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Passport Parking App

No more digging for coins. This is how parking should be. Pay, extend, and manage your parking session with just a few taps. It’s easy! PAY ON THE GO Pay quickly and securely with your smartphone. - Time's precious, stop wasting it feeding a meter. - Forget refilling the meter in the rain or braving the cold. NO PRICE SURPRISES See when parking rates will change in the future – even when there’s free parking! - Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session. - Expenses made easy, manage your parking history through the mobile app. STRESS-FREE PARKING Get alerts when your parking session is about to end. - Stop worrying about how much time is left on the meter, we have you covered. NO NEED TO RUSH Add time to your parking session directly from your phone.* - Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn't. Simply extend your parking session via our app. -------- GET STARTED TODAY 1. Download the Passport Parking app. 2. Park where you see Passport Parking app signs. 3. Pay for your parking session from your phone. 4. Relax, welcome to parking as it should be. -------- COMING SOON The Passport Parking app is not done yet! We're constantly updating the app based on your feedback. -------- APP PERMISSIONS - Location Services (optional): Used to quickly provide nearby parking zones. * where applicable

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Passport Parking app reviews

  • Major frustration 2/5

    By Battery sponge
    Parked my car for an appointment. Had to deal with download and signup... mildly irritating but no big deal. Luckily I was a little early. The problem came when I needed to add more time... it stopped working while I was at my appointment. The error kept saying network error although my internet was fine. I tried several times and got the same error. Needless to say I had to leave my appointment and repark my car... very inconvenient
  • Reset for no reason 1/5

    By Lowell Parking
    I typically love this app but today it made me reset for no reason, couldn’t remember my pin and when you reset your pin it wipes out your payment options. I had minimal time and this was a huge inconvenience. I ended up paying at the kiosk. I heads up would of been nice. No when you have 5 minutes to pay and be somewhere.
  • Didn't work 1/5

    By Lane O.
    Trying to get started, it asks for my "four digit pin". My pin is not four digits. I can't get past that step!
  • Words too small to read 1/5

    By JSRon
    Words are too small to read. I cannot see the words to use this app with any amount of confidence. I do not like the changes made to this app. Used to be much easier to use.
  • Session times 3/5

    By Little p#1
    Why can’t I pay for small incriments of time with the big update. I want to be able to pay for 10-25 minutes of parking. Not a full hour
  • Junk!!! 2/5

    By FNIP4
    Yet another example of a company changing an app that worked perfectly fine. lets change the entire interface so one has to re-learn where all the buttons are. In addition what are these developers thinking, why cant we paste CC information in? i mean where do you think that information is coming from? its in another app on the mobile device. was late to an appointment, having to fiddle with the redesigned app to update a CC. what a dissappointment.
  • Switches payment type every day 1/5

    By spspespy
    I have 2 payment types on my app and one of them is a work account. This app changes to the wrong payment type every day and now and then I’ll pay with the wrong account. It’s an annoying step to change this when the app is laggy while downtown
  • Garbage 1/5

    By 4826385
    This app used to be great. But apparently they had back-end issues with billing customers - and now their platform is constantly charging me for post-dated parking. Problem: they have charged my card WAY more than I have ever parked using the app. And their customer service is completely, utterly unresponsive.
  • One star for awful customer service alone 1/5

    By getthisbabyouttame
    I tried to reach them for six hours. I emailed twice and called at least eight times during office hours. There was no answer. They called me back for about 1/2 a ring, then hung up before I could even press “accept.” If it weren’t for this, I’d doubt they even have customer service. They could replace the entire customer service team with a single person who would bang their head repeatedly against a keyboard all day instead. I’m sure they’d have better results.
  • More expensive parking cost shown first 3/5

    By LifeofBrian2
    While this app is convenient I dislike how it defaults to the more expensive overnight parking fee instead of cheaper daily
  • Passport app functionality 1/5

    By durkint2
    Great idea - bad execution. I like the option for paying via the app instead of Cash. But on October 4th, and I got a ticket as the Credit did not move to the Village from my account. Also, your email receipt function does Not work. Although it says email sent successfully. I never get the email as a receipt. Also you need to offer more payment options than just card- please add Zelle as a payment option. Plus, I am still waiting to hear from you on your contact us page.
  • Doesn’t allow pasting card details 1/5

    By DigiSage
    This very poorly designed app will not let you paste your credit card details in from e.g. 1Password, unlike literally every other app in the App Store, including Parking Kitty, which is a million times better than this clunker.
  • License plate # needed to add extended time 2/5

    By 28Ali
    Did not know my license plate number was going to be needed to add extended time - will be receiving parking ticket because I didn’t know it by memory :(
  • Annoying 1/5

    By steve12635
    Randomly adds hours to my parking fee. Customer service says to call the city.
  • Why no QR?? 4/5

    By Altrepublic
    Great app and sure beats hunting for change to feed the meter, but why not put a QR code on the sticker to enter the zone and stall number? Seems like one of the actual great uses for QR.
  • Credit Card Entry 4/5

    By TB Fox
    The app should have the ability to copy and paste a credit card number. I use an app to store those numbers and the current parking app does not allow that functionality.
  • Drops payments 1/5

    By buf grove parker
    Drops payments submitted earlier. Must check every time you use it even after confirmation screen shows success.
  • No Apple Pay support? Difficult user experience 2/5

    By Tony.T
    Signing up as a as new user was super hard. First you have to endure an email address. Then check your email for a code. You cannot copy and paste the code into the app. You must type it manually. There’s no magic link to automatically open the app and enter the code. Then you must create a 4 digit PIN to protect your account. But if you Login to another device you must go through the same email code process and then re-enter your PIN. Why have a pin if you need to use email to verify your login? When checking out you cannot use Apple Pay and have to manually enter a credit card. Again you cannot copy and paste your 16-digit credit card number. You have to type in all 16 digits manually. It doesn’t support camera for scanning your credit card number and info. Once you enter a credit card and go back to the checkout screen it won’t let you checkout because you forgot to tap and select the credit card you just manually entered. Why didn’t the app automatically select the one and only credit card you just painstakingly entered? Another screen that could be improved is the zone and parking space entry screen. It’s not clear after you enter the zone that the app has accepted it and is now asking you to enter a zone. Consider adding a clear label to each entered number to indicate that it is a zone or space.
  • An App you can like 5/5

    By MarcLWalker
    Look, nobody WANTS to pay for parking. But this app is comically easy to use and very intuitive. Just add license plate info for your vehicles and a credit card info and boom, it works. No coins. No swiping a meter. No swiping a kiosk and returning to your car for a slip to put on your dash. It’s only fault is NOT yet having an Apple Watch app.
  • Great app - awful customer support 1/5

    By thelinziest
    App is great but I made a flub and paid using my plates, but actually had a rental that day. Tried for over a week to contact and see if they could redact the charge (since my car was in fact not parked in the area) and they’ve gone completely silent. Pretty disappointing - so my advice is not to make a flub or you will literally pay for it.
  • I still received a fine 2/5

    By Rick G
    I paid a parking meter fee through the App in Cambridge/Boston, Massachusetts, however, I still received a parking ticket. The app developer would not explain why this happened and was not willing to make any refund available. Even their “Connivence” Fee is non-refundable when you get a ticket. The level of assistance from the App Help desk was cursory and worthless. Be ready for the extra hassle of receiving parking tickets when using this app and then spending time calling the State Ticket office/court trying to get the ticket dismissed. It is a major waste of time.
  • No Customer Support Service! 1/5

    By Christine S..
    I’ve been using this app problem free for around 6 months. I haven’t had any problems until a week ago. I tried paying for parking but received an error message that stated the payment did not go through. I added a different card and the same error message occurred. Later that day they charged me 26 times...that totaled to around $400!!! I tried contacting them through the app and website/email and received no response. Don’t download this app unless you are ok with taking chances on being charged multiple times with no available customer service support.
  • Badly Implemented, Scams You! 1/5

    By Starman6
    Used this app to pay for parking in Asheville NC. Waited 5 minutes but meter wouldn’t register payment. Ended up swiping CC on meter. Then see I’ve also been charged by this app. Email to get refund and am told that not all meters register payment but I should just have faith it’s been applied. I was also told that this is stated in the FAQs. To get there, you have to first go to Support, then faqs, then General and finally scroll down to find this vital information! Why can’t this be up in bold print when you pay? And, No, I won’t get a refund either. Well, they can just keep the 3 bucks, they need it more than I do! I’m not going to risk getting a fine because the App is poorly implemented. Far easier to just delete it and use a credit card.
  • Does not work with Apple Pay 2/5

    By Armypilot111
    Why would you have an app on the App Store that would not work with Apple Pay? Get with the times!!
  • Expiration Honk...where did it go? 3/5

    By frogonaharley
    I updated the app and it no longer sounds a horn when it’s close to expiration. I’ve checked my settings and all notifications are “on“ how can I get that honk back?
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By J&CK79
    You cannot reduce the amount of time or get a refund once a parking session has been submitted. Please contact the local parking operator for additional information.
  • Widget 4/5

    By El Geevso
    The app is great. Need to fix the widget part. Widget not showing up after I add it. iPhone XS Max iOS 12.4.1
  • DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! 1/5

    By Aunthollo
    You’re better off using quarters. Even when you enter a validation code you will be charged for parking and there is no way to get a refund. I have been given many phone numbers and email addresses to try to get this taken care of and NONE OF THEM WORK!!! This company takes your money and the money of those offering your validation codes and they are not helpful or responsive at all! They have been reported to the BBB. Zero stars!
  • Hello confusion 1/5

    By Asgtjsnfnaidn
    I used to use this app every day for my daily parking. The lot I used to park in had a nice daily rate that would last until midnight, which didn’t really matter because I was usually gone by 5; however, one evening I had a work event that lasted until 9. As I walked to my car I saw a ticket waving at me from my windshield. Apparently, the time expired at 6. I checked the app for the rules of the lot that said $6, which I paid, would last through midnight. I’ve tried contacting support several times, but received no response. I’d recommend saving the $0.35 convenience fee and walking to the terminal to pay instead of using this app.
  • New Version = Downgrade 2/5

    By Fqtrvlr
    Guys- you said the new version would be better, but unfortunately it’s not. Still 250 taps to park in a spot. No way to save favorites. The first time I used the new version I parked in a lot I’ve only been to that one time and now it’s the only one that comes up on the home screen under quick park. No way to change it or get rid of it. Whoever you paid to re-dev this app you should ask them for your money back. 🤢
  • Network 2/5

    By TNT no more
    After the lasers update, why must I turn on cellular to get a connection. WiFi was working before. It’s almost easier to pay with cash.
  • App DOES NOT work!! 1/5

    By Demetrie707
    Literally every time I try to authorize a payment the app declines my card. And yes I have money in my account. I’ve went to customer service about this and they told me to delete the app, my card information, restart my phone and install the app again. I did exactly that and the “card declined” still exists. My profile is updated, I have my card information right. Can SOMEONE help me? If not then I just won’t use this service anymore.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By Jason1138
    Waste of time and effort. Lincoln Ne, update your meters to use cards and quit charging convince fees to use this crap app.
  • Generally good but with an annoying time bug 3/5

    By David02140
    The app works for me, mostly does what it says it will do, and is certainly easier than carrying around a lot of quarters. It does come with one annoying bug that the company is refusing to acknowledge: no matter how quickly you enter the information, you will never get the full amount of time on the timer. I understand their rationale for knocking off a few seconds (you pay from the time you start deciding how long to stay), although I don’t like it, but frequently, including twice in the last two days, I have been given a full minute less time than I paid for. Either that, or the timer has been incorrect. One way or another, there is a bug that I have been unable to convince the company exists.
  • Upgrade Fail 1/5

    By NNnotacceoted
    Following the interface change the app has become near useless. The verification code is not accepted nor is the pin accepted. It does work on occasion but if I was a first time user it would be deleted quickly. Hopefully this is remedied soon.
  • Payments don’t work anymore 1/5

    By rt7085
    App seems to have gotten a New logo. So stuff changed. Completely different look. And now payment from CC cards do not go through. Extremely annoying. They fixed what was not broken to begin with. Terrible. Waiting for the fix now.....
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By Simbono
    It says both my phone number and email are invalid. I’ve had both for 15 years, so not is not true.
  • Great app but change logo back 4/5

    By Mikeyy926
    I recently saw they updated the app and they changed the logo to just say passport. When I opened it up, it asked to confirm my email. I was really confused what this app was, since it used to say passport parking. I figured I maybe have downloaded a passport app to use for travel in the past, I almost deleted the app which would have been terrible cause I have credits on my account and sometimes I’m in a rush to park and pay.
  • Broken 1/5

    By VegasHangover
    Never had a problem with old app. Now I’m constantly getting a network error message. Repeatedly tapping continue eventually goes thru. Zone 731.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Suzieqzieee
    I’ve been using this app for years and love the ease of use and ability to pay for parking anywhere instead of standing outside at a kiosk. Only complaint is with this last update all of my data was swiped clean. I had to start from scratch and renter my car and payment info. This was a nuisance so please keep that in mind with future updates.
  • Can’t extend parking “network error” 1/5

    By Fahmies
    New app is riddled with bugs. I can’t extend parking. Will have to contest ticket because app is broken.
  • Design trumps function 1/5

    By BobR52
    I loves this app and used it often. Now new design is very buggy and has failed 2 out of 3 times to deliver on its function. Once could not complete payment (no “submit” option after selecting time. ) Once could not extend. (Extend button non functional). Take me back to your simple interface!!! Or at least make this one work. (I’m on iPhone XR)
  • Can’t start a new session if the current one lapses 2/5

    By Copymannathan
    I parked in a two hour parking spot, and bought one hours worth of parking through the app. The app used to notify me when I was getting close to expiration so I could extend it if needed, but that has stopped working so the session ended after only one hour. I tried to start a new session and was told I could not start a new session because of restrictions even though I could’ve parked there for almost another whole hour. It’s also pricey: tacks on an extra .50 cents for each session.
  • Double/triple charged 2/5

    By Thaadius
    Beware of network errors. I’ve been double, even triple charged for parking because of them. And paying a $0.20 convenience fee to park somewhere you can ONLY use this app to pay for parking isn’t convenient. Not being able to pay for a “parking session” before parking times is a kinda downer too. What if I forgot my phone? What if I’m an elderly person that doesn’t carry a smart phone?
  • Doesn’t work. I got a ticket. Not cool. 1/5

    By Wowkid..
    I can’t set the time on the app and it makes the app not work.
  • Unimpressed 1/5

    By Alphaolove
    Have been using this for the past year and today I used it for the first time since the update. I was unable to get past the area where you pick your vehicle. I added my vehicle again then went in again and it still wouldn’t show up. I ended up having to go back outside and use my credit card in the machine instead. Very unimpressed with the new update.
  • Changes without notification! 2/5

    By winehouseamy
    I’ve been using the Passport app for a few years. The design changed I didn’t recognize it and deleted it. Reinstalled when I needed it, it forced me to fund $10 wallet instead of allowing me to pay as needed. This app is only good in one neighborhood in my city and it will take me months to use $10 in parking. So frustrating that it was not clearly communicated.
  • App update took away my funds 1/5

    By b-diddy-247
    I just updated to the new version and now my funds that I had after topping up are gone. My card information is also missing and it is like my old account was deleted, yet I was able to log in the same. Tried reaching out to support and have gone 24 hours without a response now.
  • Not a fan 1/5

    By DocZeller
    Have had two pricey tickets based on using this system in Pasadena California. I pay at meter instead wherever possible

Passport Parking app comments

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