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ParkMobile - Find Parking

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ParkMobile - Find Parking App

With over 10 million users, ParkMobile is a smarter way to park. Easily pay for on-street and off-street parking right from your mobile device. You can also reserve parking ahead of time in garages and stadium venues across the country. ParkMobile is available in over 350 cities including New York, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Why Use ParkMobile? • Skip the meter and easily pay for parking right on your mobile device • Extend your parking time remotely from the app • Get alerts so you know when your parking session is going to expire • Reserve parking spots in garages ahead of time to save up to 50% off drive-up rates • Find areas of the city where there is available parking and avoid areas where there’s no parking • Available in more than 3000 locations coast-to-coast including stadiums, airports, universities and more. How It Works: • On- and Off-Street Parking: Enter the zone number on the posted signs in your area. Select the amount of time you want to park, and start your session. Extend time in the app if you are running late. • Parking Reservations: Search the area where you want to park and select the specific garage location. Choose the date/time and complete your reservation. Follow the instructions in your confirmation to redeem at the parking facility. App Features: • Customizable notifications delivered via email, text and/or app • Save your favorite parking locations for next time • Store up to five cars in your account • “Find your car” feature directs you back to the location where you parked • Turn-by-turn directions to the parking garage where you reserved your spot • Multiple payment methods available including PayPal, Visa Checkout, ApplePay, MasterPass, ChasePay and most major credit cards • Parking Availability feature shows streets with open parking spots in your area Looking for Help? At ParkMobile, we’re serious about customer service. We process over 200,000 parking transactions every day and we know that every now and then, something might go wrong. If you have an issue, we will do everything we can to make it right. Our customer service 24/7/365. If you need help, here’s how to get in touch with us: Web: Email: [email protected] Online Help Center: Video Tutorials: Twitter: Facebook: Thanks for downloading the ParkMobile app and discovering a smarter way to park.

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ParkMobile - Find Parking app reviews

  • Great option to extend your stay! 5/5

    By Vanessa33716
    Not having to walk around with coins is perfect
  • Easy 5/5

    By Phiswiz
    Super easy to use. A+
  • Terrible app!!! 1/5

    By Wandi82
    DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!! I paid for a full day ($16.50) at a parking garage through this app. When I got to the garage I attempted to use the app with the QR code provided after my payment was accepted in the app. The arm never raised and I was getting honked at by other drivers because the machine did not accept the code given in the app. I had to take a ticket in order to get in. After the day was over, and the timer was running out on the app, I went to use the QR code again as this is what the app instructed I do in order to get in and out of the garage. AGAIN, the arm never opened and I had to reverse out of the exit and pay through the garages’ ticket kiosk (Another $14 gone). After scanning this ticket the arm raised and I was able to leave. I called the customer service number and explained everything and was told “You’re confusing me, we don’t use a code”. What?!?! Then I was told to call the parking authority of that town in order to receive a refund because “Parkingmobile doesn’t give refunds”. AGAIN...WHAT?!?! I will update when I have more information.
  • suspended account 1/5

    By nonamesleftdummapp
    its wayyyyyyyyyyy to hard to unsuspend an account. My acct was suspended because my credit card got stolen and so i had to change card number. in order to update credit card info The app sent me in circles to the help number and the website was extremely glitchy and made me re i put the same info many times
  • Good 5/5

    By wndheiwkenjzia
  • No button 2/5

    By IowaDeb2015
    Entered credit card and no button to continue.
  • Why cant i use a regular credit card 1/5

    By aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwaaa
    This is so annoying let a person enter a normal credit card
  • Buggy, no recourse for fines 1/5

    By Tuscan248
    I live downtown, so public parking is an everyday need for me, my girlfriend, and visitors. Our city chose to integrate with this app a few years ago, and I’ve been forced use it or nothing at all. The city offers extended time payments that are only available through the app. Unfortunately, I’ve received at least 5 parking tickets because of problems with the app and I have no recourse. Several times, the app didn’t save the parking session that I had just booked. I’ve caught it once as it happened, but the other times resulted in parking tickets. I had an older iPhone at the time, so I’m thinking it got bogged down before the transaction could get recorded to the server. The only way I could have caught it was to check that I got an email, but I’m often in a hurry to get somewhere right after I park my car. At least 3 other times, the app defaulted to select my girlfriend’s car instead of my own, so while I had paid ParkMobile, I still got a ticket because there was no payment tied to my car. I tried appealing to the city in all cases, but they only directed my to contact the app developers. I would absolutely use a different service if I could, but these guys are the only option since the city chose to use them exclusively.
  • Payment 1/5

    By pnbound360
    Apple Pay should be accepted
  • Best app ever! 5/5

    By Ashleyy38
    I use this app to park at the college I go to and it’s so much easier than using the machines. I can save my vehicle make/model/license plate in the app as well as my credit card number. So when I park I just click on the college name, click pay and I’m all set. Then it lets me park there for the rest of today so my roommate can take my car to class later and she doesn’t have to pay again.
  • 29353 5/5

    By Serious Gamaholic
    So glad I didn’t have to get out of my car to pay the meter
  • Poor handling of payments 3/5

    By Mr0bb
    While I like the convenience of using this app, the issues I have experiences with payment processing have made the app frustrating to use.
  • Claims to make parking easier. 5/5

    By HealthyMe!
    Looks promising
  • Alert 2/5

    By manram1234
    I wish it would have alerted me!! Just in case!
  • Charges 1/5

    By Ihatedavie
    Too expensive for two hours
  • Mr Chin 1/5

    By 6605821038
    I don’t like how you only get an option for all day on Sunday. I am staying at hotel deco and wake up to find there is no option for 3-4 hour parking until I check out of the hotel
  • Takes my money 1/5

    By jstorybook
    Takes my money even though a parking fee is not required on Sunday
  • Out of town 5/5

    By MiamiMichelle817
    This would great for out of towers not familiar with the area very easy
  • What’s going on with this app? 1/5

    By mkadird
    I cannot change how long I want to be parking and I couldn’t choose my spot number
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Bkdent
    Tried this app for the first time. I payed and received confirmation. Received a parking citation almost immediately. Garbage app
  • Clunky 3/5

    By StacyMarieATL
    Wants me to select payment every time even though I already did that
  • Not user friendly 2/5

    By Rateyou
    Been having problems with not workin/ finding the right location and when it does it doesn’t let you add time
  • Phuc Yoo1233 1/5

    By hiiihuu♥️
    Get this crap working with real meters and actual cell/app service and a better server for your traffic y’all trash
  • A pain 1/5

    By reluctant old town parker
    Too difficult
  • Meter never showed to work. 1/5

    Meter never showed working
  • Garbage app 4/5

    By North of Canada
    Parkmobile asks you for username and password about 50% of the time. That’s irritating enough: contrary to the whole point of having an app. Worse than that, this week it asked me to punch in my credit card information and car information. The prospect of punching my car registration number on my iPhone broke this camel’s back. Worthless garbage app.
  • Meter shows expired 1/5

    By kell161
    The app does not work
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By ghursx
    Very un reliable. I’m often not able to even enter parking code. Works maybe two times out of 10.
  • Parking 5/5

    By jimgorman63
    Easy to get started.
  • Participation trophy 1/5

    By JAStudios
    When I get a rate me dialogue box that inconveniently pops up I can only think about a company run by millennials. You haven’t earned it yet so stop asking for it.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By First Oso
    Wow, the parking mobile app has been fantastic. It is quick and easy!
  • Add an early departure option 1/5

    By Elzarcothepale
    If I leave early, and someone takes that spot, they don’t benefit from the overage as they would with an old meter. Refund me the difference.
  • unused time 1/5

    By 2015itunesname
    Should allow for refunds of unused time
  • Good news/bad news 3/5

    By Steve77TSM
    It is convenient, especially when adding time is necessary. However, the meter will not confirm that the fee has been paid, reading 0 time left always. At least in Newark, NJ. Also, charging a 23% premium for using the service seems a little unreasonable.
  • More time 2/5

    By Insta-ladybug
    These being posted around a court house you have no control over the length of time a case will take. I think we as consumers should be able to put our own time as a choice. Now I’m nervous about the case AND I have to worry about getting towed!!
  • Fees are exorbitant. 2/5

    By nycsong
    Was charged 85 cents for a 25 cent parking fee. I don’t think the service charge should cost more than the parking fee.
  • Password and Facial Recognition Never Work 1/5

    By JoeCharboneau
    I was late for an important appointment because, once again, this app's password and facial recognition function does not work. From now on, I'm using the pay lot next door and notifying my county how awful this app is.
  • Design could be so much better 1/5

    How do you remove old, invalid payment methods. Poor, non-intuitive design.
  • Worthless fad delete it now 1/5

    By Bus it fix this!
    There may be a lot of stupid and lazy people who still use this stupid app, but think of all people who don’t use it or have stopped using it. I still see plenty of people using stupid parking meters. My mother was all excited about paying for parking with your phone until she stopped using ParkMobile. I mean the app is great it saves me a trip to the parking meter to swipe my stupid credit card. This app even allows me to cheat the system by paying remotely when I saw parking enforcement ,but that got boring after a while. I eventually got a ticket since I selected the wrong plate number since I use multiple cars. What’s even more annoying is that I mistakenly still put in the wrong plate number and confirmed it. Then I had to pay twice😭. Just kidding! You just go through the time Consuming task of disputing the transaction with the credit card company. It’s the same thing with the stupid sections and spots. Maybe this doesn’t happen with everyone ,but I’m dyslexic so sometimes I misread all the numbers or press the wrong button. Think of how much better it would be if there was an edit feature. Anyways here’s my review.
  • Convenience 5/5

    By andre-gateway usa
    Love it Very convenient rather than finding coins or cc
  • Horrible !!!! 1/5

    By Jayda1st
    By far the worst app ever. Automatically put my license plate number not giving me a pop up to see if I even wanted to change it. Paid $20 for a car that I didn’t even drive. On top of that called customer service to see if they can help either cancel or edit license plate number. NOT HELPFUL AT ALL. Rep was helpless and just continued to say that he can’t do anything. Why have a help me button if you can’t help!! Had to bite the bullet and pay another $20 for parking because I didn’t have time to drive home 30 min and back another 30 min! Waste of time and money. Worse customer service and app creation. The least they can do is have an EDIT button because we ARE humans and make MISTAKES ALL THE TIME!!!!!!
  • This App Is The Worst 1/5

    By Texter Manley
    MobileNOW! Is a much better app. have do not get back unused money or time. This app scans you in the worst way. Other parking apps only make you pay for time used. ParkMobile only benefits the city or municipality where you park. They don’t care about consumers.
  • Account setup too long 1/5

    By nickname4847498
    Pls shorten.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Blue penguin m
    Almost makes me want to pay for parking!
  • Great - when it works 3/5

    By Mjababababab
    I use this app several times a year when I go to “the big city”. Wonderful convenient but and it’s a big but... I have to reinitialize everything. Every time. It is Faster and less frustrating to put money in the meter. Yesterday I opened the app. Typed in the meter number and pressed Park. “You don’t have payment info”. No button to add it on that screen.back out. App setting. Relink my paypal account (it was already in the list) . Wait for 2 factor. Okay okay okay. Park again. You don’t have a car on file. Again, no button to add/pick a car. Back to app setting. My car is already in the last and marked as default. But I pick it again. Back to Park. It works Yay me. By this time the family has walked down the block (The Block!) and entered our destination. I could have swiped my credit card on the meter and been down the block too. Why does this app exist? To make parking more convenient? Hardly. And it comes with a service charge for the convenience. Maybe next time. My wife looks at me “so hows that technology working out for you?”
  • No option 2/5

    By meli-mel22222
    Only option was 4 hrs or all day... I only needed 1 hr
  • Poor upgrade mgmt 1/5

    By pmboos
    After upgrading the app it no longer remembered the stored credit cards, did not remember my default vehicle, and after trying to change the time from max time to a lower time it held onto max time.
  • Difficult to work. Minimum charge is bunk. Just junk 1/5

    By don't park in lake geneva.
    See above junk
  • Welcome to the 21st century! 5/5

    By Nvrstp

ParkMobile - Find Parking app comments

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