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ParentVUE App

The ParentVUE Mobile application helps parents stay informed and connected by providing day-to-day insight into their child’s academic experience. ParentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch works with the Synergy™ student information system in much the same way as the ParentVUE web portal, allowing parents to access near real-time information on assignments and scores, attendance, and demographic information. ParentVUE offers parents a single sign-on to view all of their children’s information regardless of school. How to find District URL and Login Information:   The ParentVUE app uses the same user login as the web-based ParentVUE portal.  If you need help please contact your School District’s Administration office for access URL and ParentVUE login information.   Requirements: • Only school districts using the Synergy™ student information system version 6.5 and higher can support the ParentVUE for the iPhone application. • Requires wireless or 3G Internet connection. • The ParentVUE Mobile for the iPhone/iPod Touch app uses same user login as the web-based ParentVUE portal. Please contact your School District’s Administration office to verify Synergy™ version and ParentVUE login information.

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ParentVUE app reviews

  • Change password doesn’t work 1/5

    By jhut107
    I’ve tried for 2 days to change my password and the email doesn’t work. There isn’t any content to update!!! So inconvenient!!!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Gigi2two
    I already have an account activated yet will not accept my credentials as it says my url is wrong. Nope it’s not
  • Gives out scary grades that aren’t even true 1/5

    By beefTacolawn
    This app gives out random grades for the next trimester when it hasn’t even started! So it shows a D- in reading even though those grades were in the first trimester and a C- for social studies! I wouldn’t recommend this app to parents and teachers.
  • Really buggy 1/5

    By cjfjdjskcmtks
    Our school system switched to this platform to keep parents updated...but it is incredibly buggy. Grades don’t show up. The “events” never go away, even after opening. When I tried to email one teacher, it kept giving me another teachers email. You can’t see the cursor in the email. This was supposed to make communication easier between the school, parents, and students...but nope! Needs a lot of improvement.
  • Need to see entire sentence 3/5

    This App is a great concept, but when looking at grades, you can’t see the full text of what they were graded on. Not helpful especially if your Child needs help in certain areas. Either Fix font or phones or wrap text.
  • Iphone 11 1/5

    By vbuser1
    Does not work with new iPhone
  • Not compatible with IPhone XR 2/5

    By ac431
    This app is not compatible with the new iPhones. It won’t allow me to submit messages as the submit button disappears off the screen. Please fix this.
  • iPhone X Max 3/5

    It is very difficult to compose an email on this app using an iPhone X Max. The buttons at the top of the screen are covered up by a something.
  • I get no notification alerts 1/5

    By 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️
    My notifying setting is not work on my app. The setting features keeps disappear. And some of my child classes and grades aren’t show up.
  • Very Helpful!! 3/5

    By My Opinion1
    This app keeps me informed. I can check my child’s grades, assignments, etc. The only thing that I noticed that needs an update is that when I click to email a teacher, sometimes it opens the email of the first period teacher in my child’s schedule. Basically, if I’m not careful I can email the wrong teacher because for some reason sometimes it opens the 1st period teacher’s email instead of the 3rd or 5th period etc Please fix this. I learned this the hard way by emailing the wrong teacher.
  • Glitchy App 1/5

    By AppleApple495
    It is not intuitive where to go find notes from the teacher. I have two children at the same school and notes from one child’s teacher show up as a message under the other child. Trying to read a message from 9/11 from the teachers shows that after I am done reading, the envelope closed as if it is another new message and the notification remains in the app but I am not receiving notifications outside of the app. It took many clicks to figure out even where to go to get to the message. The message shows up under one of the children but I have to click on messages to read it, if you click on your child, there is no way to get to the message. I do not understand all these “not due” entries placed in the app for assignments, it seems our children’s school has decided to treat it as an interim grade book rather than specific grades for each actual assignment/test our child takes.
  • Where is my kid’s schedule?? 3/5

    By Sappy'sMom
    I have no option to view my child’s schedule. It simply does not appear on the menu list. Is this intentional?!?
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Laura6866
    I was disappointed that you can adjust text size to read this app on a phone. Practically useless without this function.
  • Basically worthless 1/5

    By AthenaRoseMarie
    90% of the functions don’t work on the app. Just use the computer I guess(?)
  • Always gets me in trouble. 1/5

    By Andsteboyd
    Hi. I’m a regular old high schooler just saying that ever time my parents check their parentvue, I get grounded. Thanks parentvue for screwing up my life.
  • nice 5/5

    By bubbly liz
    i only downloaded because i don’t know how to get an activation card for studentvue so i’m using my moms acc to see my grades on here. i don’t really care about the rest i just wanna see my grades so as long as that works u get 5 stars. ur welcome tee hee.
  • Disappointing IT solution 2/5

    By IT solutions girl
    Just downloaded this app for PWCS in Virginia- already the application has crashed- did anyone even think test to see that if 2000 parents accessed it simultaneously that it would be able to handle the Load?? And do this BEFORE they chose that as their new mobile platform.......
  • Gives out other student information 1/5

    By Nachtschwarmer
    Not a safe and secure app! I was literally given another child’s information and address plus picture. The app has them listed as my child ! No they are not my child but I now know where they live what they look like and their phone number. I’d hate to wonder how got my actual kiddos information! This app is scary! I am calling the school district ASAP!
  • Trouble to log in 1/5

    By Sandybuu
    Is not as efficient as the web log in
  • Not accessible with voiceover 1/5

    By Blind man 39
    I am a blind parent and I cannot use this app in order to keep up with my children’s performance in school. Please make it accessible for the visually impaired.
  • Since updating yesterday 3/5

    By Scratkat
    The app had been great but since updating yesterday it will no longer allow me to login. I get a very long error code and thats it. I will of course fix my rating once its fixed!
  • Spotsylvania county schools 1/5

    By silvernova3082
    Does no recognition Spotsylvania county schools in Virginia
  • Worked for a few months, now crashes constantly 2/5

    By Mom o'Four
    When it works, it’s pretty good - nice to see kids’ attendance, assignments and grades. BUT if you have multiple children it’s not intuitive how to switch between views for each one. And, when you view info for 1 kid and try to email their teacher, the email may look like it’s coming from “the parent of (one of your other kids)”. For the past month the app has crashed as soon as I log in. I reinstalled it, updated the iOS... still won’t work. Disappointing.
  • Can’t sent messages to teachers 1/5

    By 🙏Mom
    I have tried repeatedly to send or reply to my sons teacher through this app and can type out the entire message but there is not a button to send, or there is a glitch in the app and it isn’t showing anywhere. NOT user friendly for communication with teachers
  • Parentvue 1/5

    By Rockycattle
    From the sounds of the ratings this Parentvue sounds redic !!!!!
  • Horrible, worst app I’ve used thus far 1/5

    I have two children in different schools but same district, neither the app or website would allow me to put them under the same username. So I have two which is super inconvenient. I’ve tried to email and call for support and no one is able to do anything, only response is contact your child’s schools. This is not a school issue. If I didn’t have to use this app, I’d delete it! HORRIBLE!
  • App crashes 2/5

    By D-Cleanez Music
    When logging in the app crashed. No repair or fix?
  • Can’t get class websites to load for 3 months now 1/5

    By MuffyHaake
    This is so frustrating. The teacher expects us to read her weekly newsletters on the class website section and it will not load for me no matter what I’ve tried. WiFi, data, app updated. Nothing works.
  • North bend middle school, NB Oregon 1/5

    By nbms parent
    Teachers don’t all use it the same. They don’t update grades fast enough, very slow Very frustrating to keep on top of assignments. Some teachers say missing assignments, others say not graded. Can’t email teachers, it never allows you to send, you have to write down teachers email address then go to your personal email act to send them a message. Teachers need to be taught how to use properly.
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By virginia floyd
    I love this app and it helps me stay on my schoolwork. Although, they should add a feature that sends out notifications when a teacher puts in an assignment. For example “Kaitlin Jun (a teacher) put in the assignment “Unit 8 Exam””.
  • Update broke the app 1/5

    By Jen H. Z
    The recent update on 3/1/19 rendered the app useless. It no longer lets you look at grades or homework assignments. It just gives a huge error message.
  • Crashes often and isn’t uses well by teachers 1/5

    By ESLInstructor
    It keeps crashing and even when it is working it isn’t used well by the teachers. It often has either no assignments listed or many ungraded ones. Grades sometimes reset at the beginning of a new term and sometimes carry over. In one day a grade will change from an A to an F because a teacher has graded one assignment or all at once. It therefore is useless as a means of tracking students progress and address it in a timely manner.
  • Love this as a parent and teacher! 5/5

    By Prttylilfilley
    Really like this app. It works every time and there are no technical issues so far. I love being able to check assignments and progress! It’s great!
  • Make payments available 1/5

    By Needs Work Sooner than Later
    What’s the point of an app if it’s not making things more convenient? Please make the ability to make payments available on the app.
  • So neglected 1/5

    By It's Wilder
    This could be so useful to parents but the information is presented in a very unfriendly way and is difficult to read - yet they have a contract so they have little incentive to fix any problems. On top of that, it’s constantly logging me out and then giving me errors when I try to log back in, telling me I don’t even have the right school. It’s a shame really, because this platform could be a go-to best-in-class app for parents if they only cared enough to fix all the design & technical problems.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Can-am-girl68
    Can you please do more beta testing before you release an update? It’s buggy!
  • iPhone XR 1/5

    By 98570
    The mail function doesn’t support iPhone xr
  • Poor 1/5

    By msplayer36
    Hey guys this app was good @ first but now it won’t even let me log in I haven’t been able 2 log in 4 2 years now & I keep calling the school I can log in on the computer but not the app on my phone I think that’s crazy
  • Server down 1/5

    By Spade is a Spade
    Can’t get app to download. Keeps telling me “unable to connect to school district server”. I call IT at the school and they have no clue. Their answer is to use a laptop 🙄
  • The app itself is garbage 1/5

    By Akira Jade
    There are a lot of reviews about teachers not using this program correctly, but my review is strictly for the app, which is garbage as stated. Can’t delete messages, can’t read the messages, and if you try to go into a menu and actually look at something useful, it doesn’t work.
  • Connection errors 2/5

    By Chino Torres
    New update crashes each time you leave the app to check a different resource. NO, this did not occur before and NO, this is not a local school server error. The app also can’t see class pages, but I can see them when I use it through the desktop.
  • Attendance disappeared? 1/5

    By katv85
    Is it just me or did the attendance disappear? I went on the app to check my sons attendance.. and that feature is gone 🤷‍♀️
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By libb_stick
    Trying to support our son’s teachers by keeping up on his assignments and grades. They don’t even use it fully and 1/2 the times his assignment grades are not posted so we do not get a full idea of where he is falling behind. You email the teachers and sometimes they never respond. You don’t even know an assignment is missing until AFTER the due date. How can you possibly help your student if the information isn’t there to follow. Not to mention the server is down 1/2 the time and the tech support at the school is clueless. They can look online and tell me the last time I logged in, we’ll no kidding I just told you that, I’d say. Then they tell you to call the district person. Good Lord! Send home notes or email the parent. The gap between schools/ teachers and parents widens.
  • Needs regular updates 1/5

    By Lover$2012
    The email portion when using iPhone XS Max does not work anymore. There is no way to send once you’ve typed up an email to a teacher. Needs to be fixed.
  • Can’t reach server 1/5

    By msorangetree
    I can’t log in on app I keep getting can’t reach server message
  • Not reliable 2/5

    By beqzy
    I have 3 kids and the app will not let me register them all. I don’t bother with it. Much. Student view is even worse. Staff does not know how to fix the issues so what’s the point.
  • Ugh!! 1/5

    By zip-tie
    Contacted help desk at our school district and was told I had to contact the website support. Contacted them and was told to contact the district... just think over all someone should be able to tell me why I can not use the app and must only use the website :(
  • Class websites feature doesn’t work 2/5

    By with her
    This app works fine for quickly checking a grade or attendance However, for any real information, you need to be able to access Class Websites, and the app throws an error message every time I try. Really frustrating. Because of this issue, I generally avoid the app, and just log in to the full ParentVUE website. Kind of defeats the point of the app, so I’ll likely delete it...
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By zoalys
    My app was working fine for a month one day I was trying to see the grade and my password gone I send a email and they email this Your first attempt must be successful or your account will immediately disable.with a temporary password and my user name I did exactly like they email me but don’t work either so I email them back and I still waiting ...

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