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  • Current Version: 3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DigiArt
  • Compatibility: Android
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Get ready for the funniest and most enjoyable battle royale game. Pick up other players and throw them off the area. Try to survive and be the last one standing. Join this addictive entertainment right now. Features: * Free to play. * Play it anytime anywhere. * Super realistic physics. * Easy controls. * Hanging to the walls to survive added. * Breaking free when grabbed added. * Fast, addictive and fun gameplay. app screenshots app reviews

  • Best game ever!!! 5/5

    By PotatoChip356
    I got this game not expecting to be as good as it is. I got so many reasons of why this is the best. I got my cousin and me and him have been playing it ever since.
  • Goodwin 5/5

    By byyghrrugfdihdgrhrh
    This game is awesome
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Landon TF toy reviews
    When I saw this game it was showing a ad for Gang Beasts
  • Well 2/5

    By notFromChina
    I mean, it would be a cool game if it was an online game
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Carray250
  • Like 5/5

    By ghgggggghhhghgghf
    Awesome game I love it
  • FAKE Online Play 1/5

    By Worm Foggot
    Fun game but if you put it in airplane mode you can still play with a bunch of fake players with original names. It’s just another hoax, and besides that it’s just too easy.
  • Fun game but wasted effort 2/5

    By typeskilz
    This game is a total riot. I would actually spend money on this. But alas there is no ad free up-sell so i get to watch the same stupid 30 second ad after each round to get the points i just scored. Listen, broadcast TV doesn’t have this kind of ad to entertainment ratio. You make great games but seriously you kill your games with too many long ads. Don’t bother
  • Barely A Game 1/5

    By NaturalHatty
    Pros: + Cons: -Completely inconsistent touch controls that never perform the same function when you use them. There’s literally one “button”, grab, and it’s anyone’s guess if your character responds to your input. Throwing other players really only works only 5% of the time. That’s the whole game right there. And it doesn’t work. -Ads. So. Many. Ads. Literally every action you take after your first few games brings up an ad. -No sound, at all, for anything. -Not an actual “.io” game, because all of the “players” are bots. -Not worth your time, even for time wasting.
  • Needs work 4/5

    By 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 UNICORN
    It is laggy sometimes
  • The cool game 5/5

    By Mr Muhammad
    I like the game its so cool
  • Bruh Im boutta expose you 1/5

    By Anthony Phillip Jones
    Ok first, the add that was displayed showed the figures on different platforms like trains etc. THERES ONLY MINIMAL AMOUNTS OF VARIATIONS. Secondly, everytime I want to switched directions my player does a grab move which throws my timing off and I end up getting Debo’d off the map. Third, I watch an ad to obtain a skin, leave, come back to the app, and it said the skin was locked. That means you took my a part of my life-time for money. Also, one of my opponents got thrown off, he was destined for the L, magically, he managed to land on an invisible bench. He waited until everyone was thrown off and won the game without a kill to his name. Let’s go back to the ad; they had creative outfits and their body movements were way more established than this app. The fraud behind this app got gameplay from the Original game gangbeasts (dope game btw you should he try it out on your game console) and advertised it to get income off of it. Hope you get sued for false-advertising and stealing people’s time and money. P.s. if you made it this far, thank you for caring about my response and follow me on Instagram IG:antjones13
  • thanks 5/5

    By Hah no ue No ya no no
    i like it a little bit though
  • Ads 5/5

    By The One an only Lord Tachanka
    You can skip ads after watching the ad for 2 second. Instead of sitting through a 30 second ad. The people who write that you can not skip the ads are wrong. They just don’t know how to skip the ad.
  • I like it 5/5

    By bogogoy2019
    I like it but everyone say it’s a rip-off of beast gang but it’s good
  • Super fun 5/5

    By Purple kooais
    This game is super fun
  • Add 1/5

    By longshlongjon
    Add more moves this game will get boring fast without more
  • Wow 5/5

    By Afield an
    Great game
  • Try this out 4/5

    By gogamemer
    I was looking forward to the game it’s so fun
  • Game 3/5

    By youthboy12345
    What is the meaning of the game
  • :( 2/5

    By Alltheniknamesaretaken
    I’m getting ads every two games like really!
  • Need 1/5

    By jfddfcx
    Need instructions how to play Toooooooooo hard
  • So cool 5/5

    By ky and gg
    Me and my bestie are playing this non stop
  • Remove Ads 3/5

    By jamess10
    This game will be much better if they just remove at least some ads. Every game I am done playing it takes me to a ad please fix this
  • Cool premise 2/5

    By Mattpeter
    What’s up with the lag? All the ads are smooth as puddin’. Are you hoping people with think the lag will go away if you make the no adds purchase? And what are the faulking controls? Can’t really tell what I’m doing because of the lag.
  • Fun but.. 3/5

    By Madison_Gavin<3
    Extremely fun and addicted but it glitches way too much!!!
  • Fake 1/5

    By YourAverageCrow
    It literally gets ads from a different game that’s completely better than this laggy broken game.the better game is “gang beasts” it’s on ps4 and that’s where they get all of the ads from
  • This game is a rip off 1/5

    By Crlygrl08
    This game had the gang beast ad which makes me mad they make it try to look like it but it’s not and all that lag this game is the worst game I ever played
  • Horrible 1/5

    By 123 shut it down
    It doesn’t even feel like a competition
  • Rowan vest 5/5

    By iffydalfodill
    I love how easy it is to control.
  • Fun & unique Game 4/5

    By The Cricket Man
    Fun game, one of my all time favorites..but very glitchy. Half the time it starts messing up and then I loose control of my character. If you could fix the glitches I’d sure appreciate it guys. Thanks for the fun game! Rhino Rags
  • It’s bait 1/5

    By MikeM322
    I got baited by an ad that was a literal video of Gang Beasts gameplay.
  • Not real online 1/5

    By :Aj:
    Literally impossible for this game to be online false advertisement
  • Ripoff 3/5

    By P0kemanz
    Everyone knows this is just a bad copy of game beasts. Don’t get me wrong the controls are way different then gang beasts but the characters are similar, maps, and pretty much everything other then the name tags and the controls. But a lot of effort went into this game so I put it a three stars. (It really doesn’t deserve it)
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By Tinalysas
    This is honestly a good and so addicting but if you could add in a hud where all the buttons are and a button to stop this game would be perfect
  • Okay 1/5

    By Tnkgw
    It’s a okay game. It cold be fun if you are bad at game. If you are good at games then do not play. It will be sooooo easy
  • 5 star game 5/5

    By Themindhacker
    This game is fun. A bit slow but fun
  • Cool game, but needs some work 3/5

    By Owen the kids
    You should add a local mode where you can play with your friends
  • A ripoff 1/5

    This game is a ripoff of human fall flat and gang beast this game is fun so yeah
  • Fam lit 5/5

    By fortnite Player 28393838383
    I love this fam lit
  • Trash. 1/5

    By Pinknerryu
  • Eh 2/5

    By atomic muffin
    Ads aren’t not as bad as people say, but gameplay is repetitive and uninteresting after the first 5-10 games.
  • Buggy 3/5

    By ghdryhigfvjirdvhuuug
    Too many bugs. Needs an update ASAP, almost unplayable.
  • Ads, lags, and more ads 1/5

    By RugerTheCougar
    This game would honesty be a pretty good “#1 time killer” if the developers weren’t so money hungry. You spend more time watching ads then playing the game. To unlock more characters(the only customizable part of the game) you have to win a game so that you can unlock the ability to watch an ad so that you can unlock them. And you can’t move on to the next character until you do so(say there’s 12 characters, you’d have to watch 12 videos). Also, I encountered a really bad issue of lagging for a game that isn’t even online? Until the developers actually loosen up this game shouldn’t get any more than 1 star.

    By lover12338488388383
    Your game is awesome i love u all
  • Bots 4/5

    By b hbsjjrjemsjdjr
    There is just bots make it online
  • Yay finally 5/5

    By MasterChan117
    I love it is the closest thing to gang beasts and I’ve always wanted that game and one like it is on mobile
  • This game is doodoo 1/5

    By Astras
    Honestly I thought this game would be fun. I started playing but by the end of the day I had all the skins. It’s really annoying because of the points. I’ll constantly lose because of a glitch were I get launched into the air and off the map. It will be final 4 and I’ll run into someone who somehow shoots me off the map without picking me up. This is really annoying because whenever it happens I lose points. If you’re gonna make a game with a point system don’t make it buggy. Also there’s way to many adds. Every time I win I get a ad and it feels like the whole game is just focused on making money from ads. I literally turned off my WiFi and cellular so that it stopped giving me adds. Overall the game just makes me mad and waste time. Eventually I deleted it but overall I did not enjoy this game. Instead of being fun it was annoying and made me very mad.
  • Review 🤷🏾‍♂️ 2/5

    By Damedot313
    The way the game process on my phone makes it bad but it’s a okay game app comments

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