Parking Jam 3D

Parking Jam 3D

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  • Current Version: 161.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Popcore GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Parking Jam 3D App

Parking Jam 3D is one of the most downloaded Puzzle Board games with more than 50,000,000 installs. Parking Jam is a fun and addictive puzzle board game. It’s more than just parking - it's a fun driving experience that'll take you to another level! Jams in parking lots, challenging parking situations, angry grannies and much more. Experience one of the best parking board games, get rewarded and unlock skins, solve puzzles which get harder each level, choose which car to move so you can find smooth exits without hitting anything and anyone, build up properties, rent them and get "idle money" from them, complete levels without getting stuck, and more! Just make sure you don’t mess with Grandma... In this funny and colorful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. WITH PARKING JAM 3D YOU CAN ▶ PLAY the full Puzzle Board game experience offline and on the go. ▶ SWIPE to accept challenges, complete different levels and maps. ▶ GET more cars, skins and scenes. ▶ BUILD UP idle rental properties. ▶ EARN money by completing levels and collecting the rent. ▶ UNBLOCK the parking jam. WHY PLAY PARKING JAM 3D? ▶ RELIEVE your stress. Get out of the parking lot or just hit the cars without filing a claim or paying for repairs! ▶ LEVELS which get harder every time and require skills and critical thinking to be beaten. ▶ CUSTOMIZE cars by getting rewarded after challenging new levels and unlocking skins. ▶ CONSTRUCT HOUSES and collect the rent. ▶ LEARN how to unpark smoothly without hitting anything, just choose the right car to move. ▶ LAUGH WITH GRANNY observing how this little old lady ain't fooling anybody. She's a beast - flipping cars and throwing them in your face! ABOUT PARKING JAM 3D Slam the brakes! You’re in a Parking Jam! It is time to leave the parking lot, but why are everyone else’s cars in the way? You need to move them … but hold on! It needs to be done in the right order, because these tight parking lots have tons of obstacles! Solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the cars on the road! In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic skills, critical thinking, and timing precision. It’s super satisfying to flip the cars on the road or into each other, if you pick them in the wrong order. But the best is to try to hit granny: don’t even think about it! What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now! --- From the studio that brought you other free games like Pull the Pin, Paint Puzzle, Sandwich!, Clash of Blocks, Paint The Cube and more! TALK TO US Get your Parking Jam on: ▶ Web: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Instagram: ▶ TikTok: ▶ Twitter: ▶ Youtube: Terms & Privacy DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW - Join this fun and addictive puzzle board game and clear up the parking jam today!

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Parking Jam 3D app reviews

  • Amazing 5/5

    By Caydence couch
    This is an amazing game and I love the game and I rated it for my first time ever
  • Constant crashing 1/5

    By Nadia's account
    Repeatedly have “no wifi” messages come across as I free a gold car. No way around it . I’ve played the same game 10 times but there is “no ads available “ to support my continuing. Wifi here is pretty freaking great. The service with the app is not. Too many crashes once you start advancing.
  • Please leave golden car until the end 2/5

    By Wakaflakaflamezzzzz
    I love this game and play it on the daily. But I’m giving it 2 stars because lately there’s been a new feature with the golden car, which is fine, it brings in more coins. But it’s seriously annoying when I’m still in the middle of a level and the golden car screen comes. On some levels, it waits until the end to display the screen, and some levels it interrupts it right in the middle. Can you please make it uniform across the app?
  • Beware of ads users 1/5

    Too many ads interrupting the gamer and destroying user experience. Deleting this game right away.
  • Gold Car is Annoying 2/5

    By CaptivatingBeauty
    This used to be my go to game for relaxing. The interruption of the game flow from the gold car is frustrating !
  • Could be fun if not bombarded with adverts 1/5

    By Eve Severe
    This could be fun if you didn’t have to watch a 25 second ad every three levels. I understand that 99% of iOS games have ads but this is unplayable. There is an ad on the bottom of the screen while playing, multiple ads to click on for ‘upgrades’ in between each level, and a ‘automatic’ ad that plays about every three levels. I could only handle about 11 levels before I deleted it. Don’t worry devs- during my 20 minutes of gameplay I saw about ten ads so you didn’t lose any money on this player. As far as the actual gameplay I could only say the first ten levels were pretty easy and I would have loved to get to play more challenging levels but the barrage of adverts gave me ADHD.
  • Great game but … 3/5

    By Emojiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    I love this game , great as a puzzle game and you can change things up to make it different. The “but” are the ads , I mean ads on top of ads. Now we get to get a special gold car out and your reward , you guessed it another ad in the middle of a game. I realize you need to make money but my god, calm it down with the nonstop ads.
  • Parking jam 2/5

    By Shinefield
    I paid for no ads but I’m still getting them.
  • Ads and more ads! 2/5

    By Jess3me
    This could be a fun game, but there are just way too many ads.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Sadunkle
    They are brutal. Not only in between pretty much each game but also in middle of the game and it’s not fun bough to pay for no ads.
  • Great game. 4/5

    It’s a great game and keeps me coming back every day. I couldn’t give a 5 Star because I’ve written to Support several times with no response about the area that says “COMING SOON”. When will there be more land, structures and items to build? The game is getting a little too predictable and not much change. How about kicking it up a notch and follow through?
  • Still Upset 2/5

    By Doozi314
    Purchased this game to remove ads. Game stipulated that ads for rewards would still show. I’m still getting ALL THE ADS. Either fix or Refund My Money I’m getting just as many ads as before I paid to remove them! This developer wants to have his cake & eat it too. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!!! Thank you
  • Coming soon annoying 2/5

    By bjolson1
    Reach maximum on Island development with new level say coming soon. Been that way for weeks. 30,000,000 million coins collected with nowhere to spend them
  • Thought it was ok 1/5

    By Mdawf
    Every time I get thru a level and shut down for a while I have to replay the same level. What a joke
  • The best car game 5/5

    By hi hbu oh b no u Bk no nml
    This game is for people that like hard But also it’s for any age. This game is the best . You try and see what you think of this game! Try it out for your self .
  • Skins 4/5

    By zion365
    While I really initially enjoyed this game I found the forced change to a new skin to be unnecessary and unsatisfying. If you are unaware of just what a skin is, it is the representation of the vehicles in the parking lot. Also, the incessant ads is a real downer, especially when the player gets points for successfully moving a gold car out of the lot and then must watch ads to return to the game thus ruining the game flow.
  • Way too many ads 2/5

    By AaronnZ71
    Decent game but there is way to many ads
  • Gold car and speed rounds must go 1/5

    By mkiursfgyikmgewdfyikbd
    I’ve been plating this game for quite some time. Recently Speed Rounds have been added. Annoying. Then the Gold Car showed up which is just another way to push more ads into your face in a game that already uses too many ads. I’m done. I’ll check from time to time to see if the Gold Car has gone away but will stop playing until then.
  • Too many ads. 3/5

    By BluesBrian
    It could be a fun game, but they load it with too many ads. The “No Ads” paywall doesn't not promise the elimination of ads. DELTED.
  • Ads and bad design 1/5

    By Holler & Shimmer
    Same as their other game, just an ad generator. Too many. Can’t get out of some parking lots without hitting other cars. Not really innovative. Don’t waste time or money on this junk
  • Timed levels? 4/5

    By Granny & Lucky
    I just cannot do timed levels. I liked the game, I just cannot beat the clock. It shackles me.
  • Pop ads 2/5

    By aiden N Rodriguez
    Fun game but they have pop up ads that open my browser. It’s one thing to play an ad and another to elicit research ads on my browser. That’s an invasion of privacy.
  • Extremely boring, too many advertisements 1/5

    By MMoscho
    Extremely boring, too many advertisements. I understand you can pay to get rid of the advertisements, but the game isn’t worth paying for. If it had less advertisements I’d probably be more interested in playing. There are so many better free games available. Don’t waist your time.

    By down with youtube
    I really really love this game, i’m so addicted (almost to level 4000) but I CANNOT STAND the stupid gold car. it interrupts my game play because the stupid pop up being like “yay you got a random car out that would’ve had to come out anyway in order to win the level” also I don’t need more coins, coins are ultimately useless since you don’t even use coins to buy different car designs/backgrounds. PLEASE LET ME TURN OFF THE GOLD CAR. it’s really making me consider deleting it, it’s THAT annoying.
  • Fun Game 3/5

    By HokkiNurse
    Fun game but I now have over 5 million coins with nothing to spend it on. I have already built all available hotels quite a while ago and still can’t build more. Says, “Coming soon.” I’ve completed nearly 4,000 levels and still says, “Coming Soon.” I even upgraded each and ever hotel by watching lots of ads to do so! When will this be expanded? No fun when you can’t use coins except for the challenge levels. When can I spend some coins? Also, freeing the yellow car, even though you gain 100 coins, is annoying! It pops out of the game to collect the coins, and is very disruptive! Why can’t the 100 coins just be tacked on when the level is completed? I’d rather forgo the 100 coins for freeing the yellow car just so it doesn’t interrupt my momentum!
  • Fun but too many ads 3/5

    By Taylor_Marie4
    I downloaded this game to pass the time and while it’s a ton of fun the ads on it are insane!! There’s an ad at least every minute or two. I understand free games have to have ads but this is ridiculous. I’m not paying money to get rid of ads either, it would be a 5 star game if they can cut the ads down by at least half. I’m really starting to get over the game just because of that.
  • Ads 4/5

    By 75Vicki
    The game itself is enjoyable. I do understand the need for ads to keep the game free, but interrupting a game in progress for an ad after “freeing” a gold car - or for any other reason - is NOT appropriate or appreciated!
  • So many ads you can’t enjoy the game. 1/5

    By Memboxoxo
    I can no longer enjoy the game. They bombard you with so many ads that it’s no longer enjoyable, they don’t value anything but money. I will be deleting this app now.
  • Gold car 4/5

    By stelko1
    I love the game but hate the gold car. I should not have to stop in the middle of a game to watch an ad because I freed the gold car. Keep the extra 100 coins and the ad and let me play my game
  • Gamous interruptous 1/5

    By Maggie O' in Wyo
    That “golden” car bonus is no incentive for interrupting the flow. Either figure out a way to give the bonus points at the end or get rid of the thing. Adding that has ruined this game!
  • This game has become a personal data collection scam 1/5

    By Dave11223344556677889900
    I enjoyed playing is game so much I paid the fee to get rid of adds. Well, the paid version only gets rid of some adds. You still have to suffer through some 30 second adds. It looks like the revamped it and now require full adds again. Adding insult to injury, they also require you to consent to personal data collection to play. It’s time to delete the game So much for paying for the add free version.
  • Unplayable 1/5

    By Doomdere
    90% ads 10% gameplay
  • So close to great. 2/5

    By Zech T.
    I would give 5 star but even if you pay for no ads (like me) they just added a feature called the golden car. It just destroys your momentum and timing half way through solving puzzles. And of course it is there to add more opportunities for ads. Without the golden car in the game it would be a 5 star game easy. Such a shame.
  • Popcore Traffic Jam 3/5

    By FBI!
    The game itself is lots of fun, but…. You will spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game! Seriously, this app has more ads than almost any game I’ve tried! I hope the developers realize that some people actually have a limited amount of time to play and don’t want to spend it watching ads. It is a fun , and somewhat challenging game but it becomes stressful, instead of enjoyable time relatively soon. I would give it a five star if it weren’t for all the ads.
  • Too many ads 3/5

    By Globe Trotter 0791
    I’d give it 5 stars if I wasn’t forced to watch the stupid ads every time I succeed at a challenge or passed a level. Eventually I’ll get annoyed enough to just delete it as I am absolutely NOT going to pay to get rid of ads for what is essentially a way to waste time that I could use to do something more productive and better for myself and my life overall.
  • Issue 3/5

    By Goldenneko
    I enjoy the game. Paid to stop the ads, definitely worth it. Coins… what’s the purpose? I have over 100k. But - my issue is the icons on the screen, that are literally in the way!! You cannot see the top right hand corner: is there a wall? Is there a granny? Literally lost on the first car, because granny was behind the icon! Seriously - find a different spot for them. Thank you. Update - where is the “Freeze Granny” that I was showed early on? I saw it 1 more time, in the challenge levels. But NEED it to get past challenge level 79. Last car - granny stops EVERY time! I’ve played it 45 times, and lose at the last car.
  • Backup and linking… 4/5

    By ohnonotbunny
    I love the game. It is very addicting. I just wish that you could link it to your Facebook account or your email account or something that way you can play your game on your phone and your tablet. I don’t want two different games going on.
  • Buggy!!! 1/5

    By Hdjfbdhskndb
    Whenever I’m on one of the big bonus levels, the moving people will randomly freeze which causes the car to hit the person and I lose the level. But the tricky part is that it only happens when I need to move the car from a far distance and therefore need to aim it while the person is walking in the path so that they are moved by the time the car gets there…but then they freeze and the car hits them. It extremely annoying especially as a PAID account. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!! I’ll update my review when it’s fixed.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By Howdyboy
    I enjoyed the app but deleted it because of the ads. The amount is ridiculous - I forgot and downloaded it again, and now I’m deleting it again. No more!
  • Adult content commercials 1/5

    By Foot of the Smokies
    I was happily enjoying what I thought of as a kid game only to be shown t&a ads for cartoon porn apps. Not cool. Don’t let your kids play this game.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By 2012 mimi
    Fun game but you spend more time watching ads than playing actual game. 😖
  • Useless Game a total waste of time 1/5

    By Iowa import
    I’ve played this game for sometime while bed-ridden. It almost 100% ad driven, most 30 seconds. Like a prior reviewer, I complained actually to Apple about all the trashy, disgusting Zombie ads which seemed to finally stop in this add. I earned over 14 million pts buying realty and what little from the games you play. Then realty ran out and and says Coming Soon but never did. This realty continuously coolers thousands of points from their worth but there’s nothing to do with the points except to play the Normal/Hard Challenge levels, which you can only play after 20 or more simpler games that become boring. The challenge levels are from 1-100 and after 1,800+ games I only got up to level 79 if the Normal/Hard ones. The Challenge levels and bus game are based in bonuses needed to finish game if 15 seconds or 3 moves, or both switching back and forth. Ironically it takes 15 seconds to complete 3 moves because these levels involve “[email protected] that if you hit, you have to start over. Ironically again, when you find the last car to finish or unlock a pack, a walker in your path and all others suddenly stop in the middle of their path. To prove this was a set-up algorithm, I played the same level over and over and at the same point, the walkers just stopped. This game has no point to it, no long run challenges and is nothing but an ad grabber like those that require in-app purchases and get expensive. The starting idea was great but I don’t feel these are true game developers - just tech people throwing together an idea to collect money from the ads. Total waste of time all watching ads.
  • Game less fun with gold car. 4/5

    By Alsannyi
    First of all, if you’re reading this, play this game on airplane mode. Trust me. The ads are over the top otherwise. But the gold car has to go. I have to remove all cars to beat the level, why is this one special? 100 coins is a joke and it interrupts the game. It’s so freaking annoying it makes me want to play less. Please get rid of it, you have hundreds of reviews saying they hate it. And learn to spell “whoa” while you’re at it. Game is only playable when you turn off the internet. Otherwise the banner ads lag the game and the main ads freeze you up and/or just make this a waiting game. Annoying.

    By GbXrl
    This is a fun game, but it is rated for 12+ and the ads for My Fantasy are completely inappropriate for that age!! I find them highly offensive and misogynistic. Stop downgrading your game.
  • Golden Cars: bonehead move! 2/5

    By Ba-da-boom
    Introducing golden cars, devs have found a way to have ads mid-level. Uninstalling ASAP!
  • Addicted😍 5/5

    By lulu3875
    I’m so addicted with this game I just download it it like a few days ago and is my favorite game! It’s almost like I’m addicted with it, which I am to be honest, I am playing it 24 seven I play it at cafés restaurants the mall and much more. I feel like I could just keep this game whenever and forever. Plus, you can just build and fix areas for coins! The one thing I hate about this game is that it shows inappropriate ads plus I wish they could take away the ads for coins, but I am really addicted of this game anyway! Xoxo,Sofia🍄
  • Awesome, but Needs a Few Minor Changes To Be 5 Stars 4/5

    By Becca7931
    I am addicted to this game but I cannot give it 5 stars like I’d love to for a few reasons. Almost all of them with the theme WHAT IS THE POINT?!? 1) The golden cars are annoying and pointless. 2) Not enough variety in vehicles or environments. 3) What EXACTLY is the point of this tract house building city? I see zero point to it. Plus it all looks the same so it’s also ugly and uninteresting. 4) I have hundreds of thousands of gold coins. What are they for? What is the point of doing anything for coins? The city of no purpose?? To buy extra time or moves? No i have to pretend to watch an ad. Fix these up and you will have yourself a 5 star game. 💛

    By GartNyc
    I upgraded to ad feee and there are still tons of ads. It's awful.
  • Recent update - too many ads 2/5

    By josborne31
    I’ve enjoyed this game for a couple weeks. But a recent update has pushed too many advertisements. Before, there might be an ad between levels. Now, it isn’t uncommon to get an ad between levels, plus multiple times on longer levels, plus more. If I’m watching ads more than playing the game, I’m done with the game and uninstalling it.