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Parler App

Parler is a non-biased, free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights. Create your own community and enjoy content and news in in real time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to control your social experience and be a verified member of the community! Highlights: - Discover sports, news, politics, and entertainment - Engage with official statements and thoughts from community leaders - Experience dynamic media — photos, and GIFs - Echo, Share, Vote and Comment on Parleys - Debate and Moderate - Get caught up on news headlines and videos - Be apart of the viral experience - Find out who started following you - Discover which of your Parleys were vote'd or echo'd - Respond to comments or echos - Private message your squad - Share Parleys and other media - Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo - Tell the world what you need them to know!

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  • Free speech 5/5

    By JesusLuvr123
    I am really enjoying Parler. It’s easy to use and I am able to get uncensored news that I wouldn’t see on other apps. Parler is bringing back free speech.
  • Only reason I am there is to walk away from FB 1/5

    By Fluffyrn
    It doesn’t have many features and they don’t all work and you can’t contact support. The absolute only reason I am there is to walk away from FB. You can’t control your feed Can’t share images and many things. Instead it’s a link so extra clicking Can’t see what post a person reacted to. When you click on that history it takes you to their profile. That used to work. None of the features work and there aren’t many. I think everyone should just walk away from social media and MSM. It has caused way too much damage, violence and ignorance
  • Didn’t actually download to use 1/5

    By ShelbyBubbles
    Listen, I heard about this app through TikTok. While I think the idea of unbiased news is great, I just think you guys really need to consider what some of the users are saying on there, cuz I’ve seen some screenshots from conservative people saying that they wish death on Biden, on Democrats, and on Liberals, even going as far as to say even if some many of them were dead nobody would care. Now I know you all can’t control what people say, but maybe rethink the whole aspect of letting people post ANYTHING they want to say. Just saying.
  • Finally an unbiased social media app 5/5

    By IAmThePresElect
    Unlike other social media platforms, Parler is unbiased! There is no censoring of content. Freedom of speech is welcomed and appreciated! I don’t have to worry about others getting butthurt when I post my thoughts and/or opinions like I do on other social media apps. As adults we are all or rather we all should be able to decipher posts and links on our own! We do not need someone telling us what or how to think! It is an app where you can be proud of your Country! Proud to be an American! No other social media app allows that!!! Thank you, Parler!!!
  • No need for a phone number. 2/5

    By Duckburt Allgood
    The phone number requirement is quite the deal breaker.
  • Best Free Speech Platform to Date 5/5

    By conservative vinnie
    Parler will surpass twitter in the next year. Just watch.
  • I hope they improve 5/5

    By drs097
    I hope they become a legit competitor to twitter and get voices from both sides to join. Right now it’s all right wing people because only they get banned and censored on twitter for the most part. I don’t want an echo chamber but I also don’t like censorship. Once the left joins Parler we will have the best of both worlds
  • App Needs A LOT of work 2/5

    By Phroedrick
    The attraction is less censorship and account blocking than Twitter. Only partly true. The app is a kluge, in my opinion after 25+ years in software dev, and is NOT READY for prime time. Here’s why: Little or no on-screen labels that help much at all. No easy way to post and find responses. If you accidentally delete your account YOU ARE SCREWED. Your email and phone are locked in their system making it IMPOSSIBLE to recover your accidentally deleted account. You’ll need a second email and phone to set up a new account, as you can kiss the first one goodbye. Account recovery includes being directed to email support that never responds. Parler is a good idea. They need some real intense work on the app, the interface and user help. Hire some good developers, ‘cause this is garageware. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln liked the play.
  • Can't download 1/5

    By MamaPhantom
    I can't even download the app. It keeps saying that my card was declined....why are they even trying to charge my card. 😡😡😡
  • Great app and alternative to Twitter and Facebook 5/5

    By AliP01
    Love this app and feel like the people complaining about this app either don’t know how to use a simple app or they’re just to making the developers look bad. Registering was simple and easy! I use this instead of Facebook and Twitter. The only issue I have is authenticating yourself by uploading your ID. You don’t have to but if you want to have another badge or special features you must upload a valid ID. Other than that those features aren’t that important right now.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Cruz0403
    Twitter never caught my attention even before it turned biased against conservatives. After a few days on Parler it started gaining my interest and will still be using from here on. At least here you aren’t censored wether you’re a liberal or conservative or any affiliation for that matter.
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By WitchCanTurnBitchy
    I do have to stress over my OPINION being FACT CHECKED. It not to be allowed my freedom of speech & be not worry of being censored or have my comments completely removed. It’s nice to post articles or videos backing up what I found without my account being “temporarily suspended” even though the articles & videos where FACT based.
  • Kurt 1/5

    By Kurt DiClementi
    Parler won’t let me back in because I have the same phone number and they always say I fall theCaptcha even though I get it correct. Parler is becoming just like FB and Twitter
  • lol 5/5

    By sictransitoria
    I wonder why there is so many 1 stars. Oh, leftists, you crazy
  • Great place to get unbiased updates about news 5/5

    By JAJones7043
    Love this app! Great place to chat with friends and get unbiased updates on news. Don’t believe the poor reviews they’re just from people trying to bring down a good thing because they want to be as miserable as they are! Anyone that doesn’t agree with them they try to take down. This app is awesome!
  • Great App 5/5

    By CarolinaFan80
    Only Democrats are giving this app bad reviews.
  • All caps 3/5

    By phector5
    Not sure what the issue is, but when I have to type in the letters/numbers from my iPad, they are all caps. Can’t get into the app.
  • Captcha 1/5

    By lhcbrokers
    Good luck installing this crap app, you probably won’t get passed the Captcha.
  • Can’t Edit Posts 4/5

    By cnvnjffjjgcjjfjdddsuoopxhf
    It’s a good app, but I can’t edit my comments or posts or anything once I post or submit them. So then every time I wand edit I have to delete and reload what I want to edit. Can we have an edit option please?
  • I can’t get it to read the cap pease 1/5

    By Ara6968
    Having a ton of problems with signing up. I musta done the Captch over 10 times in capital letters and small ones and it want me todo it all over again. I saw that I downloaded this app before but I think I had problem them like I am having know
  • very bad experience 1/5

    By thewebguy
    seems like everything uses a blocking request, which is not acceptable in 2012 or whatever year it is now
  • Parler Support 1/5

    The support people are useless when it comes to help with the app!
  • month in 5/5

    By former fb member
    after a month of using Parler I have a much better understanding of what is truly happening in my world!
  • Bias app 1/5

    By parkeraw
    This app is supposed to be no biased but its all trump no Biden.
  • No support? 2/5

    By Louie j
    I loved this app till a few days ago. All my notifications have stopped? I deleted the app and reloaded it, still doesn’t work? There doesn’t seem to be any support, no one to email or talk to, to figure out what’s going on. Very disappointed right now. I deleted my twitter account and was enjoying my FREE SPEECH! Wish someone could tell me what I need to do to fix. I’m using an iPhone and have no problems with all my other apps.
  • Fake news everywhere on this app 1/5

    By j0hnny91
    Fake news app
  • Can’t sign up for Parler BECAUSE of captcha 1/5

    By dabdab123123
    I can’t sign up for Parler as captcha makes any first letter a capital
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By JFK98
    The worst social app yet. It’s trying to be like Reddit, but there are so many bugs and glitches they need to fix. I guess it’s possible it could be cool if they do a WHOLE bunch of work on it. ALSO- it’s a cult of psychos who don’t know they are in a cult apparently.
  • Free Speech 5/5

    By Ed of Indiana
    This is an excellent application and platform for any American who cherishes his god given right to free speech. App runs great and interfaces well with Rumble or YouTube as well as other social platforms.
  • Best social media app for CONSERVATIVES 🇺🇸 5/5

    By Allon2005
    Best social media app for CONSERVATIVES 🇺🇸 You will not be blocked, shadow banned or mistreated here if you’re a conservative. Free speech and freedom of expression is welcome
  • Even the liars aren’t censored 5/5

    By Tkl5047
    Free speech the way our forefathers meant it....
  • Truth 5/5

    By Aubrey the wacko
    I enjoy reading and forming my own opinion. They don’t choose for me.
  • No censorship, infinite potential 5/5

    The app is growing rapidly... do not be discouraged by liberal trolls who have been told to give the app a low rating to discourage downloads. It is so refreshing to speak freely... and the app is minimally buggy. They have room to grow as people jump on in thousands. Please do not be swayed by negative propaganda... the app works well and allows for free and open discourse.
  • Freedom from communist social media 5/5

    By Teflhunden
    Finally a place where Conservatives can read and pass along, the TRUTH of what’s going on in The USA and not be ( censored, blocked or shut down ) by the COMMUNIST social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc...
  • Truth 5/5

    By xxLilMisPErfectXOxo
    Why are leftists so afraid of this app?
  • Great free speech app 5/5

    By Timothy57574
    With concrete evidence from all over about how twitter suppresses conservative views and stories that will hurt their preferred candidate(conflict of interest), I decided to look for an alternative digital social platform. Long story short, this is better than Twitter for two reasons(everything else is virtually the same): both sides of the political isle can be plainly seen without suppression of either, I thin you have more than twice the amount characters they give you on Twitter.
  • Lots of review bombs 5/5

    By SupeerChEeZ
    Don’t listen to half the people giving a bad rating on here. This app is a good place for conservatives to talk and not constantly be called racist for no reason
  • Another scam. Don’t download it. 1/5

    By Snaresman
    I put in the capta thing about a dozen times. Kept bringing up another one. Also said my phone number was invalid. Don’t know why they need a phone number when they have my email for verification. If my number is invalid, how do people call me on it?
  • What Twitter would’ve become 5/5

    By NerfedOctane
    Parler is great if you want unbiased access to the president’s tweets
  • Here’s Why Free Speech is important and Censorship is bad 5/5

    By TheUrv
    It is understandable that people don’t like what they believe to be hate speech. the problem is still and always will be the same. And this is the problem that the 1st amendment is was designed the way it is because of. No one can clearly define what hate speech is. Just like no one can define what is a valid religion in the 18th century when the constitution was written Historically, most religions have have labeled other religions as paganism and its practitioners as heretics, people who believe in a false god. And that has been the justification of religious and political violence, hate, and discrimination enacted against them, including torture and genocide. But then it was expanded to justify political violence against others who follow the same religion, but practice it a different way than them such as the distinction between Catholics and Protestants. Both are Christians, but the differences have been used to justify religious and political violence against each other. Similarly, the definition of hate speech is ever growing, in an exponential manner, to the point that literally anything and everything is hate speech as long as the one who labels it as hate speech has the “correct characteristics” And the opposite is also growing exponentially where what is clearly hate speech is no longer considered hate speech as long it is said by someone who possesses the “correct characteristics” Many have realized this, but it has grown too big that they simply cannot stop it, for they now fear that the monster, that they ironically have willing helped raised or were willfully ignorant about, will now devour them. For example looting somehow became justified if committed by BLM and Antifa, and if you said something like looting is not acceptable, you were labeled a “racist” or a “race traitor” such as Uncle Tom. The monster, that they ironically raised, became so strong that the far left fake news media even wrote articles about how looting is justified as reparation or some nonsense like that. To justified it even more, they labeled it as “mostly peaceful protests” and refused to use to factually correct words like riots or looting. The people who argue for the censorship of “Hate Speech” don’t really care about hate speech but abuse it as a weapon to silence people that disagree with them. As evidence of that still happening today, the far left fake news media such as the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press has advocated and justified political violence against half the country with everything from lesser forms of violence such as harassment and discrimination, to greater forms of violence such assault and murder, up to the greatest forms of violence, collectively known as crimes against humanity, such as brainwashing and genocide. Disturbingly, this is being done openly and proudly, against half the country, with the baseless and unsubstantiated belief that if you just threaten them enough, half the population(70+ million people) of a country will suddenly change their core values. That clearly is not happening.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By fuggTrump
    You can’t advertise as “unbiased social media” while having a conservative bias. Not how it works. This is an app for white supremacists and losers.
  • Nice app- free discussions 5/5

    By SoCalMom2Five
    It’s nice having a place without censorship! Works great.
  • Cannot create an account 5/5

    By rtwec456
    The create account screen seems simple enough but when I get to create the password the program does something funky and gets all locked up. There is no means provided to contact someone for help so after a half a dozen try’s including deleting the app and reinstalling nothing has worked. I am very disappointed with Parlor and this experience. Seems the app will not accept a bad review. Locks you out with the nickname question.
  • Actively promotes misinformation 1/5

    By vlkh21
    Like, it’s one thing to not put measures in to prevent misleading information. But it’s a whole other thing to prevent non-badged users from posting link/sources. It seems that it’s not just simply avoiding the question of misinformation but actively fostering it. Plus, ya know, right-wing cesspool and all that.
  • Great app 5/5

    By ZeusinPK
    Twitter is the worst app ever
  • Can’t log in on desktop 1/5

    By Mark Shoffit
    I wish y’all would fix that. I’m tired of waitin’
  • Freedom of Speech 5/5

    By v0p
    The 1-Stars are from people that don’t believe in Freedom of Speech. Trying to make sure everyone conforms to their pestilent bias. Plus the owner of Twitter is most definitely a d-bag.
  • You can’t sign up 1/5

    By tony macc
    See you in after you download it, Apples keyboard does not let you use lowercase letters when verifying that you’re not a robot.
  • Spam 1/5

    By PartyPanda99
    Insane amounts of bots, ads, and spam. If they can limit this it is a good app

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