PassportParking Mobile Pay

PassportParking Mobile Pay

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  • Current Version: 7.0.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Passport Labs, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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PassportParking Mobile Pay App

PassportParking is the best and easiest way to pay for parking using your mobile phone. No more quarters. No more running to the parking meters. In no time, you can park, pay, and be on your way. With the parking app, you can start your session, receive notifications, extend the time up to the maximum amount allowed, check your history, and even print reports. Getting Started is Easy: 1. Download PassportParking 2. Park where you see PassportParking signage 3. Enter the parking lot information and pay by phone PassportParking is free to download and easy to use for your parking experience. Parking has never been easier.

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PassportParking Mobile Pay app reviews

  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By JRSRB
  • Works great in Cambridge MA 5/5

    By omg511
    Works great
  • Hangs forever at splash screen 1/5

    By spookybathtub
    Completely unusable
  • Easy - convenient 5/5

    By Matt 1414 Appleton
    Set up acct and this is super easy. Saves me money - especially when I don’t have change and I never have change.
  • Expensive with few options 1/5

    By Springhillmba
    No options shorter than 4 hours. I’m only here to eat dinner. I certainly don’t need four hours for dinner. This is a rip off. Update: you asked me to email your support team if I needed help. I don’t need help - I left a negative review for a reason. Please see above for review. If you would like to change the option times, then please do so. There are other parking options directly across the street from you with greater flexibility and much cheaper rates. I will let everyone know about them. However please don’t ask ME to contact YOU. Once again, poor service and poor follow up. Very disappointing.
  • Doesn’t load consistently, min parking is 1 hour??? 1/5

    By wren reynolds
    I find myself having to delete the app and reinstall it bc when I try to just open it and use it like a normal person, the app just sits there and does . . . nothing. For something that forces us to pay just a teeeeeeny bit more for a parking spot, it could idk, actually load every time one wants to use it? Idk, just spitballing here. I’m also really disappointed that you can no longer choose a stay shorter than one hour. I often only need to pay for 20 minutes of parking. Will be deleting permanently and carrying change. This app is garbage. An update: I just tried opening this garbage app and it has utterly failed to even load so I can access my information.
  • App Not Loading 1/5

    By Follybeachgoer
    The app worked great last summer in Folly Beach but won’t load now? Another beac goer said she hasn’t been able to get it to load this beach season either
  • Stopped working today all of a sudden. 1/5

    By shoegazeblue
    This app worked fine until TODAY, when I was already parked at a meter, with no quarters. I opened up my app and the screen was frozen...just a black screen that reads “Passport Parking”. I thought for sure that I needed an update. I tried the App Store and sure enough, I had the latest version. I hope the city of Pasadena can figure out a more reliable solution to parking...passport parking is not ready for prime time.
  • Unclear how this is rated so high 1/5

    By SSReviewNickname
    I think it’s based on the prompt they give prior to being able to review. Either way, this app is pretty garbage. At BARE minimum, I guess you could say it works. I’m pretty hesitant to even have my credit card number run through this app. When you add money to the meter then try to top off with the app, it just starts from 0 so you end up double paying. There is no indication on the meter the amount was paid via app. You also can’t add more time with the app. You have to wait until this time runs out entirely.
  • Easy Peasy!!! 5/5

    By kelbelil
    Love this app!!! It’s easy to use, stores previous info to make the next time fast, and you’re on the go! I love that it warns you when your time is almost up so you can extend it if needed.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Mike 5505
    In order to park I downloaded the app and got a verification code. Fine so far. Then I was asked for a PIN....i never got a PIN, don’t know how i would get a PIN (this is different than the verification code). Tried calling, the recording asked for my PIN. There is not other number to call, even online. Horrible service that I will never use.
  • Don’t use this app!!!!!!! 1/5

    By 221Chris
    I pause two times yesterday as well as today for 15mins. This app not only didn’t register on the traffic division record, but also on this app. There not record of my $.90 payments. Now I have tickets due to this useless app.
  • Generally good but with an annoying time bug 3/5

    By David02140
    The app works for me, mostly does what it says it will do, and is certainly easier than carrying around a lot of quarters. It does come with one annoying bug that the company is refusing to acknowledge: no matter how quickly you enter the information, you will never get the full amount of time on the timer. I understand their rationale for knocking off a few seconds (you pay from hentome you start deciding how long to stay), although I don’t like it, but frequently, including twice in the last two days, I have been given a full minute less time than I paid for. Either that, or the timer has been incorrect. One way or another, there is a bug that I have been on able to convince the company exists.
  • Fantastic App! 5/5

    By RaleighCo
    Easy to use, pay, extend meter time and get a transaction history which is perfect for expense tracking and gathering tax info. This app has made life so much easier!
  • Rip off 1/5

    By GadjitMonger
    How does this app get a 4.6 rating? Most of the recent reviews are terrible. Parking apps are the biggest scam of the cellphone age. Used to be I would welcome having an app to manage a mundane process such as paying for parking, but now, every time you park somewhere, instead of dropping a few quarters into the meter, you have to download an app, put in all your personal info including license plate and credit card then get charged a .$50 “convenience” fee to cover a $2 parking charge. And lest you think you’ll take your chances on just letting it ride, it seems they spend most of the profit on large threatening signs with warnings about your car being towed and impounded. These companies are parasites.
  • A++ Customer Service 5/5

    By Cabanaworld
    The app is well designed and easy to use. I had an issue with my account so I reached out to the developer who responded promptly who helped me resolve my issue (caused by me)! Thank you!!! Highly recommend!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Joshyee 09 1021
    Simple, quick and easy
  • Convenient and awesome 4/5

    By Netflix_fan
    Saves time and stress to pay for car parking tickets when I have a train to ride, love it! Wish the convenience fee was a bit less because when u do it everyday it adds up...
  • Portland ME stopped working 1/5

    By 🍤💨
    Try to open the app and it only blinks to select country - another 4 friends had this happen too and it makes the app useless. Going to delete and reinstall but you guys need to fix that ASAP.
  • Not functional. 1/5

    By Jim1562
    Paid for parking on the app, got a ticket. Showed the parking authority the receipt that I was emailed showing the date, time and zone I was in, they told me they weren't going to honor the payment. Thanks to Passport Parking had to pay a $51 ticket on top of the $5 I paid on the app for parking. Stick to putting coins in the meter. This system is not reliable.
  • App won’t load 1/5

    By Entrepreneur Jeff
    Stuck at the loading screen after updating to the latest version of the app. A super frustrating experience which makes me lament the switch from parking meters to app even more frustrating. A waste of my time.
  • A perfect way for parking tickets 1/5

    By xandrarchy
    Just use cash/card. This app definitely alerts parking patrol the moment you’re out of time. I paid for both mine and a coworkers minutes apart and monitored for 2 weeks. These patrol cars just hover around until you’re out of time. If you want to add more time, learn how to create a “‘new” session and renew your parking. Just a heads up.
  • Received a $51 parking ticket 1/5

    By Smooches822
    Paid parking on this app at 5:22pm, received a parking ticket on the windshield at 5:29pm for $51. Now i have to go through the hassle of disputing this ticket. I hope this app was legit or else i’m out the money i paid the app and the $51 ticket
  • Parking Made Simple 5/5

    By Sheissamilg
    I’ve Used This App For Roughly Two Months. Everything Is Clearly Stated. Remember your Zone Number. Add Your Card Pay And Walk Away. It Reminds You Of Your Time Expiring And Gives You Enough Time To Move Your Car.
  • Won’t load 1/5

    By Meesa31
    I have an iPhoneX with the most recent OS. App never gets past the first screen. Just sits there with “passport parking” in a black rectangle. Useless. I’d give zero stars if I could.
  • Great for overnight bad for meters 2/5

    By $Unknown Buyer$
    Love the convenience for overnight parking. But I’d rather have a bunch of quarters in my car for meters because it cost more for the service fee then it does to pay my meter.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Anya279
    I used this for UAF-CTC with no problems. It has saved me time and money. Thanks
  • Simple. Don’t like not having 30 min increments to park. 5/5

    By simple. only by the hour
    Simple. Don’t like not having 30 min increments to park.
  • Convenient- hard to find parking zone 4/5

    By hawkalums
    It’s easy to set up your information and payment on the app. It’s super convenient to sit in your car to pay, especially when it’s freezing outside. However, it’s unbelievably difficult to find the zone (correct city and street).
  • Love this! 5/5

    By nicholebugwf
    Greatest way to plug the meter!
  • Total pain in the neck, but at least no tickets 2/5

    By scgram
    The app is broken fairly often, and it seems like you have to delete it and re-install it every time there is any change on the iPhone. That said, it’s still better than getting constant parking tickets.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Sapper McCann
    I love the convenience of this app it makes it easier to pay for parking. Once the app is all set up, which to me was easy, I can pay before I even get out of my car.
  • Warning: no Apple Pay or Apple wallet support because...reasons? 3/5

    By FrenchPoliSci
    In this day and age, if an app cannot use my Apple wallet or Apple Pay or charge me through iTunes, I argue that the app is extremely dated. After all, I can go to almost any store or restaurant and pay using Apple Pay, all my apps that don’t charge through iTunes charge through Apple Pay, in short, you can use the Apple Pay platform most places. Thus, when an app doesn’t access my wallet or use Apple Pay, it appears dated and stuck in the past. Much of the convenience of the app (install and quickly pay) is negated by this over sight. This is one such app. Considering I ran out the door without my credit card and needed to catch a train, it was far less than convenient and, in my opinion, an app whose purpose (convenience to the consumer in order to increase compliance) is negated.
  • Stuck on title screen 1/5

    By GinjaNinja802
    Doesnt open
  • Never loads 1/5

    By Cronenberg Rick
    Never loads so I end up paying at the physical station. Useless app
  • Overcharges if you extend a stay using a debit card. 1/5

    By BS cant even submit a review
    WARNING: If you extend your initial parking time using a debit card, the app bills both the initial stay and the total stay. They tell you that the initial charge will “drop off” your card but it’s unable to reverse the charge. It’s happened to me four times and each time I have to go thru a hassle to get a buck or two refunded. BEWARE IF THIS BUG UPDATE: It’s been over a month since I submitted overcharge documentation and I’m told “it’s in the refund department”. A pitiful excuse for a tech company. RICHMOND, VA
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Bones14
    Love it. So easy 😎✌🏻
  • My first and last time using this app 1/5

    By Reichuber
    A brutal digital experience. A few suggestions for the devs: (1) When a session is about to expire, give me the number of my last parking space and ask if I would like to extend my time in the current space instead of asking me to start over and remember the space number. (2) If I want to pay for someone’s parking after I have have paid for my own spot, don’t give me an alert that says “Invalid Number” when it’s not an invalid number, just tell me I can’t open a new session once I’ve started my first session, or let people open more than one session since you provide the option to do so. (3) Allow the users device to use geo location instead of force them to walk down the block searching for a sign that may or may not contain the arbitrary zone number assigned to the area the parking spot is located, you’ll likely have way fewer customer complaints and more completed sessions.
  • Avoid at all cost 1/5

    By robertjin87
    I used this app to pay for my parking in the city of Pasadena. Apparently the system does not sync well. Even though I lawfully paid for my parking, I was still issued a $51 citation. Avoid at all cost. They just take your credit card info, your money and cite you anyways
  • It works, but . . . 3/5

    By TonyRoslund
    It works, but it’s slow and the GUI is archaic. The Android version looks WAY nicer and works faster, not sure why they don’t offer the same app for both platforms.
  • Easy But Change Alert Options 5/5

    The setup and daily use of this app are great. The only thing that needs changed is the alert sound. The horn seems like a cute idea but it is annoying and potentially dangerous. Twice I have been in traffic when the horn alert went off making me believe there was a hazard in traffic. Please make it so you can keep your horn sound or choose an alert of the user’s choice. Thanks
  • Way to many steps. 1/5

    By Patrick.McCutchan
    Not convenient enough to charge a fee for convenience. Way to many steps.
  • App won't open / Google says website not secure 1/5

    By ashevilledooood
    And I got a parking ticket because of it. Please reimburse me.
  • Never opens 1/5

    By tct611
    Tried using this since I work in an area that claims this will make paying for parking easier. Every time I’ve tried to open the app it stalls and never gets beyond the title of the app. Complete junk.
  • Super user friendly 5/5

    By Tosevite
    Very easy to use! Intuitive interface and operations. For a non-techie like me, perfect!
  • App Needs to Be Improved — Still got a ticket! 2/5

    By Brad4God
    I pulled up to a spot and paid for an hour of parking using this app while taking my daughter to our favorite french crepe place in Pasadena. Since we still had over 30 minutes left after eating, we crossed the street for my daughter to check out a little store. I looked back at my car and found an officer writing me a parking citation. I crossed the street to show him I had paid in the app and the timer was still running with about 30 minutes left. He said that when I put the details for my car in the app, o accidentally selected AK instead of CA for my state and so it didn’t come up as being paid. He handed me the ticket and said I can contest it. What a bunch of BS. But actually, I never selected AK as my state. IT COMES PRE-SELECTED BY DEFAULT, and if you overlook it, you can still get a parking ticket even though you paid to park using this app. I went to the parking authority to contest it and the guy there says he runs into this same problem EVERY SINGLE DAY! Whoever is in charge of programming this app, there is a simple change you can make to avoid thousands of people nationwide registering the vehicle incorrectly in your app. I will suggest the change here and will gladly give you a high rating once you make the very necessary change. You simply need to add one more line item to the drop-down list of states, before AK. The item should say, “- Select State -“ or the like, and your app should not let a person proceed to register their vehicle without selecting a state. NO ONE SHOULD DEFAULT TO REGISTERING THEIR VEHICLE IN IN THE STATE OF ALASKA AND GETTING A PARKING CITATION SIMPLY BECAUSE YOUR APP PUT THAT AS THE DEFAULT STATE. People should be required to literally CHOOSE their state from the drop-down list to register their vehicle for parking. Yes, I acknowledge that if I were paying more attention when registering my vehicle, I would have caught and avoided that mistake. But apparently a lot more people are doing the same thing and it would be EASILY AVOIDED if you will make the suggested change to your app
  • Option to cancel/end session early 1/5

    By yzombie23
    There was a recent update in which they removed the option to end a parking session early. The faq now claims that “there is no reason to end a session,” but there is. What if I need to park but don’t know how long I will need, and I won’t have access to my phone to “extend” the parking period. This option was really important to me, and it’s just a scummy move, since I now have to pay more for each session since I have to give an estimate of how long I will be there, which is always slightly more than I need so that I don’t get ticketed. The app itself isn’t that great, it’s often slow and sometimes freezes, but it was bearable. Without the option to end sessions early I’m debating whether I will continue using this app at all.
  • Tech does not work 1/5

    By Kooky de kooky
    This app is buggy and frequently freezes on my phone resulting in being unable to pay. I’ve also thought I successfully paid and still received a ticket. No fairly run municipality will use this app to determine who should get a ticket; used in that way it is a money-making scam.
  • Simple App, but meters are hit or miss 4/5

    By MsLazertron
    The App is straight forward and the parking system is much better than coins or credit card machines. The only issue I’ve come across is that the meters are not marked consistently- some have numbers that are written in marker that’s wearing off and others have the number sticker scratched off or damaged. Need a better implementation system on the ground that’s more permanent OR a way to find the correct space via the App. Still pretty great, tho.

PassportParking Mobile Pay app comments

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