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ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile

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  • Current Version: 1.3
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ParkNYC Powered by Parkmobile App

ParkNYC is a convenient way to pay for parking with your mobile phone at all metered parking spaces in New York City. ParkNYC is brought to you by the New York City Department of Transportation.

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  • If I can give a negative star I would 1/5

    By Schen88888
    65 Park ticket and 115 dollar parking ticket. Once you click on pay you can’t change the license plate.
  • Unable to pay for parking 1/5

    By snsndndns
    I tried to pay for parking but when I press the “start parking” button nothing happens. It doesn’t go pass that screen. A few days ago it worked just fine. Not sure what’s happening now. As for now I’m unable to use the app.
  • Needs update! 1/5

    By snowizzy
    Doesn’t work with IPhone XS
  • Got a ticket thanks to this. 1/5

    By Alec Badalamente
    App worked fine up until now. When I entered the parking lot and go to “pay” it was grayed out looking like I already did pay so I thought I was fine. I exited out of the app and when I went to my car this morning at 8:30am to go move it, I got a ticket. Sure enough, the app isn’t working. $65 for something I didn’t deserve!
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By PT Blanaru
    This is probably one of the worst apps every put out. I am amazed the city stopped selling parking cards before this app was perfected. Some NYC traffic agents continue to give tickets because they are not aware of the app yet! I was dumbfounded. Forget about the app freezes, glitches......glitches let me tell you about the glitches. If you miss the extend parking time period and go back to put an additional hour in, it states you can longer park because it is now over the alloted time. I own a business and if I would have an app like this I would have been out of business a long time ago but they have the upper hand. We have no other choice but fo use this atrocious app.
  • Basically useless because so buggy and usually doesn’t work 1/5

    By LL_SP
    After you input the zone number and select duration, the Start parking button has no function. Can’t press it and start parking. Happens every other time I use the app, only workaround is to delete and reinstall the app over and over. So the app is basically useless.
  • Expensive Fail 1/5

    By AngryNJ
    I use a similar app in New Jersey that works great so I took a chance because I needed 1 more hour in a zone in Manhattan that should have cost $4.50. When I was loading the app it said no convenience fees. I was put off that I had to pre-load $25 onto the app. When I parked it wouldn’t let me park for an hour. It would only let me park for maximum time of 1 hour and 10 minutes. But that shouldn’t have been much different. It charged me $13. What???? Total scam. I want the rest of my $8 back and my credit card info of the app!!! Rip off!
  • BEWARE: You can get a fine! 1/5

    By SLNY
    USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I’ve been using this app for over 3 months. First 3 months, no tickets. Then last week I parked in a 2 hr zone. I paid $8 for 1.5 hrs. I got the confirmation email. I came back with 15 mins left.... and a ticket on my windshield for not having the “receipt displayed.” Now I have to print out the email and mail it yo fight the ticket. Waste of time. Also, I tried emailing the app at the address they keep posting here. I got a confirmation email saying they got my email, and will get back to me ASAP. It’s been a week now. No answer. UPDATE: it’s been just 2 weeks since I got that fine. I just got another fine today for $65 while using the app. “No valid receipt visible in dash”. I think that some officers don’t have access to the app or they need fill their monthly quota, and this is a great way to give out tickets. I called 311 and filed a complaint against the app.
  • Out of state tags 1/5

    Did some strange reason only in Manhattan, if I park with this app and have our of state tags they just ignore it and write me a ticket anyways. Nowhere in the app does it state I have to have NYC tags in order to use the app.
  • App won’t work on my new iPhone !! 1/5

    By error with everything!
    This app worked great on my old iPhone 6 and now I’ve just upgraded to an iPhone XR and it won’t work !!! I can get through all the screens and when I need to press start parking, it does not work !!! Please fix this problem as I really found this app quite useful.
  • It’s not working 2/5

    By weijin51411
    It was working before, suddenly not working anymore, l delete my credit card and re-link another credit card , still not working, l called ParkNYC , they didn’t know either, this app is giving me trouble
  • Idk what everyone’s talking about 5/5

    By Lovelyboneslisse
    So I downloaded ParkNYC and here’s something’s to know: Pro’s: 1. FN AMAZING. Worked first time I tried it and every time since. 2. Saves me time, especially when I’m running to an appointment I’m late to and don’t have time to battle the meter and the change in my wallet. ****THE BEST PART***THE BEST PART**** 3. Couldn’t find the sticker on the meter and the app is able to locate me and find the nearest meter zone numbers. I didn’t have to run back to the car. Con’s: 1. Gives off false network issues but everything is working just fine. 2. UI could be a tiny bit more high res looks dated but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would definitely recommend this app to everyone. P.S. I’m a bitter Bronxite so it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to public transportation and on street parking. This app is a good app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Susanalove
    When you try to submit the payment (hit start parking) it does not work had to re-install the app several times
  • Barely works 1/5

    By Lamjchop
    If you need help writing an app, there are plenty of people who can and good at this. How can you have an app that barely works? And then I get a ticket because the app failed to work and I can pay for meter?
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By rebel-riser305
    It works for a few weeks and it just stops working. I have to delete the app and install it again so I can use it. It needs to be improved, it’s helpful but again it needs a little improvement.
  • Doesn’t work on iPhone X 1/5

    By prkingmvn12
    Worked great on iPhone 6 but I just upgraded to a x and it doesn’t work anymore as stated in other reviews . Nothing happens when you hit “start parking”. Fix this bug
  • Terrible 1/5

    By TJP710
    The interface is horrendous. It won’t let me press “start Parking”. Using latest version. Totally left me in a jam today.
  • Fix the freaking app 1/5

    By H_Bali
  • Stopped working suddenly 1/5

    By lady ins
    The app was amazing. I used it for a year. Now it suddenly stopped working and I can’t fix it for over a week now.
  • Issue 2/5

    By omg tommmmmmmmm
    I have money in the account but it’s not letting me park!! What’s going on? Why isn’t there a trouble shoot button?? Nothing is working!! This is a great app it it works 🙁. Maybe it’s government shutdown???? Idk but wt*!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By lfjdjjd
    This worked great for a few months and then in December it stopped. I would put in all the details then when I hit Start it won’t do a thing. I also see in other reviews I’m not the only person who has this issue. Please fix it!
  • Not 100% reliable 1/5

    By Remote manager
    This app has potential however there are a few areas that need improvement. Biggest problem first. If you are trying to pay for parking and your phone has poor reception or is going in and out of WiFi I have had the app say the parking session has started with the normal timer counting down when it did not go through at the time. I know this because this happened to me once where I got back to my car at the same time a traffic officer was scanning my car and told me the parking was not paid. I told them I paid via the app and still had 25 minutes left. I was lucky because they just showed me their tablet and said it shows not paid and left without giving me a ticket. My advice is make sure you get a confirmation email after you pay, even if the app says it went through. I did receive a confirmation of payment email later that night but I never received the confirmation of the parking session. That is my biggest criticism of this app and the nyc dot’s competence in maintaining their parking infrastructure. As far as I know this app has never been updated. If they do update it I would like to see the ability to choose between more than one credit card. Also either a QR code scanner and QR codes on the parking signs, or maybe an OCR ability so you can just scan the sign instead of having to type in the 6 digit code manually and verify 2 times to make sure you typed it it correctly. Despite the 1 star rating I’m giving the app I’m happy that it exists. I would have preferred to contact their support about the issues but naturally there is no support to contact.
  • Please fix bug 2/5

    By phillyfire
    Please fix the issue of the “Start Parking” button freezing. The app will work for me for about a month and then it will start parking button will not work and I have to delete the app and redownload it. It is extremely annoying.
  • Need Better Communication With App & Maids 4/5

    By BSmoove201
    I Still Got A Ticket After I Paid Through The App, I Think It Would Be Better If The App & The Scanner Is Connected. So When The Meter Maid Uses The Scanner, The Option To Print/Issue The Ticket Is Cancelled Out. Or Something That Pops Up On Their Screen That Tell The Maid That This Person Paid Already, But Great App So Far, Just Need Some Work For The Five Stars...
  • What a crap app 1/5

    By applesucksbolas
    App works for a bit then it fails to launch, getting stuck at “initializing app”. I felt the hair on my face grow while waiting for the app to initialize. I am now a skeleton and it still has not initialized. Edit. Now i have to uninstall and reinstall every time i need to park. What a piece of crap app.
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By R.Y.
    I use the app everyday all day and it’s a shame that it is inconsistent. Too many times I have to delete and reinstall the app when it freezes or just will not load. I easily spend $50 a month on this app, all I ask for is consistency with the program. Come on NYC as much as you make yearly on tickets you can surely create a smooth running app.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By nateslevin
    I loved this app. Used it all the time. As of a few months ago it no longer works. Like... at all. What gives?! Did the person who ran this app quit their job? I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it numerous times. I can log in, see all my car and payment and account information, New em put in a zone number... I get all the way to the “Start Parking” screen and the button visually registers a press but nothing ever finalized or completes. Help! Fix it!
  • Used to love this app 2/5

    By Juss jess
    I used to love this app until it stopped working like everyone told me it would. My cousin put me on to it but she said it will work for a few weeks then it would be over. This morning I went to use the app and theres an error message that pops up saying “generic system failure” Some of the parking meter numbers that are in my history seem to respond. However, it seems as though any new meter numbers I enter will not work. This is so annoying! Ugghh Ill be deleting the app JJ
  • Just doesn’t work 1/5

    By pcela03
    Works one week, completely stops working the next. When this app works it is extremely convenient, however it rarely does.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By davido le pronto
    Just downloaded the app. Asked me to put $25 on the wallet. Now it tells me that I cannot park more than 20 minutes so I need to find a parking. Shame on you NYC.
  • Great app if it worked 2/5

    By jesus_christ1
    Works for the first time your download, then you have to delete and re-download it. Almost cost me a ticket. Fix this issue and I’m sure this will be worth having.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By jenncohen
    Please fix app!
  • Barely works 1/5

    By Native Bronxite
    I have this app and I park on meters a lot but I constantly have to delete and redownload because it won’t let me start a ticket. The idea is convenient but now work on correcting all the glitches and issues. I guess it’s evident there’s more money in screwing people over with tickets instead...
  • No longer working 1/5

    By Reshma71
    This app worked pretty well for me for a long one but it’s suddenly freezing and not reading selections. Unable to start a parking session. I deleted it and reloaded it twice. Still not working.
  • The app isn’t working 2/5

    By Mia Mason
    Great app when it works. I deleted the app and redone loaded it and it still will not let me park. I had $14 remaining, so I know it’s not out of funds. What’s the problem. Maybe it needs an update. Last one was 1 yr ago.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By distressed ny er
    It worked in 2018. Now it just doesn’t work. My account has money and I can’t use it to park
  • Who manages this app? 1/5

    By MartineQ
    It’s great for parking in New York when it works. I have had to delete it and re-download it over 10 times I’m sure. It works for a few days and then you have to delete it and re-download it. Come on you guys fix this!
  • So far so good 5/5

    By BiggieSmallzz
    After reading all the negative reviews, I wanted to report that having used the app for about 2 months, I am happy and surprised to say that I have not experienced any problems whatsoever. If that changes I will update my review! Honestly, it has been so helpful as I live in a neighborhood where parking is tough and I have to resort to muni parking time to time.
  • Not working with latest iOS update 1/5

    By Murray971
    Not working with latest iOS update Get all the way to submit and won’t let me hit submit.
  • Used to work now it doesn’t 2/5

    By Hansel the Architect
    Giving it 2 stars because once I upgraded my phone from iPhone 8+ to iPhone Xs i can no longer start a parking session. It lets you press the continue button but nothing happens. NYers are impatient. They should have known better that we don’t tolerate unreliable service. Also, alerts are emailed not texted when session is almost over. SMH get it together guys!!
  • Smart but STUPID CRAP!!! 1/5

    By ILoceMyRam
    I will quickly summarize the bad: *If you have more than 5 cars, you can not add them. Especially if you run a fleet. *If you accidentally park the wrong plate, you can not end the current parking session so you will not be able to park another plate at the same meter, because you are already parked there. *If you park at a meter for longer than you need and then you move to another meter, you have to park again or you will get a ticket. *if your phone gets an update, the app won’t work. *if you are far away from the car and you want to extend your parking, you can only do it once and only if you are in the same area. *if your family member need to park and they have no change, you can not pay for them even if it is your car, because it reads you location and the app sees you are somewhere else. *if you are in a rush most likely the app will take you longer to park, then if you just feed the meter, because is simply a bad design not well thought thru... it’s only made for the city to make more money off parking fees and tickets
  • Very finicky 1/5

    By PW238
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It worked a couple times and then unfortunately didn’t work when I entered all the information and clicked “Start parking”. Nothing happened. Restarted the app and my phone several times and it still didn’t work. These bugs needs to be fixed.
  • Too many problems 1/5

    By Jay Steven O
    The app works when it wants too. Sometimes it allows me to pay other times it just doesn’t do anything.
  • Still received ticket 1/5

    By SCWBradley
    I did the correct zone and correct information. There isn’t even an option for the rest of the $21, since I loaded $25 to my account and my meter was for $4.00. This has great potential, but not worth fighting the ticket.
  • Wish it worked 1/5

    By Hard to win n wait
    Update: 2 years later and this crap still doesn’t work. What a shame Used it for about 8 months. It was great! The all of a sudden, 4 months ago, you can’t submit the order, or payment for the meter. They never fixed it, never updated it. It’s like no one is on top of this app at the DOT. I hope it makes a come back. You can try logging on in the website on your phone but sometimes it just easier to walk to the muni meter and pay by the time you have to enter your password and enter the time and stuff. Update: received an email on deleting and re downloading. Setting it up. This app still hasn’t worked in a year. I even log on on-line. Still doesn’t work. It’s the app and the site that isn’t functioning. Either up date your crappy app or don’t bother offering it. I have an iPhone 8+. It stopped working with my 6 back then. So frustrating.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Danman356
    Don’t try
  • Could be better 2/5

    By LeBerthon
    This app has potential for sure. I downloaded it because I want to see what kind of parking was available in NYC. Next thing I know I have to load up an account with $25 of funds? Ehhhh. No thanks. This is more minor, but the app feels very outdated. The user experience is a bit awkward, and it should be updated for the native resolution of newer iPhones. There’s definitely a need for apps like this — looking forward to seeing ParkNYC get better!
  • I have an iPhone 6 with the latest IOS 1/5

    By honduzeuz
    Doesn’t work on my phone the app I have to go directly to the website I’ve called and was told that it does not work on iPhone 6 even tho I have the latest Version on my phone
  • Horrible App!!! 1/5

    By Xxtraa817
    This app has such potential but works horribly! I have not been able to use this app for more than six months! Contacting customer support is a terrible experience. I want to get a refund of the money I have in my app’s “wallet” but cannot find out how to do it! TERRIBLE!!!!

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