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ParkChicago App

Chicago, say hello to convenient parking! With the ParkChicago app you can manage your entire parking experience from your smartphone. No more quarters. No more running to the meter. Pay, extend and manage your parking session with just a few taps. It’s easy! Get Started Today: 1. Download the free ParkChicago app 2. Park where you see the ParkChicago signs 3. Pay for your parking session from your phone The Perks of ParkChicago: - Receive notifications when your parking session time is low - Extend your parking session through the app - Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session - Manage your parking history through the mobile app - The ParkChicago app links to the ParkChicagoMap app where you can use an interactive map and search features to find parking at competitive prices in Chicago city limits. Say goodbye to garage fees and reservations! Make your parking experience as simple as possible – download ParkChicago today.

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ParkChicago app reviews

  • Grandioso 5/5

    By aguila773
    Muy bien por qué en ocaciones no tienes coins so es la mejor app 👍🏻
  • Time Saving and saved me 100s!!! 5/5

    By my fav chi park
    This has been the best app to use ! Takes all the stress out of parking for me !!!
  • Full of bugs 1/5

    By guidinglight47
    I’ve had delete and download the app several times. Sitting at the spot and won’t open.
  • Convenience fee??!! 1/5

    By el diablo fuerte
    So you pay the same rate as the box...with an added convenience fee...this system is pointless
  • Smooth 5/5

    By Dros BeSmooth
    Gets the job done quickly. Eliminates the hassle of having to get out of your car to pay for parking. Saves you time and worry. You can always extend your time if needed right from the app so this is a must have if you live in the city. Great job!
  • Keep getting tickets even though I paid through the app 1/5

    By Rescuelover
    This application is the worst. Twice now I have paid for parking through the app and come back to my car only to find a ticket under the wiper. I double checked my invoice and I had indeed paid for the parking and then got a ticket for not having paid.
  • This app saves me from frustration 5/5

    By CediScents
    Just tap the button and go! Worry free
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By DragonEddie
    No issues so far and works great!
  • Great parking app. I 5/5

    By otis120
    Used for over a year. Easy to use. And renewing your park time over the phone is the best. I work in chicago and it makes my life easier when i need to find parking.
  • $.35 rip off every time 1/5

    By cCarMan123
    For anyone parking less than 2 hours the app hits you with a .35 cent “convenience” fee every time. If you park for 45 minutes and pay $1 or less, that’s adding 1/3 to the charge. The machine on the street doesn’t charge this. The loan sharks at park Chicago must love this app. RUN don’t walk away from this. It’s designed to take more money out of your pocket and give it to the Daley machine parking meter boys.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Ja ka mf
    I'm very pleased using this App
  • So easy and fast! 5/5

    By Mzmaribelle
    Very convenient app and makes parking easier too! I’m glad I downloaded it but I totally recommend it for people who park in Chicago area a lot because I don’t really park in Chicago areas but it sure makes life easier when I do and faster!
  • Fantastic Idea 5/5

    By Austlyn
    I do not.have to get out of my car in bad weather to walk to pay box. That alone is great. The app is so easy to use.
  • Chicago parking ticket 5/5

    By Dmitriy USA
    This is very convenience, thank you very much !!!!!
  • Change the Reload min! 1/5

    By garzgarbear
    I’ve had this app downloaded for months but have yet to use it because not only do you have to initially load it with a minimum of $20, but every time you use up those funds you have to reload with a minimum of $20. I would be okay with an initial load of $20 but please, don’t force me to reload with $20 everytime I run out. I’d be using this app like, twice a month for $1-$2 parking fees and I’d prefer not to have to drop that $20. Please change this in the next update!
  • Preload requirement is very limiting 1/5

    By Setman85
    Requirement to pre-load $20 is very annoying, and makes it totally unsuitable for tourists
  • Chicago always getting over with these bogus parking meters 1/5

    By ihate chicago
    I used the app one time and now I’m unable to get back to my account that was already setup and all customer support could tell me was to use the parking meter to pay... not to mention I’m out of $20 because “the parking meters don’t give out refunds”
  • Pay upfront to use 1/5

    By .:tassi
    If you’re looking to use the app for information, namely to understand the parking rates and hours for a given location, you’ll be very disappointed to learn that you have to prepay $20 onto your account before you can begin to use the app. You cannot use the app for information-only purposes.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Noelle's broke
    Easy to use- it makes Chicago parking much easier.
  • Bug not fixed... 1/5

    By thebigfink
    Logged me out - so had to reset PIN because I dont remember what mine is.. I have uploaded two different perfectly fine credit cards that both work fine and yet each time I try to enter one- it says invalid card. They both work perfectly fine and now I cannot even use the app at all. Ridiculous. Was hoping that the update would help everything but it didnt do one thing.
  • Too expensive to be too good. 1/5

    By iMI889
    The developer had clearly made the parking meter company rich and not have considered customers need. They have designated slot with minimum commissions automatically withdrawn. . If you really care customers. Do pay attention and reply back your update. 1. If parking customer have moved away from designated area the customer must be able to deactivate the meter stating he is no longer need and must be refunded the remaining amount. 2. There must not be two simultaneous active session. One must expire in order to begin second. Unless the customer is using for another vehicle. 3. Customer complaint must be in app it self, instead of emailing. With picture uploading facility. Just like Uber and Lift does so customer can leave a feed back. 4. If customer in error pays for parking and later realizes it’s a sanitation zone day or construction. A customer must have ability to cancel the transaction to begin a new one. I shall revive your service once above complaints are rectified. Until then your service is just money ripping and a shame to community.
  • Ridiculous requirement to pay $20 1/5

    By Bbbbkegodx
    We are here from out of town for 1 night. I would be required to pay $20 to use the app for a $2 parking session. And there’s no way to be refunded. Many other cities have apps that pay as you use from a credit card. What a rip off for tourists.
  • BS 1/5

    By Chuliesnack
    Works once and when you have to reload magically stops working so that you can’t reload then boom 50 to 75 dollar parking ticket. Complete BS app
  • Great App! 5/5

    By JB Stone Chicago
    Very easy to use. I wish I would have loaded it years ago, it really comes in handy not having to go to the pay station on the street.
  • Not Reliable For Advance Reservations 1/5

    By startandneverstop
    Do not use this app to reserve anything in advance. It’s not worth using unless you’ve already physically moved your car to a spot, and can then pay for said spot. Only use it if you like paying for spaces that you’ll have to vie for against others.
  • The best 5/5

    By SB773
    Should have been did this $h!T
  • Time saver 5/5

    By Surbort
    It's so great to not have to get out the car and go to the box. Just keep an eye on the time and you'll be fine.
  • Crooked Chicago parking system 1/5

    By cowspeak
    Chicago is already one of the most expensive parking city in the nation, this app is another ways to ripoff its citizen with a fee to use the app each time on top of the $20 they want up front. Chicago is all about pay to play, wonder who this app developer have to pay to screw us.
  • I dig it! 5/5

    By Artistrick
    Sure beats going to the boxes!
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By NickyT9691
    Fast and easy, no worrying about forgetting, it reminds you to renew know on wood not a ticket yet.
  • Park Chicago 5/5

    By Juanster
    This app is so useful and I would recommend all Chicago drivers to use it
  • SooooooEasy 5/5

    By chica1129
    The title says it all. It’s so easy and you can add time remotely as needed. The best!
  • $65 2/5

    By telleehines
    This app developer owes me $65 for a parking ticket. Something tells me you’ll never see it. The city of Chicago takes and takes and takes and still can’t resolve a budget.
  • Park Away! 5/5

    By Gavi140
    This app is super useful and snappy!
  • A life saver for handicap drivers 5/5

    By LindaFB
    This app allowed me to stay independent. When the State began charging handicap drivers for parking (except those with handicaps so severe they wouldn’t be able to drive themselves ... what a joke) ... I was afraid that I would have to stop driving myself because it meant I wouldn’t be able to park on the street. For people who cannot walk very far, having to walk to the pay box, then back to the car is not possible. When this app became available, I was thrilled!!! Not only do I not have to walk to the pay box, but I don’t have to worry about getting back to my car if my appointment is running late. I can just add parking time from my phone. It’s wonderful!
  • Payment flawed 3/5

    By Josh87596459
    It definitely seems that the loading of the account balance is flawed as it only says "update payment card." Why is there no option to simply increase your balance? When there is a balance there is no way whatsoever to add more funds until it drops near $0.
  • Really saves time 5/5

    By Potsdoc
    Parked in front of my building in downtown Chicago and renewed 3 times in the day 2 h each without leaving my meeting. Did not have the $10 balance requirement from other reviewer, allowed me to go to 0.
  • Works great 5/5

    By tontonrit
    Have been using this app for a month now . No issues!
  • App super decent 5/5

    By JA¥ROC
    Good app no racing back to the car trying beat 12 from giving you a ticket
  • Convenient when it works 3/5

    By qbj
    The app is convenient and great for not having to run out to meter to reload. But tickets still happening because meter attendants not paying attention to it. And major WARNING! If you have a vanity plate with letters at the end, you must use those letters as well I’ve used the app for years without them and no problems but just got ticket for not having the letters. The meter maid admitted when I came to car that she knew i had paid but gave me ticket on the technicality.
  • Check your time often 2/5

    By jbourne415
    So the first two time tensions in the same day, same spot worked fine. Then after starting a new session at the same spot ( I paid for a two hour session) it showed that my session was over after just about 5 minutes. So I had to buy another two hour session. I like the app so I hope they check this issue. Thanks.
  • Super convenient app 5/5

    By A. Schman
    Highly recommended download
  • Easy Breezy care free parking 5/5

    By peacedreamer9
    Love this app and it’s made my circulating around the city so much easier than it used to be. I can breathe easier knowing I’m covered and not having to chase back to feed a meter in the street. Love it !!!!
  • Can’t register to use the app 1/5

    By D1737371
    When I tried to register to use the app it requires an email address, but the email field was grayed out. I called the customer support and they said I have to speak with the CFO about that problem?? Of course, she was not in so I had to leave her a message.
  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy 5/5

    By rockstarski
    So easy to use!
  • Convenient, but kind of a ripoff 1/5

    By anotherchibrother
    Very convenient, but the app sits on your $10 forever. That’s a nice business model, as I’m certain they benefit from the interest on all the money sitting in the accounts. But, it is unfair to subscribers; who have no other mobile alternative on these meters.
  • Convenient but a rip off 3/5

    By Est0
    This app is your only choice if you want to have any convenience in regards to parking in the city. They use this to your advantage though to charge you up the you know what.
  • Disgusting 1/5

    By Star_Lord7
    As others have stated, the app basically charges you TEN DOLLARS to simply use it, as it forces you to pre-load $20 before anything else. And the app automatically deducts a preset amount (minimum of$20) anytime your balance goes under $10. Not to mention convenience FEE, extended parking FEE. This is disgusting. I’ve used other parking apps for here in Chicago, and this by far the shadiest app I’ve come across.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Taevy84
    I first experienced a similar app while traveling in Miami. I was able to add time to my parking from the hotel. I’m super excited to see this in Chicago and hope it will exist all over the city soon. Reloading parking time and the ability to link my account to multiple cars are the best features.

ParkChicago app comments

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