PassportParking Mobile Pay

PassportParking Mobile Pay

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  • Current Version: 7.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Passport Labs, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PassportParking Mobile Pay App

PassportParking is the best and easiest way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. No more quarters. No more running to the parking meters. In no time, you can park, pay, and be on your way. With the parking app, you can start your session, receive notifications, extend the time up to the maximum amount allowed, check your history, and even print reports. Getting Started is Easy: 1. Download PassportParking 2. Park where you see PassportParking signage 3. Enter the parking lot information and pay by phone PassportParking is free to download and easy to use for your parking experience. Parking has never been easier.

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PassportParking Mobile Pay app reviews

  • No ApplePay 1/5

    By MadMazdaDude
    So great to be fumbling around with my wallet trying to add a credit card in a parking lot... not. This app is a textbook use case of ApplePay and they don’t support it!
  • Super simple and cheap option. 5/5

    By SohoBopity
    It was amusing walking past 15 people waiting in line at the bottom of the ski slope to pay for parking. Only took me five minutes to set it up.
  • Support for iPhone X? 1/5

    By Colbsjm
    Every time I try to open the app on my iPhone XS, it fails to launch.
  • Only Gives You the Most Expensive Option 1/5

    By Sassfgagnfdd
    Even though the app lists prices ranging from $1 for 2 hours to $5 for the night, when it comes to actually selecting an option it only gives you the $5 option.
  • Scam? Poorly designed? 1/5

    By deffinbro
    It says 2 hours for $1. But the only option it gives me is to pay the $5 max for the entire evening. Wasted so much time before just giving up. This app is horrible.
  • This app never works 1/5

    By meyersmj
    Would give this app a half-star if possible. This is by far the most frustrating app I have on my phone. Every time I try to open this application to pay for parking, it doesn’t load and ends up freezing or crashing. I always have to go use the webpage to pay the meter.. I hope the city of Columbia cancels their contract with Passport... will be passing my feedback along to the city.
  • Doesn't work on my Xs 1/5

    By Jcpunc
    Bummer. Would be convenient if it worked.
  • Great app and parking 5/5

    By Beautiul77
    Thank you so much for the app that provides a timer, reasonable prices. I’m totally pleased.
  • Ups and downs 5/5

    By Lee Lee Kelly
    Once a guy wrote me a ticket before my time expired, and I got it off because I could prove when I was parked while paid. I’ve had app crashes in the past and if you don’t update your iOS it won’t even function. Otherwise, adding more time while in or between classes is a breeze.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By applestar3678273783
    One morning I was having issues with the app ( it would not open) so I deleted the app and redownloaded it. Once I did that my prefunded wallet balance had disappeared to never return, yet my profile, vehicle and credit card were still on file. Still waiting for my funds to be recovered.
  • Spam 2/5

    By witchie witch
    As soon as I signed up I started getting tons of spam from third party. I’m particular on what email addresses I use for what so it was easy to tell it came from this app account. As for the rest of the app and payments, it worked great and haven’t had a problem other wise.
  • When is the next update? 2/5

    By Medic6958
    The app will not open on my phone. I am currently using the webpage but the app would be more convenient. The last update says it was a year ago it’s 2019. Could we please get a new update?
  • Stays Loading 1/5

    By Hr32425
    I used to use this fine and now it just keeps loading on the opening screen and won’t go past it
  • Making city parking so much better 5/5

    By LCushing72
    This is one of the best apps I have used in a long time. I use it every week for parking around the city and it has kept me from getting parking tickets. Nicely done.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By NY Guy10
    This app won’t let you extend parking! A disaster if you’re somewhere far away. That’s a basic functionality of every parking app that they lack!
  • Great 5/5

    By Theheezy
    Awesome app
  • Has its flaws! 2/5

    By obriena
    Biggest annoyance about the app is that you can’t sign up for the same parking space in the same day. Once the maximum time expires you either have to move spots or pay at the meter which is very unhelpful!
  • Happy Customer 5/5

    By JenJW1973
    Love the convenience!!! Wish there were an option to lower the time once it is put in. I thought it would be a long wait at DMV and it was only 1/2 hr!!! Be nice to adjust the time! I absolutely love this app! Love the simplicity! Never had an issue!!! Thank you!!!!
  • I just got a ticket.. 1/5

    By caroline098665
    I paid for 2 hours on the app and received a parking ticket. I am appealing with the City of Pasadena but will be very reluctant to use app again.
  • Reset Pin Issue 1/5

    By SassyWTF
    I am trying to reset my pin, but it’s asking me for credit card information I no longer own.
  • poor app development 3/5

    By justintmai
    lazy developers. app blocks the ability for Apple Keychain to auto-fill info like phone number, credit card info, login, etc. Also, no option for easier payment besides spending 5 minutes manually entering credit card info? is this 2005? venmo, paypal, etc. would all be better than this garbage.
  • Much better than coins or cards 5/5

    By alt229
    Finally Pasadena modernized their old coin-op only meters to accept card payments. Makes it easy to remember to top up your meter and is quick. Very much like!
  • Meter maids still ticket your car 1/5

    By SwampyMcWet
    Got a ticket despite using this app. Meter maids do not check whether you paid, FYI. They still issue you a ticket since the actual meter remains unpaid/unchanged despite you paying through the passport app.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Qpash
    I like it, generally when I get late to the station and have to rush, can just pass paying via the machine and can use this app. Otherwise paying an additional charge is surely not something to enjoy.
  • Breck skier 1/5

    By Care9696
    If you get a discount code, you can’t use the app. Annoying! So then you stand outside by the kiosk and it asks you how many days, so, you think, “Sure, I’ll pay for multiple days.” Nope, you get an error message. Dumb. Please make some updates.
  • Does not work on iPhone XS 1/5

    By Josh80303
    Has not been updated in a year. Does not work on latest iPhone at all.
  • annoying 2/5

    By elizabethlouis
    i use the app every other month or so and when it works it does the trick. the last two times i used it i would open the app and it wouldn’t load. every time i have to delete and download again.
  • Scam! 1/5

    By SitPfan2014
    Used by Pasadena to punish parkers! City meters don’t take cards, so I had to install this app, register, enter my card info, then pay 30-cents parking (PLUS a 33% 10cebt “convenience” fee hah!). Terrible experience. In the end, I returned two minutes late and, exactly as others have described, the Old Town patrol was writing a $51 ticket for my car. Give me a break! Too much - I’ll take my business to a neighboring town. Thanks & happy holidays!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By BSchiwal
    The app hangs at the splash screen and doesn’t load. It was great when it actually worked.
  • Don’t download or use this app! 1/5

    I used and paid my parking fee with this app and still got the $51 ticket. Even I contacted them, and the funnies t part was that they are not responsible for this, and don’t have the ability to dismiss citations! Why did you launch the app? Why should I waste my time on this? Who is responsible?
  • Passport beats ParkMobile 5/5

    By grateful NY commuter
    I used ParkMobile at my local train station and I’m so glad Laz Parking switched to Passport. When I jumped on the train and passed poor data connections I would have to call ParkMobile several times because their phone app was drop and very long and simply not commuter user friendly designed for the busy person. By the time you entered all the yes and nos , your call would be dropped at least three times. If you were lucky not to get a ticket , before you were able to properly enter all their questions . Bi have to think the municipalities that keep ParkMobile as their approved parking app, like croton harmon , New York , is because they want your call to drop so they can give s nice hefty parking ticket! Passport on the hand is 1,2,3 done! Get it , it’s convenient and fast! Thank you Passport! Grateful commuter
  • New User 5/5

    By Genecio
    This is only the 2nd time I’m using the app and so far it’s very convenient. I’ve almost missed trains fumbling with the meter/payment machine. My card would read card error often, so now with the app my card is automatically saved etc.
  • App wont open past the logo screen 1/5

    By AMusicEnthusiast
  • Buggy. Wont open. 1/5

    By Hcazualcc123
    I have had to re-download this app several times because it crashes on launch after first successful use.
  • Half the time won’t load 3/5

    By Outlawstar98
    So I’ve been using this app a lot for a local town, a lot of times I get stuck on the passport parking loading screen when you open the app, and that’s it. I delete, hard restart my phone, reinstall, and then sometimes it works. Very frustrating at times. Would love to see an update to fix this. Happens on my iPhone X
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By SpiffTeddy
    The meter maids don’t even bother checking I still got a ticket even though I can go and fight the ticket there’s occurrences where it’s an extreme inconvenience to go out of the way and make time to go to the court and fight a ticket. City workers giving out tickets don’t even bother looking if your still within the time limit.
  • Please add custom reminders 3/5

    By Eat 25!!!
    The default alert does not provide nearly enough time for the average person to get to their car in time to avoid getting a ticket. There is no way to change the time for the alert in this app. Such a simple fix, would make this service 1000% more useful
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By petronella007
    Makes parking simple!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jijibiji lots of fun
    The application doesn’t even open
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By Tjsssss
    I loved this app before I got a new iPhone XS. It hasn’t worked since then and I’m extremely disappointed the developers are not working to fix it, especially when our city promotes it. Please fix your app. It hangs at the splash screen and that’s it.
  • Needs to be compatible with iPhone X/XS 1/5

    By Snugsbuns69
    I actually need this app often when I’m parking at specific locations in Colorado and it hasn’t been working ever since I upgraded to the XS. The program won’t load at all and this issue needs to be looked into.
  • Slick 5/5

    By AlpineBrent
    So Qi k. So easy. I love easy!
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By rivkira
    No matter what I do the app won’t load just get the first screen it never gets past that.
  • Life Saver!!! 5/5

    By Boss Lady18
    This is the second time I’ve used this app due to limited parking downtown. I love the convenience of just paying for this service through your running to the parking meter every 2 hours!!!
  • New phone 1/5

    By desiperez_
    I got the xs max and the app will not open
  • Useless 1/5

    By miclip
    Doesn’t open
  • Never works 1/5

    By TFinn2122
    Doesn’t open.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By MerryGJC
    I don’t have to have change in my pocket !!!!
  • Won't open!!! 1/5

    By nafta agord
    Needs fixing. App won't open. Hasn't in months. Fail!

PassportParking Mobile Pay app comments

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