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Passport Parking

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  • Current Version: 9.2.3
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Passport Parking App

No more digging for coins. This is how parking should be. Pay, extend, and manage your parking session with just a few taps. It’s easy! PAY ON THE GO Pay quickly and securely with your smartphone. - Time's precious, stop wasting it feeding a meter. - Forget refilling the meter in the rain or braving the cold. NO PRICE SURPRISES See when parking rates will change in the future – even when there’s free parking! - Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session. - Expenses made easy, manage your parking history through the mobile app. STRESS-FREE PARKING Get alerts when your parking session is about to end. - Stop worrying about how much time is left on the meter, we have you covered. NO NEED TO RUSH Add time to your parking session directly from your phone.* - Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn't. Simply extend your parking session via our app. -------- GET STARTED TODAY 1. Download the Passport Parking app. 2. Park where you see Passport Parking app signs. 3. Pay for your parking session from your phone. 4. Relax, welcome to parking as it should be. -------- COMING SOON The Passport Parking app is not done yet! We're constantly updating the app based on your feedback. -------- APP PERMISSIONS - Location Services (optional): Used to quickly provide nearby parking zones. * where applicable

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Passport Parking app reviews

  • trash app doesn’t work ever 1/5

    By Icyfoil
    haha restart app, disconnect from wifi, try paying with 2 different cards doesn’t work. this trash app is so terrible it’s not even funny try spending the next 5 minutes of you life refreshing the app over and over. haha i majored in app development 🤓🤓🤓 i’m innovative and changing the world!!!! hehehehe IT DOESNT WORK EVER NO MATTER WHAT
  • ios 16 search feature 4/5

    By Amateur|98|
    When searching “Parking” or “park” in the search box for the iphone files/apps/web search tool in the UI of the home screen, the Passport app does not show up at all. I have to specify by adding the term “app” or somehow else indicating to show all parking apps for this one to show up. Park mobile is the only parking app I have downloaded that shows as a “top hit” when using those search terms, park or parking. Just thought developers might want to know to add those keywords to whatever list of related words that the home screen search tool uses to generate results.
  • They charge fees every time your pay for parking 1/5

    By Guy10001joke
    You can nerver get a customer support- there is an automated msg to contact your town if you have issues. The town has nothing to do with this app. You are better off paying through credit card Beware once you set up automatic payment you can’t get out. I would avoid this app and do not recommend it
  • Zero customer support or response 1/5

    By SadieDids
    Have used nationally - sometimes glitches out and won’t accept any of my 3 loaded credit cards. Even after closing, deleting and reloading cards, etc. zero options to contact suppport - they use a poor AI chat function. I hope orgs that use this app ask for data on failed transactions for their lots / probably a lot of folks just give up and drive elsewhere
  • Won’t save CVV 1/5

    By astrodash
    Almost every time I have ever tried to use this app it has deleted the cvv number for my credit card. I go back in to enter it again and it still says the info is incorrect. When I go back to the credit card I do the cvv is gone again. I do this at least 5-10 times before it magically works. Meanwhile it will tell me my quote has expired and I have to start over. It’s maddening. This could be so easy but it’s so frustrating. Back to carrying quarters
  • Possibly source of credit card theft 1/5

    By Rebop23
    Saw the app listed on a meter and downloaded entered credit card on my mobile connection. Used once. Charged in the app but meter never changed!! A few day later credit card fraud on that card. Suspicious. Could be three coincidences or maybe not. Tried to report an talk to a human and referred to city hall !!
  • Cannot use Apple Pay? 1/5

    By jdllllllla
    What kinda poor UX is this.
  • Cannot use saved credit card information 1/5

    By s0gekingu
    I have attempted to use this app in Brookline MA. This app has a bug when parking in previously parked zones, saved credit card information cannot be used. When manually entering credit card info, an error states that the credit card already exists. I have to delete the previously saved credit card info then manually enter it again. It takes several minutes to do this each time. There was a previous review stating the same problem. The developer response at that time stated there will be an app update in 2/2022 to fix it. It is now 2/2023 and the problem still exists.
  • I hate this app 1/5

    By Whatwhatohya
    Never write these but omg this app never works right the 2nd 4th or 10th time
  • Never accepts my credit card 1/5

    By Hate all of this app
    No matter how many times I try to use it and no matter which of the three different credit cards I use I never get it to work. It tells me the card is already there when I try to use it it tells me it is not valid.
  • Doesn’t accept payment methods 1/5

    By Apzllo
    Tried 2 different cards.. both failed. Got a citation thanks to this good for nothing app.
  • Broken refill 1/5

    By XthisonekidX
    When I try to refill my wallet it says it’s not working I’ve tried 3 cards and nearly gotten a ticket because this refill functionality is broken. Please fix. Both wallet top up & straight credit card charges are broken
  • Only allows parking in 1hr increments 1/5

    By Deepblueelo
    It is a rip off. The city of Cambridge, MA shouldn't allow this .
  • Garbage 1/5

    By nash gadre
    Compared to Park Boston this is crappy. And unable to removed expired credit cards. What’s the deal with that?
  • PSA don’t trust this app 1/5

    By Adree93
    I used the app this morning for parking in downtown and it vibrated to indicate the payment went through but then when I opened the app moments later to check on my parking time, I read “error on payment” on the screen which resulted in a $40 ticket. I reached out to the app for help and to let them know of this bug and they failed to come to a solution. Don’t trust this app!!!
  • “Convenience fee” 1/5

    By lucifersnightmare
    I feel delighted about parking for a half hour that cost me 25 cents in parking and 55 cents in “convenience fee”. This is just dumb. Honestly using quarters is more “convenient” than this app because quarters aren’t silently stealing my money.
  • Unnecessarily complicated 1/5

    By Darm_ar
    Using coins was way better
  • Good when it works 3/5

    By T SwiZz
    I Park in the same lots downtown all the time but the past 5 times it can’t process payment so I end up having to use the meters anyways
  • unstable behavior on weak network 1/5

    By dmitriy_pichugin
    when cellular reception is weak application is unstable, server blocks access after few attempts due to weak network. same applies to web application.
  • Can’t creat an account 1/5

    By Irish4155
    I downloaded this opened it it ask for my phone number, put that in and then I get network error. Tried 5 times nothing happened
  • Network error 1/5

    By ronronronron !
    Seems all but impossible to set up. Repeated network errors. Glad I wasn’t trying to park today, just get it prepped.
  • Currently buggy. Can’t even login to use. 1/5

    By T1nman10
    See title
  • App will lock out 3/5

    By Zeb Philpott
    I entered the wrong expire date for my credit card. I tried to reset the app and even use the website. Somehow the system would not work for the account associated with my phone number even when I used another credit card. Finally, I had to reestablish a whole new account with a different phone number to pay for parking. Not helpful. Otherwise, seems like a pretty cool system.
  • App does my work in Atlanta… 2/5

    By BigDaddyCaneLXA
    Trying to park in zone 4016 and it cannot be located. Attendant in lot (who the recording says is not on duty) explained the app doesn’t work. Why bother?
  • Never works. 1/5

    By Johnny Shotgun....
    Everyone I know who is forced to use this constantly has network errors. And when you do get through to the network 1 in 5 tries, you’ll have to re login and the credentials you just made and worked last time suddenly doesn’t work. This isn’t just me. My friends and classmates hate this app. The app never f-ing works and you can’t even pay through a online portal which isn’t hard to do. Just do better
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Stag99
    I had a card saved and used the app Multiple times a week, now it’s won’t let me use my updated credit card and I can’t use the app.
  • Dangerous APP 1/5

    I used this APP only once in FL and my credit card information was stolen!
  • Network Error 2/5

    By MBerrios07
    Network Error. Please Try again. That’s all that this app does. It won’t verify my phone number or email. Tried different wifi connections, 5g, LTE. Gave up. Problem is on Passport’s end. Used to work before
  • SOOL 1/5

    By antdong
    Tried to use this app. Entered two different CCs and the damned software kept telling me my transaction couldn’t be completed. Now Cambridge gets $30. Fix the bug
  • Here how to get this trash app to work 2/5

    By ZackSchilling
    Delete the app if you already have it. It stores some local data that can get corrupted and this clears it. Use a computer (or request desktop site on your phone) and visit the passport parking website and use the "Pay Online" option to get to a functioning interface. Delete all your credit cards. Add back one or more Visa cards. Amex and others are not reliably accepted at various lots and the app is unable to cope with this. VISA ONLY. Add the Visa card to a wallet as your funding source. Honestly you can end here and just use the website at this point. Its better than the app and it works. Finally download the app again and sign in. It will now work. The combination of deleting all local data in the app and using only Visa cards should make it run smoothly. This app is absolute garbage but I hope this helps someone.
  • Very high fee! 1/5

    By Psh2
    Feels like a ripoff . I deleted app and just make sure I have quarters in the car.
  • Missed my train 1/5

    By jakiju
    Didn’t work at the station so went to coffee shop nearby to use Wi-Fi. App came up but didn’t accept zone from the sign. Missed second train. Drove to next station and that zone number was not acceptable. Luckily the second station had a pay box.
  • This App is Terrible! I got a parking ticket! 1/5

    By SMSab34
    I am using this to pay for parking at a Metra train station. It crashes when I try to use Apple Pay and won’t accept my credit card so I got a parking ticket.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By michaelrainier
    Constantly get “connection errors” even though I can do anything else like post this review. There’s no phone number that I could find to call. I try sending a message then it too fails. Again it’s not me it’s them. So now I’ll probably get a parking ticket! Thanks a bunch!
  • Charges a “CONVENIENCE” fee 1/5

    By Nonono91
    EVERYONE hates “convenience” fees. GET RID OF IT. I will NOT be using this app to park if I have to pay extra. There is NO reason to charge a “convenience” fee except to just extort people into paying more money for NO REASON!
  • Incredibly buggy and bad user experience 1/5

    By Haroutk
    It keeps adding wallets and won’t allow me to switch to a wallet that has funds to use for parking. Now I have half dozen wallets with $.04 to $5 each. There is no way to merge wallets or delete them or even choose which one to use for payments. Absolutely frustrating user experience and ineffective.
  • Network problems 1/5

    By freshpowdr
    Stupid app won’t let me add cards. Just says Network Problem Try Again later. Had to use the garage’s website to pay for parking instead :(
  • Terrible app 2/5

    By PinkBear029
    Constantly experience payment issues and I’d have to delete the app and reinstall just for the same payment options to work. I had to do this EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION. The latest problem is the app telling me I have no payment options set up. So I try to input payment information only for it to tell me the information already exists. That means I can’t pay for parking at all. I’d choose a different app if there was even a choice in my town.
  • Resulted in parking ticket 1/5

    By SO0965
    Paid for parking using this app. A three dollar parking fee resulted in a sixty dollar parking fine. Very bad. Do not recommend.
  • junk 1/5

    By Ladymags
    crashed and wouldn’t accept payment, just used paybyphone instead
  • Best to pay cash. 1/5

    By imsickofnicknamerequirement!
    App kept randomly rejecting my payment (with no valid reason) after I’d left my car in parking spot in Worcester, MA. I noticed if you get a 30minute amount of time it goes through but if you extend the time then I rejects me. Last time it rejected me I put in for an hour so I cancelled the session and left to shop somewhere else. This time I was charged $1.70 anyway. Tried to get a refund from gopassport but got the most infuriating run around. Adjent just kept repeating the receipt and never listened or seemed to understand my complaint. I even sent a screengrab of the payment reject Nothing.
  • Multiple wallets and can’t make payment 1/5

    By K3nxp
    1. It kept defaulting to paying with a new wallet, so I realized there are 5 wallets with balance around 10 cents that I can never use or remove. 2. Ever since the last update, I can’t use it anymore. My credit card won’t go though, so the app is completely useless now.
  • Payments not Working; UPDATE 4/5

    By Nnebby
    UPDATE: So i finally was told why my payments were working on the app and it was nothing on their end. I wish I was told sooner by other customer support agents why my payments were not going though. The app works fine for me, again. My payments aren’t working at all and haven’t worked for months. Every card i’ve tried hasn’t worked, although it charged ALL OF THEM. The app was working so well :((( I’ve contacted customer support so many times and they use the same copy and past answer instead of telling me saying their app doesn’t work.
  • Payment options broken 1/5

    By 1735738762574
    App no longer accepts any payment, making it worthless.
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By NameAlreadyTaken9999
    Tried to use for the first time today. Total disaster. First you must get out of car to read tiny zone number. Next it tells me that my valid credit card is not valid. Enter different card which it seems to like, but tells me that quote is expired. Decided it was not worth the hassle and took my business elsewhere.
  • No notification. 1/5

    By Meichowchow4
    The app lets you only pay a certain amount of time for my meter parking. 2 hrs max which im already annoyed I have to wait and download a whole app to pay my meter and then make an account and put my card info instead of a quick swipe. My time ran out and the app had no notification setting i went to increase and add time and when I came back I got a whopping $60 ticket on my car with a time stamp of 2 mins after my app thing expired. Don’t go to Pasadena! The cops there wait to ticket! Also they tricked me and had a $10 voucher which I thought was a promotional coupon, I clicked it thinking I got a $10 off but it immediately charged me $10 giftcard without even having the “are you sure?” pop up. Their help service was not helpful at all so now I am out like $80 for paying for their meter giftcard and the ticket! Scam!
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By MarineBioJoe
    It works well sometimes but also glitchy. The frustrating thing is you can’t get any support to find out why it randomly won’t work.
  • Doesn’t work at all 1/5

    By Lazy Lew
    I visit my doctor in Cambridge, MA and have tried to use this app on several occasions with no success. I just updated it and still it just sits there pulsating the logo despite strong 5G coverage. Useless. I use other similar apps in nearby towns with no problems whatsoever so I don’t think it’s me.
  • This app doesn’t work 1/5

    By IHatePassportApp
    Literally just doesn’t work half the time