helpful.